21:00:03 <dan408_> #startmeeting FAmNA
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21:00:15 <dan408_> #meetingname FAmNA
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21:00:20 <dan408_> #topic Roll Call
21:00:34 <dan408_> so let's see how attendance is this week..
21:00:36 * inode0 is here at least
21:00:39 <award3535> here
21:00:45 <dan408_> #chair inode0 award3535 rbergeron
21:00:45 <zodbot> Current chairs: award3535 dan408_ inode0 rbergeron
21:00:54 <dan408_> #chair nb
21:00:55 <zodbot> Current chairs: award3535 dan408_ inode0 nb rbergeron
21:01:09 * masta is here
21:01:14 <dan408_> oh hey it's famsco boy!
21:01:17 <dan408_> #chair masta
21:01:17 <zodbot> Current chairs: award3535 dan408_ inode0 masta nb rbergeron
21:01:32 <dan408_> i dont have the pin for the conf otherwise i would have started it
21:01:37 <dan408_> I think we can do without it this week
21:02:01 <award3535> no problem was kinda enjoying the music
21:02:14 <dan408_> lol me too
21:02:52 <dan408_> #topic Announcements
21:02:56 <wrnash> Hi there
21:03:01 <dan408_> hi wrnash
21:03:03 <dan408_> #chair wrnash
21:03:03 <zodbot> Current chairs: award3535 dan408_ inode0 masta nb rbergeron wrnash
21:03:06 <wrnash> If we want i have a conference bridge we can use
21:03:26 <dan408_> we can skip it this week, im at work
21:03:36 <dan408_> i dont think there are many updates this week anyway
21:03:39 <award3535> ok I am haning up
21:03:40 <dan408_> hey jsandys
21:03:49 <jsandys> Hello
21:04:00 <dan408_> so shall we get to it?
21:04:13 <jsandys> Ok
21:04:17 <wrnash> ok
21:04:28 <award3535> yes
21:04:32 <award3535> lets go
21:04:45 <dan408_> #link https://fedorahosted.org/famna/report/9
21:04:52 <dan408_> #topic Tickets
21:05:19 <dan408_> .famnaticket 68
21:05:20 <zodbot> dan408_: #68 (FAmNA Meeting Organization) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/68
21:05:42 <dan408_> so far i think the new meeting time is working
21:05:53 <dan408_> but I don't really see much of a difference in attendance
21:06:07 <dan408_> i don't really know what we can do about that
21:06:25 <nb_> Is call active?
21:06:36 <nb_> If not I can start it in about 5 mins
21:06:43 <dan408_> no
21:06:43 <award3535> those who care about doing what they enjoy what they do will be here
21:06:50 <dan408_> we dont need it today
21:07:04 <award3535> meeting time is okay with me
21:07:08 <dan408_> i think we can do the conf thing every other week
21:07:20 <award3535> +1 to every other week
21:07:27 <dan408_> nb_ maybe you could get me the pin so I can start it if you're not here
21:07:50 <nb_> dan408_: Ask Ruth.  It's not my pin to give out
21:07:53 <dan408_> k
21:07:57 <nb_> I have no objections
21:08:13 <dan408_> so back to ticket 68
21:08:19 <dan408_> anyone have anything else to add?
21:08:25 <dan408_> otherwise im going to close this ticket out
21:08:52 <award3535> +1 to closing it, I like the conf call
21:09:25 <wrnash> I have a conference bridge with no code
21:09:34 <wrnash> we can use it without any issues
21:09:34 <dan408_> thanks wrnash
21:09:41 <dan408_> we'll use it next week probably
21:09:48 <dan408_> can you pm it to me
21:10:03 <wrnash> 877-340-2147 pc 6106721
21:10:58 <dan408_> thanks
21:11:00 <dan408_> noted
21:11:14 <dan408_> .famnaticket 72
21:11:15 <zodbot> dan408_: #72 (LFNW 2014 Budget) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/72
21:11:29 <jsandys> Need a quarter page ad
21:11:40 <award3535> Isnt this all wrapped up now
21:11:42 <dan408_> so last week I told Ruth to go ahead and order playing cards for you
21:11:48 <dan408_> but I don't know what the status is
21:11:54 <dan408_> so I'll email her asking for an update
21:12:10 <dan408_> jsandys: what do you mean you need a quarter page ad?
