22:04:32 <cwickert> #startmeeting FAmSCo 2012-03-07
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22:04:39 <cwickert> #meetingname famsco
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22:04:56 <cwickert> #chair cwickert herlo, kaio_ph, zoltanh721
22:04:56 <zodbot> Current chairs: cwickert herlo kaio_ph zoltanh721
22:05:07 <cwickert> more FAmSCo members in the house?
22:06:37 <RGeri77> good night guysm thanks cwickert the meeting.bye
22:06:45 <cwickert> RGeri77: welcome
22:06:59 <cwickert> #info only four FAmSCo members present: cwickert, herlo, kaio_ph and herlo
22:07:07 <cwickert> #info no regrets from the other members
22:07:51 <cwickert> herlo, kaio_ph: are you actually around?
22:07:57 <cwickert> zoltanh721: are you still here?
22:07:59 <zoltanh721> yes
22:08:03 <kaio_ph> .fas kaio.net
22:08:04 <herlo> hi
22:08:04 <zodbot> kaio_ph: kaio 'Caius Chance (かいお)' <me@kaio.net>
22:08:12 <zoltanh721> .fas zoltanh721
22:08:13 <zodbot> zoltanh721: zoltanh721 'Hoppár Zoltán' <hopparz@gmail.com>
22:08:17 <herlo> .fas herlo
22:08:18 <zodbot> herlo: herlo 'Clint Savage' <herlo1@gmail.com>
22:08:23 <cwickert> #topic Roll Call
22:08:27 <cwickert> .fas cwickert
22:08:27 <zodbot> cwickert: cwickert 'Christoph Wickert' <christoph.wickert@googlemail.com>
22:08:30 * kaio_ph was taking pic on cats using the phone.
22:08:31 <herlo> lol
22:08:44 * shaiton Kévin Raymond
22:08:49 <cwickert> ok, 4 people means we have a quorum
22:09:13 <cwickert> lets jump into the agenda
22:09:15 <cwickert> https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/report/9
22:09:32 <cwickert> #topic Swag shipping improvements
22:09:33 <cwickert> .famsco 250
22:09:33 <zodbot> https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/ticket/250
22:10:25 <cwickert> did you bring this up in your local communties?
22:10:36 <cwickert> I wrote to the list but received no response
22:10:56 <cwickert> and I didn't have the time to bring it up in the EMEA IRC meeting
22:11:05 <cwickert> because as you have just seen we ran out of time
22:11:31 <cwickert> zoltanh721: I see you commented on the ticket
22:11:40 <zoltanh721> cwickert: yes
22:11:48 <cwickert> but you are again speaking about production rather than shipping
22:11:57 <cwickert> or did I misunderstand you?
22:12:00 <herlo> cwickert: I did not, but inode0 brought it up in NA. You see several comments from the swag wranglers in NA that the system we have works.
22:14:00 <cwickert> zoltanh721: ?
22:14:01 <zoltanh721> cwickert: no, you did not misunderstand me
22:14:10 <zoltanh721> cwickert: just forgot to add
22:15:05 <zoltanh721> cwickert: I think - shipping can be solved as I said earlier if we make it toghether with the media
22:15:56 <zoltanh721> cwickert: I know that the wrangler option is not the best idea - but I don't have better yet
22:16:12 <zoltanh721> cwickert: eof
22:16:47 <cwickert> hi igorps
22:16:55 <cwickert> ok, so where are we now?
22:17:03 <igorps> hello, all
22:17:10 * yn1v is here to!
22:17:21 <cwickert> we have not received any feedback from the people who complained
22:17:30 <herlo> cwickert: I think the real question I have is how do we help the regions with this information? Clearly there are some good ideas here.
22:17:32 <cwickert> #chair igorps yn1v
22:17:32 <zodbot> Current chairs: cwickert herlo igorps kaio_ph yn1v zoltanh721
22:17:57 <cwickert> #info igorps and yn1v have joined the meeting, only gbraad is missing
22:18:12 <cwickert> herlo: are there?
22:19:16 <kaio_ph> I talked to gbraad recently. He is sorting out some personal issues and getting there hopefully.
22:19:32 <cwickert> ok, cool
22:19:41 <cwickert> anything else on the actual topic?
