01:00:11 <inode0> #startmeeting FAmNA
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01:00:14 <inode0> #meetingname FAmNA
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01:00:30 <inode0> #topic Roll Call
01:00:34 * nb is semi-here
01:00:39 <NiveusLuna> meow!
01:00:39 <award3535> present, ready
01:00:42 <Zethrus> Hello all
01:01:18 <graphite6> hello everyone!
01:02:02 * inode0 hopes for a short meeting tonight but we do have some important stuff to take care of so ...
01:02:06 <inode0> #topic Announcements
01:02:52 <inode0> This is the time when you help by making announcements :)
01:03:09 <award3535> I have none
01:03:17 <inode0> go ahead
01:03:20 <NiveusLuna> i have none that are fedora-related
01:03:34 <inode0> oh, none, not one :)
01:03:54 <inode0> FUDCon bidding for NA closed on the 23rd
01:04:09 <award3535> any indication of where yet
01:04:09 * Sonar_Gal sneaks in
01:04:16 <inode0> As far as I know Lawrence, KS was the only bid submitted by the deadline
01:04:55 <NiveusLuna> kansas?
01:04:56 <inode0> So unless something goes wrong let's all meet in the land of Oz next January :)
01:05:03 <NiveusLuna> there is *nothing* in kansas
01:05:20 <inode0> There are sunflowers, I've seen them
01:05:26 <graphite6> lions and tigers and bears, oh my!
01:05:33 <award3535> lots of farming
01:05:35 <inode0> They are probably all dead in January though
01:05:48 <graphite6> or hungry :)
01:05:58 <inode0> ianweller is in Kansas, what more reason do we need to go there?
01:06:22 <award3535> true, but there is nothing to do at night
01:06:24 <ianweller> yeah all the sunflowers are dead in january
01:06:30 <ianweller> award3535: hahaha you're kidding, right?
01:06:33 <ianweller> lawrence is a college town
01:06:40 <inode0> Should be an announcement that is official soon I imagine
01:07:10 <award3535> well, for a college town, not much for the old man to do....
01:07:20 <inode0> On a personal note - it really stinks that I can't fly direct to KC!
01:07:40 <inode0> award3535: hang with me and the other old men and you might be surprised
01:07:52 <award3535> LOL
01:08:02 <ianweller> any questions about the bid?
01:08:38 <inode0> only when is the official word so I can start figuring out whether I want to visit Denver or Dallas or Chicago on the way
01:08:42 <award3535> nope, looks fun
01:08:52 <ianweller> inode0: or drive?
01:09:04 <inode0> yeah, but that is risky
01:09:06 <ianweller> i'm currently waiting on the provost office to approve some stuff so we can even make an official announcement
01:09:34 <ianweller> the infinite bureaucracy of universities
01:09:49 <inode0> ok, I am excited to have our first midwest FUDCon
01:10:15 <inode0> too bad it isn't in the summer when we could introduce everyone else to real corn and real tomatoes
01:11:01 <graphite6> lol, I live on a farm...and weeding and more weeding and squishing potatoe bugs :P
01:11:07 <NiveusLuna> at least it isn't in tornado season
01:11:11 <inode0> #topic Tickets
01:11:20 <award3535> no just cold and wet
01:11:32 <inode0> I'm going to try to abbreviate this section tonight but I'd like to make a comment
01:12:04 <inode0> I'm going to start removing the meeting milestone tag from events that don't have anything new in their tickets
01:12:34 <inode0> What this means is that if the event owner wants them back in a later meeting agenda they should go put the milestone back to meeting
01:13:21 <inode0> ok, out of order but I want to start with something important
01:13:39 <inode0> .famnaticket 21
01:13:40 <zodbot> inode0: #21 (SouthEast LinuxFest 2012, Jun 8-10, Charlotte, NC) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/21
01:14:04 * rbergeron arrrrrives!
01:14:13 <inode0> Ben won't be here tonight (or probably for a few more weeks) but I'd like to clear one item for SELF now
01:14:32 <award3535> has the registration been complete
01:14:40 <inode0> While there isn't a link to the event on the event page yet I believe it is here
01:14:51 <inode0> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SELF_2012
01:14:53 * rbergeron types while shoveling pizza into her mouth
01:15:24 <inode0> It is in early planning stages but is a good example of how early we should be doing planning!
01:16:02 <inode0> The only item I would like to clear tonight is the sponsorship request in the budget for $500
01:16:21 <inode0> If anyone has any comment about this now is the time to make it
01:16:39 * inode0 approves and will move shortly that we fund this item
01:16:40 <award3535> I will be attending with Ben, I have no comments
01:17:00 <award3535> I agree with the funding
01:17:05 <nb> move to approve
01:17:06 <nb> +1
01:17:07 <graphite6> +1
01:17:23 <rbergeron> +1! yay self
01:17:24 <Sonar_Gal> +1
01:17:41 <inode0> ok, hearing and seeing no objection
01:18:06 <inode0> #agreed Fund a bronze sponsorship at SELF ($500)
01:18:11 <rbergeron> award3535: you should add yourself to the page :)
01:18:23 <rbergeron> inode0: are you paying it or am I?
