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04:01:07 <bckurera> Welcome to APAC bi-weekly meeting
04:01:15 <bckurera> today agenda is at
04:01:21 <bckurera> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:APAC_Ambassadors_2012-10-27
04:01:40 <bckurera> #topic Rollcall
04:01:49 <bckurera> .fas bckurera
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04:02:27 <MavJS> \o/
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04:02:36 <tuanta> hi
04:02:40 <tuanta> .fas tuanta
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04:02:47 <tuanta> sorry, problem with my network
04:02:53 <arifiauo> hi everyone :)
04:03:07 <bckurera> here you are Tuan
04:03:14 <bckurera> #chair tuanta
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04:03:26 <tuanta> #chair arifiauo MavJS
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04:03:28 <bckurera> #chair tuanta FranciscoD
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04:03:31 * niteshnarayanlal will be back after few mins
04:03:31 * niteshnarayanlal is having lab eval
04:03:33 <FranciscoD> bckurera: please proceed, lets stick to the agenda, and finish the meeting in an hour for a change :)
04:03:43 <tuanta> #chair niteshnarayanlal
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04:03:49 <bckurera> ok here we are going
04:03:57 <bckurera> #topic News From FAmSCo
04:04:18 <bckurera> There is a news which is about Mentors
04:04:28 <bckurera> we have some new mentors for EMEA
04:04:37 * FranciscoD reminds people to use !, ?, EOF when required
04:04:47 <tuanta> +1 FranciscoD
04:04:49 <FranciscoD> #info new mentors for EMEA
04:04:51 <bckurera> #link http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/ambassadors/2012-October/020415.html
04:05:10 <bckurera> please welcome them !!!
04:05:23 <tuanta> +1 :)
04:05:27 <FranciscoD> :)
04:05:42 <bckurera> #info EMEA has 5 new mentors, congrats folks . .
04:05:43 <FranciscoD> #info Welcome new EMEA mentors
04:05:45 <tuanta> I met most of them @FUDCon Milan last year.
04:05:49 <FranciscoD> nice
04:05:55 <bckurera> tuanta you are lucky
04:06:00 <bckurera> eof
04:06:10 <FranciscoD> any more news from FAMSCO?
04:06:11 <kaio_ph> Hi folks
04:06:16 <bckurera> move?
04:06:23 <bckurera> hello kaio_ph
04:06:28 <FranciscoD> bckurera: aye, if you have nothing more to report.
04:06:36 <bckurera> #topic Review action items from last meeting
04:06:43 <tuanta> #chair kaio_ph
04:06:43 <zodbot> Current chairs: FranciscoD MavJS arifiauo bckurera kaio_ph niteshnarayanlal tuanta
04:06:45 <bckurera> anything to add here?
04:06:47 <arifiauo> hi kaio_ph
04:06:58 <tuanta> ?
04:07:07 <bckurera> please tuanta
04:07:19 <tuanta> bckurera, how about the APAC Reimbursement guidelines?
04:07:28 <tuanta> is that done?
04:07:29 <tuanta> eof
04:07:50 <FranciscoD> is that an item from last meeting?
04:07:54 <tuanta> and... !
04:07:59 <tuanta> !
04:08:00 <FranciscoD> Otherwise we do it later, once the agenda has been taken care of
04:08:12 * FranciscoD goes to check agenda
04:08:14 <bckurera> will take it on open floor
04:08:17 <FranciscoD> aye
04:08:26 <bckurera> but if you need a quick answer I can asnwer now too
04:08:30 <FranciscoD> tuanta: I see you were to find out status of tickets
04:08:31 <tuanta> just one action item last meeting. And I got it done
04:08:38 <FranciscoD> bckurera: open floor, so it can be discussed if required?
04:08:50 <tuanta> ok, open floor. come on please
04:08:52 <FranciscoD> tuanta: Can you elaborate a little, for the logs?
04:09:05 <bckurera> sounds an info then :)
04:09:40 <tuanta> I got response from all ticket owners. And then some of them has been closed.
04:09:40 <tuanta> eof
04:09:50 <tuanta> #chair inode0
04:09:51 <zodbot> Current chairs: FranciscoD MavJS arifiauo bckurera inode0 kaio_ph niteshnarayanlal tuanta
04:09:51 <FranciscoD> Great
04:10:00 <bckurera> ok thanks tuanta
04:10:02 <arifiauo> tuanta, good job :)
04:10:03 <bckurera> next topic?