22:19:56 <herlo> cwickert: I thought I saw some, let me double-check
22:20:12 <cwickert> ok, lets try something new today
22:20:34 <herlo> cwickert: https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/ticket/250#comment:12 <- inode0 provided this one
22:20:41 <kaio_ph> He has updated from mailing lists and trac.
22:21:09 <herlo> cwickert: https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/ticket/250#comment:14 <- zoltanh721 provided this one
22:21:23 <cwickert> ok, but I don't see that as a real improvement
22:21:27 <herlo> I didn't say they were perfect, just suggestions
22:21:40 <cwickert> I mean, inode0 just described what works in NA
22:21:54 <cwickert> this is good but I am not sure it works elsewhere
22:21:57 <herlo> cwickert: right, which has worked for some time. It's a good idea and other regions could use it
22:22:44 <herlo> cwickert: maybe not. I am getting the sense that this is really a regional issue. FAmSCo could help with budget and standards of swag, but delivery and distribution seem to be a local problem.
22:22:46 <cwickert> herlo: agreed, but how can we actually make the regions use it? it all depends on the people
22:23:07 <cwickert> ok
22:23:17 <yn1v> not only on people, there a different context
22:23:19 <herlo> cwickert: I don't think we *make* anyone use the scheme, rather it's a set of recommendations for getting started.
22:23:20 <cwickert> lets make it different
22:23:30 <herlo> yes, let's
22:23:39 <cwickert> can somebody else run the meeting for me? I have been in meetings for nearly 4 hours without a break
22:23:56 <cwickert> I will not leave, I just don't want to be the 'leader' of this meeting
22:24:25 <yn1v> not only we have borders and customs to overcome, there are countries where paypal it is not an option to reimburse import taxes
22:25:23 <kaio_ph> yn1v: ++
22:25:34 <igorps> As herlo said we can't enforce anything here, only recommend what have been working well in certain situations
22:25:47 <yn1v> but I agree, let's try this model and make adjustments as requiered by context
22:26:27 <herlo> which is why I suggested a wiki page or something that has a good set of 'what works' for certain regions
22:27:44 <igorps> herlo, +1. I believe this is the more appropriated approach, indeed.
22:28:05 <herlo> yn1v: are you taking over for cwickert as vice chair?
22:28:45 <yn1v> I was waiting if some one volunteer before, but ... I will take over
22:29:04 <yn1v> There is anything else on this topic?
22:29:46 <herlo> #info herlo suggested a wiki page with recommendations for swag wrangling, possible good idea
22:30:07 <cwickert> what is the advantage over a trac ticket?
22:30:09 <yn1v> Theres is anything to said about improving budget and reimbursement?
22:30:24 <cwickert> that is a different ticket
22:30:38 <cwickert> back to swag
22:30:46 <yn1v> I agree with herlo ... we can write a procedure tha is working as a model for other to adapt
22:31:00 <herlo> cwickert: I think the advantage over trac is that the wiki is more visible
22:31:29 <yn1v> Even in the wiki we can point to which trac go to request swag
22:31:32 <herlo> and we can let any ambassador add to it over time. it really is something that most ambassadors could contribute good ideas to
22:31:39 <herlo> yn1v: right!
22:32:07 <zoltanh721> yn1v: +1
22:32:22 <igorps> Depending on the number on the comments the ticket can look a little messy as well
22:32:34 <igorps> useful information will be hard to find
22:33:11 <herlo> igorps: yes, that is my attitude as well.
22:34:01 <yn1v> Shall we try with a wiki as art of an ongoing effort?
22:34:28 <yn1v> probably will requiere pushing people with blog post and mailing list, regional meetings.
22:34:30 <herlo> in addition, I think we could make comments about how to get reimbursed or what not on the page (I know it is a different ticket) for each region.
22:34:42 <herlo> yn1v: yes, indeed it would require those things.
22:35:05 <herlo> I'm pretty sure we can get a good bit of suggestions from currently successful wranglers.
22:35:21 <igorps> I can write the LATAM part of that wiki page
22:35:36 <zoltanh721> herlo: +1
22:35:45 <herlo> and as it grows, we'll have a good set of basic recommendations, and then ones particular to a region.
