18:15:02 <igorps> #startmeeting
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18:15:20 <igorps> #chair jsmith tatica aeperezt
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18:15:37 <igorps> #meetingname fudcon_latam
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18:15:58 <igorps> Ok, today's agenda is here:
18:16:04 <igorps> https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/report/12
18:16:16 <igorps> first topic:
18:16:37 <igorps> #topic Create FuCon Panama prospectus
18:16:50 <igorps> aeperezt: is this one all done?
18:17:17 <jsmith> This should be pretty easy to copy the majority from the FUDCon Tempe prospectus
18:17:23 <jsmith> (and translate it, of course)
18:17:40 <jsmith> We use the prospectus to help sponsors know what FUDCon is about and how they can help
18:17:47 <jsmith> (paying for meals, travel subsidies, etc.)
18:18:14 <igorps> It looks like there are a lot of things already done :)
18:18:15 <aeperezt> look at that page https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:Panama_2011_prospectus
18:18:45 <igorps> aeperezt: Do you need any additional information?
18:19:11 <aeperezt> igorps, maybe the focus may change a bit but the other is ok
18:19:26 <jsmith> Looks pretty good to me
18:20:08 <aeperezt> igorps, the Attendance for FUDCon Chile 2010 not sure if that is right
18:20:25 <igorps> I can help updating the focus and the we'll be good to close the task
18:20:34 <aeperezt> ok
18:20:40 <igorps> aeperezt: I think it was a few more
18:20:58 <igorps> I'll check for more accurate information
18:21:22 <igorps> #action igorps to check FUDCon Chile attendance
18:21:24 <aeperezt> igorps,  I could not find that information
18:21:47 <tatica> in fact, Chile attendance was much less of what was expected
18:21:49 <tatica> afaik
18:22:07 <tatica> jsmith, do you remember how many people attend to FUDcon Chile?
18:22:19 <igorps> tatica: I don't think it was less then 100
18:22:23 <aeperezt> on that matter we may add Tempe info now
18:22:54 <igorps> I'll contact asalles for the proper information
18:22:55 <tatica> yes I know
18:23:03 <tatica> but at the wiki says (since forever) +1500
18:23:04 <tatica> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents#FY11_Q2_.28June_2010_-_August_2010.29_2
18:23:14 <tatica> which I believe confuses people
18:23:26 <tatica> they may expect a bigger event
18:23:35 <igorps> tatica: for sure it's not that either
18:23:39 <tatica> :)
18:24:18 <igorps> I'll update the page with Tempe information as well
18:24:40 <tatica> thx
18:25:08 <igorps> #action igorps to update the prospectus page with Tempe attendance and improve focus section
18:25:24 <igorps> after that we can close this task
18:25:52 <igorps> aeperezt: any thing else for this topic?
18:26:03 <aeperezt> nop
18:26:10 <igorps> ok, moving on
18:26:31 <igorps> #topic Get confirmation for additional rooms
18:27:10 <igorps> last meeting aeperezt mentioned that might be possible to get additional rooms in a nearby university
18:27:21 <jsmith> tatica: I seem to remember the number was around 120 people or so
18:27:36 <igorps> which I think would be great for hackfests
18:28:16 <igorps> jsmith: I believe so
18:28:34 <igorps> aeperezt: any news on the additional rooms?
18:28:42 <aeperezt> igorps, rewarding that we formally requested this university the area but they have not anwser yeat
18:29:06 <aeperezt> igorps, so we have to wait a bit more
18:29:33 <igorps> aeperezt: do they estipulate a time for giving an answer?
18:30:56 <aeperezt> igorps, I guest one more week this is a government school so they are slow
18:31:10 <igorps> #info Formal request done by aeperezt
18:31:22 <igorps> #info waiting for confirmation
18:31:43 <igorps> aeperezt: I know how it is. Same issue here in Brazil! ;)
18:32:13 <igorps> so next topic
18:32:37 <igorps> #topic Create content survey to find out local community expectations
18:33:03 <igorps> tatica already put some ideas together here:
18:33:12 <igorps> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:Panama_2011/es/Survey1
18:33:47 <igorps> tatica: anything you would like to share?
