19:10:00 <mchua> #startmeeting
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19:10:38 <mchua> for meetbot: mether just pointed out that the fedora 12 beta announcement is helpful material for the single page release notes sprint.
19:11:08 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F12_Beta_Announcement
19:11:12 <mchua> mether: thanks!
19:11:43 <mchua> (and for your continual nudges on cool press materials / outdated wiki pages / etc as well - it's much appreciated.)
19:12:41 * mchua just waiting for rbergeron now
19:20:08 <rbergeron> yay
19:20:13 * rbergeron made it home
19:20:42 <rbergeron> sorrry. i got stuck at the train... twice!
19:21:15 <rbergeron> mchua: can we talk real quick about who this content is aimed at
19:23:26 <mchua> rbergeron: woo!
19:23:32 <mchua> yes.
19:23:50 <rbergeron> or a general description of what we're doing here :)
19:24:19 <mchua> rbergeron: we're taking the f12 release notes and boiling them down to one shiny page and adding pictures (or more likely here, leaving space for pictures and then speccing out what screenshots we need).
19:24:32 <mchua> rbergeron: audience is "people who aren't members of the Fedora community (yet)"
19:24:49 <mchua> rbergeron: that includes Fedora users who want a shiny one-pager to glance at, potential new users, press.
19:25:02 <mchua> think of this as the flyer one would have to hand out at an exhibition booth
19:25:06 <mchua> (that's my take on it, anyhow)
19:25:40 <rbergeron> okay
19:26:23 <mchua> is that enough to run with? We can narrow it down more if needed.
19:26:25 <rbergeron> so this is not something that is going to be released as an "official press release"
19:26:37 <rbergeron> ... but more as food for thought for those making press releases?
19:26:41 <mchua> wel, it's "official marketing material," but it's not the press release.
19:26:43 <rbergeron> or is it a press release.
19:26:44 <rbergeron> okay.
19:26:58 <mchua> It's not the release announcement, it's not the press release...
19:27:04 <rbergeron> lol
19:27:18 <rbergeron> so less techie.
19:27:20 <mchua> It's more like what the people who see the release announcement and the press release would want "oh, tell me more, is there a handout I can get that explains this?"
19:27:24 <mchua> and they get the one-pager.
19:27:36 <mchua> yeah, readable by someone who's not a techie.
19:27:52 <rbergeron> okay. so here's where i'm going, thought-wise:
19:27:57 * mchua listens
19:28:18 <rbergeron> 1) paragraph introducing fedora. throw in some open-source concepts
19:28:39 <rbergeron> 2) highlight some of the features. (i don't know if we want to do bullet points or not... thoughts)
19:29:17 <rbergeron> 3) summarize how fedora can be useful for maybe 2 groups.... desktop users, and maybe power users / IT types
19:29:30 <rbergeron> 4) here's how to find it
19:29:50 <rbergeron> .... that's what i'm thinking. what were you thinking?
19:30:01 * mchua looks for f12 release notes
19:30:13 <rbergeron> there is some stuff in there about ... architectures and stuff.
19:30:38 <rbergeron> we could throw that information in the "how to find it" and maybe make it into a how to find it / how to run it / what to run it on.
19:31:04 <mchua> #link http://docs.fedoraproject.org/release-notes/f12/en-US/html/
19:31:09 <mchua> the current draft of the release notes
19:31:37 <rbergeron> i'm just trying to avoid making it be a total rehash of the release notes.
19:31:41 * mchua nods
19:31:54 <mchua> I like that breakdown.
19:32:12 <mchua> We can borrow a lot of material from the "welcome to fedora 12" section for your (1) section introducing Fedora
19:32:23 <rbergeron> so, in here, there seems to be more like... 3 specified user groups, plus other stuff for specific audiences.
19:32:30 <mchua> and throw the legal stuff in (1) as well
19:32:34 * mchua nods
19:32:41 <rbergeron> We could highlight the big three (desktop, sysadmin, devs)
19:32:55 <mchua> and borrow heavily from talking points / feature profiles for text, for that.
19:33:05 <mchua> I think we should have to write maybe 5-6 new sentences for this, really.
19:33:18 <mchua> It's taking a lot of the material we have and going *weeeoooosh!* into a tiny shiny format.
19:33:24 <rbergeron> the specific audiences is nice... but maybe too much info / narrow for a wider marketing doc
19:33:47 * rbergeron wonders about a place where we can both look at what we're typing?
