20:03:19 <jsmith> #startmeeting FUDCon Planning Meeting
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20:03:43 <jsmith> #meetingname FUDCon Planning
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20:03:48 <jsmith> #topic Roll Call!
20:04:56 * jsmith sees that zodbot still doesn't have permissions to change the topic :-(
20:05:40 <rbergeron> what?
20:05:42 <rbergeron> oh
20:05:45 * rbergeron is here
20:06:21 <stickster> jsmith: Might require kicking zodbot and letting him rejoin
20:06:44 <stickster> jsmith: Alternately, you can /msg Chanserv, and have it op zodbot (that's what I just did)
20:06:49 <rrix> yoo
20:07:08 <jsmith> I just tried that, and it said the channe lwasn't registered
20:07:19 <jsmith> Then when I tried to register it, it said it was already registered
20:07:41 <stickster> jsmith: Remind me after the meeting and I'll try to fix it
20:08:07 <jsmith> Thanks stickster
20:08:26 <jsmith> #topic Tickets!
20:08:41 <jsmith> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/report/9
20:08:57 <jsmith> #topic Tickets 69 and 70 -- T-shirt design
20:09:30 <jsmith> rbergeron: Last I talked to you, you had just received some feedback on the T-shirt design
20:09:38 <jsmith> rbergeron: Can you give us an update?
20:10:04 <rbergeron> Okay. I think the tee-shirt design is just about settled - Paul pointed out some tips today about making the logo a bit bigger, but I think beyond that, it's about settled.
20:10:14 <jsmith> Great!
20:10:15 <rbergeron> I talked with Brand X, and they said they need about 8 business days to get things printed.
20:10:34 <jsmith> OK... sounds great.
20:10:35 <rbergeron> Mo and Emily are targeting the first week of January to have a final design, and I think they'll be coming in ahead of that.
20:10:43 <jsmith> Perfect.
20:10:52 <jsmith> Anything else about the T-shirts we need to discuss?
20:10:55 <rbergeron> They're going to send me the preliminary artwork in the meantime that I can send to Brand X to get a quote.
20:11:08 <rbergeron> If quote is bad, I'll be defaulting to the supplier stickster has some contact info for.
20:11:23 <rbergeron> and by bad i mean "extraordinarily high"
20:11:26 <rbergeron> that is all. ;)
20:11:51 <jsmith> #action rbergeron to get a quote from Brand X on T-shirts (tickets 69 and 70)
20:12:20 <jsmith> #topic Tickets 19 and 61: Better internet access
20:12:30 <jsmith> We're moving ahead on two fronts here
20:12:43 <jsmith> Plan 1 is to get more internet access directly at the hotel
20:13:12 <jsmith> I got a quote this week from another wireless provider.  It's a bit high, but they're willing to work with the hotel to try to get a trial run in the hotel.  If that works, we'll be good.
20:13:22 <rrix> woot, brand x
20:13:24 <rrix> local++
20:13:24 <rbergeron> ... what is the quote?
20:13:26 <jsmith> They're also going to schedule an on-site visit over the next few days
20:13:42 <rbergeron> jsmith: do they need any fedora folks to be there with them for that?
20:13:55 <jsmith> rbergeron: It's very preliminary, based on whether or not the hotel will let them do a trial -- and whether they charge us for installation or not
20:14:06 <jsmith> rbergeron: If they don't charge for the installation, it's within our budgeted amount
20:14:14 <jsmith> rbergeron: No need for a Fedora person to be there for that
20:14:31 <rbergeron> and if ther eis a charge, how much over?
20:14:40 <jsmith> Plan 2 is to pipe the campus network (managed by Qwest) over a microwave link
20:14:54 <rbergeron> mmmmm. microwave.
20:15:07 <jsmith> Finally getting more traction on Plan 2 as well -- Qwest wants to make sure the person installing the dish is licensed/bonded/certified, etc.
20:15:37 <rbergeron> Does plan 2 have a preliminary ballpark price?
20:16:05 <jsmith> I have no idea on the pricing there -- rrix, do you know?
