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02:00:18 <inode0> so far so good
02:00:23 <dramsey> +1
02:00:28 <inode0> #topic roll call
02:01:23 <dramsey> dramsey is here with a tropical drink in my hand and my toes in the sand of the Pacific Ocean.
02:02:38 * SGS says 'here'.
02:02:52 <chanchito> MJGB - here!
02:03:32 <inode0> small crowd tonight, a bit disappointing but we will forge ahead anyway
02:03:41 <inode0> #topic announcements
02:03:51 <inode0> Did anything happen today?
02:04:08 * mock here
02:04:09 <chanchito> yes i ordered some t-shirts for the linux fest next month
02:04:22 <chanchito> from cafepress.com
02:04:31 <inode0> oh, how many?
02:04:53 <chanchito> only 15, so i can award them to visitors who allow fedora installed
02:05:10 <chanchito> entrapment, i know
02:05:17 <inode0> did you know that we can provide t-shirts usually?
02:05:30 <chanchito> yes but i was worried, these do not have the fedora artwork
02:05:38 <chanchito> since i was not able to find any
02:05:48 <chanchito> i would prefer to have real fedora shirts
02:05:53 <chanchito> i will pay for them and for shipping too
02:06:10 <inode0> you need to just ask us, you don't need to pay - we produce them for this purpose
02:06:13 <chanchito> the most important items i need are the booth/event stands, table cover and such
02:06:25 <chanchito> ok thx a million
02:06:51 <inode0> ok, we should get an event ticket open to discuss and track your events needs and progress
02:06:52 <chanchito> eventually, i will order a set of event gear to keep on hand
02:07:16 <chanchito> i did enter some new tickets, 264 - 268 but i had trouble
02:07:18 <inode0> back to announcements
02:07:26 * nb here
02:07:26 <chanchito> sorry about the segway
02:07:27 <inode0> really, anything newsworthy at all?
02:07:41 <herlo> there's a new FPL?
02:07:45 <herlo> I think that's newsworthy
02:07:50 <nb> herlo, rbergeron is the new FPL!
02:07:54 <fenrus02> herlo, yes, rbergeron
02:07:56 <herlo> yes, I know
02:08:02 <herlo> I was saying it's newsworthy :)
02:08:26 <fenrus02> indeed
02:08:29 <nb> yeah
02:08:39 <fenrus02> beefy miracle, bacon, and rbergeron
02:09:01 <SGS> 2
02:09:04 <herlo> 3
02:09:09 <herlo> :)
02:09:23 <dramsey> +1 Very worthy!
02:09:27 <inode0> so is this meeting still being logged or does something need to be poked?
02:09:32 <nb> .ping
02:09:32 <zodbot> pong
02:09:34 <makfinsky> So the beefy miracle is released on rbergeron's watch... nice!
02:09:35 <nb> inode0, it works :)
02:10:09 <herlo> seems apropos
02:10:10 * nb hopes the new laptop for central event box isn't broke
02:10:13 * rbergeron stabs back at stabbmc
02:10:19 <rbergeron> err. stabbymc.
02:10:22 <nb> i tried to boot it and it whined about no hard drive present
02:10:31 <nb> but i'm charging it now because its dead too
02:10:40 <rbergeron> inode0: it should still be being logged. :)
02:10:56 <inode0> ok
02:11:23 <inode0> #topic tickets
02:11:33 <inode0> .famnaticket 1
02:11:34 <zodbot> inode0: #1 (Introduce trac as a new tool for FAmNA meeting agendas and task resolution) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/1
02:11:38 <inode0> hey, it worked
02:12:16 <inode0> so what we are going to try to do now is to better track and organize meetings using this new trac instance
02:12:43 <rbergeron> ?
02:12:45 <inode0> if you want something on the agenda simply open a ticket and set the milestone to meeting
02:13:03 <rbergeron> is it only for meetings, and separate from famnarequests?
02:13:08 <inode0> then it will magically show up in the next meeting's agenda
02:13:13 <mock> nice.  computers making stuff easier.