19:33:52 <rbergeron> legal stuff..
19:33:58 * rbergeron looks for thelegal stuff
19:34:02 <mchua> rbergeron: do you have gobby?
19:34:08 <rbergeron> are you talking about the legal notice?
19:34:20 <mchua> rbergeron: I think a single "blah blah blah blah GPL" sentence would suffice
19:34:41 * rbergeron is pretty sure rms would give his stamp of approval on the "blah blah blah GPL" sentence. can we type it just like that :)
19:34:50 * mchua grins
19:35:22 <rbergeron> one of my friends used to work for rms. like, literally, had to send him batteries and crap while he was on the road.
19:35:24 <rbergeron> many stories.
19:35:28 <rbergeron> anyway
19:35:33 <rbergeron> no, i don't have gobby
19:35:48 * rbergeron goes to get it
19:36:00 * rbergeron wonders about this fancy new google wave stuff too simultaneously
19:36:17 <mchua> rbergeron: sudo yum instal gobby and ping me when you've got an install; that's probably the fastest way
19:36:35 <mchua> rbergeron: uh, that's 'sudo yum install gobby'
19:36:43 * mchua cannot type today
19:38:58 <rbergeron> this is gonna take a second or 3....
19:39:25 * rbergeron is on her mac (don't tell anyone) cuz her dell battery blew up and it won't be here till tomorrow
19:39:30 * rbergeron sits in the corner feeling sad
19:40:16 * rbergeron is downloading all sorts of things now
19:40:38 <rbergeron> we should note gobby as something to have going for the how-to
19:40:40 <rbergeron> when working with others
19:41:02 <rbergeron> #link http://gobby.0x539.de/trac/
19:44:07 <mchua> rbergeron: oh, okay - yes, good idea!
19:44:21 <mchua> #info for future reference, have gobby ready next time we do this deliverable
19:44:33 <mchua> rbergeron: we can just do etherpad this time
19:44:39 * mchua had connectivity fail for a moment there
19:44:56 <mchua> rbergeron: http://etherpad.com/dxnCfMzzhe
19:44:59 <mchua> but usually we'd use gobby
19:45:06 * rbergeron is building ncurses
19:45:38 <rbergeron> i'll just let it keep going. i've got etherpad now
19:46:33 <rbergeron> do we have screenshots somewhere
19:46:58 <mchua> Nope, final screenshots aren't out yet but they are fast to put in later
19:47:35 <mchua> we should just put <SCREENSHOT! description> tags in where we want prettiness, and let the screenshots sprinters make those and put them in later
19:47:42 <mchua> (give them a list of things to do)
19:48:02 <rbergeron> omg. this is so fun to have multityping
19:48:12 * rbergeron gets joys out of the littlest things as you can see
19:48:59 <mchua> :)
19:51:21 <rbergeron> do we want this to mimic a ... why you should switch? why is it easy to switch? type of thing
19:52:35 <mchua> rbergeron: the folks reading this may already be running Fedora, or not thinking about switching yet (journalists, etc)
19:52:52 <mchua> rbergeron: but we could link to something of the sort "thinking of switching to Fedora? see <link> to get started"
19:55:09 <rbergeron> right
19:58:01 <mchua> rbergeron: computer yelling at me to take an rsi break, back in 3m
20:01:53 * mchua back
20:01:56 * mchua to etherpad
20:03:26 <itbegins> mchua, hey
20:05:33 <mchua> itbegins: hey!
20:06:01 <itbegins> mchua, how are you doing?
20:07:29 <rbergeron> http://docs.fedoraproject.org/release-notes/f12/en-US/html/sect-Release_Notes-Changes_in_Fedora_for_Developers.html
20:07:34 <rbergeron> typo here.
20:07:45 <rbergeron> edora 12 includes a rich set of development tools including all popluar programming languages
20:07:50 <rbergeron> popluar?
20:08:01 <rbergeron> not sure who to report that to....
20:12:21 <mchua> rbergeron: ooh, good catch. submit a report in Bugzilla: http://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/ against the product Fedora.
20:12:36 <mchua> component 'docs' or 'release notes' or someting of the sort
20:12:49 <mchua> itbegins: good, in the middle of sprinting on the one-page release notes atm. :) what's up?
20:13:11 <mchua> itbegins: what's a good time (this weekend?) to nail down fudcon plans?
