04:06:06 <dramsey> #startmeeting APAC Meeting 2012-07-21
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04:06:15 <dramsey> #meetingname APAC Meeting 2012-07-21
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04:06:23 <dramsey> #info http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:APAC_Ambassadors_2012-07-21#Agenda
04:06:47 <dramsey> #chair maktrix udinnet MavJS zerng07 KageSenshi
04:06:47 <zodbot> Current chairs: KageSenshi MavJS dramsey maktrix udinnet zerng07
04:06:53 <dramsey> .fas dramsey
04:06:53 <zodbot> dramsey: dramsey 'David Ramsey' <diamond_ramsey@hotmail.com>
04:06:58 <maktrix> .fas mahayalamkhan@gmail.com
04:06:58 <zodbot> maktrix: mak 'Mahay Alam Khan' <mahayalamkhan@gmail.com>
04:06:59 <zerng07> .fas zerng07
04:06:59 <udinnet> .fas udinnet
04:07:01 <zodbot> zerng07: zerng07 'Cheng-Chia Tseng' <pswo10680@gmail.com>
04:07:04 <zodbot> udinnet: udinnet 'Uditha Bandara Wijerathna' <udithabnd@gmail.com>
04:07:19 <MavJS> .fas mavjs
04:07:19 <zodbot> MavJS: mavjs 'Ye Myat Kaung' <mavjs01@gmail.com>
04:07:39 <dramsey> Did that get everyone?
04:08:03 * udinnet nods
04:08:05 <dramsey> #topic News from FAmSCo
04:08:12 <dramsey> Any news or next topic?
04:09:09 * maktrix no one frm FAmSCo is around here
04:09:11 <KageSenshi> .fas izhar
04:09:12 <zodbot> KageSenshi: izhar 'Mohd Izhar Firdaus Ismail' <kagesenshi.87@gmail.com>
04:09:32 <dramsey> okay, next topic and may be return
04:09:33 <dramsey> #topic Review action items from previous meetings
04:10:20 <udinnet> FranciscoD nag susmit to deploy map
04:10:40 <udinnet> FranciscoD is not here
04:10:45 <dramsey> Any information for update or still outstanding?
04:10:47 <dramsey> First two action items, FranciscoD and bckurera as well as FranciscoD, so will skpp
04:10:55 <udinnet> so we have leave that too
04:10:58 <dramsey> s/skpp/skip???
04:11:07 <dramsey> sounds good, all agree?
04:11:13 <zerng07> +1
04:11:27 <dramsey> #action FranciscoD bckurera Announce ticket on mailing list so folks can leave their comments
04:11:33 <dramsey> #action FranciscoD nag susmit to deploy map
04:11:42 <dramsey> #action All, add your ideas, comments for apac-ticket #32 and #33
04:11:43 <maktrix> +1
04:11:50 <dramsey> Next topic then?
04:12:19 <zerng07> +1
04:12:21 <MavJS> dramsey: yup. :D
04:12:23 <dramsey> #topic APAC Events and Status of F17 Release Parties
04:12:31 <dramsey> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Events#FY13_Q2_.28June_2012_-_August_2012.29_3
04:13:01 <dramsey> FYI in one month we are to provide F18 ideas to FAmSCo - http://rbergero.fedorapeople.org/schedules/f-18/f-18-ambassadors-tasks.html
04:13:29 <dramsey> "...FAmSCo and Regional teams call for Preparation of Media/SWAG - Thu 2012-08-30
04:13:29 <dramsey> Regional Teams Submit Funding Request For Swag/Media Production - Thu 2012-08-30
04:13:29 <dramsey> Release Event Submission Deadline - Fri 2012-10-12
04:13:29 <dramsey> Hold Release Events and Publish Event Reports - Tue 2012-10-30 until Fri 2012-11-30..."
04:13:33 <dramsey> eof from me
04:13:40 <dramsey> Others any information?
04:14:03 <udinnet> I have some event info from sri lanka
04:14:14 <dramsey> udinnet, please tell us!  :D
04:14:29 <udinnet> We are planning to have a large-scale fedora event here
04:14:56 <udinnet> but still we didn't able to catch up with all the fedora guys
04:14:56 <dan408> hello beefy miracles!