04:10:09 <FranciscoD> #info tuanta got responses from all ticket owners and some tickets have been closed
04:10:14 <tuanta> yes, +1. next
04:10:26 <arifiauo> +1 next
04:10:28 <tuanta> !
04:10:29 <bckurera> #topic #APAC FUDCon bid process
04:10:41 <bckurera> tuanta please
04:11:07 <tuanta> just last thing for the tickets: I will follow them all next two weeks
04:11:19 <FranciscoD> #action tuanta follow tickets for next two weeks
04:11:22 <FranciscoD> thanks tuanta
04:11:36 <FranciscoD> bckurera: can we please have a point wise summary of the changes in the bid process you propose?
04:11:40 <tuanta> thanks, FranciscoD. eof
04:11:43 <FranciscoD> with info, for the logs?
04:11:57 <bckurera> tuanta I ll follow fund requests so that it is easy since I need to coordinate with
04:12:09 <bckurera> anyway your help is appreciated, thankks !
04:12:47 <bckurera> FranciscoD yeah I made a new idea about that some time back, but I think after reading responses it is better to follow what we have now
04:12:57 <bckurera> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon_bid_process
04:13:10 <tuanta> understood. +1 bckurera
04:13:24 <FranciscoD> #info No change to FUDCon bid process
04:13:41 <FranciscoD> bckurera: next topic please then :)
04:13:41 <bckurera> yeah I just made an idea :)
04:13:54 <bckurera> moving
04:14:01 <bckurera> #topic APAC Events: plans, status, reports
04:14:49 <FranciscoD> 1. Any event reports?
04:15:02 <FranciscoD> 2. Any even requirements? Swag requests?
04:15:20 <bckurera> ping niteshnarayanlal
04:15:21 * FranciscoD waits for any responses
04:15:26 <tuanta> !
04:15:31 <FranciscoD> tuanta: go
04:16:09 <tuanta> next times, I think it's better to merge those stuffs into "trac review" topic
04:16:21 <FranciscoD> tuanta: you mean with tickets?
04:16:24 <bckurera> !
04:16:32 <tuanta> yes
04:16:33 <tuanta> eof.
04:16:39 <bckurera> bckurera go :)
04:16:50 <FranciscoD> #idea Discuss events in trac review agenda topic
04:17:15 <bckurera> I think discussing SWAG requests on the meeting is a time waste, we can do it on trac and if no response on the mailing list
04:17:23 <bckurera> but being frank we have no SWAG stock now
04:17:25 <tuanta> hello niteshnarayan
04:17:34 <FranciscoD> bckurera: I intend to discuss that in open floor.
04:17:43 <niteshnarayan> :)
04:17:49 <niteshnarayan> +1
04:18:06 <tuanta> ok, let it delay to open floor too
04:18:06 <FranciscoD> Reminder to everyone: PLEASE FILE TRAC TICKETS FOR ANY EVENT REQUIREMENTS
04:18:11 <FranciscoD> #info Reminder to everyone: PLEASE FILE TRAC TICKETS FOR ANY EVENT REQUIREMENTS
04:18:21 <bckurera> the best thing is ask money and produce locally
04:18:25 <MavJS> +1
04:18:28 <FranciscoD> bckurera: we'll discuss that
04:18:48 <bckurera> till something is in place :)
04:18:50 <bckurera> eof
04:18:59 <FranciscoD> #topic Miscellaneous
04:19:10 <FranciscoD> We need to provide NA with an address to ship over the badges
04:19:14 <FranciscoD> Any suggestions?
04:19:26 <FranciscoD> Any one have any events planned where they can be used?
04:19:41 <bckurera> FranciscoD we were not that the Discuss Ticket topic :)
04:20:01 <FranciscoD> What are the competing FUDCon bids? Do the bid owners need these?
04:20:09 <FranciscoD> bckurera: ah, we'll take that after this then.
04:20:13 * FranciscoD cleans his glasses
04:20:35 <bckurera> Actually the situation is like that
04:20:38 <inode0> !
