22:31:07 <yn1v> #startmeeting LATAM MEETING 2014 03 05
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22:31:14 <echevemaster> .fas echevemaster
22:31:15 <zodbot> echevemaster: echevemaster 'Eduardo Javier Echeverria Alvarado' <echevemaster@gmail.com>
22:31:27 * echevemaster Venezuela.-
22:31:47 <williamjmorenor> .fas williamjmorenor
22:31:50 <zodbot> williamjmorenor: williamjmorenor 'William Moreno' <williamjmorenor@gmail.com>
22:31:51 <yn1v> #chair echevemaster williamjmorenor aeperezt
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22:31:56 <douglax> .fas douglax
22:31:57 <zodbot> douglax: aacosta 'Alejandro Acosta' <alxacostaa@gmail.com>
22:32:01 <douglax> México
22:32:24 <williamjmorenor> Nicaragua
22:32:40 <lvaz> .fas lmvaz
22:32:41 <zodbot> lvaz: lmvaz 'Leonardo Menezes Vaz' <leonardo.vaz@gmail.com> - leonardovaz 'Leonardo Vaz' <lmvaz@tchelinux.org>
22:32:48 <aeperezt> .fas aeperezt
22:32:52 <zodbot> aeperezt: aeperezt 'Alejandro Perez' <alejandro.perez.torres@gmail.com>
22:32:57 * lvaz Brazil
22:33:31 * aeperezt Panamá
22:33:44 <yn1v> #topic rollcall
22:33:52 <yn1v> .fas yn1v
22:33:52 <zodbot> yn1v: yn1v 'Neville A. Cross' <yn1v@taygon.com>
22:34:21 * yn1v phonecall
22:34:52 <echevemaster> yograterol, me and others, we are doing a tool for manage mongodb backups on the clouds. (some files storages) aws, swift openstack and so on
22:35:01 <echevemaster> the tools is named zoort.
22:35:12 <echevemaster> #link https://github.com/yograterol/zoort
22:35:12 * yn1v is back
22:35:24 <echevemaster> #link https://pypi.python.org/pypi/zoort/0.1.8
22:35:33 <yn1v> anyone else needs chair?
22:35:42 <echevemaster> please, if you can test, or contribute for the project, you're welcomed.
22:35:45 <rino> ahora si
22:35:50 <rino> .fas villadalmine
22:35:53 <zodbot> rino: villadalmine 'Rino Rondan' <villadalmine@gmail.com>
22:35:56 <yn1v> #chair rino
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22:36:35 <echevemaster> soon will be packaged for fedora..-
22:37:40 <echevemaster> so, what is the next topic
22:37:41 <echevemaster> ?
22:37:42 <yn1v> okey, I found the meeting agenda
22:37:49 <yn1v> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-latam/report/9
22:39:40 <rino> ehh!!
22:39:42 <yn1v> anyone wants to start with a particular ticket?
22:40:19 <williamjmorenor> there is any new about budget 2015?
22:40:33 <yn1v> williamjmorenor, not so far :(
22:40:36 <aeperezt> williamjmorenor, no
22:41:04 <williamjmorenor> :(
22:41:09 <aeperezt> the budget has not been approve yeat
22:41:28 <echevemaster> so, when will be announced? we can assign budget for events or not?
22:41:41 <williamjmorenor> +1
22:41:41 <aeperezt> so all tickets related to spending money have to wait since we don't know what can we spend
22:41:43 <yn1v> I think that with no budget we can't really look at ticket #198
22:41:44 <rino> y si quisiera algo para el flisol aca en argentina?¡
22:42:07 <rino> so i can not make any ticket for flisol on April ?
22:42:28 <yn1v> rino, tenes que proponer el ticket
22:42:32 <aeperezt> rino please created a ticket with your request so we can considere as soon as we have budget
22:43:03 <williamjmorenor> rino you can open the ticket, but you will need to wait until the budget is aprovedd
22:43:48 <yn1v> aeperezt, I guess that will hit hard on open hardware day proposed on ticket #190
22:43:58 <rino> ok
22:44:11 <echevemaster> remember that the last meeting we talked about FISL, so, we let's move it for the next meeting? when we can open the tickets? yn1v
22:44:46 <aeperezt> yn1v, yeap it will hit my packet and see if we can get reimburse
22:45:23 <aeperezt> lvaz, how many people do we have interested on fisl?
22:45:23 <echevemaster> yograterol: welcome.
