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04:00:18 <dramsey> Asia Pacific "APAC"
04:00:21 <dramsey> Welcome Everyone.
04:00:28 <dramsey> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:APAC_Ambassadors_2013-01-05#Agenda
04:00:31 <dramsey> Meeting Agenda
04:00:35 <dramsey> .fas dramsey
04:00:36 <tuanta> .fas tuanta
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04:00:48 <dramsey> #chair tuanta azneita MavJS FranciscoD
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04:01:00 <dramsey> #chair shaon
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04:01:12 <tuanta> dramsey, thanks for chairing the meeting today :)
04:01:20 <dramsey> :)
04:01:23 <shaon> thanks :)
04:01:31 <dramsey> Thank you, Tuan.
04:01:38 <dramsey> next topic?
04:01:45 <shaon> .fas shaon
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04:01:58 <shaon> whoops
04:02:29 <tuanta> shaon, can you introduce a bit about you?
04:02:38 <shaon> yep, sure
04:03:15 <tuanta> btw, I am Tuan from Vietnam, Fedora Ambassadors, Package Maintainer and FAmSCo member
04:03:16 <shaon> I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh, I am currently working at Eucalyptus System (remotely)
04:03:28 <shaon> as a Technical Support Engineer
04:03:37 <tuanta> great to hear that from you
04:03:41 <MavJS> sweet! :)
04:03:43 <azneita> .azneita
04:04:00 <boncOS> .fas boncOS
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04:04:01 <tuanta> Cloud is one of the main arrows @Fedora
04:04:05 <aolsystems> hello
04:04:06 <shaon> same here tuanta
04:04:07 <azneita> .fas herson@azneita.org
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04:04:19 <aolsystems> im back!!!
04:04:24 <aolsystems> azneita: pre
04:04:28 <dramsey> .fas aolsystems
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04:04:34 <dramsey> Welcome!
04:04:34 <tuanta> hello everyone
04:04:39 <dramsey> #chair aolsystems
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04:04:47 <dramsey> #chair magie
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04:04:48 <dramsey> :D
04:04:54 <aolsystems> dramsey: hehehe! thanks!
04:05:00 <tuanta> #chair boncOS
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04:05:14 <dramsey> Next topic?
04:05:21 <tuanta> yes, please
04:05:23 <dramsey> #topic News from FAmSCo
04:05:27 <dramsey> Tuan - you got it!@
04:05:29 <dramsey> :D
04:05:33 <tuanta> ok, that's mine
04:05:34 <aolsystems> magie: hello
04:05:56 <dramsey> #chair born2linux
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04:06:22 <tuanta> at FAmSCo, we have got two meetings recently
04:06:44 <aolsystems> born2linux: hello
04:06:47 <tuanta> we have discussed a lot to solve the budget problems
04:06:51 * azneita saw the emails but was too lazy to read
04:07:16 <tuanta> firstly, the FAD budget plan issue:
04:08:04 <tuanta> you know FAD is a kind of premier event so it's not in charge of regional communities nor FAmSCo to decide the budget
04:08:13 <azneita> true
04:08:19 <dramsey> +1
04:08:35 <tuanta> also, we see a lot of events named FAD but not *real* FADs
04:08:57 <gx260a> what type of language do you use to create software at FAD?