21:12:18 <jsandys> Great it we get cards
21:12:28 <dan408_> hey ParadoxGuitarist!
21:12:30 <ParadoxGuitarist> Hey all, sorry I'm late
21:12:31 <dan408_> glad you could make it
21:12:34 <ParadoxGuitarist> Me too!
21:12:34 <dan408_> #chair ParadoxGuitarist
21:12:34 <zodbot> Current chairs: ParadoxGuitarist award3535 dan408_ inode0 masta nb rbergeron wrnash
21:12:45 <dan408_> where there's a will there's a way ParadoxGuitarist
21:12:47 <jsandys> Part of the red hat perk is the ad,
21:13:00 <dan408_> jsandys: so you need an ad designed?
21:13:03 <jsandys> Joe says we can have it
21:13:26 <jsandys> Or reuse existing ad
21:13:45 <dan408_> i'll create a design team ticket and update the famna ticket
21:14:09 <jsandys> Thanks, ill support
21:14:10 <dan408_> can you give us the info on where to send the ad to?
21:14:27 <jsandys> Yes
21:14:44 <jsandys> Ill add it to the ticket
21:15:13 <dan408_> so this is for the LFNW conference magazine or whatever?
21:15:17 <dan408_> I forget what they call those things
21:15:42 <ParadoxGuitarist> brochure? Program?
21:15:42 <dan408_> oh
21:15:46 <dan408_> "brochure"
21:15:47 <dan408_> im an idiot
21:16:04 <ParadoxGuitarist> =)
21:16:05 <jsandys> Yes
21:16:33 <vwbusguy> sorry I'm late
21:17:29 <dan408_> hello Scott
21:17:33 <vwbusguy> heya dan408_
21:17:34 <dan408_> #chair vwbusguy
21:17:34 <zodbot> Current chairs: ParadoxGuitarist award3535 dan408_ inode0 masta nb rbergeron vwbusguy wrnash
21:17:47 <dan408_> wow good attendance today!
21:17:52 <dan408_> jsandys: https://fedorahosted.org/design-team/ticket/325
21:18:00 <ParadoxGuitarist> related to this ticket, but slightly unrelated...
21:18:05 <dan408_> yes
21:18:06 <ParadoxGuitarist> I need to get the event box shipped
21:18:06 <jsandys> Thanks
21:18:19 <dan408_> no rush ParadoxGuitarist, just need to get it there by Apr 24
21:18:33 <vwbusguy> For now should I gen a UPS label for him?
21:18:49 <dan408_> yes please
21:18:55 <dan408_> all the info is in the ticket
21:18:55 <ParadoxGuitarist> I don't have an account with UPS,  but would it be posible to get one lined up soon?
21:19:06 <dan408_> vwbusguy will take care of it for you
21:19:10 <ParadoxGuitarist> Cool
21:19:18 <ParadoxGuitarist> I need to get stuff from his house anyways.
21:19:19 <jsandys> Banners included, shipped separate or ?
21:19:22 <vwbusguy> i have one.  Nb can help you with that down the road
21:19:40 <ParadoxGuitarist> The banners were missing from my box
21:19:49 <vwbusguy> we didn't get banners from east coast
21:19:51 <dan408_> yeah I didnt have the banners when I gave them to ParadoxGuitarist
21:19:56 <vwbusguy> err, that one
21:19:57 <inode0> banners aren't in boxes
21:20:08 <dan408_> yeah they dont fit in boxes lol
21:20:12 <jsandys> They were too big for the box
21:20:39 <dan408_> masta: do you have banners you could ship to jsandys?
21:21:06 <masta> dan408_: nope, sry no banners here =(
21:21:13 <dan408_> k
21:21:18 <dan408_> jsandys you can live without them right?
21:21:46 <dan408_> we need to get the banner thing sorted out though
21:21:47 <jsandys> Banners are nice but not necessary
21:22:20 <masta> I think the last I had banners they shipped to Southern_Gentlem for his event, no idea where they are now.
