20:04:01 <cwickert> #startmeeting EMEA Ambassadors meeting 2012-02-22
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20:04:08 <cwickert> #meetingname EMEA Ambassadors meeting 2012-02-22
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20:04:18 <Sesivany> .fas eischmann
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20:04:19 <thunderbirdtr> cwickert, Hello
20:04:22 <gnokii> .fas gnokii
20:04:23 <zodbot> gnokii: gnokii 'Sirko Kemter' <buergermeister@karl-tux-stadt.de>
20:04:31 <cwickert> #topic Roll Call
20:04:35 <cwickert> .fas cwickert
20:04:36 <zodbot> cwickert: cwickert 'Christoph Wickert' <christoph.wickert@googlemail.com>
20:05:23 <gnokii> .fas gnokii
20:05:26 <zodbot> gnokii: gnokii 'Sirko Kemter' <buergermeister@karl-tux-stadt.de>
20:06:23 <cwickert> anybody else?
20:06:34 <delhage> .fas dehage
20:06:35 <zodbot> delhage: 'dehage' Not Found!
20:06:40 <delhage> meh
20:06:44 <delhage> .fas delhage
20:06:45 <zodbot> delhage: delhage 'Lars Delhage' <delhage@gmail.com>
20:06:47 * cwickert just pinged some people in #fedora-ambassadors. lets give them 3 minutes to show up
20:06:52 <Sesivany> so few? :-(
20:07:04 <gnokii> cwickert: I was already here
20:07:16 <MarkDude> NA here ;)
20:08:27 <thunderbirdtr> cwickert, Actually I want to another meeting and I already have stuff but Tomorrow I will install fedora as thin clients and we will open new computer room for general use  I don't it suitable for ambbassadors ?
20:08:53 <jreznik_> .fas jreznik
20:08:54 <zodbot> jreznik_: jreznik 'Jaroslav Reznik' <jreznik@redhat.com>
20:08:59 <cwickert> thunderbirdtr: is this really something we need to do in this meetingß
20:09:01 <cwickert> ?
20:09:31 <thunderbirdtr> cwickert, ok...
20:09:47 <cwickert> thunderbirdtr: we are running out of time and I don't understand your question
20:09:58 <cwickert> I mean, do you want technical advice or what?
20:10:52 * cwickert waits for thunderbirdtr
20:11:04 <thunderbirdtr> cwickert, I ask later....
20:11:08 <cwickert> ok then
20:11:18 <cwickert> #topic Announcements
20:12:10 <Sesivany> !
20:12:18 <cwickert> #info Fedora has been registered as a Project for Linux-Tag Berlin. cwickert and twoerner will be event owners
20:12:37 <cwickert> #action cwickert to send out a mail about Linux-Tag to the mailing list
20:12:42 <cwickert> Sesivany: your turn
20:13:01 <Sesivany> I just want to thank everyone for coming to DevConf. I hope it was worth attending.
20:13:13 <Sesivany> eof
20:14:39 <gnokii> ?
20:15:08 <cwickert> #info Red Hat Developer conference took place in Brno. It was a huge success as it was the biggest Linux event in Czech ever by the number of participants
20:15:33 <cwickert> #action attendees of devconf to write their event reports
20:15:49 <cwickert> gnokii: is that an announcement or related to one?
20:16:11 <gnokii> no I just wondered about the long break
20:16:47 <cwickert> ok
20:17:01 * cwickert is still busy with cleaning up after the board meeting
20:18:14 <t2hot> meeting?
20:18:21 <cwickert> t2hot: yes
20:18:27 <cwickert> #topic Events
20:18:44 <cwickert> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Events
20:18:44 <t2hot> .fas t2hot
20:18:47 <zodbot> t2hot: twohot 'Onyeibo Oku' <twohotis@gmail.com>
20:19:23 <cwickert> or better https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Events#FY12_Q4_.28January_2012_-_March_2012.29
20:19:36 <cwickert> Sesivany: what about your install fest? everything sorted out?
