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16:01:04 <jsmith> #meetingname FUDCon Subsidies
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16:01:09 <jsmith> #topic Roll Call
16:01:21 * rbergeron is here
16:01:24 * jsmith is here
16:03:06 <jsmith> Could be a small/fast meeting...
16:03:19 <jsmith> #topic Introduction / logistics
16:03:30 <rbergeron> yeah
16:03:36 * rbergeron is trying to wrangle folks
16:03:45 <ianweller> hi
16:03:54 <rbergeron> abadger, biertie, smooge: interested in participating in subsidy meeting for fudcon?
16:03:58 <rbergeron> ianweller: YAY
16:04:16 <jsmith> OK, just as a reminder -- let me explain where we are in the process
16:04:17 <rbergeron> rdieter: hi
16:04:30 <rdieter> rbergeron: hiya
16:04:53 <jsmith> We've already spent around $9200 on travel subsidies
16:05:55 <jsmith> In addition to that $9200, the Red Hat community architecture team has spent an additional ~$5200 on subsidies, to help a few key individuals from outside of North America come and learn how FUDCons are done
16:06:26 <jsmith> That being said (and in no small part due to the great planning by rbergeron and crew), we have a few more dollars available for subsidies
16:06:50 <jsmith> Unfortunately, we can't subsidize everyone that we'd like to come
16:07:31 <rbergeron> jsmith: do you have an idea of what amount we're planning on spreading the love with today?
16:07:45 * rbergeron notes that we are supposed to keep Q4 for commarch around $20k, IIRC.
16:07:56 * jsmith refers back to the budget spreadsheet
16:07:58 <rbergeron> and spending is currently at ~$14k.
16:08:25 <rbergeron> So while I don't want to spend that whole wad (as a few things are being finalized still), I think we can probably comfortably spend about $4k of that.
16:08:35 <rbergeron> But feel free to opinionate otherwise. ;)
16:08:52 <jsmith> I was going to say that we allocate another $3k
16:09:06 <jsmith> That gives us a bit of wiggle room, should we have any surprises pop up
16:09:12 <jsmith> (and trust me -- there will be surprises)
16:09:31 <red_alert> +1 :)
16:09:57 <jsmith> Open requests are at http://tinyurl.com/fudcon-tempe-2011-subq
16:09:58 <rbergeron> ok.
16:10:06 <jsmith> (although there are a few on that list that I need to close -- gimme a second)
16:10:37 * ianweller waits for the call to refresh
16:12:13 <rbergeron> And keep in mind that if we can't wrangle outside internet access - we'll have another 3k to share
16:12:21 <jsmith> rdieter: I'm assuming your request was already taken care of?
16:12:51 <rdieter> jsmith: yes, should be good to go
16:12:53 <jsmith> rbergeron: Possibly -- assuming we don't do anything else for internet access, yes
16:13:56 <jsmith> OK, I think the tickets are up to date now
16:14:28 <jsmith> Before we get started reviewing them individually, let me share what I think our priorities should be
16:15:08 <jsmith> 1) We should focus on North American contributors, as we've already spent a lot of subsidy money on folks outside of NA (much of it thanks to the CA team)
16:15:13 * rbergeron nods
16:15:33 <jsmith> 2) I think we should focus on the people who have made the most impact in Fedora over the past year or so
16:16:28 <jsmith> Any objections to giving priority to those two focus groups?
16:16:29 <ianweller> <nod>
16:16:34 <ianweller> none here
16:16:55 <rbergeron> nada.
16:16:58 <inode0> depends on who is in them :)
16:17:15 <inode0> seriously, no objection
16:17:17 * rbergeron lols
16:17:18 <jsmith> OK, now we need to decide how to process the tickets
16:17:23 <rbergeron> in order?
16:17:23 <jsmith> In numerical order?
16:17:25 <rbergeron> :)
16:17:27 <ianweller> +
16:17:30 <ianweller> oops. +1
16:17:50 <jsmith> I think that's a fairly good idea, as ticket number indicates how early they made the request
16:18:04 <jsmith> If there are no objections, we'll look at them in order
16:18:40 <jsmith> Let me also remind folks that we've already done a lot of partial subsidies, and that we can obviously continue to give partial subsidies in an effort to help a greater number of participants
16:19:03 <jsmith> Without further ado -- let's get to work!
