20:00:23 <cwickert> #startmeeting EMEA ambassadors 2012-10-24
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20:00:55 <cwickert> #topic Roll call
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20:01:01 <sesivany> .fas eischmann
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20:01:09 <cwickert> #chair cwickert sesivany
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20:01:46 <cwickert> netSys: you should have picked another name :)
20:02:10 <cwickert> sesivany: can you take over hosting the meeting?
20:02:11 <netSys> mmm, I think when I registered mi nick, only exist netsys
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20:02:13 <netSys> O_o
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20:02:43 <sesivany> cwickert: sure
20:02:44 <gnokii_> .fas gnokii
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20:03:24 <sesivany> anyone else coming?
20:03:54 <sesivany> ok, let's start with the first topic...
20:03:59 <sesivany> #topic Announcements
20:04:09 <sesivany> does anyone have an announcement?
20:04:38 <netSys> !
20:04:42 <thunderbirdtr> !
20:04:58 <sesivany> netSys: go ahead
20:05:11 <netSys> talk?
20:05:33 <sesivany> netSys: yes, say what you want to say.
20:05:36 <Cmpahar> .fas Cmpahar
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20:05:39 <Cmpahar> sorry for the delay
20:05:50 <netSys> I'm going to LinuxCon 2012 on Barcelona, its confirmed my submit.
20:06:04 <netSys> no problem Cmpahar hehe, you are welcome
20:06:19 <twohot> started?
20:06:27 <sesivany> twohot: yes
20:06:37 <twohot> .fas twohot
20:06:37 <zodbot> twohot: twohot 'Onyeibo Oku' <twohotis@gmail.com>
20:06:41 <netSys> So. I want request a Fedora T-Polo. However, as I go to Barcelona, I do not live there. I'm live on Lanzarote, Arrecife
20:06:51 <cwickert> guys
20:07:06 <cwickert> we do have a meeting agenda and we do have rules
20:07:16 <gnokii_> +1
20:07:24 <sesivany> netSys: let's discuss this in the events topic.
20:07:36 <cwickert> netSys: for your shirt, it won't happen before linuxcon
20:07:37 <netSys> oh, ok sesivany
20:08:05 <sesivany> the topic "Announcements" is more about general and important info everyone should hear.
20:08:30 <sesivany> thunderbirdtr: it's your turn.
20:08:31 <thunderbirdtr> I'm going to make Fedora and Raspberry-PI meeting in my university and showing to Rs-pi and also F17 GA Image I will use... for it . It will be added in wiki.. after our traditional holiday and exams. A lot of people wondering Rs-pi and also how is it gonna work and I made e.g for GPIO also normal usage for DE and so on ...
20:08:41 <thunderbirdtr> If I miss something please point me ..
20:08:42 <thunderbirdtr> eof
20:10:10 <sesivany> thunderbirdtr: I don't think you're missing anything. Looks like a great event. Looking forward to your report ;)
20:10:29 <thunderbirdtr> sesivany, thank you so much ..
20:10:35 <sesivany> I've got one announcement...
20:10:37 <cwickert> #info Fedora 18 will be frozen now, there is only the upgrade tool as blocker left, but still we can have delays
20:11:09 <cwickert> #info currently the release is planned for 2012-12-11
20:11:10 <cwickert> eof
20:11:16 <cwickert> #undo
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20:11:31 <cwickert> #info currently the release is scheduled for 2012-12-11. Let's pray :)
20:11:34 <cwickert> eof
20:11:51 <sesivany> ok, we'll talk about it a bit more in the "Schedule" topic. There are going to be more delays I'm afraid...
20:12:20 * shaiton has joined
20:12:27 <sesivany> I just want to say that we had a great time at FUDCon in Paris. Thanks to all organizers.
20:12:47 <shaiton> thanks for coming
20:12:48 <robyduck> sesivany +1
20:12:57 <zoltanh7211> sesivany +1
20:13:21 <sesivany> if you went there and especially if you got sponsored by Fedora, please write a report about it.
20:13:22 <thunderbirdtr> sesivany, +1
20:13:49 <comzeradd> +1
20:14:19 <sesivany> #action all who went to FUDCon: write a report about it.
20:14:19 <Cmpahar> +1
20:14:26 <thunderbirdtr> +1
20:14:37 <robyduck> would be nice adding all the reports to the wiki FUDCon page
20:14:54 <gnokii_> !