20:20:05 <Sesivany> yes, well have a Fedora on ARM workshop there.
20:20:22 <cwickert> #info if you know of any events, add them to https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Events
20:20:22 <Sesivany> the theme is hardware this year.
20:20:51 <cwickert> Sesivany: you have a raspberry pi there?
20:21:03 <cwickert> would be nice to have one, but I am not sure if we can make it in time
20:21:30 <Sesivany> cwickert: I dont know, Dan Horak will make it, Ill just assist him.
20:21:36 <cwickert> ok
20:21:46 <cwickert> any other events we need to talk about?
20:21:52 <gnokii> !
20:21:58 <cwickert> of course there is Chemnitzer Linuxtage
20:22:08 <cwickert> a huge event, but AFAICS everything is prepared
20:22:14 <cwickert> ah, wait, not everything
20:22:16 <cwickert> hotel
20:23:22 <cwickert> #info if you are attending CLT and need a hotel room, add yourself to the table at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Chemnitzer_Linuxtage_2012#Accomodation ASAP. cwickert will take care of the booking then
20:23:30 <cwickert> gnokii: your turn
20:23:51 <tosin> .fas tosin
20:24:00 <gnokii> noone will cover Linuxtage in Graz, cant make it its 2 days before Vienna
20:24:22 <cwickert> is it on the list?
20:24:24 <gnokii> Vienna: cwickert can u help ib*** he had some questions
20:24:28 <gnokii> no its not
20:24:44 <cwickert> then please add it and state that we need an event owner
20:25:07 <gnokii> ok
20:25:26 <cwickert> .fas tosin
20:25:27 <zodbot> cwickert: tosin 'Olutosin Oduwole' <softers.systems@gmail.com>
20:25:44 <cwickert> just for the record, we have a new friend from Africa who joined us
20:26:01 <cwickert> tosin: where are you from?
20:26:25 <Sesivany> tosin: welcome!
20:26:40 <t2hot> cwickert: tosin is not new
20:26:59 <cwickert> ok, my bad then
20:27:01 <tosin> I have been around
20:27:33 <cwickert> gnokii: can you update the table in the wiki?
20:27:33 <tosin> just that  I haven't been attending meetings recently
20:27:36 <gnokii> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Events
20:27:45 <gnokii> I try to find the failure
20:27:48 <cwickert> I mean, add a new table for the next quarter
20:28:27 <gnokii> cwickert: exactly that I try to do but its completly worng numbered ;)
20:28:37 <cwickert> gnokii: I don't think we have time to play here, but I found some errors in the latam section
20:28:48 <cwickert> gnokii: what exactly?
20:29:09 <gnokii> 3.1 FY12 Q1 (March 2011 - May 2011)
20:29:09 <gnokii> 3.2 FY12 Q2 (June 2011 - September 2011)
20:29:09 <gnokii> 3.3 FY12 Q3 (October 2011 - December 2011)
20:29:09 <gnokii> 3.4 FY12 Q4 (January 2012 - March 2012)
20:29:19 <gnokii> compared to
20:29:45 <gnokii> 4.5 FY12 Q1 (March 2012 - May 2012)
20:29:45 <gnokii> 4.6 FY13 Q2 (June 2012 - August 2012)
20:29:45 <gnokii> 4.7 FY13 Q3 (September 2012 - November 2012)
20:29:45 <gnokii> 4.8 FY13 Q4 (December 2012 - February 2013)
20:30:13 <gnokii> is it FY13 Q1 then?
20:31:09 <cwickert> yes, but the months are wrong, too
20:31:23 <cwickert> is this EMEA?
