22:30:41 <aeperezt> #startmeeting
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22:31:03 <aeperezt> #meeting_name Fedora Ambassadors Latam
22:31:13 <aeperezt> #topic rolcall
22:31:17 <LoKoMurdoK> .fas lbazan
22:31:18 <aeperezt> .fas aeperezt
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22:31:34 <LoKoMurdoK> Wol
22:31:43 <Wolnei> ;D
22:31:58 * LoKoMurdoK in cellphone
22:32:12 <kusterjr> .fas kusterjr
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22:32:19 * alexove too
22:32:29 <mribeirodantas> .fas mribeirodantas
22:32:30 * mribeirodantas Brazil
22:32:30 <zodbot> mribeirodantas: mribeirodantas 'Marcel Ribeiro Dantas' <ribeirodantasdm@gmail.com>
22:32:43 <TonetJallo> hello
22:32:46 * LoKoMurdoK Panama
22:32:53 * aeperezt Panama
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22:32:57 * alexove Perú
22:33:02 * mribeirodantas greets everybody
22:33:02 <mribeirodantas> :-)
22:33:07 <Crisvann> .fas crisvann
22:33:08 * TonetJallo Peru
22:33:08 <zodbot> Crisvann: crisvann '' <cristhian.vanessa.g@gmail.com>
22:33:16 <Crisvann> Nicaragua
22:33:16 <biker> .fas rugebiker
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22:33:18 <Wolnei> * Brazil
22:33:22 * biker Mexico Holanda
22:33:31 <LoKoMurdoK> biker: hahaha
22:33:43 <skytux> .fas skytux
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22:33:53 <skytux> :))
22:33:54 <biker> :p
22:34:00 <aeperezt> esa doble representación de biker me agrada
22:34:16 <biker> jajaja xD :$
22:34:20 <LoKoMurdoK> aeperezt: +1
22:34:23 <mribeirodantas> ahah
22:34:27 * skytux Argentina Brasil :))
22:34:43 <biker> ya no vivo en mexico,., pero sigo siendo orgullosamente latam :D
22:34:50 <aeperezt> biker, espero aprendas mucho de la comunidad de EMEA para que cuando estes de regreso nos enseñes
22:34:52 <aeperezt> jeje
22:35:03 <biker> sii :D
22:35:07 <biker> he aprendido varias cosas
22:35:19 <biker> de hecho estuve platicando mucho con lvaz sobre ciertos temas y diferencias entre ambas comunidades
22:35:22 <mribeirodantas> aeperezt: +1
22:35:34 <aeperezt> biker, es es lo bueno
22:35:45 <aeperezt> biker, excelente tenemos que charlar entonces jeje
22:36:04 <biker> cuando quieras aeperezt (: tengo varios puntos que quisiera platicar contigo jeje
22:36:05 <aeperezt> biker el otro dia andava ocupado y no lei tu mensaje lo siento
22:36:28 <LoKoMurdoK> Topic?
22:36:52 <aeperezt> LoKoMurdoK, revisa en los tikecks a ver si hay algo pendiente
22:36:56 * LoKoMurdoK buena suerte a los nominados
22:36:57 <biker> jeje ntp :)
22:36:58 <TonetJallo> si, cual es la agenfa?
22:37:00 <aeperezt> #topic anuncios
22:37:11 <LoKoMurdoK> aeperezt: estoy desde el cel
22:37:21 <aeperezt> ok
22:38:03 <aeperezt> El presupuesto de Latam paso la revision de Famsco y ahora va a RH para ver cuanto nos asigna
22:38:18 <aeperezt> esperamos que sea un poco mas que el año anterior
22:38:26 <aeperezt> alguien tiene otro anuncio
22:38:28 <mribeirodantas> _o/
22:38:30 <mribeirodantas> yay
22:38:42 <mribeirodantas> (it was a greeting, not asking for the word :-)
22:39:06 <aeperezt> ok
22:39:21 <aeperezt> no hay tickets para temas
22:39:31 <LoKoMurdoK> aeperezt: ok
22:39:32 <TonetJallo> creo q las ultimas reuniones son cortas no?
