22:40:44 <aeperezt> #startmeeting
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22:41:01 <aeperezt> #meetingname Fedora Amabassadors latam
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22:41:28 <aeperezt> #topic rollcall
22:42:36 <aeperezt> .fas aeperezt
22:42:37 <zodbot> aeperezt: aeperezt 'Alejandro Perez' <alejandro.perez.torres@gmail.com>
22:42:45 <mayorga> .hellomynameis mayorga
22:42:46 <zodbot> mayorga: mayorga 'Eduardo Mayorga Téllez' <e@mayorgalinux.com>
22:42:53 * mayorga Nicaragua
22:45:18 <aeperezt> que tal mayorga
22:45:48 <aeperezt> parece que somos los unicos esperamos unos minutos
22:46:04 <aeperezt> y si no llega mas gente la reunion se declara decierta
22:46:14 <mayorga> aeperezt: :-) tú mandas
22:46:31 <aeperezt> mayorga, no yo no mando no hay quorum
22:47:14 <mayorga> aeperezt: ¿de cuánto es el quorum?
22:50:19 <aeperezt> mayorga, el quorum deberia ser de 4 paises distintos
22:50:44 <aeperezt> para tomar desciciones para la reunion podemos hacerlo tu y yo para que sea informativa
22:51:27 <mayorga> Crisvann: o/
22:52:51 <Crisvann> HI..
22:52:51 <Crisvann> o/
22:53:36 <aeperezt> mayorga, Crisvann ingresen el .fas para registrar que estuvieron por aca
22:53:55 <kovalevsky> aeperezt, el fas debe ser con el user de fedora?
22:54:00 <kovalevsky> o con el user de irc?
22:54:03 <aeperezt> sip
22:54:04 <mayorga> .fas mayorga
22:54:05 <zodbot> mayorga: mayorga 'Eduardo Mayorga Téllez' <e@mayorgalinux.com> - mayorgalinux '' <hi@mayorgalinux.com> - marisol 'Marisol Mayorga' <m_mayorgav@hotmail.com> - nemux 'Josue Guillermo Araujo Mayorga' <nemux@unixmexico.org>
22:54:05 <Crisvann> .fas crisvann
22:54:08 <zodbot> Crisvann: crisvann '' <cristhian.vanessa.g@gmail.com>
22:54:10 <kovalevsky> .fas sophiekovalevsky
22:54:11 <zodbot> kovalevsky: sophiekovalevsky '' <kiarakovalevsky@gmail.com>
22:54:30 <dark_axl> .fas darkaxl017
22:54:31 <zodbot> dark_axl: darkaxl017 'Alejandro Callejas García' <alex.callejas@hotmail.com>
22:54:44 <Crisvann> .fas Crisvann
22:54:45 <zodbot> Crisvann: crisvann '' <cristhian.vanessa.g@gmail.com>
22:54:59 <Crisvann> Nicaragua
22:55:09 * aeperezt Panama
22:55:21 * kovalevsky kovalevsky Panamà
22:55:55 <dark_axl> México
23:00:18 <aeperezt> que tal dark_axl es bueno tener gente nueva
23:00:24 <aeperezt> o por lo menos nueva para mi
23:00:30 <dark_axl> :)
23:00:31 <dark_axl> gracias
23:00:41 <dark_axl> tratando de apoyar en lo que se pueda desde aca
23:00:43 <kovalevsky> dark_axl, welcome dark_axl
23:00:50 <dark_axl> danke! :)
23:00:54 <aeperezt> bueno ya tenemos un grupo como para poder hacer la reunion
23:01:01 <dark_axl> Lo que necesiten...
23:01:03 <kovalevsky> Actually, I don't know why I'm writing the name two times jejej
23:01:16 <kovalevsky> Do we have quorum, then?
23:01:29 <aeperezt> kovalevsky, we have quorum now
23:01:40 <aeperezt> but lets do an informative meeting
23:01:58 <aeperezt> #topic Fedora Pins
23:02:02 <kovalevsky> That's ok.