16:19:46 <jsmith> #topic Ticket #55 - Wolnei Tomazelli
16:20:25 <jsmith> This request comes to us from Brazil, and is asking us to cover a $1500 flight
16:20:52 * rbergeron notes that he says getting a visa could take 60-90 days
16:20:53 <jsmith> Also, Wolnei notes that he'll need 60 to 90 days to get a visa, and that worries me
16:20:57 <rbergeron> yeah
16:21:18 <jsmith> I'm voting that we don't fund this subsidy request
16:21:23 * inode0 isn't excited about giving 50% of the funding to one person at this point
16:21:38 * rbergeron nods
16:21:52 <ianweller> agreed
16:22:13 <jsmith> #agreed Voted not to fund this subsidy request
16:22:44 <jsmith> #topic Ticket 67 - Justin "threethirty" O'Brien
16:23:00 <rbergeron> His plane ticket is still $310 (I just checked).
16:23:48 <jsmith> He's OK with a partial subsidy in this case
16:24:02 <inode0> I think we don't want him sleeping on the street so we need to account for his hotel even though he didn't ask for it.
16:24:12 <rbergeron> lol
16:24:29 <jsmith> I don't know Justin, other than an occasional blog post
16:24:56 <jsmith> Do you think it would be valuable to Fedora to fund his request?
16:25:12 <rbergeron> He's always a good person to count on for sitting in the booth at regional conferences.
16:25:23 <inode0> He is a student and is working on video content delivery - he will be attending another conference devoted to that representing the project
16:25:23 <rbergeron> he also helped out a lot last year with the class that mel brought into the marketing group.
16:25:34 <rbergeron> .... and that was video content stuff also
16:26:02 * rbergeron thinks it would be valuable to have threethirty around
16:26:03 * inode0 is in favor of helping Justin attend
16:26:04 <jsmith> Does that translate into +1s?
16:26:09 <rbergeron> +1
16:26:20 <ianweller> +1 from here
16:27:00 <jsmith> inode0: Does that mean we need to cover his flight and hotel?  Or are you saying that we should cover his hotel if he covers the flight?
16:27:06 * inode0 thinks we really should toss in the room
16:27:21 <inode0> I doubt he can cover much personally
16:27:43 * rbergeron agrees
16:28:02 <rbergeron> he's not kidding whe nhe says he can sleep anywhere - he will literally sleep in ht ehotel lobby if needed so he can attend
16:28:08 <ianweller> yeah
16:28:12 <jsmith> Ok, so we're looking at $310 + 240 = 550
16:28:18 <rbergeron> or... in jsmith's bathtub. ;)
16:28:23 <ianweller> pfffft
16:28:41 <jsmith> rbergeron: It's not a bathtub -- it's a temporary koi pond :-p
16:29:06 <rbergeron> lol
16:29:14 <jsmith> inode0: I didn't get a clear +1/-1 from you
16:29:23 * rbergeron sticks a +1 in inode0's hand
16:29:27 <inode0> +1 for room and plane
16:29:36 * rbergeron is +1 for room and plane, just for clarification
16:29:41 <ianweller> same here
16:29:44 <jsmith> OK, looks like we're agreed then
16:30:07 <jsmith> #agreed to fund $550 for Justin O'Brien (flight + hotel)
16:30:46 <jsmith> #topic Ticket 71 - Jef van Schendel
16:31:12 <jsmith> He's requesting a $732 dollar flight from Amsterdam
16:31:28 <ianweller> from the design team, he's been quite active
16:31:49 <ianweller> iirc he led the meeting a couple of times when mizmo was out
16:31:59 <jsmith> Right... I agree with wanting to see him there, but he's not in NA
16:32:01 <rbergeron> He's also not needing a hotel subsidy, and can also live with a partial
16:32:03 <ianweller> but not sure if it's worth the $732 flight
16:32:13 <ianweller> but i'd +1 a partial, probably
16:32:14 <jsmith> And from what I understand, we funded his trip to FUDCon Zurich
16:32:21 <ianweller> ah, hmm
16:32:48 <jsmith> And unfortunately, it's really hard to fund a partial flight :-/
16:32:56 * inode0 would like to defer decision on this one until looking at other NA tickets to see if we can still help at that point
16:33:00 <jsmith> I'd almost rather defer this too
16:33:02 <ianweller> i was just going to say that, inode0
16:33:06 * rbergeron +1's with everyone else
16:33:13 <jsmith> Either until we cover the NA tickets, or until we find out on the Broadband
16:33:23 <inode0> that too
16:33:34 <jsmith> #Agreed to defer this decision to a later time
16:33:56 <jsmith> #topic Ticket #72 - Diana Harrelson (Martin)
16:34:28 <inode0> +1 to flight
16:34:48 * rbergeron notes that flight looks more like $300-$350, if we bought it now
16:34:59 <ianweller> +1 to flight... does she need hotel subsidy?
