19:01:58 <rbergeron> #startmeeting Cloud SIG
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19:02:03 <rbergeron> #meetingname Cloud SIG
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19:02:55 <rbergeron> #topic Who's here?
19:02:57 <rbergeron> #chair gholms
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19:03:00 <agrimm> hi
19:03:03 <rbergeron> hi!
19:03:08 <rbergeron> long time no see
19:03:10 <rbergeron> been a week
19:03:10 <rbergeron> :)
19:03:20 <tdawson> Greetings.
19:03:26 * ke4qqq shows up
19:03:47 * mdomsch 
19:03:51 * gholms lurks
19:04:35 * jzb sets lurk mode on
19:04:51 <rbergeron> lol
19:04:57 <rbergeron> jzb: lurker.
19:05:00 <rbergeron> ;)
19:05:09 <rbergeron> okay, lets go!
19:05:14 <rbergeron> #topic The Plan for today
19:05:32 <rbergeron> #info agenda: Euca, OpenShift...
19:05:34 <rbergeron> anything else?
19:05:38 * rbergeron waves at mdomsch
19:06:00 <mdomsch> openstack packaging?
19:07:33 <rbergeron> mdomsch: okay
19:07:39 <rbergeron> #info openstack packaging
19:07:47 * rbergeron will see if she can pull someone in from cloud channel
19:07:51 <rbergeron> okay.
19:07:54 <rbergeron> #topic Eucalyptus
19:08:05 <rbergeron> agrimm, gholms: speaketh :) how are things?
19:08:24 * agrimm is checking
19:08:49 <agrimm> gil got a bunch of things into rawhide for us recently
19:09:00 <gholms> I've had to spend all week fixing infra issues, so not much new from me.
19:09:07 <agrimm> which unblocks the extra springframework modules that we need to build
19:09:31 <gholms> agrimm: Yay!
19:10:22 <agrimm> I haven't had time to do anymore wso2 testing, but I heard from gholms that the FTBFS against httpd 2.4 got fixed, so that's good
19:11:13 <agrimm> mspaulding, anything from you?
19:11:43 <mspaulding> yeah, made some progress on jbosscache-core, which i have building locally
19:11:47 <mspaulding> no package reviews yet
19:12:13 <agrimm> cool, did you have to build any other deps for that?
19:12:28 <mspaulding> yeah, a couple things
19:12:39 <mspaulding> had to build an older version of jgroups for one
19:12:50 <agrimm> ok, I expected that
19:12:50 <mspaulding> doesn't build against jgroups 3.0 sadly
19:13:29 <agrimm> are your review requests linked to the main java sig issue?
19:13:47 <mspaulding> they will be when i put them in :)
19:14:02 <agrimm> oh, ok.  :)
19:14:10 <agrimm> thanks
19:15:04 <agrimm> in other news, we're planning an openshift "hackathon" next thursday -- basically trying to test-drive openshift on one of our public test clouds
19:15:57 <agrimm> I think that's all for Euca this week
19:16:41 * agrimm thinks we've put rbergeron to sleep
19:17:03 <rbergeron> no.
19:17:04 <rbergeron> ;)
19:17:06 <rbergeron> sssshhhh
19:17:16 <rbergeron> kids are asking me for food and stuff. go figure. :)
19:17:35 <rbergeron> #info openshift hackathon w/euca next week - trying to test-drive openshift on one of euca's public test clouds
19:17:35 <tdawson> must be that time of the day ... somewhere.
19:17:45 * rbergeron assumes they all know about this in openshift land?
19:18:00 <tdawson> Just found out about it ... about 20 seconds ago. :)
19:18:04 <agrimm> :)
19:18:09 <rbergeron> #info packaging progress continues on euca
19:18:20 <rbergeron> tdawson: lol
19:18:32 <agrimm> Mark Atwood mentioned wanting to do some testing at OSCON, and I was going to send him an email about it
19:18:39 <cool_dude> openshift is much similar to scalr by Amazon
19:18:41 <rbergeron> agrimm: can you or someone drop a quick mail to the cloud sig list so that maybe we can get a few folks engaged?
19:18:42 <agrimm> but I was fighting some fires today.  :(
19:18:48 <agrimm> yep
19:18:55 <rbergeron> agrimm: who is involved?
