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19:01:01 <robynna> #topic YO YO, who's here
19:01:07 <gholms> chirp, chirp
19:01:11 * jforbes might be
19:01:12 * russellb hops
19:01:41 <robynna> is it spring? hopping and birds chirping?
19:01:44 * robynna checks the weather
19:01:59 <traylenator> Am here
19:02:08 * ke4qqq shows up for once
19:02:15 <gholms> robynna: Decided to change things up on IRC?
19:02:25 <robynna> gholms: it's more awesome than that.
19:02:31 <robynna> traylenator: welcome
19:02:32 <robynna> LOL
19:02:40 <robynna> gholms: i ... yeah, it's too mortifying. i'll tell you later
19:02:46 <gholms> ;)
19:02:52 * robynna moves onwards
19:02:55 <robynna> mr. darcy, welcome
19:03:02 <gholms> Hey, ke4qqq
19:03:22 <robynna> kewhoqqwho?
19:03:26 <ke4qqq> hi gholms
19:03:29 <robynna> ;)
19:03:33 <robynna> #topic Agenda for today
19:03:45 <robynna> We're going to play a new game. Since we have all these new people hanging out and whatnot. :)
19:03:47 <kkeithley> here
19:03:59 <robynna> Normally I'd talk about ec2 stuff, but, well, that's less pressing. My, how things have changed.
19:04:04 <ke4qqq> thermonuclear war?
19:04:15 <gholms> Hehe
19:04:21 <robynna> Well, there's that.
19:04:35 <robynna> So I'm looking for YOUR TOPICS today.
19:04:36 <jforbes> The only winning move is not to play
19:04:45 * robynna suggests cloudstack and eucalyptus packaging
19:04:55 <robynna> :D
19:05:35 <robynna> now now, people
19:05:39 <robynna> I know.
19:05:44 <robynna> #topic Gluster/HekaFS
19:05:50 <robynna> since johnmark is the last to arrive.
19:05:58 <johnmark> lol... thanks
19:06:01 <robynna> I hear there's a BoF this week at LISA.
19:06:10 <johnmark> so you're encouraging me to arrive late every time? ;)
19:06:13 <robynna> anything else exciting to announce or share?
19:06:17 <johnmark> robynna: why yes! yes there is!
19:06:17 <jdarcy> Rumor has it that I'm supposed to attend.
19:06:22 * robynna looks at jdarcy and kkeithley
19:06:22 <johnmark> jdarcy: rumor has it...
19:06:25 <johnmark> and kkeithley
19:06:31 <kkeithley> indeed
19:06:41 <johnmark> so yes, there's a BoF at LISA on 12/7 at 8:30 pm
19:06:50 <sdake> any report on multisite gluster?
19:06:50 <johnmark> if you're in the neighborhood...
19:07:05 <johnmark> sdake: I'm hopeful that kkeithley and/or jdarcy can speak to that
19:07:09 <johnmark> which is why I'm inviting them :)
19:07:40 <kkeithley> speak to what?
19:07:57 <jdarcy> I can babble about it.
19:07:57 <johnmark> kkeithley: sdake's question - which I took to refer to multi-tenancy
19:08:11 <sdake> running gluster wide area
19:08:12 <jdarcy> johnmark: I think he was asking about wide-area replication, actually.
19:08:20 <kkeithley> ah, yes. I suppose I can babble about it too, al little bit
19:08:25 * gregdek lurks.
19:08:28 <johnmark> sdake: ah! well, we do have geo-replication, if that's what you're asking
19:09:08 <johnmark> jdarcy: your babbling is other people's best coherent statement
19:09:34 <jdarcy> johnmark: Truly, I have a dizzying intellect?
19:09:37 <robynna> well, someone feel free to babble
19:09:56 <johnmark> sdake: what do you want to know, specifically?
19:09:59 <jdarcy> No meeting is complete without a Princess Bride reference.
