02:00:02 <masta> #startmeeting FAmNA
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02:00:02 <masta> #meetingname FAmNA
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02:00:02 <masta> #topic === FAmNA Roll Call ===
02:00:14 <masta> Good evening Ambassadors
02:01:32 * inode0 is here
02:01:35 * masta waves
02:01:40 <nb> hi
02:01:54 * inode0 runs to close ticket 33
02:02:37 <masta> #chair inode0 nb
02:02:37 <zodbot> Current chairs: inode0 masta nb
02:03:04 <masta> firstly, thanks for attending the meeting tonight
02:03:13 <masta> #topic === Announcements ===
02:03:19 <wrnash1> hi
02:03:34 <masta> hey there wrnash1
02:03:44 <masta> #chair wrnash1
02:03:44 <zodbot> Current chairs: inode0 masta nb wrnash1
02:04:27 <inode0> I am not sure this is an announcement but I'll announce it anyway
02:05:03 <inode0> Red Hat switched merchandise vendors and may restock some Fedora items with the new vendor.
02:05:35 <nb> like their brandfuel store?
02:05:36 <inode0> http://www.redhat.corpmerchandise.com/
02:05:40 <nb> oh ok
02:05:49 <masta> inode0: that sounds great... so it would be nice if all the items in our swag catalog were available in that online store....
02:06:02 <inode0> appears to be with staples now but I'm wondering if we should inspect the options and make suggestions
02:06:06 <masta> or things we do not provide as swag
02:06:22 <inode0> there are a lot of options there
02:07:34 <masta> nice
02:07:46 <masta> inode0: good announcement
02:07:54 <masta> anything else?
02:08:26 * masta goes to the tickets
02:08:36 <StabbyMc_> This is from Staples?
02:08:37 <masta> #topic === Tickets ===
02:08:40 <masta> #link https://fedorahosted.org/famna/report/9
02:08:53 * inode0 did just close #33 after paying for the t-shirts
02:09:16 <inode0> StabbyMc_: that is what it says at the bottom
02:09:31 * masta high fives inode0 for closing a ticket
02:10:00 <masta> .famnaticket 36
02:10:02 <zodbot> masta: #36 (Fedora Ambassador Day North America (FADNA)) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/36
02:10:17 <masta> so we had the FADNA
02:10:23 <masta> any follow up?
02:10:38 <StabbyMc_> inode0: my bad I was told that RH was using Staples, asked the question before linking through to the site.
02:10:44 <inode0> someone needs to look through who has written up blogs or other posts about it and badger me and any others who haven't yet
02:10:56 <masta> did we ever hear anything from EMEA or APAC about the main page updates we performed?
02:11:31 * inode0 didn't hear any complaints or comments
02:11:41 <masta> that is probably a good thing
02:11:59 <inode0> they just haven't noticed yet :)
02:12:23 <inode0> we do also still have some SOP cleanup to do
02:12:43 <masta> ok, well all I have to add is that your reciptes should be scanned and posted... for those who got funded
02:13:13 <inode0> most everyone should have had things prepaid or paid on site
02:13:30 <inode0> but if you didn't get those added to your trac ticket in fudcon-planning
02:13:32 <masta> #info please get your receipts posted
02:14:29 <masta> ok, going to move on to the next ticket
02:14:49 <inode0> suggestion
02:14:49 <masta> .famnaticket 48
02:14:51 <zodbot> masta: #48 (PyCon 2013 March 13 - 21, Santa Clara, CA) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/48
02:15:02 <inode0> Is anyone here to talk about any of these three event tickets?
02:15:21 <masta> #topic PyCon 2013 March 13 - 21, Santa Clara, CA
02:15:29 <masta> inode0: good question
02:15:47 <inode0> nb: you probably sent stuff to toshio last year for pycon?!
02:15:53 <masta> ok so I see pycon does not have an owner yet
02:16:05 <inode0> oh, toshio owns it
02:16:16 <inode0> does it have an event page even?
02:16:36 <inode0> nb: ping
02:17:04 <masta> I do nto see an event page
02:17:08 <masta> *not even
02:17:57 <inode0> The important thing for us to do before it gets much later is send a box of stuff to toshio - we can deal with the event page
02:18:24 <nb> inode0, pong
02:18:27 <inode0> this is a developer thing more than an ambassador thing
02:18:33 <masta> so I see downstream and openshift sponsoring the event... it would be nice to have an open source fedora booth.. (for free)
02:18:48 <inode0> nb: can you send toshio a package with stuff for pycon like last year?