22:35:48 <yn1v> As I see it we will end mixing swag and reimbursement ... one stop for info requiered by ambassadors
22:35:58 <herlo> yn1v: +1 on that
22:36:03 <yn1v> not sure if this is the time for mixing both topics
22:36:20 <igorps> yeah, maybe this is not a good idea
22:36:29 <igorps> let's keep it simple
22:36:33 <yn1v> not the better time
22:36:47 <cwickert> I think both problems are related
22:36:53 <herlo> agreed
22:37:00 <cwickert> but there is no reason to discuss them together
22:37:35 <herlo> cwickert: I was only suggesting that the solution to both *may* fit there. I am happy to discuss that separately as well :)
22:37:36 <cwickert> I mean, nobody wants to ship swag, if he doesn't get reimbursed, but that does not mean that we nee to discuss these two things in one
22:37:52 <yn1v> +1
22:37:54 <herlo> in fact, maybe it's time to move to that issue?
22:38:05 <cwickert> herlo: sorry, I was disconnected, I didn't get what you suggested
22:38:15 <herlo> cwickert: no worries. We'll get there :)
22:38:58 <yn1v> do we agree on start a wiki age for swag best working practices?
22:39:11 <herlo> yn1v: yes, I do
22:39:18 <yn1v> votes?
22:39:18 <herlo> I can start it
22:39:46 <zoltanh721> yn1v: yes +1
22:40:02 <igorps> +1
22:40:11 <yn1v> +1
22:40:48 <herlo> that's 4
22:41:13 <yn1v> #action herlo will write a wiki page with best swag working practices
22:41:51 <yn1v> Theres is anything to said about improving budget and reimbursement?
22:42:39 <cwickert> no news
22:42:41 <yn1v> or do we move to new election rules?
22:43:01 <cwickert> I have reviewed the trac plugin
22:43:14 <cwickert> but it's not yet built and installed on fedorahosted
22:43:28 <cwickert> rbergeron and me keep working on the new trac
22:43:30 <yn1v> the budget pluging?
22:43:37 <cwickert> yes,
22:43:56 <cwickert> https://fedorahosted.org/draftbudget/
22:44:23 <cwickert> but other than that there is not much progress
22:44:41 <cwickert> we haven't heared back from harish on the 2013 numbers
22:45:08 <cwickert> I mean, all we know is the rough estimate he gave us
22:45:10 * yn1v has a work related call ... will be away for ten minutes or so
22:45:19 <cwickert> but it was not yet confirmed by red hat
22:45:59 <igorps> cwickert, any idea of when it will be confirmed?
22:46:12 <cwickert> of couse not :)
22:46:21 <cwickert> I mean, I don't work for Red Hat
22:46:26 <cwickert> ask rbergeron or harish
22:47:01 <igorps> We already are on a new fiscal year, this should happen soon
22:47:12 <herlo> I would guess in the next month or two
22:47:25 <cwickert> it should have happened a month ago already
22:47:28 <herlo> but it's completely a guess. when spevack did it, we usually knew by april
22:47:34 <herlo> er march
22:47:48 <cwickert> but theoretically speaking we don't have any money
22:47:58 <herlo> but I understand that Harish and the gang are in a different timeline so we'll see when it gets here.
22:48:22 <herlo> cwickert: yeah, I would just assume that we have what we had q1 last year and adjust when the new budget appears
22:48:39 <herlo> but I don't know how smart that is
22:48:48 <cwickert> there is nothing else we can do
22:49:04 <cwickert> #action cwickert to nag harish about confirming the budget
22:49:12 <cwickert> anything more we can do?
22:49:33 * cwickert takes over again as yn1v is afk
22:49:42 <cwickert> #topic New FAmSco election rules
22:49:44 <herlo> #action famsco to nag harish about confirming the budget
22:49:50 <cwickert> :)
22:49:55 <herlo> #undo
22:49:55 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Action object at 0x2d4b1710>
22:50:19 <cwickert> no news about the election rules, I just didn't have the time to rephrase them
22:50:33 <cwickert> so lets move on to a really important topic
22:50:42 <cwickert> #topic FUDCon bids 2012
22:50:49 <cwickert> .fasco 258
22:51:36 <herlo> .famsco 258
22:51:36 <zodbot> https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/ticket/258
22:51:38 <cwickert> #info FUDCon APAC will take place at Kuala Lumpur May 18th - 20th 2012
22:51:48 <cwickert> thanks herlo
22:51:50 <herlo> np
22:51:55 <cwickert> and now for the EMEA one
22:52:04 <cwickert> shaiton, zoltanh721: are you still here?
