22:29:45 <aeperezt> #startmeeting
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22:30:09 <aeperezt> #meetingname Ambassadors Fedora latam
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22:30:10 <biker> o/
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22:30:31 <aeperezt> #topic rolcall
22:30:32 <JuanCarlosLin> .hellomynameis lin
22:30:32 * alexove = peru
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22:30:48 <williamjmorenor> Nicaragua
22:30:51 * aeperezt Panama
22:30:59 <echevemaster> JuanCarlosLin: that only works on famna meetings. :)
22:31:00 <JuanCarlosLin> .hellomynameis lin
22:31:13 * lvaz Brazil
22:31:27 <JuanCarlosLin> thnaks echevemaster
22:31:35 <aeperezt> chair lvaz echevemaster
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22:32:28 <mribeirodantas> Calm down guys.
22:32:42 <williamjmorenor> :)
22:32:46 <mribeirodantas> :-)
22:33:06 <echevemaster> zodbot: are screaming, let me quite.
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22:35:37 <rosset> ping
22:35:58 <echevemaster> rosset: pong.
22:35:59 <mribeirodantas> rosset: pong.
22:36:10 <alexove> rosset:pong
22:36:17 <rosset> :)
22:36:32 <biker> request timed out
22:36:32 <kusterjr> pong
22:37:24 <williamjmorenor> topics?
22:37:38 <JuanCarlosLin> /msg lvaz are you leo from redhat?
22:37:49 <mribeirodantas> aeperezt: pin
22:37:50 <tatica> .fas tatica
22:37:51 <mribeirodantas> ping*
22:37:51 <zodbot> tatica: tatica 'Maria Gracia Leandro Lombardo' <tatadbb@gmail.com>
22:37:51 <dark_axl> México
22:38:26 <lvaz> JuanCarlosLin: yes (soy el gordo del sombrero rojo)
22:38:40 <echevemaster> williamjmorenor: aeperezt always wait some minutes for rollcall
22:38:45 <TonetJallo> .fas tonet666p
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22:38:54 <rosset> .fas filiperosset
22:38:55 <TonetJallo> hola, hello
22:38:57 <zodbot> rosset: filiperosset 'Filipe Rosset' <rosset.filipe@gmail.com>
22:38:58 * rosset Brazil
22:39:00 <echevemaster> patience williamjmorenor
22:39:20 <williamjmorenor> :O
22:39:22 <williamjmorenor> ok
22:39:26 <williamjmorenor> thanks echevemaster
22:39:40 <mribeirodantas> It's been 10 minutes. I don't remember of it being so long, that's why I ping'd him.
22:39:48 <TonetJallo> wich are the topics?
22:40:10 <williamjmorenor> i will go for some cofee
22:40:14 <echevemaster> patience guys.
22:40:32 <biker> maese echevemaster ,., here are your padawans waiting for you
22:40:37 <mribeirodantas> :D
22:41:04 <echevemaster> biker: jajaja
22:42:06 <lvaz> "echevemaster of puppets"
22:42:25 <aeperezt> ok
22:42:28 <aeperezt> peple
22:42:32 <rosset> let's rock
22:42:34 <aeperezt> lets see the agenda
22:43:00 <echevemaster> \m/ ( `◉ _◉´)
22:43:02 <mribeirodantas> aeperezt: will there be voting for tickets tonight?
22:43:24 <aeperezt> there are too many tickets on the agenda some of them should be closed
22:43:42 <williamjmorenor> Like FAD managua :(
22:43:44 <aeperezt> well
22:43:57 <aeperezt> since we do not have budget yeat
22:44:10 <asoliard> i'm sorry
22:44:12 <mribeirodantas> As I expected. See, echevemaster?
22:44:19 <asoliard> i'm late?
22:44:23 <mribeirodantas> asoliard: no :-)
22:44:26 <mribeirodantas> We just started.
22:44:31 <asoliard> ok
22:44:34 <aeperezt> and there is no famsco member at the meeting to know if there is any clue about that
22:44:46 <asoliard> I'm preparing my presentation on FLISOL
22:44:46 <asoliard> :-)
22:44:47 <mribeirodantas> asoliard: :-) good luck.
22:44:52 <aeperezt> we need to deside what we are going to do with FISL
22:44:54 <mribeirodantas> aeperezt: Should I close my ticket?
22:45:01 <mribeirodantas> #210
22:45:09 <mribeirodantas> (Regarding criteria for voting)
22:45:29 <aeperezt> are we going to check this or not
22:45:51 <mribeirodantas> ?
22:46:03 <aeperezt> mribeirodantas, not sure
22:46:07 <mribeirodantas> Ok.
22:46:19 <aeperezt> but I belive the criterals are set by every individual
22:46:36 <aeperezt> not by what we should set as a policy
22:46:55 <mribeirodantas> True. That and the wiki page is more of a good reading
22:46:59 <lvaz> aeperezt +1
22:47:05 <mribeirodantas> Not a policy that should be strictly followed.
