22:31:21 <lbazan> #startmeeting
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22:31:54 * mribeirodantas Brazil
22:31:54 <lbazan> #chair alexove aeperezt mribeirodantas
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22:31:59 <alexove> .fas alexove
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22:32:06 * alexove = Peru
22:32:14 <lbazan> roolcall
22:32:15 * rosset Brazil
22:32:43 <lbazan> .fas lbazan
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22:32:50 <bernardoha> bernardoha Perú
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22:32:52 * lbazan Panama
22:33:30 <lbazan> ok
22:33:40 <lbazan> first topic
22:34:08 <lbazan> #chair echevemaster
22:34:08 <zodbot> Current chairs: aeperezt alexove echevemaster lbazan mribeirodantas
22:34:34 * lobocode Brazil too
22:35:04 <echevemaster> .fas echevemaster
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22:35:06 * echevemaster Venezuela
22:35:08 <echevemaster> a bit busy, i'll try to follow the meeting.
22:35:14 <lbazan> echevemaster: ok
22:35:18 <mribeirodantas> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-latam/query?keywords=~meeting&status=assigned&status=new&status=reopened&report=9&order=priority&col=id&col=summary&col=status&col=owner&col=type&col=priority&col=component&col=amount meeting agenda
22:35:19 <lbazan> alexove mribeirodantas tickets?
22:35:26 <lbazan> mribeirodantas: tks
22:35:50 <mribeirodantas> It seems to me there are no tickets regarding FISL. It is important to remember our fellow ambassadors of the e-mail Leonardo Vaz sent to the mailing list
22:36:02 <lbazan> mribeirodantas: take the first ticket to start
22:36:04 <mribeirodantas> The deadline for tickets requesting budget for traveling/hosting is due a day before next meeting.
22:36:12 <lbazan> please!
22:36:14 <lbazan> :-)
22:36:31 <echevemaster> there are tickets for FISL
22:36:42 <mribeirodantas> echevemaster: really?
22:36:47 <echevemaster> them not appears in the report, i don't know why
22:36:47 <lbazan> echevemaster: no lo veo
22:36:50 <lbazan> creo que cargo mal
22:36:52 <mribeirodantas> Then they forgot the keyword echevemaster
22:36:54 <echevemaster> yes. there are.
22:36:54 <asoliard> hi!
22:36:59 <mribeirodantas> The meeting keyword.
22:37:01 <asoliard> sorry, I'm late
22:37:07 <asoliard> .fas asoliard
22:37:07 <zodbot> asoliard: asoliard 'Soliard, Adrian D.' <a.soliard@gmail.com>
22:37:07 <lbazan> mribeirodantas: you can put the meeting key..
22:37:09 <lbazan> please
22:37:09 <mribeirodantas> asoliard: welcome :-)
22:37:21 <asoliard> o/
22:37:24 <mribeirodantas> echevemaster: could you # link us the tickets?
22:37:33 <mribeirodantas> So that we can add the meeting keyword plus evaluate the request?
22:37:40 <rosset> the tickets for FISL should be discussed in next meeting
22:37:41 <echevemaster> tickets 201 to 208
22:37:46 <lbazan> echevemaster: ok
22:37:54 <echevemaster> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-latam/ticket/201
22:37:56 <mribeirodantas> rosset: ok. Then let's at least add the keyword
22:37:57 <echevemaster> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-latam/ticket/202
22:37:58 <echevemaster> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-latam/ticket/203
22:38:00 <echevemaster> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-latam/ticket/204
22:38:02 <echevemaster> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-latam/ticket/205
22:38:04 <echevemaster> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-latam/ticket/206
22:38:06 <echevemaster> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-latam/ticket/207
22:38:08 <echevemaster> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-latam/ticket/208
22:38:09 <danielbruno> hello
22:38:13 <lbazan> danielbruno: saludos
22:38:13 <mribeirodantas> :o 8 requests?