22:52:07 <shaiton> yes
22:52:07 <zoltanh721> yes
22:52:11 <cwickert> nice
22:52:32 <cwickert> the person who answers first will get the FUDCon ;)
22:52:43 <herlo> lol
22:52:54 <zoltanh721> c'mon :)
22:53:00 <shaiton> s/get/get fudcon return tikec/
22:53:05 <shaiton> ticket*
22:53:08 <cwickert> just kidding, that was draw anyway
22:53:10 <igorps> I wish it was that simple! :)
22:53:20 <cwickert> we could throw a coin
22:53:48 <cwickert> I think we need to further discuss this on the fudcon planning list
22:54:01 <shaiton> +1
22:54:03 <herlo> +1
22:54:05 <zoltanh721> +1
22:54:06 <cwickert> and I want us to make a recommendation from a more global point of view
22:54:20 <cwickert> I mean, we as FAmSco should take things into account like
22:54:43 <cwickert> - how expensive is it for the people from our local community to get to the FUDCon
22:55:01 <cwickert> or what are the visa requirements for our people
22:55:16 <cwickert> the EMEA community will make a decision based on an European PoV
22:55:18 * rbergeron waves
22:55:25 <cwickert> but we should act more globally
22:55:35 <kaio_ph> +1
22:55:49 <cwickert> zoltanh721: this being said: please update your wiki page with flight information
22:55:54 <rbergeron> cwickert: FYI, i think harish wrote somewhere to assume at least the same numbers as last year
22:55:55 <zoltanh721> cwickert: could we have such series of
22:56:09 <cwickert> rbergeron: yeah, but I want that confirmed
22:56:12 <rbergeron> that that was what was essentially a "yes" at this point, all that's being sorted out right now is the "more"
22:57:07 <cwickert> ok
22:57:23 <cwickert> did everybody read the two bids?
22:57:24 <herlo> rbergeron: haha, that's what I suggested earlier too :)
22:57:35 <cwickert> I mean, lets face it: Zurich is out
22:57:42 <herlo> cwickert: I have not looked yet at the bids, want to provide the links?
22:57:51 <zoltanh721> cwickert: I'll update
22:57:52 <cwickert> sure
22:58:01 <cwickert> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:EMEA_2012_Bid_Budapest
22:58:08 <cwickert> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:Bid_for_Paris_2012
22:58:15 <cwickert> it's all in the ticket ;)
22:58:26 <cwickert> ok, take a moment to read the pages
22:58:48 <herlo> cwickert: which ticket? 258?
22:58:53 <herlo> that was the last one linked
23:00:49 <igorps> Budapest bid really needs more information about travel costs
23:01:35 <herlo> the Paris bid seems to be competing with OWF. Which I know has been done before, just not very successfully, imo.
23:01:44 <cwickert> +1
23:01:48 <shaiton> !
23:01:56 <cwickert> that is my biggest concern, too
23:02:03 <herlo> cwickert: which
23:02:10 <cwickert> shaiton: just speak up, we don't use the meeting protocol here
23:02:11 <jsmith> !
23:02:12 <shaiton> that would be only one day, which could be hackfest not barcamp. But I agree.
23:02:13 <shaiton> ok
23:02:19 <cwickert> herlo: that it conflicts
23:02:25 <jsmith> Yeah, I was going to say that there's not *that* much overlap
23:02:31 <jsmith> but shaiton beat me to it
23:02:32 <herlo> cwickert: okay, wasn't sure if it was the lack of info
23:02:33 <cwickert> it depends
23:02:47 <herlo> jsmith: shaiton: it appears from the description that they overlap by two+ days
23:02:54 <cwickert> jsmith: there will be one day of overlap if we do Sat - Mon
23:03:03 <cwickert> and two days if we do Fri - Sun
23:03:12 <shaiton> herlo, I have updated that… should have miss some part. my bad. checking
23:03:14 <cwickert> and I would very much prefer Fri - Sun
23:03:19 <herlo> shaiton: It's first day would be OWF only, we would then have both events for tow days, and finish with the last FUDCon day (on Sunday).
