19:00:41 <stickster> #startmeeting FUDCon Tempe planning
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19:00:46 <stickster> #meetingname FUDCon Tempe planning
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19:00:49 <stickster> #topic Roll call
19:00:50 * stickster 
19:00:55 * rbergeron 
19:01:03 <rbergeron> or half of me at least :)
19:01:49 * stickster goes to pull up last week's notes
19:02:23 * rbergeron swats the shuttlecock over to stickster's side of the net
19:02:47 <rbergeron> stkckster: i sent a update mail to the list, in case i wasnt here
19:03:02 <rbergeron> fwiw, since, well, i'm here
19:03:08 <stickster> :-)
19:04:09 * stickster makes meeting matrix
19:04:21 <rbergeron> hmm?
19:04:28 <rbergeron> for times?
19:04:30 <stickster> yup
19:04:32 <rbergeron> ok
19:04:53 <rbergeron> ryan and i shift time relative to everyone else on sunday
19:04:58 <stickster> rbergeron: Hm, was hoping jsmith, SMParrish, rrix, others might join us :-)
19:05:05 <rrix> oh hi
19:05:06 <stickster> rbergeron: Oh boy
19:05:11 <rbergeron> i think jsmith may be traveling?
19:05:19 <rrix> nickpings work wonders ;)
19:05:23 <rbergeron> he was on as jsmith-mobile in the famsco mtg
19:05:26 <stickster> Is he? I thought he was back from Astricon already, but I could be way wrong
19:05:46 <stickster> OK, let's get things underway :-)
19:05:53 <rrix> smp sent a not he wouldn't be here, didn't he?
19:06:00 <stickster> Didn't see it -- but OK
19:06:15 <stickster> #chair rrix jsmith rbergeron
19:06:15 <zodbot> Current chairs: jsmith rbergeron rrix stickster
19:06:20 <stickster> #topic New meeting time
19:06:33 <stickster> #link http://whenisgood.net/cnksq3 <-- sign up for your times here
19:06:43 <stickster> #link http://whenisgood.net/cnksq3/results/tm27xz <-- get results here
19:07:00 <rbergeron> wooot
19:07:17 <stickster> #action stickster send those links to the list so it really happened :-)
19:07:52 <rbergeron> :)
19:08:08 <stickster> #info jsmith gave update on his contact's internet status in ticket #19 -- need an estimate of cost change if we want to pursue with Carlos
19:08:19 <rbergeron> so - ryan and i should pick our good times for starting next week?
19:08:20 <stickster> #action jsmith Get us an estimate of cost with lift so we can effectively compare
19:08:37 <rbergeron> i think it has dates built in, iirc
19:08:44 <stickster> rbergeron: Absolutely! And hopefully you can work it out with jsmith to be there. My schedule is a little fluid right now but I'm going to try to make it
19:08:44 * rrix addered his
19:08:50 <rbergeron> yep
19:09:15 <rbergeron> well i hope jsmith is here for these meetings :)
19:09:19 <rrix> stickster: second link requires login?
19:09:32 <stickster> rbergeron: He will be starting next week, since he'll be accountable for them :-)
19:09:36 <stickster> rrix: Ew
19:09:39 <stickster> rrix: I'll try to fix that
19:09:44 <rrix> stickster: thank you :)
19:10:23 <SMParrish> Hello all
19:10:30 <SMParrish> Sorry I am late
19:10:50 <rbergeron> hey smparrish :)
19:10:55 <rrix> hiya SMParrish
19:11:06 <stickster> rrix: I don't think I can make results visible to anyone without a login -- at least it's not obvious.
19:11:17 <rrix> stickster: meep.
19:11:36 * stickster will still send to list so anyone can check results without him
19:11:56 <stickster> #info rbergeron already reported to list on prospectus status
19:12:21 <stickster> #action stickster poke jsmith for ticket status, although suspect he'll get to it end of this week after F14 release and travel.
19:12:38 <stickster> rbergeron: Did you bring up the topic of swag on the list with inode0?