04:15:08 <dramsey> #chair inode0 dan408
04:15:08 <zodbot> Current chairs: KageSenshi MavJS dan408 dramsey inode0 maktrix udinnet zerng07
04:15:14 <udinnet> we're planning to have a face to face meeting
04:15:24 <udinnet> and get our ideas together
04:15:41 <udinnet> We'll update you guys soon
04:15:44 <udinnet> ;)
04:16:00 <MavJS> udinnet: sounds good. :)
04:16:00 <dramsey> udinnet, excellent  :)
04:16:20 <dan408> sending a happy beefy miracle to all! and a shoryuken!
04:16:21 <dramsey> Other information for events ???
04:16:29 <dramsey> dan408, thank you.  :)
04:16:38 <zerng07> I have written a report for F17 Release party in Taichung, Taiwan.
04:17:04 <dramsey> zerng07, wonderful!
04:17:09 <udinnet> +
04:17:11 <dramsey> link or url?
04:17:14 <udinnet> sorry +1
04:17:15 <zerng07> http://breezymove.blogspot.tw/2012/06/report-fedora-17-release-party-taichung.html
04:17:17 <udinnet> :D
04:17:49 <zerng07> eof
04:17:57 <dramsey> zerng07, a +1 thank you.
04:18:03 <zerng07> :)
04:18:21 <dramsey> Other information or events?  Or next topic?
04:18:43 <maktrix> nice report zerng07 :)
04:18:44 <maktrix> !
04:18:50 <dramsey> Please, maktrix
04:19:10 <maktrix> we had a release party planned and the event budget was reveiwed by APAC
04:19:16 <maktrix> also the APAC agreed that
04:19:43 <maktrix> but, I regret to inform that the Event owner was attacked by a mob in an parking area where he was with his mother
04:19:56 <maktrix> those goons beat him in front of his mother
04:20:37 <KageSenshi> ouch >.<
04:20:40 <maktrix> we had to pause this event;
04:20:48 <maktrix> the event owner: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Imtiaz
04:21:06 <maktrix> I talked to him, he is recovering and want to arrange the event, after I asked if he want to cancel.
04:21:26 <dan408> WHOA
04:21:39 <MavJS> :S
04:21:51 <zerng07> :S
04:21:55 <maktrix> So, this event will be arranged before the next APAC meeting I hope
04:21:56 <maktrix> https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-apac/ticket/21
04:22:07 <maktrix> eof
04:22:09 <dan408> where was that?
04:22:09 <dramsey> maktrix, understood.  Please extend my sincere prayers for his recovery.
04:22:42 <dan408> sorry :(
04:23:01 <udinnet> +1 dramsey
04:23:12 <dramsey> maktrix, do you want me to put a "#info" for APAC 21?
04:23:50 <maktrix> would be good, since FAms will be expecting an event report from us; and we are not yet decided the postponed date
04:24:17 <dramsey> #info APAC Ticket 21 will be discussed during August 2012 or beyond.
04:24:22 <dramsey> +1 maktrix.
04:24:45 <dramsey> Other information or next topic?
04:24:53 <maktrix> eof from me
04:25:25 <dramsey> A friendly reminder -
04:25:25 <dramsey> FYI I have ordered 2000 sets of Fedora 17 Live CDs. Those will be available for distribution to APAC ambassadors. Harish
04:25:26 <dramsey> Ask and you will receive. :)
04:25:26 <dramsey> eof
04:25:57 <zerng07> Ask Harish by mail?
04:26:02 <maktrix> !
04:26:13 <dramsey> zerng07, I think so.
04:26:15 <dramsey> maktrix, please
04:26:16 <maktrix> is it possible to send via FedEx or DHL?
04:26:30 <dramsey> maktrix, sounds like a worthy question.
04:26:43 <maktrix> we have problem with Goverment mail, they ask too much tax and don't try to understand Free DVD things
04:26:46 <maktrix> eof
04:26:56 <dramsey> We should #info and I am certain Harish will provide information.
04:27:04 <maktrix> +!
04:27:07 <maktrix> +1
04:27:14 <zerng07> +1
04:27:15 <dramsey> maktrix, has the use of the Fedora Legal form been received during those shipments?
04:27:49 <dramsey> Where there is a "Fedora" will there is a way!  :)
04:28:16 <maktrix> Never tried them, but had issues while receiving swags from other open source projects.
04:28:32 <dramsey> Understood.