16:35:07 * ianweller is reading, can't find
16:35:35 <inode0> she says she can cover the hotel if she needs to
16:35:38 <jsmith> She said she could cover the hotel, as long as she can room with another female attendee
16:35:49 <ianweller> <nod>
16:36:11 <ianweller> so yeah, +1 from me
16:36:28 <rbergeron> I think the only other female attendee with room space available at this point is emily, if hers gets subsidized.
16:36:36 * jsmith just found a flight for $289
16:36:40 <jsmith> +1 from me
16:36:41 <rbergeron> I think we'll have to see, but yes.
16:37:09 <jsmith> #agreed Subsidize flight for Diana Harrelson (approximately $300)
16:37:40 <rbergeron> I think we could revisit the hotel, depending on how the other female hotel rooms work out (who needs hotel subsidized, who needs it fully funded, etc.)
16:37:51 <jsmith> #info Ticket 73 is for Gerard Braad (from Beijing) -- I'm going to defer this one as well
16:38:01 <inode0> yes, I would conditionally support helping with the room if needed
16:38:33 <jsmith> #agreed Will revisit hotel room for Diana Harrelson (Martin) if needed
16:38:36 <inode0> jsmith: I don't see any useful information in that ticket on which to make a decision
16:39:00 <rbergeron> in gbraad? yeah
16:39:06 <ianweller> +1 to defer
16:39:07 <inode0> yes
16:39:27 * rbergeron +1 to defer as well
16:39:47 <jsmith> #topic Ticket 84 - Ricky Elrod (codeblock)
16:40:00 <jsmith> codeblock has really been helping out a lot in Infrastructure
16:40:06 <ianweller> yeah
16:40:24 <rbergeron> Hotel # needs to change - he's got to find someone to share with, and consider staying at the secondary hotel, sadly.
16:40:40 <inode0> +1 based on endorsements of current/recent work
16:41:16 <rbergeron> and he can't come until friday, and has to be back monday.
16:41:22 <rbergeron> friday night
16:41:29 <jsmith> Looks like the flight will be ~350
16:41:30 * rbergeron looks to see if those flights are available
16:42:03 <ianweller> oh, netsplits
16:42:09 <rbergeron> lol
16:42:40 <jsmith> Oooh -- I didn't take him getting back on Monday into account
16:42:44 <jsmith> :-/
16:42:53 <inode0> yeah, that isn't great
16:43:28 <rbergeron> the cheapest flight there is $410
16:43:39 <jsmith> Looks like it's going to take him most of the day on Sunday to get back before Monday
16:43:56 <rbergeron> well - it deends on what time he can get back.