01:18:39 * rbergeron is happy to delegate
01:18:41 <award3535> I shall add myself
01:18:47 <rbergeron> (very happy)
01:18:57 <inode0> rbergeron: I don't want to sign any contracts on behalf of me or Red Hat :)
01:19:02 <rbergeron> inode0: alrighty then
01:19:11 <inode0> just paying a bill is fine
01:19:39 <inode0> and speaking of bills
01:19:39 <rbergeron> okay, we can coordinate out of meeting as to who's on the hook for whch parts :)
01:19:54 <inode0> .famnaticket 11
01:19:56 <zodbot> inode0: #11 (LinuxFest Northwest 2012, Apr 28-29, Bellingham, WA) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/11
01:20:23 <inode0> I tried to go to the link to pay that bill and was summarily kicked out
01:20:41 * rbergeron really feels that between NELF, LFNW, and SELF that SWLF is definitely missing
01:20:42 <inode0> Since you are going I'll leave that in your hands
01:20:44 <rbergeron> ouch
01:21:27 <rbergeron> #action rbergeron to pay for it or reimburse jsandys for it
01:21:29 <rbergeron> did we aprove an amount for sending people there?
01:21:33 <rbergeron> #undo
01:21:35 <inode0> no
01:21:47 * rbergeron looks at zodbot
01:22:01 <nb> .ping
01:22:01 <zodbot> pong
01:22:01 * rbergeron looks at her chair and wonders if that matters
01:22:16 * inode0 looks at the ticket and sees nothing in the subsidy section
01:22:24 <nb> addchair #fedora-meeting freenode rbergeron
01:22:28 <nb> .addchair #fedora-meeting freenode rbergeron
01:22:28 <zodbot> nb: Chair added: rbergeron on (#fedora-meeting, freenode).
01:22:30 <nb> rbergeron, try now
01:22:33 <rbergeron> word
01:22:44 <rbergeron> #action rbergeron to pay for LFNW booth or reimburse jsandys for it
01:23:01 <rbergeron> i'll assume that works without undoing it :)
01:23:45 * inode0 is a bit confused here, is it chair or addchair?
01:23:57 <rbergeron> it's usually just #chair whomever
01:24:07 <inode0> #chair
01:24:07 <zodbot> Current chairs: inode0 rbergeron
01:24:12 <inode0> ok, looks fine
01:24:28 <inode0> anything else on this one?
01:24:35 <rbergeron> but if you are using Fancy Stuff and have infra permissions you can do things like what nb did, aiui (that's the "oh god the person dropped off and nobody is chaired" solution)
01:24:57 <rbergeron> nada, just want to make sure that i don't want to get asked to pay for rooms if they haven't been approved :)
01:25:26 <nb> rbergeron, yeah, i should have just asked inode0 to do it :)
01:25:35 <inode0> we are trying to not even discuss travel subsidies without travel subsidy requests on the event page
01:26:08 <inode0> I think we can often be less formal about this but we should document better than we do who is asking for what and what they are doing there.
01:26:40 <inode0> And follow up for reports from those getting subsidies.
01:26:43 <rbergeron> yup.
01:27:46 <inode0> I would encourage the LFNW folks to do that sooner rather than later as asking the week before the event is a bad thing to do.
01:28:07 * nb needs to get ahold of bpepple to find out about ilf
01:28:30 <inode0> So really I am encouraging everyone to do that sooner rather than later for whatever event you may be attending.
01:28:57 <inode0> .famnaticket 7
01:29:00 <zodbot> inode0: #7 (Indiana LinuxFest 2012, Apr 13-15, Indianapolis, IN) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/7
01:29:04 <inode0> since you brought it up
01:29:32 <inode0> nothing has been added here and I'll remove the meeting tag - so add it back if you want us to look at it again
01:29:40 <nb> well. i have not much of an update
01:29:49 <nb> it is looking more like i might be able to go
01:30:07 <nb> haven't heard anything from bpepple or threethirty, i guess i will email them
01:30:24 <nb> if i go, i think i'll probably drive, flying would take way too long plus more $
01:30:45 <nb> which an advantage would be that i could transport the event box also
01:30:47 <inode0> it is in 2 or 3 weeks so someone should get on it :)
01:31:37 <inode0> .famnaticket 12
01:31:38 <rbergeron> as in make an event page? or is there one yet?