19:12:59 <rbergeron> we talked a bit about it in last week's ambassador meeting
19:13:08 <rbergeron> i will look up the logs and send a summary
19:13:15 <rbergeron> i cant remember what was said
19:13:16 <rbergeron> :)
19:13:31 <inode0> for an event this size normal sticker/button/pen type swag shouldn't be any problem
19:13:40 <rbergeron> #action rbergeron look up ambassador notes from last week's mtg re:fudcon swag
19:14:14 <rbergeron> wow, that was a horrible sentence
19:14:45 <stickster> :-) np
19:14:56 <stickster> OK, that's it for action item review then
19:15:19 <stickster> #topic Ticket agenda
19:15:22 <stickster> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/report/9
19:15:41 <stickster> #info we just covered ticket #19 above, and rbergeron already advised on #69
19:15:58 <stickster> #topic https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/50 (welcome packet)
19:16:16 <stickster> rbergeron: You said you wanted to break up this ticket in some meaningful way. How would you propose we do that?
19:16:55 <rbergeron> well - we have a few things listed in the ticket itself
19:17:18 <rbergeron> welcome letter, microblogging stuff, restaurants, etc.
19:17:31 <rbergeron> it's all on one wiki page right now
19:17:42 <rbergeron> we could try finding owners for more individual pieces
19:17:51 <rbergeron> or just start hacking away
19:17:53 * rrix is willing to take ownership of the "local" stuff
19:17:58 <stickster> rbergeron: Have you considered doing a ninja post like Mo's design bounties?
19:18:18 <rbergeron> but having small things that are more identifiable makes it easier for people to help and not be overwhelmed, i think.
19:18:29 * stickster thinks it's a fine idea
19:18:54 <rbergeron> stickster: not specifically for this
19:19:05 <rbergeron> but i am thinking about it now
19:19:06 <rbergeron> :)
19:19:33 <stickster> It should be pretty easy to do separate document files (OO.o I suppose) and then merge them together
19:19:51 * rrix points at gobby/etherpad?
19:19:58 <stickster> rrix: Sure thing
19:20:59 <stickster> This is something you guys can decide how you want to split up, and if you have any difficulty let the list know
19:21:10 * rrix nods
19:21:23 <rbergeron> rrix: think any of the asu / local folks could be roped in?
19:21:33 <rbergeron> good way to get them involved
19:21:51 <rbergeron> and  y asu folks i mean people you know
19:21:55 <rrix> rbergeron: I think so
19:21:56 <rbergeron> like... adam :)
19:22:07 <stickster> rbergeron: rrix: Do we want a drop dead date, beyond which it just needs to be done by someone here?
19:22:08 <rrix> I can harang him in to figuring out where we should eat
19:22:12 <rrix> besides, like, rula bula
19:22:53 <rbergeron> i woould like it to be done before... id say thxgiving, but thats soonish.
19:23:05 <rbergeron> i dont want it to get lost in the holiday rush
19:23:24 <rbergeron> but id like to not wait till t-3 weeks, either.
19:23:38 <stickster> rbergeron: I think Dec 1 makes perfect sense.
19:23:50 * rrix +1
19:24:15 <stickster> This is probably only an hour of work, maybe multiply that by three for someone who doesn't know where to find anything (which is a problem we should help solve along with the ask) ;-)
19:24:34 <stickster> OK, so what are the next actions?
19:24:36 <stickster> Who's asking whom, and how?
19:25:05 <rrix> #action rrix to draft ASULUG mail to harang people in to helping document local logistics, food, supplies, the like...
19:25:25 * rbergeron is walking, back in a sec
19:25:27 <rrix> stickster: Is there any way you can grant me access to adding other people to our googlemaps map?
19:25:28 <rbergeron> sorry
19:25:33 <stickster> rrix: Why sure
19:25:41 <rrix> stickster: then I can harang people from ASULUG in to adding things too :)
19:25:45 * rrix enjoys the word harang
19:26:03 <rrix> Though that's not the word I'm thinking of
19:26:06 <stickster> rrix: Actually, you're already set that way if I read this right.