20:15:16 <sesivany> and I think it's time to think about where to host the next FUDCon...
20:15:26 <sesivany> gnokii_: go ahead
20:15:57 <gnokii_> is there a bigger group photo from fudcon I only saw one with not a lot of ppl, I need one for the next sleeves
20:15:58 <gnokii_> eof
20:16:16 <Cmpahar> !
20:16:49 <sesivany> gnokii_: the group photo was a bit screwed up because we forgot about it and took it the last day when a lot of people had already left.
20:17:01 <thunderbirdtr> sesivany, +1. :((
20:17:12 <gnokii_> ok, have a plan B
20:17:14 <sesivany> gnokii_: we don't have any better photo, unfortunately.
20:17:46 <sesivany> Cmpahar: go ahead
20:17:58 <Cmpahar> There is a group photo in my photoset at the wiki page of fudcon. But Dennis yes a better one where are me and Dennis in it. I will ping him to send it
20:18:00 <Cmpahar> Eof
20:18:34 <shaiton> gnokii_: there is one from dgilmore
20:18:36 <sesivany> Cmpahar: make sure gnokii will get it.
20:19:17 <Cmpahar> Can you please add an action item? I am on mobile. Thanks
20:19:55 <sesivany> #action Cmpahar to get a group picture from dgilmore and send it to gnokii
20:20:27 <sesivany> anything else?
20:20:44 <zoltanh7211> !
20:21:27 <sesivany> zoltanh7211: go ahead
20:21:51 <zoltanh7211> sesivany: The asked tshirt designs are under preparation, and also the security spin for fab slowly get new design
20:21:55 <zoltanh7211> EOF
20:22:22 <sesivany> zoltanh7211: ok, we'll discuss swag later.
20:22:46 <sesivany> #info Start thinking about where to organize the next FUDCon and if it could be in your city. That'd be a good base for great bids.
20:23:13 <cwickert> #info FUDCon group photo is at http://jmoskovc.fedorapeople.org/fudcon2012/
20:23:13 <Cmpahar> !
20:23:32 <cwickert> Cmpahar: consider your action item done ;), gnokii: there you go
20:23:55 <sesivany> Cmpahar: go ahead
20:24:05 <Cmpahar> Thanks cwickert
20:24:34 <gnokii_> cwickert: thats the one with not many ppl
20:24:34 <Cmpahar> sesivany do you want to start this conversation now? For the next fudcon I mean
20:24:52 <Cmpahar> or start creating some bid pages?
20:24:53 <Cmpahar> Eof
20:25:17 <sesivany> Cmpahar: no, I just wanted everyone to think about it. Call for bids will be when it will be.
20:25:58 <sesivany> let's move on, we have quite a few topics to go tonight.
20:27:17 <sesivany> #topic Requests
20:27:26 <sesivany> we have some today...
20:28:34 <sesivany> #info Funding request for Giuseppe Palestra (magma) for LinuxCon 2012 Barcelona - https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/ticket/186
20:29:29 <cwickert> netSys: can you say something about this ticket?
20:29:37 <sesivany> if I count correctly, it's cca €160 in total.
20:29:46 <netSys> Forgives again. But as saw no activity involving the LinuxCon at mailing lists, I thought I could not go, until I spoke with a friend and saw that it was included in the Fedora wiki LinuxCon 2012 Barcelona last month .... and as I was trying to win or get some money, My school awarded me a scholarships doing work for them to pay the plane ticket, so ... until the 11th of this month, I could not confirm it. Besides, trying to contact Ruth and to this
20:29:47 <netSys> day I answered the questions about submit, polos, meeting point...
20:30:16 <gnokii_> isnt that the wron trac?
20:30:24 <cwickert> no it's not
20:30:41 <cwickert> this is no longer handled by FAmSCo, this it is the right trac
20:30:48 <netSys> sorry... this was not there
20:31:07 <cwickert> netSys: we are not talking about your ticket now but about this ticket
20:31:15 <cwickert> do you know magma?
20:31:20 <sesivany> netSys: what's the deal about Fedora booth at LinuxCon. Do you have any plan with Leslie from OSAS?
20:32:31 <sesivany> I'm still confused because it looks completely uncoordinated. I get different messages about Fedora presence at LinuxCon from Leslie, Alvaro, Ruth and others.
