01:11:41 <nb> #startmeeting famna
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01:11:45 <nb> #meetingname famna
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01:11:47 <rbergeron> hrtr???
01:11:49 <nb> #chair inode0
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01:11:55 <NiveusLuna> i think he meant here
01:12:00 <rbergeron> ahh
01:12:03 <nb> #topic rollcall
01:12:06 * nb 
01:12:09 * rbergeron thought this was more new fangled acronyms, and is here
01:12:10 <NiveusLuna> present
01:12:17 * Sonar_Gal 
01:12:19 <Jsandys> present
01:12:24 <graphite6> .fas graphitefriction
01:12:25 <zodbot> graphite6: graphitefriction 'Sarah White' <graphitefriction@gmail.com>
01:12:38 <award3535> evening all
01:12:42 <chanchito> present "mario.balletta@gmail.com"
01:14:42 <nb> .famna 6
01:14:46 <nb> anyone want to talk about pycon?
01:15:02 <nb> .idontrememberthecommand
01:15:06 <nb> .famnaticket 6
01:15:06 <NiveusLuna> i have no feelings either way
01:15:07 <zodbot> nb: #6 (PyCon US 2012, Mar 7-15, Santa Clara, CA) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/6
01:15:41 <rbergeron> they got the wares
01:15:47 <rbergeron> i have no idea if they are sitll there, but i think they may be
01:15:51 <rbergeron> or perhaps some of them anyway
01:15:57 <rbergeron> wow, that's a long event
01:16:28 <award3535> through the 15
01:16:41 * inode0 would like to get something of a report from someone
01:17:57 <rbergeron> inode0: I will talk to abadger1999 about it, but iirc they may still actually be there, I seem to recall him saying he'd be out through middle of this week, which coincides with the fact that the conferences runs through the 15th.
01:18:35 <inode0> yes, I just meant before we stop bringing it up :)
01:18:44 <rbergeron> okay
01:19:25 <nb> anyone for
01:19:27 <nb> .famnaticket 8
01:19:28 <zodbot> nb: #8 (POSSCON 2012, Mar 27-29, Columbia, SC) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/8
01:19:44 <NiveusLuna> possum con? O.o
01:19:50 <inode0> makfinsky ...
01:20:21 <inode0> oh, we forgot to ping people or do announcements
01:20:48 <inode0> #topic tickets
01:21:11 <inode0> makfinsky: we are on posscon so if you have anything?
01:21:33 <makfinsky> I created the page, still needs some updating and info filled in.
01:21:59 <makfinsky> I am still unsure if I'll be there. Customer is dragging their feet on that week.
01:23:09 <inode0> ok, should we try to send some stuff with that still up in the air before then?
01:23:44 * rbergeron wonders if we send it to RDU to ruth - she is going, if not it could stay at the office until it's needed to be shipped elsewhere
01:23:55 <makfinsky> Oh... I don't know.
01:24:07 <makfinsky> I'd recommend saying it to Ruth if anything.
01:24:12 <makfinsky> Er, sending.
01:24:29 * rbergeron wonders what is after posscon on east coast-area and looks
01:25:08 <inode0> ok, can someone figure out what we should send
01:25:46 <rbergeron> i can if nobody else can.
01:25:49 <rbergeron> otherwise happy to delegate
01:26:17 <inode0> we need to move on because there is important stuff coming
01:27:03 <rbergeron> assign me and move on
01:27:15 * rbergeron will figure out if we've even ordered a table or etc
01:27:34 <inode0> #action rbergeron will figure out what needs to be shipped to posscon via RDU
01:29:14 * inode0 looks around
01:29:28 <inode0> .famnaticket 9
01:29:30 <zodbot> inode0: #9 (Northeast Linux Fest 2012, Mar 17, Worcester, MA) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/9
01:29:35 <NiveusLuna> *crickets chirp*
01:29:39 <inode0> chanchito: where do things stand now?
01:29:54 <chanchito> my apologies, but unfortunately, i have zero media for the linux fest
01:30:02 <inode0> rbergeron: ?