23:03:25 <cwickert> because having the Monday is PITA, too
23:03:25 <herlo> that's what concerend me
23:03:47 <herlo> it's possible we could suggest not having it in the same venue as owf
23:03:49 <shaiton> herlo, new plan is Sunday--Monday
23:04:04 <herlo> shaiton: okay. Will review again soon
23:04:24 <cwickert> shaiton: you mean Saturday - Monday, right?
23:04:45 <shaiton> Saturday-Sunday-Monday
23:04:50 <shaiton> yes :)
23:04:50 <herlo> the concern I just noticed with budapest is it is only two days?
23:04:51 <shaiton> sorry
23:04:56 <cwickert> I am very skeptic about Monday
23:05:00 <igorps> I know that most people are worried about attendees getting distracted with OWF, but I don't see the problem if it's done right.
23:05:26 <cwickert> how to do it right?
23:05:34 <herlo> igorps: ^^ what cwickert said
23:05:50 <igorps> we held the first FUDCon in LATAM in the same venue as FISL and it was fine. I don't know if it would work for OWF, tough.
23:06:24 <herlo> igorps: my experience was in conjunction with RH Summit and FUDCon seemed to have lost on the days that were combined.
23:06:26 <igorps> We reserved a separated rooms in other part of the venue and it was a good idea
23:06:37 <cwickert> igorps: what does it mean it worked fine? I mean, how many FISL visitors showed up at FUDCon?
23:06:54 <herlo> but OWF is a separate entity altogether, so it could work. I'm not discounting it, just asking questions.
23:06:58 * yn1v is back
23:07:08 <shaiton> RH Summit is lots of Red Hat ;)
23:07:32 <shaiton> there we will have Perl mongers, python hackers, C devels…
23:07:46 <shaiton> not projects centric
23:07:50 <herlo> sounds like we need to think upon this stuff for another bit of time?
23:07:57 <zoltanh721> Well, guys  - we could offer for everyone cheap circumstaces, and we believe that with Brno devs we could offer good times
23:08:09 <igorps> we had a lot of talks with full rooms, be managed to benefit from FISL audience, and people did not distracted with other things
23:08:23 <zoltanh721> I know that we haven't updated at some points, but I have the numbers
23:08:25 <cwickert> zoltanh721: lets stick with paris for a moment, we'll get to your bid in a few
23:08:29 <zoltanh721> ok
23:08:47 * herlo needs to leave in about 7 minutes
23:08:51 <shaiton> igorps, basically we would have several rooms reserved
23:09:16 <cwickert> we had this at FUDCon Berlin with LinuxTag. There were a few people who showed up on FUDCon, but on the other hand we lost a lot of
23:09:24 <cwickert> Fedora Contributors
23:09:36 <cwickert> and I think one contributor counts more than 5 visitors
23:09:55 <shaiton> The major issue actually, Is that we don't have approval for using the Auditorium on last 2 days, currently in discussions (should do it for free, instead of 5000€/day)
23:10:13 <cwickert> wow, that is a lot
23:10:15 <zoltanh721> that's a lot
23:10:17 <igorps> If you are doing together with other event the important thing is to separate clearly what is OWF and what is FUDCon in the venue
23:10:25 <cwickert> I mean, that is basically half of the budget
23:10:57 <shaiton> yes, and this is the Region of Paris which will do that for us, in their marketing team:D
23:11:04 <shaiton> FOSS in Paris, wohooo
23:11:05 <cwickert> igorps: we had it separated at LinuxTag, it was in another building 500 meters away, but still it did not work out
23:11:07 <herlo> shaiton: that is a big detail. Is there a way it could be in your bid?
23:11:19 <cwickert> I had to give talks on LinuxTag while I wanted to attend FUDCOn
23:11:35 <shaiton> herlo, it is. In Warn.
23:11:45 <herlo> shaiton: ahh, I missed it, i guess. Thanks
23:12:01 <shaiton> no prob, I am adding the "auditorium" key
23:12:07 <cwickert> shaiton: hold on
23:12:24 <cwickert> what is the problem here? we cannot get it or it is expensive?
