02:00:31 <inode0> #startmeeting FAmNA
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02:00:40 <inode0> #meetingname FAmNA
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02:00:55 <inode0> #topic Roll Call
02:01:00 * rbergeron raises her hand
02:02:11 <graphite6> .fas graphitefriction
02:02:12 <zodbot> graphite6: graphitefriction 'Sarah White' <graphitefriction@gmail.com>
02:02:22 <rbergeron> welcome, graphite6 :)
02:02:30 <inode0> Hi graphite6, are you a new ambassador?
02:02:40 <graphite6> rbergeron: hi!
02:03:04 <graphite6> inode0: in training, MarkDude is going to mentor me
02:03:09 <Zethrus> Hello!
02:03:11 <inode0> woot
02:03:19 <rbergeron> very good
02:03:45 * inode0 hopes some others will wander in late
02:03:52 <inode0> #topic Announcements
02:04:07 <inode0> Let us hear about them if you have them :)
02:04:53 <inode0> There is a Fedora Board public meeting here at 18:30 tomorrow - come join us then if you can
02:05:15 <makfinsky> I might be able to make POSSCON. Still waiting on scheduling details.
02:05:24 <inode0> There is also a FAmSCo meeting at 22:00
02:05:35 <inode0> also tomorrow
02:06:03 <inode0> Sweet, POSSCON is on the agenda later
02:06:16 <rbergeron> and a go/no-go meeting tomorrow :) yay alpha
02:06:43 <inode0> ok, so everyone will just hang out here all day tomorrow for meetings :)
02:07:16 <inode0> #topic Tickets
02:07:53 <inode0> While we go through these tonight, and there are a lot less than last time let's try to check up on our action items from last week.
02:08:10 * rbergeron got done wiht some of hers, failed probably on others, but making effort at least
02:08:17 <inode0> The ticket agenda is only dealing with March events this week
02:08:40 <inode0> .famnaticket 6
02:08:41 <zodbot> inode0: #6 (PyCon US 2012, Mar 7-15, Santa Clara, CA) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/6
02:09:33 <inode0> so I did followup but haven't heard back so I need to badger abadger1999 more directly to get his attention on this :)
02:09:37 <rbergeron> ;)
02:10:15 <inode0> unless someone else will volunteer which I fear is unlikely I'll create a wiki page for this event
02:10:23 <inode0> but now is your chance to volunteer!
02:10:47 <inode0> it is a simple task in this case because this is not a complicated event for us
02:11:02 <inode0> going once
02:11:11 <inode0> going twice
02:11:24 <inode0> #action inode0 will create an event page for PyCon US
02:11:25 <makfinsky> Heheh, think I'd rather go to santa clara. Shame I have work that week.
02:11:27 <award3535> sorry was away for a minute, I am here as a trainee and to learn
02:11:42 <inode0> learn by doing!
02:11:50 <inode0> we'll help you
02:12:14 <inode0> .famnaticket 8
02:12:15 <zodbot> inode0: #8 (POSSCON 2012, Mar 27-29, Columbia, SC) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/8
02:12:16 <award3535> Believe me I get the learn by doing, just got to get familiar with protocol
02:12:40 <rbergeron> dude, my internet is slow as mud
02:12:56 <inode0> so I had a job on this one and contacted makfinsky - sounds like he is working on it
02:12:57 <makfinsky> I am still awaiting solid word on schedule, looking better for being able to make it to posscon though.
02:13:03 <rbergeron> makfinsky: awesome
02:13:20 * inode0 thinks this would be a good event for makfinsky
02:13:38 <makfinsky> Should be fun, for sure.
02:13:51 <inode0> and I think we know that ke4qqq and ruth will be there
02:13:56 <rbergeron> yup
02:14:03 <makfinsky> Ah, right on.
02:14:10 <inode0> but possibly doing other stuff much of the time
02:14:31 <inode0> this one needs an event page on the wiki too
02:14:56 <makfinsky> Ok, ok. I'll add the event page.
02:15:15 <rbergeron> inode0: hey i heard there was a new event page template
02:15:25 <rbergeron> :D
02:15:28 <inode0> #action makfinsky will create an event page on the wiki for POSSCON
02:15:53 <inode0> .famnaticket 9
02:15:55 <zodbot> inode0: #9 (Northeast Linux Fest 2012, Mar 17, Worcester, MA) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/9
02:16:45 <inode0> I helped organize the tickets for shipping here and we did hear back from Brian about swag
02:17:01 <inode0> We really need Mario for this
02:17:31 <inode0> famnarequests 265 and 266 need attention
02:17:52 <inode0> one is for the event box and banners and the other for swag and media
02:18:15 <inode0> things we still need to do here are
02:18:21 <inode0> 1 - create an event page!