16:44:06 <rbergeron> there are flights where he can leave phx sunday night and get back by 10am the next day
16:44:06 <jsmith> I found a $351 flight on United that gets him into PHX at 11:00pm on Friday, and gets him back at 11:35pm on sunday night
16:44:44 <jsmith> That would mean he'd be there Saturday and half-day on Sunday
16:44:46 <rbergeron> there are a few flights at $410 that leave around 6 or 7pm
16:44:50 <rbergeron> on sunday
16:44:54 <rbergeron> and get in 10am monday
16:45:00 <rbergeron> I think it depends on what time he really needs to be back by
16:45:05 <rbergeron> and if he can reconsider the timing
16:45:07 <jsmith> red-eye flights with long layovers :-(
16:45:18 <rbergeron> well
16:45:30 <rbergeron> I'm not really interested in spending a lot of money for staying less than half of fudcon
16:45:36 <rbergeron> personally
16:45:44 <rbergeron> If he canat least get through saturday
16:45:47 <rbergeron> and sunday
16:45:58 <rbergeron> but if he has to leave at noon on saturday - we're barely started by then
16:46:05 <ianweller> yeah
16:46:10 * ianweller is barely awake by then
16:46:18 <rbergeron> early monday morning
16:46:20 <rbergeron> he says
16:46:48 * rbergeron would really like to fund this
16:46:50 <rbergeron> but
16:47:01 <ianweller> what if we temporarily set something aside and ask him to reconsider timing?
16:47:03 <jsmith> The timing isn't ideal, but I'd still like to fund this
16:47:11 <rbergeron> ianweller: i think that is reasonable
16:47:29 <jsmith> We've only got three other request
16:47:33 <jsmith> requests, that is
16:48:02 <jsmith> ianweller: Do you mean set aside his entire amount (flight + hotel)? Or partial?
16:48:05 * rbergeron suspects we may see a few more file in
16:48:09 <rbergeron> jsmith: entire
16:48:19 <ianweller> entire
16:48:20 <jsmith> I'm fine with that --
16:48:59 <jsmith> #agreed to set aside ~600 for codeblock, and come back to a final decision pending other subsidies and chatting w/ codeblock about the times
16:49:18 <jsmith> #topic Ticket 88 - Emily Dirsh
16:49:36 <ianweller> +1 to emichan
16:49:52 <jsmith> +1 from me for all the hard work she does in the design team
16:50:17 <rbergeron> +1. is that for hotel + flight?
16:50:20 <ianweller> she's basically making fedora design another full-time job for herself :)
16:50:22 <rbergeron> she also said she was okay with a partial
16:50:26 <ianweller> yeah, +1 hotel+flight
16:50:48 <jsmith> My +1 was for both hotel + flight
16:51:00 <rbergeron> should we ask her to group with diana and have them share hotel, and cover diana's hotel?
16:51:00 <ianweller> (did we lose inode0?)
16:51:11 <ianweller> +1 to that, too.
16:51:12 <jsmith> rbergeron: Yeah, I think so
16:51:36 * rbergeron is pretty sure mel is rooming with tatica, and that's it for the females, except mo and myself.
16:51:49 <rbergeron> I think.
16:52:52 <jsmith> #agreed Fund ~$550 for Emily Dirsh, and ask her to room with Diana Harrelson (Martin)
16:53:24 <ianweller> how much do we have left for this meeting's $3k budget?
16:53:51 <rbergeron> 2: liam bulkley, kevin fenzi.
16:54:21 <ianweller> i meant money-wise ;)
16:54:22 <inode0> /me is busy for a bit
16:54:24 <rbergeron> oh
16:54:35 <rbergeron> hence the word "much" and not "many"
16:54:35 <jsmith> ianweller: Almost half :-p
16:54:57 <jsmith> If my math is right, we've allocated $1640 so far (including hotel for Diana)
16:55:06 <jsmith> But please -- double-check my math :-p
16:56:35 <jsmith> $550 for Justin O'Brien
16:57:16 <jsmith> $550 for Diana (including hotel)
16:57:31 <jsmith> $550 for Emily
16:57:39 <rbergeron> yep
16:57:44 <jsmith> (roughly)
16:58:06 <jsmith> and a $600 set-aside for codeblock
16:58:17 <jsmith> OK, let's move on
16:58:23 <smooge> my apologies I am here
16:58:53 <jsmith> smooge: No worries -- we have decided to set aside $600 for codeblock, and revisit the ticket once we've finished the other tickets
16:59:14 <jsmith> smooge: (mostly due to codeblock needing to leave late on Friday and be home early Monday morning)
16:59:24 <jsmith> #topic Ticket 89 - Liam Bulkley
16:59:25 <rbergeron> because basically he'll be missing half hte trip
16:59:48 * ianweller is hesitant to #89, at first
17:00:11 * rbergeron isn't quite sure on #89 either
17:00:11 <jsmith> I was too
17:00:19 <smooge> ok
17:00:27 <rbergeron> smooge: is he about right now?