22:39:41 <aeperezt> pero voy a poner uno a discución
22:39:43 <TonetJallo> jeje
22:39:46 <aeperezt> #topic fisl
22:40:23 <aeperezt> este tema afecta mucho a la comunidad de Brasil así que me paso a Ingles
22:40:47 <aeperezt> As every year many people from Brasil will want to go to FISL
22:41:16 <aeperezt> we have planed the same budget as last year
22:42:02 <aeperezt> but since last year FISL generated frictions within Brazil community I think it will be best to set some parameters to get sponsor
22:42:44 <aeperezt> I'm assuming that RH will assign the same budget as last year
22:43:46 <aeperezt> Leo Vaz is the event owner
22:44:18 <aeperezt> We need to start filling the tickets for FISL to know how many people want to get sponsor
22:44:38 <aeperezt> we also need to set some dead line to request sponsorship
22:45:12 <LoKoMurdoK> aeperezt: create hito in latam trac and deadline
22:46:00 <aeperezt> and I like that all who want to get sponsor submit a talk and we need to form commite to evaluete the talks so we can qualify it best talks representing fedora
22:46:13 <aeperezt> will get more point or something to get sponsor
22:46:54 <aeperezt> since mribeirodantas is the only one from Brazil around I like you opinion
22:47:07 <aeperezt> and we also have to send this proposal to brazil list
22:47:27 <mribeirodantas> One second. Let me read it.
22:47:52 <aeperezt> the budget for FISL will be used on the first quarte we need to start working on this ASAP
22:48:18 <Wolnei> i am here too
22:48:52 <aeperezt> Wolnei, then please comment it please
22:48:55 <mribeirodantas> Ok, I have a few things regarding this topic. Actually, Itamar and Leo are owners of FISL. Someone "accidently" removed Itamar from the list. He got pissed off, messaged the person and it seems the person hasn't fixed it yet (You guys can check the history. He did it, and that's how he found out who removed his name). It all seemed like an accident
22:49:11 <aeperezt> any one else from Brasil please take the word on the matter
22:49:44 <mribeirodantas> Regarding FISL, though it's not seen as the best, it's the LARGEST event in LATAM. So for sure everybody wants to attend and contribute to make Fedora a nice community to contribute for possible contributors
22:50:16 <aeperezt> mribeirodantas, well in that case itamar and lvaz has the stongest voice about FISL
22:50:21 <kusterjr> mribeirodantas pode traduzir pro pessoal o que vou falar?
22:50:40 <mribeirodantas> That's why lots of people want to go, I think. Whatever.. I think your thoughts are alright, aeperezt. As I told you last year, we should really pay more attention for things like reports.
22:50:44 <mribeirodantas> kusterjr: claro.
22:50:49 <aeperezt> kusterjr, thanks
22:51:20 <biker> mribeirodantas: itamar is on the wiki right now
22:51:21 <biker> =/
22:51:23 <mribeirodantas> So we shouldn't keep endorsing someone who does not really bring feedback to Fedora, does not post reports, and so on. That's all I think. I believe we have enough budget for everybody, but maybe people show up out of a sudden because it's FISL so we'll have to wait.
22:51:27 <mribeirodantas> biker: great.
22:51:29 <kusterjr> Como falei no Release Party exsistem alguns embaixadores que trabalhão em grupos que não necessariamente apresentem palestras.
22:51:29 <aeperezt> mribeirodantas, if you can translate in here so translation get into the logs better
22:51:50 <mribeirodantas> kusterjr: quando você terminar, digita EOF que ai eu traduzo tudo de uma vez.
22:51:55 <mribeirodantas> aeperezt: I will.
