19:00:34 <stickster> #startmeeting FUDCon Tempe planning
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19:00:40 <stickster> #meetingname FUDCon Tempe planning
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19:00:46 <stickster> #topic Roll call!
19:00:53 * stickster 
19:01:03 * rbergeron is here
19:01:53 * rbergeron hears echoes
19:01:56 <stickster> :-)
19:02:52 <stickster> rbergeron: I'll hold this open for another minute or two to see if rrix, SMParrish, smooge, inode0, or anyone else is available
19:03:33 <rbergeron> sounds good
19:03:34 <stickster> jsmith may be in a Board meeting right now
19:03:45 <smooge> i am in board meeting
19:03:50 * inode0 is back
19:03:51 <smooge> so is jsmith
19:03:57 <stickster> smooge: No problem then :-)
19:04:08 <stickster> Hiya inode0!
19:04:13 <stickster> Well, let's go ahead and get started.
19:04:19 * rbergeron wonders if we should move meeting time forwards a bit so that board folks who need to be here can be here
19:04:33 <stickster> rbergeron: May need to, if it's going to be a regular collision
19:04:43 <rbergeron> yeah, it seems like it might be
19:04:45 <stickster> rbergeron: Since jsmith will be taking over this meeting, I'll ask him about it on the list
19:04:59 <stickster> #topic Move meeting time?
19:05:17 <stickster> #idea Board meeting may have a regular collision with this meeting if the Board mtg goes overtime.
19:05:30 <stickster> Is that an idea? Or an observation? :-)
19:05:54 <rbergeron> #juststatingthefacts ? :)
19:05:58 <stickster> :-D
19:06:07 <stickster> #action stickster Raise topic on fudcon-planning list and ask jsmith to reset time that works for participants
19:06:36 <rbergeron> I think it might be a good idea anyhow since this time is right inbetween/during rrix's classes, and he's our main man on campus.
19:06:41 <stickster> #info jsmith will be taking over this meeting in November
19:06:46 <stickster> rbergeron: That makes perfect sense
19:07:00 <stickster> I probably should have looked into this before hand and didn't get a Round Tu9t
19:07:03 <stickster> *Tuit.
19:07:11 <rbergeron> #info need to make sure we can accommmodate rrix as well
19:07:21 <rbergeron> well, i think when we started it might have been before he knew his whole schedule
19:07:46 <stickster> I think you're right. Well, we have the ability to correct that now (better late than never!). Anything else on this topic before we move on?
19:08:06 <rbergeron> Not here :)
19:08:14 <rbergeron> err, not from me, i should say ;)
19:08:33 <stickster> #topic Review last week's action items
19:08:39 <stickster> #link http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fudcon-planning/2010-10-18/fudcon_tempe_planning.2010-10-18-19.00.html <-- last week's minutes
19:08:52 <stickster> #info Thanks to rbergeron for running the meeting last week!
19:09:00 * rbergeron bows
19:09:18 * rbergeron looks at the list of what she didn't do and cries
19:09:47 <rbergeron> #info rbergeron followed up wtih design list, albeit by talking to mizmo - i think they're going to do a bounty on it
19:09:51 <rbergeron> very soon
19:09:58 <stickster> #info On jsmith's action item -- his friend Carlos did an on-site survey and is now talking to the hotel facilities manager to figure out optimal way to do line-of-sight
19:10:41 * rbergeron starts to wonder if it's cheaper to buy prepaid wi-fi USB keys for a crapton of people
19:10:56 <rbergeron> i guess it's really not, but still ;)
19:10:58 * inode0 suspects a lot of us will have them
19:11:02 * rbergeron nods
19:11:12 <rbergeron> all hail droid and usb keys
19:11:32 * stickster got a chance to test 3G tethering + wifi AP sharing with NetworkManager on F14 this past week -- it worked like a champ.
19:11:35 * inode0 also suspects that isn't ideal
19:11:53 * rbergeron poked herlo, but didn't get together since he was travelling and i was moving / doing other things
19:13:00 <stickster> #action rbergeron Ensure Design team does a bounty or other solicitation as appropriate
19:13:06 <stickster> Argh, can't read that later.