20:33:30 <cwickert> netSys: do you know magma? have you been in contact with him?
20:33:35 <sesivany> originally, I wanted someone to become an event owner to coordinate everything and propose one event budget. Instead of that, we get different requests from different people.
20:34:01 <netSys> mmm no sorry cwickert.
20:34:11 <cwickert> ok, lets start with an easy one
20:34:27 <cwickert> do we know who is going to LinuxCon?
20:34:33 <gnokii_> yes
20:34:42 <cwickert> where is the list?
20:34:44 <netSys> yes, I go
20:34:59 <sesivany> cwickert: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/LinuxCon_Europe_2012
20:35:06 <netSys> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/LinuxCon_Europe_2012#Fedora_Representatives
20:35:33 <cwickert> ah, we have an event owner, awesome
20:36:51 <cwickert> ok, does anybody know magma?
20:37:02 * giallu is barely around
20:37:09 <netSys> I sent this email requesting info about LinuxCon to Ruth Oct 17 (7 days ago). She repiled today...
20:37:14 <netSys> replied*
20:37:14 <robyduck> cwickert: magma is an italian guy
20:37:29 <robyduck> I don't know him personally
20:38:00 <giallu> cwickert, don't know him either
20:38:32 <giallu> he joined ambassadors group recently
20:38:38 <sesivany> cwickert: I suggest we contact Ruth as the event owner.
20:38:44 <cwickert> yes
20:38:56 <cwickert> Ruth needs to get shit done, she is the event owner
20:39:06 <cwickert> should we just approve this ticket?
20:39:21 <sesivany> cwickert: I'd like to hear from her that he is in contact with her and going to represent Fedora at the booth.
20:40:16 <robyduck> cwickert: I think we should get first confirm about accomodation, he says he can stay by a friend?
20:40:23 <gnokii_> !
20:40:27 <cwickert> don't ask me :)
20:40:51 <cwickert> given that this is time critical and we only have some people at the event, I think we should approve it
20:40:54 <sesivany> cwickert: well, it's not that much money. We can approve it, but I'd like to make sure they are all on the same page and the Fedora booth will happen.
20:41:01 <cwickert> but we should make sure he knows the conditions
20:41:11 <cwickert> that means event reports, invoices and everything
20:41:17 <gnokii_> remove ! +1 for cwickert
20:41:27 <cwickert> he still is new to the project and I am afraid he does not know the rules yet
20:41:37 <netSys> yes, I meet a net friend and he can stay on your home to go LinuxCon. If not was a lot money to pay, and suppose a lot money to Fedora EMEA.
20:41:43 * robyduck can contact him
20:41:53 <cwickert> if we agree to sponsor him I'll update the ticket
20:42:09 <cwickert> robyduck: ok, you speak Italian, would be nice if you do it
20:42:09 <sesivany> let's vote about it?
20:42:30 <cwickert> +1 for approval, but limit it to the number given in the ticket
20:42:39 <sesivany> +1
20:42:40 <robyduck> ok, do you want me to also to invite him to contact ruth?
20:44:01 <cwickert> I don't know
20:44:23 <cwickert> somebody, preferably the event owner, should send a message to ALL event attendees
20:44:45 <cwickert> sesivany: can you nag rsuehle?
20:45:24 <sesivany> cwickert: ok, I'll do it.
20:46:20 <cwickert> ok, I'll update the ticket
20:46:40 <cwickert> and tell him that he has questions about being an ambassador, he should ask robyduck
20:46:54 <cwickert> robyduck: this is a chance for you to show your mentoring skills :)
20:47:03 <sesivany> #action sesivany to nag rsuehle to contact all Fedora people going to LinuxCon.
20:47:05 <cwickert> so 160 EUR then?
20:47:09 <robyduck> eheh
20:47:44 <robyduck> I'm +1, what about accomodation? Where does he stay?
20:48:10 <sesivany> he says he'll stay in some cheap hostel.
20:48:22 <gnokii_> sesivany: dont do that
20:48:30 <sesivany> the price of lodging is included in the €160.
20:49:04 <netSys> sorry, but what ticket are speaking about who?
20:49:13 <robyduck> sesivany: at the end he says that he would stay by a friend
20:49:40 <sesivany> robyduck: yes, it's either... or....