21:22:23 <dan408_> ill create a separate ticket to figure out who/what/where re: banners
21:22:34 <dan408_> hello herlo
21:22:55 <herlo> hi dan408_
21:22:58 <jsandys> Yes
21:23:00 <dan408_> #chair herlo
21:23:00 <zodbot> Current chairs: ParadoxGuitarist award3535 dan408_ herlo inode0 masta nb rbergeron vwbusguy wrnash
21:23:01 * herlo is just lurking and working
21:23:02 <dan408_> good to see you
21:23:05 <dan408_> cool
21:23:05 <jsandys> Yes
21:23:11 <herlo> dan408_: glad to be seen.
21:23:23 <jsandys> Yes?
21:23:49 <dan408_> jsandys: So we'll get you a box, trac ticket created for ad for brochure, will get an update on playing cards from Ruth
21:24:13 <dan408_> .famnaticket 73
21:24:14 <zodbot> dan408_: #73 (Fedora T-Shirt design contest) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/73
21:24:29 <dan408_> So not much to update on this
21:24:32 <dan408_> I think it will be slow going
21:24:57 <dan408_> .famnaticket 74
21:24:59 <zodbot> dan408_: #74 (FAmNA budget for 2014) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/74
21:25:13 <dan408_> So we agreed that award3535 is the treasurer
21:25:38 <dan408_> and I think we also agreed that we'll probably copy pasta the budget from last year
21:25:44 <award3535> yes, but I need to have some agreement on what we are going to track
21:25:44 <inode0> ok, award3535, where is the money?
21:26:07 <award3535> wish I had it, but my pockets are empty
21:26:11 <ParadoxGuitarist> Tracking money is a good idea +1 =P
21:26:46 <dan408_> ok where is the 2013 budget?
21:27:11 <dan408_> let's just rename it 2014 and move on
21:27:40 <dan408_> hey StabbyMc
21:27:42 <dan408_> #chair StabbyMc
21:27:42 <zodbot> Current chairs: ParadoxGuitarist StabbyMc award3535 dan408_ herlo inode0 masta nb rbergeron vwbusguy wrnash
21:28:31 <nb> ParadoxGuitarist, i think the consensus for now was to ask you to get vwbusguy to make you ups labes when you need them for now
21:28:34 <nb> we weren't going to add additional people to our ups website account for now
21:28:36 <nb> we discussed it last week
21:28:38 <nb> one banner is missing
21:29:03 <ParadoxGuitarist> nb: ok
21:29:22 * inode0 will mention we might make some other changes to the UPS account affecting everyone - details as they become known
21:29:51 <dan408_> um
21:29:54 <inode0> nothing sinister going on - just discussing cleaning things up and sort of starting fresh
21:29:54 <dan408_> so about the budget thing
21:30:15 <nb> inode0, oh
21:30:17 <nb> ok
21:30:18 <award3535> give me a number
21:30:47 <dan408_> im trying to find the budget doc
21:30:56 <dan408_> does anyone have a link to it?
21:32:15 <dan408_> you know whats funny
21:32:26 <dan408_> we've been disscussing fy14 budget since JAnuary 2013
21:32:53 <dan408_> 02:02:04 <inode0> #info Proposed FY14 budget is here
21:32:53 <inode0> try google famna budget doc - don't know why anyone else needs to do it :)
21:32:53 <dan408_> 02:02:14 <inode0> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ApBrbq5j6NbOdG0zQzVvR3VqQ05NaE5xaDdLOWh3a0E&pli=1#gid=0
21:33:01 <wrnash> that is a very long time
21:33:12 <dan408_> putting that info in the ticket
21:33:36 <inode0> getting it out of google would be a good thing too
21:33:37 <dan408_> award3535: so change the 2013 to 2014 and move on
21:33:48 <award3535> got it, now that I have a number I will move on
21:33:48 <dan408_> inode0: Should we put it on the wiki?
21:33:53 <award3535> ty
21:33:56 <dan408_> np
21:34:05 <inode0> yes
21:34:17 <dan408_> award3535: get it on the wiki pls
21:34:25 <dan408_> #action award3535 to put fy14 budget on wiki
21:34:30 <award3535> no problem
21:34:43 <dan408_> .famnaticket 75
21:34:44 <zodbot> dan408_: #75 (Swag for 2014) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/75
21:35:09 <dan408_> so I don't really have any update on this
21:35:22 <dan408_> nb were you able to get a quote from Ruth for headphones?