20:31:25 <ianweller> the FY13 months (4.5-4.8) are correct afaik
20:31:58 <cwickert> ianweller: yes, they are wrong in FX12
20:32:00 <cwickert> FY12
20:32:05 <ianweller> yeh
20:32:23 <gnokii> cwickert: the first one is EMEA the second APAC
20:32:32 <gnokii> I will fix that after the meeting
20:32:39 <cwickert> please do
20:32:53 <cwickert> but generally I think the local communities should fix their stuff
20:33:00 <cwickert> LATAM is completely hosed, too
20:33:28 <cwickert> #action gnokii to fix the 'Events' page and update it with EMEA events
20:33:31 <cwickert> thanks gnokii!
20:34:03 <cwickert> anything more on events?
20:34:13 <cwickert> ok then
20:34:15 * shaiton is here
20:34:18 <gnokii> vienna -> submitting talks
20:34:35 <cwickert> gnokii: you want to make an announcement?
20:34:48 <gnokii> on mailinglist? ok
20:34:50 <cwickert> here in the channel I mean
20:35:06 <gnokii> sure do it
20:35:42 <cwickert> #info Linuxwochen Wien is looking for talks. For details see http://cfp.linuxwochen.at/cfp_wien/
20:35:50 <cwickert> gnokii: done :)
20:35:59 <gnokii> thx
20:36:37 <cwickert> #info deadline for call for papers for Linuxwochen Wien is 2012-04-01
20:36:43 <cwickert> ok, I think that's all
20:36:51 <cwickert> #topic Discussion on FUDCon Bids for FUDCon EMEA 2012
20:36:58 <cwickert> alright, we have 3 bids
20:37:10 <t2hot> ?
20:37:43 <cwickert> t2hot: still on events?
20:37:55 <cwickert> I mean, other than FUDCon
20:38:09 * t2hot was gonna ask about booth for IDLELO
20:38:21 <cwickert> t2hot: and we were to ask you about this
20:38:42 <cwickert> there have been some mails going back and forth for the last 3 days
20:38:53 <cwickert> I think Arthur waits for a reply
20:39:03 <t2hot> maybe in open session just to keep the minutes clean
20:39:24 <cwickert> I would prefer to sort this out here
20:39:30 <t2hot> ok
20:39:31 <cwickert> because then we have it documented
20:39:52 <cwickert> so, where are we? Jörg wants payment details and need an invoice or something similar
20:40:34 * t2hot is looking for the booking page
20:41:06 <t2hot> I didn't think I had to be directly involved in securing the booth
20:41:19 <cwickert> who is event owner?
20:42:09 <t2hot> I guess I am
20:42:10 <t2hot> cwickert: http://www.idlelo.net/sites/default/files/Idlelo_5_Exhibitor_Registration_Form.pdf
20:43:19 <cwickert> t2hot: ok, is there anything you need help with?
20:44:05 <t2hot> Yeah, I'll need swag. That will be all for now
20:44:53 <cwickert> #action t2hot to register the booth at IDLELO and provide payment details to kital
20:45:04 <cwickert> #action t2hot to file a ticket for swag
20:45:16 <cwickert> ok I think that's all
20:45:24 <cwickert> now for the FUDCon bids
20:45:26 <cwickert> we have 3
20:45:54 <cwickert> #info we have 3 FUDCon bids: Budapest, Zurich and Paris
20:45:58 <cwickert> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:EMEA_2012_Bid_Budapest
20:46:03 <cwickert> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:Bid_for_Paris_2012
20:46:08 <cwickert> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:Bid_for_Zurich_2012
20:46:19 <cwickert> shaiton: are you here?
20:46:22 <shaiton> yesn
20:46:38 <cwickert> anybody here for Zurich or Budapest?
20:46:53 <cwickert> no, red_alert and zoltan are not
20:47:19 <cwickert> shaiton: was there already disussion going on on fudcon planning list?
20:47:28 <shaiton> cwickert, nope
20:47:44 <shaiton> I wanted to send an email about our bid…
20:48:14 <shaiton> better is probably to discuss on list as not lot of people are here
20:48:48 <cwickert> I guess so
20:48:57 <cwickert> have you been thinking about the date?
