02:00:45 <rbergeron> #startmeeting FAMNA
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02:00:54 <rbergeron> #meetingname FAMNA
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02:00:55 <dan408> aw man
02:01:01 <dan408> i was gunna do it
02:01:04 <rbergeron> #chair dan408
02:01:04 <zodbot> Current chairs: dan408 rbergeron
02:01:06 <rbergeron> feel free :)
02:01:08 <dan408> ;p
02:01:14 * dan408 and his big mouth
02:01:33 <dan408> #chair kk4ewt MarkDude graphite6 jduncan
02:01:33 <zodbot> Current chairs: MarkDude dan408 graphite6 jduncan kk4ewt rbergeron
02:01:42 <dan408> Roll Call
02:01:45 * nb here
02:01:51 * graphite6 here
02:01:53 * rbergeron is here
02:01:55 <MarkDude> ALL Hail Beefy Miracle! #actionitem
02:01:57 <dan408> #chair nb
02:01:57 <zodbot> Current chairs: MarkDude dan408 graphite6 jduncan kk4ewt nb rbergeron
02:02:21 <steven_the_aussi> steven from Australia
02:02:23 <dan408> hny everyone
02:02:27 <dan408> hello steven_the_aussi
02:02:30 <steven_the_aussi> hi
02:02:39 <dan408> welcome
02:02:42 <steven_the_aussi> tks
02:03:20 <dan408> so I guess this meeting should be to talk about FADNA since FUDCON is next week
02:03:25 <dan408> anyone seen inode0
02:03:41 * inode0 is around but busy and exhausted
02:03:53 <dan408> #chair inode0
02:03:53 <zodbot> Current chairs: MarkDude dan408 graphite6 inode0 jduncan kk4ewt nb rbergeron
02:03:56 <inode0> I will try to help where I can
02:04:06 <dan408> #topic FADNA
02:04:17 * rbergeron sends hugz to inode0
02:04:30 <dan408> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Ambassador_Day_North_America_2013
02:04:52 <dan408> wiki looks pretty up to shape thanks to whoever updated it
02:05:13 <dan408> ideas and deliverables needs work
02:05:14 * rbergeron is pretty sure we need to coordinate some airport driving things
02:05:23 <dan408> well
02:05:27 <dan408> forget that stuff
02:05:33 * ianweller finds the room number in learned that you guys have
02:05:40 <inode0> and some bus depot things :)
02:05:43 <dan408> i think most important is what is the plan, what do we really want to get done
02:05:46 <dan408> #chair ianweller
02:05:46 <zodbot> Current chairs: MarkDude dan408 graphite6 ianweller inode0 jduncan kk4ewt nb rbergeron
02:05:56 <dan408> timeline and stuff
02:05:57 <ianweller> 3152 learned
02:05:58 <rbergeron> inode0: indeed, though it looks like the bus depot is like ... incredibly close to the hotel iirc
02:06:17 <graphite6> thanks ianweller, I'll update the page
02:06:24 <inode0> oh, that would be nice
02:06:31 <rbergeron> inode0: oh, wait, that's amtrak
02:06:44 <dan408> im guessing that's a meeting room?
02:06:50 <inode0> it sounded like some remote gas station to me :)
02:06:59 <rbergeron> dan408: yes
02:07:08 <rbergeron> #info FAMNA will be meeting in 3152 learned
02:07:16 <ianweller> it's a room, it has tables and wifi and stuff :)
02:07:28 <rbergeron> and maybe chairs even
02:07:29 <dan408> what hours do we have it for, the whole day?
02:07:34 <dan408> chairs?
02:07:34 <ianweller> no i had them take those out
02:07:37 <ianweller> :P
02:07:38 <rbergeron> thank god
02:07:39 <dan408> darn.
02:07:43 <rbergeron> we doin't need a chair throwing thing like last time
02:07:48 <rbergeron> ianweller: what hours do we have it
02:07:48 <MarkDude> Is there any remote participation ?