19:19:24 * rbergeron mostly wonders if you and gregdek are going to be sitting in the colo space in durham and if there's anyone local from rht who could pop over
19:19:44 <agrimm> as of right now it's mostly euca people, but we're going to be working over public IRC, and we'll give people access to a publicly accessible cloud for the event
19:19:55 * tdawson looks through his mail.  Only think I have about a hackfest/hackathon is happening today ... didn't say where.
19:19:57 <agrimm> hmmm, yes greg and I will be in the colo, I expect
19:20:58 <rbergeron> interesting, okay
19:21:04 <agrimm> http://gregdekspeaks.wordpress.com/2012/07/27/next-euca-hackfest-openshift-integration/  <-- this is the first announcement
19:21:38 <rbergeron> ah, cool
19:23:23 <tdawson> agrimm: I'm assuming that will be Fedora based.  Will it be rawhide 17, or 16?
19:23:36 <ayoung> rbergeron, I have to admit I am not tracking the packaging issues with Openstack...let me check
19:23:57 <rbergeron> ayoung: okay, hang on - we're not there yet :)
19:24:42 <agrimm> tdawson, I'm thinking we'll do 17,  but I would love your input on that.  17 is what Mark suggested he'd want
19:25:39 <tdawson> agrimm: That sounds good.  We just tried passenger on rawhide and are having problems.
19:26:21 <rbergeron> mmmm, passenger
19:26:30 <rbergeron> everyone's favorite package
19:26:59 <rbergeron> okay. /me will segue into openshift, if there's no other euca things,or we can bridge the conversation aout the hackfest over the two topics :)
19:27:03 <rbergeron> #topic OpenShift
19:27:36 * tdawson takes a big breath, then begins.
19:27:44 * rbergeron would just like to share that she went to an openshift meetup the other night. at the microsoft store. it was epic.
19:28:10 <tdawson> interesting place for an openshift meetup. :)
19:28:45 <tdawson> Things are / were progressing very well, but we've decided doing everything normally would be too easy.
19:29:27 <tdawson> It was decided that the package names, had nothing to do with what they were doing, and so we've renamed almost all of them.
19:30:08 <tdawson> If you looked at the Features pack withing the last 45 minutes, you'll see the changes.  https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/OpenShift_Origin
19:30:51 <tdawson> The first change in the names, was that we put openshift-origin in everything that was strictly for openshift-origin
19:31:11 <rbergeron> tdawson: it was the local php user group.
19:31:17 <rbergeron> wow. okay
19:31:37 <rbergeron> #info some naming of packages has changed - can be seen in openshift origin feature page
19:31:53 <tdawson> We decided to do the change now, because we figured once these changes made it into the real Fedora, we'd be stuck with the old names.
19:33:08 <tdawson> We know we can't change all the code and the paths in the code this quick, but we figured we'd start with the names, the gem names, and the dependancies, and work from there.
19:33:55 * rbergeron nods
19:34:02 <tdawson> So for these first round, you are probrubly going to see packages like openshift-origin-broker that has a config file in /etc/stickshift/
19:34:09 <rbergeron> how are you feeling about likelihood of hitting deadlines at this point? decent?
19:34:29 <tdawson> rbergeron: I think we can do it.  It will be tight, but I think we can do it.
19:35:32 <rbergeron> coolio.
19:35:36 <tdawson> We already had all the required packages with review requests and several of those were being reviewed ...
19:35:43 <tdawson> Then there's passenger.
19:36:16 <tdawson> We've forked and made ridealong, and have it in github (private just while we get the final touches on it)
19:36:39 <tdawson> We were shooting for today or monday to have it ready for a review request
19:37:25 <tdawson> And then spot gave the phusion people a deadline.  He said either give us a yes or no answer, or we will take it as a yes.
19:37:31 <tdawson> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=470696
19:37:48 <tdawson> The problem is, his deadline is after the feature freeze.
19:38:25 <spot> fwiw, i would support an exception for passenger, assuming the rest of the feature is intact.
19:38:54 <tdawson> That's good to hear. :)
19:39:11 <tdawson> We'd really rather not fork, but we just weren't seeing any option.
19:40:22 * rbergeron nods
19:40:29 <rbergeron> ah, passenger.
19:40:41 <tdawson> We're hoping that our not being able to build it on rawhide right now is just something wrong with my setup.
19:40:55 <tdawson> It builds fine on f17
19:41:33 <tdawson> I *think* that is everything.