22:38:14 <danielbruno> .fas dbruno
22:38:15 <zodbot> danielbruno: dbruno 'Daniel Bruno' <danielbrunos@gmail.com>
22:38:28 <echevemaster> yeah, are eight.
22:38:39 <rosset> for while, the deadline is next week
22:38:39 <danielbruno> lbazan, saludos a-r-m
22:39:01 <mribeirodantas> Funny that most of it are from foreigners. Nice.
22:39:24 <echevemaster> but it's right them don't have the "meeting" flag
22:39:57 <lbazan> echevemaster: when is the dead line
22:40:16 <lbazan> next week .. when?
22:40:25 <echevemaster> march 19th
22:40:52 <echevemaster> i think
22:41:18 <asoliard> lbazan, why you change your nick? hahaha...
22:42:36 <lbazan> echevemaster: la revisión de estos tickets cuando tenía quer ser?
22:42:39 <lbazan> hoy?
22:42:44 <lobocode> .fas lobocode
22:42:45 <zodbot> lobocode: lobocode 'Vitor Lobo Ramos' <lobocode@gmail.com>
22:43:36 <lbazan> echevemaster mribeirodantas alexove veamos los tickets mas simples de primero y seguimos con los de fisl?
22:43:55 <lbazan> que opinan?
22:43:59 <alexove> lbazan +1
22:44:24 <alexove> es más creo que podemos terminar temprano porque aun falta tiempo para el deadline
22:44:31 <lbazan> alexove: ok
22:44:52 <bernardoha> bueno...
22:44:57 <echevemaster> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-latam/report/9/
22:45:12 <lbazan> echevemaster: tks
22:45:15 <lbazan> lvaz: hi
22:45:18 <echevemaster> here you go, the updated list of tickets. including fisl
22:45:25 <lvaz> .fas lmvaz
22:45:25 <zodbot> lvaz: lmvaz 'Leonardo Menezes Vaz' <leonardo.vaz@gmail.com> - leonardovaz 'Leonardo Vaz' <lmvaz@tchelinux.org>
22:45:32 * lvaz Brazil
22:45:47 <echevemaster> lvaz: o/ bro.-
22:46:03 <mribeirodantas> I was disconnected. My message to alexove reached the channel?
22:46:10 <lbazan> lvaz: you can check the ticket for fisl today? or in the next meeting (deadline)
22:46:19 <echevemaster> no, no reached. mribeirodantas
22:46:37 <mribeirodantas> 19:40 < mribeirodantas> Well, yv1n is not here. Most remaining tickets are owned by him
22:46:43 <mribeirodantas> 19:40 < mribeirodantas> Is there still anything to discuss on ticket #198, alexove?
22:46:45 <lbazan> mribeirodantas: ok
22:47:31 <echevemaster> mribeirodantas: the ticket are automatically asigned to neville because he is the Latam POC
22:47:34 <alexove> gracias mribeirodantas, esperaremos hasta abril para ver la disponibilidad de presupuesto
22:47:41 <lbazan> mribeirodantas: tks!
22:47:55 <lbazan> ok
22:48:04 <lbazan> #topic FISL tickets
22:48:06 <echevemaster> april? when is the budget approved?
22:48:15 <itamar_> I think we should put all fisl tickets in a google-docs table.
22:48:18 <lbazan> echevemaster: ynv1 have this information
22:48:26 <lobocode> rural areas....good idea o.o
22:48:28 <lbazan> itamar_: +1
22:48:34 <lbazan> itamar_: == Fudcon
22:48:39 <lbazan> lvaz: ping
22:48:54 <mribeirodantas> echevemaster: thank you.
22:49:01 <echevemaster> i think that I could put an instance of flock-registration for assign the tickets.
22:49:12 <echevemaster> what do you think?
22:49:19 <lbazan> echevemaster: good idea!
22:49:33 <lbazan> echevemaster: cuanto tiempo demorarías para esto?