04:09:28 <tuanta> with both reasons, FAmSCo suggests you should consider carefully before name an event as FAD
04:09:35 <dramsey> +1
04:09:37 <tuanta> budget would be more complex
04:10:02 <dona> .fas dona@azneita.org
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04:10:18 <dramsey> #chair dona
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04:10:30 <tuanta> to know more about FAD: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Activity_Day_-_FAD?rd=FAD
04:10:53 <dramsey> +1
04:11:09 <dramsey> #chair born2linux1 magie1
04:11:09 <zodbot> Current chairs: FranciscoD MavJS aolsystems azneita boncOS born2linux born2linux1 dona dramsey magie magie1 shaon tuanta
04:11:20 <tuanta> *not-real* FAD event would be decided by regional communities and FAmSCo as usual process
04:11:26 <azneita> tuanta, off hand what are not real fads
04:11:28 <tuanta> it would be easier
04:11:59 <azneita> i know i can read the mail but an example would be nice
04:12:18 <tuanta> azneita: you can see what FAD is at: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Activity_Day_-_FAD?rd=FAD
04:12:32 <azneita> yeah, i have read that
04:13:10 <tuanta> FAD is a kind of premier event where Fedora contributors go together to work on (some) specific issues
04:13:31 <dramsey> +1
04:13:43 <tuanta> e.g. Infrastructure team meet together to hack on some stuffs
04:13:52 <azneita> what i mean is, what specific fads are not real fads
04:14:01 <aolsystems> +1
04:14:02 <tuanta> it's not about just ambassadors, it's about the whole Fedora contributors
04:14:19 <azneita> what triggered the distinction
04:14:44 <azneita> anyhow, i'll just read up then
04:14:46 <azneita> :)
04:15:07 <tuanta> and when you name an event as FAD, the process to plan for budget is more complex. It would be decided by a mystery man called budget owner
04:15:32 <azneita> that's robyn and company i think
04:15:46 <tuanta> in the past, he is Max. but after Max leaving, we need to have another man
04:15:52 <tuanta> s/man/person
04:16:11 <tuanta> that's also the second news
04:16:15 <tuanta> from FAmSCo
04:16:19 <azneita> osas picked that duty up right
04:16:57 <tuanta> FAmSCo is working with Robyn to appoint a new budget owner who is in charge of budget planning for premier events like FADs
04:17:12 <tuanta> and the last news is:
04:17:27 * azneita should really pay more attention to meeting logs :)
04:17:42 <tuanta> FAmSCo suggest regions completes the regional budget plans by 14th of Jan
04:17:52 <tuanta> #link http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting-2/2013-01-03/famsco.2013-01-03-17.00.html
04:17:52 <dramsey> +1
04:18:15 <tuanta> you can see the last FAmSCo meeting logs here
04:18:36 <azneita> gotcha, tuanta
04:18:54 <dramsey> +1 very important for APAC's 2013 success.  eof
04:18:59 <shaon> do you happen to know, if there is any FAD event happening in Bangladesh?
04:19:46 <tuanta> each of you (for each country) should plan for budget for 2013 soon
04:20:08 <dramsey> +1
04:20:09 <dramsey> ?
04:20:15 <tuanta> shaon: AFAIK, no FAD in Bangladesh up to now
04:20:30 <tuanta> ok, please dramsey
04:20:41 <azneita> nor events, methink
04:20:49 <dramsey> Tuan, where do you want each country's input, eof.
04:21:00 <azneita> budet for the year
04:21:14 <azneita> the budget proposal is an estimate, right?
04:21:21 <tuanta> we will discuss more about how to make budget plan in APAC in the next parts of this meeting
04:21:23 <magie> yes, we'll work on ph budget for 2013
04:21:24 <azneita> not a hard cap or anything
04:21:25 <shaon> ?
04:21:43 <tuanta> have we got a separated topic for budget planning, dramsey?
04:22:01 <tuanta> if not, we can discuss in Open Floor
04:22:20 <tuanta> I got some experience can share to you
04:22:25 <dramsey> we could make that now - Tuan.  As well as FUDCon APAC, eof
04:22:46 <born2linux> +1
04:23:03 <dramsey> +1
04:23:29 <tuanta> would you like to discuss about budget planning topic right now?
04:23:37 <dramsey> +1
04:23:47 <dramsey> ? New topic?  eof
04:23:50 <tuanta> ok, thanks. I will make it short
04:23:59 <tuanta> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/APAC/Budget/Vietnam_Budget_FY2014
04:24:05 <tuanta> here is my draft for Vietnam
04:24:06 <shaon> ?
04:24:36 <tuanta> I got comments from Ambassadors in Vietnam to make this draft better
04:25:01 <tuanta> firstly, I see most budget comes from *events*
04:25:21 <tuanta> so first, you should list all your events in the year
04:25:44 <tuanta> note that FY2014 is from March 2013 until Feb 2014
04:26:20 <tuanta> you can put the priority in case of we do not have enough budget for all
04:26:57 <tuanta> of course, in the plan, more is better than less
04:27:19 <tuanta> with more budget planned, we can cut them later if needed
04:27:52 <tuanta> note that requests for no-planned budget would be more difficult to consider and approve
04:28:20 <tuanta> we can also think about the last recent years spends
04:28:52 <tuanta> those are main factors I considered to make this draft
04:29:05 <tuanta> you can also make others to
04:29:17 <tuanta> I suggest we do planning fro each country
04:29:32 <magie> +1
04:29:37 <boncOS> +1
04:29:44 <tuanta> and then APAC region will sum them up into a bigger plan
04:30:30 <shaon> +1
04:31:12 <dramsey> +1
04:31:25 <tuanta> and then, you know, at FAmSCo, we will sum all four regions' budget plan up into a completed plan in FY2014
04:31:38 <tuanta> FY2014 starts on March 2013
04:31:44 <gx260a> whats you're budget?