04:20:43 <FranciscoD> inode0: please,
04:20:45 <tuanta> +1 FranciscoD. they should be shipped to FUDCon APAC 2013
04:20:50 <bckurera> still there is no FUDCon bid open for APAC
04:20:55 <inode0> We are sending 2000 of them so I hope you can use them at a lot of events
04:21:07 <bckurera> I am still waiting for Robyn about that
04:21:09 <tuanta> !
04:21:09 <FranciscoD> #info 2000 badges available
04:21:17 <FranciscoD> bckurera: waiting on what please?
04:21:38 <FranciscoD> tuanta: you're up once bckurera finishes
04:21:41 <inode0> we can send them to someone who is very likely to attend FUDCon if you want and they can be distributed there
04:21:54 <bckurera> Waiting for some tentative dates/ period for FUDcon 2013 in APAC
04:22:08 <bckurera> but we can discuss about the possibilities and get ready
04:22:19 <bckurera> that is why I wanted and that is why I initiated the discussion
04:22:22 <bckurera> eof
04:22:31 <tuanta> #info the best way to distribute swags inside APAC is in FUDCon
04:22:31 <bckurera> tuanta please
04:22:32 <tuanta> eof
04:22:37 * niteshnarayan hopes that the dates lies after 10  december
04:23:17 <arifiauo> +1 tuanta
04:23:34 <bckurera> yes tuanta I wrote a mail explaining my plan some weeks back, FUDCon 2013 is the target, that is why it is so important
04:24:01 <bckurera> I was discussing about preparing SWAGs for the best price and distributing them on next FUDCon
04:24:04 <FranciscoD> #info Defer postal address for badges until some info on the FUDCon is concrete
04:24:12 <bckurera> so that we dont want to worry about postage
04:24:15 <inode0> !
04:24:17 <bckurera> and tax fee
04:24:18 <FranciscoD> inode0: go
04:24:48 <inode0> Don't wait until we use up ours because we'll start using yours - just give us an address and that person can take them to FUDCon please
04:24:59 <FranciscoD> inode0: noted
04:25:02 <bckurera> #link http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/ambassadors/2012-September/020311.html
04:25:28 <FranciscoD> bckurera: you're probably going to be at the next fudcon
04:25:35 <FranciscoD> as our famsco representative
04:25:35 <bckurera> inode0 thanks for info, need to follow it
04:25:42 <tuanta> :)
04:26:12 <FranciscoD> bckurera: is it okay if we get the badges shipped to you? You can get them to the FUDCon?
04:26:23 <bckurera> i think we can find at least one of FAm from each and every country in APAC in next FUDCon
04:26:42 <bckurera> FranciscoD it is good, i can take the responsibility
04:26:49 <FranciscoD> Great.
04:26:51 <tuanta> cool
04:27:00 <FranciscoD> inode0: who should we give the postal address to?
04:27:08 <FranciscoD> nb ?
04:27:53 <FranciscoD> #action bckurera find out who to give postal address to
04:27:54 <FranciscoD> #action bckurera give postal address
04:28:00 <bckurera> I ll contact inode0 and see
04:28:06 <bckurera> ok will move then
04:28:06 <FranciscoD> #action bckurera receive and confirm reception of badges
04:28:14 <FranciscoD> #action bckurera get badges to next fudcon
04:28:16 <FranciscoD> phew..
04:28:25 <bckurera> lot of actions :D
04:28:30 <FranciscoD> XD
04:28:32 <tuanta> a lot :)
04:28:35 <FranciscoD> bckurera: are trac tickets the next topic?
04:28:46 <FranciscoD> since I seem to have gotten lost ;)
04:28:46 <tuanta> and I believe that bckurera can not finish them
04:28:47 <bckurera> nothing to discuss
04:28:58 <FranciscoD> in trac tickets?
04:28:58 <tuanta> at least, the last one :)
04:29:01 <FranciscoD> at all?
04:29:02 <FranciscoD> :O
04:29:08 <bckurera> but can we discuss about FUDcon bid if required?
04:29:23 <FranciscoD> bckurera: lets just mention the topic for our logs
04:29:24 <tuanta> bckurera: let it to open floor
04:29:30 <bckurera> ok then move :)
04:29:39 <bckurera> #topic Open Floor
04:29:50 <FranciscoD> #info No trac tickets to discuss this meeting
04:29:53 <tuanta> how about trac tickets review?