22:49:38 <kusterjr2> .fas kusterjr
22:49:38 <zodbot> kusterjr2: kusterjr 'Geraldo Antonio Kuster Junior' <geraldojr@geraldokuster.com.br>
22:49:45 <kusterjr2> sorry i late
22:49:50 <echevemaster> 30, 40 minutes lbazan ;)
22:50:13 <echevemaster> put me the action. lbazan
22:50:30 <mribeirodantas> well, my connection is quite unstable in here. I will try to catch up once the log is sent to the mailing list :/
22:50:39 <lbazan> #action echevemaster create an instance == flock-registration to assign the tickets
22:50:56 <echevemaster> ok, you forgot the sudo, lbazan
22:50:59 <echevemaster> hahaha.
22:51:00 <rosset> guys, about FISL tickets, I'll suggest to approve the tickets by the money spent in each one, so with less money we'll be able to have more guys representing Fedora in FISL
22:51:49 <echevemaster> well, we need for one part to neville, that have information about the budget.
22:51:51 <itamar_> rosset, to make ease to view the ticket I recommend to create a google docs spreadsheet with all of them
22:52:04 <rosset> and of course, checking whether or not should help the user, based on her involvement in the project (not only ambass, but all other Fedora related things)
22:52:14 <lobocode> https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-latam/ticket/154 I so think .... what to do with the ambassadors inactive for years, nay, decades?
22:52:25 <rosset> itamar_, yeah, it should be fine and easy
22:52:31 <echevemaster> itamar_: i will do an instance of flock registration for them.
22:52:33 <echevemaster> ok.
22:52:59 <echevemaster> se the action above.
22:53:20 <lbazan> #chair itamar_
22:53:20 <zodbot> Current chairs: aeperezt alexove echevemaster itamar_ lbazan mribeirodantas
22:53:28 <lbazan> #chair lvaz
22:53:28 <zodbot> Current chairs: aeperezt alexove echevemaster itamar_ lbazan lvaz mribeirodantas
22:53:57 <echevemaster> lbazan: i'm a bit concerned about if the budget is approved or not.
22:54:09 <lbazan> echevemaster: I don't have that information
22:54:10 <lbazan> :(
22:54:14 <echevemaster> because we have to have that information for assign the tickets.
22:54:30 <echevemaster> if not, nevermid what we talking here about the tickets.
22:54:43 <lbazan> echevemaster: +1
22:54:46 <lbazan> señores
22:54:58 <echevemaster> s/nevermid/nevermind
22:55:14 <lbazan> ynv1 have the information about the budget
22:55:20 <lbazan> Neville Cross
22:55:26 <lbazan> echevemaster: or aeperezt
22:55:40 <lbazan> aeperezt: now its busy..
22:55:45 <lbazan> ?
22:55:57 <echevemaster> i recommend put the action of ask to aeperezt or y1nv about the budget and the next meeting, talking about that.
22:55:58 <lbazan> echevemaster: sin esa información no podemos proceder con estos tickets
22:56:10 <rosset> guys, can you please follow the agenda, the FISL tickets are not priority today, but in next meeting (when the deadline is reached too) IMO
22:56:32 <echevemaster> lbazan: follow rosset advice, please.
22:56:33 <rosset> echevemaster, lbazan great +1
22:56:40 <lvaz> rosset: +1
22:56:46 <lbazan> #action aeperezt or y1nv give the information about the budget in the next meeting or maillist
22:56:57 <echevemaster> please next topic.
22:56:59 <rosset> lbazan, great, thanks.
22:57:04 <lbazan> ok next topic
22:57:10 <alexove> da tiempo para que todos podamos poner el costo de los boletos de avion y demas costos
22:57:16 <lbazan> alexove: ok
22:57:20 <echevemaster> alexove: that is the idea.
22:57:45 <lbazan> ticket 192
22:58:05 <lbazan> ?