02:07:52 <graphite6> an all day stand up meeting :D
02:07:52 <dan408> that was the plan
02:07:53 <ianweller> dan408: whole day
02:07:59 <dan408> i'll sit on the floor
02:08:10 * MarkDude can be on irc, and have dan408 relay my tomfoolery
02:08:22 <dan408> #info meeting room is for FADNA 2013 3152 learned as per ianweller, booked for the entire day
02:08:46 <dan408> okay neet
02:08:59 <dan408> ill bring my own chair
02:09:05 <dan408> a blow up chair
02:09:38 * dan408 updates the wiki with room information
02:09:55 <dan408> anyone else have any info
02:09:59 <dan408> updates?
02:10:03 <kk4ewt> Vbanners on way to ian, event box on way shortly
02:10:14 <dan408> cool
02:10:26 <rbergeron> #info vbanners and event box are en route to the ian
02:10:50 <ianweller> if you need to ship something to larryville please /msg me
02:10:52 <rbergeron> #info well, event box will be en route shortly
02:10:54 <ianweller> or an email
02:11:04 <rbergeron> #info if you need to ship something to lawrence please contact ianweller on irc or email
02:11:25 <kk4ewt> i am waiting for the ARRL packet to ship the event box
02:11:27 <rbergeron> has everyone put their arrival/departure/transport needs into the wiki
02:11:35 <inode0> no
02:11:39 <dan408> ianweller: so the correct address is University of Kansas School of Engineering, 3152 Learned Hall, Lawrence KS, 66045?
02:11:48 * inode0 hasn't done any of the million things he needs to do
02:11:52 * inode0 sighs
02:12:06 <dan408> rbergeron: my stuff is there
02:12:18 <graphite6> Also email Spot with your travel plans as he's doing shuttle coordination
02:12:25 * rbergeron will not leave inode0 hanging but needs to figure out how everyone is goign to get to lawrence from the airport
02:12:33 <rbergeron> dan408: you and rex are driving up thursday morning?
02:12:36 <dan408> yes
02:12:41 <dan408> early
02:12:47 <inode0> no problem - I'll get there somehow
02:13:02 <ianweller> dan408: that is not a correct address
02:13:03 <dan408> i'll have about 4 tablets to keep me busy
02:13:10 <dan408> ianweller: what's the correct address?
02:13:17 <graphite6> when are you coming in inode0?
02:13:17 <dan408> ianweller: for the wiki's sake
02:13:20 <ianweller> dan408: "3152 learned" refers to room 3152 in learned hall
02:13:21 <rbergeron> inode0: ruth and spot are also arriving in lawrence wednesday so if i am not there and on a run they can possibly get you
02:13:27 <rbergeron> we'll sort it out when we ... see everyone on the list
02:13:33 <inode0> graphite6: arrive at 1:50pm if on time
02:13:35 <ianweller> dan408: it's somewhere on the ku building directory, google can tell you :)
02:13:35 <dan408> okay got it
02:13:36 <rbergeron> graphite6: you and dan need to get on there as well if you are not
02:13:43 <dan408> ianweller: im on ku.edu :P
02:13:59 <graphite6> rbergeron: we're on it
02:14:21 <rbergeron> graphite6: i assume you guys need rides as well and not renting car, correct?
02:14:40 <graphite6> rbergeron: we'll probably rent a car since we'll be bringing up the tail end of the party
02:14:41 <dan408> i need to get on where?
02:15:06 * inode0 arrives at 2447 W 6th St, Lawrence
02:15:28 <graphite6> we could probably grab Jon Disnard at the airport too, looks like he comes in around same time as us
02:15:30 <rbergeron> graphite6: make sure that dan's lovely boss or almost-boss is okay with paying for that ;) if not we'll come get you
02:15:41 <inode0> Jon is driving I think
02:15:55 <rbergeron> graphite6: a planned supershuttle is $125 for multiple folks iirc which is probably cheaper than renting a car
02:15:58 <ianweller> inode0: dang that's out there. when do you get in?