19:13:08 <stickster> #undo
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19:13:16 <stickster> #action rbergeron Ensure Design team does a bounty or other solicitation as appropriate for ticket #69, FUDCon shirt design
19:13:30 <stickster> #action stickster Poke jsmith to get status on internet pipe to fudcon-planning list
19:13:47 <stickster> #action rbergeron and herlo Get prospectus into PDF form this week
19:14:14 <rbergeron> I have some info from ryan also re: legal sessions @ fudcon, which were in teh AOB portion of last week's meetnig, i can cover that now, or later
19:14:23 <rbergeron> orrr when i learn how to type
19:14:24 <stickster> rbergeron: I'll #topic for it, cool!
19:14:33 <stickster> #topic Legal sessions at FUDCon
19:14:56 <rbergeron> #info Ryan has been in contact with Pamela and Richard re: fudcon legal sessions
19:15:40 * rbergeron reads to write this correctly
19:16:07 <rbergeron> #info Fontana wants to do a talk on the Legal relationship of RHT <-> Fedora
19:16:56 <rbergeron> #info also have proposed a session on Fedora & Trademark stuff (technical session)
19:17:10 <stickster> rbergeron: And I think that's in addition to some sort of more extended instruction on general IP issues facing software developers
19:17:39 <rbergeron> #info and are also proposing at least an hour but preferably 2 hour join session with Pam & Richard together talking about fundamentals of IP law in teh context of open source.
19:18:00 <rbergeron> So Ryan's question is: Is 2 hours for that going to be kosher?
19:18:11 <stickster> Beautiful -- that's something I've pitched to the CIDSE faculty, since I think it will be incredibly beneficial to their students (and maybe faculty too)
19:18:30 * rbergeron nods
19:19:01 <stickster> rbergeron: Ryan's question to whom? Did he ask that on the list somewhere with context? Can't tell whether he means, do Pam and Richard want to teach for that long, or is it more about whether we can find a spot for it in the FUDCon schedule?
19:19:02 <rbergeron> So 2 hours is cool then, plus 2 other sessions?
19:19:27 <stickster> rrix: ^^ Send questions to the list with context plz :-)
19:19:28 <rbergeron> Oh - he asked me a bit ago, he's got me and richard and pam and jsmith on the same thread
19:19:32 <stickster> Oh, OK.
19:19:49 <stickster> Probably another reason why transitioning this meeting to jsmith's capable hands will help things move better.
19:19:59 * rbergeron grins
19:20:28 <stickster> rbergeron: I don't see any problem with us offering that kind of space in the schedule -- one possibility is to put Pam and Richard's joint session on Day 2 after the general technical sessions are finished (i..e afternoon)
19:20:59 <stickster> Besides, lots of students won't wake up until lunchtime on Sunday anyway, so this means we have a better chance of seeing them there :-)
19:21:13 <rbergeron> Ryan poked me earlier on irc just to ask if that seemed like a reasonable amount of time
19:21:21 <rbergeron> and I figured I'd ask here. ;)
19:22:29 <rbergeron> #info We have plenty of space in the schedule for legal stuff.
19:22:31 <stickster> I think it sounds fine, and I'll encourage Richard and/or Pam to keep an eye on the fudcon-planning list to let us know if they have a differing opinion :-)
19:22:47 <inode0> I think it sounds more than fine
19:22:57 <stickster> inode0: I
19:22:59 <stickster> oops
19:23:00 * rbergeron notes a technical session listing on the wiki - What Have You Done For Me Lately?  Discussion of what Red Hat does to protect and enforce the Fedora trademark
19:23:02 <inode0> this sounds like a really great addition to FUDCon
19:23:15 <rbergeron> And a hackfest - TM Policy for the Remix logo  Pam Chestek   Help craft better usage guidelines for the Fedora Remix logo.
19:23:30 <rbergeron> Fontana is going to add the 2-hour session info.
19:23:38 <stickster> inode0: I'm bearing in mind that attorneys, being paid by the hour in a lot of places, sometimes have incentive to stretch their time. My opinion is, if they have a big audience, no one will object if they go over 2 hours :-)
19:23:44 * rbergeron thinks it will kick some butt
19:23:47 * stickster too!
19:24:25 <stickster> #agreed having Red Hat Legal contributions at FUDCon is simply fantastic!
19:24:35 <stickster> #chair rbergeron inode0
19:24:35 <zodbot> Current chairs: inode0 rbergeron stickster
19:24:43 <stickster> (Sorry, forgot to do that earlier guys!)
19:24:44 * rbergeron hopes all her infos got caught
19:24:46 <rbergeron> ?