22:58:09 <echevemaster> that ticket was approved for yn1v
22:58:12 <lbazan> echevemaster: ok
22:58:36 <echevemaster> but, when the budget are available, they proceed to reimburse.
22:58:42 <lbazan> echevemaster: ok
22:58:54 <lbazan> tenemos algun topic que yo me este saltando
22:58:55 <lbazan> ...
22:58:56 <lbazan> ?
22:59:07 <fabriciojr> .fas fabriciojr
22:59:07 <zodbot> fabriciojr: fabriciojr 'Fabricio Darosci Junior' <fabriciodaroscijr@gmail.com>
22:59:31 <echevemaster> if is about money, we can't
22:59:34 <echevemaster> :(
22:59:40 <lbazan> echevemaster: :(
22:59:44 <lbazan> echevemaster: openfloor?
22:59:47 <lbazan> openfloor
22:59:48 <lbazan> ?
22:59:57 <echevemaster> #topic openfloor
23:00:04 <lbazan> algun anuncio?
23:00:12 <echevemaster> any announcements. or something?
23:00:22 <bernardoha> !
23:00:29 <echevemaster> bernardoha: go ahead.
23:00:30 <lbazan> bernardoha: go ahead!
23:00:36 <echevemaster> if you want in spanish
23:00:44 <bernardoha> Hola amigos fedoreanos
23:00:53 <echevemaster> Hi fedorians folks.
23:01:05 * lbazan subtitulos activados!
23:01:06 <bernardoha> vamos avanzando aqui  la coordinacion de flisol peru
23:01:14 <bernardoha> flisol.pe
23:01:30 <echevemaster> let's advance here witth flisol cordination peru
23:01:55 <bernardoha> habíamos solicitado un ticket pero, creo q hasta abril
23:02:06 <bernardoha> hay que esperar por el tema de presupuesto...
23:02:24 <itamar_> I have to go, bye
23:02:28 <echevemaster> we applied for a ticket, but i think to until april
23:02:35 <asoliard> bye, itamar_
23:02:39 <echevemaster> we have to hope for the budget topic
23:02:43 <echevemaster> itamar_: bye.
23:02:51 <echevemaster> ok bernardoha what is your ticket.
23:03:13 <echevemaster> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-latam/ticket/198
23:03:23 <echevemaster> please put in the ticket what you need.
23:03:25 <echevemaster> amount.
23:03:27 <bernardoha> esa es..
23:03:28 <echevemaster> bernardoha:
23:03:44 <bernardoha> seran un aproximado 18 ciudades...
23:04:01 <lbazan> ok
23:04:03 <bernardoha> y una necesidad de contar con materiales para las sedes...
23:04:20 <echevemaster> yes bernardoha but you have to put the quantity in the ticket.
23:04:25 <lbazan> bernardoha: 1.7K
23:04:43 <echevemaster> so, put in the ticket bernardoha
23:04:43 <lbazan> 1.725,91 USD
23:04:47 <lbazan> echevemaster:
23:05:06 <echevemaster> obviously, if that quantity is appproved in the budget.
23:05:13 <bernardoha> si esta el monto...
23:05:17 <lbazan> echevemaster: +1
23:05:19 <echevemaster> remember that budget draf is a wishlitst
23:05:25 <echevemaster> draft*
23:05:32 <lbazan> bernardoha: si el monto esta aprobado eso procede sin problemas
23:05:37 <bernardoha> algunos costos ya estamos asumiendo con aouspiciadores locales
23:05:46 <lbazan> bernardoha: tenemos que esperar que pasen la info del budget
23:05:46 <bernardoha> genial...
23:05:50 <echevemaster> excellent
23:05:54 <bernardoha> esperamos que sea asi entonces..
23:05:58 <lbazan> bernardoha: eso estaba en el draft del budget que se paso
23:06:00 <lbazan> ?
23:06:00 <bernardoha> bien...