19:26:20 * rrix %s/harang/harass/g *shrug*
19:26:20 <stickster> "Collaborators may invite others."
19:26:23 <stickster> harangue
19:26:25 <rrix> stickster: awesum!
19:26:38 <rrix> stickster: that'd be it, but anyways :)
19:26:48 <rrix> I'll get locals to add stuff to it
19:27:01 <stickster> rrix: If you don't get any response by next week, we should just assign someone to it.
19:27:20 <stickster> Possibly SMParrish won't mind pitching in -- for old-timers like us this is probably a much shorter job
19:27:39 <stickster> But I like the idea of bringing in new people with a specific task in mind, even if it takes them longer the payoff is that they may stay to help with other things in the future.
19:28:16 <stickster> #action jsmith Check for helpers next week, and if no one has stood up, assign these tasks out
19:28:20 <rrix> stickster: +1
19:28:23 <rbergeron> :)
19:28:40 <stickster> #topic https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/62 (Catering)
19:29:04 <stickster> #info Robyn has the menu on the way this week, so we should be able to start talking about it later this week and start making decisions w/pricing next week
19:29:26 <stickster> rbergeron: Anything else you wanted to add? Questions, info, etc.?
19:29:45 <rbergeron> not atm :)
19:29:51 <stickster> #topic https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/61 (Internet w/Zach)
19:30:33 <stickster> rrix: We need Zach to get a full-on quote together for us. We can't move forward without finding out what everything will cost. I'm OK with us purchasing a little equipment if we have to.
19:32:27 <stickster> rrix: I'm not sure where we left this -- I think Zach sent out some ideas for how this would work, but I don't know if he's got the answers he needs from Qwest. Can you email him, me, jsmith, Robyn to bump this back up and figure out what, if anything, he's waiting for from us?
19:32:57 <rrix> stickster: I need to touch base with him
19:33:01 <rrix> (sorry, was distracted)
19:33:28 <rrix> #action rrix to touch base with zgiles, and report back to the gang
19:33:51 <rrix> I'll send a mail or call him tonight aboot it
19:34:21 <stickster> rrix: That would be great, thank you very much -- want to keep this on track so we can settle it before we get into holiday season
19:34:33 * rrix nods
19:34:45 <rrix> it's been on the list of crap for a few days now, just haven't made it to it :(
19:35:00 <stickster> #topic Other tickets
19:35:08 <stickster> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/70 (T-shirts)
19:36:05 <stickster> rbergeron said some designs have already been posted, but the awesome mizmo is going to use this for the next design bounty. Has that started yet?
19:36:32 <rbergeron> She hasn't posted it yet, but she said she was going to.
19:36:40 <rbergeron> She was just a bit busy last week with the fp.o launch.
19:36:41 <stickster> OK, not according to Mo's blog. That's fine -- we have plenty of time scheduled for this
19:36:47 <stickster> rbergeron: NO DOUBT! :-) And it shows
19:36:56 <rbergeron> But, that's what she said in last week's meeting, fwiw.
19:37:12 <stickster> #action jsmith Check back with mizmo next week to see if design bounty is going up for FUDCon Tempe t-shirt
19:37:28 <stickster> OK, that's everything on the agenda list for right now.
19:37:39 <stickster> #topic Lodging
19:38:29 <stickster> rbergeron: You asked on the list about hotel rooms. The deadline for booking in our block is this Friday Nov. 5. I sent some more details to the list, but I wasn't clear on what rbergeron asked concerning the wiki, and having people update their info if they've booked a hotel.
19:38:41 <rbergeron> ah.
19:38:47 <rbergeron> I thought the deadline was nov 1.
19:39:10 <stickster> rbergeron: I think the deadline is probably less relevant now than the fact that we filled all 30 of our original rooms and added 5 more which I think are getting filled too.