22:52:20 <mribeirodantas> So if we happen to come to a situation where we have more people than budget available, I think we should at beforehand let everybody know that it's really important to vote consciously.
22:52:31 <mribeirodantas> eof. I will wait kusterjr finish, to translate it.
22:52:34 <biker> mribeirodantas: i really cant find in the history anything..
22:53:07 <mribeirodantas> When the meeting is over and I'm done with something here, I will show you, ok? :-)
22:53:13 <kusterjr> Certo, tem que ser avaliado essas pessoas que trabalham em grupos como o que trabalho que é o FreeMedia, grupos de edição web, essas pessoas tambem fazem o fedora acontecer e podem contribuir nos grupos la do evento.
22:53:14 <kusterjr> EOF
22:53:31 <mribeirodantas> biker: his name is not there. https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/LATAM/Budget_2015?rd=Ambassadors/LATAM/Budget_draft_2015
22:53:37 <mribeirodantas> Owner? Only the other guy.
22:53:47 <mribeirodantas> Ok, kusterjr is done. Here I go.
22:54:02 <aeperezt> mribeirodantas, I think the vote is a good thing but we also need to consider what talks are better and stablish some filters there we need to bring quality to this events
22:54:02 <biker> mribeirodantas: but in the official wiki he is there
22:54:21 <mribeirodantas> biker: great then :-). aeperezt didn't mention him, so I thought he wasn't
22:54:57 <aeperezt> mribeirodantas, yea
22:55:16 <mribeirodantas> (kusterjr) As we talked on the Release Party that was held a few weeks ago, there are lots of ways to contribute to Fedora. Therefore, one should not only consider talks when considering sponsorship for events. There are other teams that should also be sponsored, still acting as an ambassador. Such people can still contribute.
22:55:23 <aeperezt> Wolnei, what do you think
22:55:54 <mribeirodantas> I agree with kusterjr. But if it's a tight decision between a speaker and a non-speaker, I'm not sure what I'd do. Maybe I'd go for the speaker, it depends.
22:55:55 <aeperezt> please if you are not from Brazil you opinion still importan
22:55:56 <Wolnei> the problem on last years of FISL, is the level of lectures
22:56:39 <Wolnei> every year is worst because people vote on new, without search who is talking
22:57:01 <aeperezt> Wolnei, so you think pre selecting lectures will help
22:57:22 <Wolnei> no so much, is a lotery every year
22:57:39 <aeperezt> we can form some committe to review lectures and select best giving them priority to go to FISL
22:57:53 <Wolnei> we tried several types of approach
22:58:12 <Wolnei> and every year we see more lecutres from sponsers
22:58:14 <LoKoMurdoK> aeperezt: = flock?
22:58:19 <Wolnei> and last of good people
22:58:34 <LoKoMurdoK> Or fudcon?
22:59:14 <aeperezt> Wolnei, yes but the idea is quality lectures from the people representing fedora and that those lectures will be Fedora related
22:59:14 <LoKoMurdoK> Create ticket and the people select the talk
22:59:56 <Wolnei> i understant the idea, but FISL and people who voted
23:00:16 <mribeirodantas> Well, it's difficult to decide, aeperezt. You can't really evaluate something based on the theme only. But if we're evaluating talks, a must should be about Fedora or the Fedora ecossystem.
23:00:18 <aeperezt> this is an idea if someone had a better way please lets talk about it
23:00:21 <Wolnei> every time see something with Fedora releated or other distribution ignore
23:00:39 <Wolnei> if is now only new
23:00:40 <mribeirodantas> Wolnei: how come?