01:30:03 <chanchito> it's only a one day event
01:30:03 <rbergeron> the media is shipped, it should be there thursday
01:30:06 <inode0> Southern_Gentlem: ?
01:30:08 <chanchito> aaah
01:30:15 <chanchito> sorry folks , then false alarm
01:30:20 <chanchito> i should be all set
01:30:24 <inode0> well, we didn't know
01:31:05 <inode0> sounds all set then, so best wishes to chanchito at NELF
01:31:10 <chanchito> i will be recording as much of the event as possible
01:31:22 <inode0> .famnaticket 11
01:31:23 <zodbot> inode0: #11 (LinuxFest Northwest 2012, Apr 28-29, Bellingham, WA) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/11
01:31:32 <inode0> Jsandys: ?
01:31:33 <rbergeron> i just put it in the ticket
01:31:33 <rbergeron> HAVE FUN
01:31:37 <chanchito> thank you again!  for all the help and babysitting
01:31:45 <Jsandys> I updated the NFNW 2012 webpae to the new event standard.
01:31:52 <inode0> chanchito: we aren't finished with you yet :)
01:32:03 <Jsandys> I submitted a sponsorship to NFNW.  Still waiting to hear from LFNW on sponsorship, and am following up.
01:32:31 <inode0> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/LinuxFest_Northwest_%28LFNW%29_2012
01:33:08 <inode0> let's discuss the budget
01:33:32 <inode0> $400 for the sponsorship?
01:33:35 <inode0> +1
01:33:45 <Jsandys> Yes
01:33:46 <chanchito> +1
01:33:49 <award3535> +1
01:34:07 <graphite6> +1
01:34:35 <rbergeron> +1
01:34:39 * inode0 has some other things to say about other line items but is firmly supporting this one :)
01:34:43 <graphite6> I'm totally just copying y'all since I have no idea about budgeting :)
01:35:35 <inode0> #agreed $400 for sponsorship at LFNW
01:35:49 <Jsandys> No travel or hotel required for me, but should budget for a second.
01:36:05 <inode0> One comment I have here is I would like to see "overruns" and "buffers" dropped from budget requests
01:36:21 <inode0> if anyone runs over $100 we will cover it - but let's not budget that
01:36:29 <Jsandys> can do
01:36:46 <Jsandys> Need to schedule the event box to NFNW.
01:37:11 <inode0> swag is handled outside the event budget - so do request the swag you want but we don't need it in the budget section
01:37:22 <rbergeron> inode0: what about "group dinners" and so forth?
01:37:37 <rbergeron> those seem to get added in sometimes, not always, etc
01:37:40 <rbergeron> pizza or whatever.
01:37:40 <inode0> that isn't in this budget that I se
01:37:56 <rbergeron> i know, but i'm not sure if "buffer" sometimes includes that. ;)
01:38:01 <chanchito> top ramen
01:38:05 <rbergeron> mmmm noodles
01:38:05 <Jsandys> Saturday night is covered by the 'party'
01:38:26 <inode0> I think people should probably request a dinner specifically if they want us to pay for it
01:38:44 <inode0> But really the FPL should just take people out with on her dime :)
01:39:01 * rbergeron nods and agrees, that stingy lady
01:39:12 <rbergeron> i'm just thinking more generally for others' education and events where say, she might not be
01:39:16 <inode0> so lodging and travel is next on my mind
01:39:23 <rbergeron> but we can certainly cross those bridges at some other time.
01:39:39 <rbergeron> it seems we have a lot of new people, which is awesome, so maybe we should spend a portion of an upcoming meeting on "learn about the budget"
01:39:40 * inode0 thinks a dinner should be in the budget if famna is going to pay for it
01:39:50 <rbergeron> or do a fedora classroom session
01:40:23 <inode0> so there are two rooms and only one person listed so far
01:40:34 <inode0> I guess I'm not eager to approve that
01:40:49 <award3535> Budget is budget, I understand the purpose, just dont know how much is available
01:41:16 <inode0> in fact, I'd like to see the Travel Subsidy Request section complete before funding travel items
01:41:33 <award3535> logical
01:42:11 <inode0> Jsandys: do you know some others who might be going? should we blast this out to the mailing list or blogs?