20:13:24 <mchua> itbegins: I could also do tomorrow, evening your time
20:13:37 <itbegins> mchua, probably Sunday morning (my time) - depends how late you'll be up on Saturday night
20:13:56 <itbegins> tomorrow I probably won't have internet access, away from home
20:14:50 * rbergeron is waiting patiently on the bugzilla account creation mail.... yoohoooo
20:15:28 <mchua> rbergeron, you rock.
20:15:38 <mchua> itbegins: very.
20:15:42 <mchua> itbegins: just email me a bunch of times and I'll pick one and let you know.
20:15:54 <itbegins> okey dokey
20:17:40 <rbergeron> mchua: is there a save button here?
20:17:45 * rbergeron is a compulsive saver
20:19:53 <mchua> rbergeron: etherpad automagically saves stuffs.
20:20:49 <rbergeron> w0rd
20:21:05 <rbergeron> do we want to be using the term "you" or "you're"
20:21:13 <rbergeron> Whether you're a novice desktop user, an experienced system administrator, or a veteran developer, Fedora 12
20:21:27 <rbergeron> or is that off-limits for this type of marketingpaper
20:22:29 <mchua> rbergeron: you're - we can always fix it later if we need to
20:26:28 <rbergeron> mchua: good job adding in those niche categories :)
20:28:29 <mchua> rbergeron: how much longer do you want to sprint? I think we're actually getting pretty close to done for this round
20:28:56 <mchua> rbergeron: the other things that'd need to happen are (1) screenshots, which will be taken care of in the screenshots sprint, and (2) submitting to design for someone to do pretty layout of all the resulting material
20:31:25 <rbergeron> wtb replacement phrase for "easier than ever"
20:31:26 <rbergeron> :)
20:31:47 <rbergeron> mchua: i'm good for another 30 minutes, or whenever you're out of time
20:33:16 * rbergeron is STILL building gobby stuff
20:34:19 <mchua> rbergeron: ok - let's set a hard stop on the hour, and try to finish before then ;)
20:34:39 * mchua brb
20:40:11 <rbergeron> okay. bugzilla added
20:44:24 * mchua back
20:44:37 * mchua sprinting!
20:44:44 * mchua seems to sprint in spurts a lot
20:56:35 <rbergeron> mchua: i'm gonna call it, for now.
20:56:42 <rbergeron> my brain needs ... something
20:57:11 * rbergeron thinks of scalding hot cappuccinooooz
21:06:16 <rbergeron> mchua: it seems like there is still some stuff in https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F12_Beta_Announcement that we can sneak in a bit.
21:06:39 <rbergeron> network manager should probably get added into sysadmin
21:07:05 <rbergeron> and we should definitely highlight atom / netbooks
21:07:14 <rbergeron> since those are a good chunk of things being sold right now
21:07:19 <rbergeron> people may not know
21:07:28 * mchua nods
21:07:44 <rbergeron> i'll add netbook stuff in right now
21:07:55 <mchua> I think we may want to trumpet netbooks next release, since this is the first round with moblin and it's not a featured feature yet
21:07:57 <mchua> rbergeron:  did you have to run?
21:07:59 <mchua> rbergeron: oh, ok!
21:08:06 <rbergeron> ahhhh
21:08:07 <rbergeron> ok
21:08:34 <rbergeron> mchua: i'm getting to that time of day when i retrieve small fry from sk00l
21:08:47 <rbergeron> i've got a little bit more time, but my brain is getting soft.
21:11:22 <rbergeron> are you gonna keep it saved here on etherpad for a while?
21:11:28 <rbergeron> or dump it to wiki?
21:11:36 <rbergeron> where does it go when it's done? (for our how-to purposes)
21:12:18 <mchua> rbergeron: yeah, I'm running out of steam, but I think...we're done.
21:13:32 <mchua> rbergeron: Lemme dump to wiki. one sec.
21:14:12 <rbergeron> i can clean up a bit of the grammar later on.
21:17:12 <mchua> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_12_one_page_release_notes
21:17:16 * mchua applies wiki tagging
21:17:19 <mchua> oh, meetbot
21:17:23 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_12_one_page_release_notes
21:18:20 <mchua> rbergeron: time to do school pickup?
21:18:38 <mchua> rbergeron: I can close out these logs, throw them into the draft howto, email out our progress, and we'll be done
21:18:45 <rbergeron> sounds good
21:18:48 <mchua> coolness.
21:18:52 <mchua> thanks, rbergeron! this was awesome.
21:18:57 <mchua> #endmeeting