02:19:02 <masta> inode0: I dunno... we coudl rub some devs the right way and perhaps pickup a few contributors down the road
02:19:04 <inode0> we are too late iirc
02:19:06 <nb> yeah
02:19:25 <inode0> but we should definitely do that next year
02:19:46 <masta> well we could shadow the openshift guys, set our swag down on their booths
02:19:55 <inode0> the handful of people who go each year rub off on people I'm sure
02:20:22 <inode0> yeah, we are sending swag to distribute
02:20:49 <masta> perfect, so we will plan for next year.... is it too early to start that list?
02:21:03 <inode0> never too early
02:21:36 <masta> #info Too late for pycon booth - Plan to do the right thing next year - We will send swag with the right person
02:21:43 <masta> moving on
02:21:52 <inode0> ok, if nb is sending swag to toshio I can try to make the event page later
02:22:16 <masta> what swag shall nb send?
02:22:24 <masta> stickers pens and media?
02:22:52 <masta> regardless...... I'd say make the event page
02:23:00 <inode0> if he can recall what he sent last year that is what they requested again this year
02:23:44 <masta> .famnaticket 49
02:23:48 <zodbot> masta: #49 (Northeast LinuxFest 2013, March 16 - 17, Harvard) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/49
02:23:51 <masta> #topic Northeast LinuxFest 2013, March 16 - 17, Harvard
02:24:39 <masta> So I'm sure this event will go well, considering it's at the RH engineering area.... but wee need an owner
02:24:41 <inode0> Mario is on top of this one and we'll need to wait for further updates from him
02:25:40 <inode0> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Events?rd=FedoraEvents#FY14_Q1_.28March_2013_-_May_2013.29
02:25:52 <inode0> both of those have listed owners but no event pages
02:25:55 * masta makes a note to ping some folks in the MIT/Harvard CS scene
02:27:18 <masta> College kids are always great to show Fedora
02:28:09 <masta> mario has a logn name
02:28:13 <masta> *long
02:28:49 <masta> ok, we will wait for Mario
02:28:52 <masta> moving on
02:29:20 <masta> .famnaticket 50
02:29:24 <zodbot> masta: #50 (LinuxFest NorthWest 2013, Apr 27-28, Bellingham, WA) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/50
02:29:32 <masta> #topic LinuxFest NorthWest 2013, Apr 27-28, Bellingham, WA
02:30:10 <inode0> This one does still need an owner since the usual owner will be in EMEA then this year
02:30:31 <masta> is this in Seatle area?
02:30:58 * inode0 doesn't know where Bellingham is
02:31:09 <masta> do we qualify for the non-profit 6 foot booth?
02:31:55 <inode0> at the Canadian border pretty much
02:32:16 <dan408> here
02:32:19 * masta goes to look at map
02:32:20 <dan408> sorry im late, was in a meeting
02:32:31 <inode0> way north
02:32:56 <masta> closer to Vancouuver than Seattle
02:33:32 <dan408> do we have any people up there?
02:33:37 <inode0> yes
02:33:53 <inode0> and we have people (like the FPL) who normally go as well
02:34:00 <dan408> k
02:34:36 <masta> ok so $500 or free, depending
02:34:44 <masta> and swag
02:34:47 <inode0> we will sponsor it at some level
02:34:51 <masta> and an event owner
02:35:16 <inode0> even though we do normally qualify for the "non-profit" treatment
02:35:41 <masta> maybe Jeff Sandys can find an owner
02:36:04 <masta> #info need an owner for LinuxFest NorthWest
02:36:19 <inode0> we benefit by being there and think of sponsoring some of these events as being friends with our "community upstream"
02:36:35 <inode0> not sure I expressed that in the best way but I hope you get my meaning
02:36:48 <masta> got it
02:37:00 <masta> ok, well that is all for the tickets
02:37:25 <masta> #topic == Who will be the next FAmNA meeting chair?  ==
02:37:31 <inode0> I think we'll know more about this one when the FPL resurfaces
02:37:43 <masta> inode0: indeed
02:38:01 <masta> I'll tentativly take the chair for next meeting
02:38:11 <masta> #topic == Open Floor ===
02:38:54 <dan408> I just volunteered for SVLUG tomorrow
02:39:32 <inode0> There was a recent request made for Freemedia help in NA - please join if you are so inclined
02:39:39 <MarkDude> Get anyone interested in Fedora fun yet dan408 ?
02:39:51 <inode0> It is a really easy way to help someone and promote Fedora at the same time
02:39:57 <dan408> no just me
02:41:13 <masta> ok folks, I'm going to end the meeting
02:41:20 <masta> going once
02:41:22 <dan408> thanks masta
02:41:26 <masta> twice...
02:41:35 * masta slams the hammer
02:41:39 <masta> #endmeeting