04:29:58 <tuanta> ok :)
04:30:21 <bckurera> If there is any fund requests for approval then will take it here
04:30:29 <FranciscoD> tuanta: bckurera said there aren't any to discuss ^
04:30:40 <bckurera> at the moment there is no fund requests waiting for approval so we can proceed
04:30:45 <FranciscoD> great
04:30:51 <bckurera> FranciscoD explain more :)
04:31:24 <bckurera> Folks we are in the open floor so discuss :)
04:31:26 * FranciscoD goes to look at current logs for topics to be discussed in open floor
04:31:32 * niteshnarayan wants to know where he missed the step
04:31:48 <bckurera> 1. Reimbursement guideline
04:31:52 <niteshnarayan> as I didn't get the swags , so I think from next time it will be better
04:32:01 <niteshnarayan> to get them locally
04:32:11 <niteshnarayan> and then ask for reimbursement
04:32:13 <FranciscoD> niteshnarayan: we'll come to that
04:32:20 <niteshnarayan> sure thing
04:32:32 <FranciscoD> bckurera: what do you propose?
04:32:40 <bckurera> niteshnarayan for swags our only hope is Harish, at the moment there is no stock, that is why we need to produce them locally
04:32:40 <FranciscoD> again, point wise summary, with infos
04:32:46 <bckurera> please do it and ask for money
04:33:10 <bckurera> until there is a system in place
04:33:15 <niteshnarayan> bckurera, yeah I had mailed him , but didn't got any reply
04:33:16 <FranciscoD> #info Produce swag locally, file ticket, get reimbursed
04:33:33 <bckurera> thanks FranciscoD :)
04:33:37 <FranciscoD> bckurera: is it possible to have another reimbursement wrangler? Harish seems quite busy most of the time.
04:33:56 <FranciscoD> Is this something famsco can discuss with the board or whoever?
04:34:01 <niteshnarayan> yeah true :P
04:34:35 <FranciscoD> Or can we just request NA folks to reimburse us? They seem to have a few folks with fedora credit cards or whatever.
04:34:54 <FranciscoD> May be one of them can be given a card that is linked to the APAC budget?
04:35:02 <FranciscoD> To do it for us?
04:35:06 <bckurera> FranciscoD we discussed that, first of all I ll try to contact Harish and ask his opinion, he did it best and so we need to do that
04:35:11 <inode0> Unlikely, but I would suggest talking to rbergeron about fixing this.
04:35:56 <bckurera> We are on the process, so need to wait to see results :)
04:35:57 <tuanta> +1 inode0
04:36:01 <FranciscoD> inode0: What are the responsibilities of a fedora credit card holder? To ensure reimbursements requests are valid, and to make them in time?
04:36:20 <FranciscoD> And therefore have a say in the budget management?
04:36:40 <bckurera> Ok shall i talk about the reimbursement guideline tuanta asked
04:36:48 <inode0> Yes, although the credit card holder needs a relationship with Red Hat finance, so it isn't quite as easy as just us naming one.
04:37:00 * FranciscoD thought so
04:37:14 <FranciscoD> maybe someone from the redhat pune office, Rahul?
04:37:27 <FranciscoD> bckurera: harish does it really well, but he's go too much on his plate really.
04:37:58 <FranciscoD> #info Think about another fedora credit card holder for APAC to help harish cope with tickets
04:38:15 <bckurera> FranciscoD that is what I noted, we are clearing one by one, now we have guidline fixed then we need to address this issue
04:38:21 <FranciscoD> We are a *huge* geographical region, and just one person handling all the tickets is going to be diffucult.
04:38:37 <bckurera> so we are on the process of discussing, it needs time
04:38:52 <FranciscoD> bckurera: can you refresh us on the current status
04:39:01 <bckurera> ok that would be good
04:39:01 <FranciscoD> and how long the discussion has been going on? ie, with time frames?
04:39:07 <FranciscoD> please use infos
04:39:39 <inode0> ?