22:47:12 <echevemaster> aeperezt: has been not  decided the budgets of all community? or just LATAM
22:47:25 <mribeirodantas> yn1v: any news regarding LATAM budget?
22:47:28 <aeperezt> like I mention the email on Brazil list we are looking at how to evaluate others while we lose the objective of what we want to acomplish
22:47:30 <rosset> there are any of our ambassadors that sent a talk to FISL organization? I mean to the official grade.
22:47:48 <mribeirodantas> rosset: I did. apahim too
22:47:48 <aeperezt> echevemaster, not
22:48:11 <mribeirodantas> I guess other people did too, but I can't remember names, rosset.
22:48:24 <yn1v> mribeirodantas, I haven't heard any news about budget :(
22:48:30 <mribeirodantas> yn1v: it's ok.
22:48:35 <aeperezt> rosset, I has ask that on the tickets
22:48:39 <apahim> rosset, https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FISL15#Proposed_Activities
22:48:54 <rosset> well, if they're interested in their tickets, they should be here
22:49:00 <mribeirodantas> apahim: This list is not accurate.
22:49:05 <mribeirodantas> echevemaster did not submit anything.
22:49:32 <aeperezt> yn1v, since there are no budget asign yeat
22:49:48 <mribeirodantas> rosset: now that aeperezt said, I remembered. He and I asked all tickets about this
22:49:54 <mribeirodantas> Some people already replied.
22:49:54 <rosset> I saw aeperezt suggested partial sponsorship eg, 50% maybe
22:50:10 <aeperezt> we are not sure how much we are allow to spend on it
22:50:10 <mribeirodantas> rosset: yeah. He asked for the possibility of partial sponsorship and about the activity submission to FISL organization.
22:50:22 <mribeirodantas> aeperezt: well, I suggest to postpone it to next meeting.
22:50:25 <mribeirodantas> There is nothing we can do.
22:50:45 <mribeirodantas> :-(
22:50:58 <aeperezt> mribeirodantas, we had a dead line for today
22:51:05 <mribeirodantas> aeperezt: so?
22:51:22 <aeperezt> lets look at the tickets to see who responded my question
22:51:24 <mribeirodantas> If we don't know how much we have, we can't even dare to plan budget spending.
22:51:29 <aeperezt> be back in 2 min with that
22:52:05 <lvaz> aeperezt: only 2
22:52:14 <rosset> there are a lot of guys going to FISL without sponsorship, so Fedora will be represented for sure
22:52:17 <mribeirodantas> Does anyone have an opinion on that?
22:52:26 <lvaz> actually 3
22:52:26 <mribeirodantas> rosset: Red Hat is sponsoring lots of poeple too.
22:52:52 <mribeirodantas> And we have some ambassadors in RS.
22:52:55 <apahim> rosset, mribeirodantas, I did submit activities, but I'm not requesting funding.
22:52:58 <lvaz> aeperezt: 201, 206 and 209
22:53:01 <mribeirodantas> apahim: true.
22:53:03 <yn1v> I can't make my mind. In one hand we don't know how much we will have as budget. On the other hand we will have "some" budget for this quarter and we are not using it.
22:53:04 <rosset> mribeirodantas, ok, but we're talking about Fedora, RH is another budget, doesn't matter here
22:53:14 <mribeirodantas> rosset: WHat I meant is that we WILL be represented
22:53:17 <mribeirodantas> Since we have fedoras among redhatters.
22:53:20 <aeperezt> People did you allow me to be drastic
22:53:22 <rosset> apahim, yeah
22:53:34 <aeperezt> I know it is not Ideal
22:53:37 <rosset> aeperezt, yes, go ahead
22:53:42 <aeperezt> but this is my proposal
22:53:51 <mribeirodantas> Hm
22:53:52 <williamjmorenor> !?
22:53:52 <rosset> mribeirodantas, even without Fedora budget, Fedora will be represented
22:53:54 <aeperezt> all who fill tickets
22:54:02 <rosset> there are a lot of guys that doesn't own tickets for FISL, but will be there
22:54:13 <mribeirodantas> rosset: true. plus RH, plus RS people.
22:54:20 <aeperezt> recibe notification on their email about the question I asked on them
22:54:29 <rosset> mribeirodantas, stop to tell RH
22:54:30 <aeperezt> since only 3 people answer
22:54:52 <aeperezt> but the dead line which is today only those tickets will be consider for FISL
22:55:03 <rosset> RH budget is for RH guys, some are in Fedora, some not, so we need to discuss about Fedora things atm.
22:55:09 <aeperezt> what do you think people
22:55:26 <mribeirodantas> I'm 209, so I don't think it's fair for me to say anything.
22:55:38 <yn1v> aeperezt, I agree.