20:16:22 <rrix> I haven't the slightest, and I think zgiles is still trying to figure that out too
20:16:41 <rrix> looks like he's still trying to finangle how to talk to everyone and get out of communication-starting hell
20:16:44 <jsmith> OK.
20:17:03 <stickster> jsmith: It would be a good idea to at least see if he knows a ballpark # at this point.
20:17:04 <jsmith> rrix: If you have some time over the holidays, would you mind keeping in touch with zgiles about that?
20:17:10 <rrix> Yups
20:17:16 <jsmith> rrix: I don't want the conversation to drop off over the break
20:17:30 <rrix> jsmith: *nod* neither do I
20:17:37 <jsmith> #action rrix to follow up with Zach Giles on Plan 2 pricing
20:17:39 <rrix> I'll be seeing him over break, we attend the same hackerspace, so
20:17:43 <rrix> shouldn't be hard
20:17:47 <jsmith> #action jsmith to follow up on Plan 1 pricing
20:18:01 * stickster recommends email rather than relying on synchronous meetup
20:18:08 <jsmith> Anything else on internet access?
20:18:21 <smooge> is here
20:18:32 <jsmith> Welcome smooge!
20:18:37 <stickster> jsmith: I think that we need to set an absolute cutoff for deciding whether we're going to spend money on Internet beef-up.
20:19:00 <rrix> yeah
20:19:04 <stickster> rbergeron: Did I misunderstand that $3K (set aside on your sheet right now) could be used elsewhere?
20:19:14 <rbergeron> It can be used for anything else.
20:19:15 <jsmith> stickster: I'd say that if we don't have a definite plan by Jan 7, that we allocate that money for subsidies, etc.
20:19:23 <rbergeron> Like, say, MOAR ATTENDEES
20:19:32 <stickster> jsmith: Is Jan 7 not too late for people to make travel plans? That's only 3 weeks out from the event.
20:19:52 <rrix> btw, rbergeron posited an interesting idea of just getting those mifi things or something similar using those funds to use during fudcon and (i'd assume) stock the event boxes afterwards. We could look in to that as a last ditch emergency zomg we needs internets thing
20:20:06 <jsmith> stickster: I don't think it's reasonable to expect we'll have an answer before Jan 7
20:20:07 <rbergeron> rrix: we sort of discussed that last week a bit
20:20:18 <rrix> rbergeron: ah, I wans't here ;)
20:20:28 <rrix> apologies
20:20:30 <jsmith> stickster: The money could also go towards mifis, etc.
20:20:31 <rbergeron> rrix: no worries
20:20:47 <stickster> jsmith: Yes, it could. The question is, what do you want to see happen here?
20:21:01 * rbergeron would like to talk about subsidy /budget stuff at some point in the course of this meeting anyhow
20:21:09 <rbergeron> when we get to open business
20:21:34 <jsmith> stickster: I want to see what happens w/ Plan 1 and Plan 2 over the next week or so
20:21:48 <jsmith> rbergeron: Yes, we'll get to subsidy and budget after the tickets
20:22:06 <stickster> stickster: So based on that comment, are you saying you want to make a yes/no call on broadband on Dec. 22?
20:22:11 <stickster> oops
20:22:13 <stickster> jsmith: : So based on that comment, are you saying you want to make a yes/no call on broadband on Dec. 22?
20:22:19 <rbergeron> stickster, talking to himself again ;)
20:22:21 <rbergeron> lol
20:22:28 <jsmith> I don't think we'll know enough on December 22nd -- that's what I'm saying
20:22:31 <stickster> rbergeron: yeah, the problem is I never have an intelligent conversation that way :-)
20:22:39 <jsmith> Hence the reason I said Jan 7
20:22:39 <rbergeron> lol
20:23:03 <jsmith> We're only *finally* starting to get traction now with people who claim they can deliver internet to the hotel
20:23:12 <stickster> jsmith: Then are you really saying you want to see what happens w/Plan 1 and Plan 2 over the next 3 weeks or so?