17:00:33 <jsmith> That being said, if a partial subsidy could help Liam come to his first OSS event, that might be worth something
17:01:08 <ianweller> should we figure out nirik first, then go back to liam?
17:01:24 <smooge> he was a few minutes ago.. will check
17:01:46 <ianweller> i guess we'd have both anyway if we have $750 left for this meeting
17:01:56 <rbergeron> well
17:01:57 <jsmith> Given nirik's prominence in the community, let's do that
17:02:14 * jsmith notes that we've also deferred several other tickets
17:02:22 <rbergeron> yes
17:02:32 <jsmith> #agreed Defer on ticket 89
17:02:42 <jsmith> #topic Ticket 90 - Kevin Fenzi
17:03:32 * rbergeron votes to cover hotel, and flight.
17:04:00 <jsmith> $139 flight + hotel
17:04:05 <jsmith> +1 from me (for both)
17:04:09 <rbergeron> he is already in at the conference rate too, which is nice - so he can either find someone else needing a roomie, or share with his gf, depending on how it works out
17:04:14 <rbergeron> +1 from me as well
17:04:17 <ianweller> +1 for both
17:04:36 <jsmith> Any objections?
17:05:08 <jsmith> #agreed Fund ~$380 for flight and hotel for Kevin Fenzi
17:05:38 <jsmith> OK, we're at about $2030 now (according to my rough math)
17:05:56 <ianweller> including the codeblock set-aside?
17:06:00 <jsmith> Let's revisit the deferred tickets, looking at NA ones first
17:06:30 <jsmith> ianweller: No, that's not including codeblock's set-aside -- which we're going to revisit very soon here :-)
17:06:35 <rbergeron> jsmith: does that include setaside for codeblock
17:06:37 <ianweller> ah :)
17:06:38 <rbergeron> ah
17:06:42 <rbergeron> damnit ianweller
17:06:51 <rbergeron> IN MY BRAIN
17:06:52 <ianweller> rbergeron: i am only here to annoy you, it seems
17:06:53 <rbergeron> :)
17:06:56 <ianweller> :)
17:07:01 <rbergeron> lol
17:07:29 <jsmith> #topic Revisit Ticket #84 - Ricky Elrod (codeblock)
17:07:54 <jsmith> I'm inclined to go ahead and fund this
17:09:48 <jsmith> (even if he'll miss part of the conference)
17:10:02 * rbergeron is really hesistant but thinks it will be okay
17:10:07 <jsmith> I've been to a couple of FUDCons where I couldn't say for the entire time, and they were still useful
17:10:15 <ianweller> i gotta run, just realized i'm missing a final ;)  (no worries, thought it was 1:30 but it's not, instructor is chill, should only take 40 minutes)
17:10:15 <jsmith> and look -- you got me full-time now because of it!
17:10:32 <jsmith> ianweller: Enjoy!
17:11:48 <jsmith> Other opinions?
17:12:30 <jsmith> Is this microphone on?  Bueller?
17:12:46 <rbergeron> lol
17:12:56 <rbergeron> ianweller: i'm gonna buy you a watch
17:13:02 <jsmith> OK, the silence is deafening
17:13:28 <jsmith> I think we're OK on budget here to do this
17:13:47 <rbergeron> I think it will be fine. I'd feel better about doing it if he could spend more time, so I hope he can maybe try to work that out before we buy plane tickets.
17:14:00 <jsmith> We'll certainly give him that chance :-p
17:14:33 <jsmith> #agreed Fund ~600 for codeblock, and invite him to see if he can work his schedule such that he can stay for more of FUDCon
17:16:18 <jsmith> OK, we're now at ~$2630 out of the $3000 we were going to spend today
17:17:34 * rbergeron hrms
17:17:44 <rbergeron> do we have any older tickets to revisit?