04:31:55 <tuanta> so we should complete everything by this month
04:32:15 <tuanta> gx260a, what do you mean?
04:32:33 <tuanta> sorry, I do not understand your question
04:32:46 <gx260a> I was just inquiring you're budget do you have a rough estimate?
04:33:15 <gx260a> ten thousand?
04:33:34 <tuanta> you meant the total budget for each region?
04:34:06 <gx260a> just a rough estimate
04:34:31 <tuanta> ok, see #link http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/famsco/2012-February/001003.html
04:34:36 <dramsey> +1
04:34:57 <shaon> ?
04:35:07 <tuanta> that's budget for the last FY2013 (would be ended by Feb 2013)
04:35:47 <tuanta> you can see regional support for all four regions is about 80k-100k USD
04:36:07 <tuanta> AFAIK, it't not decided for this FY2014
04:36:27 <tuanta> but it's the same
04:36:32 <dramsey> +1
04:36:41 <dramsey> ?
04:36:50 <tuanta> then for each region, we would have budget support about $20k-$25k
04:37:08 <tuanta> just my rough thought
04:37:17 <azneita> thanks man
04:37:25 <tuanta> it's not official number, but it is similar that
04:37:30 <tuanta> dramsey, please
04:37:57 <dramsey> Is there any FY2013 left for APAC?
04:37:57 <dramsey> Oh shaon's question, too.
04:37:57 <dramsey> eof
04:38:09 <dramsey> budget that is.
04:38:12 <tuanta> good question, dramsey
04:38:28 <tuanta> I wish Buddika available here
04:38:37 <tuanta> he has got a sum, I think
04:39:18 <dramsey> Okay, understood.  eof
04:39:25 <shaon> is only an ambassador can propose budget and organize FAD events, since I am not an fedora ambassador, so what will be the process to propose an event? eof
04:39:47 <tuanta> only important note: that left money would be clear (we lost it)
04:40:18 <tuanta> shaon, FAD is not about ambassadors, it's about all contributors
04:41:09 <shaon> okay, so only contributors can propose one
04:41:22 <tuanta> ambassadors are also contributors
04:41:28 <tuanta> we are subset, you know
04:41:32 <tuanta> does it make sense?
04:41:35 <dramsey> +1
04:41:52 <shaon> yep
04:41:56 <tuanta> there are a lot of groups in Fedora community
04:42:21 <shaon> right
04:42:24 <boncOS> tuanta, yes .. but to make a request for resources, you must be a Fedora Ambassador <-- i see it here https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-apac/wiki
04:42:56 <gx260a> tuanta knows one right?
04:43:13 <shaon> nice boncOS
04:43:33 <shaon> tuanta, yep, got it now
04:43:47 <tuanta> on the phone now
04:44:24 <dramsey> +1
04:45:02 <dramsey> ?
04:45:03 <shaon> so I was checking, if we can organize something here in dhaka, if we don't find a contributor, at least we can let them know how to contribute
04:45:41 <shaon> you see what I mean
04:46:18 <azneita> err. you lost me shaon
04:46:30 <azneita> are you a contributor yourself?
04:46:43 <azneita> or planning to be one?
04:46:47 <shaon> not a fedora one
04:47:01 <azneita> is there anything barring you from being one
04:47:08 <shaon> nope
04:47:20 <shaon> I am talking about encouraging others as well
04:47:26 <azneita> from my pov, you can easily apply to ambassadors
04:47:37 <azneita> seeing that you're doing the job already ;)
04:48:16 <shaon> ah, yes, I can do that if you want me to do, but I think there are Fedora Ambassador already in Bangladesh
04:48:16 <azneita> i think mak is from bangladesh, you knw him?
04:48:31 <shaon> I am shocked, that none of them are present here
04:48:31 <shaon> :(
04:48:40 <shaon> yep, I do know him
04:48:46 <azneita> ping me offline later, let's see what we can do
04:48:55 <shaon> thanks azneita
04:48:59 <azneita> dramsey, the floor?
04:49:05 <dramsey> Tuan - #action deadline for APAC on FY2014 is January 11th and other input for budget how about FUDCon APAC 2013 concerns?  eof
04:49:11 <dramsey> Everyone that is, eof
04:50:16 <boncOS> next ...
04:50:53 <gx260a> what topics are valid?