22:45:41 <yn1v> aeperezt, my pocket has been there
22:45:43 * lvaz checks
22:46:05 <aeperezt> lvaz, all interested need to fill tickets
22:46:21 <williamjmorenor> I have a ticket open
22:46:35 <lvaz> aeperezt: according the wiki there are 13 people going to FISL and 8 requesting funding
22:46:36 <yn1v> #chair lvaz
22:46:36 <zodbot> Current chairs: aeperezt echevemaster lvaz rino williamjmorenor yn1v
22:47:04 <yograterol> .fas yograterol
22:47:05 <yn1v> lvaz can you post the link for the log
22:47:05 <zodbot> yograterol: yograterol 'Yohan Graterol' <yohangraterol92@gmail.com>
22:47:09 <yograterol> thanks echevemaster
22:47:16 <aeperezt> lvaz, we need the tickets from them to start counting how much we need
22:47:19 <lvaz> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FISL15
22:47:20 <yograterol> I'm at the job. Sorry
22:47:30 <lvaz> yn1v: ^^^
22:47:59 <lvaz> aeperezt: gotta send an email to the mailing after this meeting requesting people to do it
22:48:11 <yn1v> lvaz, can you send a email on brazil list to request people to open tickets
22:48:22 <echevemaster> yeah, but as i understood. will we do a discussion here about the chosen talks. or first is the ticket
22:48:26 <yn1v> I am slow today !
22:48:31 <lvaz> this year we had people from Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela and Peru
22:48:53 <yn1v> I think we need both, tickets and talks
22:48:59 <echevemaster> yn1v: you aren't slow, the world goes in slow camera.
22:49:08 <lvaz> it's a good point,
22:49:21 <yn1v> we choose talks, but the cut off will be the budget allowance
22:49:24 <aeperezt> echevemaster, we need the tickets so we can evaluate the budget, and the talks will be value to see who goes
22:49:26 <lvaz> we need the talks approved
22:49:51 <williamjmorenor> and about #192?
22:49:51 <lvaz> but we also need to buy the flight tickets and book the hostel
22:50:25 <aeperezt> lvaz, right they can add sumary of the talks on the tickets so people can comment on them
22:50:27 <yn1v> I think that we will rank talks, and sponsor so many talks according to ranking until we run out of money
22:50:30 <echevemaster> ok aeperezt , so i missunderstand the process, sorry.
22:50:53 <lvaz> since Porto Alegre is close to Uruguay and Argentina I think we should focus out efforts to bring people from this countries
22:51:12 <lvaz> (cheaper tickets -> more people)
22:51:19 <yn1v> +1
22:51:28 <aeperezt> +1
22:51:34 <rino> +1 :)
22:51:42 <williamjmorenor> +1
22:51:54 <echevemaster> Fedora should buy an private airplane.
22:52:06 <echevemaster> +1 for argentinean people.
22:52:15 <lvaz> echevemaster: ABF
22:52:21 <rino> +1
22:52:29 <lvaz> "Aerolineas Bolivarianas de Fedora"
22:52:39 <rino> i want to live near lvaz and echevemaster !
22:52:54 <lvaz> :)
22:53:00 <aeperezt> ooo
22:53:07 <yn1v> We take turns? one week Nicaragua has the plane, next week panamá and so on?
22:53:17 <echevemaster> lvaz: LOL
22:53:43 <echevemaster> well, yn1v take the action. for logs.
22:53:54 <lvaz> yn1v aeperezt: what would be a deadline for the tickets?
22:53:55 <yn1v> echevemaster, there is no ticket for airplane, open one
22:54:58 <echevemaster> yn1v: :P
22:55:15 <echevemaster> yn1v: i mean the action for tickets call
22:55:17 <echevemaster> troll.
22:55:25 <yn1v> Not sure about deadline for ticktes, begining of april?
22:55:43 <echevemaster> #action, lvaz will send to the list, the open tickets call.
22:55:44 <yn1v> FISL tickets, I mean
22:56:23 <yn1v> deadline april 7th? anyone has a better idea?
22:56:25 <echevemaster> the deadline should in two weeks, I think.
22:56:32 <lvaz> too much time,
22:57:02 <yn1v> march 18th?
22:57:09 <echevemaster> lvaz: what date propose you?
22:57:12 <lvaz> until there we'll be able to bring one or two people with the budget
22:57:28 <lvaz> half or march is a reasonable time
22:57:58 <williamjmorenor> march 25th?
22:58:04 <echevemaster> please vote for the date.-
22:58:10 <rino> take about the prices of airplane
22:58:11 <lvaz> yn1v: 18th of march is ok, we'll probably have a meeting on March 19th
22:58:12 <echevemaster> march 25th.
22:58:16 <rino> every week it changes..
22:58:21 <lvaz> and we will vote for that
22:58:28 <rino> you need to buy it before..
22:58:39 <echevemaster> ok 18th. vote for the date.
22:58:49 <yn1v> so, we vote for march 18th as dead line for FISL tickets
22:58:57 <lvaz> rino: we depend on the CFP results
22:58:57 <echevemaster> remember the flight prices, every day up.