21:36:32 <nb> dan408_, yes....... i mentioned it last week, just a minute
21:36:46 <dan408_> k
21:37:00 <dan408_> so what does everyone think about headphones?
21:37:02 <dan408_> im +1
21:37:20 <ParadoxGuitarist> Oh those are cool
21:37:22 <inode0> for $6-$7 I'm not enthusiastic
21:37:31 <wrnash> need to play with them first to see how they work.
21:37:35 <dan408_> ParadoxGuitarist: got your suggestion, thanks
21:37:40 <dan408_> inode0: yeah that's right
21:37:41 <ParadoxGuitarist> What do they sound like?
21:37:47 <dan408_> nb: is there any way you can find something cheaper?
21:38:21 <inode0> branding really tiny stuff isn't very effective either I'm afraid
21:38:35 <nb> well, the branding is on the case for them
21:38:41 <nb> i think i shared photos last week
21:38:51 <inode0> which no one uses or sees
21:38:52 <vwbusguy> inode0, it depends.  My HP buds look very generic.  The Spotify ones stand out more
21:38:55 <nb> http://nb.fedorapeople.org/photo.JPG
21:38:57 <nb> http://nb.fedorapeople.org/photo2.JPG
21:39:20 <dan408_> how about we just get the case and I can put my own headphones in it? :D
21:39:30 <StabbyMc> Oh, last week I promised an image of the tumbler: http://imgur.com/x0di3EO
21:39:30 <dan408_> I have expensive studio monitor headphones heh
21:39:41 <dan408_> StabbyMc: that looks cool
21:40:10 <vwbusguy> StabbyMc, love it
21:40:22 <dan408_> how much were the tumblers?
21:40:58 <jsandys> I would like to see fedora become the premier linux distribution
21:41:12 <jsandys> For music
21:41:18 <StabbyMc> They're spendy though, depending on how much you order, 100-300 is almost $13 ea :-(
21:41:25 <dan408_> jsandys: there is a Fedora Jam spin
21:41:33 <dan408_> StabbyMc: yeah that is spendy
21:41:34 <ParadoxGuitarist> I would too jsandys
21:41:45 <ParadoxGuitarist> whoa
21:41:57 <StabbyMc> that said, I think they have a lot more staying power than earbuds...
21:41:58 * vwbusguy wishes jsandys was at SCaLE this year then ;-)
21:42:00 <ParadoxGuitarist> StabbyMc: that's alot =(
21:42:02 <inode0> jsandys: that is the sort of thing that could conceivably be a product in the future
21:42:18 <dan408_> oh yeah great work on SCaLE ParadoxGuitarist and vwbusguy
21:42:31 <vwbusguy> and herlo
21:42:39 <jsandys> Headphones would be a link
21:42:50 <vwbusguy> dan408_, thx :-)
21:43:25 <dan408_> so
21:43:35 <dan408_> the only thing we can agree on was playing cards
21:43:43 <dan408_> what about lanyards?
21:43:52 <dan408_> I really love my Fedora lanyard nb. How much were they?
21:43:52 <ParadoxGuitarist> everyone does lanyards
21:44:07 <dan408_> Yeah but I love mine because it says Fedora on it
21:44:09 <dan408_> I'm wearing it right now
21:44:18 <ParadoxGuitarist> =)
21:44:27 <inode0> dan408_: I don't recall exactly but I think in the $3-$4 ballpark
21:44:28 <masta> laynards seem nice.
21:44:45 <nb> we need lanyards with the breakaway things
21:44:49 <nb> more safe
21:45:03 <nb> people like me can't wear the fedora ones at work because they don't have that
21:45:05 <inode0> too many fedora people getting injured by them?
21:45:15 <dan408_> i got choked last week..
21:45:16 <inode0> fedora crash helmets
21:45:22 * nb would love to wear a fedora lanyard every day to promote fedora
21:45:26 <dan408_> motorcycle and hockey helmets
21:45:40 <dan408_> nb: can you get a price? I think we can all agree on lanyards
21:45:48 <dan408_> the last ones were really well done
21:45:52 <inode0> dan408_: don't bet on it
21:45:56 <masta> they do cost more than you might expect, but not too bad
21:46:03 <dan408_> inode0: dont be so negative!
