02:02:31 <dan408> #startmeeting FAmNA
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02:02:38 <dan408> #chair suehle inode0
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02:02:53 <dan408> #chair rbergeron nb
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02:03:03 <nb> hi
02:03:06 <dan408> hi
02:03:19 <lcameron> evening
02:03:26 <dan408> hello lcameron
02:03:42 <dan408> Roll CAll
02:03:45 <dan408> anyone else here?
02:03:49 <suehle> me
02:04:10 <dan408> hi suehle, I'd chair you but you're already chaired
02:05:16 <dan408> ok
02:05:27 <dan408> #topic === Announcements ===
02:05:32 <dan408> Announcements anyone?
02:06:57 <dan408> inode0, any agenda?
02:07:02 <inode0> shall we take next week off? :)
02:07:10 <dan408> yes
02:07:39 <inode0> #info No FAmNA meeting on Christmas
02:08:10 <dan408> +1
02:08:17 <nb> +1
02:08:22 <inode0> shall we take the next one off too since that one is New Year's Day?
02:08:29 <dan408> +1
02:08:49 <lcameron> +1
02:09:21 <inode0> #info Also no FAmNA meeting on New Year's Day
02:09:26 <dan408> okay
02:09:40 <dan408> let's skip tickets
02:09:43 <dan408> since no one's here
02:09:58 <dan408> should we talk about fadna/fudcon?
02:10:07 <inode0> or cover those that someone is here and wants to discuss?
02:10:15 <dan408> open floor? :)
02:10:56 <suehle> #info FUDCon hotel block ends on Friday and is almost full
02:11:04 <dan408> crap
02:11:05 * inode0 is distracted by a plate of spaghetti at the moment
02:11:07 <dan408> thanks for the reminder
02:11:15 <dan408> suehle what's the link please
02:11:40 <suehle> 2 links, depending on bed size, although I think all of one is gone. Can't remember which.
02:11:43 <suehle> Both links are at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:Lawrence_2013
02:11:56 <suehle> If you try one and they're gone, make a note on the wiki.
02:12:04 <dan408> we'll deal
02:12:34 <suehle> And if you know a girl who's planning to come, there's currently an odd number of us and one looking for a roommate.
02:12:50 <dan408> well it's me and Rdieter
02:13:42 <dan408> the FAD is on the 17th
02:13:50 * dan408 checks his plane tickets
02:15:03 <dan408> inode0: FAD is all set and stuff?
02:15:08 * inode0 doesn't know
02:15:16 <dan408> suehle: i believe you got us a conference room for the 17th right?
02:15:44 <suehle> I think ianweller was going to see if there was university space, and if not, the hotel is pretty much us, so we'll find a spot.
02:15:52 * suehle will check
02:16:19 <dan408> ok
02:16:21 <nb> kk4ewt, ping
02:16:33 <dan408> yeah the 2 queen rooms are available
02:16:46 <inode0> the university is quite a ways away isn't it? I'm thinking the hotel might be better?!
02:17:06 <suehle> It is. We're working on buses, so whichever is cheaper.
02:17:23 <dan408> okay I'm going ahead and booking our room
02:17:50 <dan408> suehle: do the people that need roommates have rooms booked?
02:19:34 <suehle> I have no idea who has booked rooms and who hasn't.
02:19:51 <dan408> ok
02:21:02 <dan408> suehle: so im booking 4 nights 17-21
02:21:06 <dan408> double queen
02:21:15 <suehle> OK
02:21:18 <dan408> ok
02:21:31 <dan408> also has an extra sofabed
02:21:32 <suehle> For people who are subsidized, I'll have the hotel create a aster billing account while we're there to put it all on my card.
02:21:38 <suehle> Or someone's, should mine fill up.
02:21:48 <dan408> welll it's asking me for CC now
02:21:55 <dan408> which is fine
02:21:57 <suehle> It won't charge you, it's just to reserve it.
02:21:59 <dan408> k
02:22:10 <dan408> done
02:22:11 <suehle> Hotels will always ask for a card to reserve in case you don't show up.
02:22:22 <dan408> so we can have 3 people in our room if you consider the sofabad
02:22:47 <kk4ewt> nb pong
02:22:58 <suehle> Well, you find somebody to sleep on the sofabed, I'm ok with it. :)
02:23:40 <dan408> ;)
02:23:55 <dan408> thanks suehle
02:24:58 <dan408> ok let's just do open floor
02:25:29 <dan408> #topic === Open Floor ===
02:26:47 <dan408> so?
02:26:57 <dan408> is everyone that busy or that tired?
02:27:32 <inode0> tired
02:27:36 <suehle> Clearly no burning issues.
02:27:43 <suehle> Or they're all setting traps to catch Santa.
02:28:02 <dan408> busy busy busy here
02:28:09 <dan408> thank you for the reminder on the hotel suehle
02:29:04 <dan408> okay
02:29:12 <dan408> i think that's it for today
02:29:22 <dan408> going once
02:29:51 <inode0> thanks dan408
02:29:55 <dan408> yep
02:29:57 <dan408> going twice
02:30:02 <kk4ewt> no meeting next week
02:30:02 <dan408> #endmeeting