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20:01:04 <jsmith> #meetingname fudcon planning
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20:01:12 <jsmith> #topic Roll Call
20:01:55 <rbergeron> OH
20:01:56 <rbergeron> hi
20:02:00 * rbergeron is paying attention
20:02:16 * jsmith is here
20:02:29 <jsmith> stickster_afk is here as well -- he just had to run out for a second
20:02:34 <rbergeron> lol
20:02:38 <rbergeron> QUICK! assign everything to him
20:02:52 <jsmith> #topic Review of last week's minutes
20:03:08 * rbergeron hides in the corner
20:05:01 <jsmith> #link http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fudcon-planning/2010-12-01/fudcon_planning.2010-12-01-20.00.html
20:05:33 * jsmith actually made progress on a couple of his items!
20:05:43 <rbergeron> You're doing better than me. ;(
20:05:45 <MarkDude> Hello
20:05:46 <jsmith> Actually, let's just go through the tickets, as the action items all came from the tickets
20:05:56 * rbergeron has dedicated all of tomorrow to Fedora Fudcon Thursday
20:05:58 * SMParrish I am here this week
20:06:08 <ianweller> rbergeron: you should put it off until friday, for alliteration purposes
20:06:10 <rbergeron> ...and likely Friday too
20:06:23 <jsmith> #topic Tickets 69 and 70:  T-Shirt design
20:06:23 <rbergeron> Fedora Fudcon Fthursday
20:06:39 <rbergeron> I checked in with Mo about this earlier today.
20:06:52 <rbergeron> They're still coming along - Emily should have a second version shortly.
20:07:12 <rbergeron> And by shortly I mean "probably by the next design team meeting"
20:07:15 <jsmith> Where the first version is http://emichan.fedorapeople.org/FudconTempe/hohokam.png, correct?
20:07:21 <ianweller> yes
20:07:29 <jsmith> Cool.
20:07:37 <jsmith> When is out cut-off date?
20:07:46 <jsmith> How soon do we need to order the shirts?
20:08:29 <rbergeron> The sooner the better. pcalarco had the ticket; I'd imagine if we use the vendor in Tempe, we can get them done relatively quickly.
20:08:48 * jsmith has nightmares of trying to pick up shirts the morning of a conference
20:08:49 <rbergeron> I'd like to have an order in before Holidaytime.
20:09:08 <rbergeron> Jsmith: they are literally across the street from the Brickyard.
20:09:11 <jsmith> OK... should we shoot for the 22nd?
20:09:27 <rbergeron> Sure.
20:09:50 <rbergeron> I need a design to get a quote, but I don't want to be stuck if they come in with some insane quote, either.
20:10:10 <jsmith> #agreed All will work with design team to hopefully have an order placed by 22 December
20:10:15 <rbergeron> So i'd like to have time for ordering / shipping from $otherplace if necessary, and I think a month plus is plenty.
20:10:24 <rbergeron> Unless someone here actually has experience ordering teeshirts, which I don't. :)
20:10:34 <rbergeron> ... and has feedback on that length of time
20:10:37 <ianweller> a month plus is plenty
20:10:45 <jsmith> A month should be plenty
20:10:51 <jsmith> I wouldn't want less than three weeks though
20:10:55 <ianweller> <nod>
20:11:17 <stickster> rbergeron: Shouldn't be too insane. And if there's any problem, I can hook you up with someone that I worked with for a Red Hat project who can ship as needed, costs are very reasonable in the ~$6/shirt range
20:11:32 <rbergeron> oh, wow
20:11:41 <rbergeron> okay.
20:11:42 <jsmith> Nice...
20:11:46 <stickster> Maybe $7
20:11:54 <stickster> Ours was pretty high volume, >1000 shirts
20:11:57 <jsmith> Still sounds reasonable
20:11:58 <rbergeron> yeah
20:12:17 <stickster> anyway, not to derail things, just keep it in mind as an option.
20:12:18 <jsmith> #topic Tickets #19 and #61: Internet access at hotel
20:12:44 <jsmith> I'm still in touch with two different options for internet access at the hotel -- but playing phone tag with the vendors yesterday and today
20:12:58 <jsmith> I haven't heard any more from Zach on the alternative approach
20:13:18 <jsmith> If I don't have a solid lead by the 22nd, I'll going to say "uncle"
20:13:42 <stickster> jsmith: I cc'd you on email conversation between Zach + Lincoln @asu -- they are waiting for word from Qwest folks
20:13:45 <jsmith> Anything else on Internet access?
20:13:48 <stickster> Without that we may be stuck.
20:13:48 <rbergeron> I had a minor idea on a backup plan - being that we could get some Pre-paid wireless mifi cards, and one-month unlimited access cards.
20:13:53 <stickster> Yup, I remember
20:13:57 <jsmith> stickster: Yeah -- perennially waiting.
20:13:59 <rbergeron> And check them out to folks as necessary.