22:56:00 <aeperezt> lvaz, what do you think
22:56:24 <yn1v> If we set procedures and deadlines, we should adhere to them
22:56:24 <lvaz> aeperezt: we can ask people here who filled the tickets and move on alejandro
22:56:26 <rosset> hi Danniel-Lara welcome aboard, FYI the meeting is already started
22:56:46 <lvaz> times is passing a the flight tickets are getting more expensive
22:56:55 <lvaz> (my two bolivares)
22:57:02 <aeperezt> lvaz, yes that is why
22:57:14 <aeperezt> I want to help people that show interest
22:57:17 <lvaz> 201 is echevemaster
22:57:27 <lvaz> (he is here)
22:57:40 <aeperezt> people that took the time to anwser a simple question that should be anwser as yes or no
22:57:51 <lvaz> 202 is delete
22:58:02 <lvaz> (he's here)
22:58:16 <lvaz> 203 is alexove
22:58:20 <lvaz> (he's here too)
22:58:26 <aeperezt> so we can prioritize those tickets and maybe we see the others next week with the hope we can spend the budget too
22:58:29 * alexove is here :-)
22:58:42 <TonetJallo> o/ alexove
22:58:47 <williamjmorenor> hey #199 i am here
22:58:52 <rosset> lvaz, what about the guys from Uruguay?
22:58:59 <mribeirodantas> williamjmorenor: we're only discussing FISL for now
22:59:08 <mribeirodantas> rosset: he's #206. And has not answered the question
22:59:10 <lvaz> rosset: it's lunaticc0 (also here)
22:59:13 <mribeirodantas> only #201 and #209 did.
22:59:54 <rosset> we need to promote Fedora on Uruguay, so it's good to have at least one guy here
22:59:58 <rosset> what do you think guys?
23:00:09 <mribeirodantas> rosset: I think we should definitely take him to a FUDCon or Flock
23:00:16 <lvaz> rosset: I agree
23:00:23 <mribeirodantas> But if we're that tight in FISL, maybe we should favor people who have done more for Fedora lately.
23:00:30 <aeperezt> rosset, I agreed
23:00:42 <williamjmorenor> mribeirodantas, aeperezt #199 is for flisol nicaragua
23:00:53 <mribeirodantas> williamjmorenor: exactly. As I said, we're only discussing FISL now.
23:01:00 <mribeirodantas> FISL != FLISOL.
23:01:05 <aeperezt> williamjmorenor, we have no athorized budget yeat
23:01:29 <aeperezt> we are looking at fisl because of the travel reservations needs to be made
23:01:38 <williamjmorenor> but i have "the question" in the ticket and the answer is yes
23:01:51 <mribeirodantas> Oh, #208 kusterjr replied the question too, aeperezt.
23:01:55 <williamjmorenor> sorry i have not "the question"
23:01:56 <TonetJallo> excuseme, where is fisl
23:02:06 <mribeirodantas> TonetJallo: Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil.
23:02:09 <echevemaster> TonetJallo: braxil
23:02:17 <TonetJallo> thanks
23:02:23 <aeperezt> since only two tickets anwser the questions we shoul evaluate those two and the Uruguay one because we need to develop that area
23:02:26 <kusterjr> i am here
23:02:26 <mribeirodantas> #201, #208 and #209 are the tickets that replied the question.
23:02:34 <mribeirodantas> aeperezt:
23:02:35 <mribeirodantas> ^
23:02:45 <lvaz> aeperezt: correction - 201, 208 and 209 (too many tabs open)
23:02:59 <rosset> a partial sponsorship shows commitment by the user, so if partial is not enough, I'm not sure if we should give anything IMO
23:02:59 <aeperezt> so 4 tickets evaluate then
23:03:10 <mribeirodantas> Well, ok.
23:03:43 <aeperezt> let see the cost of those 4 tickets
23:04:10 <rosset> lvaz, aeperezt let's vote? if the budget is not enough for all approved tickets, we discuss it again next week
23:04:22 <lvaz> rosset: agreed
23:04:24 <mribeirodantas> aeperezt: check the last comment in echevemaster's ticket
23:04:29 <mribeirodantas> he has updated flight cost.
23:05:19 <rosset> if we don't filter approved/not approved today, all costs will increase and nothing will be decided :(
23:05:37 <mribeirodantas> rosset: :( I wonder when it'll be cheap to fly in Brazil.