20:49:46 <shaiton> cwickert, yes, we want now to have only the first day overlaping
20:50:10 <shaiton> we still need the approval for one big room at our second venue
20:50:18 <shaiton> I'll explain that on the list
20:50:52 <cwickert> note that this is the part that many are concerned about
20:50:59 <cwickert> better explain it well :)
20:51:05 <shaiton> sure ;)
20:51:33 <cwickert> ok
20:51:57 <cwickert> I am not sure we can do much about the FUDCon bids now as no other bidder is present
20:52:05 <shaiton> ?
20:52:07 <cwickert> but we need to sort this out soon
20:52:12 <cwickert> shaiton: shoot
20:52:21 <shaiton> Can we have an approximated date for the result?
20:52:53 <cwickert> shaiton: not from me, I am not to decide
20:53:06 <cwickert> the earlier you write your mails, the sooner we can start :)
20:53:09 <shaiton> sure but you could have an idea
20:53:11 <shaiton> alright
20:53:16 <shaiton> will do tonight
20:53:22 <cwickert> it's the first time I am doing this
20:53:32 <shaiton> ok
20:53:33 <cwickert> I have not been involved in FUDCon planning before
20:53:39 <cwickert> please bear with me
20:54:05 <cwickert> shaiton: but we will discuss this in the FAmSCo meeting tonight, you might want to hang around here
20:54:24 <cwickert> anything more on FUDCon?
20:54:33 <shaiton> I'll try to − thanks
20:54:36 <cwickert> #topic Action items from previous meetings
20:54:53 <cwickert> so the previous meeting was 2011-01-25
20:55:02 <cwickert> because I was busy 2 weeks ago
20:55:28 <cwickert> and to be honest I am a little disappointed that nobody took over the meeting
20:55:29 <cwickert> anyway
20:55:36 <cwickert> lets see what we have at http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2012-01-25/emea_ambassadors_2012-01-25.2012-01-25-20.01.html
20:56:02 * shaiton was absent too
20:56:22 <cwickert> DONE - t2hot to finish https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/IDLELO_5
20:56:42 <cwickert> t2hot: but the second part is still open "provide details about payment for sponsoring in the trac ticket"
20:56:55 <cwickert> #action t2hot to provide details about payment for sponsoring in the trac ticket
20:57:17 <cwickert> NOT DONE cwickert to clean up EMEA events
20:57:23 <cwickert> I am sorry, I am just too busy
20:57:30 <cwickert> but gnokii will do it for me now
20:57:37 <cwickert> thanks my friend :)
20:57:40 <gnokii> :p
20:57:48 <cwickert> DONE cwickert to submit Fedora to Linux-Tag
20:57:58 <cwickert> NOT DONE zoltanh7211 to create a wiki page about LinuxWochen Vienna
20:58:05 <cwickert> #action zoltanh7211 to create a wiki page about LinuxWochen Vienna
20:58:14 <cwickert> gnokii: or is there one already?
20:58:18 <gnokii> no
20:58:39 <cwickert> ok, either you or Zoltan need to do it
20:58:51 <cwickert> DONE gnokii to send out an email about Linux-Tage Graz
20:59:03 <cwickert> ok, overall we managed to get most stuff done
20:59:36 <cwickert> #topic Open Floor
20:59:46 <shaiton> ?
20:59:54 <cwickert> just for the record: I skipped "Schedule" today as there is nothing on it
21:00:00 <cwickert> shaiton: go ahead
21:00:09 <shaiton> still no wish to have one main EMEA meeting wiki page? I am looking at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:EMEA_Ambassadors_2012-02-22
21:00:29 <shaiton> it's quite a pain to rewrite it each time
21:00:36 <shaiton> (and look for the link)
21:00:39 <pingou> +1
21:01:38 <cwickert> shaiton: I have created a templete that is just a few lines
21:01:55 <cwickert> see https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Cwickert/Playground
21:02:04 <rbergeron> Yo.