04:54:43 <magie> quick announcement for ph fams:
04:54:52 <dramsey> Please, magie, eof
04:54:56 <magie> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/APAC/Budget/Philippines_Budget_Plan_2013
04:55:13 <magie> please flesh out, thanks
04:55:30 <magie> thanks dramsey, eof
04:56:09 <dramsey> +1
04:56:21 <born2linux> +1
04:56:28 <azneita> thanks magie
04:56:38 <dramsey> ?
04:56:46 <azneita> let's add line items for bulk swag too
04:56:57 <azneita> and other stuff that carry over
04:57:44 <magie> based on tuanta's link, thanks tuan
04:58:32 <magie> please, dramsey
04:58:45 <dramsey> I like your stuff.  eof
04:58:58 <dramsey> ? Future question, any input for budget how about FUDCon APAC 2013 concerns?  eof
05:00:55 <gx260a> dramsey why the eof?
05:01:46 <azneita> gx260a, he's just signing off ;)
05:01:54 <azneita> part of meeting protocols
05:02:07 <azneita> dramsey, are we done?
05:02:34 <dramsey> I think that's me
05:02:35 <dramsey> eof
05:02:41 <dramsey> I must hit the road, now
05:02:48 <dramsey> If meeting logs need to be sent, eof
05:02:56 <dramsey> Take care and please do as Tuan as suggested
05:02:58 <dramsey> I need to go
05:02:58 <dramsey> eof
05:02:59 <dramsey> b ye
05:03:06 <born2linux> bye
05:03:10 <azneita> bye
05:03:30 <azneita> ok guys, so it's open floor or end of meeting?
05:03:58 <born2linux> where to now?
05:04:05 <boncOS> how the progress about some open ticket (budget request for release party) ?
05:04:34 <azneita> you have the ticket boncOS ?
05:04:46 <boncOS> yes... #54
05:04:52 <azneita> let me check
05:05:28 <azneita> you have finished this alreday?
05:05:36 <boncOS> not yet ..
05:05:46 <boncOS> i wait for approval first
05:06:19 <boncOS> if this budget is approved, then i will go for it
05:08:34 <azneita> i say go for it
05:09:23 <azneita> +1 from me
05:09:43 <tuanta> hey, I am back
05:09:58 <tuanta> sorry, a long distance phone from our client
05:10:05 <azneita> hey tuanta, boncOS want approval for #54 budget request
05:10:16 <azneita> i'm ok with it
05:10:57 <azneita> any other concerns?
05:11:24 <tuanta> I see it's ok too
05:11:41 <tuanta> dramsey, make a #agreed?
05:11:45 <azneita> i say, just collect the receipts and post the event reports
05:12:03 <azneita> dramsey left already
05:12:04 <tuanta> any #info or #action from the beginning of the meeting?
05:12:34 <tuanta> ok, so we should continue.
05:12:49 <azneita> pls
05:12:56 <tuanta> As I see, ticket #54 has been approved
05:13:02 <tuanta> any comments?
05:13:32 <azneita> just have fun :)
05:13:36 <boncOS> thanks :)
05:14:37 <tuanta> #agreed ticket #54 for "Budget Fedora 18 Release Party - Malang, Indonesia" approved
05:15:26 <tuanta> I will update the ticket to put meeting logs there for follow up
05:15:53 <tuanta> boncOS, you should also read the Reimbursement guidelines carefully
05:16:03 <tuanta> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/APAC/Reimbursement
05:16:07 <boncOS> yes sir, i will
05:16:16 <tuanta> ok, anything else?
05:16:33 <boncOS> i see some ticket from some city in indonesia is not approved yet ... #52 #53 #55
05:17:11 <tuanta> boncOS, who are event owners?
05:17:23 <tuanta> do they attend this meeting?
05:17:47 <boncOS> nope .. i think jurankdankkal not attend today
05:18:18 <boncOS> .fas jurankdankkal
05:18:18 <zodbot> boncOS: jurankdankkal 'Prima Yogi Loviniltra' <loviniltra@gmail.com>
05:19:31 <tuanta> yes, I know him. we will discuss more via Trac and mailing list later
05:19:40 <tuanta> it's better if he can attend the meeting
05:19:41 <boncOS> ok ..
05:19:53 <tuanta> so, anything  else today?
05:20:03 <tuanta> it's over 19m :)
05:20:04 <boncOS> enough from me
05:20:16 <azneita> nothing else
05:20:25 <tuanta> I see we should close the meeting now
05:20:31 <born2linux> +1
05:20:38 <tuanta> ok, great meeting. see you later
05:20:44 <tuanta> #endmeeting