18:34:37 <tatica> well, the mockup is there
18:34:44 <igorps> I thing that rbergeron suggestion is a good way to go
18:34:59 <tatica> diana should be working on that and next week the poll will be set
18:35:08 <tatica> so next week we can start with the survey/popll
18:35:09 <tatica> poll
18:35:14 <tatica> yup
18:35:23 <tatica> I will be asking more opinions this weekend
18:35:57 <igorps> Having a comprehensive gradation between less and most wanted is good
18:36:30 <tatica> yup
18:37:35 <igorps> I would like to know what people thing about a translation/documentation hackfest for instance
18:37:52 <jsmith> I think it's a great idea
18:37:59 <jsmith> I could certainly help with the documentation side
18:38:06 <gomix> me too
18:38:35 <igorps> jsmith, gomix: that would be really helpful
18:38:40 <tatica> the idea is to know what people expect
18:38:54 <tatica> and provide what they really want to learn and help with
18:39:29 <gomix> my only question is ... what people? actual users and developers? or generla potential attendees? (escuse my ignorance)
18:39:38 <tatica> all people
18:39:39 <igorps> tatica: the hackfets could be just a suggestion as a nice to have thing
18:39:48 <tatica> because we will have all kind of people at fudcon
18:39:52 <aeperezt> tatica that is a great idea to see what would be better to have
18:39:52 <igorps> so we can know what they think about
18:40:40 <gomix> tatica: fine for me, i just want to know its a open poll ... (we can miss the point of a fudcon, but can become popular)
18:40:50 <tatica> so rbergeron suggestion was to collapse the questions for teams
18:41:11 <tatica> I will probably use http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Join
18:41:20 <igorps> tatica: +1
18:41:50 <igorps> This is good because once at a FUDCon people will have to prioritize some subjects
18:42:08 <igorps> since they can't be everywhere
18:42:19 <tatica> yup, and that will help to take the decitions about the proposal (and also help people to know what to propose)
18:42:37 <tatica> and we can focus on do, instead "wonder if people will be interested on..."
18:44:11 <igorps> This is a fair approach but I would not exclude suggestions for interesting subjects as well
18:45:24 <igorps> So, next week we will have a better idea on how the survey will look like
18:45:41 <igorps> next topic
18:46:06 <igorps> #topic FUDCon Panama booklet content
18:46:37 <jsmith> I'm working on the introduction letter
18:46:45 <igorps> So, potty has the translation of the booklet in Spanish
18:47:19 <igorps> jsmith: nice!
18:47:23 <aeperezt> Haks, is working to customize the cover, amonthoth also translate it to spanish with potty so that part is done
18:47:32 <jsmith> :-)
18:47:47 <jsmith> I'll have the letter over by Monday so that it can be translated
18:47:51 <igorps> I added a draft of the hackfest information on Trac
18:48:01 <igorps> #link http://igor.fedorapeople.org/FUDCon/Panama/hackfest.txt
18:48:03 <jsmith> (no estoy seguro que puedo hacerlo en buen castillano)
18:48:15 <igorps> both in English and Portuguese
18:48:21 <aeperezt> jsmith, thanks
18:48:30 * tatica will work on the booklet design tomorrow with the Panamá team :D
18:48:34 <igorps> jsmith: someone can review later, no problem :)
18:49:17 <aeperezt> jsmith, if you think you can I know amonthoth can check it for you
18:49:27 <igorps> I would like to have the English text revised by someone later as well
18:49:32 <jsmith> :-)
18:50:24 <igorps> additional information for hackfests can be found here:
18:50:30 <igorps> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon_hackfest
18:50:51 <igorps> this is a huge text, so I decided to keep it simple and short for our booklet
18:51:23 <igorps> Focusing more on examples for those ones who have never been in a hackfest before
18:51:42 <tatica> igorps, I think tha we can collapse it a little tomorrow and add the link
18:51:47 <tatica> the complete information IS important
18:51:53 <tatica> but won't fit the booklet
18:52:17 <igorps> I wrote the draft but I'll wiling to improve it soon
18:52:33 <aeperezt> great igorps
18:52:38 <igorps> tatica: would be nice to know how many characters it should have
18:52:48 <tatica> I'm +1 to have a really long explanation for the curious people
18:52:49 <igorps> to give a notion of space
18:53:04 * tatica will update the information tomorrow (or tonight)
18:53:13 <tatica> depending on how the trip comes
18:53:49 <igorps> tatica: I'd rather keep simple in the booklet and point to the wiki link for further information
18:54:15 <igorps> It depends on the space, actually
18:54:32 <tatica> yes, +1
18:55:35 <igorps> #info Spanish translation of Tempe booklet is done
18:55:56 <igorps> #info Hackfest information added to Track ticket
18:56:41 <igorps> #action tatica will work on the design with Panama team
18:57:14 <igorps> good to know that our booklet is coming together :)
18:57:37 <igorps> aeperezt: anything else to add here?