20:14:14 <jsmith> rbergeron: Yeah... Virgin Mobile has a $40/month unlimited deal going right now
20:14:16 <rbergeron> And chuck them in the ambassador event boxes for future usage.
20:14:23 <jsmith> rbergeron: ($75 USB dongles)
20:14:41 <rbergeron> ... since sometimes wireless at conferences sucks, and that would be a good way to help them out, too.
20:15:08 <rbergeron> (and it could also be a thing where we could wait to buy it once we see if/how bad wireless at the hotel actually is.)
20:15:13 * jsmith imagines logistical nightmares, but avoids the subject
20:15:22 <rbergeron> jsmith: how so?
20:15:34 <jsmith> rbergeron: Who determines who gets the dongles and who doesn't
20:15:47 <jsmith> rbergeron: Does it become a case of the "haves" and the "have-nots"?
20:16:11 <rbergeron> Well: I think a lot of folks already have that kind of thing going with Droids and Mifi's and so forth.
20:16:25 <jsmith> Aye...
20:16:26 <rbergeron> If we got the mifi's, that provides access for i htink 5 people to share - check it out in a group.
20:16:42 <rbergeron> If you have a group you're hacking with, come check one out for X number of hours.
20:16:42 <jsmith> Yeah... they're more expensive -- anyhoo, we'll figure it out
20:16:49 <jsmith> Yup.
20:16:51 <rbergeron> Just a thought.
20:17:06 <jsmith> #topic Ticket #50: Welcome packet
20:17:22 <jsmith> I haven't done any more on the welcome packet -- waiting on a couple of details before I finish the welcome letter.
20:17:52 <rbergeron> Okay. I'm filling tihngs in as part of my Fedora Fudcon Fthursday.
20:18:04 <rbergeron> I want to be able to get it to ianweller before he breaks for holiday.
20:18:25 <ianweller> and i *will* break
20:18:26 <ianweller> ;)
20:18:26 <rbergeron> Ian wants to be able to get it designed out and likely printed where he's at, so he can eyeball a print copy before we run a zillion of them.
20:18:42 <ianweller> also i like being able to talk to the printers directly
20:18:44 <rbergeron> And then shipped to the RHT phoenix office.
20:19:13 <ianweller> (the printers in salina are stupidly cheap, too)
20:19:26 * stickster interjects...
20:19:29 <jsmith> ianweller: What, you're not the "email it to Fedex at midnight, pick it up at 6:00am" kind of person?
20:19:37 <jsmith> stickster: Go ahead!
20:20:13 <stickster> It'll be important to make sure as much stuff gets knocked out by the 22nd as possible so that people can take a real holiday break, and not worry about whether enough stuff is done before January comes.
20:20:28 * rbergeron agrees in a big way
20:20:54 <jsmith> I'm not too worried about the printing -- that can be done a few days in advance
20:20:57 <stickster> Or rather, 22nd/23rd... whenever is our last day before people start taking vaca
20:21:09 <jsmith> I'm more worried about things that need to be done 30 days out, etc.
20:21:12 <stickster> yeah, not so much the things that it makes sense to do at the last minute -- but rather
20:21:18 * stickster simply +1's jsmith :-)
20:21:33 <jsmith> #topic Ticket #61: Food!
20:21:45 <stickster> Heh, this was one of the things I was thinking about in particular.
20:21:48 <jsmith> rbergeron: How's the food planning coming along?
20:22:27 <rbergeron> So my update is this: I am talking with ASU Catering lady tomorrow. We have been going back and forth on accommodating Veggie/Vegan options. I hope by the end of that conversation I have some final cost #'s.
20:22:31 <rbergeron> I guess I have two questions:
20:23:11 <rbergeron> #1 We have a cutoff for 140 people. How will we handle this for FUDpub, where we will essentially be having buffet style? Do we want to up that #?
20:23:29 <rbergeron> (Do we want to up that # in general? Tee-shirts, etc?)
20:24:24 <rbergeron> #2 I have been thinking of suggesting that maybe the Vegans and Veggies have a minidinner prior to fudpub upstairs in the Vegan/Veggie/Sustainable Food Restaurant at the Memorial Union, so we can accommodate everyone happily. Does anyone object to that suggestion?
20:25:13 <rbergeron> (or alternatley, seeing if they can just bring food downstairs for a group of folks)
20:25:26 <rbergeron> Or do I just do as I see fit and ask forgiveness later. ;)
20:25:41 <stickster> WRT #1... Typically I would order for ~150 or so.  There's usually way more food than indicated for the # of people, but the printed badge can be made to indicate "eligibility"
20:26:25 <stickster> We never ended up having a problem with not enough food for people going to FUDPub.
20:26:55 <jsmith> rbergeron: I'd rather not have them eat elsewhere -- I'd rather have everyone together, if it's not too much of a logistical nightmare
20:26:56 <rbergeron> Right, but has that been buffet style in the past, or "order at your table" or... ? I think they've usually been in a different style of venue.