23:06:02 <mribeirodantas> In Europe, you can fly to another country spending USD 30
23:06:04 <aeperezt> mribeirodantas, in dolars what is the price of your ticket
23:06:09 <mribeirodantas> 250 USD
23:06:19 <mribeirodantas> ~255USD
23:06:55 <aeperezt> ok
23:08:16 <aeperezt> ticket 201 671.00 dls + ticket 208 561.00 dls + ticket 209 255.00 dls + ticket 206 275.00 dls
23:08:24 <alexove> aeperezt: I updated my ticket
23:08:33 <aeperezt> alexove, too late
23:08:46 <alexove> aeperezt: Ok
23:09:02 <aeperezt> so we have a total of 1762 dls
23:09:09 <aeperezt> on flight tickets
23:09:17 <lvaz> aeperezt: +1000 usd for the hostel
23:09:24 <itamar_> the hostel will cost less
23:09:27 <itamar_> for 4 persons
23:10:08 <aeperezt> yn1v, can you and I take responsability about this approval and fight on famsco and with fpl so we can start moving this
23:10:10 <itamar_> $500 usd for 4 perons
23:10:33 <lvaz> itamar_: you are considering only four people are going to be there sponsored by Fedora but we are going to vote the other tickets next week
23:10:54 <aeperezt> I'm assuming all tickets are approve on the meeting
23:10:57 <itamar_> ok, then, $1000 for 8
23:11:05 <mribeirodantas> aeperezt: Let's do this. If money is shorter than we think, I offer my hosting to support someone fund request
23:11:09 <aeperezt> yn1v, you around
23:11:23 <mribeirodantas> I abdicate my hosting sponsorship. Does it help?
23:11:31 <yn1v> I was looking how much we spent last year on fisl
23:11:33 <aeperezt> mribeirodantas, hold
23:11:39 <itamar_> mribeirodantas, I recommend the people to stay togheter, to share a cab.
23:11:41 <aeperezt> yn1v, we spend 3000 dls
23:11:57 <aeperezt> I have to asume the same amount but we need to confirm this
23:12:36 <yn1v> yes, I will take this with famsco and fpl
23:12:45 <itamar_> look this one, http://hostel.tur.br/reservas.php, I have a little discount if I book using my name.
23:12:54 <aeperezt> if we count 1762 + 1000 we are tight we could sponsor only another ticket at the must
23:13:05 <yn1v> I have to wait to board activities to begin, when it happens I will also try there
23:13:05 <aeperezt> ok
23:13:17 <mribeirodantas> aeperezt: 300 usd + my bed
23:13:19 <aeperezt> yn1v, thanks
23:13:47 <rosset> but we are not sure if all tickets from today will be approved in meeting
23:13:55 <aeperezt> mribeirodantas, fedora community that stay together learn to become a better community
23:14:01 <mribeirodantas> Great, then.
23:14:02 <aeperezt> so I will reject you offer
23:14:05 <aeperezt> :-)
23:14:07 <mribeirodantas> :-)
23:14:12 <lvaz> aeperezt: +1
23:14:15 <mribeirodantas> _o>
23:14:19 <echevemaster> well said, aeperezt
23:14:19 <lvaz> aeperezt: let's move ahead?
23:14:21 <mribeirodantas> My pleasure.
23:14:28 <aeperezt> ok
23:14:36 <aeperezt> lets vote ticket 201
23:14:55 <mribeirodantas> +1
23:14:55 <aeperezt> #topic ticket 201
23:15:00 <itamar_> 201, thats alot of bolivars!
23:15:08 <echevemaster> lol
23:15:21 <mribeirodantas> echevemaster is from too far away, but he's traveling by car to Colombia to make the ticket cheaper and he's also a great volunteer
23:15:21 <aeperezt> echevemaster, yes lots bolivars
23:15:24 <mribeirodantas> I can't say no. +1
23:15:32 <lvaz> itamar_: it'll worth each penny spent.
23:15:36 <itamar_> +1
23:15:37 <rosset> +1 because echevemaster is involved in a lot of areas, not only ambassadors
23:15:43 <Danniel-Lara> +1
23:15:46 <kusterjr> +1
23:15:46 <apahim> +1
23:15:48 <alexove> +1
23:15:50 <JuanCarlosLin> +1
23:15:50 <wolnei_> +1
23:15:52 <lvaz> +1
23:16:10 <lvaz> (full sponsorship and a bed in the hostel)
23:16:16 <penasio> +1
23:16:27 <aeperezt> #agreed ticket 201 sponsor echevemaster full sponsorship
23:16:28 <itamar_> echevemaster , lvaz, will pay a beer for you in brazil and will bring you to café colonial
23:16:33 <yn1v> we all love echevemaster
23:16:43 <echevemaster> thanks guys ;)
23:16:46 <mribeirodantas> :-)
23:16:48 <TonetJallo> jajajjaa yn1v +1
23:16:49 <mribeirodantas> You deserve it.
23:16:52 <itamar_> lvaz, can you do it for chevere-master ?
23:16:53 <rosset> guinness of course lvaz
23:16:57 <JuanCarlosLin> viva bolivarianos
23:17:03 <mribeirodantas> echevemaster: oh, I forgot. You gotta come wearing the hat I gave you!
23:17:04 <mribeirodantas> ahaha
23:17:13 <aeperezt> yn1v, next time I will not love him so much unless he bring two infra guys and 4 packagers into Fedora
23:17:29 <aeperezt> echevemaster, :-)
23:17:47 <echevemaster> aeperezt: ya no te quiero
23:17:53 <itamar_> lvaz, last year I did it for valentin
23:18:05 <lvaz> next ticket?