02:18:52 <inode0> 2 - confirm with Mario that the swag/media in 266 is sufficient or if not arrange more
02:19:07 <inode0> correction - that is ticket 265
02:19:47 <inode0> Southern_Gentlem: ping
02:20:31 * inode0 would like to confirm with Southern_Gentlem that ticket 266 now has everything he needs
02:20:49 <graphite6> inode0: I can create an event page for this ticket
02:21:04 <inode0> sweet, thank you
02:21:18 <inode0> we can help too so don't be shy about asking
02:21:26 <abadger1999> inode0: re: pycon ugh sorry.  No one's sent me any content.
02:21:37 <inode0> #action graphite6 will create an event page for NELF
02:21:40 * abadger1999 gets in touch with them more directly
02:22:29 <inode0> abadger1999: I need to have some idea of how much media and swag you'd like to lug around there too
02:23:10 <abadger1999> Last year's media and swag was good -- but we also had neville and a couple other ambassadors there to help hand it out.
02:23:32 * inode0 doesn't know what last year's was though
02:23:45 <abadger1999> this year's attendance at pycon will be larger but I don't know -- are there any ambassadors going?
02:23:56 <inode0> not that I know of
02:24:29 <makfinsky> Where is pycon?
02:24:31 * abadger1999 doesn't remember either -- brought the box up, looked inside briefly but then gave it to neville that night.
02:24:42 <abadger1999> makfinsky: It's in Santa clara, Ca this year
02:24:52 <makfinsky> Oh, right.
02:24:57 <abadger1999> San Jose area
02:25:47 <inode0> abadger1999: how about this? I'll try to find some record of about what we sent last or I'll guess probably on the side that won't break anyone's back
02:25:55 <abadger1999> <nod>
02:25:57 <abadger1999> Sounds good.
02:26:05 <abadger1999> inode0: and like I say, I'm driving down this year.
02:26:13 <inode0> if there are new guys going who would wear a shirt please add sizes in the ticket
02:26:37 <abadger1999> k.  I'll ask threebean since he'll be new this year.
02:26:45 <rbergeron> inode0: if media is needed, i'll be that way on march 5/6 and can probably coordinate to leave it at a hotel, rather than shipping.
02:26:45 <abadger1999> thanks
02:27:03 <rbergeron> (have shirts, a few stickers too)
02:27:08 <rbergeron> i'll note that in the ticket
02:27:49 <inode0> ok, we are pretty good here then I think
02:27:56 <inode0> thanks
02:28:07 <inode0> .famnaticket 13
02:28:09 <zodbot> inode0: #13 (ABLEconf 2012, Mar 24, Tempe, AZ) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/13
02:28:31 <inode0> No one has stepped up to take this and it is I think of marginal value so
02:28:51 <inode0> I plan to put a line through it if no one has taken it by our next meeting
02:29:09 <rbergeron> yeah. i am on the mailing list for the event planners and... yeahhhh
02:29:22 <inode0> .famnaticket 14
02:29:23 <zodbot> inode0: #14 (LibrePlanet 2012, Mar 24-25, Boston, MA) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/14
02:29:41 <inode0> this one I think would be great if someone would be able to take it
02:30:09 <makfinsky> Dang, lots of events going on!
02:30:20 <inode0> I did chase down kerrg and he is unfortunately on the wrong coast now for this
02:30:26 <Zethrus> I wish there was an event closer to me that I could help out with
02:30:44 <rbergeron> inode0: he moved?
02:31:06 <inode0> I'm not sure why he is on the other coast but I think it is temporary
02:31:15 <rbergeron> ahhh
02:31:21 <chanchito> ok i am here, again sorry for being late
02:31:31 <chanchito> damn employers!
02:31:35 <inode0> no problem chanchito, very happy to see you
02:31:39 <chanchito> same here
02:31:44 <chanchito> excited! :-)
02:31:53 <chanchito> did i miss the review of tickets?
02:32:29 <rbergeron> chanchito: still going through them :)
02:32:42 <inode0> This is at the end of the month and it isn't a long involved event so I think we can let this wait for a taker for a week or two and still do a good job
02:32:56 <makfinsky> inode0: Which one? LibrePlanet?
02:33:00 <inode0> yes
02:33:33 <inode0> maybe we can find someone else around Boston who would like to go
02:33:37 <chanchito> i tried to get out of business travel on the 19th of march so that i could take the LibrePlanet, Boston is only 45 mins away
02:33:50 * inode0 has a free pass, but isn't very close to Boston :(
02:33:54 <chanchito> worked there for a dozen years or so and know the city like my home
02:34:41 <inode0> this is another opportunity for an event page
02:35:01 <inode0> making event pages for things we'd like to attend helps other ambassadors notice them and volunteer
02:35:20 <makfinsky> If I can convince my wife to go visit her family up there, I might be up for going to that one.