02:16:06 <inode0> 1:50pm
02:16:09 <graphite6> inode0: oh, so maybe Jon could give us a ride
02:16:15 <rbergeron> i think he gets in at 1:50pm
02:16:17 <inode0> some gas station/bus depot
02:16:31 <ianweller> oh that's not that far out there. i forget how small blocks are west/east
02:18:03 <dan408> is it gunna snow?
02:18:45 <ianweller> dan408: plan for snow
02:18:46 <inode0> maybe freezing rain instead of snow
02:18:51 <ianweller> if it doesn't, be happy :)
02:18:53 <dan408> doesnt look like it, just cold
02:19:06 <dan408> ianweller: haven't seen snow in about 2 decades
02:19:13 <dan408> would be neat
02:19:18 <dan408> (for me personally)
02:19:26 <rbergeron> ianweller: is there snow on the ground?
02:19:32 <dan408> lol
02:19:34 <kk4ewt> should of came to VA LOL
02:19:36 <ianweller> rbergeron: right now? probably not
02:19:41 <ianweller> dunno, not in lawrence :)
02:19:44 <rbergeron> ianweller: do you not go outside :)
02:19:50 * ianweller is with parents in salina
02:19:50 <dan408> im not dying to see snow or anything, jus sayin
02:19:53 <rbergeron> oh right
02:20:01 * MarkDude is missing out on rain freeze/snow? And cornfields? I was fun in VA
02:20:03 <inode0> you'll see some in Omaha
02:20:14 <rbergeron> yeah, i was going to say ... omaha might help you with your fix
02:20:18 <MarkDude> sp/ I / It
02:20:30 <dan408> im sure i'll be over it in about 3 minutes
02:20:36 * rbergeron wonders how the "what we're actually doing while there" is looking :)
02:20:51 <rbergeron> look, it's a herlo
02:20:53 <dan408> rbergeron: decent i guess
02:20:55 <herlo> haha
02:20:55 <dan408> #chair herlo
02:20:55 <zodbot> Current chairs: MarkDude dan408 graphite6 herlo ianweller inode0 jduncan kk4ewt nb rbergeron
02:21:02 <herlo> hello all
02:21:06 <nb> are we still wanting to bring the event boxes to the FAD to organize?
02:21:10 <dan408> hello herlo
02:21:12 <MarkDude> So remote participation is not really sumthin'? Or not? :) Just curious if I will be of any use
02:21:53 <kk4ewt> nb i proposed that for part of the FAD
02:21:54 <dan408> i dunno, i just work here.
02:22:18 * MarkDude can get the event box to dan408 this weekend if it is desired
02:22:28 <graphite6> MarkDude: if the internet is stable and fastish we could G+ Hangout during the FAD
02:22:29 <kk4ewt> so yes please
02:22:30 <dan408> meh
02:22:32 <MarkDude> Makes sense, the swag is mostly empty
02:22:36 <dan408> keep it
02:22:37 <nb> kk4ewt, ok, i can bring mine
02:22:42 <dan408> im not lugging that thing
02:22:59 <kk4ewt> nb ship it
02:23:00 <nb> dan408, ship it to the hotel if you want
02:23:11 <dan408> MarkDude: please ship it
02:23:18 <MarkDude> lol- I can bring it to Scale, that might make more sense?
02:23:33 <dan408> no nb and kk4ewt want all the event boxes together. please ship it.
02:24:08 * MarkDude needs label from someone, I can ship this week
02:24:15 <herlo> graphite6: the plan is to g+ hangout each room anyway
02:24:25 <MarkDude> +1 on Hangouts
02:24:27 <herlo> assuming we have enough webcams and such
02:24:44 <herlo> MarkDude: but your coming to FUDCon, right?