04:39:44 <bckurera> #info Regarding APAC reimbursement guideline is in place now
04:39:48 * FranciscoD notes that we are 39 minutes into the meeting. 20 more minutes max
04:39:58 <FranciscoD> inode0: you're up once bckurera finishes with his info notes ;)
04:40:24 <bckurera> #info Wea re discussing about how budget should be handle with in the regions and how budget should be estimated per region
04:40:51 <FranciscoD> bckurera: region: countries within APAC, or the fedora regions LATAM EMEA NA APAC?
04:41:01 <bckurera> #info in the mean time I am working with how to manage SWAG in APAC
04:41:38 <bckurera> those are the work in progress, and we need to discuss with harish and see how to manage reimbursement in the future
04:41:46 <FranciscoD> bckurera: what is the status of the second point? "how budget should be handle with in the regions and how budget should be estimated per region"
04:42:02 <FranciscoD> Has the discussion begun? Who is involved? What is involved?
04:42:03 <bckurera> FranciscoD regions LATAM EMEA NA APAC
04:42:34 <bckurera> FranciscoD not yet finalized, still other regions are trying to fix their reimbursement guidelines like NA and LATAM
04:42:48 <FranciscoD> Okay. Sounds good.
04:43:19 <FranciscoD> bckurera: is there a period by when we'll know our budget?
04:43:29 <bckurera> i think with in 2 3 months we will be at a good position with everything is in place and ready to go :)
04:43:44 <FranciscoD> Great :)
04:43:54 <FranciscoD> please eof when you're done bckurera so inode0 can speak :)
04:44:06 <bckurera> FranciscoD I cannot predict, it is based on discussions not only in FAmSCo but with Robyn and Ruthe
04:44:15 <bckurera> so that is the situation
04:44:18 <bckurera> please inode0
04:44:28 <inode0> Would one person with a credit card in APAC be able to make purchases in all the various countries? Is paypal available to be used for reimbursements?
04:44:44 <bckurera> !
04:44:56 <FranciscoD> bckurera: go
04:45:07 * FranciscoD uses paypal, can be linked to credit cards here too
04:45:11 <bckurera> inode0 - paypal not work for all countries so we use western union for some countries like Sri Lanka :)
04:45:33 <bckurera> #info paypal not work for all countries so we use western union for some countries
04:45:37 <inode0> Does WU accept payments via credit cards?
04:45:41 <FranciscoD> bckurera: how about we make a list of countries with what modes can be used for reimbursement?
04:45:56 * FranciscoD isn't sure about WU
04:46:07 * inode0 thinks it varies by country too
04:46:11 <FranciscoD> inode0: yeah
04:46:15 <bckurera> FranciscoD good I ll add as my action item
04:46:27 <tuanta> #info PayPal is avail in Vietnam now.
04:46:31 <bckurera> inode0 no you cannot, you have withdraw money from ATM and pay WU
04:46:32 <FranciscoD> Someone with paypal can receive the reimbursement, and transfer it by WU etc, if required
04:46:47 <FranciscoD> aye, methings WU is generally cash based
04:46:55 <FranciscoD> bckurera: I can do it, you already have a lot to do :)
04:47:00 <inode0> I would be happy to help push for an APAC credit card holder but I think they will likely be more limited in what they can do with it due to these concerns.
04:47:03 <bckurera> FranciscoD that waste some $$$ as their fee
04:47:05 <inode0> Still it would help.
04:47:36 <FranciscoD> inode0: how about online transfers, can the credit card transfer to a bank account?
04:47:50 <inode0> not that I am aware of
04:48:00 <FranciscoD> hrm
04:48:01 <bckurera> It is not possible wither :)
04:48:21 <tuanta> #info there are a lot of APAC countries supported by PayPal
04:48:23 <tuanta> #link https://www.paypal.com/vn/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_display-approved-signup-countries-outside
04:48:25 <FranciscoD> #action FranciscoD make a wiki page list of coutries and how people in them can be reimbursed (paypal/wu/etc)
04:48:44 <FranciscoD> tuanta: i'll ask people to actually try a demo and then confirm
04:48:50 <FranciscoD> just to be sure
04:49:00 <inode0> So a credit card will help but we'll still need someone from Red Hat who has more flexibility I think.