20:49:54 <sesivany> anyway, the ticket says it's €160 max.
20:50:04 <cwickert> netSys: we are still talking about Guiseppe in https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/ticket/186#no3
20:50:04 <gnokii_> sesivany: lets look what the costs here are Hotel Fira Palace in Barcelona
20:50:16 <robyduck> ok, we should specify that: +1 for me
20:50:21 <netSys> oh, ok cwickert
20:50:32 <cwickert> I think the event owner should figure out accommodation for ALL attendees
20:50:42 <gnokii_> cwickert: +1
20:50:52 <sesivany> cwickert: +1
20:50:55 <gnokii_> Hotel Fira Palace in Barcelona
20:50:56 <cwickert> netSys: where will you stay?
20:51:05 <netSys> at friend house
20:51:17 <Cmpahar> cwickert: +1
20:51:28 <zoltanh7211> cwickert +1
20:51:41 <cwickert> ok, can we please approve this ticket now?
20:51:42 <netSys> "net friend"*
20:51:54 <cwickert> netSys: we could get a hotel for you, too
20:51:57 <sesivany> cwickert: yeah, let's finally do it!
20:52:03 <cwickert> but this doesn't need to be discussed now
20:52:09 <cwickert> figure this out with the event owner
20:52:26 <cwickert> propsal: approve ticket 186 up to 160 EUR
20:52:37 <sesivany> cwickert: I'll nag rsuehle about it.
20:52:49 <sesivany> +1 for the approval
20:52:51 <cwickert> +1
20:52:52 <netSys> cwickert, Suppose a lot costs that I cannot afront. And I count on him right now, I can not leave "pulled"
20:52:56 <zoltanh7211> +1
20:52:59 <robyduck> +1
20:53:01 <thunderbirdtr> +1
20:53:32 <netSys> After giving me room and board.
20:53:35 <cwickert> #agreed: approve ticket #186 up to 160 EUR
20:53:38 <gnokii_> +1
20:53:44 <cwickert> netSys: we are not talking about you now
20:53:45 <netSys> +1
20:53:59 <netSys> "<cwickert> netSys: we could get a hotel for you, too"
20:54:12 <cwickert> #topic Funding request for Alvaro Castillo (netsys) for LinuxCon 2012 Barcelona
20:54:18 <cwickert> https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/ticket/183
20:54:27 <cwickert> now we are talking about you, netSys :)
20:54:48 <cwickert> netSys: how much is your request?
20:54:51 * netSys embarrased
20:55:06 <cwickert> no need to be embarrassed :=
20:55:08 <cwickert> :)
20:55:25 <netSys> I guess that 150 € for all, pay airfare, train, and bus.
20:55:37 <cwickert> is that number anywhere in the ticket?
20:56:14 <netSys> As you can say, airplGive me a seccond
20:56:19 <sesivany> cwickert: that was already approved at the last meeting. I mean the numbers he wrote in the ticket.
20:56:20 <netSys> Give me a second*
20:56:24 <cwickert> ok
20:56:30 <cwickert> netSys: do you have a ticket?
20:56:35 <cwickert> for the plane I mean
20:56:50 <netSys> https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/attachment/ticket/183/Itinerary%20-%20Ryanair.com%20%28page%202%29.png
20:56:54 <sesivany> cwickert: he attached it to the ticket.
20:57:02 <netSys> "Cantidad pagada" 104.57 EUR
20:57:43 <cwickert> who paid that?
20:58:22 <netSys> A teacher that I paid for the ticket to make a job.
20:58:43 <cwickert> so you need to get reimbursed?
20:58:49 <netSys> A teacher that paid me the ticket to make a job change.*
20:58:55 <netSys> yes, if is possible
20:59:04 <exosyst> I'm at the Hilton for the ELCE/LinuxCon if anyone wants to get in touch btw
20:59:38 <cwickert> netSys: ok, do you need anything else from us?
21:00:00 * cwickert is seriously concerned about the organization for this event
21:00:09 <netSys> yes, pay transport tickets
21:00:28 <netSys> cwickert, I was stressed out with this
21:00:30 <cwickert> can one buy them online?
21:01:42 <netSys> Mmm... we can do it. My parents could pay for transportation, and then make a new ticket with transport bills to reimburse.