01:42:30 <Jsandys> I'll work on it
01:42:48 <Jsandys> I got an email from a Montana member today
01:43:29 <inode0> this is a fair ways off so I think it fine to just approve the sponsorship tonight and deal with other budget details over time as it shapes up
01:44:05 <Jsandys> Yes
01:44:25 <award3535> agreed
01:44:56 <inode0> ok, slight interlude and right back to Jsandys
01:45:12 <inode0> .famnaticket 14
01:45:14 <zodbot> inode0: #14 (LibrePlanet 2012, Mar 24-25, Boston, MA) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/14
01:45:44 <chanchito> i wanted to attend, i will be in austin, too bad, cause i have swag and the event box here, only 1 hour away
01:45:57 <chanchito> literally 45 min drive
01:45:59 * inode0 doesn't see anyone taking that and plans to just drop it from our calender if that doesn't change very soon
01:46:11 * rbergeron nods
01:46:19 <award3535> agreed
01:46:29 <graphite6> agree
01:46:36 <chanchito> if i can manage to change my travel plans, even at the last minute, i would still volunteer to take this event
01:46:50 <chanchito> hate to see an event go unattended
01:47:12 <inode0> ok, I'll give it one more week. If no takes by the meeting on the 20th I'll blow it away.
01:47:25 <inode0> .famnaticket 17
01:47:26 <zodbot> inode0: #17 (Support for Linux Audio Conference (LAC) 12 to 15 April 2012) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/17
01:48:01 <inode0> This is a cool event and all I want to do is get agreement that Fedora wants to sponsor it (this is a no brainer IMO)
01:48:04 <Jsandys> I am attending LAC and will serve as required.  I can take ownership of the LAC ticket.
01:48:14 <nb> inode0, this is at no cost to us too, right?
01:48:16 <inode0> please do Jsandys
01:48:17 <nb> thats even better :)
01:48:21 <rbergeron> I agreee it is a cool even and fedoras name can go on it. :)
01:48:22 <rbergeron> event
01:49:40 <inode0> Yeah, the ticket contains information about a sponsor who has generously offered to cover our costs for this so there is no exposure in our famna budget beyond sending some media and swag
01:50:11 <Jsandys> I'll submit the swag ticket
01:50:24 * rbergeron is worried about swag and media but i suspect we're getting there
01:50:38 <inode0> and it is a small event as I understand it so Jsandys can tote around an event backpack :)
01:50:59 <Jsandys> Yes
01:51:43 <inode0> #action inode0 will update the ticket expressing our support for sponsoring this event
01:52:23 <inode0> .famnaticket 29
01:52:24 <zodbot> inode0: #29 (Q1 Fedora Merchandise (Swag) Inventory) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/29
01:52:26 <inode0> .famnaticket 30
01:52:28 <zodbot> inode0: #30 (Q1 Media distribution planning) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/30
01:52:34 * inode0 is speechless
01:52:51 * inode0 suggests someone else talk about this now :)
01:53:21 <graphite6> I got my ambassador kit so I have media now :)
01:53:47 <graphite6> do I need to note that on the inventory ticket?
01:53:54 <inode0> no
01:54:13 <inode0> we need to know what the regional shippers who have hundreds of pieces of media have
01:54:31 <inode0> we can't collect 10-30 from ambassadors
01:54:54 <rbergeron> inode0: laptop stickers that stabbymc has - are those case badges or the bigger stickers?