04:28:43 <maktrix> And found it is easy to receive via FedEx and DHL
04:28:55 <dramsey> #info Need help in sending material to matrix and others, in order to avoid 'tax' and other related issues.
04:28:58 <dramsey> +12
04:29:00 <dramsey> +22
04:29:34 <dramsey> #info Requests FedEx or DHL for swag media to assist maktrix and others as a remedy.
04:29:42 <dramsey> Does that sound right everyone?
04:29:49 <maktrix> +1 good
04:29:49 <maktrix> :)
04:29:58 <zerng07> +1 :)
04:30:29 <dramsey> zerng07, here's the link from Harish - http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/ambassadors/2012-July/019940.html
04:30:42 <dramsey> Therefore, I think e-mail with mailing address will be perfect.  :)
04:31:00 <dramsey> All good everyone.  Other thoughts or next topic?
04:31:04 <zerng07> OK, thanks!
04:31:43 <dramsey> #chair harish
04:31:43 <zodbot> Current chairs: KageSenshi MavJS dan408 dramsey harish inode0 maktrix udinnet zerng07
04:31:45 <dramsey> Hi Harish
04:31:55 <KageSenshi> hi harish :)
04:32:01 <harish> dramsey, hi.
04:32:02 <zerng07> hi harish
04:32:07 <harish> greetings all.
04:32:30 <MavJS> good afternoon harish :)
04:32:31 * harish was busy working with my son on his math
04:32:51 * harish so that we can then play with the raspberry pi in the afternoon
04:33:04 <dramsey> Harish, your timing is perfect.  :)
04:33:09 <zerng07> good dad!
04:33:13 <dramsey> Harish, we had two questions.
04:33:18 <udinnet> :D
04:33:18 <harish> shoot away
04:33:30 <dramsey> harish -
04:33:30 <dramsey> 1.) zerng07 had a media request for F17 and wanted to ask how to get the request to you, via e-mail?
04:33:30 <dramsey> 2.) maktrix wanted to see if FedEx or DHL may be used to send?
04:34:00 <harish> media - send request to me directly. i can ship it. need mailing address and phone number.
04:34:15 <harish> i think rh apac uses fedex.
04:34:27 <harish> i have about 1600 CDs left.
04:34:50 <harish> i can ship some older ones along with it as collector items.
04:35:25 <dramsey> harish, roger that.  Perfect, thank you!  :)
04:35:26 <dramsey> zerng07 and maktrix, does that answer everything?
04:35:49 <maktrix> that's excellent to hear it directly from harish :)
04:35:52 <zerng07> I got it.
04:36:09 * KageSenshi will ask some more cds after august ..
04:36:12 <maktrix> I shall write to harish asking for 200 CD along with few collectors item
04:36:21 <harish> has the wiki been updated to indicate any incoming customs taxes?
04:36:34 <harish> if there are taxes, it is not possible for me to pay that.
04:36:51 <dramsey> harish, good question.  We will inquire.
04:36:53 <maktrix> there are no tax if you confirm that things are free and are not for sale
04:37:21 <harish> we always do that in the declaration, but some customs folks are well you know what i mean
04:37:28 <zerng07> yeah, it is the same in Taiwan.
04:37:30 <maktrix> Have been receiving mozilla swags without giving any taxes
04:37:35 <harish> ok
04:37:38 <dramsey> +1 maktrix
04:38:07 <maktrix> FedEx takes care of that; but if you send throug our country's govertment postal service, than I will be doomed.
04:38:15 <dramsey> Where there is a "Fedora" will there is a way!  :)
04:38:19 <dramsey> #chair Suresht
04:38:19 <zodbot> Current chairs: KageSenshi MavJS Suresht dan408 dramsey harish inode0 maktrix udinnet zerng07
04:38:36 <udinnet> Hey Suresht!
04:38:44 <Suresht> .fas suresht
04:38:47 <zodbot> Suresht: suresht 'Sureshkumar Packiyarajah' <sureshp8@gmail.com>
04:38:48 <Suresht> sorry i was late.
04:39:00 <Suresht> udinnet, hi
04:39:02 <dramsey> Suresht, never late.  We always support and review logs.
04:39:36 <Suresht> dramsey, :)
04:39:37 <dramsey> Other information or next topic?  We have only "Trac Tickets" and "Open Floor"
04:39:54 <dramsey> FYI, we are in APAC Events now.