23:18:12 * lvaz looks to the clock
23:18:13 <aeperezt> #topic ticket 208
23:18:24 <mribeirodantas> kusterjr:
23:18:26 <mribeirodantas> 's ticket.
23:18:47 <mribeirodantas> kusterjr is new to the project but has already been involved in a few activities. I think it will benefit Fedora having him in FISL
23:18:53 <itamar_> how much is the ticket for 208 ?
23:18:54 <mribeirodantas> He's been pretty helpful in Freemedia.
23:18:55 <mribeirodantas> +1
23:19:05 <aeperezt> itamar_, 561.00
23:19:20 <itamar_> kusterjr, I am not seeing activities from kusterjr in freemedia
23:19:34 <rosset> -1 no proposed talks at FISL, I can't see other activities for while
23:19:43 <mribeirodantas> itamar_: sure? When I stopped contributing to Freemedia, he even assumed one of my tickets if I recall correctly.
23:19:54 <mribeirodantas> kusterjr2: you there?
23:20:06 <kusterjr2> yes
23:20:08 <kusterjr2> im kikked
23:20:15 <mribeirodantas> Don't you contribute to freemediæ?
23:20:22 <echevemaster> all the activities on fedora are important rosset
23:20:25 <mribeirodantas> você contribui para Freemedia?
23:20:28 <lvaz> kusterjr2: could you be able to do it with partial sponsorship?
23:20:39 <rosset> echevemaster, sure, but my vote is -1
23:20:44 * lvaz is looking other tickets which proposed talks
23:20:49 <apahim> +1
23:20:51 <aeperezt> lvaz, he anwser on his ticket he can not do it
23:20:57 <rosset> maybe change to +1 for partial sponsor
23:21:10 <kusterjr2> Not have money for partial
23:21:16 <mribeirodantas> :-(
23:21:35 <aeperezt> lets vote for full sponsorship for ticket 208
23:21:47 <mribeirodantas> 2 +1's so far.
23:21:53 <lvaz> -1 (don't take it personal kusterjr2, but we have 4 other people with talks)
23:22:02 <wolnei_> -1
23:22:06 <penasio> -1
23:22:23 <itamar_> -1
23:22:26 <mribeirodantas> It's indeed an expensive ticket. Maybe keep looking for offers, kusterjr2. And then next meeting we can try again :/ (?)
23:22:28 <alexove> 0
23:22:43 <alexove> mribeirodantas:+1
23:22:50 <echevemaster> alexove: you can't vote 0, 0 don't have value.
23:22:53 <kusterjr2> ok not problem
23:23:07 <itamar_> where do you live kusterjr2 ?
23:23:14 <yn1v> I agree with lvaz ... we need talks
23:23:18 <mribeirodantas> kusterjr2: Não fica desestimulado. Como você deve ter percebido, está complicado :/
23:23:33 <itamar_> where do you live kusterjr2 ?
23:23:33 <aeperezt> ok
23:23:43 <mribeirodantas> Parece que sua conexnão não está das melhoras. Depois vê os logs direitinho para ficar claor, kusterjr2
23:23:44 <kusterjr2> Itamar: Natal/RN - Brasil
23:24:01 <mribeirodantas> Next ticket.
23:24:13 <itamar_> mribeirodantas are comming from same place, and the mribeirodantas tickets cost $255
23:24:20 <aeperezt> #agreed ticket 208 not approved
23:24:32 <aeperezt> #topic ticket 209
23:24:34 <rosset> mribeirodantas, fell free to pass your sponsor to kusterjr if you desire
23:24:56 <mribeirodantas> rosset: I passed my hosting, but the proposal was refused.
23:24:57 <rosset> kusterjr, mribeirodantas what do you think guys?
23:25:19 <itamar_> mribeirodantas, how much is your ticket ?
23:25:27 <mribeirodantas> 254 and a few US cents.
23:25:32 <aeperezt> itamar_, 255 dls
23:25:38 <itamar_> +1 for 209, mribeirodantas is a active contributor
23:25:44 <lvaz> +1
23:25:48 <aeperezt> vote please
23:25:56 <JuanCarlosLin> +1
23:26:01 <penasio> +1
23:26:01 <alexove> 1
23:26:01 <apahim> +1 for 209
23:26:03 <alexove> +1
23:26:06 <Danniel-Lara> +1
23:26:09 <echevemaster> +1
23:26:36 <wolnei_> +1
23:26:40 <aeperezt> #agreed ticket 209 full sponsorship to fisl
23:26:42 <itamar_> also the 209 ticket is very economic,
23:26:48 <aeperezt> itamar_, right
23:26:50 <mribeirodantas> I appreciate your support _o>
23:26:53 <rosset> +1
23:27:33 <yn1v> do we have dead line for booking hotel?