19:10:23 <sdake> jdarcy had indicated there were some problems with wide area replication - thought that was what purpose of hekafs was
19:10:46 <jdarcy> sdake: Long term, yes.  Just barely getting started on that part, though.  :(
19:10:53 <johnmark> sdake: hekafs was mostly abotu multi-tenancy and SSL
19:11:14 <johnmark> ie. making glusterfs safer for hosted service providers
19:11:21 <sdake> got that
19:11:24 <johnmark> jdarcy: if I mangled that, feel free to correct me :)
19:11:43 <sdake> ok well i'll take a look at georep, jdarcy sounds like georep isn't sufficient for wide area?
19:12:11 <jdarcy> johnmark: Only by necessity, i.e. those features were missing from current offerings (not just GlusterFS).  It just had to get done first, but the "vision" that I started with had more to do with wide-area multi-master etc. etc. etc. replication.
19:13:03 <jdarcy> sdake: Georep will do wide-area, but single-master with limited failover (and even less failback), plus it's essentially unordered.
19:13:26 <jdarcy> sdake: It handles an important disaster-recovery use case, but beyond that it kind of fails.
19:13:27 <sdake> the writes are unordered you mean
19:13:47 <jdarcy> sdake: Epochs are ordered, writes within an epoch aren't.
19:14:03 <sdake> that should be ok for HA case where only 1 vm is ever writing
19:14:07 <sdake> ok thanks for update
19:14:18 <johnmark> I should also note that it's a fairly recent feature
19:14:24 <johnmark> as in March, 2011
19:14:35 <sdake> nothing like a green  machine to test on :)
19:14:44 <johnmark> sdake: awesome :)
19:14:56 <robynna> jdarcy or kkeithley or johnmark: any other updates before i mustard on:
19:14:57 <robynna> ?
19:15:02 <johnmark> mustard?
19:15:05 <robynna> progress
19:15:09 <johnmark> I like it brown and spicy
19:15:14 <robynna> johnmark: TMI
19:15:17 <johnmark> LOL
19:15:30 <robynna> I'll take that as a no.
19:15:37 <robynna> #topic OpenStack
19:15:47 <johnmark> oh- just that you can expect a stead stream of announcements re: glusterfs project wrangingly
19:15:53 * robynna looks aroud for anyone having anything to discuss here
19:15:54 <johnmark> starting next week
19:16:13 * robynna looks at russellb, ke4qqq
19:16:32 <johnmark> ie. advisory board, project governance, feature priority, release schedule, etc.
19:16:41 <robynna> #undo
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19:17:04 <robynna> #info expect a steady stream of announcements re: glusterfs project wrangling; ie, advisory board, project governannce, feature priority, schedule, etc.
19:17:05 <ke4qqq> johnmark: is that stuff being discussed anywhere publicly - or just being decided by fiat?
19:17:51 <johnmark> ke4qqq: the discussion starts next week
19:17:53 <johnmark> no fiat
19:18:11 <ke4qqq> ahhh /me assumed by announcements that decisions had been made - my bad
19:18:25 <robynna> i think advisory board may be the key word here, perhaps
19:18:30 <johnmark> some decisions have been made - as in, who we're inviting to be on the board
19:19:31 <robynna> .... anything else?
19:19:35 <johnmark> but the announcements will be centered on how we're moving the project from essentially a wholy-owned open core thing
19:19:38 <johnmark> to something better
19:19:40 <johnmark> ok, done :)
19:19:43 * robynna is really moving on now
19:19:47 <robynna> #topic openstack
19:19:58 <johnmark> lol
19:20:33 * robynna looks around
19:20:33 <sdake> asalkeld and I have got openstack integration with pacemaker cloud (HA project)
19:20:51 <russellb> and some fedora folks are making good progress getting involved upstream
19:20:52 <sdake> if you want to try it out, use git master ;)
19:21:04 <robynna> #info sdake and asalkeld have openstack integration with pacemaker cloud (HA project)
19:21:06 <robynna> sdake: link
19:21:07 <robynna> ?
19:21:08 <johnmark> russellb: that's awesome news
19:21:11 <russellb> markmc got nominated into the nova-core group (able to approve patches and such), so that's pretty cool
19:21:25 <johnmark> russellb: which parts upstream? nova? glance?