01:31:39 <zodbot> inode0: #12 (Penguicon 2012, Apr 27-29, Dearborn. MI) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/12
01:31:53 <inode0> there is a page, just nothing has happened since
01:32:15 <inode0> this is either spots or I don't know, ben would go if we send him
01:32:29 <rbergeron> update: spot may be going, but "roaming ambassador style," but is still not quite sure, i told him to keep us in the loop so we can allocate swag.
01:32:52 <inode0> yeah, I think we should just let spot run with it if he goes
01:32:59 * inode0 will untag it too now
01:33:23 <inode0> .famnaticket 15
01:33:25 <zodbot> inode0: #15 (Devopsday 2012, Apr 2-3, Austin, TX) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/15
01:33:44 <inode0> chanchito was going to investigate this but I've not heard anything more
01:34:10 * inode0 untags it too
01:34:32 <inode0> it happens before our next meeting
01:34:44 <inode0> .famnaticket 16
01:34:45 <zodbot> inode0: #16 (OpenStack Design Summit & Conference 2012, Apr 16-20, San Francisco, CA) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/16
01:34:52 <inode0> rbergeron: comments
01:35:43 <inode0> well, I know there is an event page now for this one
01:36:06 <inode0> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/OpenStackSummitConf_April2012
01:36:46 * inode0 moves we deal with this vague budget request tonight too
01:37:13 <inode0> The idea is to prepare some event specific material to distribute at the event
01:37:35 <inode0> Proposed budget is up to $250
01:37:37 <inode0> +1
01:38:03 <inode0> There are basically no other budget items for FAmNA for this event
01:38:36 * inode0 wonders if he should send out a ping when it is time to vote
01:38:48 <graphite6> +1 :)
01:38:49 <Sonar_Gal> +1
01:38:52 <Sonar_Gal> was reading
01:38:53 <award3535> +1
01:39:53 <inode0> #agreed Funding approved for OpenStack up to $250 for event specific materials to be produced for distribution at the event
01:41:01 <rbergeron> +1
01:41:07 <rbergeron> (totally biased)
01:41:37 * inode0 updates some tickets to indicate what we have funded ..
01:41:47 <inode0> .famnaticket 17
01:41:48 <zodbot> inode0: #17 (Support for Linux Audio Conference (LAC) 12 to 15 April 2012) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/17
01:41:55 <rbergeron> sorry, i'm trying to juggle family and eating and whatnot
01:42:31 <inode0> I think this one is pretty much out of our hands except for sending swag.
01:43:10 <inode0> I wonder what the chances are that vwbusguy will pick up that ticket?
01:44:49 <inode0> I guess I'll just poke him in the ribs
01:45:39 <inode0> #action inode0 to poke vwbusguy in the ribs about ticket #276 (swag for LAC)
01:46:30 <inode0> ok, I'm not looking at those tickets that don't get action but if people would like to get more swag we still need to know what we have now
01:46:55 <inode0> #topic Open Floor
01:47:56 <inode0> oh
01:48:03 <inode0> I have one thing I forgot to bring up
01:48:11 <inode0> So back to SELF
01:48:28 <inode0> Some of us would really like to do something different at SELF this year
01:49:02 <award3535> what would that be
01:49:07 <inode0> We'll still have all the usual stuff, but for the first major event with F17 out the door we'd like to spice it up a bit
01:49:31 <award3535> go on
01:49:42 <inode0> well, I would like the weinermobile to visit but that probably won't happen :)
01:49:45 * graphite6 likes spicy
01:50:03 * inode0 doesn't have all the answers or all the ideas
01:50:33 <inode0> What I'd like to do is soon schedule a meeting devoted largely to brainstorming about what we might do at SELF
01:50:33 <award3535> since this is my first event I can look at a few things to do differently
01:50:47 <inode0> Some ideas already on the table
01:50:57 <inode0> *dogcart for lunch
01:50:58 <graphite6> I like the idea of a brainstorming session
01:51:04 <herlo> hot dog roast!
01:51:09 <herlo> lol
01:51:18 <inode0> there is a place that will rent us a cart :)
01:51:35 <herlo> that'd be cool. I am planning on being there
01:51:37 <inode0> there are also places nearby we could go where dogs are on the menu
01:51:40 <award3535> do we have large displays, but who is going to do the cookin
01:51:40 <herlo> would be willing to help
01:52:07 <inode0> possible cookout, possible food drive collection for a local pantry
01:52:23 <inode0> anyway, now isn't the time to go too far with this
01:52:33 <Jsandys> joining
01:52:34 <herlo> indeed
01:52:50 <herlo> we can hold that conversation at another FAMNA meeting
01:52:58 <inode0> Ben has conflicts for a few more weeks at this time so I'll probably schedule it for a Thursday night at the normal time we meet
01:53:08 <herlo> k
01:53:18 <award3535> agreed
01:53:21 <graphite6> +1
01:53:24 <inode0> but I'll talk to Ben this weekend and we'll send out an announcement
01:53:50 <inode0> but start thinking about fun things we might do
01:54:54 <inode0> Jsandys: I could not open that link - so I tasked rbergeron with figuring it out
01:55:07 <inode0> I'm sure she can't either
01:55:36 <Jsandys> Think you need to register for the NFNW site
01:55:56 <inode0> well, she is going so she can try
01:56:08 <inode0> the two of you figure it out :)
01:56:19 <Jsandys> OK
01:56:22 <rbergeron> I'll see if doing it while logged in changes anything
01:57:05 <herlo> inode0: I have one thing to discuss here when done
01:57:18 <inode0> Jsandys: I tasked myself with pinging vwbusguy regarding the swag/media request too
01:57:33 <inode0> 3 minutes left so you better start herlo :)
01:57:41 <herlo> I hope Jsandys is okay with it...but fedora harmonicas?