23:27:38 <aeperezt> #topic ticket 206
23:28:04 <itamar_> lvaz, what do you think about 206 ?
23:28:14 <aeperezt> lvaz, ticket 206 is the one from Uruguay right?
23:28:25 <rosset> lunaticc0, are you around?
23:28:27 <lvaz> aeperezt: yes, I asked him to fill it
23:28:28 <lunaticc0> yes
23:28:28 <lunaticc0> i'm really shy right now, newbie in this meetings
23:28:37 <rosset> lunaticc0, great
23:28:44 <rosset> we need to promote Fedora in Uruguay
23:28:55 <aeperezt> lunaticc0, you have a great task ahead of you promore Uruguay
23:29:03 <mribeirodantas> lunaticc0: Don't be shy :-) we don't bite. Unless you promote non-free software d:P
23:29:04 <lvaz> lunaticc0 is replacing gabriel acosta, he became ambassador last weekend
23:29:04 <lunaticc0> i know
23:29:16 <aeperezt> lunaticc0, by the way please email me you postal address so I can send you some Fedora goodies
23:29:33 <mribeirodantas> lunaticc0: are you aware you must write a report about your experience in FISL and publish it in Fedora Planet?
23:29:35 <echevemaster> aeperezt: grear
23:29:35 <lunaticc0> aeperezt, great
23:29:41 <rosset> lvaz, great, gabriel will not be to able attend FISL this year, right?
23:29:44 <itamar_> last year when we have approved candido (new contributor )  ticket, alot of people complained, inclusing sergio in his blog
23:29:44 <echevemaster> welcome aboard lunaticc0
23:29:52 <lunaticc0> mribeirodantas, now i'm
23:30:03 <itamar_> so this time I am going to let lvaz vote first.
23:30:18 <mribeirodantas> lunaticc0: You're supposed to publish it in your blog and add the feeds to Fedora Planet. If you don't have a blog, you're supposed to create one.
23:30:36 <lvaz> we need to bring him because he's helping to bootstrap community in Uruguay
23:30:37 <lvaz> it's also a cheap ticket
23:30:39 <rosset> lunaticc0, we'll help you if you need
23:30:48 <aeperezt> this tickets is 275 dls which is cheap for an international ticket
23:30:49 <lvaz> +1
23:31:04 <rosset> +1
23:31:06 <wolnei_> +1
23:31:07 <penasio> +1 for 206
23:31:08 <Danniel-Lara> +!
23:31:09 <itamar_> +1
23:31:09 <JuanCarlosLin> +1
23:31:11 <Danniel-Lara> +!
23:31:14 <echevemaster> +1
23:31:17 <yn1v> +1
23:31:26 <kusterjr> +1
23:31:28 <alexove> +1
23:31:32 <echevemaster> Danniel-Lara: what is that vote?
23:31:39 <mribeirodantas> I see the need of expanding Fedora to other countries, mostly in LATAM, so I'd definitely support taking you to a FUDCon or Flock, lunaticc0. But I don't see how letting one contributor out, and you in, will contribute for Fedora in Uruguay.
23:31:39 <echevemaster> +! or +1
23:31:42 <aeperezt> #agreed ticket 206 full sponsorship
23:31:55 <mribeirodantas> And you didn't fill the ticket about your submission
23:31:56 <mribeirodantas> So -1
23:31:59 <mribeirodantas> Don't take it personal, please.
23:32:41 <Danniel-Lara> echevemaster : sorry problem with keyboard
23:32:55 <rosset> Danniel-Lara is the guy that are helping lvaz in FISL organization right :)
23:32:59 <Danniel-Lara> +1
23:33:31 <echevemaster> Danniel-Lara: ok ;)
23:33:31 <aeperezt> lunaticc0, seems to me people is giving you a confidence vote so learn as much as you can and take this oportunity to learn a bit more about fedora and other groups within it
23:33:43 <mribeirodantas> aeperezt: +1
23:33:56 <echevemaster> I'm sure that lunaticc0 will be take this opportunity for learn
23:34:02 <echevemaster> we trust on you .....
23:34:05 <mribeirodantas> It hasn't been that easy for other beginners, lunaticc0. Last year, we had a fight because of a similar situation
23:34:12 <lvaz> ticket 206 was raised on March 7 (after the call for papers end)
23:34:15 <aeperezt> so since I like echevemaster and lunaticc0 is knew echevemaster  and lvas will be his mentor into Fedora
23:34:32 <mribeirodantas> echevemaster: do you know him?
23:34:32 <echevemaster> o>
23:34:43 <echevemaster> mribeirodantas: yes. by email
23:34:43 <mribeirodantas> I trust echevemaster.
23:34:48 <mribeirodantas> Hm.. I see.
23:34:53 <mribeirodantas> well, that's it, right guys?
23:35:10 <rosset> let's vote other tickets? or we'll wait for next week?