02:35:45 <inode0> ok, that is all the tickets for tonight but let's go back to chanchito's
02:36:00 <inode0> .famnaticket 9
02:36:02 <zodbot> inode0: #9 (Northeast Linux Fest 2012, Mar 17, Worcester, MA) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/9
02:36:22 <inode0> chanchito: did you see the ticket with swag amounts?
02:36:52 <inode0> https://fedorahosted.org/famnarequests/ticket/265
02:37:06 <chanchito> i am printing posters to have displayed on the campuses of Johnson & Wales University, Roger Williams University, URI, Providence Colege and Salve Regina College
02:37:19 <chanchito> yes i saw the swag amounts!  thank you very much
02:37:27 <inode0> are they adequate?
02:38:04 <chanchito> is it too late to increase the quantities by say 25% ?
02:38:13 <chanchito> i could pay for shipping to ease the load
02:38:25 <chanchito> i have also printed some shirts of my own to hand out
02:38:29 <inode0> well, we just need to find another shipper to help out because that is all Brian has
02:38:42 <inode0> nb: ping
02:39:02 <inode0> chanchito: there also is no mention I can see of media there
02:39:26 <inode0> do you know if sufficient media is planned? perhaps coming in the event box?
02:39:28 <chanchito> not sure if i follow john, sorry
02:39:36 <inode0> DVDs?
02:39:45 <chanchito> yeah i will definitely need DVD's
02:39:47 <inode0> pressed nice media to hand out
02:39:53 <chanchito> excatly
02:40:00 <chanchito> as many as i can get my hands on
02:40:05 <inode0> we need to make sure someone with media knows what you need
02:40:10 <chanchito> those always go wicked fast
02:40:22 <chanchito> ok
02:40:39 <inode0> chanchito: say hello to graphite6
02:40:40 <chanchito> so whom shall i beg and barter with for media allocations?
02:40:48 <chanchito> hey graphite6!
02:40:56 <inode0> she is going to help your event by creating the event page on the wiki
02:41:07 <chanchito> i used to put Arco Graphite oil in my old Pontiac GTO, it was a '69 Judge
02:41:08 <graphite6> chanchito: hi!
02:41:22 <chanchito> dating myself
02:41:41 <inode0> chanchito: I think we should check with Southern_Gentlem first as he will be sending the event box and perhaps can include media for you in it
02:41:48 <graphite6> chanchito: I used to drag race!
02:41:48 <chanchito> so yes, please, i would need some help in obtaining pressed DVD's of F16 for distribution at the linux fest
02:41:56 <chanchito> really, a drag racer?
02:41:57 <MarkDude> Hello graphite6 chanchito , everyone
02:42:09 <chanchito> yo Mark-ster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
02:42:39 <graphite6> MarkDude: hi :)
02:42:39 <inode0> #action chanchito touches base with Southern_Gentlem regarding getting media in the event box
02:42:42 <chanchito> ok so Southern_Gentleman also has media
02:42:54 <inode0> perhaps you should add that to the event box ticket chanchito?
02:43:00 <chanchito> ok i will send polite e-mail asking for media
02:43:07 <chanchito> yes i will
02:43:09 <chanchito> great idea
02:43:23 <chanchito> i am obviously fumbling my way thru the ticketing system and process
02:43:36 <chanchito> sort of like deputy sherrif barney fyfe
02:43:45 <inode0> chanchito: and if you want more of the other assorted swag I would suggest asking nb if he has some extra
02:43:45 <chanchito> dating myself again
02:43:55 <chanchito> ok
02:44:10 <chanchito> so graphite6 and southern_gentleman will help me with more pressed media
02:44:13 <inode0> chanchito: don't worry about that - getting stuff in there is the best way to learn the ropes
02:44:29 <nb> oops
02:44:29 <chanchito> yeah i say my tickets were atrocious to say the least
02:44:29 <nb> sorry
02:44:37 <nb> forgot about meeting but am here now
02:44:42 <chanchito> yay
02:45:08 <inode0> nb: please work with chanchito regarding some swag for NELF
02:45:17 <nb> ok
02:45:27 <inode0> Brian is sending quite a bit, so look at that ticket for the amounts
02:45:29 <chanchito> so i know i have contacted upwards of 500 people about the event and have at least 100 confirmed attendees from my circles
02:45:36 <inode0> but supplementing it a bit is fine
02:45:43 <chanchito> ok i will check it out immediately after the meeting
02:45:59 <nb> inode0, ok
02:46:23 <inode0> ok, I think we've done a good job tonight with ticket followup
02:46:31 <inode0> #topic Open Floor
02:46:32 <chanchito> thanks
02:46:35 <inode0> Free for all!