02:13:13 <herlo> rbergeron: you can use it with zodbot anytime
02:13:24 <inode0> it is not only for meetings
02:13:34 <inode0> all non-sensitive famna business
02:13:59 <inode0> famnarequests will still exist for requesting swag and things that require addresses for shipping
02:14:23 <inode0> this one should be completely open
02:14:26 <rbergeron> okay. just wanted to make sure :)
02:14:35 <inode0> I hope we can quickly make use of it for events
02:14:59 <rbergeron> inode0: I agree. I think it might help us better track money and owners (since there are owner fields in trac) and so forth. :)
02:15:13 <inode0> I just made some guesses about configuration so if we need some other milestones lets figure that out and add them as we learn
02:15:53 <inode0> but if you are the owner of an upcoming event open a ticket and track the planning process there
02:16:07 <inode0> you can retag it meeting any time it needs to come up in a meeting
02:17:31 <inode0> I see it used for many tasks as well
02:17:39 <inode0> If we need to get new swag, the process of finding a vendor and whatnot can go there
02:18:14 <inode0> so please just start using it :)
02:18:33 <inode0> .famnaticket 2
02:18:34 <zodbot> inode0: #2 (Multitouch Event Booth System) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/2
02:19:16 <inode0> This is one I'd really like to get a volunteer to help us by doing some research and suggesting a particular system
02:19:30 <rbergeron> inode0: you know, we have a feature for multitouch support this cycle...
02:19:32 <rbergeron> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/Multitouch_support
02:19:46 * nb thinks the central event box's laptop is dead
02:19:50 <nb> it doesn't want to charge
02:19:58 <inode0> yes, and we would really like a 23" or so multitouch system for the booth at large events
02:19:59 <herlo> :(
02:19:59 <rbergeron> have we thought about reaching out to the feature owner and seeing if he has any hands-on experience with any of those?
02:20:09 <64MAAO5LZ> nb:  the new one?
02:20:20 <nb> i finally got it charged at fudcon, and then today when i tried to boot it it complained about the hard drive being missing
02:20:24 * nb is trying to get it to charge again
02:20:28 <nb> 64MAAO5LZ, yes
02:20:36 <nb> well "new to us" one
02:20:36 <rbergeron> note that I am not throwing myself under he bus here since my time is kind of... well.. not a-bun-dant this week so to speak
02:20:45 <rbergeron> :)
02:21:22 <inode0> yes, this is a call for a volunteer because I can't seem to find time either and I'd like it to get done
02:21:54 <makfinsky> inode0: A hw recommendation, is that what's needed?
02:21:54 <inode0> it is a simple enough task that I hope someone can pick it up
02:22:03 <inode0> yes
02:22:17 <inode0> and not an absurdly pricy one :)
02:22:37 <makfinsky> Hmm, sounds interesting... what's the desired completion date?
02:22:45 <inode0> asap
02:23:06 <kk4ewt> i am sorry, i really dont see the need for this but whatever
02:23:14 <makfinsky> That makes it a little harder... I wonder if best buy has any... perhaps I can boot a live dvd on one...
02:23:17 <chanchito> 23-inch all-in-one systems are discounted regularly in the dell and toshiba factory outlets online
02:23:45 <inode0> the hope is we can get this added to the regular hardware cycle so it sort of self-renews every few years
02:24:15 <inode0> dell would probably be a good choice since we can get a discount from dell as well I think
02:24:17 <chanchito> i will be in austin for 3 weeks starting next monday and dell is near my company's data center and i don't mind making a trip to check pricing
02:24:35 <chanchito> i can easily pick one up with AMD cpu
02:24:48 <chanchito> i was planning to purchase one for business use anyway
02:25:07 <inode0> as rbergeron suggested, it might be good to touch base with the feature people and see if there are known gotchas
02:25:11 <rbergeron> well,I think the important thing is to see how well it works, etc.