22:59:00 <williamjmorenor> well
22:59:25 <yn1v> echevemaster, without budget there is nothing we can do about prices
22:59:28 <rino> well just an estimated price.. at least maybe it move to +20%
22:59:34 <echevemaster> go up*
22:59:46 <echevemaster> yes i know.
22:59:49 <lvaz> it doesn't make any sense buying tickets in advance if we don't know who is going
22:59:56 <aeperezt> yn1v, we need to ask about budget on the next famsco meeting
22:59:59 <yn1v> as usual, we vote with estimated, and then we deal with real prices
23:00:05 <echevemaster> yes, lvaz.
23:00:40 <yn1v> so, we vote for march 18th as dead line for FISL tickets?
23:00:45 <echevemaster> +1
23:00:49 <lvaz> +1
23:00:51 <douglax> +1
23:00:53 <yn1v> +1
23:00:54 <williamjmorenor> +1
23:00:59 <aeperezt> +1
23:01:10 <rino> +1
23:01:17 <echevemaster> #action Deadline for FISL tickets is March 18th
23:01:33 <yn1v> #undo
23:01:33 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: ACTION by echevemaster at 23:01:17 : Deadline for FISL tickets is March 18th
23:01:42 <echevemaster> sorry.
23:01:43 <yn1v> #agreed dead line for fisl tickets march 18th
23:01:56 <yn1v> #action lvaz send email about dead line
23:01:58 <echevemaster> my fault about the command.
23:02:16 <yn1v> echevemaster, no problem
23:02:42 <yn1v> anything else related to fisl at this moment?
23:02:51 <echevemaster> from me not :)-
23:02:59 <rino> 100% completed
23:03:00 <lvaz> we're ok
23:03:03 <williamjmorenor> there is a badge proposed for flisol :)
23:03:17 <yn1v> so, williamjmorenor wanted to talk about a ticket
23:03:20 * lvaz is donating badges
23:03:22 <rino> yeahh i want to know it.. we have different cities in argentina to participate
23:03:29 <williamjmorenor> !
23:03:47 <yn1v> go ahead williamjmorenor
23:03:48 <echevemaster> fliso  in april
23:03:51 <echevemaster> 27.
23:04:10 <williamjmorenor> let finish about flisol
23:04:13 <yn1v> #chair wolnei
23:04:13 <zodbot> Current chairs: aeperezt echevemaster lvaz rino williamjmorenor wolnei yn1v
23:04:20 <williamjmorenor> this is the ticket
23:04:27 <wolnei> .fas wolnei
23:04:27 <zodbot> wolnei: wolnei '' <e@wolnei.com.br> - charged '' <e+charged@wolnei.com.br>
23:04:36 <williamjmorenor> for a badge for flisol
23:04:37 <williamjmorenor> https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-badges/ticket/238
23:05:15 <williamjmorenor> #topic Ticket 192
23:05:26 <williamjmorenor> Nicaraguan community
23:05:42 <williamjmorenor> in planning a packaging activity
23:05:54 <williamjmorenor> it will be a video conference with echevemaster
23:06:05 <williamjmorenor> mayorga open this ticket
23:06:06 <echevemaster> thanks for invite me :)
23:06:32 <williamjmorenor> echevemaster, than to you
23:06:58 <williamjmorenor> so the ticket is for drinks and foof
23:07:20 <williamjmorenor> in the Traslatation FAD we spend around US$ 80.00
23:07:34 <williamjmorenor> this event will cost lest than FAD
23:07:36 <williamjmorenor> EOF
23:07:38 <yn1v> $75
23:07:48 <williamjmorenor> thans yn1v
23:07:50 <williamjmorenor> :)
23:08:17 <williamjmorenor> and I mean food not "Foof" sorry :(
23:08:40 <yn1v> I was about to order two foof for me
23:09:24 <williamjmorenor> troll
23:09:29 <echevemaster> still there are money? I mean of last quarter?
23:09:47 <williamjmorenor> aeperezt, ?
23:10:10 <aeperezt> echevemaster, noo
23:10:18 <aeperezt> we are on new fiscal year now
23:10:39 <echevemaster> I said something bad?
23:10:45 <williamjmorenor> :(
23:10:47 <yn1v> williamjmorenor, the wiki show two days, it will be two days or only one?
23:10:47 <aeperezt> I think small amounts can be used but we need to verify it first with famsco
23:11:21 <yn1v> it is only one afternoon, am I right?
23:11:36 <williamjmorenor> yn1v,  I dont know, I need to ask mayorga, he made the wiki
23:11:58 <yn1v> march 1st is gone!