19:21:26 <gholms> Nice
19:21:36 <russellb> mainly nova upstream so far
19:21:37 <johnmark> cool
19:21:49 <robynna> #info markmc got nominated into nova-core group (able to approve patches, etc.), more involvement in general upstream (mostly nova thus far) from fedora folks
19:22:24 <sdake> link -> http://www.pacemaker-cloud..org
19:22:31 <sdake> one dot
19:22:32 <sdake> ;)
19:22:33 <russellb> markmc also has some more detailed notes about status in the last week on his user page: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Markmc
19:22:56 <russellb> sdake: didn't angus write up a blog post on it too?
19:22:59 <robynna> #info status from past week in https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Markmc
19:23:24 <sdake> russellb that was the mashup, we have actually got it functional now in last few days with restart of vms and resources
19:23:31 <russellb> ah, great
19:23:34 <sdake> without 100 manual steps
19:23:45 <russellb> sounds like an improvement :)
19:23:59 <robynna> :)
19:24:05 <sdake> mustard ftw
19:24:25 * robynna applauds appropriate use of mustard
19:24:29 <robynna> okay, anything else in openstack-land?
19:24:36 <russellb> and there was a proposal for an openstack hackfest at FUDCon
19:24:40 <robynna> oh, yes
19:24:48 <russellb> didn't see any responses to it other than me, heh
19:24:52 <robynna> #info proposal for openstack hackfest at FUDCon, see mailing list for info
19:25:14 <russellb> though i'm curious who is planning to be there from the Cloud SIG, not just openstack
19:25:25 <robynna> #link http://www.fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:Blacksburg_2012
19:25:32 <robynna> let's see.
19:25:35 <robynna> I am.
19:25:41 <russellb> maybe we could do a cloudy bof or something
19:26:00 <ke4qqq> russellb: I'll be there
19:26:04 <robynna> I believe ke4qqq, johnmark, gregdek, hopefully gholms, ... mull? yes? ... mdomsch, russellb
19:26:06 <johnmark> as will I
19:26:11 <russellb> cool
19:26:17 <gholms> I hope so.
19:26:45 * gregdek yes.
19:26:59 <robynna> okay, onwards!
19:27:02 <mull> :)
19:27:04 <robynna> #topic Eucalyptus
19:27:10 * mull hides
19:27:15 <robynna> now that i have mull and gregdek and gholms all paying attention
19:27:24 <gholms> D:
19:27:29 <Southern_Gentlem> ?
19:27:40 <gregdek> LOL
19:27:55 * gregdek notes that many of us are in a #eucalyptus-meeting at the same time.
19:27:56 <gholms> Hi guys!
19:27:59 <robynna> yar.
19:28:05 <robynna> Southern_Gentlem: go ahead
19:28:07 <sdake> haven't had a chance to dirve deep into eucalyptus yet, is there an imaging service?
19:28:10 <mull> I think I'll have more to say on this topic next week
19:28:24 <Southern_Gentlem> robynna, pm
19:28:27 <robynna> mull: okay. just giving you the opportunity to troll/beg for reviews or etc if needed
19:28:34 <mull> kinda busy prepping something right now.  :-)
19:28:45 <mull> I did get three or four new packages approved last week
19:28:59 <robynna> mull: gotcha
19:29:05 <gregdek> sdake: Join #eucalyptus-meeting where we're talking about that project right now.
19:29:10 * robynna looks at sdake's question and wonders if there is an answer
19:29:13 <robynna> oh, and there is the answer
19:29:29 <gholms> I still need to respond to spot for my review.
19:30:15 <robynna> #info please reserve your rooms for fudcon before the block runs out, as in, ASAP please :)
19:30:24 <johnmark> robynna: thanks for the tip
19:30:44 <johnmark> but who else would possibly be going to blacksburg in january?
19:31:11 <robynna> johnmark: well, there are 127 people signed up
19:31:20 <robynna> ;)
19:31:26 <russellb> how many rooms in the block?
19:31:43 <Southern_Gentlem> 50 and 34 have been reserved
19:31:46 <robynna> russellb: right now, 50, but i am assuming that number can be bumped upwards if we meet this number
19:31:53 * sdake selling soul for travel budget
19:31:56 * russellb is 1 of 34 \o/
19:32:08 <russellb> sdake: haha, yeah, would be cool if you could be there
19:33:12 <robynna> okay, i'm moving onwards from euca
19:33:17 <robynna> #topic cloudstack
19:33:19 <Southern_Gentlem> also if you have a room and are looking for a roomamate let me know
19:33:20 <robynna> ke4qqq: beep beep
19:33:28 <gholms> Heh
19:33:31 <ke4qqq> what am i talking about?