21:01:48 <cwickert> netSys: we are trying to help you but we need to know how
21:01:53 <cwickert> what do you want us to do?
21:02:12 <netSys> So is my first travel to barcelona, I do not know bus tickets costs
21:02:19 <gnokii_> guys thats so easy to look what public transport costs!
21:03:13 <sesivany> cwickert: you want to buy the tickets for him directly from the community credit card?
21:03:15 <netSys> yeah gnokii but I do not know how much tickets I would need to move on the city.
21:03:26 <cwickert> sesivany: I have no idea
21:03:35 <cwickert> netSys: what do you want us to do?
21:03:58 <gnokii_> netSys: sorry u can do via internet an research for a week ticket or somethin like that
21:04:10 <netSys> Do a new ticket, upload a bus, train...and tickets and after reimburse?
21:04:14 <cwickert> netSys: how can we help you???
21:04:27 <cwickert> netSys: you said you don't have much money, right?
21:04:36 <netSys> yeah
21:04:44 <cwickert> that's why we want to pay for you and why we want to reimburse the plane ticket
21:04:58 <cwickert> we approved this last week. did you get in touch with kital?
21:05:28 <netSys> yes cwickert . "did you get...?" sorry no.
21:05:39 <cwickert> ?
21:05:42 <kital> netSys: i take you ticket
21:05:43 <cwickert> what does that mean
21:06:03 <kital> please send me your paypal by email
21:06:14 <netSys> 'that's why we want to pay for you and why we want to reimburse the plane ticket' yes
21:06:16 <cwickert> netSys: somebody paid for the plane ticket and that person needs to get money. you need to let us know how we can wire the money to you
21:07:02 <cwickert> how can we transfer money to you? if you want kital to reimburse you, you need to let him know how. understood?
21:07:04 <netSys> PayPal? or transfer?
21:07:10 <cwickert> PayPal preferred
21:07:26 <cwickert> it's faster and cheaper
21:07:26 <netSys> ok, need my email to do it?
21:07:36 <cwickert> do you have a paypal account?
21:07:42 <netSys> yes, I have
21:07:43 <gnokii_> cwickert: I looked for FGC tickets in Barcelona
21:08:17 <cwickert> netSys: then please tell kital your email for that paypal account and he can then transfer you the money for the plane ticket
21:08:21 <cwickert> that is at least a start
21:08:38 <kital> ;)
21:08:43 <netSys> ok, cwickert thanks a lot
21:09:18 <netSys> kital, midgoon@gmail.com
21:09:19 <cwickert> gnokii_: and what was the outcome?
21:09:38 <gnokii_> didnt find any 3days tickets or something like that
21:10:09 <cwickert> ok, then we skip it
21:10:09 <netSys> thanks so much all
21:10:27 <gnokii_> a zona 1 ticket costs 9.45 and u can do 10times go with it
21:10:31 <cwickert> netSys: but really, there is no need to be afraid or ashamed, we want to help you
21:10:39 <cwickert> but you need to tell us how to do it
21:11:16 <cwickert> netSys: so kital will PayPal you the money for the plane ticket tomorrow. is there anything else we can do for you?
21:12:06 <netSys> mmm no cwickert , If I could I would give everyone a good and big hug
21:12:22 <cwickert> netSys: ok, what swag do you have?
21:12:41 <netSys> Give me a second
21:13:28 <sesivany> cwickert: rsuehle recently asked for an event box, but we don't really have it in EMEA, right?
21:13:36 <cwickert> sesivany: that is right
21:13:48 <cwickert> and I don't see she filed a ticket either
21:13:57 <cwickert> so netSys is the only one who has swag
21:14:11 <netSys> 100DVDs of Multi-Desktop of F17 both architectures, some sticks with Fedora logo and others sticks. And poster of Fedora with four values promotes it. I think 2x2 metres. (previous event that I could not do for technical and legal reasons the site (political issues and installing airo conditioning) which warned late.) and XO 1.75
21:14:25 <sesivany> cwickert: I sent netSys a banner you gave me at LinuxTag.
21:14:29 <cwickert> ok
21:14:53 <cwickert> rsuehle can bring some swag from the US, too
21:15:01 <cwickert> ok, let's consider this done
21:15:11 <cwickert> or at least rely on the even owner to take care of this
21:15:22 <cwickert> I still would prefer one hotel for all attendees
21:15:33 <cwickert> but this is up to the even owner
21:15:45 <sesivany> cwickert: I'll nag rsuehle tomo.