18:58:52 <aeperezt> nop
18:59:57 <igorps> So if nobody else has anything else to add I'm closing the meeting in 30 secs
19:00:40 <tatica> internet ports?
19:00:49 <tatica> any info about that?
19:01:00 <aeperezt> tatica, they have not responded that yeat
19:01:04 <tatica> oki
19:01:12 * tatica has no more questions :D
19:01:32 <dgilmore> sorry i had another meeting that went over
19:02:06 <igorps> dgilmore: we still have some time if you would like to point something out :)
19:03:38 <igorps> I'm sending the meeting logs to fudcon-planning ml right after the meeting so you can catch up too ;)
19:03:50 <dgilmore> igorps: just reading back
19:04:34 <dgilmore> igorps: as to the additional rooms i think we can make it work without them
19:05:06 <igorps> dgilmore: Yes, definitely
19:05:10 <dgilmore> igorps: we could do day 1 as a regular conference, ending the day with a session on what is a barcamp/hackfest
19:05:17 <dgilmore> igorps: then day w do barcamp
19:05:21 <dgilmore> day 2
19:05:27 <dgilmore> then day 3 hackfests
19:05:40 <dgilmore> help introduce the concepts
19:05:59 <igorps> sounds like a good plan to me
19:06:35 <igorps> if we get additional rooms we can have more parallel hackfests
19:06:51 <dgilmore> i think that with the rooms as organised we can pull that off
19:07:18 <igorps> but if we don't it will turn out good anyway
19:07:51 <igorps> dgilmore: may other rooms can be useful for other things too
19:07:58 <dgilmore> ill be happy to give a talk on barcamp/hackfests in spanish
19:08:27 <igorps> I'd like to wait for the confirmation so we can plan the schedule with all resources
19:08:36 <dgilmore> sure
19:08:55 <igorps> dgilmore: I'm looking forward to watch that!
19:09:09 <dgilmore> igorps: even if we get the rooms i think it will be useful to do the talk on what a barcamp/hackfest is
19:09:11 <aeperezt> dgilmore, that is a good plan, if we have the extra space it will not harm it so we paln without them and if we got them have more space, that it will also depend on the amount of people that will be on the fudcon
19:09:52 <dgilmore> aeperezt: :)
19:09:58 <igorps> dgilmore: sure, this something we need to keep in mind for sure
19:10:15 <igorps> we are planning to include this information on the booklet as well
19:10:22 <dgilmore> :) great
19:10:44 <tatica> aeperezt, we will need a map of the CDS for the booklet
19:10:50 <tatica> I will like to do something like this:
19:11:35 <tatica> http://www.flickr.com/photos/tatadbb/4586327917/in/set-72157613879453535/
19:11:59 <dgilmore> tatica: that is fancy :)
19:12:15 <igorps> wow yeah!
19:12:22 <tatica> is easy if I have the information, will take me only one weekend (with a video I mean)
19:12:40 * amonthoth says hello for fudcon panama 2011 supporters
19:12:46 <tatica> amonthoth, hulas!
19:12:51 <igorps> hello amonthoth!
19:13:42 <amonthoth> igorps, tatica, hi
19:14:11 <amonthoth> i was checking Plano del ISEIT
19:14:19 <igorps> amonthoth: anything you would like to share regarding the booklet?
19:15:00 <amonthoth> igorps, i put my 0.02 cents in dropbox.