20:23:22 <jsmith> Yes, exactly
20:23:53 <stickster> OK. In that case, are the people who are waiting on subsidy decisions aware that they will not hear until > Jan 7?
20:24:14 <stickster> (If, in fact, the money for broadband is some of what is needed to support their subsidies)
20:24:32 <rbergeron> stickster: I think we have some money for subsidies regardless of yes/no on internet, at this point.
20:24:40 <jsmith> Let's worry about other subsidies first -- assuming our budget allows for it
20:24:49 <jsmith> If Broadband makes additional funds available, so be it
20:25:10 <jsmith> But I don't see the Broadband money as being the primary source for additional subsidies
20:25:19 <jsmith> (and if it does end up being that, it's going to be > Jan 7)
20:25:39 <stickster> rbergeron: OK, that's what I was getting at. If we don't need the broadband money in order to grant remaining subsidies, there's really no issue here. If we do, then we're kind of at a point where people need to know whether they're going to get subsidies or not
20:26:01 <stickster> rbergeron: thanks for the clarification
20:26:01 <rbergeron> stickster: I have a suggestion - but we can save it for the subsidy part of the meeting.
20:26:05 <rbergeron> stickster: np.
20:26:12 <jsmith> Can we continue this conversation when we get to subsidies later in the meeting?
20:26:20 * stickster eof
20:26:22 * jsmith is slow on the keyboard -- rbergeron beat me to it
20:26:53 <jsmith> #topic Ticket 50: Welcome packet
20:27:05 <jsmith> ianweller: Did you get printing quotes, by chance?
20:28:40 <jsmith> I guess ianweller isn't around
20:28:54 <jsmith> Anyhoo -- there are some additional items to be finished for the welcome packet
20:29:03 <jsmith> I think everybody knows the pieces that they're responsible for
20:29:14 * jsmith is responsible for the Welcome letter
20:29:46 <stickster> #info stickster talked to hotel and they are OK with taking some packages early for our conference... that could easily include welcome packets if that was necessary
20:30:13 <rbergeron> jsmith: if you're not done by the time you head out, lmk and put in what you have and we can wrap it up.
20:30:20 <rbergeron> if you want.
20:30:21 <rbergeron> ;)
20:30:24 <jsmith> Will do!
20:30:28 <jsmith> #topic Ticket 62: Food catering
20:30:41 <jsmith> How's the catering coming?
20:30:51 <rbergeron> I sent some mail to the list last... Friday?
20:31:01 <rbergeron> About breakfast and lunch costs.
20:31:09 <rbergeron> Lunch is optional, of course.
20:31:18 <rbergeron> But I have it added to the budget.
20:31:34 <rbergeron> Dinner is also added into the budget spreadsheet.
20:31:43 <rbergeron> Those are all final costs, unless we change the number.
20:31:55 <rbergeron> We have until Jan. 15 to actually sign a form committing.
20:32:07 <rbergeron> And then we can revise our count # up until, I want to say, 72 hours prior to the event.
20:32:19 <jsmith> Sounds great.
20:32:32 <rrix> very
20:32:37 <rbergeron> ASU is going to get back to me on substituting something vegan-ish in, but I suspect it won't revise the cost upwards by any insane amount.
20:32:40 <stickster> rbergeron: Did we agree to do bkfst Sat+Sun and lunch 1 day?
20:32:49 <stickster> s/agree/initially agree/
20:32:58 <rbergeron> stickster: I don't know if we *agreed*, but I agreed to investigate it after it being suggested.
20:33:18 * stickster looking for that record... ISTR it coming up in a prior planning meeting
20:33:50 <stickster> rbergeron: IMHO, we want to do bkfst both days. That's one way to make sure people get to the site.
20:33:59 <jsmith> Yes, I agree
20:34:00 <rbergeron> Yes.
20:34:15 <jsmith> rbergeron: Any closer to a quote on the dinner, rather than just the guesstimate?
20:34:17 <rbergeron> Lunch I think was optional, nice-to-have, let's check it out.