19:33:38 <johnmark> ke4qqq: whatever you want :)
19:33:48 * gholms recommends bacon
19:33:51 <johnmark> ke4qqq: you can start with the weather
19:33:55 <ke4qqq> we are packaging things - targetting F17 - and we'll ship with bacon
19:34:03 <gholms> Yay!
19:34:04 <russellb> nom
19:34:13 <johnmark> ke4qqq: beefy miracle doesn't like bacon
19:34:16 <sdake> ke4qqq cloudstack have an imaging service?
19:34:16 <ke4qqq> though slower than intended at the moment.
19:34:38 <ke4qqq> sdake: not really - but an intermediary that deals with images, but doesn't create them itself.
19:35:09 <sdake> cloudstack have a mechanism to provide custom image uploads?
19:35:14 <johnmark> sdake: I"m curious why you keep asking about imaging services
19:35:28 <ke4qqq> sdake: yes
19:35:34 <russellb> probably looking for what supports the building blocks for pacemaker-cloud?
19:35:37 <johnmark> my take is that if you have a decent filesystem, an imaging service is almost, but not quite, moot
19:35:51 <johnmark> let me rephrase that - a filesystem that supports multiple means of access
19:35:53 <sdake> pacemaker cloud test harness creates images using oz and uploads them to various cloud platforms
19:36:02 <johnmark> sdake: ah, ok
19:36:15 <ke4qqq> sdake: so we are odd in that we require an url to pull rather than accept upload
19:36:18 <sdake> no imaging servce, no way to have appropriate test harness
19:36:26 <johnmark> sdake: got it, ok
19:37:03 <sdake> thanks ke4qqq i'll dig into the docs
19:38:25 <robynna> ke4qqq: have you been able to get with the java sig crew with your package java dramz?
19:38:36 <ke4qqq> robynna: some of them
19:40:13 <robynna> ke4qqq: cool
19:40:17 <robynna> okay
19:40:31 * robynna is going to move onwards, and slightly backwards, to another topic
19:41:05 <robynna> #topic Eucalyptus, round 2, plus image building, I think
19:41:09 <robynna> #chair gregdek
19:41:09 <zodbot> Current chairs: gregdek robynna
19:41:27 <gregdek> Doh.
19:41:28 <gregdek> :)
19:41:41 <robynna> yeah.
19:41:44 <robynna> Talk.
19:41:58 <gregdek> OK.
19:42:27 * gregdek thinks a bit.
19:42:41 <gregdek> We've got this concept in Euca-land.
19:42:45 * robynna gets out the wd-40
19:42:57 <gregdek> That we're working on right now in a meeting in #eucalytpus-meeting.  :)
19:43:07 <johnmark> so we should just go there?
19:43:14 <gregdek> It's basically a store of images and/or recipes that are Euca-ready.
19:43:31 <gregdek> johnmark: yes, if you want to, but not required.  They're talking about details.
19:43:35 <gregdek> This is a good place for a summary.
19:43:47 <robynna> (and trolling for help from a fedora-angle)
19:43:55 <gregdek> LOL, yes.
19:44:07 <gregdek> In a nutshell, Euca needs images to run.
19:44:12 <gregdek> We have a set of starter images.
19:44:20 <gregdek> Beyond that, we want to make it as easy as possible to:
19:44:41 <gregdek> 1. Allow users/partners/etc. to contribute their own images;
19:44:49 <gregdek> 2. Make it easy for Euca users to find those images;
19:45:05 <gregdek> 3. Make it easy to pull Amazon images in.
19:45:27 <gregdek> So we're working on those problems right now, as we speak.
19:45:42 <gregdek> And Fedora obviously falls into that category.
19:45:55 <gregdek> Everything that is a "spin" is also a potential image for Euca.