01:55:06 <inode0> but without cooperation we are going to end up with zero stuff at an event sooner or later
01:55:19 <rbergeron> inode0: i can attempt to write a blog post on it tonight and harass people into compliance
01:55:19 <inode0> rbergeron: they are the larger laptop stickers
01:55:27 <rbergeron> we have a ton of events coming and ... yeah
01:55:44 <rbergeron> i'd rather not order more, but if we need to do just that, we should find that out asap too
01:55:47 <inode0> maybe mail to the list they are on? I can't recall what it is called off the top of my head
01:56:43 * inode0 has asked probably 5 times and that isn't working
01:56:44 <rbergeron> "byubetterwinthis@fp.o"
01:56:45 <rbergeron> OH
01:56:59 <rbergeron> well, i'll try some different harassment techniques
01:57:07 <rbergeron> after dinner
01:57:41 <inode0> I supsect vmbusguy has a full load whatever that was, maybe 400-500
01:57:50 <rbergeron> oh, wow
01:57:50 <inode0> vwbusguy
01:57:50 <rbergeron> okay
01:58:15 <inode0> someone else took media to scale as I understood it
01:58:19 <rbergeron> I did
01:58:24 <inode0> so I don't know where his would have gone
01:59:03 <chanchito> i will take inventory of everything leftover from my event and post the list to the event report before i return ship everything
01:59:44 <inode0> chanchito: hang onto the event box if you can until we know where it should go next so we can have you ship it directly to the next person who needs it
01:59:54 <rbergeron> and the leftover swag goes in the event box :)
01:59:57 <rbergeron> and media
02:00:07 <nb> i don't have much media
02:00:08 <inode0> we can send you a label to use to ship it
02:00:11 <nb> no livemedia
02:00:17 <nb> and maybe 200 install
02:00:23 <rbergeron> nb: can you note it in the ticket :)
02:00:29 <inode0> put it in the ticket please
02:00:38 <rbergeron> https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/30
02:01:07 <chanchito> consider it done!
02:01:27 <chanchito> i was planning on stuffing everything leftover into the box
02:01:43 * rbergeron apologizes but needs to run and "cook dinner" for her family before they become very grumpy
02:01:57 <chanchito> buen provecho!
02:02:02 <inode0> #topic Open Floor
02:02:14 <rbergeron> i think my tickets are up to date. i will try and hop back on when i get to red lobster and am waiting for takeout to be ready
02:02:25 <inode0> I have one item to bring up but I probably don't remember how it works now :)
02:03:10 <inode0> I created a pinglist for famna last week for us to use to ping people for meetings in the ambassador channel at your option
02:03:23 <chanchito> sweet
02:03:25 <inode0> .pinglists show famna
02:03:25 <zodbot> inode0: Members of famna: Southern_Gentlem inode0 rbergeron
02:03:41 <inode0> you will need to add yourself to the list if you want pings
02:03:46 <chanchito> ok
02:04:09 <inode0> Since I don't have all the commands handy I'll send an email to the list with them later ...
02:04:20 <award3535> as long as the meetings stay where they are I plan to be here as often as possible
02:05:02 <inode0> .pinglists add famna <your nick>
02:05:14 <inode0> should add yourself, try if someone wants to
02:06:23 <inode0> .pinglists doping famna #fedora-ambassadors "you all just missed the meeting tonight"
02:06:40 <inode0> .pinglists doping famna #fedora-ambassadors "you all just missed the meeting tonight"
02:06:51 <Jsandys> .pinglist add famna Jsandys
02:07:04 <inode0> if you peek in the ambassador channel you'll see what that sends out
02:07:10 <chanchito> .pinglist add famna chanchito
02:07:10 <NiveusLuna> .pinglists add famna NiveusLuna
02:07:10 <zodbot> NiveusLuna: Nick(s) successfully added.
02:07:24 <Jsandys> .pinglists add famna Jsandys
02:07:24 <zodbot> Jsandys: Nick(s) successfully added.
02:07:27 <inode0> it is .pinglists
02:07:36 <chanchito> .pinglists add famna chanchito
02:07:36 <zodbot> chanchito: Nick(s) successfully added.
02:07:39 <inode0> unfortunate s on the end
02:07:52 <graphite6> .pinglists add famna graphite6
02:07:53 <zodbot> graphite6: Nick(s) successfully added.
02:07:59 <Sonar_Gal> .pinglists add famna Sonar_Gal
02:07:59 <zodbot> Sonar_Gal: Nick(s) successfully added.