20:34:18 <stickster> Lunch on Saturday helps keep people around the conference so they make it to things timely
20:34:49 <rbergeron> jsmith: that number in the spreadsheet is a final number, for 200 people for fajitas. We can change that # down if needed.
20:35:02 <rbergeron> I want to make sure that ASU faculty/staff/people helping us get to eat.
20:35:10 <rbergeron> ....and rackspace is paying for the food.
20:35:12 <rbergeron> So.
20:35:19 <stickster> rbergeron: That sounds pretty reasonable to me.
20:35:23 <jsmith> WORKSFORME
20:35:47 * rbergeron needs to send email back to the list saying she got a final # on dinner.
20:35:57 <rbergeron> Nobody really had any commentary on the food plan on the list, except for smooge.
20:36:08 <jsmith> rbergeron: I told you in IRC that it sounded yummy :-p
20:36:09 * rbergeron was fully expecting someone to ask why we didn't order $1k worth of bacon. ;)
20:36:18 <rbergeron> jsmith: this is true.
20:36:47 <stickster> rbergeron: I think the numbers look good. The number of veggie + vegan lunches might be a bit high, but I suppose it's better we not run short on those.
20:37:00 <rrix> rbergeron: what about 1k worth of hotdogs?
20:37:00 * rbergeron counted and there was ~25.
20:37:02 <jsmith> Seems reasonable to me.  I know that at the first FUDCon I attended, we didn't have nearly that much food for breakfast, and you really had to fight to get some breakfast :-)
20:37:03 <rrix> with mustard
20:37:03 <stickster> rbergeron: By any chance did you count up the V + VV on our pre-registartion table?
20:37:10 <rbergeron> I think ~25
20:37:14 <smooge> rbergeron, cubic truckloads of hotdogs
20:37:14 <stickster> rbergeron: nvm, you answered before I asked :-D
20:37:39 * rbergeron also notes that for lunches, some of it is salad, and some people are just on "i don't eat bacon and cheese and grease all day like robyn does" types of diets.
20:37:39 <stickster> I think it looks good. Let's make sure that's on the spreadsheet.
20:38:07 <jsmith> Anything else on food?
20:38:09 <rbergeron> stickster: which part should we make sure is on the spreadsheet?
20:38:21 <rbergeron> that v/vv is included in taht $?
20:38:31 <stickster> rbergeron: Sorry, that was very vague
20:38:40 <stickster> rbergeron: I meant, make sure the 2x bkfst and 1x lunch
20:38:44 <rbergeron> stickster: it is.
20:38:51 <stickster> If people are in agreement that's what we want to provide
20:38:53 <rbergeron> 1 breakfast and 1 lunch is in google column
20:39:01 <rbergeron> dinner is in the rackspace column
20:39:05 <rbergeron> 1 breakfast is in our column.
20:39:08 * stickster refers to http://tinyurl.com/fudcon-tempe-subods
20:39:23 * rbergeron has one other comment
20:39:35 <stickster> rbergeron: beautimous
20:39:40 <rbergeron> we are talking about having lunch on saturday - that means we will be having breakfast, lunch, and dinner/fudpub all in the same day.
20:39:49 <stickster> Very true
20:39:59 <rbergeron> Do we want to think about having the lunch on sunday instead of saturday, so as to break up the amount of asu catering we have to all have in one day?
20:40:02 <rbergeron> though I'm sure it's fabulous
20:40:06 <rbergeron> ......
20:40:08 <rbergeron> 13:19 < tibbs> git-
20:40:17 <rbergeron> woops
20:40:31 <stickster> rbergeron: The technical sessions are (currently) scheduled for all day Sat and 1/2 day Sun.
20:40:54 <stickster> I look at the meals being provided as a way to make sure people are able to stay around the main area
20:41:04 <stickster> Rather than making people wander off and forage
20:41:33 <stickster> Sunday there's a break after technical sessions where we'd expect people to grab their own food and start splitting up into groups for hacking, etc.
20:41:44 <rbergeron> okay
20:41:45 <stickster> Monday is not really an issue since there's a food court right next to our location in MemU
20:41:52 <rbergeron> yup.