23:03:37 <aeperezt> ok
23:04:14 <aeperezt> Tengo que distribuir los pines entre los paises de latam y propongo estas cantidades basados en los eventos y actividades que tenemos conocimiento
23:04:20 <aeperezt> durante este año
23:04:38 <aeperezt> los pines nos tienen que durar el año porque no sabemos si se van a hacer mas
23:04:41 <aeperezt> Brazil
23:04:41 <aeperezt> 250
23:04:41 <aeperezt> Argentina
23:04:41 <aeperezt> 75
23:04:41 <aeperezt> Venezuela
23:04:42 <aeperezt> 75
23:04:44 <aeperezt> Chile
23:04:46 <aeperezt> 25
23:04:48 <aeperezt> Uruguay
23:04:50 <aeperezt> Paraguay
23:04:52 <aeperezt> 25
23:04:54 <kovalevsky> We're gonna talk in english or in spanish? Just to know in what language I should write here.
23:04:56 <aeperezt> Peru
23:04:58 <aeperezt> 75
23:05:00 <aeperezt> Colombia
23:05:02 <aeperezt> 25
23:05:04 <aeperezt> Ecuador
23:05:06 <aeperezt> Mexico
23:05:08 <aeperezt> 50
23:05:10 <aeperezt> Nicaragua
23:05:11 <aeperezt> 150
23:05:13 <aeperezt> Guatemala
23:05:15 <aeperezt> 25
23:05:17 <aeperezt> Panama
23:05:19 <aeperezt> 175
23:05:21 <aeperezt> El Salvador
23:05:25 <aeperezt> 25
23:05:27 <aeperezt> Honduras
23:05:29 <aeperezt> 25
23:05:31 <aeperezt> Costa Rica
23:05:33 <aeperezt> Bolivia
23:05:35 <aeperezt> la idea es Nicaragua y Panama van a tener unas cantidades adicionales
23:05:39 <aeperezt> kovalevsky, hoy en español no ha brazileños
23:06:01 <aeperezt> but they will read the minutes so lets do it on english
23:06:19 <aeperezt> I have to send pins to all countries around latam
23:06:52 <aeperezt> I have specify the amounts mention before based on the events and activities reported during this year
23:07:44 <aeperezt> Panama and Nicaragua will get a bit more as a reserve to send to other countries if they get active or special event
23:07:58 <aeperezt> this is a propousal I wanted to discuss
23:08:09 <aeperezt> what do you think about the amounts
23:08:48 <aeperezt> I still need the addres of people from Mexico, Ecuador, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay
23:08:50 <kovalevsky> Just to know, how many spins do we have to Costa Rica and Bolivia, the last number didn't show up.
23:08:54 <aeperezt> so we can send them
23:08:56 <aeperezt> some
23:09:03 <biker> o/
23:09:06 <biker> .fas rugebiker
23:09:12 <zodbot> biker: rugebiker 'Ruben Guerra Marin' <rguerra.marin@gmail.com>
23:09:15 <aeperezt> we have no active member on Bolivia so
23:09:22 <aeperezt> I have blank
23:09:33 <aeperezt> that is the reserve I have made
23:09:35 <kovalevsky> and Costa Rica do we have people there=
23:09:36 <kovalevsky> ?
23:10:03 <aeperezt> kovalevsky, We had an ambassador there but she has been unreachable for over a year
23:10:50 <kovalevsky> So, I assume that is the same situation as Bolivia.
23:11:33 <aeperezt> kovalevsky, yes
23:11:47 <cevillacorta_> hello
23:12:04 <aeperezt> the main Idea was to start shipping this weekend but with no confirmation from the people
23:12:28 <kovalevsky> In my humble comment I think that these numbers are good.
23:12:33 <aeperezt> not sure maybe I will start sending to some countries this weekend specially those that I have the address
23:12:42 <mayorga> aeperezt: what' the total of pins?
23:12:47 <aeperezt> 1000
23:13:09 <cevillacorta_> sorry for the delay
23:13:15 <biker> aeperezt: in mexico there are registered like 10 ambassadors,., but only 3 of us reply to the emails
23:13:43 <kovalevsky> aeperezt, ok. Do we have constanly contact with every country mentioned before to send the pins there?