21:46:20 <inode0> the problem with lanyards isn't in giving them to fedora people - but they are rotten swag for the general public
21:46:27 <dan408_> i think on swag we may just need to eat a little budget
21:46:28 <nb> inode0, true
21:46:35 <dan408_> inode0: yes
21:46:40 <dan408_> so let's order a small quantity
21:46:41 * nb still wants headphones. but i know they are expensive
21:46:45 <dan408_> and not give them out like candhy
21:46:59 <dan408_> nb: get us a price anyway
21:47:01 <jsandys> We were bump caps, breakeaway laynards are msnditory at my work.
21:47:05 <inode0> if we all understand they aren't swag and are something for fedora contributors I don't have a problem with getting more of them
21:47:23 <dan408_> inode0: +1
21:47:32 <nb> inode0, +1
21:47:42 <dan408_> ok
21:47:42 <nb> dan408_, wed have a price.  $6.50 each for 700something of them AFAIK
21:47:44 <dan408_> moving on
21:47:45 * nb looks to be sure
21:47:59 <dan408_> is 700 minimum order?
21:48:06 <jsandys> Yes
21:48:35 <dan408_> well like I said, we may just want to eat it
21:48:49 <nb> #fedora-mktg_20140325.log:[17:06:50] <suehle> They were $6.50 each for an order of 750, plus a $50 setup fee.
21:49:02 <dan408_> we are going to have some pricy budget items but if we order a lot of them they will last us a long time
21:49:21 <dan408_> nb: ok I updated the trac ticket
21:49:22 <masta> we should order sooner than later
21:49:30 <jsandys> Jvc gumy and marshmallow are reasonsble sound quslity st 10-15 retail
21:49:51 <nb> $4,925 for 750 earbuds
21:50:08 <dan408_> lanyards were the same price
21:50:14 <dan408_> well a little cheaper
21:50:18 <dan408_> $4550
21:50:28 <dan408_> actually nm
21:50:32 <dan408_> about the same
21:50:46 <dan408_> anyways, let's revisit it next week
21:50:51 <dan408_> .famnaticket 76
21:50:52 <zodbot> dan408_: #76 (Joining forces with CentOS?) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/76
21:50:54 * StabbyMc would vote lanyards vs. earbuds.
21:51:03 <dan408_> StabbyMc: +1
21:51:12 <dan408_> inode0: did you have an update on this?
21:51:15 <award3535> Lanyards
21:51:28 <dan408_> I spoke briefly with Evolution and some others in #centos-devel
21:51:43 <dan408_> I don't really know if all the logistics would work out on this
21:52:05 <inode0> no, I haven't spoken any more with them
21:53:03 <inode0> I can't imagine why a group can't form to do most of the tedious swag procurement though
21:54:03 <inode0> unless there just aren't people interested in doing it which is very possible
21:54:55 <dan408_> inode0: I think there are people that want to keep CentOS separate
21:55:15 <dan408_> inode0: And they've kinda been just doing their own thing, from what I was told since day 1.
21:55:32 <dan408_> inode0: They dont really have meetings to discuss it. I think they have their own "swag guy"
21:55:36 <inode0> yes, but now they will need to do things within the Red Hat framework like we do
21:56:00 <dan408_> inode0: alright well see if you can follow up again with him this week please?
21:56:01 <inode0> at least I would think
21:56:18 <inode0> not likely, busy week before heading your direction
21:56:24 <dan408_> oh, right
21:56:24 <inode0> perhaps I'll see him there
21:56:36 <dan408_> I still need to reg
21:57:00 <dan408_> #topic Open Floor
21:57:54 <StabbyMc> https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/77
21:57:58 <inode0> we should know more about txlf in two weeks after talks get decided
21:58:11 <award3535> cool
21:58:41 <inode0> StabbyMc: in the future setting milestone to meeting adds those tickets to the agenda automatically
21:58:55 <dan408_> ^
21:59:10 <inode0> and there is a famnarequests ticket for that too isn't there?
21:59:31 <StabbyMc> inode0: there is, but I got a shipment notification, so I'm guessing that's been satisfied.