19:46:45 <robynna> #info Summary: Euca needs images to run. They have starter images, but want to (1) allow users/partners/etc. to contribute their own images; (2) make it easy for euca users to find those images; (3) make it easy to pull amazon images in.
19:46:51 <robynna> Are there things in Fedora-land that can make that easier?
19:47:03 <gregdek> It appears that obino (Graziano Obertelli from Eucalyptus) has worked with mgoldmann to set up Euca as a target platform for Boxgrinder, so we can certainly play with that.
19:47:28 <gregdek> If there's a standard process that Fedora is going through for its "official AMIs", leveraging that process might also be useful.
19:47:38 <gregdek> Which, AIUI, is Koji-based right now.
19:47:50 <robynna> Right. Unless I'm oblivious.
19:47:53 * robynna looks at jforbes
19:47:57 <obino> we have a project at https://projects.eucalyptus.com/redmine/projects/images/wiki that explains some of the issue and progress
19:48:15 <johnmark> gregdek: awesome stuff. I'd like to make it easier for your users to deploy Gluster, so would like to know more about generating images
19:48:16 <jsmith> robynna: Yes, it's Koji-based right now
19:48:16 * obino ops just behind the conversation
19:48:41 <jforbes> well, standard process is releng generated by koji
19:48:43 <gregdek> johnmark: is Gluster just an RPM?
19:48:45 <ke4qqq> gregdek: you prolly want to look at boxgrinder instead
19:48:53 <johnmark> gregdek: yes
19:48:57 <jsmith> If we want additional image formats, we beg Red Hat Engineering Services to add the functionality to Koji
19:49:29 <dgilmore> jsmith: not true
19:49:36 <jsmith> dgilmore: Oh?
19:50:14 <gregdek> johnmark: are you working on a Fedora+Gluster "spin/whatever" to show off what Gluster can do?
19:50:21 <dgilmore> jsmith: well some of it can be done via kickstart, or someother way
19:50:39 <johnmark> gregdek: that's what I have in mind, but not just limited to fedora
19:50:50 * gregdek nods.
19:50:55 <dgilmore> jsmith: it depends on the change
19:51:16 <johnmark> gregdek: and I'm currently creating an open req for someone to do cool shit like that :)
19:51:18 * robynna thinks that many of us want to solve the same problem (how to build an easy way to show off multiple types of cloudy infrastructure things)
19:51:20 <johnmark> just fyi...
19:51:38 * robynna wonders if that's up ke4qqq's alley as well
19:51:38 <gregdek> johnmark: So I'm unsure of details of config et al, but it would certainly be interesting to have a Fedora+Gluster image in the Euca store.
19:51:39 <johnmark> robynna: ah geez, are you suggesting we work together???
19:51:51 <sdake> johnmark yes the provisioning toolchain problem is being solved by 10+ different projects
19:51:54 <robynna> johnmark: i would never recommend such insanity ;)
19:51:57 <johnmark> sdake: wow, ok
19:52:01 <johnmark> robynna: lol :)
19:52:02 <robynna> sdake: I think this is lower level than what you are thinking
19:52:03 <ke4qqq> what is up my alley?
19:52:11 <johnmark> robynna: well, it *is* a good idea
19:52:18 <robynna> unless we're talking about multiple projects here
19:52:28 <ke4qqq> sdake: is that all - I thought there were 10+ inside rht alone
19:52:46 <robynna> iirc, the euca thing *started* with the idea of making a live CD that can be a nice demo
19:52:48 <sdake> ke4qqq probably more then 10 ;)
19:52:58 <robynna> i'm not sure if that's grown to a larger idea, or if we're talking about multiple ideas
19:53:00 <gregdek> There's a lot of tools for building images.  We just need help getting those tools targeting Euca images.
19:53:03 <robynna> different ideas
19:53:13 <traylenator> Gluster is just a package, submitted bug
19:53:45 <gregdek> So I guess the thing is, are there specific actions we want to identify that we can/should take?
19:53:51 <traylenator> To make it start post instalation, it does not currently but could i expect.
19:54:09 <ke4qqq> gregdek: my repeated stance is that bg is still the best tool out there for taking images and targeting diverse platforms.
19:54:27 <robynna> traylenator: it could with an appropriate spin/remix, i would expect
19:54:51 <gregdek> OK. We've got an action item in the other meeting for one of our guys to explore BG.
