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02:00:15 <inode0> #topic Roll Call
02:00:26 <award3535> evening every one
02:01:14 <inode0> Hi award3535
02:01:31 <graphite6> Hi!
02:01:41 <dramsey> Hello
02:01:45 <inode0> Hi graphite6
02:01:52 <Zethrus> Hello
02:01:56 <award3535> is it me or does the irc seem a little slow
02:02:08 <inode0> Hi Zethrus
02:02:23 <inode0> oh, hi dramsey
02:03:02 * inode0 hopes more join us in a bit but let's get started
02:03:05 <inode0> #topic Announcements
02:04:30 <inode0> #info While the budget isn't set in stone yet we are able to proceed now making decisions based on the size of the previous budget
02:05:34 <inode0> This means that events coming up that need budget need to get their requests in place so they can be considered
02:06:09 <inode0> And if we figure what we need for merchandise we can start approving funding for that too
02:06:29 <inode0> Anyone else have any announcements?
02:07:10 * inode0 congratulates APAC and wishes them well with FUDCon in May
02:07:23 <dramsey> +1  Thank you.
02:07:39 <inode0> #topic Tickets
02:08:05 <inode0> any outstanding action items?
02:08:31 * inode0 scrubbed ABLEconf from our schedule as assigned last week
02:08:57 <inode0> makfinsky: any news on POSSCON or its event page? :)
02:09:28 <NiveusLuna> have i missed anything?
02:09:44 <inode0> nb & chanchito had an action item too but I don't think either are here tonight
02:10:07 <inode0> NiveusLuna: you missed the first 9 minutes more or less
02:10:14 <makfinsky> inode0: Still not solid on that week. I've procrastinated on the event page. I'll get that up tonight.
02:11:06 <inode0> ok, we can get some coverage from a couple of other people who will be there but not exactly devoted to Fedora all the time
02:11:40 <inode0> #link https://fedorahosted.org/famna/report/9
02:11:53 <inode0> there are the tickets to follow up on tonight
02:12:08 <inode0> .famnaticket 6
02:12:09 <zodbot> inode0: #6 (PyCon US 2012, Mar 7-15, Santa Clara, CA) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/6
02:12:51 <inode0> PyCon began today and we got everything there so nothing to do here but wait to hear about the event
02:13:10 <inode0> .famnaticket 8
02:13:13 <zodbot> inode0: #8 (POSSCON 2012, Mar 27-29, Columbia, SC) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/8
02:13:30 <inode0> makfinsky just filled us in on this one pretty much
02:14:05 <inode0> Ruth and David can help out some so we have a contingency plan at least
02:14:21 <makfinsky> Good deal.
02:14:24 <inode0> but we will need to arrange for getting some media and merchandise there before long
02:14:54 <inode0> makfinsky: when do you think you'll know for sure by?
02:15:16 <inode0> the night before is a perfectly valid answer :)
02:15:46 <makfinsky> End of this week.
02:15:57 <inode0> oh, that will be great
02:16:16 <inode0> leaves us next week to arrange for whatever we need to do
02:16:41 <inode0> .famnaticket 9
02:16:42 <zodbot> inode0: #9 (Northeast Linux Fest 2012, Mar 17, Worcester, MA) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/9
02:17:15 <inode0> I'm not sure where we are on this one either - I know Brian shipped swag and Ben shipped the event box and banners.
02:17:32 <inode0> I haven't heard if all that has been received.
02:18:44 <inode0> We need to still arrange media for this as far as I know and that is getting urgent
02:18:48 * mock slips in the back
02:19:23 <NiveusLuna> i have like 10 each of live and install dvds, but no shipping money
02:19:29 <inode0> Would someone be willing to chase down chanchito and see where this all stands?
02:19:58 <graphite6> inode0: I can track him down
02:20:09 <inode0> He is good at responding to email
02:20:13 <inode0> thanks graphite6
02:20:21 <graphite6> no problem :)
02:20:35 <inode0> would like to confirm what he has received and how much media he thinks he needs
02:20:59 <graphite6> ok
02:21:05 <inode0> #action graphite6 to touch base with chanchito to check on the status of NELF
02:21:29 <inode0> .famnaticket 14
02:21:30 <zodbot> inode0: #14 (LibrePlanet 2012, Mar 24-25, Boston, MA) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/14
02:21:38 <makfinsky> #action makfinsky to start posscon 2012 wiki page.
02:21:53 <inode0> still no takers for this one and I'm not sure what to do with it
02:21:56 <makfinsky> Sorry, I know that's late.
02:22:36 <inode0> I guess like ABLEconf I'll leave it for one more week and scrub it from the event page if no one takes it
02:23:10 <inode0> We can probably send a small amount of stuff to it if we want through Red Hat people
02:23:55 <inode0> and for the actual business scheduled for this week we have a bit of embarrassing news
02:24:02 <inode0> .famnaticket 29
02:24:04 <zodbot> inode0: #29 (Q1 Fedora Merchandise (Swag) Inventory) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/29
02:24:06 <inode0> .famnaticket 30
02:24:08 <zodbot> inode0: #30 (Q1 Media distribution planning) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/30
02:24:49 <inode0> so pretty much no one has done this and we really can't proceed until we know what we have
02:25:17 <inode0> thanks to rbergeron and stabbymc for letting us know the little bit they have
02:25:21 <NiveusLuna> are we needing distributors to chime in, or everyone?