04:49:21 <bckurera> Folks please lets do it like this
04:49:40 <bckurera> First of all I ll discuss this with Harish and inform you at the next meeting progress
04:50:27 <bckurera> #action Discuss with Harish about the refurbishment with in APAC (by using Redhat credit card) and update at the next meeting
04:50:36 <MavJS> bckurera: +1
04:50:39 <bckurera> I hope that will solve all problems :)
04:50:54 <FranciscoD> bckurera: please extend the discussion to "any reimbursement methods possible"
04:51:04 <FranciscoD> since we'll need to look into all available channels when dealing with APAC
04:51:15 <bckurera> FranciscoD please explain what you meant by "any"
04:51:29 <bckurera> any = paypal. WU etc???
04:51:34 <FranciscoD> aye
04:51:39 <bckurera> ok sure
04:52:07 <FranciscoD> okay, we've discussed reimbursement, and come up with some ideas
04:52:25 <FranciscoD> Anything else to discuss in the open floor? (I have an item or two)
04:52:39 <bckurera> however if anyone need a reimbursement with high urgency please contact me directly I ll try to solve it soon till we have something in place
04:52:53 <bckurera> FranciscoD I have :)
04:52:59 <FranciscoD> #info please contact bckurera for urgent reimbursements
04:53:01 <FranciscoD> bckurera: please go ahead
04:53:13 <FranciscoD> we have 7 more minutes to the hour mark, so lets be quick folks
04:53:26 <bckurera> I have an idea on starting F18 release party dinners for FAms
04:53:38 <bckurera> I think our budget will permit for that
04:53:50 <tuanta> cool
04:53:55 <FranciscoD> +1
04:53:58 <bckurera> I ll write my proposal and post it to ML, please do respond
04:54:10 <tuanta> sure
04:54:15 <tuanta> we support you
04:54:16 <FranciscoD> #info bckurera will send proposal about release party dinners to ML
04:54:16 <bckurera> This is basically to motivate our great FAms
04:54:27 <tuanta> +1
04:54:30 <niteshnarayan> bckurera, +1 for the idea
04:54:32 <FranciscoD> Yes, we need to motivate them :)
04:54:33 <bckurera> Thanks guys
04:54:44 <FranciscoD> bckurera: anything else?
04:54:46 <bckurera> I ll post the proposal soon
04:54:53 <bckurera> I am done for today :)
04:54:56 <FranciscoD> okay
04:54:59 <FranciscoD> my turn :P
04:55:07 <bckurera> yeah please
04:55:07 <tuanta> and make release party is a real party :)
04:55:26 <bckurera> tuanta very important
04:55:40 <tuanta> I have no more idea today
04:55:50 <bckurera> one question who is going to post logs?
04:55:56 * FranciscoD will
04:56:03 <tuanta> cool
04:56:13 <bckurera> ok then will meet at November 10th
04:56:17 <tuanta> very good meeting today
04:56:23 <tuanta> hope to see you all next meetings
04:56:25 <FranciscoD> 1. Someone needs to take over the responsibility of running after APAC members to hold events
04:56:28 <FranciscoD> and plan them
04:56:32 <FranciscoD> etc
04:56:37 <FranciscoD> 2. APAC fudcon bids
04:56:43 <FranciscoD> Who wants to hold the next apac fudcon?
04:57:01 <tuanta> just Indonesian up to now
04:57:03 <FranciscoD> 3. Meetings don't really need all the attendees to be chairs :)
04:57:18 <FranciscoD> tuanta: we'd like more than one bid. We need to work on that.
04:57:39 <FranciscoD> 4. Move ambassadors to contribute to other parts of the community too.
04:57:57 <tuanta> FranciscoD, IMO, let all chair is just fine
04:58:11 <FranciscoD> The idea is that you need to get involved more in the community. Just stagnating as an ambassador isn't growth.
04:58:26 <FranciscoD> tuanta: that isn't really the definition of a chair.