20:27:04 <stickster> rbergeron: Yes, buffet style.
20:27:07 <rbergeron> Okay.
20:27:15 <stickster> It was buffet-type snacks at FUDPub in Toronto.
20:27:20 <stickster> That was at D&B.
20:27:52 <stickster> For t-shirts, I usually ordered a few extras, again, 150-160.
20:28:04 <rbergeron> Okay. I'm looking at a fajita bar currently. We could do something more like snacks (wings, etc) but this seems reasonable.
20:28:10 <stickster> WRT #2, I agree with jsmith, we don't want to separate people.
20:28:12 <rbergeron> But doesn't really accommodate everyone's dining needs.
20:28:26 <stickster> rbergeron: Can the veggie/vegan place bring stuff to us?
20:28:31 <stickster> Or can we pick it up?
20:28:34 <rbergeron> stickster: investigating. I'm hoping so.
20:29:00 <stickster> rbergeron: I have two things to contribute:
20:29:01 * rbergeron notes that investigation yielded that some folks took the under 21's to an alternate dinner at some other FUDCon
20:29:40 <stickster> (a) We should try and keep everyone together at FUDPub. I would tell the ASU caterers what we want, have them lay out our options, then choose the most logical one.
20:29:51 <rbergeron> I want to accommodate everyone, but at the same time, I dont' want us to wind up having a dinner of carrots and celery because that's the only thing that works.
20:30:13 <stickster> (b) We shouldn't be worried about whether V/VV dinners will cost somewhat more per person. There aren't that many people to support and we don't need to penny-pinch to that extent :-)
20:30:53 <rbergeron> Okay.
20:30:57 <stickster> rbergeron: The V/VV accommodations should be something extra on top of the standard dinner, if needed. It's almost impossible to make the majority of folks happy if we make the whole dinner V/VV
20:31:05 <rbergeron> I'll report back tomorrow after conversation.
20:31:07 <ianweller> rbergeron: the only FUDCon i remember that at was summer 2008 in boston. since then i've gone to FUDPub
20:31:09 * jsmith agrees w/ stickster
20:31:11 <stickster> Rather, I would generally find something extra to accommodate them specially
20:31:19 <ianweller> the under-21 thing that you mentioned, that is
20:31:30 <stickster> That's what I did for lunches and dinners at previous FUDCons (except for the first one where I messed up and didn't have that option available)
20:31:45 <rbergeron> yeah, lunches are easy.
20:31:50 <rbergeron> They have a nice boxed lunch selection.
20:32:05 <stickster> rbergeron: ianweller: IIRC the reason we had separated under-21 at a previous event was because the location didn't allow under 21.
20:32:24 <ianweller> stickster: i believe that to be the case as well
20:32:30 <ianweller> i don't remember though, my flight left before then
20:33:41 <rbergeron> okay.
20:33:46 <stickster> I think we cleared that already with Sparky's Den -- it won't be a problem there, as long as the alcohol is in a specific area, and the vendor is helping card people... correct rbergeron?
20:33:51 <rbergeron> that's correct!
20:34:04 * stickster thanks that specific neuron for hanging in there amidst the beer
20:35:03 <rbergeron> lol
20:36:03 <jsmith> OK... anything further on this ticket?
20:36:30 <jsmith> #topic Ticket #47: Prospectus
20:36:42 <jsmith> rbergeron: Have a chance to convert it to PDF yet?
20:37:00 <rbergeron> No. Fedora Fudcon Fthursday FTW.
20:37:07 <rbergeron> My list is long and achievable.
20:37:15 <rbergeron> :D
20:38:21 <jsmith> Awesome.
20:38:28 <jsmith> That's it then as far as tickets go.
20:38:34 <jsmith> #topic Any other business?
20:38:41 <rbergeron> How is airplane ticket purchasing going?
20:39:07 <jsmith> rbergeron: The ones on my list have all been purchased as of ~10 days ago
20:39:10 <stickster> Was there anyone left to buy for?
20:39:16 <jsmith> rbergeron: As far as I know, we're all set
20:39:19 <stickster> Yeah, I was under the impression we're done too
20:39:22 <jsmith> stickster: Not that I'm aware of
20:39:26 <rbergeron> Wow. okeedokee
20:39:31 <stickster> jsmith: nushio asked about where to send his ticket receipt
20:39:41 <jsmith> stickster: He needs to send it to Max
20:39:47 <stickster> jsmith: Did you answer his ticket?
20:39:51 * jsmith should go update that ticket
20:39:59 <stickster> :-D
20:41:08 * jsmith just updated ticket #32 with those details
20:42:31 <jsmith> Anything else?
20:42:39 <rbergeron> Nada.
20:43:28 <jsmith> OK, I move that we adjourn.
20:43:38 <jsmith> Thanks everyone for coming to the meetings and helping out!
20:43:42 <jsmith> This FUDCon is gonna rock!
20:43:47 <jsmith> #endmeeting