21:59:40 <inode0> or didn't Ben already do that?
21:59:43 <inode0> yeah
22:00:05 <inode0> so here we are looking for a person again?
22:00:31 <StabbyMc> Indeed, that was my intent on bringing up the ticket again ;-)
22:00:33 <inode0> award3535: can you work that in and come up with a reasonable expense approximation?
22:01:05 <award3535> Inode0 will do give me a few days to sort this all out
22:01:36 <inode0> is there a date in there I am missing?
22:01:48 <inode0> oh, 4/26
22:01:58 <inode0> sure, then
22:05:30 <dan408_> so what's going on with this ticket?
22:06:19 <dan408_> StabbyMc: so who is going to work this event?
22:06:20 <StabbyMc> I've got stickers and some pens and media (on its way), but I won't be able to be a physical presence here.
22:06:27 <inode0> award3535 will check on things and if we can afford it we'll ship him down there :)
22:06:30 <StabbyMc> So I'm looking for someone to work the event.
22:06:44 <dan408_> well nobody here is really in your area
22:06:52 <StabbyMc> understood.
22:06:55 <inode0> and he should know if we can afford it since he is the treasurer
22:07:08 <inode0> award3535 is in the same state at least
22:07:19 <StabbyMc> I can probably show up for a bit in the morning to help with setup and the like, but I can't do a full day.
22:08:01 <dan408_> i would help but I'd need to work on my Fedora dual boot expertise
22:08:19 <award3535> I would be glad to help, I am off that day and have to be in SC the next day, so works good for me
22:08:49 <award3535> Let me check on the budget thing I should have an answer with the next day or two
22:08:55 <dan408_> oh award3535 is in GA I had him pinned elsewhere for some reason
22:08:58 <dan408_> you're in luck!
22:11:14 <award3535> got to go folks, see you all next week
22:11:27 <dan408_> inode0: is there something we can do to modify the trac to allow people to be cced?
22:11:35 <dan408_> award3535: thanks can I put your name on this trac ticket?
22:11:45 <award3535> okay thanks
22:11:56 <award3535> good night everyone
22:12:06 <dan408_> cya award3535
22:12:21 <dan408_> welp
22:12:21 <inode0> didn't think there was a problem with that
22:12:36 <dan408_> inode0: well at least *I* can't add people to CC, just myself
22:12:57 * inode0 is looking
22:13:13 <dan408_> so
22:13:20 <dan408_> you can only do this when you create a new ticket
22:13:50 <dan408_> i guess it's a "feature"
22:13:51 <inode0> should be able to modify ticket and add there
22:14:03 <dan408_> all I get is
22:14:07 <dan408_> "Add to Cc:	 dan.mashal@fedoraproject.org "
22:14:10 <dan408_> with a checkbox
22:14:24 <dan408_> like last week I reassigned the ticket to ParadoxGuitarist because there was no cc
22:14:40 <inode0> oh, let me look
22:15:33 <inode0> I'm guessing if you authenticate you should be able to
22:15:40 <dan408_> im authenticated
22:15:44 <dan408_> maybe you have rights i dont have
22:15:54 <dan408_> i'll ask #fedora-admin about it
22:16:03 <inode0> I do have rights you don't but ticket_modify is authenticated user
22:16:17 <dan408_> no worries
22:16:21 <dan408_> i'll ask them
22:16:26 <dan408_> maybe it's some other right
22:16:53 <dan408_> so I think we should call it
22:17:00 <dan408_> already 16 minutes over
22:17:01 <jsandys> The events page on the wiki looks crazy, fiscal quarters and dates seem weird, should I write a ticket or try to fix it myself?
22:17:13 <dan408_> jsandys: write a ticket
22:17:19 <jsandys> Ok
22:17:22 <dan408_> jsandys: write exactly what's crazy about it too
22:17:28 <dan408_> jsandys: and set the meeting milestone to "meeting"
22:17:49 <dan408_> so anyways
22:17:53 <dan408_> thanks for coming everyone
22:18:13 <dan408_> 5
22:18:13 <dan408_> 4
22:18:14 <dan408_> 3
22:18:14 <dan408_> 2
22:18:15 <dan408_> 1
22:18:16 <dan408_> #endmeeting