02:08:07 <inode0> now I need to remember to do that before the meetings :)
02:08:21 <inode0> or anyone can, so if you feel it do it
02:09:07 <chanchito> .pinglists add famna chanchito
02:09:07 <zodbot> chanchito: Nick(s) successfully added.
02:09:28 <inode0> .pinglists show famna
02:09:28 <zodbot> inode0: Members of famna: Jsandys NiveusLuna Sonar_Gal Southern_Gentlem chanchito graphite6 inode0 rbergeron
02:09:38 <inode0> that looks better :)
02:09:48 <inode0> any other items from anyone?
02:10:02 <NiveusLuna> i do have one
02:10:08 <inode0> go ahead
02:10:34 <NiveusLuna> is there anything for practicing setting up events other than actually setting up events?
02:10:51 <NiveusLuna> i have this terrible habit of not attempting something if i think i'm gonna suck at it
02:11:12 <inode0> helping someone else is good
02:11:36 <inode0> maybe try to help out with TLF if you can?
02:11:59 <inode0> find Southern_Gentlem and watch the master
02:12:24 <inode0> most of us learn by doing one way or another
02:12:24 <NiveusLuna> that may work
02:12:47 <inode0> but being responsible is hard if you haven't helped at a booth before
02:13:06 <chanchito> i actually recruited some help from interns,
02:13:08 <inode0> to have an idea of all the little things involved that matter
02:13:36 <chanchito> specifically because discussing fedora while trying to install fedora, and also give out fedora swag, requires some help
02:14:26 <inode0> yeah, 20 people at the booth with 1 person working it is bad
02:14:27 <award3535> pinglist add famna award3535
02:14:56 <inode0> add a . at the beginning and an s at the end of pinglist
02:15:06 <Jsandys> I wish we had a fedora faq to crib from at a booth
02:15:13 <chanchito> i'll have 2 people behind the booth and my laptops (tftp servers) to pxe boot and install fedora via KS
02:15:26 <award3535> .pinglist add famna award3535 s
02:15:35 <inode0> .pinglists
02:15:50 <chanchito> i wish i had thought of ordering the USB thumb drives
02:15:58 <award3535> .pinglists add famna award3535
02:15:59 <chanchito> with the fedora logo
02:16:02 <zodbot> award3535: Nick(s) successfully added.
02:16:41 <inode0> I'll mention is highly likely we will need to work with a more defined process in the future when using the Fedora marks
02:16:58 * nb doesn't think we have budget to order fedora usb thumb drives
02:17:03 <nb> they'd be nice, but are expensive
02:17:07 <nb> inode0, any update on that?
02:17:08 <chanchito> i can pay for them
02:17:25 <chanchito> i just didnt think of it until yesterday
02:17:37 <chanchito> they would go over well at a tech campus
02:17:43 <inode0> nb: legal is still working on it, reported progress but no new version of it
02:18:22 <Jsandys> using the fedora mark?
02:18:28 <chanchito> the promo industry is definitely not cheap
02:19:11 <NiveusLuna> i'd buy it
02:19:19 <chanchito> im glad i got the fedora-business-card app working and ordered my first 1000
02:19:20 <NiveusLuna> i'm considering buying a pa.c one
02:20:22 <inode0> we can't just slap trademarks, wordmarks, etc. on stuff
02:20:56 <chanchito> i totally know that, i wanted to order and pay for the "approved" USB drive, the legit one
02:21:25 <inode0> well, the marks wore off those before we gave them all away so I'm not sure I'd do that
02:21:25 <chanchito> i definitely do not want to be responsible for ordering unauthorized materials, no way jose,
02:21:51 <chanchito> ok in that case, too bad, they were pretty nice looking, i didnt know they wore out
02:22:08 <chanchito> guess ill order hats or something else
02:22:16 <chanchito> from the redhat site
02:22:27 <chanchito> they have the fedora hats in off white
02:22:27 <inode0> if people seriously want some usb fedora branded sticks for a later event discuss with rbergeron about how large an order we can make when getting them for the summit
02:22:38 <inode0> I doubt we'll order these at any other time
02:22:53 <chanchito> if it does come up again, i would like to chip in and order too
02:23:09 <inode0> it will come up because we will make them for the summit
02:23:13 <chanchito> people ask me about the hoodies too
02:23:19 <chanchito> i bought 4
02:23:23 <chanchito> and had to give away one
02:23:33 <chanchito> the hoodies are really popular
02:23:41 <chanchito> people at work keep begging me for one
02:23:59 <chanchito> hard to part with good swag
02:25:58 <inode0> ok, hey, ruth made fedora hoodies recently
02:26:13 <chanchito> awesome  :-)  !