17:19:21 * jsmith tries to take a look
17:20:31 <jsmith> I don't see any North American tickets that were rejected that should be revisited -- but feel free to double-check my work
17:20:47 * rbergeron nods
17:22:07 <rbergeron> i'm not seeing anything
17:22:35 <jsmith> OK, the only NA ticket we haven't decided on is #89 (Liam Bulkley)
17:23:59 <jsmith> #topic Revisit Ticket 89 - Liam Bulkley
17:24:45 * inode0 apologizes for the work interruption
17:25:06 <jsmith> He asked for $250 in subsidies, and said that a partial subsidy of $150 would work
17:25:32 <jsmith> Ticket is $273 and hotel will be at least $240, so I don't see an easy way to subsidize less than $240
17:26:48 <rbergeron> sorry...
17:26:56 * rbergeron just lost her battery
17:27:16 <jsmith> No worries
17:27:27 <jsmith> Did you get caught up, or should I replay?
17:27:32 <rbergeron> no, i'm caught up
17:27:33 <rbergeron> so
17:28:07 <inode0> I'd like to maybe get a better idea what he would be bringing with him to FUDCon
17:28:32 * rbergeron is really on the fence here
17:28:34 <inode0> How is he involved in Fedora now?
17:29:00 <jsmith> inode0: Would you mind asking that in the ticket, and we'll revisit this when we find out about the broadband money (~ January 7th)
17:29:16 <rbergeron> he's not, essentially - but he's proposing it as a way for him to get involved in something - and to his credit, he did actually manage to fill out the trac ticket, and add himself to the ticket.
17:29:22 <rbergeron> err
17:29:23 <rbergeron> to the wiki
17:30:46 <rbergeron> but yes: I think asking him what he can do at fudcon
17:30:53 <rbergeron> other than ask questions about selinux ;)
17:30:54 <rbergeron> would be good
17:31:22 <jsmith> #agreed Find out more information from Liam Bulkley and revisit this ticket in early January
17:31:46 <jsmith> OK, we deferred on a couple of non-NA tickets
17:32:13 <jsmith> None of them fit within the money we have left today (until we find out about the broadband access), so I don't know what else to do but defer those until early January
17:32:32 <jsmith> It's either that, or go slightly over our $3k limit for today
17:33:13 <jsmith> Looking over those tickets, the one I'm most likely to approve is Jef van Schendel's
17:33:22 <jsmith> (ticket 71)
17:33:40 <rbergeron> yeah
17:33:51 * jsmith looks at flights quickly
17:34:12 <jsmith> $635 on Delta
17:34:25 <jsmith> (with a wide variety of flight times)
17:34:35 <rbergeron> from AMS?
17:34:38 <jsmith> Yeah...
17:34:47 <rbergeron> wow
17:34:54 * rbergeron goes to ask steve when we're going to amsterdam
17:35:13 <jsmith> That puts us at $900 in total for Jef
17:35:21 <jsmith> if we were to subsidize his trip
17:36:21 * jsmith votes +1 to go ahead and subsidize ticket 71 for Jef van Schendel
17:36:40 <rbergeron> the flight?
17:36:51 * rbergeron thought he said his hotel was covered
17:36:57 <jsmith> Oh, his hotel is covered?
17:37:01 * jsmith re-reads the ticket
17:37:17 <jsmith> Ah, right
17:37:22 <jsmith> Even easier
17:37:28 <jsmith> +1 to his flight
17:37:32 <rbergeron> yup.
17:37:33 <rbergeron> +1
17:37:49 <jsmith> Any objections?
17:39:05 <jsmith> #agreed to fund ~$650 for plane ticket for Jef van Schendel
17:39:30 <jsmith> #topic Any other business?
17:39:38 <jsmith> OK folks, I think this has been a very productive meeting
17:39:48 <jsmith> Anybody have anything else to add to the meeting?
17:39:55 * jsmith thanks everyone for their time and support
17:40:59 <jsmith> Going once...
17:41:17 <jsmith> ... going twice ...
17:41:19 * rbergeron waves
17:42:29 <jsmith> ... meeting adjourned!
17:42:33 <jsmith> #endmeeting