23:12:56 <shaiton> We don't want to pay for it :) So we are discussing to have it for free
23:13:13 <shaiton> we should have the answer soon, we have some clues
23:13:13 <igorps> cwickert, at FISL the FUDCon talks were on the main event track, so things were synced
23:13:54 <shaiton> but we can set a vote deadline, if we don't have this answer by that time, we will feel sorry but that's the game
23:13:59 <igorps> shaiton, yeah, that's a major issue for us to make a recommendation so please keep us updated
23:14:09 <shaiton> yes
23:14:32 <cwickert> shaiton: I will not pay 10k for an auditorium, sorry
23:14:44 <cwickert> but lets move on
23:14:45 <shaiton> I have never asked for.
23:14:56 <cwickert> but they have asked you :)
23:15:01 <zoltanh721> :)
23:15:10 <cwickert> let me summariz
23:15:11 <cwickert> e
23:15:24 <cwickert> I think everybody likes the french bid
23:15:33 <cwickert> but there are some concerns
23:15:48 <igorps> let's set a deadline for it, if they can get a answer in time ok, if not we move on
23:15:49 <cwickert> 1. timing/overlap with OWF
23:16:01 <cwickert> 2. costs for the venue
23:16:06 <cwickert> did I forget something?
23:16:20 <shaiton> Don't think so
23:16:23 <cwickert> ok
23:16:28 <shaiton> I'll add that on the page
23:16:32 * herlo likes the budapest bid, personally. However, it doesn't have enough time/information to help it compete on a level playing field.
23:16:52 <herlo> of course, on that note. I have to go :)
23:17:13 <cwickert> #info FAmSCo is overall very happy with the French bid but has 2 major concerns: the timing and the overlap with OWF and the costs for the venue which could be up to 10k EUR
23:17:13 <yn1v> I feel the same way herlo does about budapest
23:17:21 <cwickert> ok, and now to Budapest
23:17:30 <cwickert> I agree it lacks information
23:17:45 <zoltanh721> I will update it asap tomorrow
23:17:59 <cwickert> but one thing I really like especially after attending RH developer conference is that is so close to Brno
23:18:06 <cwickert> because the guys in Brno really rock
23:18:16 <cwickert> and they are very enthusiastic about Fedora
23:18:25 <cwickert> so we could get plenty of skilled people
23:18:43 <zoltanh721> I have talked about this with Jiri, and Jreznik - they want support us
23:19:42 <zoltanh721> They want to bring down to BUD all the people, lot of HU guys are working there too
23:19:47 <cwickert> zoltanh721: everything seems to be cheao in Hungary, but the hotel is kind of expensive compares to this
23:20:03 * cwickert can no longer type
23:20:31 <shaiton> zoltanh721, probably you can find cheaper ones? (4 stars, I know, that should be amazing ^^)
23:21:32 <zoltanh721> the hotel can be cheaper - there are alternatives, but this is an tourist place so in the innercity where is more the sightseeing possibilty
23:21:41 <zoltanh721> it's a bit more expensiver
23:21:57 <cwickert> zoltanh721: I only see one hotel there, or only numbers for one hotel
23:22:00 <zoltanh721> but we'll try our best and find the good combination
23:22:08 <cwickert> and that is 60 EUR per night per person
23:22:10 <cwickert> right?
23:22:27 <cwickert> that's 120 for a double, even Paris is cheaper
23:22:53 <zoltanh721> damn typo
23:22:54 <cwickert> are there some places close to the venue *and* close to the city *and* cheap?
23:23:04 <cwickert> my is demanding the impossible ;)
23:23:12 * cwickert is demanding the impossible ;)
23:23:25 <zoltanh721> well...
23:24:03 <zoltanh721> there are but the event places are not next to each other
23:24:17 <zoltanh721> and you have to walk more
23:24:22 <cwickert> speaking of the event places
23:24:33 <cwickert> what about the venue?
23:24:43 <cwickert> do you already have one?
23:25:02 <cwickert> I mean, you list several opportunities
23:25:43 <zoltanh721> Yes, there are - the University of BME
23:25:57 <zoltanh721> one of the biggest university
23:26:08 * shaiton like huge uni :)
23:26:21 <zoltanh721> sadly we could have it for money - around 2500 EUR
23:26:41 <cwickert> per day or for all 3 days?