19:24:49 <stickster> Yes, they do
19:25:24 <stickster> Hopefully we've answered rrix's questions. Anything else on Legal then, rbergeron? anyone?
19:25:47 * jsmith wanders in
19:25:52 <rbergeron> I think that's it.
19:25:59 <rbergeron> For now.
19:26:03 <rbergeron> MUHAHAHA :)
19:26:11 <stickster> :-)
19:26:53 <stickster> inode0: Anything to report on GoDaddy? Should I #topic that?
19:27:15 <inode0> nope - I just dropped it into the wait and see if they get back for now
19:27:24 <stickster> Makes sense to me.
19:27:54 <stickster> jsmith: Awesome, you're here, that leads me to the next topic which is travel stuff
19:28:08 <stickster> #topic Travel fares for NA contributors
19:28:17 * jsmith will be ordering a bunch of tickets this week
19:28:38 <stickster> #chair jsmith
19:28:38 <zodbot> Current chairs: inode0 jsmith rbergeron stickster
19:28:58 <stickster> #action jsmith Order tickets for pending NA subsidies before next meeting
19:29:28 <jsmith> That works :-)
19:30:19 <rbergeron> :)
19:30:22 <stickster> There may be a related topic to cover here, which is whether we have any further money we can make available for subsidies. We have one potential sponsorship coming from the Googs, in the amount of $2K. We need to get food etc. ordering nailed down so we can get a more accurate budget to do that.
19:30:41 <stickster> oops, s/do that/figure out whether we can make further subsidies available/
19:30:55 <rbergeron> ASU has their new menu coming out at the latest on Nov. 1, so I should be able to do that immediately-ish.
19:31:14 <stickster> rbergeron: Oh, that's going to be very helpful!
19:31:26 <rbergeron> She said she'd coordinat with me as soon as they'e available, which may even be sooner than Nov. 1, but no later
19:32:07 <stickster> Jared and I talked with spevack last week and it seems like, budget-wise, we are doing just fine due to our splitting of costs and fairly careful funds management by everyone who touches budget around Fedora, Comm-Arch, and Red Hat.
19:32:24 * rbergeron nods
19:32:38 <stickster> The broadband cost estimate is our other big unknown AFAICT.
19:32:51 <rbergeron> And the spreadsheet online reflects what actual ticket prices wound up being for the overseas folks
19:32:54 <rbergeron> ?
19:33:08 <stickster> rbergeron: Hm, I think it's within ~$10 for almost everyone
19:33:20 <stickster> rbergeron: I didn't go back and put actuals in, but I can definitely do so
19:33:36 <rbergeron> wow. very nice, though i was hoping to hear like "we spent 400 bucks less buying a ticket on super sale" or something :)
19:33:40 <stickster> #action stickster Fill in actual costs on the online spreadsheet for travel subsidies
19:33:55 <stickster> rbergeron: We caught a couple deals, but nothing truly unexpected
19:34:20 <rbergeron> okay. Well, i'll keep my wishing hat on. ;)
19:35:02 <stickster> :-)
19:35:29 <stickster> #topic Food and other expenditures
19:35:46 <stickster> #info rbergeron will have new ASU menu by NLT 11/1, that will allow us to do our food ordering
19:36:28 <stickster> #info Broadband cost estimate will be needed in the near future, jsmith and rrix to get their contacts to complete requested quotes so we can make decision on what to pay for
19:36:47 * stickster capturing some of the above, feel free to pipe up if you see something else missing here.
19:37:06 <rbergeron> ahh
19:37:32 <stickster> Here's my take: We are about 3 months out from the event, and we are about as far ahead in planning as I have ever seen FUDCon be at that point.
19:37:40 <rbergeron> AND we have 129 people signed up. :)
19:37:44 <rbergeron> already.
19:37:49 <stickster> \o/
19:38:54 <stickster> We do have some things left to finalize, but we are definitely on track and we have rough ideas of cost that make me pretty confident about handing over the reins to jsmith shortly. I feel like all the pieces are set in the right places to have a great FUDCon.
19:39:31 * rbergeron cheers
19:40:35 <stickster> jsmith: My plan is to have you take over for the meeting after F14 release. Does that work OK for you?
19:40:50 <rbergeron> Ah, so stickster does get one november meeting ;)
19:42:04 <stickster> yeah, it seems unfair to pin it on jsmith the day before F14 release, since he'll be plenty busy
19:42:11 * rbergeron notes we should probably ring the bell about hotel rooms
19:42:19 <stickster> rbergeron: Oh, great point.