20:41:56 <rbergeron> So saturday is the best day?
20:42:00 <stickster> jsmith: Does that make sense?
20:42:14 * stickster looks for a +1 to see if this works for planners :-)
20:42:22 <jsmith> stickster: +1
20:42:32 <jsmith> stickster: In fact, +2 just for the fun of it
20:42:37 * rbergeron has not been to a fudcon so isn't sure how the scheduling really works still, but I BELIEVE IN THE WORD OF THE STICKSTER
20:42:47 <stickster> #agreed Saturday is the best day for lunch to be provided
20:42:53 <rbergeron> sounds good.
20:42:56 <rrix> all hail the word of the stickster
20:43:06 <stickster> Trust me, it'll work ;-) (famous last words)
20:43:07 <jsmith> Anything else about food?
20:43:25 * jsmith loves food as much as the next person, but wants to cover all the topics
20:43:42 <jsmith> #topic Ticket 47: FUDCon Prospectus
20:43:54 <rbergeron> i suck.
20:44:07 * rbergeron goes to do it now
20:44:22 <jsmith> #action rbergeron to convert the prospectus to PDF
20:44:40 <jsmith> #topic NaN: Room reservations at ASU campus
20:44:47 <rbergeron> lol
20:44:52 <jsmith> #info jsmith followed up with Jon Delaney at ASU yesterday
20:44:54 <rbergeron> NaN?
20:45:00 <jsmith> (Not a Number)
20:45:03 <rbergeron> oh
20:45:09 * rbergeron totally knew that
20:45:24 <jsmith> #info ASU still hasn't given us the room reservations, but they still don't anticipate any problems
20:45:51 <jsmith> #info ASU staff will still be working for the next two weeks, so we don't have to panic yet
20:46:18 * rbergeron puts her panic back in her pocket
20:46:35 <jsmith> OK, anything else on tickets?
20:46:50 <jsmith> #topic Budget
20:47:05 <jsmith> rbergeron: Want to fill us in on the latest budget-wrangling?
20:47:15 <rbergeron> ummmmm....... surrrrrrre.
20:47:37 * jsmith knows it's not the funnest part of planning a FUDCon
20:48:04 <rbergeron> jsmith: oh, sure it is.
20:48:08 <rbergeron> it's the best!
20:48:13 <rbergeron> #link http://tinyurl.com/fudcon-tempe-subods
20:48:25 * stickster jokes, basically stickster confused rbergeron, then managed to deconfusify
20:48:41 <rbergeron> even without the confusification.
20:48:43 <rbergeron> :)
20:48:54 <rbergeron> So just for the record:
20:49:05 <rbergeron> Actually.
20:49:26 <rbergeron> stickster: I'm going to foul this up. Can you or maybe jsmith explain a bit aobut the commarch budget amounts for fudcon real quick?
20:49:36 <stickster> rbergeron: I can make it really simple
20:49:40 <rbergeron> please do.
20:49:46 <rbergeron> And then I'll launch into "what's left."
20:49:55 <jsmith> Sounds like a plan :-)
20:49:58 <stickster> Comm-Arch has ~$20K to give in Q4. F-Eng has about $4K to give in Q4.
20:50:34 <jsmith> Comm-Arch and F-Eng also had some extra dollars in Q2 and Q3, so the proactively spent some money on things in those quarters :-)
20:50:50 <stickster> What we've spent already from Comm-Arch in Q2+Q3, and what F-Eng has spent and will spend for travel for its team members for Q2, Q3, and Q4, we don't need to be truly concerned about.
20:50:55 * rrix decides to find out if Redline will kill him
20:51:19 <stickster> If we can simply stay within $20K + $4K (+ $6K in sponsorships) we are fine.
20:51:22 <stickster> rbergeron: How's that?
20:51:31 <rbergeron> Yes.
20:52:27 <rbergeron> So: currently, for Q4, which is basically December 1 - February 28, from the Commarch budget we have spent about $14k.
20:52:40 <rbergeron> And by "spent" I mean, we have allocated the money towards SOMETHING.