19:39:29 <biertie> at least 1 of those 5 is filled, hehe
19:39:31 <rbergeron> Right. But i saw you said that if we need more, we have to guarantee them?
19:39:36 <biertie> so we can say the lodging is a success :)
19:39:52 <stickster> rbergeron: That's correct
19:40:04 <rbergeron> Will that do that in small groups at a time?
19:40:09 <rbergeron> say, 5 rooms that we guarantee?
19:40:18 <rbergeron> I just suspect that we have many rooms still unbooked
19:40:24 <rbergeron> given the number of people who seem to be staying solo
19:40:37 <stickster> rbergeron: I have the room reservation spreadsheet as of last week and it was 31 rooms
19:40:39 <rbergeron> 35 rooms is at best 70 people - and we have more than that coming in, i think.
19:40:58 <rrix> Hey guys, I gotta jet, my 110 is over
19:41:04 <stickster> see you rrix, thanks!
19:41:11 <rrix> I'll catch the rest in scrollback
19:41:12 <stickster> rbergeron: So here's some other relevant factors to consider
19:41:43 <stickster> (1) Not everyone in that list of 132 (?) people will show up, since some of them are seeking subsidies from outside the US and we don't have a huge pot of money left to support those requests
19:41:58 * rbergeron nods
19:42:10 <rbergeron> do we need to prune that list a bit (maybe a separate discussion,i suppose?)??
19:42:25 <stickster> (2) The hotel will give us some extra rooms in the block and we may be able to request an extension, but given the *enormous* discount they quoted, at some point they're going to roll the dice and gamble that they can sell rooms for more than they're charging us
19:42:34 <rbergeron> right
19:43:24 <stickster> rbergeron: If we want to put more rooms into our guarantee, then we need to know for sure they'll be filled :-)
19:43:59 <rbergeron> shall we cross that bridge when we come to it? :)
19:44:06 <stickster> rbergeron: Is that what you were talking about doing in some way with the wiki?
19:44:34 <rbergeron> Well - I guess i'm concerned that by looking at the wiki, it looks like a lot of people haven't booked rooms yet, even people who we know are definitely coming.
19:44:49 <rbergeron> I know that you have the list, but it's probably not easily shared (the list from the hotel of def. confirmations)
19:45:11 <stickster> rbergeron: The only thing I can suggest is that they book their rooms, and we try to get them moved into our block
19:45:18 <stickster> rbergeron: But we need to let them know how to do that
19:45:21 <rbergeron> ok
19:45:51 <SMParrish> rbergeron: If they miss the booking deadline they will have to pay the higher rate.  They have been told the deadline many times
19:46:46 <stickster> SMParrish: I think there's a flip side, though, which is that if we don't have enough rooms in the block, that's not the fault of people booking their rooms
19:47:02 <stickster> Even if everyone did it early, we'd have run out earlier and would have to figure out how to mitigate the issue
19:47:09 <SMParrish> stickster: true
19:47:34 <stickster> #action stickster Talk to Marriott and find out, if we get later signups, can we move them into our block rate as guaranteed
19:47:37 <rbergeron> stickster: are you the only one on the hotel contact list, or is jsmith also able to request block sie increases, guarantee more rooms, get a list of who has registered, etc?
19:47:51 <stickster> rbergeron: I can introduce anyone to our sales person who's interested in helping
19:48:03 <stickster> I had planned to intro jsmith to them, for instance
19:48:09 <rbergeron> Okay. :)
19:48:38 * stickster wants to try and drive this negotiation to a conclusion before he leaves someone else with the reins, otherwise it could be confusing
19:48:52 * rbergeron nods
19:49:34 <stickster> rbergeron: SMParrish: I get the feeling Marriott thinks they don't need us to fill the rooms as badly as we want the $99 rate. That's the risk of driving them hard on price, c'est la vie
19:50:14 <rbergeron> yep.