04:40:28 <Suresht> thanks dramsey
04:41:01 <udinnet> We can go to the next topic --> :)
04:41:20 <dramsey> zerng07, looking at your wiki - http://breezymove.blogspot.tw/2012/06/report-fedora-17-release-party-taichung.html I like the coffee and handmade egg-rolls.  :)
04:41:23 <dramsey> okay, next topic
04:41:35 <dramsey> #topic Trac tickets
04:41:36 <zerng07> :) thanks!
04:42:28 <dramsey> Looks like only #32 and #33 from bckurera as outstanding tickets where bckurera is looking for input
04:42:28 <dramsey> eof
04:42:32 <zerng07> !
04:42:40 <dramsey> zerng07, please.
04:43:04 <zerng07> my ticket 23
04:43:25 <zerng07> is waitng for reimbursement.
04:43:30 <zerng07> https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-apac/ticket/23
04:44:21 <zerng07> eof
04:44:28 <harish> how much was taht zerng07 ?
04:44:47 <zerng07> 5000 TWD
04:45:26 <harish> ok and i assume you've provided your paypal address.
04:46:42 <zerng07> I have provided before, if you need it please tell me.
04:47:41 <zerng07> eof
04:47:45 <harish> ok
04:48:11 <dramsey> +1 zerng07, that report link we have on the wiki needs to be updated to get the "open" tickets.
04:48:50 <dramsey> Other information or next topic?
04:49:47 <zerng07> what does getting the "open" tickets mean?
04:50:00 <dramsey> zerng07, good question.
04:50:01 <zerng07> sorry I don't know that.
04:50:29 <dramsey> Our current wiki agenda had some report that only "showed" meeting Trac Tickets.
04:50:43 <dramsey> Open in my mind is outstanding question.
04:50:44 <dramsey> eof
04:51:00 <zerng07> Oh~
04:51:04 <dramsey> :)
04:51:16 <zerng07> I got it. :P
04:51:20 <dramsey> :)
04:51:33 <dramsey> I think we are doing good today everyone.  More information or discussion or next topic?
04:51:37 <dramsey> #chair udinnet_
04:51:37 <zodbot> Current chairs: KageSenshi MavJS Suresht dan408 dramsey harish inode0 maktrix udinnet udinnet_ zerng07
04:53:23 <zerng07> next?
04:53:36 <dramsey> #topic Open Floor
04:53:47 <KageSenshi> :D
04:53:51 <dramsey> Okay everyone, you may as you like.  :)
04:54:02 * inode0 applauds APAC for its great work and wishes Imtiaz a speedy recovery
04:54:05 <dramsey> Think Fedora 17 and by next August.  ;)
04:54:11 <dramsey> +1 inode0
04:54:15 <udinnet> +1
04:54:18 <maktrix> +1
04:54:22 <KageSenshi> +1
04:54:28 <zerng07> +1
04:54:40 <MavJS> =5
04:54:46 <dramsey> Well done everyone.  :)
04:55:23 <harish> anyone doing anything with raspberry pi?
04:55:37 <dramsey> Good question.  Is that SD harish?
04:55:39 <harish> the f14 remix on it works OK.
04:55:49 <harish> what's SD?
04:56:00 <maktrix> harish: XFCE or what?
04:56:03 <dramsey> +1
04:56:08 <harish> LXDE
04:56:49 <MavJS> SD = Sugar Desktop ? :D
04:56:59 <dramsey> :)
04:57:01 <harish> oh. not sugar.
04:57:03 <KageSenshi> wishes to poke at rpi .. but not able to do it yet (due to time/$) xD ..
04:57:10 <harish> for the record: #link http://www.raspberrypi.org/
04:57:12 <dramsey> s/SD/image
04:57:15 <harish> #link http://www.raspberrypi.org/
04:57:22 <dramsey> nice
04:57:31 <Suresht> i was absent for nearly 2 months meeting,sorry
04:57:38 <KageSenshi> Suresht, same here xD
04:57:52 <Suresht> since i got married recently :)
04:58:04 <dramsey> Congratulations Suresht!
04:58:06 <harish> i'm trying to bring f17 arm to it but am stuck.