02:47:23 * rbergeron would just like to note she's trying to figure out how to get a booth at the openstack conf. without paying a metric load of cash
02:47:30 <rbergeron> so .. more details there as I get them.
02:47:35 <graphite6> I know of two events that RedHat and JBoss are sponsoring in March and there will be Jboss devs there
02:47:38 <award3535> inode0 how do i get access to the famrequest trac
02:47:45 <dramsey> +1
02:47:48 <inode0> graphite6 & Zethrus - which parts of the country are you from?
02:48:02 <inode0> award3535: to do what with it?
02:48:08 <graphite6> inode: I'm in DC suburbs
02:48:19 <Zethrus> I'm in northern Ohio
02:48:26 <award3535> When referecnce in the meeting I cant review it.
02:48:39 <nb> award3535, only regional shippers can view famnarequests trac
02:48:43 <inode0> sorry, that ticket is private
02:48:47 <award3535> got it.
02:48:54 <inode0> contains some personal information
02:49:05 <award3535> understand all
02:49:10 <inode0> generally you can only see tickets there that you open
02:49:30 <inode0> the famna trac works the other way, generally you can see all tickets
02:49:53 <award3535> i can see those, and have it open now
02:50:23 <inode0> for transparency though, that ticket lists some swag being shipped for NELF (stuff like t-shirts, buttons, pens, etc.)
02:51:29 <makfinsky> graphite6: In DC?
02:51:29 <inode0> kk4ewt: welcome in the nick of time
02:51:38 <award3535> great to know, as I get more involved I hope to be at some o the events
02:51:41 <makfinsky> Go to any lugs? I'm in nova, myself.
02:51:59 <graphite6> makfinsky: yes, on the Maryland side of the beltway
02:52:12 <makfinsky> graphite6: Rocking, which lugs?
02:52:29 <makfinsky> I'll be in columbia next week, teaching.
02:52:51 <chanchito> grace hopper in baltimore this year
02:52:56 <graphite6> mafinsky: no, I go to jugs and jbugs
02:52:58 <chanchito> good place to hook up
02:53:57 <graphite6> mafinsky: you'll be only about 5 mins from me then :)
02:54:13 <chanchito> excellent
02:54:16 <chanchito> sushi for lunch?
02:54:39 <graphite6> chanchinto: love sushi
02:54:42 <makfinsky> Lunch won't work for me, breaks from class are short.
02:54:53 <makfinsky> After class though, works.
02:55:03 <chanchito> true, forgot
02:55:11 <chanchito> definitely
02:55:12 <dramsey> I suggest Columbia's Sushi King - http://www.sushikingmd.com/
02:55:25 <graphite6> Sushi king rocks!
02:55:34 <chanchito> oh oh concensus
02:55:39 <chanchito> must be good
02:55:57 <makfinsky> Haven't been there.
02:56:02 <makfinsky> Sounds good.
02:56:05 <graphite6> +1
02:56:45 <chanchito> so graphite6, do you have any pressed media you can send me?
02:56:56 <chanchito> can you spare some DVD's for F16
02:57:03 <inode0> Is there any other business for tonight? We can continue socializing over in the ambassador channel post meeting if not :)
02:57:15 <graphite6> chanchito: I don't have pressed media, I'm doing the event page
02:57:17 <chanchito> sorry john!  my fault
02:57:18 <makfinsky> inode0: Good call.
02:57:21 <MarkDude> chanchito, many hassles you are having may be due to your Mentor ;)
02:57:35 <inode0> chanchito: pretty much Brian, nb, and kk4ewt are the guys nearest you with media
02:57:40 <kk4ewt> chanchito:  for LFNE?
02:57:46 <chanchito> yes sir
02:57:55 <inode0> asking brian is a good idea too, I think he thought you were only asking for swag
02:58:07 <makfinsky> graphite6: Join #fedora-ambassadors
02:58:14 <dramsey> 8-)  inode0, thank you for chairing.  8-)
02:58:26 <graphite6> makfinsky: ok
02:58:56 * inode0 will end the meeting at the top of the hour
02:59:24 <inode0> thank you all for coming and a really big thank you to all who volunteered to do work :)
02:59:25 <chanchito> ok i will update the ticket requesting media also, thanks for all of the help, tips and advice, appreciate it, especially the patience
02:59:59 <kk4ewt> chanchito:  be sure for the event box and Vbanners there is an Address to ship to please
03:00:18 <inode0> there is an address in the ticket now
03:00:34 <inode0> #endmeeting