23:06:07 <bernardoha> otro detalles
23:06:14 <bernardoha> otro detalle..
23:06:22 <echevemaster> bernardoha: another detail.
23:06:26 <alexove> En todo caso actualizaremos el costo cuando llegue el momento, hasta ese momento pueden haber sponsors y el monto requerido seria menor
23:06:37 <bernardoha> los contactare a Uds... con los coordinadores de  las sedes
23:06:38 <lbazan> mmmm
23:06:50 <bernardoha> para una video charla
23:06:50 <lbazan> alexove: ok
23:06:58 <lbazan> alexove: en el draft veo 300.00
23:07:06 <echevemaster> in the case, when the moment arrive, the cost will be updated, we have sponsors, and the required amount will be minor.
23:07:21 <alexove> pensamos unir los presupuesto de Peru para flisol
23:07:25 <lbazan> alexove: esperemos que podamos tener la cantidad necesaria para ustedes
23:07:32 <bernardoha> genial...
23:07:33 <lbazan> alexove bernardoha ya tiene como recibir dinero?
23:07:34 <alexove> Bernardo=300, Tonet=300, Alex=300
23:07:44 <alexove> Yo si tengo :-)
23:07:44 <bernardoha> sip..
23:07:51 <bernardoha> ya estamos viendo ese asunto..
23:07:56 <lbazan> alexove: solo veo 1
23:07:58 <bernardoha> de como recibir dimero..
23:07:59 <lbazan> no veo 3
23:08:02 <lbazan> en el draft
23:08:08 <lbazan> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/LATAM/Budget_2015
23:08:11 <echevemaster> alexove: the amounts are dispersed for each city on the draft.?
23:08:13 <lbazan> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/LATAM/Budget_2015
23:08:27 <bernardoha> Lima, Cusco y Puno
23:08:42 <alexove> Paypal hizo un convenio con un banco peruano y podemos retirar efectivo desde ahi :-)
23:08:50 <bernardoha> y justo la coordinacion nacional estamos tomando los embajadores de las 3 ciudades
23:08:53 <lbazan> veo 2
23:08:56 <lbazan> alexove y bernardoha
23:09:10 <echevemaster> there are three lbazan
23:09:12 <lbazan> ya encontre el tercero
23:09:17 <lbazan> echevemaster: yep sorry
23:09:31 <bernardoha> si esta...
23:09:40 <lvaz> bernardoha: don't forget Urcos o/
23:09:41 <alexove> echevemaster: al momento de hacer el draft no teniamos pensado asumir la coordinacion nacional de FLISOL y ahora hemos decidido sumar nuestros pedidos para poder proveer de material a las 18 sedes a nivel del Peru
23:09:42 <echevemaster> yes, alexove is the most important, he just wrote Flisol
23:09:52 <bernardoha> ok lvaz
23:09:58 <lbazan> alexove: excelente
23:10:07 <lbazan> lvaz: saludos!
23:10:08 <echevemaster> UUUrcones...
23:10:13 <lbazan> lvaz: busy?
23:10:15 <echevemaster> lvaz: +100
23:10:20 <alexove> Urqueños
23:10:21 <lbazan> :)))
23:10:35 <lbazan> alexove: ok algo adicional que agregar?
23:10:37 <lbazan> bernardoha:
23:10:37 <lbazan> ?
23:10:38 <echevemaster> lbazan: lvaz is a droid, do the correct questions.
23:10:45 <lbazan> echevemaster: hahahaha
23:10:46 <lbazan> ok
23:10:56 <bernardoha> dime lbazan
23:11:00 <lbazan> algo mas que agregar a esta reunión?
23:11:07 <lbazan> alguien mas
23:11:10 <bernardoha> creo que todo por ahora
23:11:12 <alexove> por mi parte es todo
23:11:14 <lbazan> para terminar el meeting
23:11:23 <lbazan> #endmeeting