02:25:49 <inode0> mainly the shipping people have the large amounts of stuff and we need to hear from them
02:25:59 <award3535> I do not have any at the moment
02:27:10 <inode0> whatever we need for NELF in terms of media we can get rbergeron to send (up to what she has remaining then)
02:27:24 <inode0> for other events at this point I have no idea
02:28:06 <inode0> we also have a swag/media request from Red Hat for one of their events later this month
02:28:35 <inode0> I have no idea really what we can do for that now either although we can ask stabbymc to send some stickers at least
02:29:58 <inode0> #info Please respond to tickets 29 and 30 so we can understand our current swag/media situation and make plans for the future
02:30:20 * inode0 will just keep asking he guesses :)
02:30:48 <inode0> Any other event business anyone would like bring up here?
02:31:38 <inode0> #info Reminder: SELF and OLF are accepting talks so please submit some
02:31:41 <NiveusLuna> would bidding for fudcon count?
02:31:54 <inode0> sure
02:32:03 <inode0> are you thinking about making a bid?
02:32:16 <NiveusLuna> depends on what needs to be done for it.
02:32:35 <NiveusLuna> basically, i'd like one to be in dallas so i can actually attend for once.
02:32:43 <inode0> it is a big event and there are about a billion things that need to be done to be honest
02:33:19 <inode0> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon_bid_process
02:33:24 <NiveusLuna> well. are there guides?
02:33:27 <NiveusLuna> i guess so
02:34:10 <inode0> There is also #fudcon-planning and a mailing list where you can get additional help from those who have done it before
02:34:21 <NiveusLuna> thanks for the info
02:35:01 <inode0> I have heard of a few other possible bids so we may have choices this year
02:36:03 <inode0> TX would be a good location from my perspective - and if a well done bid came from there I think it would be serious contender
02:37:04 <NiveusLuna> TX is a bit more central than VA, I think :)
02:37:32 <award3535> is there anywhere else that is in the running?
02:38:20 <inode0> no bids have been made public I know people are considering making them from both coasts and the central US
02:39:08 <inode0> and I'll mention that I think if the first public bid is a really good one people tend to get behind it
02:39:09 <award3535> what about Florida or Georgia (Atlanta area)
02:39:42 <inode0> I don't know of any from Florida or Georgia
02:40:13 <inode0> ATL would be another good location for travel if the rest of it fell into place too
02:40:24 <makfinsky> Agreed.
02:40:45 <award3535> There is a lot of interest in the area also
02:41:24 <inode0> one of the things that helps is not making travel too expensive, so I think both ATL and Dallas would have a plus in that column
02:41:40 <NiveusLuna> woo DART
02:41:41 <award3535> agreed
02:42:14 <inode0> they would also both be attractive as new areas to reach out to
02:42:55 <inode0> Dallas and Austin I know have been considered as desirable in the past but no bids have come from either
02:43:06 <award3535> There seems to be a good interest here in the SE for Linux, I have been giving a lot of Fedora out to any one interests
02:43:41 <inode0> one of the possible bids is from the southeast but a bit more north than florida :)
02:44:00 <NiveusLuna> virginia?
02:44:08 * inode0 isn't going to say where since it may not happen
02:44:37 <inode0> anyway, please do investigate and consider making bids for FUDCon
02:45:05 <award3535> I will look into some aspects of Atlanta
02:45:16 <inode0> wasn't there an announcement recently about the bidding process opening?
02:45:26 * inode0 doesn't see it on the fudcon-planning list now
02:46:05 <NiveusLuna> there was, on other lists
02:46:20 <graphite6> there was an announcement sent to the advisory list
02:46:26 <award3535> I did see an email with the link for later this year
02:46:32 <graphite6> robyn sent it
02:47:07 * inode0 thinks she forgot to send it where it needs to go :)
02:47:37 * inode0 doesn't see it there either - probably went to announce
02:48:12 <inode0> nope
02:48:22 <inode0> someone find it please!
02:48:36 * NiveusLuna will check his email
02:48:48 <inode0> #link http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/announce/2012-February/003043.html
02:48:52 * inode0 finally found it
02:48:54 <NiveusLuna> anyway, 12 minutes left... was there something else that needed to be covered?
02:49:18 <inode0> so that has dates and budget information you should read about in it
02:49:50 <inode0> #topic Open Floor
02:51:04 <award3535> Thank you that is what a saw a few days ago from rbergron
02:52:19 <inode0> March 23 deadline is very close
02:53:35 <inode0> If there is nothing else let's let these folks get cracking on their FUDCon bids!
02:54:00 <inode0> Feel free to ask for help any time regarding those - no time to wait for meetings to make progress
02:54:43 <inode0> thanks everyone for coming this week
02:54:50 <NiveusLuna> of course.
02:55:02 <inode0> #endmeeting