21:15:54 <cwickert> ok
21:15:59 <gnokii_> cwickert: I said let us budgeting it for both on that hotel rsuehle un lh staying
21:16:17 * cwickert fails to parse that sentence
21:17:07 <gnokii_> cwickert we have the hotel they stay, so let us make a budget for both and say to rsuehle she can speak with them if they want it and book then
21:18:06 <sesivany> gnokii: what hotel are you talking about? netSys is staying with his friend and the other one in a cheap hostel. So far.
21:18:20 <cwickert> lets stop this here
21:18:33 <cwickert> I think we should try to have one hotel for all 4 people
21:19:07 <sesivany> cwickert: that's right. I just think we can't really estimate the price now.
21:19:14 <gnokii_> cwickert: +1
21:19:29 <gnokii_> sesivany: how often damit we have the name for the hotel
21:19:47 <cwickert> lets just finish with this event now, ok?
21:20:00 <cwickert> any other stuff that needs to be discussed about LinuxCon?
21:20:15 <cwickert> exosyst: what about you? You'll be there, too?
21:22:13 <cwickert> lets move on
21:22:20 <cwickert> sesivany: go on please
21:22:28 <zoltanh7211> pls continue
21:22:54 <sesivany> ok, I don't see any other tickets to discuss...
21:23:25 <sesivany> #topic Ambassadors Schedule
21:23:55 <sesivany> #link http://jreznik.fedorapeople.org/schedules/f-18/f-18-ambassadors-tasks.html
21:25:00 <sesivany> it's not official, but it's fair to say that Fedora won't very likely be released this year. We'd rather count with that.
21:25:10 <shaiton> yepp
21:25:18 <zoltanh7211> wow
21:25:51 <netSys> thanks all, Im going to absent
21:25:51 <sesivany> jreznik_n9: do you have anything to say to this?
21:25:52 <Cmpahar> Whot? Why?
21:26:11 <zoltanh7211> never happened before so huge delay
21:26:16 <zoltanh7211> reason?
21:27:00 <cwickert> because we never rewrote the installer :)
21:27:02 <sesivany> Cmpahar: it's already scheduled for Dec 11th, one more slip which is very likely and it's right before Christmas. No one would want to release it just before Christmas because all Red Hat shuts down during Christmas.
21:27:47 <zoltanh7211> xmas, and the lot of holidays - and possibly if will be released during the upcoming fudcon, or how?
21:28:08 <Cmpahar> sesivany: no worries we are going to have a huge release party in the 31th of December :P
21:28:31 <sesivany> zoltanh7211: maybe, I just wanted to say that January is very likely and we should plan release parties accordingly.
21:28:58 <zoltanh7211> Cmpahar: yes online release party yesss :)
21:29:09 <sesivany> ok, that's all to the schedule, let's move on, it's late...
21:29:29 <sesivany> #topic Events
21:29:43 * sesivany is checking the list of events...
21:30:21 <robyduck> we are 3 days away from the event in Milan, all is ready :)
21:30:34 <sesivany> robyduck: it's all set for the event?
21:31:10 <robyduck> sesivany: yep, we have defined the last things at our meeting yesterday, thx for asking
21:31:43 <sesivany> robyduck: ok, great. I wish you good luck this weekend!
21:32:01 <shaiton> yep have fun
21:32:06 <robyduck> thank you, we'll report it asap
21:32:18 <robyduck> shaiton: yeah, sure!
21:32:26 <sesivany> we're going to have LinuxAlt in Brno in two weeks. I think we're fine with that too.
21:33:06 <sesivany> I don't seen any other event coming soon. Except for LinuxCon about which I will contact rsuehle tomorrow.
21:33:41 <gnokii_> gnokii, goes with dmaphy and maybe cwickert to BLIT same weekend as LinuxAlt
21:34:10 <cwickert> gnokii: ah, I'll not be able to attend
21:34:26 <cwickert> gnokii: query me what you need and I'll send it to you
21:34:34 <gnokii_> cwickert: ok but make sure dmaphy gets an OLPC
21:34:43 <sesivany> gnokii_: please add it to the list of events. I know you don't like it, but we have to track events somewow.