19:15:27 <dgilmore> i dont think i have anything else right now
19:15:35 <amonthoth> oh, i could not share with you because do not have your mail
19:15:58 <amonthoth> igorps, do you have the hackfest article ?
19:16:16 <igorps> amonthoth: you can send to igorsoares@gmail.com
19:16:17 <amonthoth> to include in the booklet ?
19:16:27 <igorps> yep, I have a draft
19:16:34 <dgilmore> amonthoth: a good place to share your thoughts on fudcon planning issues is the fudcon planning list
19:16:42 <igorps> I would like to know how much space we have for that
19:16:54 <igorps> so I can expand it as possible
19:17:04 <tatica> or, you can upload it to the wiki and link it to the ticket
19:17:12 <igorps> the draft is on the task on track
19:17:24 <dgilmore> amonthoth: please send to fudcon-planning@lists.fedoraproject.org
19:17:36 <igorps> tatica: +1
19:17:48 <aeperezt> yes we are getting that info
19:17:48 <amonthoth> it's the booklet spanish translation draft
19:18:04 <dgilmore> amonthoth: the list or trac are perfect for it
19:18:13 <igorps> amonthoth: you can do it like I did for the hackfest description
19:18:20 <aeperezt> but ciudad del saber is a big campus
19:18:28 <amonthoth> dgilmore, ok
19:19:00 <tatica> aeperezt, np... just need the map with the aprooved locations, and if is possible, a map of how are the rooms inside
19:19:12 <tatica> I can do several maps just for fun
19:19:19 <amonthoth> igorps, need the hackfest description to translate it to spanish
19:19:20 <aeperezt> take a look http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&ie=UTF8&ll=8.999874,-79.583287&spn=0.01954,0.042272&z=15
19:19:54 <igorps> amonthoth: we are placing things here:
19:19:58 <aeperezt> that is the area
19:20:00 <igorps> https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/116
19:20:21 <tatica> aeperezt, yes, can you take a screenshot and mark the fudcon areas?
19:20:40 <igorps> #link http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&ie=UTF8&ll=8.999874,-79.583287&spn=0.01954,0.042272&z=15
19:20:49 <tatica> like "here is the restaurant", here are the villages, here the big room and here the small room
19:20:58 <tatica> what will make much easier to know what's each place
19:21:02 <aeperezt> yes, I have that done already
19:21:12 <dgilmore> aeperezt: i dont think we can use google maps. not without violating copyright
19:21:13 <aeperezt> need to do it pretty
19:21:28 <aeperezt> ho
19:21:35 <aeperezt> I think we can use openmaps
19:21:38 <tatica> aeperezt, :D <3
19:21:41 <aeperezt> they also have that
19:21:45 <tatica> aeperezt, send it to me, and I will check it tomorrow
19:22:49 <igorps> it's a good idea to check how the Tempe map was made
19:23:07 <igorps> it was pretty clear and helpful
19:23:14 <aeperezt> tatica, i will have redo it with open maps
19:23:14 * tatica follow that process, can help
19:23:34 <tatica> even so, we will need a good quality full image to add to the booklet
19:23:35 <dgilmore> igorps: yep
19:23:36 <aeperezt> amonthoth, llegaste viejo
19:23:39 <tatica> lol
19:24:20 <amonthoth> aeperezt, casi no llego
19:24:50 <igorps> we can work on that and post our finding on track and fudcon-planning
19:25:11 <aeperezt> tatica, este seria en openmaps http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=8.99871&lon=-79.58255&zoom=16&layers=M solo tengo que marcar las areas
19:25:31 * tatica usa openstreetmap para el flisol :D
19:25:41 <igorps> #link http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=8.99871&lon=-79.58255&zoom=16&layers=M
19:27:02 <igorps> anybody would like add something else?
19:27:06 <amonthoth> openstreets looks pretty nice and clearer
19:27:19 <tatica> osm is awesome
19:27:29 <igorps> please post your finding on the mailing list and track during the week
19:27:52 <igorps> so everybody knows what is going on ;)
19:28:15 <dgilmore> yep
19:28:22 <igorps> Thank you all for attending!
19:28:31 <tatica> :)
19:28:35 <igorps> #endmeeting