02:25:14 <inode0> or recommendations from them
02:25:40 <rbergeron> before we sink money into it. They're not cheap (though not asininely expensive), but they are going to be more difficult to ship around, I would speculate.
02:25:43 <inode0> yeah, we really want it to work well with Fedora :)
02:25:51 <rbergeron> So making sure we get one that works, and works well with Fedora, is a good idea.
02:26:21 <chanchito> so far, knock on wood, the last 7 laptops i have purchased from toshiba factory outlet are all running like clocks
02:26:24 <rbergeron> And right now, since it's not mainline yet, I would say that our best chance for finding anything out is probably from upstream, or just asking around if someone has one.
02:27:37 <rbergeron> And perhaps the key is to find someone who is at least willing to send the mail, do some preliminary investigation.
02:27:59 <rbergeron> And perhaps they can pass that off to someone for the other half of the solution once they have some basic answers from the feature owner. :)
02:28:21 <chanchito> divide and conquer
02:28:51 <inode0> ok, well, you know where the ticket is so please grab it and make yourself the owner if you want to try to investigate this for us
02:28:57 <inode0> and we'd really appreciate it
02:29:36 <inode0> .famnaticket 4
02:29:37 <zodbot> inode0: #4 (SCALE 10x Report) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/4
02:29:59 <inode0> markdude: can you give us a brief recap of the glory of scale 10x?
02:31:21 * inode0 looks around for markdude
02:31:35 <makfinsky> Oh noes...
02:31:50 <herlo> inode0: I can talk to some of it
02:31:52 <inode0> events without event reports did not happen
02:31:55 <makfinsky> Oh yeah, I got my fedora hoody from herlo who got it from ruth while at scale.
02:32:06 <rbergeron> LOL
02:32:18 <inode0> herlo: thanks, go ahead and fill us in a little bit
02:32:22 <makfinsky> That was as close as I got to SCaLE.... :(
02:32:29 <herlo> Fedora SysadminSG activity was well received
02:32:41 <herlo> several people came and studied, albeit a little less than last year
02:32:46 <herlo> ec2 instances were a hit
02:33:30 <rbergeron> herlo: YAY, it all worked?
02:33:36 <rbergeron> wrt ec2
02:33:44 <herlo> markdude: got there late, so his presentation didn't happen, but it worked out well anyway
02:34:14 <herlo> rbergeron: yep, we still have some stuff to do, but it's working well. Still need to get with ya regarding account access for temporary accounts
02:35:04 <rbergeron> herlo: aye aye.
02:35:05 <herlo> just need to figure out a few details, and we're golden
02:35:13 <rbergeron> okay.
02:35:30 <herlo> anyway, the conference was huge! bigger than ever before I guess. Almost 2000 people, 100+ booths and over 100 presentations too
02:35:48 <chanchito> kudos!
02:35:51 <inode0> did anyone stop at the Fedora booth? :)
02:35:52 <herlo> the booth is the only part I really don't have any info on since I was elsewhere
02:36:16 <herlo> I think people did. There are pictures of a penguin on markdude's google+ account
02:36:24 <herlo> and the penguin was with people in the pics
02:36:34 <rbergeron> penguin == spot
02:36:43 <dgilmore> herlo: maybe we can setup eucalyptus in fedora. and have it tied into fas
02:36:43 * herlo didn't want to reveal that
02:36:47 <rbergeron> oh
02:36:49 <herlo> dgilmore: sure
02:36:54 <rbergeron> ^H^H^H^H
02:36:55 <herlo> would be happy to help
02:37:07 <rbergeron> dgilmore, herlo: i know seth is looking at that a bit too for other things.
02:37:11 <inode0> ok, was there an event report somewhere that I missed? or just not yet?