01:57:48 <herlo> how serious was that?
01:58:08 <herlo> I actually kind of like the idea, but am not sure what it would take to get those
01:58:33 <herlo> inode0: Jsandys: ^^
01:58:54 <inode0> I don't think we need special swag for an event with 50-100 people
01:58:57 <dramsey> :)
01:59:07 <Jsandys> Just need media and some trinkets for LAC
01:59:07 <inode0> if that is what you mean
01:59:11 <herlo> inode0: well, I was thinking it might actually be good for more than one event...
01:59:21 * rbergeron secretly thinks it would be awesome
01:59:28 <herlo> it's not a big deal either way, but I can see it being a hit with the kiddos
01:59:28 <rbergeron> OH, so much for the secret
01:59:38 <inode0> yeah, have fun with the guidelines on that
01:59:39 * herlo is a *BIG* kiddo, btw
02:00:04 <herlo> inode0: ?? guidelines ?? we don't need no stinking guidelines!
02:00:07 * inode0 likes harmonicas but they aren't inexpensive
02:00:07 <herlo> lol
02:00:30 <herlo> inode0: actually, you can get some for less than $.20 a piece. branding is a different story
02:00:34 <inode0> we are getting stinking guidelines whether we need them or not
02:00:38 * inode0 ducks
02:00:47 <herlo> lol
02:00:50 <herlo> I know
02:01:15 <inode0> meanwhile, you can go to cafepress and get anything you can imagine and more
02:01:32 <inode0> but close your eyes if you do
02:01:36 <herlo> I'm fine with guidelines as long as we can get stuff in there...
02:02:14 <herlo> they shouldn't be too restrictive making it difficult to add new stuff
02:02:21 <herlo> but that's a discussion for later
02:02:35 <inode0> well, there should be an announcement and there will possibly be a vote next wednesday about the guidelines so we should read them and discuss them at the next meeting
02:02:37 <herlo> I am happy to discuss harmonicas if Jsandys or someone else wants to research it
02:02:59 * inode0 doesn't get to vote but right now would vote no
02:03:00 <herlo> inode0: indeed. that dicussion should probably be announced heavily
02:03:38 <herlo> I've seen it a little, need to get more involved in the conversation
02:03:48 <rbergeron> herlo: i think famsco has a ticket on it :)
02:03:51 <inode0> there is supposed to be an announcement on the mailing list at some point
02:04:03 <herlo> rbergeron: we do
02:04:21 <inode0> rbergeron: the next public board meeting is not tomorrow is it?
02:04:21 <Jsandys> multitasking, must log off to attend another meeting.  Contact me for any LAC or LFNW needs.
02:04:26 <herlo> I'm working on part of that too
02:04:43 <rbergeron> no
02:04:44 * herlo waves to Jsandys
02:04:49 <rbergeron> next week
02:05:09 <inode0> so we can meet next week and discuss the guidelines here and report whatever to you on wednesday
02:05:19 * herlo is done ststirring up the waters
02:05:23 <rbergeron> yar.
02:05:28 <rbergeron> don't be shy :)
02:06:09 <inode0> ok, next week will be devoted largely to the new draft guidelines and emergency event stuff
02:06:15 <dramsey> +1
02:06:54 <inode0> for anyone who doesn't know there is a new trademark guideline proposal that will definitely change the way we produce swag
02:06:57 <herlo> inode0: you rock, man
02:07:13 <herlo> thanks for running these meetings and taking the lead on all of this stuff.
02:07:24 <graphite6> +1
02:07:32 <dramsey> +1  8-)
02:07:43 <award3535> +1
02:08:00 <Sonar_Gal> +1
02:08:00 <inode0> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Pchestek/TMGuidelinesDraft
02:08:19 * herlo will review again
02:09:15 <inode0> Non-Software Promotional Goods is the section of most interest to ambassadors although you are encouraged to read it all
02:10:07 <inode0> We will discuss it in much detail next week. Thanks everyone.
02:10:12 <inode0> #endmeeting