02:26:17 <inode0> somehow I didn't hear about them so was left out :(
02:26:23 <chanchito> i will be contacting her for some gifts
02:26:32 <chanchito> i wonder if she has blue ones too
02:26:34 <chanchito> or maybe white
02:27:19 <inode0> I don't know the details but they were giving them out at FUDCon to people
02:27:29 <chanchito> giving?
02:27:36 <chanchito> i thought people had to buy them
02:27:41 <inode0> people who paid for them
02:27:47 <chanchito> i bought mine from ruth in person at blacksburg
02:27:52 <chanchito> ohh
02:27:54 <inode0> oh
02:28:05 <inode0> I didn't know she was selling them there
02:28:08 <chanchito> i paid 30 apiece
02:28:14 <chanchito> bought the last 4
02:28:22 <chanchito> i didnt find out until mark told me
02:28:23 * inode0 wonders how that works
02:28:26 <chanchito> so i flagged her down
02:28:33 <chanchito> on the last night
02:28:39 <chanchito> and got them just in time
02:28:48 <inode0> like, did she have permission from the fedora board? :)
02:28:50 <chanchito> took longer to find a working ATM
02:28:51 <rbergeron> inode0: i already told kristin to order for summit but i can see what she can do
02:29:13 <chanchito> a blue hoodie would be so cool
02:29:28 <rbergeron> inode0: i think she asked legal for permission
02:29:33 <inode0> rbergeron: did you already order some extras for us to use?
02:30:00 <rbergeron> inode0: we never order extras, but we are free to do what we wish with the leftovers.
02:30:07 <inode0> and can we change vendors? :)
02:30:17 <chanchito> any word about lanyards?
02:30:22 <rbergeron> we are going back to brand fuel
02:30:30 <inode0> sigh
02:30:35 <chanchito> yeah
02:30:39 <rbergeron> who did them previously
02:30:50 <rbergeron> unless there is some specific issue with that
02:30:57 <inode0> the stuff printed on them wore off way too easily
02:31:01 <chanchito> expensive, but super fast processing and shipping, i'll give them that
02:31:19 <rbergeron> inode0: the ones from last year?
02:31:22 <inode0> yes
02:31:31 <rbergeron> brand fuel is not last year's vendor
02:31:36 <inode0> I gave some away at FUDCon missing parts
02:31:37 <rbergeron> they were previous years
02:31:44 <inode0> no
02:32:01 <rbergeron> we used some other random people last year
02:32:08 <inode0> I was sighing because I'm not a fan of $2 stickers we make for 25 cents
02:32:39 <inode0> or $3 pens we make for 40 cents
02:33:00 <chanchito> good points
02:33:10 <NiveusLuna> why? it's only a 700% profit :)
02:33:11 * NiveusLuna flees.
02:33:58 <NiveusLuna> i still need to look into local lanyard manufacturers
02:34:11 <inode0> chanchito: what about lanyards?
02:34:12 <NiveusLuna> for cheapo stuff, not the really good stuff
02:34:28 <chanchito> i was wondering about ordering some lanyards
02:34:28 <NiveusLuna> i said LAST YEAR that i'd do it >_<
02:34:36 <inode0> The lanyards we made a couple of years ago were pretty expensive too
02:34:37 <NiveusLuna> i'd love one
02:34:40 <chanchito> wow
02:34:42 <chanchito> figures
02:34:54 <NiveusLuna> too bad nb ran out :(
02:35:04 <rbergeron> inode0: i'm not a fan of their prices either, but their usb sticks dont suck, they do the work, and the money is budsgeted by others, and the vendor relationship exists so it makes it very easy.