02:37:23 <herlo> inode0: from me? Haven't had time
02:37:31 <inode0> from anyone :)
02:37:37 <herlo> but Fedora didn't pay my way, so....talk with spot, rbergeron and markdude
02:37:42 <herlo> :)
02:37:45 <inode0> you just gave one as far as I am concerned
02:37:48 * herlo backs away slowly
02:37:51 <herlo> :)
02:37:52 <dgilmore> rbergeron: yeah we talked today
02:38:28 <rbergeron> dgilmore: the best person to probably needle about it is gholms, since he has a fairly good grip on infra in fedora land, and obv. euca stuff as well
02:38:35 <inode0> ok, well, this leads me to make a related comment about events
02:38:38 * herlo suggests the cloudy folks discuss this offline
02:38:39 <rbergeron> inode0: i'd like to see the event owners report. :)
02:38:42 <rbergeron> herlo: yar
02:38:57 <herlo> that'd be markdude
02:39:00 <herlo> iirc
02:39:03 <inode0> we need to do both a better job planning them in advance and a better job reporting about them before we forget what happened
02:39:09 <dgilmore> rbergeron: :) yeah
02:39:41 <inode0> but it wasn't that long ago in this case so we'll revisit it again later for scale
02:40:13 <inode0> anything else about scale? from anyone else?
02:40:51 <inode0> #topic open floor
02:41:08 <SGS> VTLUUG and CHLUUG, two local LUUGs, are having InstallFests soon! CHLUUG will be having theirs this upcoming Monday, Feb 13, and VTLUUG will have theirs on Feb 22nd! :)
02:41:08 <kk4ewt> Events ??
02:41:13 <rbergeron> speaking of events....
02:41:28 <rbergeron> I know we have LFNW coming up. And I think north-east, and indiana.
02:41:32 <nb> ILF is coming........ we are working on plans for who's going to own it and stuff. probably threethirty and i
02:41:34 <rbergeron> In the impending-zone.
02:41:37 <inode0> events will generally be handled in the ticket section moving forward but we can discuss them now too
02:42:02 * rbergeron just is curious if anyone's tackling NWLF yet, though it's in april.
02:42:22 <kk4ewt> well i think events need to be brought up in the meetings especially if some budget maybe involved
02:42:46 <kk4ewt> LFNE as well
02:42:51 <inode0> we should go through all the major things we attended last year to see who can cover what this year
02:43:05 <inode0> kk4ewt: sure, open a ticket for the meeting
02:43:05 <rbergeron> inode0: i think that would be helpful as far as estimating costs, etc.
02:43:13 * dgilmore wants to go to the fedora bbq day
02:43:24 <rbergeron> And perhaps lining up attendance with swag and figuring out future swaggy purchases.
02:43:28 <kk4ewt> inode0:  well fine bye
02:43:30 <makfinsky> fedora bbq day?
02:43:34 <makfinsky> Where?!
02:43:44 <dramsey> Shares a "Beefy Miracle" for Fedora BBQ Day.  :p
02:43:52 <dgilmore> makfinsky: why not :)
02:44:08 * rbergeron thinks an effort towards Fedora WWBBDay for release would be epic.
02:44:16 <rbergeron> not to distract from meeting.
02:44:16 <rbergeron> :)
02:44:52 <inode0> we also need some crazy new off the wall ideas for event fun so crazy off the wall new ideas are cool
02:44:53 * rbergeron coughs and steps back and hands someone else the mic
02:45:05 * dgilmore would be willing to cook brisket for fedora
02:45:11 <rbergeron> inode0: as far as swag?
02:45:17 <rbergeron> or ... in general. anything. :)
02:45:23 <chanchito> frisbees with the fedora logo!
02:45:32 <chanchito> for summer events
02:45:42 <inode0> I wasn't thinking about swag, more about booth activities and other stuff
02:45:45 <makfinsky> dgilmore: Count me in.
02:45:57 <kk4ewt> ?
02:46:06 <rbergeron> inode0: summer is the season for boothing. :)
02:46:42 <makfinsky> Ok, so fun things to do at booths.
02:46:49 <chanchito> since i work for the largest lottery and gaming company in the world, how about the daily numbers box with the floating numbered balls for giving out prizes?