23:35:44 <aeperezt> ok we sponsor 1201
23:35:56 <echevemaster> 1201?
23:36:00 <rosset> USD
23:36:08 <aeperezt> dls
23:36:18 <echevemaster> ahhhhh ok
23:36:58 <apahim> sorry. missed that one (206). +1 for the record. don't see how is it different from 208 anyway.
23:38:10 <itamar_> next ?
23:38:11 <lvaz> apahim: a guy from uruguay which is helping us to bootstrap the community there
23:38:12 <apahim> lunaticc0, congrats.. I'm sure you will rock over there ;)
23:38:18 <aeperezt> ok
23:38:31 <aeperezt> we review other tickets next week
23:38:32 <lunaticc0> really thanks for your support
23:38:34 <kovalevsky> .fas sophiekovalevsky
23:38:35 <zodbot> kovalevsky: sophiekovalevsky '' <kiarakovalevsky@gmail.com>
23:38:44 <aeperezt> so we hope I have anwser about budget
23:38:46 <kovalevsky> Kiara Navarro from Panama.
23:38:49 <mribeirodantas> aeperezt: ok.
23:38:50 <apahim> lvaz, nice
23:38:57 <lunaticc0> I promise not to disappoint anyone
23:38:58 <rosset> apahim, another thing #208 is about 561 dls x 275 dls from #206
23:39:07 <echevemaster> apahim: difference, we need people from countries that we have not presence
23:39:18 <JuanCarlosLin> Here me!!!!
23:39:31 <JuanCarlosLin> Dont forget me !!!
23:39:45 <apahim> got it guys
23:39:49 <lvaz> JuanCarlosLin: go ahead
23:40:04 <apahim> let's move ahead.
23:40:12 <JuanCarlosLin> Will collect from you guys promise to help Fedora in Paraguya
23:40:19 <JuanCarlosLin> next meeting
23:40:45 <lvaz> JuanCarlosLin: certainly
23:40:55 <aeperezt> #topic Open Floor
23:41:05 <aeperezt> Any other subject people
23:41:12 <rosset> JuanCarlosLin, I'm +1 on promote this kind of event :)
23:41:16 <alexove> !
23:41:33 <aeperezt> alexove, go ahead
23:41:39 <alexove> in spanish:
23:42:05 <rosset> JuanCarlosLin, I'm glad to see that you're working to bring new contributors to other areas than ambassadors.
23:42:08 <mribeirodantas> echevemaster: if possible, translate it into English, please.
23:42:20 <aeperezt> alexove, ok
23:42:22 <alexove> Hace como hace dos semanas o más plantee la idea de hacer mentoring de tesis de pre-grado
23:42:26 <JuanCarlosLin> thank rosset
23:42:37 <rosset> JuanCarlosLin, talk is cheap, show me the code ;)
23:42:45 <rosset> \../
23:42:59 <alexove> como proyecto de Latam para tomar mayor protagonismo dentro de la comunidad Fedora
23:43:19 <JuanCarlosLin> yes,
23:43:31 <echevemaster> Since two weeks ago, I have the idea of mentoring pre-grade works
23:43:53 <echevemaster> as latam project for growing on the fedora community.
23:43:56 <kovalevsky> what do you mean with undergradaute research?
23:43:58 <JuanCarlosLin> Nice I got same idea
23:44:09 <kovalevsky> alexove,
23:44:20 <alexove> quisiera que los participantes en GSoC puedan compartir sus experiencias por correo electronico  a la lista
23:44:43 <echevemaster> i would like that GOSC participants can share their experience by email to the list
23:45:04 <alexove> para saber como podemos llevar este proceso
23:45:24 <echevemaster> for know we can manage that process
23:45:41 <echevemaster> alexove: ok, i can do a walkthrought
23:45:50 <alexove> a parte de esto hay un problema legal (al menos en Peru) sobre la propiedad Intelectual de las Universidades sobre las Tesis (documento y productos) al menos por dos años
23:46:52 <echevemaster> also there are a legal issue (at least ikn peru) about the coopyright of the universities on the work grade (document and products) at least for two years of copyright
23:47:15 <alexove> quiza sea necesario buscar un convenio (en terminos legales) para que las universidades puedan ceder al dominio publico estas tesis
23:47:17 <echevemaster> alexove: that problem exists in many universities of latinamerica
23:48:10 <echevemaster> maybe we need search an agreement (in legal terms) for universties can give status "domain public" about that grade work
23:48:15 <yn1v> People I have to leave
23:48:32 <yn1v> we are over the time
23:48:34 <yn1v> by
23:48:37 <yn1v> bye
23:48:37 <rosset> yn1v, cya
23:48:41 <mribeirodantas> bye.