23:00:45 <Wolnei> like Fedora ARM
23:01:05 <Wolnei> is very dificult to see in the main rooms
23:01:16 <Wolnei> the initial lectures
23:01:33 <aeperezt> mribeirodantas, what I think is that they had to submit the talks so people or a commite can read them and evaluate
23:01:36 <Wolnei> last year we are moved to a class room
23:01:46 <Wolnei> all group of users
23:02:07 <Bernardoha> .fas bernardoha
23:02:08 <zodbot> Bernardoha: bernardoha 'Bernardo C. Hermitaño Atencio' <bernardoha@gmail.com>
23:02:11 <alexove_> Hola Bernardoha
23:02:12 <mribeirodantas> aeperezt: yeah, that for sure.
23:02:15 <Wolnei> i can say everyone is something a secondary
23:02:19 <Wolnei> of all event
23:02:22 <Bernardoha> que tal como estas
23:02:25 <Bernardoha> estan
23:02:52 <Wolnei> in my opinion, fisl is most a event where in group areas
23:02:59 <Wolnei> people come and do together
23:03:01 <LoKoMurdoK> Bernardoha: meeting now!
23:03:08 <Wolnei> that people do lectures
23:03:31 <aeperezt> I will create a ticket on the track so we discuss it a bit more next meeting and will see if we can drop it on the Brazil list to see if we can get good idea of what we can do and everyone knows about it
23:03:33 <Wolnei> because the good lectures of that people was in small room
23:04:04 <mribeirodantas> Wolnei: Maybe we should consider talking to FISL organization and requesting like two talks in a large room
23:04:08 <LoKoMurdoK> aeperezt: +1
23:04:20 <aeperezt> mribeirodantas, that could be
23:04:37 <mribeirodantas> Something like: Hey, we're going to submit many talk requests. And we're a big project. We would make sure we will make a good appearance if you promiss us at least two or our talks in a large room.
23:04:40 <mribeirodantas> What do you guys think?
23:04:57 <mribeirodantas> of*
23:05:40 <Wolnei> the organization only give us that space if we pay for something
23:05:51 <Wolnei> like a boot
23:05:57 <mribeirodantas> I was lucky in that event you suggested me as speaker, Wolnei. The guy really gave me a chance to make it happen. The event was supposed to be Ubutnut but at the end, 50% the time the talk was fedora. Even at the opening and ending, most of the time he gave to me to speak about Fedora.
23:06:06 <aeperezt> mribeirodantas, we can ask and see
23:06:14 <mribeirodantas> aeperezt: true. Asking does not harm :-0)
23:06:15 <mribeirodantas> :-)*
23:07:08 <Wolnei> i dont want  discourage, but that is the reality of FISL today
23:07:19 <Wolnei> we can tried, but keep realistic
23:07:25 <mribeirodantas> I know, I've been warned of it :( politics and money.
23:07:31 <aeperezt> ok lets move forward and check it on the list and see if this helps get better results and less problems on FISL
23:07:38 <Wolnei> and have another plan b
23:07:39 <mribeirodantas> True.
23:07:53 <mribeirodantas> Wolnei: from your experiences, is there a way we could get better exposure during the event?
23:08:31 <Wolnei> to promote more actives on the group of users
23:09:47 <aeperezt> Wolnei, let bring ideas to make fisl a better fedora event for next meeting, same goes to kusterjr and mribeirodantas or any one
23:09:55 <Wolnei> ok
23:09:56 <mribeirodantas> Ok.
23:09:58 <mribeirodantas> _o>
23:10:13 <kusterjr> ok
23:10:24 <aeperezt> since there is no other topic at this time lets move to open floor
23:10:29 <aeperezt> #topic open floor
23:10:41 <mribeirodantas> !
23:10:51 <alexove_> !
23:10:58 <aeperezt> #action aeperezt to open ticket to discuss more the fisl proposal
23:11:07 <LoKoMurdoK> mribeirodantas:
23:11:08 <aeperezt> mribeirodantas, go ahead
23:11:12 <mribeirodantas> Does everyone know http://apps.fedoraproject.org/ ? It's such an excellent place to start if you want to contribute but are a bit lost at what you might be useful.
