05:07:56 <tagoh> #startmeeting i18n
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05:08:00 <tagoh> #meetingname i18n
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05:08:06 <tagoh> #topic agenda and roll call
05:08:16 <tagoh> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/I18N/Meetings/2011-12-08
05:08:34 <tagoh> okay, let's have i18n meeting.
05:08:49 <tagoh> who else here today?
05:08:57 <dueno> hi
05:09:02 <epico_laptop> hi
05:09:07 <lijli> hi
05:10:40 <fujiwarat> hi
05:10:45 <jni> hi
05:11:10 <tagoh> okay, let's get started.
05:11:24 <tagoh> #topic Supported language list
05:11:50 <tagoh> well, writing a mail to the list but not yet sending. hope will send it shortly..
05:12:16 <tagoh> any comments or questions for that?
05:15:06 <tagoh> #topic F17
05:15:13 <tagoh> okay, so any updates for f17 features?
05:16:50 <tagoh> jni: how about fonts-tweak-tool?
05:17:28 <tagoh> paragan: btw thanks for the package review.
05:17:38 <paragan> tagoh, welcome
05:18:08 <tagoh> jni: it contains gir so you can use it in fonts-tweak-tool soon.
05:18:25 <jni> tagoh, sorry, no progress yet, do you think we should talk to gnome-tweak-tool first or we still continue our plan?
05:18:35 <tagoh> .bug 760897
05:18:37 <zodbot> tagoh: Bug 760897 Review Request: libeasyfc - Easy configuration generator interface for fontconfig - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=760897
05:18:42 <jni> tagoh, thanks, i will look through it
05:19:07 <tagoh> jni: well, better doing both together.
05:19:27 <jni> tagoh, ok, thanks
05:21:31 <tagoh> paragan: inscript2 feature has been accepted and already mark 100% complete, there are nothing to do so far? you may want to update the test case for test day perhaps? dunno
05:22:59 <tagoh> jni: also please fill in paragraphs in the feature page to propose it for f17.
05:23:16 <jni> tagoh, sure
05:23:59 <tagoh> anything else on f17 topic?
05:25:36 <tagoh> okay, let's move on then.
05:25:52 <tagoh> #topic Bugzilla house keeping
05:25:52 <paragan> tagoh, ok
05:26:11 <tagoh> 20 bugs is still open on f14..
05:27:42 <tagoh> please check it out once again if it's still reproducible on the latest and update.
05:28:50 <tagoh> some bugs is a bit hard to reproduce though.
05:29:10 <tagoh> anyway, volunteers are always welcome..
05:30:17 <tagoh> #topic Input Methods
05:30:34 <tagoh> any updates or concerns to share for IM?
05:31:47 <anish_> ibus-indic-table-1.3.1-18.fc15 is available for testing
05:33:10 <tagoh> -17?
05:33:19 <anish_> yes
05:33:48 <tagoh> cool
05:33:54 <dingyichen> ibus-table-1.3.9 is also on testing.
05:34:25 <tagoh> https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/ibus-indic-table-1.3.1-17.fc15
05:34:39 <tagoh> https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/ibus-indic-table-1.3.1-17.fc16
05:35:07 <tagoh> https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-2011-16563/ibus-table-
05:35:34 <tagoh> dingyichen: what's the changes in 1.3.9 btw?
05:38:01 <tagoh> fujiwarat: anything from ibus?
05:38:59 <fujiwarat> Ah, last week I added ibus-1.4.0-14 but it's something wrong.
05:39:06 <fujiwarat> on bodhi.
05:39:29 <tagoh> aha
05:39:46 <fujiwarat> Now I'm asking AutoQA is passed.
05:42:09 <tagoh> hm, any deps was changed in ibus? or ibus-indic-table was broken.. dunno
05:42:35 <tagoh> https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/ibus-1.4.0-14.fc16
05:43:11 <fujiwarat> http://autoqa.fedoraproject.org/results/243677-autotest/virt06.qa.fedoraproject.org/depcheck/results/full.log
05:43:44 <anish_> tagoh, ibus-indic-table broken ?
05:43:52 <fujiwarat> I don't understand airsched & simfqt.
05:44:49 <tagoh> fujiwarat: are you asking QA people for that right?
05:44:59 <dingyichen> tagoh, basically some clean up.
05:45:11 <fujiwarat> I put my comment on bodhi.
05:45:31 <fujiwarat> I also asked #fedora-qa but no response...
05:46:53 <tagoh> I think they don't basically have a look.. maybe continue ping on #fedora-qa or send email to tests list or devel perhaps.
05:47:15 <fujiwarat> ok
05:48:43 <tagoh> anish_: sorry, irrelevant against full.log
05:48:55 <tagoh> dingyichen: aha. thanks
05:49:03 <tagoh> anything else?
05:49:04 <anish_> tagoh, okie thanks
05:50:57 <tagoh> okay, better move on
05:51:05 <tagoh> #topic Fonts and Rendering
05:51:16 <tagoh> any updates or concerns to share?
05:53:43 <tagoh> or anything else we are missing on the agenda?
05:56:03 <tagoh> okay, stop the meeting here then. thanks everyone!
05:56:09 <tagoh> #endmeeting