02:35:20 <rbergeron> and aiui they are far higher quality than what we did last year.
02:35:24 <award3535> have got to go, dogs are bugging me to go out, see you all next week
02:35:31 <inode0> rbergeron: if they made them in past years I'm ok with them for the usb sticks
02:35:40 <inode0> past years were higher quality
02:35:46 <Jsandys> I printed up badge stickers for LFNW last year, will share the template
02:35:53 <rbergeron> where we tried to save money, a bunch are usb 1.0 vs. 2.0, the paint rubbed off, etc.
02:36:36 <NiveusLuna> i need to go to bed soon
02:36:43 <chanchito> buenas noches!
02:36:49 <rbergeron> inode0: i will look at the quote and see how much they run later tonight.
02:36:49 <inode0> who wants to go for the record for the longest meeting ever?
02:36:51 <chanchito> y suenos felices
02:36:59 <chanchito> i'm game sir
02:37:01 <Jsandys> Jsandys would like a fedora logo ball-cap to cover his bald head
02:37:11 * inode0 would too
02:37:17 <NiveusLuna> oh, i would, too
02:37:20 <NiveusLuna> but i'm not bald
02:37:22 <chanchito> the fedora hats from brand fuel are fine
02:37:32 <chanchito> i ordered 3 last month
02:37:38 <inode0> yeah, I just want someone to give me one of those :)
02:37:40 <chanchito> and they are very good quality
02:37:50 * rbergeron did have an idea about some stickers she saw online which are essentially printed on postcards - sticker die cut on one side, and paper that is printed with info on other side.
02:37:54 <inode0> they are good quality and reasonably priced
02:38:02 <NiveusLuna> link?
02:38:09 <inode0> brand fuel clothes are generally high quality
02:38:34 <chanchito> so here's another question, what about plastic ID cards, with pictures?
02:38:44 <chanchito> to wear in a lanyard
02:38:56 <Jsandys> getting kicked out of the coffee shop, good night.
02:39:05 <chanchito> adios
02:39:10 <inode0> rbergeron: we sort of made those before but mass producing single stickers was so much cheaper
02:39:38 <inode0> we do have artwork though sitting around somewhere
02:39:53 <rbergeron> inode0: really, nteresting
02:39:53 <chanchito> can i get a template?  i have a designJet at hme
02:39:57 <inode0> chanchito: did you get a fedora lanyard at fudcon?
02:40:01 <chanchito> yes sir
02:40:06 <chanchito> ben williams saved me one
02:40:09 <chanchito> made my day
02:40:25 * rbergeron thought it could be cool as a postcard thank you, or as a way to show features, etc
02:40:33 <chanchito> definitely
02:40:47 <inode0> yeah, I agree with information on the back is different and interesting
02:41:19 <rbergeron> i would like to try some different things, if we can, maybe for different audiences or targeted events
02:41:35 <rbergeron> but food for thought
02:41:43 <rbergeron> until i have a more concrete proposal
02:41:45 <rbergeron> :)
02:42:06 <nb> i would like us to get keychains like apac did (although i know we can't use the redhat logo)
02:42:17 * nb needs to get busy on trying to find a supplier
02:42:18 <inode0> ok, seriously 9:45 is the end of this meeting - but you can keep talking if you like :)
02:42:28 <chanchito> 3 minute warning
02:42:51 <rbergeron> nb: that would be awesome
02:43:25 <chanchito> yay
02:43:30 <chanchito> more peeps
02:43:36 <inode0> we should just produce swag with hotdogs this quarter - no messy details to worry about
02:43:50 <chanchito> i have to jump off at 10PM and get back to work, so i'm out soon too
02:44:57 <rbergeron> inode0: yes, and fun too
02:45:00 <chanchito> well folks it was fun once again, i plan to take lots of pictures at the event and video too, which i will post
02:45:02 <inode0> #endmeeting