02:24:47 <graphite6> herlo: awesome! I can bring two webcams if needed
02:24:53 <herlo> graphite6: do it! :)
02:24:54 <dan408> MarkDude: needs to get there by the 16th
02:25:02 <dan408> ill get you the address
02:25:12 <MarkDude> We are Fedora, we *should* have enough cams. We are the grownups of Linux( sorta)
02:25:18 <herlo> haha
02:25:23 <MarkDude> Im not attending herlo
02:25:30 <herlo> bummer
02:26:30 <MarkDude> Well, contract work does have its downs
02:26:39 <dan408> i dont know, i think we should definitely set a side some time for it but i also feel like some important stuff should be recorded so it's not repeated for new ambassadors.
02:27:10 <MarkDude> I will be there in spirit. Each time you look at the Beefy Miracle- think of me.
02:27:32 <rbergeron> markdude: lol
02:27:53 <dan408> i can only think of hello kitty
02:30:06 <dan408> #chair suehle
02:30:06 <zodbot> Current chairs: MarkDude dan408 graphite6 herlo ianweller inode0 jduncan kk4ewt nb rbergeron suehle
02:30:29 <MarkDude> If we have a wiki page for the hangouts- it will make sharing with relevant folks easier
02:30:44 <MarkDude> Or blogpost or sumthin'
02:30:53 <ianweller> MarkDude: for FADNA or fudcon proper?
02:31:26 <MarkDude> Either or
02:31:33 <MarkDude> FADNA for sure
02:31:37 <ianweller> fudcon i plan on putting the links right into the schedule
02:31:43 <MarkDude> Prolly a few key for FUDcon
02:31:44 <graphite6> because Fadna is improper :D
02:31:49 * ianweller isn't the guy to ask about fadna :)
02:31:51 <ianweller> graphite6: you know it
02:31:53 <MarkDude> thats waaay too much hassle, IMHO
02:32:17 <graphite6> ianweller: yeeha!
02:32:28 <dan408> ianweller: thanks for hosting
02:32:46 <ianweller> dan408: thanks for doing it with FUDCon so i didn't have to do nearly as much work :)
02:33:00 <dan408> no worries mate
02:34:00 <dan408> alright
02:34:06 <dan408> if no one has anything else on this subject
02:34:15 <dan408> time to move on
02:34:26 <MarkDude> item ticket for me to ship ?
02:34:45 <MarkDude> Only if its needed/wanted
02:34:51 <kk4ewt> its both
02:35:05 <nb> ship to dan mashal at the springhill suites lawrence ks
02:35:15 * nb doesn't know address but is sure google does :)
02:35:15 <dan408> sounds good
02:35:21 <dan408> ill get you the address
02:35:28 <kk4ewt> MarkDude:  i will send you a mailing label tomorrow
02:35:34 <MarkDude> Perfect
02:36:31 <dan408> SpringHill Suites Lawrence: 1 Riverfront Plaza ยท Lawrence, Kansas 66044 USA
02:36:37 <kk4ewt> #action kk4ewt to send MarkDude  a mailing label tomorrow
02:37:02 <kk4ewt> dan408:  i know the address to send to ian
02:37:17 <nb> kk4ewt, are we shipping stuff to ian or to our hotel?'
02:37:20 <dan408> kk4ewt: that was for MarkDude
02:37:29 <dan408> to ship to me at the hotel
02:37:41 <MarkDude> Hotel
02:37:44 <dan408> unless you want them shipped to ian?
02:37:59 <MarkDude> that delay cost an event a cartoon hotdog cutout
02:38:28 <MarkDude> And I assume I need to PM someone my address?
02:39:08 <dan408> cant you just print a label?
02:39:46 <kk4ewt> MarkDude:  what are you talking about
02:40:49 <inode0> do we have anything to put inside these event boxes?
02:41:04 <dan408> kk4ewt: can you just confirm are we shipping event boxes to ianweller or the hotel?
02:41:12 <ianweller> ship them to me
02:41:24 <dan408> ok pm your address to MarkDude please ianweller
02:41:32 <MarkDude> Last time- I had to give my address, that was the reason the Miracle was delayed
02:41:47 <dan408> someone get MarkDude a label
02:41:53 <MarkDude> Due to my address being needed for the label- for some reason.