19:42:00 <rbergeron> okay :)
19:42:12 <rbergeron> thank you :)
19:42:16 <rbergeron> #topic OpenStack
19:42:20 <rbergeron> ayoung: you back yet?
19:42:30 <ayoung> sorta
19:42:50 <rbergeron> mdomsch: i know you asked about this as well
19:42:53 <ayoung> the biggest *packaging*  news is Paidraigs splitting of nova from to package into about 843
19:43:03 <rbergeron> I am wondering if it is related to package split, or something else
19:43:15 <ayoung> it actually is just a right-sizing of the packaing
19:43:27 <ayoung> since you can deploy the various pieces of the stack by themselves
19:43:50 <ayoung> but it doesn't really change much in the way of deploying OS
19:43:51 <rbergeron> #info biggest packaging news in openstack is splitting of nova packages
19:44:05 <rbergeron> #link http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/cloud/2012-July/001574.html
19:44:12 <ayoung> We're pretty much in the middle of the Folsom sprint...F3 is at the end of the month
19:44:59 <mdomsch> ayoung: is there a plan to simplify RPM-based deployments, similar to Crowbar ?
19:45:11 <ayoung> mdomsch, yes..derekh is looking into it
19:45:14 <mdomsch> or exactly crowbar?
19:45:15 <ayoung> not sure the details
19:45:29 <ayoung> I've been looking at Crowbar at bit, and talking with andi abbes at Dell
19:45:37 <mdomsch> yeah, andi's great
19:45:52 <ayoung> They have an Ubuntu based deploy, but not Fedora/Centos /RHEL yet for Openstack
19:46:04 <mdomsch> has there been any progress on _upgrading_ existing deployments?
19:46:38 <ayoung> mdomsch, I don't think so...I can confirm
19:46:43 <mdomsch> np
19:46:44 <mdomsch> just curious
19:47:13 <rbergeron> as in moving from essex to folsom type of tihngs?
19:47:51 <ayoung> we are certainly not ready to deal with upgrades yet.
19:47:59 <ayoung> Folsom is still a moving target.
19:48:19 <ayoung> Big discussions around the Foundation and membership
19:48:33 <ayoung> PLanning for the summit
19:48:59 <rbergeron> ayoung: we as in openstack or we as in fedora/epel
19:49:08 <ayoung> and a big discussion about trying to get the APIs unchanging unless
19:49:22 <ayoung> rbergeron, I'd say both
19:49:53 <ayoung> Haven't been focused on in...dealing with individual features myself.  Keystone land
19:50:13 * rbergeron nods
19:50:23 <ayoung> Um..Heat is now an official part of the OS Fedora effort
19:51:04 <ayoung> http://wiki.openstack.org/Heat
19:51:38 <rbergeron> i wonder who did that stuff.
19:51:42 * rbergeron throws a sock at sdake
19:51:51 <sdake> sup
19:52:08 <rbergeron> just talking about you and all the folks working on heat.
19:52:15 <rbergeron> and I like harassing you occasionally. that's all. :)
19:52:17 <sdake> heat coming in f18
19:52:19 <sdake> ;)
19:52:40 <rbergeron> ayoung: so sounds like nothing earthshaking going on, just plugging away at progress?
19:53:06 <ayoung> I'd say so.  Lots happening, hard to say what is Fedora important among them.
19:53:19 <rbergeron> okay!
19:53:32 <rbergeron> anytihng else from openstack land? if not i'll move onwards
19:54:17 <ayoung> Um
19:54:34 <ayoung> I'll surrender the conch
19:54:37 <rbergeron> lol
19:54:39 <rbergeron> #topic Open Floor
19:54:41 <rbergeron> anyone else?
19:54:47 * rbergeron looks at jzb and ke4qqq
19:55:20 * rbergeron looks at gholms for a [cactus rolling across the floor] or similar
19:55:47 * agrimm thinks gholms is in another meeting
19:56:14 <rbergeron> oh.
19:56:16 <rbergeron> well.
19:56:25 <rbergeron> guess what? It's friday.
19:56:27 <rbergeron> YAY.
19:56:33 * rbergeron will hold a moment and then endmeeting
19:57:50 <rbergeron> thanks for coming, everyone. Hope the euca/openshift thing goes well next week.
19:57:54 <rbergeron> #endmeeting