23:11:59 <williamjmorenor> yes it is only afternoon
23:12:19 <williamjmorenor> echevemaster, do you think than 1 day will be OK?
23:12:38 <yn1v> so, i think it will be some snacks and soda, that will be about $20 to $30
23:12:39 <echevemaster> yes, i think.
23:12:48 <williamjmorenor> OK
23:12:55 <echevemaster> sorry i remember that the resources of the last year can't be used. aeperezt
23:12:58 <yn1v> no pizza, because there will be no lunch
23:13:10 <williamjmorenor> it will be only 1 day, maybe US$ 20 or US$ 25
23:13:25 <williamjmorenor> +1
23:13:35 <echevemaster> +1
23:14:05 <yn1v> aeperezt, we put this on the same line as open hardware day? pay and see if it is reimbursed later?
23:14:39 <aeperezt> yn1v, yes it may be
23:15:50 <yn1v> well I'll take it, and see what happens later ... up to $30
23:16:17 <yn1v> it is okey with the public?
23:16:23 <echevemaster> from me +1
23:16:24 <williamjmorenor> +1
23:16:40 <douglax> +1
23:16:50 <aeperezt> +1
23:16:53 <rino> +1
23:17:01 <wolnei> +1
23:18:01 <yn1v> #agreed ticket 192 will be up to $30 pay up front by yn1v and we will wait about budget to see if it will be reimbursed
23:18:40 <williamjmorenor> ok
23:18:44 <yn1v> williamjmorenor, anything else on this?
23:18:45 <williamjmorenor> thanks
23:18:51 <williamjmorenor> no
23:18:58 <yn1v> next topic?
23:19:07 <williamjmorenor> ok
23:19:31 <echevemaster> i think that there aren't other topic
23:19:54 <yn1v> #action williamjmorenor will update wiki page and ticket to reflect time/date of the event and update the ticket about the budget
23:20:15 <yn1v> #topic open floor
23:20:51 <yn1v> anybody wants to share something?
23:21:56 <williamjmorenor> this book are very nice https://twitter.com/williamjmorenor/status/441321557328015361
23:22:25 <williamjmorenor> need some think to be update but the idea is cool
23:22:44 <echevemaster> it is cool make a digital version
23:22:53 <echevemaster> and share.-
23:22:58 <yn1v> At Managua, due our exploration for venues for FUDCon, we ended up with some activities at two universities. Both will fall under regular classes schedule, so students will have to sit in for our talks. So that's gong to happen soon
23:22:59 <echevemaster> from me not.- thanks for chairing, yn1v good meeting
23:23:30 <echevemaster> yn1v: excellent.-!
23:23:35 <aeperezt> yn1v, +1
23:23:40 <yn1v> s/ gong /going
23:23:40 <wolnei> Great
23:24:25 <yn1v> we may distribute booklets shown by williamjmorenor at those activities ... maybe
23:24:56 <williamjmorenor> i will update it
23:25:14 <yn1v> Any other comment?
23:25:26 <echevemaster> shutdown -t now
23:25:42 <echevemaster> :)
23:25:44 <rino> nooo
23:25:44 <yn1v> who's gonna send logs to mailing lists?
23:25:53 <rino> no salgan de la matrix
23:26:35 <aeperezt> yo voto por rino
23:26:43 <yn1v> yo tambien
23:26:58 <williamjmorenor> yo estoy y tengo hambre :)
23:27:06 <echevemaster> rino: send the logs.
23:27:12 <williamjmorenor> asi que salgo pronto :P
23:27:23 <yn1v> #action rino will send logs to mailing list
23:27:27 <echevemaster> decided, rino willl send the logs.
23:27:36 <echevemaster> it is democracy.
23:27:39 <williamjmorenor> jaja
23:28:17 <williamjmorenor> fedocracy :)
23:28:17 <yn1v> I saw many votes for rino
23:28:32 <echevemaster> well yn1v, i'm hungry, if rino not send, I will do.
23:29:04 <williamjmorenor> echevemaster, y yo queremos ir a comer, aca son las 5:30
23:29:14 <echevemaster> in name of the fedocracy.
23:29:21 <yn1v> let's go eat
23:29:22 <aeperezt> aca son las 5:30 hace hambre
23:29:31 <lvaz> :)
23:29:34 <aeperezt> ups 6:30
23:29:41 <echevemaster> here is 19:00
23:29:49 <yn1v> #topic fedocracy
23:30:01 <lvaz> 00:30 of tomorrow here
23:30:02 <rino> uhh colgue
23:30:12 <rino> como se envian echevemaster !
23:30:13 <williamjmorenor> this is funny
23:30:13 <echevemaster> rino: send the logs.
23:30:25 <echevemaster> copy and paste the results of bot
23:30:25 <yn1v> #endmeeting