19:55:05 <gregdek> So maybe we should just start playing with BG and circle back.
19:55:14 <gregdek> Do you have a bunch of BG recipes for Fedora images?
19:55:33 <johnmark> traylenator: right
19:55:38 <ke4qqq> gregdek: a few here and there - I am using BG to spin up a bunch of instances for a packaging class at lisa and using that.
19:55:50 <robynna> gregdek: have you looked at it at all?
19:55:54 <gregdek> Any good place to share BG recipes?
19:55:58 <ke4qqq> and it's super EASY
19:56:00 * robynna notes that mgoldmann is a huge source of info, but is in europe
19:56:00 <gregdek> robynna: Enough to understand the gist.
19:56:01 <ke4qqq> gregdek: not yet
19:56:09 <gregdek> ke4qqq: Maybe we should build that.
19:56:11 <robynna> HEY MGOLDMANN
19:56:14 <mgoldmann> morning!
19:56:16 <gregdek> Hey mgoldmann :)
19:56:23 <robynna> someone hailed you.l
19:56:25 <robynna> I have to think.
19:56:26 <ke4qqq> gregdek: sure - if you're at lisa - lets talk this week
19:56:27 <mgoldmann> I'm late to the party, right?
19:56:32 <gregdek> ke4qqq: I am not.
19:56:35 <mgoldmann> anything left to drink?
19:56:35 <gregdek> I'm in SB.
19:56:38 <gholms> Hi, mgoldmann!
19:56:53 <obino> hello mgoldmann
19:56:54 <ke4qqq> mgoldmann: very - I've had to play mgoldmann in the meeting and promote BG - and I am a terrible actor. :)
19:56:59 <robynna> mgoldmann: gregdek was talking about the ability of boxgrinder to maybe kick out eucalyptus images... and other stuff
19:57:07 <mgoldmann> robynna: gregdek: obino: gholms: ke4qqq: morning!
19:57:10 <robynna> over my head but I'm here to play cheerleader
19:57:15 <robynna> rah rah cloud!
19:57:23 * robynna shakes her pompoms
19:57:24 <ke4qqq> mgoldmann: the more interesting thing - a place to share aapls
19:57:27 <mgoldmann> ke4qqq: I'll read the logs! :)
19:57:44 <johnmark> lol
19:57:47 <johnmark> mgoldmann: howdy :)
19:57:52 <gregdek> YAY CLOUD!
19:57:54 <robynna> mgoldmann: isn't that one of the things torquebox might be able to eventually do?
19:57:56 <mgoldmann> johnmark: hiya!
19:58:06 <gregdek> aapl: is that the name of a bg recipe?
19:58:08 <robynna> be a backend to store / share?
19:58:10 <mgoldmann> robynna: we can use TB to do this ,sure
19:58:15 <mgoldmann> but TB is just a platform
19:58:17 <robynna> aapl is apple stock ticker, iirc :)
19:58:24 <gregdek> Yes, that's what I thought :)
19:58:33 <mgoldmann> which could allow us to write the web stuff in rails for example
19:58:38 <robynna> feel free to share your aapls with me, if you have any
19:58:47 <ke4qqq> gregdek: yes or maybe it's appl - I keep them different
19:59:10 <gregdek> ke4qqq: is it as simple as "this is a single recipe text" that can just be slapped up on github somewhere?
19:59:16 <ke4qqq> gregdek: yes
19:59:17 <robynna> gregdek: i think the short answer is, there's no place that already has appliances from a variety of people, templated
19:59:21 <ke4qqq> simpler than kickstarts
19:59:22 <robynna> but it's pretty simple
19:59:24 <johnmark> ke4qqq: wow
19:59:27 <mgoldmann> one sec
19:59:35 * gregdek waits for the expert to weigh in :)
19:59:36 <gholms> It's a single yaml file that more or less emulates a kickstart.
19:59:43 <mgoldmann> https://github.com/boxgrinder/boxgrinder-appliances
19:59:52 <gregdek> So it does exist already.
19:59:54 <mgoldmann> https://github.com/boxgrinder/boxgrinder-appliances/blob/master/BoxGrinder/boxgrinder-meta.appl
19:59:55 * gregdek looks.