21:02:11 <shaiton> ok cwickert but the agenda don't move so much. And we still don't have the link easily
21:02:37 <cwickert> shaiton: ok, but what about the meeting minutes?
21:02:42 <cwickert> they are individual for each meeting
21:03:03 <rbergeron> cwickert: you have famsco in here now, yes?
21:03:04 <shaiton> cwickert, yes, but you can have them from a special page
21:03:32 <cwickert> rbergeron: no, EMEA ambassadors
21:03:43 <cwickert> rbergeron: FAmSCo is in an hour
21:03:51 <cwickert> rbergeron: you want us to stop`
21:03:53 <cwickert> ?
21:03:56 <rbergeron> no, i'm insane
21:04:00 <rbergeron> sorry, spliting brain headache
21:04:02 <rbergeron> PROCEED
21:04:05 <shaiton> cwickert, the link is around there: http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/teams/
21:04:14 <cwickert> rbergeron: where is the go/no-go meeting?
21:04:19 <pingou> shaiton: link from the agenda page to meetbot ?
21:04:28 <shaiton> pingou, +1
21:04:42 <cwickert> hold on guys, I still don't understand it
21:04:54 <cwickert> how would you link the meetings?
21:04:59 <cwickert> erm. meeting minutes
21:05:50 <cwickert> just look at my template: there is just a few things that need to be filled out: https://fedoraproject.org/w/index.php?title=User:Cwickert/Playground&action=edit
21:05:57 <cwickert> I don't think this is too much work
21:05:59 <shaiton> cwickert, you could give a generic link to the team on the meetbot page, and then you find the last one easily
21:06:12 <cwickert> but if people want a static page, fine with me
21:06:29 <shaiton> the static page is a pain to look for.
21:06:35 * gnokii want bacon
21:06:47 <shaiton> we have to read the reminder to find that out
21:06:53 <cwickert> hold on
21:07:07 <cwickert> I say the static page is a bad any you agree?
21:07:31 <cwickert> how do you want to find something on http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/teams ?
21:07:37 <cwickert> this is not searchable
21:07:53 <shaiton> cwickert, this link is wrong
21:08:00 <shaiton> take a look at the fr one: http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/teams/fedora-fr/
21:08:09 <shaiton> you only have the interresting ones…
21:08:13 <shaiton> it is sorted…
21:08:37 <cwickert> and how would you search it?
21:08:57 <cwickert> like: "oh, what was the meeting where we discussed media?"
21:09:00 <shaiton> cwickert, it depends of the meeting name
21:09:16 <shaiton> cwickert, how do you find that actually ?
21:09:25 <cwickert> I would search the wiki
21:09:31 <cwickert> it has a search engine
21:09:48 <shaiton> its search engine is so bad that it would be replaced
21:09:49 <shaiton> soon
21:10:22 <cwickert> huh? media wiki is replacing it's search logic?
21:10:38 <shaiton> cwickert, not mediawiki, the fedora project
21:10:40 <gnokii> guys stop that discussion, it brings nothing yet I fear
21:10:47 <shaiton> like with sphynk things
21:10:49 <nirik> Fedora Infrastructure is looking at implementing a search engine for all fedora stuff... using data park search.
21:11:01 <nirik> but it's early yet... we will see how well it works.
21:11:12 <cwickert> shaiton: I was referring to the wiki, not to start.fedoraproject.org
21:11:12 <nirik> so it's not too useful right now.
21:11:19 <shaiton> cwickert, ok let's see that on list, if you want
21:11:37 <cwickert> shaiton: write a propsal to the list and make suggestions please
21:11:42 <shaiton> ok
21:11:44 <cwickert> ok
21:11:47 <cwickert> thanks
21:12:22 <cwickert> anything else for open floor?
21:12:48 * cwickert will close the meeting in 3 minutes
21:13:35 <dramsey> nirik, thank you.  ;)
21:16:10 <cwickert> #endmeeting