21:35:30 <sesivany> ok, let's move on...
21:35:51 <sesivany> #topic SWAG
21:35:51 * cwickert likes to empathize this
21:36:23 <cwickert> #if you run an event, make sure it is listed at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Events - THIS IS A MUST!
21:36:27 <cwickert> #info if you run an event, make sure it is listed at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Events - THIS IS A MUST!
21:36:39 <sesivany> cwickert: +1
21:37:04 <cwickert> sesivany: did you place the order?
21:37:42 <sesivany> cwickert: I'm waiting for sample which I should receive by the end of this week. Based on that, I will place the final order.
21:37:56 <sesivany> for others: we're talking about: https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/ticket/184
21:38:20 <sesivany> at ambassadors session at FUDCon, we agreed on producing baseball caps and mugs.
21:38:34 <Cmpahar> Yeahhh
21:38:40 <cwickert> I'd say just go ahead and do it
21:38:47 <shaiton> thanks guys ;)
21:38:49 <gnokii_> mmh
21:39:35 <sesivany> cwickert: yes, I just want to wait until I see the caps. It's worth waiting a few days to choose the right kind and color.
21:40:06 <cwickert> sesivany: ok, but the one with the seamless front was better
21:40:21 <cwickert> because the seam would go right through the Fedora logo I guess
21:40:37 <sesivany> there is other swag in consideration and everyone is always welcome to propose quotes and produce swag.
21:41:13 * cwickert still needs to get a quote for the bottle openers
21:41:24 <sesivany> cwickert: I ordered one seamless and one with seam. I'll see which one looks better.
21:42:01 <cwickert> ok
21:42:04 <sesivany> anything else to swag?
21:43:03 <sesivany> #action items from previous meeting
21:43:39 <sesivany> DONE sesivany to get in touch with Alvaro and make the tickets purchase happen.
21:43:52 <sesivany> we discussed this thoroughly today.
21:44:19 <sesivany> UNDONE sesivany to get a quote for lanyards
21:44:41 <sesivany> I'd like to focus on caps and mugs now. Once they're done, I'll look for other swag.
21:45:03 * shaiton needs to leave, thanks and see ya
21:45:08 <sesivany> DONE if you still have F17 media you will not probably use and are going to FUDCon Paris, bring them with you.
21:45:12 <gnokii_> sesivany: I see u wnat only to put the logo on the mugs
21:45:49 <sesivany> gnokii_: yes because no one has come up with anything better and ambassadors liked that idea.
21:45:57 <gnokii_> ^^
21:46:17 <gnokii_> sorry but I cant read czech and find the printing area out
21:47:33 <sesivany> there is no printing area. We can put anything we want on mugs, anywhere. They ask just for vector graphics in PDF to adjust it by themselves.
21:48:07 <gnokii_> sesivany: there is a printing area definitly otherwise it has to be hand painted
21:49:42 <sesivany> gnokii_: well, you're certainly limited by the hight of the mug and girth, but that's AFAIK.
21:49:54 * cwickert likes only the logo, it's classical
21:50:14 <sesivany> gnokii_: I even discussed design on all sides with them. It would be too expensive.
21:50:28 <gnokii_> woot?
21:50:54 <sesivany> cwickert: right, I don't see anything bad about our logo. It's our identity, easily recognizable.
21:51:01 <cwickert> +1
21:51:28 <gnokii_> ur identity has more
21:53:55 <sesivany> gnokii_: we also discussed 4F at FUDCon and people preferred the logo.
21:54:28 <gnokii_> sesivany: sure because they did see the ugly bubbles
21:55:19 <sesivany> anyway, it's not time to discuss it here. If you have any better idea, please propose it in the ticket.
21:56:13 <sesivany> #topic openfloor
21:57:04 <sesivany> I'm going to end the meeting in 3 minutes if no one speaks up.
21:57:22 <thunderbirdtr> sesivany, do now I think :)
21:57:34 <thunderbirdtr> sesivany, seems all done :)
21:58:05 <sesivany> thunderbirdtr: ok, I've been busy since 8am. I need some rest. Let's end it now.
21:58:17 <thunderbirdtr> sesivany, good for you too
21:58:22 <thunderbirdtr> good night everyone...  !!!
21:58:39 <sesivany> #endmeeting