02:41:53 <dan408> you got a printer?
02:41:55 <nb> ianweller, can you send me your address?
02:42:13 <dan408> or are we shipping shipping labels?
02:42:19 <MarkDude> #afterthemeeting- next item
02:42:22 <dan408> k
02:42:22 <MarkDude> ")
02:42:27 <dan408> moving along
02:42:38 <dan408> #announcements
02:42:44 <dan408> #topic announcements
02:42:51 <kk4ewt> MarkDude:  i will need an address to ship it back
02:42:58 <dan408> announcements anyone?
02:43:22 <inode0> ?
02:43:41 <inode0> I probably understood once but don't tonight in my tired state
02:44:06 <dan408> inode0: dont try
02:44:13 <dan408> inode0: im as tired as you right now
02:44:26 <inode0> We are going to spend $300 shipping event boxes around for this and I'm wondering what we are doing with them? Do we have stuff to put in them?
02:44:27 <MarkDude> Local BAMF Pi events in Cali are awesome. Will bore folks with it later for sake of quicker meeting
02:44:38 <dan408> +1 MarkDude
02:45:21 <dan408> inode0: good question, kk4ewt, nb what is the plan ?
02:45:37 <dan408> i believe kk4ewt wanted to kind of unify them and make sure they all have the same stuff
02:45:53 <kk4ewt> inode0:  that the boxes are together inventoriied and we know what is need in them
02:46:40 <dan408> hmm
02:46:48 <dan408> well the west coast event box is kind of fragmented
02:46:58 <dan408> like i have a box of pens and a bunch of stickers at my house
02:47:07 <dan408> but those were the old white pens
02:47:16 <kk4ewt> dan408:  i am one person who has used all 3 boxes at least once
02:47:33 <dan408> kk4ewt: +1 to you sir
02:47:50 <kk4ewt> and it was like that before you came along
02:47:56 <dan408> kk4ewt: were you the one who put the 802.11g wifi router in there?
02:49:16 <kk4ewt> there was suppose to be one in it
02:49:28 <dan408> yes
02:49:36 <dan408> there is but i think it's broken by now
02:50:00 <nb> dan408, can you find out? if so, i can get a new router for it and bring
02:50:17 <dan408> i'll call markdude after the meeting
02:51:24 <kk4ewt> dan408:  you see thats the stuff we need to know
02:51:56 <dan408> kk4ewt: if i could read minds, it would have been done by now
02:52:15 <dan408> anyways
02:52:19 <dan408> we're running short on time
02:52:25 <dan408> are we doing a meeting next week?
02:52:31 <kk4ewt> dan408:  this is why i proposed this for the fad
02:52:45 <dan408> kk4ewt: i understand. thank you.
02:53:20 <dan408> kk4ewt: we should have ham radios in them too, im gunna try and read the guide on the plane and see if i can try to take the test, i saw your email a few weeks ago but didnt want to make any false promises
02:54:05 <dan408> #topic open floor
02:54:15 * MarkDude has update on Scale, when that part is needed. Just emailed vwbusguy
02:54:36 <MarkDude> Updated page with some details. Asking him the rest.
02:54:40 <dan408> not seeing a trac ticket
02:54:45 * inode0 is sad he forgot to submit a talk to scale
02:55:27 <inode0> we need more reminders about deadlines - ok I need ...
02:55:36 <dan408> .. a hammer?
02:56:24 <dan408> okay
02:56:37 <dan408> im running out of batteries and the air conditioner is running here at work and im freezing
02:56:41 <dan408> anyone have anything else for tonight?
02:56:49 <dan408> inode0 we meeting again next week?
02:57:04 <inode0> I don't know why not
02:57:08 <dan408> cool
02:57:20 <dan408> any thing else anyone..
02:57:30 <dan408> waiting 30 seconds
02:57:39 * MarkDude should have trac for next meeting
02:57:45 <MarkDude> endmeeting
02:57:57 <dan408> #endmeeting