23:49:03 <echevemaster> alexove: that agreement exists, its called  Safe Creative
23:49:19 <mribeirodantas> In Brazil, it is a bit different
23:49:20 <alexove> en este caso tenemos que trabajar tambien en esta area (legal) aparte de la parte tecnica y academica
23:49:30 <echevemaster> #link http://www.safecreative.org/
23:49:42 <mribeirodantas> Softwares developed at public universities may be shared in the "public software" web portal
23:50:06 <mribeirodantas> They're free software, though it seems they're shown as in the public domain
23:50:24 <alexove> echevemaster: En todo caso deberia buscarse un acuerdo donde la universidad adopte algun tipo de licenciamiento que permita liberar las tesis
23:50:36 <echevemaster> alexove: it is right
23:50:49 <echevemaster> please communicate with safe creative
23:51:03 <echevemaster> they have attourneys disposal to that
23:51:16 <alexove> espero sus aportes respecto a GSoC para esbozar un proceso similar de seleccion de proyectos
23:51:25 <echevemaster> ok alexove
23:51:40 <alexove> y con ese esbozo se puedan buscar citas con los decanos y autoridades de las universidades para viabilizar esto
23:52:09 <alexove> tambien se puedne buscar tesistas en Institutos tecnicos privados o publicos mientras las universidades se suman a esto
23:52:23 <echevemaster> alexove: lo m�s importante es hacer contacto
23:52:31 <echevemaster> con una entidad legal internacional
23:52:42 <echevemaster> para poder tratar esto con universidades peruanas
23:52:58 <echevemaster> y obviamente elevarlo al gobierno tambien
23:53:19 <echevemaster> y eso se hace con comunidades de acad�micos
23:53:40 <echevemaster> por desgracia jam�s tomar�n en cuenta "a personas de software libre"
23:53:44 <alexove> al menos en Peru, las universidades pueden unirse siempre en cuando exista un acuerdo, por ejemplo en el consejo universitario (Estudiantes de tercio superior, Docentes y otras autoridades) sino todo se prolongaria demasiado
23:53:47 <echevemaster> asi que debes convencer primeroa  los academicos
23:54:12 <echevemaster> entonces, tienes que hacer un borrador extenso, sobre todolo bueno que traeria eso para tu pais
23:54:18 <echevemaster> y presentarlo a la comunidad
23:54:29 <aeperezt> creo que eso lo pueden discutir fuera de la reunion
23:54:33 <echevemaster> lo bueno es que tienes a tu disposicion a toda la comunidad de peru
23:54:34 <aeperezt> hay algun otro tema
23:54:35 <echevemaster> ok
23:54:35 <mribeirodantas> True.
23:54:36 <echevemaster> aeperezt:
23:54:50 <aeperezt> any other topic
23:54:55 <echevemaster> any
23:54:58 <alexove> gracias echevemaster y aeperezt
23:55:01 <JuanCarlosLin> need help
23:55:08 <aeperezt> JuanCarlosLin, que necesitas
23:55:10 <JuanCarlosLin> for recruiting process
23:55:20 <mribeirodantas> Thank you all for coming tonight. See you next Wednesday
23:55:23 <mribeirodantas> Have a good night.
23:55:30 <echevemaster> aeperezt: thanks for chairing
23:55:30 <JuanCarlosLin> need guides to organize that  inside a university
23:55:31 * alexove tiene que ir a clases
23:55:34 <aeperezt> JuanCarlosLin, explicame que quieres hacer
23:55:41 <alexove> See you guys :-)
23:55:47 <kusterjr> bye guys goodnight
23:55:53 <rosset> kusterjr, cya
23:55:57 <JuanCarlosLin> tengo idea de reclutar  dentro de universidades publicas
23:56:07 * apahim leaving
23:56:10 <JuanCarlosLin> traduccion y package por el momento
23:56:18 <JuanCarlosLin> meta de 5
23:56:19 <aeperezt> JuanCarlosLin, a ok
23:56:21 <apahim> cya guys
23:56:26 <rosset> apahim, cya
23:56:28 <aeperezt> echevemaster, puedes ayudar a JuanCarlosLin
23:56:33 <JuanCarlosLin> ya abri un ticket para ser votado, pero, necesito si hay guias para eso
23:56:49 <aeperezt> JuanCarlosLin, que numero de ticket
23:56:57 <JuanCarlosLin> o experiencias buenas y malas para aprender
23:57:03 <aeperezt> JuanCarlosLin, ok
23:57:18 <JuanCarlosLin> #211
23:57:19 <rosset> aeperezt, #211
23:57:22 <aeperezt> JuanCarlosLin, deja cierro la reunion y seguimos en el cannal de latam
23:57:37 <aeperezt> thanks rosset
23:57:39 <JuanCarlosLin> ok, podemos tocar ese tema el proximo miercoles
23:57:55 <aeperezt> JuanCarlosLin, yeap lo pongo para el meeting
23:58:04 <JuanCarlosLin> ok, gracias
23:58:26 <aeperezt> JuanCarlosLin, listo
23:58:28 <aeperezt> gracias
23:58:31 <aeperezt> #endmeeting