02:46:50 <inode0> chanchito: please run with that, look for some vendors, get prices
02:46:51 * nb loves the APAC keychains and would like to find a supplier in NA that can make something similar (minus the redhat logo, and with the correct colors for the fedora logo)
02:46:59 <chanchito> 10-4!
02:46:59 <makfinsky> Screaming monkeys, stump the chump, Expert challenge.
02:47:08 <makfinsky> Those are things that draw folks to booths for sure.
02:47:08 * nb intends to look for suppliers and quotes
02:48:05 <nb> Oh: stamps.com account
02:48:08 <kk4ewt> i am sorryi didnt realize i had to file a dang ticket on event that I wanted to discuss tonight nor that the trac system would be manditory without a meeting to discuss it first
02:48:23 <nb> kk4ewt, i don think it is mandatory yet at least?
02:48:34 <inode0> chanchito: prizes at booths is another thing we've not done that could be fun
02:48:50 <kk4ewt> nb not is not the impression i was just given
02:48:56 <nb> I haven't been keeping that good of track of comparison between ups and usps/stamps.com prices, but i just shipped 3 small boxes and we saved about 10.00
02:49:14 <nb> (which we get charged 15.99/month so if i ship a few more we'll be saving at least that much)
02:49:15 <inode0> kk4ewt: you don't, please just discuss whatever you want to discuss now
02:49:17 <nb> more figures to come.
02:49:22 <chanchito> could use the swag as prizes, like a hoodie, shirts, hats, etc
02:49:40 <kk4ewt> inode0:  welll SGS brought up 2 events and was ignored
02:50:06 <inode0> I didn't ignore it but it sounded like an announcement, was there something to discuss?
02:50:26 <inode0> let's go back to the installfests now
02:50:35 <kk4ewt> well i was hoping to discuss and maybe get a 25-50 budget for each event
02:50:57 <inode0> you are approved
02:51:24 <inode0> even without discussion but I'm interested in what you are thinking about doing
02:53:13 <kk4ewt> at the high we do have an ambassador and I will be attending the school to discuss fedora and getting involved with fedora
02:53:38 <kk4ewt> as well as working with the classes during a day
02:53:55 <kk4ewt> the budget is for pizza at the installfest
02:54:18 <kk4ewt> VT installfest we doing aobut the same
02:54:50 <inode0> +1
02:54:58 <kk4ewt> we will be there to help with installs and answer questions about Open source helping with installs
02:55:07 <nb> +1
02:57:08 <makfinsky> +1
02:57:11 <kk4ewt> i dont think its right for  me or SGS to vote
02:57:17 <inode0> anything more on events or other stuff?
02:57:58 <kk4ewt> lfne  will be sure to get with mario and make sure event box and banners are there
02:58:26 <inode0> thanks
02:58:55 <kk4ewt> and i have started a event page for SELF
02:59:26 <kk4ewt> that all i have for tonight
02:59:31 <inode0> ok, thanks
03:00:05 <kk4ewt> sorry for the late posting 2 many meetings at the sametime
03:00:21 <nb> looks like bpepple is doing ILF too
03:00:23 <inode0> I'll probably annoy kk4ewt by opening a few more tickets including one to review last year's events for next week :)
03:00:23 <nb> according to wiki
03:01:14 <inode0> but that should be done soon so we know what to expect during the busy part of the year before it is on top of us
03:01:48 <kk4ewt> inode0:  no problems with using the ticket system its worth a try but i think event tickets should be automaticly in the meetings
03:01:54 <inode0> thanks for coming everyone and we can continue brainstorming in the ambassadors channel if you want
03:02:18 <dramsey> Thank you, inode0 for chairing.  :)
03:02:42 <inode0> kk4ewt: ok, we need to work all that out since I don't pretend to know the best workflow
03:03:05 <inode0> I figure we start trying it and fix it as we go as best we can
03:03:41 * inode0 is about to end the meeting as we should stick as close to 1hr as possible
03:03:52 <inode0> #endmeeting