23:13:45 <aeperezt> biker yes, famsco is working with infra
23:13:58 <aeperezt> on something that will clean a bit ambassadors list
23:14:14 <aeperezt> so we probably have that soon
23:14:20 <kovalevsky> aeperezt, We're gonna send the just only to one ambassadors or more?
23:14:37 <aeperezt> by the way I have no address for an ambassador from Mexico
23:14:58 <kovalevsky> We should send pins to the most active ambassadors in every country.
23:15:14 <aeperezt> kovalevsky, the idea is to send to one ambassador and he will distribute them around his country to others ambassadors
23:15:17 <kovalevsky> Maybe with the Mexico contact biker could help.
23:15:29 <biker> aeperezt: ill talk to nushio or douglax
23:15:40 <kovalevsky> aeperezt, oh right.
23:15:44 <aeperezt> yeap
23:15:55 <biker> ill tell them to send you the address aeperezt
23:16:05 <aeperezt> thanks biker
23:16:17 <kovalevsky> aeperezt, Thinking about, is the best... then they will distribute to the others.
23:16:21 <aeperezt> #topic budget
23:16:43 <dark_axl> biker: I wanna help, I'm on Mexico City
23:17:21 <biker> hey dark_axl (: are you an ambassador?
23:17:27 <aeperezt> dark_axl, do you go to any free software event on Mexico City or around Mexico city
23:18:02 <dark_axl> I'm on going to be an ambassador
23:18:07 <aeperezt> We need that all countries add their budget for the event next year
23:18:10 <dark_axl> I talk with nushio
23:18:11 <aeperezt> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/LATAM/Budget_draft_2015
23:18:42 <cevillacorta_> .fas cevillacorta
23:18:44 <zodbot> cevillacorta_: cevillacorta 'CESAR R. VILLACORTA ROJAS' <cevillacorta.systems@gmail.com>
23:18:46 <aeperezt> please people submit your events and amount of support require for next year
23:18:55 <aeperezt> so we can have a better budget
23:19:36 <kovalevsky> aeperezt, about Panama, we've been working on it, at least in Panama we listed all the events that we're gonna have for the next year.
23:19:37 <aeperezt> by the way please look at what we have spend on Q3
23:19:41 <aeperezt> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/LATAM/Budget#Q3_.28September_-_November_2013.29
23:19:54 <aeperezt> kovalevsky, we are ready
23:20:08 <aeperezt> the only money left is for f20 media
23:20:17 <aeperezt> ramilton was in charge of that
23:20:33 <aeperezt> I need to see how we are doing with that F20 is here
23:20:40 <aeperezt> so we need to get those media soon
23:20:58 <aeperezt> specially to cover all events we have on 2014
23:21:15 <aeperezt> #topic open floor
23:21:25 <aeperezt> any other subject you want to talk
23:21:37 <aeperezt> dark_axl, please talk to me tomorrow
23:21:50 <dark_axl> aeperezt: ok
23:21:55 <aeperezt> dark_axl, I want to help you develop mexico specially DF
23:21:56 <biker> someone coming to FOSDEM?
23:21:58 <kovalevsky> Does anyone wanna talk about something more?
23:22:10 <dark_axl> aeperezt: sure! :)
23:22:13 <biker> aeperezt: hehe,., s the same thing im telling him :P we need someone in mexico city
23:22:51 <aeperezt> dark_axl, mexico city has some free software events and we have no presence on them
23:23:04 <aeperezt> so you may have lot of works but we can help you
23:23:29 <aeperezt> if nothing else
23:23:37 <aeperezt> will close the meeting
23:23:39 <aeperezt> in
23:23:40 <aeperezt> 1
23:23:41 <aeperezt> 2
23:23:43 <aeperezt> 3
23:23:45 <dark_axl> aeperezt: ok, don't worry :)
23:23:45 <aeperezt> 4
23:23:48 <aeperezt> 5
23:23:50 <aeperezt> 6
23:23:55 <aeperezt> #endmeeting