04:58:12 <harish> congrats Suresht
04:58:14 <KageSenshi> haha congrats :)
04:59:03 <Suresht> Thanks so much to all :)
04:59:22 <maktrix> for those who missed the news earlier: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150882607640875&set=a.187769510874.126450.701075874&type=1
05:00:03 <maktrix> harish: excellent raspberry encluser I can see; wonder if they are expecting multple orders.
05:00:10 <MavJS> Pibow -->> http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/1640
05:01:02 <dramsey> Great information LXDE.  Fedora 17 sounds worthy.
05:01:04 <Suresht> maktrix, ha..ha.. thanks :)
05:01:22 <harish> yes the pibow is really cool.
05:03:27 <dramsey> maktrix would this url be correct?  https://www.facebook.com/imtiaz.rahi/posts/10151066482081807
05:03:34 <dramsey> Well done.
05:03:35 <dramsey> Thank you everyone for today!  :)
05:03:35 <dramsey> Fedora energy is strong and we have done well today.  :)
05:03:35 <dramsey> 1.) Who will chair next meeting on August 04th?
05:03:35 <dramsey> 2.) Also, need help sending meeting minutes to mailing list.
05:03:36 <dramsey> eof
05:03:44 <dramsey> Other thoughts?
05:03:53 <maktrix> dramsey: yes, that's the bad incident.
05:05:28 <KageSenshi> btw .. i'll be kindof reducing my fedora stuff for a while, to recover from fudcon, and also to try revive another group thats directly related to me (Zope/Plone technology group) .. MavJS and jurank_dankkal will be around for .My :)
05:06:14 * KageSenshi still living on fudcon aftermath .. lol  .. 3 person team losing its main dev for 2 weeks is quite a big impact .. xD
05:06:27 <dramsey> Cool KageSenshi  8-)
05:06:35 <dramsey> Sending positive Fedora energy
05:06:45 <dramsey> Other thoughts or end meeting?
05:06:47 <maktrix> KageSenshi: that was an awesome event, inded. You worked a lot.
05:07:09 <KageSenshi> thanks! :)
05:07:16 <dramsey> :)
05:07:32 <udinnet> KageSenshi, MavJS: you guys are awesome! FUDCon KL!
05:07:44 <harish> +10
05:08:08 <dramsey> Think Events, FADs, for FUDCon APAC!!!  There is FUDCON APAC 2013.  :D
05:08:15 <harish> BTW, there is a new group in LinkedIn about Red Hat stuff if you are interested.
05:08:15 <KageSenshi> :D
05:08:29 <maktrix> harish: link please.
05:09:05 <udinnet> We passed 1hr :D
05:09:53 <harish> i think it is: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?home=&gid=4484521&trk=anet_ug_hm
05:10:14 <KageSenshi> cool :)
05:10:18 <dramsey> 8-)
05:10:19 <udinnet> :)
05:10:37 <harish> please join it if you have any interest.
05:10:55 <udinnet> Thanks harish
05:11:00 <dramsey> Well done.
05:11:03 <dramsey> Thank you, Harish.
05:11:06 <harish> and contribute answers (if not questions as well :-))
05:11:40 <dan408> :D
05:12:09 <dramsey> Any other thoughts or discussion?
05:12:22 <dan408> hadokens and shoryukens
05:12:30 <dramsey> dan408, hahaha
05:12:35 <udinnet> :D
05:12:37 <KageSenshi> hadoken for F18 name!
05:12:38 <KageSenshi> :P
05:12:40 <dramsey> Should we do end meeting?
05:12:42 <dan408> and i miss Ankur :(
05:12:44 <KageSenshi> eh i mean F19
05:12:49 <dan408> f19 = hadoken!
05:12:53 <dan408> apac is taking over!
05:12:55 <dramsey> F19 ==> IPA
05:12:58 <KageSenshi> lol
05:13:16 <dramsey> Concurs on everyone's safety and may we have a wonderful summer.
05:13:21 <dan408> SHOOOOORYUKEN1
05:13:44 <KageSenshi> :P
05:13:56 <harish> ok to close meeting.
05:14:00 <udinnet> +1
05:14:01 <dramsey> Roger that
05:14:07 <dramsey> Finishing in 5
05:14:08 <dramsey> 4
05:14:08 <dramsey> 3
05:14:09 <dramsey> 2
05:14:10 <dramsey> 1
05:14:11 <dramsey> 0.5
05:14:13 <dramsey> #endmeeting