19:42:27 <stickster> Last I checked we had not filled all 30 in our block
19:42:30 <stickster> BUT
19:42:40 <stickster> There may be people reserving rooms who called directly and didn't use our block code
19:42:47 * rbergeron has to make her reservation still... duhhhh
19:42:55 <stickster> rbergeron: Do it now!
19:42:58 <stickster> :-D
19:43:01 * rbergeron will right after this meeting ;)
19:43:15 <stickster> "The cobbler's children have no shoes" <-- a constant funny reminder of being in a busy FOSS project :-)
19:43:28 <rbergeron> lol
19:43:44 * inode0 has but didn't put it on the wiki
19:43:55 <stickster> inode0: You have shoes?
19:44:06 <stickster> Oh, reservations :-)
19:44:26 <stickster> I got reservations, about so many things
19:44:36 <rbergeron> Stickster: can we get a list of who has reserved so we can double chek to see if those who say they have reserved have been credited to us?
19:44:39 <stickster> Oh sorry -- channeling Wilco again. What I mean is, I have hotel reservations :-)
19:44:51 <stickster> rbergeron: I have that very thing, the hotel has been sending them to me :-)
19:45:01 <rbergeron> ooh. awesome.
19:45:01 <stickster> I need to get an update for this week though, thanks for reminding me!
19:47:24 * rbergeron nods
19:47:32 * stickster just sent that inquiry
19:47:38 * stickster has nothing else for today, so it's time for...
19:47:44 <stickster> #topic All other business (AOB)
19:47:51 <stickster> Open floor!
19:47:58 * rbergeron dances on the open floor
19:48:09 <stickster> Boogie-oogie-oogie
19:48:46 <inode0> to help ambassadors a bit if we can estimate what FUDCon might want for swag while we are in the process of ordering more that might be good
19:48:57 <rbergeron> Oh, that's an idea
19:49:34 * rbergeron notes that southern_gentlem wanted to know how many balloons she wanted, but I need to find out how big of a helium tank we can get *grin*
19:49:38 * rbergeron kids about the helium part
19:49:38 <stickster> An excellent idea, in fact. inode0 -- what sort of swag should we plan? I know you had lanyards set aside. Should we request pens, buttons/stickers, etc.?
19:49:39 <inode0> or not swag, but balloons/banners/whatever
19:50:10 <inode0> rrix has the lanyards hidden under his bed now, those are onsite
19:50:23 <stickster> Superb
19:51:21 <inode0> stickster: historically I don't ambassadors really sponsored FUDCon with swag, but I think it might be a good idea if we did
19:51:42 <rbergeron> I think we can safely have the banners shipped; I think beyond that, if we need additional signage, we need to figure that out.
19:51:48 <stickster> inode0: OK, I think we probably want the vertical stand-up banners there, and the horizontal vinyl one
19:51:54 <inode0> at least treat it like any other event except without much media
19:52:19 <rbergeron> I saw that at fudcon latam and zurich they had some customish looking fudcon banners
19:52:25 <stickster> inode0: Do you think we should simply request EventBox and vert. banners then?
19:52:32 <inode0> we would get plenty of bang for the swag buck making pens and stickers and things available
19:52:36 <rbergeron> but I think that's some stuff rrix and I can scope out
19:52:47 <rbergeron> rrix has the event box already, we brought it home from UTOSC
19:53:05 <rbergeron> I think having media on hand would be a good idea though, given that we've got all of ASU present
19:53:07 <inode0> okay, let's just make sure ambassadors know it needs swag
19:53:10 <stickster> rbergeron: OK, do you want to #action y'all to raise the thread on the list so we can figure out what we want?
19:53:14 <inode0> some media
19:54:00 <rbergeron> #action rbergeron and inode0 to discuss ambassador swag for FUDCon on list and get some thoughts about what's needed so we can let the NA ambassadors know, since they're ordering stuff.
19:54:31 <stickster> a-wee-some
19:54:58 <stickster> inode0: Great idea, thanks for raising that one. Anything else to discuss before we close out?
19:55:02 * stickster has a hard stop at the hour
19:56:08 * rbergeron has a grumbly tummy that wants noms
19:56:48 <stickster> OK, that's it then.
19:56:51 <stickster> Thanks for coming, all!
19:56:53 <stickster> #endmeeting