04:58:27 <tuanta> +1 FranciscoD
04:58:34 <niteshnarayan> +1 FranciscoD
04:58:38 * bckurera FranciscoD come on Australia this time :) :)
04:58:46 <bckurera> agree with you
04:58:53 <tuanta> that maybe called: bench :)
04:58:56 <FranciscoD> bckurera: alas, I'm alone here. And I'm a grad student, so I really cannot manage a fudcon
04:59:05 <MavJS> FranciscoD: +1 on No.4
04:59:20 <FranciscoD> tuanta: no, the chair presides over the meeting and is responsible for basic actions such as:
04:59:24 * bckurera FranciscoD just kidding :)
04:59:30 <FranciscoD> a. sticking to the agenda
04:59:37 <FranciscoD> b. ensuring all topics are covered
04:59:40 <FranciscoD> c. posting logs
05:00:05 <tuanta> understood. those are the list we done
05:00:09 <FranciscoD> we don't need everyone to take care of this.
05:00:26 <FranciscoD> okay, another thing
05:00:27 <bckurera> FranciscoD you are right but it makes meetings dull, so it is better if all involve on the process
05:00:41 <FranciscoD> bckurera: everyone is more than welcome to discuss.
05:00:53 <FranciscoD> but meetings should be limited to agendas.
05:00:58 <FranciscoD> We can talk after meetings.
05:01:15 <FranciscoD> The purpose of meetings is not to talk to each other. You have the other 23 hours of the day for that ;)
05:01:20 <bckurera> We can share work and do it, then there is activeness and more power, I like what we have now !!! more energetic
05:01:24 <FranciscoD> Meetings = work.
05:01:43 * FranciscoD fails to see how one chair reduces energy levels
05:01:54 <inode0> One advantage of chairing everyone is that everyone can give themselves #actions :)
05:02:07 <tuanta> +1 inode0
05:02:26 <tuanta> and #info, #idea, etc.
05:02:30 <FranciscoD> as long as *one* person runs the meeting, I don't really mind who is assigned as a chair
05:02:42 <bckurera> k seems like time is passing shall we conclude with great ideas !!!
05:02:50 <FranciscoD> but I really want *one* person to run the meeting.
05:02:56 * inode0 agrees with that entirely FranciscoD
05:02:58 <FranciscoD> any volunteers for next meeting chair?
05:03:07 <FranciscoD> niteshnarayan: would you like to chair?
05:03:15 <bckurera> One request please respond to posts on Mailing list which need some discussion if you are silent then it means nothing to say :)
05:03:21 <FranciscoD> MavJS: ?
05:03:32 <niteshnarayan> yeah sure I can take up if I will be available on that
05:03:45 <bckurera> niteshnarayan you are the hero :)
05:03:50 <FranciscoD> niteshnarayan: please confirm a few days before the meeting. As of now, you are the next meeting chair :)
05:04:01 <niteshnarayan> bckurera, actually the classes are going on :P
05:04:09 <niteshnarayan> okk sure
05:04:09 <MavJS> if not, I'll try to be there. :)
05:04:17 <FranciscoD> #info niteshnarayan next meeting chair until he confirms otherwise.
05:04:17 <niteshnarayan> MavJS, cool
05:04:21 <FranciscoD> #info MavJS back-up meeting chair.
05:04:27 <bckurera> We have backup now, how great !!!
05:04:32 <niteshnarayan> :)
05:04:37 <FranciscoD> okay, I have nothing more to say today.
05:04:38 <FranciscoD> endmeeting?
05:04:39 <tuanta> lol
05:04:43 <niteshnarayan> yeap
05:04:49 <bckurera> Thanks niteshnarayan and MavJS
05:04:54 <FranciscoD> oh
05:05:01 <bckurera> Ok then thanks again for your participation
05:05:03 <MavJS> bckurera: don't mention it. I've been missing for awhile ;)
05:05:04 <FranciscoD> #info bckurera please email nb with address
05:05:06 <niteshnarayan> thanks everyone
05:05:13 <FranciscoD> inode0 just informed me
05:05:18 <bckurera> and we miss David and hope he will be there for the next meeting
05:05:27 * FranciscoD begins count down
05:05:27 <FranciscoD> 5
05:05:33 <FranciscoD> #info missing dramsey this meeting
05:05:35 <FranciscoD> 4
05:05:37 <bckurera> #action bckurera please email nb with address
05:05:44 <FranciscoD> 3
05:05:47 <FranciscoD> 2
05:05:55 <bckurera> #action All FAms lpease respond to ML
05:05:57 <FranciscoD> 1
05:05:57 <FranciscoD> .314
05:06:02 <bckurera> done !
05:06:02 <FranciscoD> #endmeeting