23:11:41 <mribeirodantas> Tinkering in there, you can find tasks that are ready for be assigned to you, and easier contributions like tagging and so on. I suggest you guys to have a look (the ones who doesn't know about it yet, of course)
23:11:41 <LoKoMurdoK> mribeirodantas: +1
23:11:45 <mribeirodantas> eof
23:11:57 <aeperezt> alexove_, adelante
23:12:11 <alexove_> Estoy en el célular
23:12:45 <aeperezt> ok
23:12:59 <alexove_> Quiero darle la palabra a Bernardoha y agradecerle que por considerarme dentro del equipo de coordinación del FLISOL
23:13:07 <LoKoMurdoK> aeperezt: algun tema fudcon?
23:13:17 <alexove_> Me refiero a la coordinación Nacional de FLISOL
23:13:20 <Bernardoha> !
23:13:22 <aeperezt> LoKoMurdoK, no
23:13:31 <LoKoMurdoK> aeperezt: ok
23:13:31 <aeperezt> Bernardoha, adelante
23:13:38 <Bernardoha> Bien gracias...
23:13:50 <Bernardoha> justo como mencionaba... Alexove
23:14:18 <Bernardoha> la comunidad Fedora Peru es parte de la coordinacion nacional Flisol 2014
23:15:09 <Bernardoha> es decir estamos encardos de dirigir el evento Nacional
23:15:31 <LoKoMurdoK> Bernardoha: buenas noticias!
23:15:36 <aeperezt> Bernardoha, exelente
23:16:10 <Bernardoha> si justo mas, tarde estaremos reunidos con los organizadores del año pasado
23:16:22 <Bernardoha> para ya cedernos la posta
23:16:37 <Bernardoha> necesitamos todo el apoyo de Fedora-Latam
23:16:47 <mribeirodantas> That's great. Congratulations :-)
23:16:48 <LoKoMurdoK> +1
23:17:29 <Bernardoha> para la siguiente semana estaremos en el meeting con algunas solicitudes
23:18:24 <aeperezt> Bernardoha, recuerden que hay un presupuesto y tenemos que ver como lo manejamos dentro del mismo
23:18:35 <Bernardoha> si, eso tenemos en cuenta...
23:18:35 <aeperezt> pero veremos como se les ayuda
23:18:55 <TonetJallo> sigue el meeting?, se me fue la conexion por un instante
23:19:01 <Bernardoha> claro pero cuando llenamos el presupuesto no pensabamos ser parte de la org. nacional
23:19:36 <LoKoMurdoK> :(
23:19:38 <TonetJallo> bernardoha, te dieron siempre la coordinacion naciona?
23:20:24 <LoKoMurdoK> aeperezt: esta duro cambiar numeros a estas alturas.. :(
23:21:13 <LoKoMurdoK> ?
23:21:18 <Bernardoha> bueno.. pero de todos modos
23:21:25 <Bernardoha> con lo q se tiene
23:21:36 <aeperezt> LoKoMurdoK, no se puede ya los numeros del presupuesto pasaron a RH y si cambian es para menos no mas
23:21:39 <Bernardoha> o con lo que hay... haremos
23:21:46 <alexove_> Bernardoha +1
23:21:50 <LoKoMurdoK> aeperezt: listo!
23:22:17 <aeperezt> gracias Bernardoha y que bien por Fedora Peru
23:22:23 <aeperezt> algun otro tema
23:22:31 <LoKoMurdoK> Nope
23:22:39 <aeperezt> ok
23:22:43 <aeperezt> gracias a todos
23:22:47 <aeperezt> thanks everyone
23:22:55 <aeperezt> cierro la reunion
23:22:56 <LoKoMurdoK> Blessing!
23:23:00 <aeperezt> close the meeting
23:23:02 <Bernardoha> ok gracias a uds.
23:23:06 <aeperezt> #endmeeting