19:50:28 * SMParrish agrees
19:51:33 <stickster> Wow, prices go up about 100% without our rate
19:51:47 <stickster> 4 nights at their standard web rate: $796 before taxes/fees
19:52:14 * stickster will see if they want to do some sort of graduated rate
19:52:22 <stickster> Maybe $129 a night for later registrants
19:52:23 <rrix> Oh, yeah, this class is a sitter too
19:52:30 <rbergeron> wow
19:52:46 <stickster> #action stickster will check with Marriott on a graduated rate for late registrants
19:53:02 <rbergeron> stickster: jsmith, rrix and i have been getting mails from other nearby hotels about all the rates they can give us for overflow, as food for thought
19:53:22 <rbergeron> apparently these hotel managers are sly - they find us on the wiki and figure out our email addresses
19:53:25 <rbergeron> :)
19:53:30 <stickster> rbergeron: It may be time to look into that, then. Can you write to the list about it with some rate details?
19:53:40 <stickster> It would be nice if the other properties were close by.
19:53:54 <rbergeron> I don't remember if they actually specified rates - but said they'd compete
19:54:06 <rbergeron> One was on the other side of campus, about 1.5 miles away
19:54:15 <stickster> *nod
19:54:22 * rbergeron will forward the email and read with more detail
19:54:27 <stickster> Yup, awesome
19:54:35 <rbergeron> #action rbergeron reread competitive property sales pitches and send info to the list.
19:54:49 <stickster> That does it for me -- I have to dash for another meeting in a minute
19:54:50 <rbergeron> actually
19:54:53 <rbergeron> #undo
19:54:53 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Action object at 0x2b522b08be10>
19:55:08 <rbergeron> #action rbergeron reread competitive property sales pitches and send info to the list for overflow purposes / bargaining purposes
19:55:15 <stickster> excellent :-)
19:55:22 <stickster> #topic All other business (AOB)
19:55:35 <rbergeron> less than 3 months :)
19:55:51 <stickster> :-)
19:55:55 <stickster> But we're doing great AFAICT
19:56:05 <stickster> We just need to stay focused on Getting Things Done in the remaining time
19:56:13 <SMParrish> Do we want to update that wiki now that we have 132 on the  list  that anyone else who registers is not guaranteed food.swag
19:56:40 <stickster> SMParrish: I think that's a good idea. Do you want to handle, similarly to how we've done on other FUDCon pages?
19:56:45 <stickster> #chair SMParrish
19:56:45 <zodbot> Current chairs: SMParrish jsmith rbergeron rrix stickster
19:57:00 <SMParrish> stickster: Yes I'll take care of it
19:57:19 <stickster> #action SMParrish add note to wiki pre-registration list stating cutoff for food/swag guarantees
19:57:48 <stickster> #info We will probably be able to handle significantly more than 130 people, at least for food and probably for swag.
19:58:10 <stickster> Any other topics?
19:58:21 <rbergeron> Is that the number then? 132?
19:58:27 <rbergeron> or 130?
19:58:40 <rbergeron> probably need to make it 131, since 131 is spevack ;)
19:58:44 <SMParrish> rbergeron: normally 130 but spevack is 131
19:58:54 <SMParrish> lol
19:59:22 <spevack> heh
19:59:28 <spevack> I WANT MY TSHIRT DAMMIT
19:59:54 <SMParrish> spevack: will make a special one for you :)
20:00:04 * stickster thinks we could place the cutoff at 140, since he's seen at least 10 people signed up that we may not be able to fund coming (since they're outside US and we've already finished non-US subsidies)
20:00:16 <stickster> OK, closing in 30
20:00:26 <spevack> "My budget paid for fudcon and all i got was this lousy tshirt"
20:00:31 <rbergeron> no way
20:00:34 <rbergeron> you'll get a fancy plate too
20:00:35 <rbergeron> :)
20:01:18 <stickster> OK, thanks for coming everyone, and for helping us stay on track for an awesome FUDCon!
20:01:33 <stickster> #info Remember -- next week we may begin a new schedule for meetings, see the list for details!
20:01:36 <stickster> #endmeeting