23:26:52 <zoltanh721> alltogether
23:27:05 <zoltanh721> fully eqipped
23:27:18 <cwickert> ok
23:27:26 <cwickert> please add this to the wiki page, too
23:27:36 <cwickert> what about the alternative location?
23:27:45 <zoltanh721> as alternative - there is the Golden Ten
23:28:29 <zoltanh721> but this is not an school - else an educational center
23:29:06 <zoltanh721> the prise here is cca. 1800 EUR
23:29:18 <zoltanh721> depending on what we need
23:29:34 <zoltanh721> eg. the stage is more expensiver
23:29:35 <cwickert> ok, again, this needs to be on the wiki
23:29:51 <cwickert> basically all the numbers need to be in there
23:30:09 <cwickert> FAmSCo is responsible for budget so we need to know how expensive this will be
23:30:31 <igorps> I would like to see an estimation of total costs as well
23:30:57 <zoltanh721> ok - I'll do an full calculation
23:31:11 <zoltanh721> and put onto the wiki
23:31:44 <igorps> zoltanh721, thanks, just for us to get an idea of how much it is needed
23:32:08 <cwickert> #info FAmSCo likes the Budapest bid, too, but it lacks a lot of information
23:32:36 * igorps needs to leave in 5 min
23:32:38 <cwickert> #action zoltanh721 to update the Budapest bid wiki page with numbers on budget and other details
23:32:50 <cwickert> I think that's all for FUDcon now
23:32:57 <cwickert> should we agree on a deadline?
23:33:10 <shaiton> any deadline? (not fixed but to get an idea)
23:33:14 <cwickert> say, revisit this next week and then make a final decision?
23:33:16 * shaiton too slow
23:33:24 <shaiton> ok
23:33:31 <zoltanh721> ok
23:33:42 <igorps> cwickert, +1 for the deadline, but I don't believe we have a quorum anymore
23:33:51 <cwickert> shaiton: will you be able to sort out the questions by next week?
23:33:58 <cwickert> we can make 2 weeks if you like
23:34:05 <shaiton> cwickert, ok for two weeks
23:34:06 <shaiton> thanks
23:34:13 <cwickert> zoltanh721: ok for you?
23:34:18 <zoltanh721> yes
23:34:25 <igorps> sounds good
23:34:35 <cwickert> zoltanh721: I really want you to get in touch with the people and ask, not just update the wiki page
23:34:41 <cwickert> ok
23:35:26 <cwickert> #info FAmSCo will revisit the topic next week. final deadline for a decision is in two weeks from now, that is 2012-03-21
23:35:49 <cwickert> ok, can we end this meeting now?
23:36:16 <cwickert> there are more things on our agenda, but we are late already and I really need to go to bed
23:36:35 <cwickert> 5 hours of IRC meetings is just too much...
23:36:36 <igorps> cwickert, +1
23:36:56 <cwickert> we could update the new tickets in trac, then it is easier next week
23:37:28 <igorps> cwickert, feel free to wrap it up and let's keep in touch on track
23:38:49 <cwickert> #action: all FAmSCo members to go through the new tickets on https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/report/9 in track by next week
23:39:20 <cwickert> igorps: do we want to talk about the Chile disks?
23:39:33 <cwickert> I mean, is it urgent?
23:40:08 <igorps> cwickert, yn1v wants to know the opinion of Harish
23:40:22 <igorps> cwickert, I do think it is a bit expensive
23:40:37 <igorps> but I don't believe this is urgent
23:41:03 <cwickert> I agree it is expensive
23:41:16 <cwickert> on the other hand I don't know how things work in LATAM
23:41:33 <cwickert> I mean, we spend like 2800 EUR for the whole EMEA region
23:41:49 <cwickert> and then 2800 USD for a single country seems a lot
23:41:58 <igorps> based on the media we produced for Brazil it is expensive anyway
23:42:06 <cwickert> I see
23:42:11 <igorps> I'll add my comments on the ticket
23:42:15 <cwickert> ok, more on that next week
23:42:30 * cwickert will end the meeting in 2 minutes if nobody speaks up
23:42:33 <igorps> cwickert, ok, thanks
23:44:38 <cwickert> #endmeeting