20:52:53 <rbergeron> From Spot's 4k, we've allocated about $3700, leaving about $300.
20:53:13 <rbergeron> The commarch budget also includes $3k for internet access, whic hat this point is somewhat up in the air.
20:53:58 <stickster> rbergeron: Just to clarify, you mean that $3K is included in the $14K allocated?
20:53:58 <rbergeron> Which means that, technically, we have about $6k left.
20:54:01 <rbergeron> Yes.
20:54:18 <stickster> cool, thanks :-)
20:54:25 <rbergeron> yes, I stated that sentence poorly.
20:54:32 * rbergeron and stickster are each other's grammar police. WOOT
20:54:55 <jsmith> Isn't open collaboration great?!?
20:54:57 <stickster> rbergeron and stickster know this but it's for readers' sake :-)
20:55:16 <jsmith> OK, we ready to talk about subsidies?
20:55:21 <rbergeron> At this point, I'd feel pretty safe allocating some of that $6k towards subsidies.
20:55:49 <rbergeron> And by "at this point" I don't mean right htis second, but maybe schedule a subsidy meeting for Friday.
20:55:55 <rbergeron> or even tomorrow.
20:56:01 <jsmith> I think that sounds great!
20:56:06 <rbergeron> There are a few concerns / questions I have:
20:56:12 * jsmith nods
20:56:36 <rbergeron> #1: There are people whose subsidy requests we have already considered, and made budgetary decisions to partially fund them rather than fully fund them.
20:57:05 <rbergeron> #2: There are people whose subsidy requests we outright denied (mostly because we had fulfilled enough out-of-country requests).
20:57:13 <rbergeron> Do we go back and reconsider any of those?
20:57:22 <jsmith> We *can*
20:57:36 <rbergeron> Or do we do that after we continue filling new requests from people, since those folks had stated that they were able to live with a partial subsidy?
20:57:54 <jsmith> My own opinion is that we should focus the remaining subsidies on mostly North American requests
20:58:22 * rbergeron agrees. /me also notes that we have very few requests left.
20:58:31 <jsmith> And that we should do like we did in previous meetings -- try to focus on the people who are active contributors and will help push Fedora forward the most
20:59:45 <jsmith> rbergeron: Do you have a preferred time for the subsidy meeting?
21:00:09 <rbergeron> jsmith: not really, though I'd prefer to stay out of my afternoon ;)
21:00:25 <stickster> k$
21:00:28 <stickster> oops, sorry
21:00:45 <jsmith> rbergeron: How does Friday morning at 10:00am EST sound?
21:00:54 <jsmith> rbergeron: Is that too early?
21:01:01 <jsmith> rbergeron: Should we make it 11:00am EST on Friday?
21:01:07 <rbergeron> jsmith: yes plz, 11:00am works.
21:01:44 <jsmith> rbergeron: Sounds great
21:01:50 <jsmith> Now we just need to help get the word out
21:02:48 <rbergeron> thanks for volunteering! ;) lol
21:03:03 <jsmith> I'll do it
21:03:05 * rbergeron kids, I can write an email to fudcon-planning real quicklike.
21:03:09 <rbergeron> your choice.
21:03:14 * rbergeron leaves it up to you
21:03:19 <jsmith> #agreed rbergeron to write an email to fudcon-planning list
21:05:31 <rbergeron> :)
21:05:38 <rbergeron> in #fudcon-planning?
21:05:47 <jsmith> Yes.
21:06:29 * stickster has hard stop now and will read logs
21:06:44 <jsmith> #topic Any other business?
21:06:51 <rrix> :wq
21:06:53 <rrix> oops
21:07:01 <rrix> You're not vim
21:07:09 <rbergeron> lol
21:07:42 * rbergeron has nothing else atm
21:07:53 <ianweller> jsmith: no quotes yet
21:08:05 <ianweller> going to maybe call all of 'em up tomorrow
21:09:13 <jsmith> ianweller: Thanks!
21:09:28 <jsmith> If we don't have anything else in the next minute or so, I'll end the meeting
21:15:48 <jsmith> #endmeeting