19:59:56 <gholms> (Though they can inherit from one another)
20:00:22 <mgoldmann> https://github.com/boxgrinder/boxgrinder-appliances/blob/master/CentOS/CentOS-lamp.appl this is for example community submitted
20:00:23 <robynna> http://boxgrinder.org/tutorials/appliance-definition/ <-- sample at bottom of this page, too
20:00:39 <johnmark> yay CentOS!~
20:00:43 <mgoldmann> http://boxgrinder.org/ < sample in the middle of the page :)
20:00:46 <ke4qqq> mgoldmann: ahhh interesting - I was unaware of the existence.
20:01:15 * gregdek click whirr click click whirr...
20:01:20 <mgoldmann> :)
20:01:23 * robynna passes gregdek the wd40 again
20:01:53 * ke4qqq notes that he feels like the BG evangelist in NA sometimes - :)
20:01:58 <gregdek> So why do we not have scripts that auto-build these recipes in the Eucalyptus Community Cloud?
20:02:08 * mgoldmann will buy some beers ke4qqq
20:02:20 * robynna will take those beers on ke4qqq's behalf
20:02:30 <ke4qqq> gregdek: you don't have delivery plugin for euca yet
20:02:34 <robynna> i will just... pick them up in brno or something
20:02:37 <robynna> meet you halfway
20:02:39 <mgoldmann> gregdek: in general - we don't have support for eucalyptus now in BG
20:02:50 <ke4qqq> and might want to do some platform specific stuff.
20:02:53 <gregdek> mgoldmann: ok.  So we need to work on that.
20:03:06 <mgoldmann> last time I checked there were issues with uploading stuff to the eucalyptus cloud
20:03:11 <mgoldmann> we have a draft of the plugin ready
20:03:28 <mgoldmann> I filled a few bugs and some of them should be resolved now
20:03:36 <mgoldmann> so I need to check this one more time
20:03:40 <gholms> Oh yeah, those bugs.
20:03:50 <mgoldmann> sorry for not being specific, it was some time ago :)
20:03:53 * robynna wonders if those bugs have links or this draft has a location :)
20:03:55 <gholms> Something tells me they were "fixed in eucalyptus 3."
20:04:03 <mgoldmann> gregdek: me too
20:04:41 <mgoldmann> robynna: looking for it
20:04:58 * gregdek is shifting between 5 different tasks, sirry
20:05:00 <gregdek> sorry
20:05:08 <gregdek> OK.
20:05:10 <obino> gholms: do we have the patch? Can we backport them to 2.x?
20:05:44 <mgoldmann> https://github.com/boxgrinder/boxgrinder-build/commit/5b2e35aef5f528d1d5a593096b7702276892d560
20:06:01 <mgoldmann> but it was some time ago and it's most probably not sync with master now
20:06:16 * gregdek nods.
20:06:21 <mgoldmann> obino: I would need to take a look what's the current state of it
20:06:22 <gholms> obino: At least some of his bugs were long enough ago that they should be in devel.
20:07:40 * robynna notes that boxgrinder has a mailing list that might be helpful for gregdek to be on as well
20:07:43 <robynna> and an irc channel
20:07:50 <mgoldmann> aye!
20:07:58 <mgoldmann> http://boxgrinder.org/community/
20:08:09 <obino> gholms: let;s look at them later on if you have time
20:08:16 <robynna> gregdek: AND STICKERS WITH MONKEYS
20:08:19 * gholms headasplodes
20:08:28 <johnmark> awesome :)
20:08:39 * mgoldmann wonder wtf happened to robynna's nick
20:08:45 <mgoldmann> wonders*
20:08:52 <robynna> mgoldmann: we will not talk about right now
20:08:53 <robynna> :)
20:08:54 <gholms> robynna: We can has storytime later?
20:09:13 * mgoldmann is eagerly waiting for open floor
20:09:15 <robynna> gholms: the machine where my irc is at is... um... well, unavailable
20:09:18 <gregdek> OK, I've got enough to melt my brain for now.
20:09:20 * gregdek is done.
20:09:23 <robynna> because I forgot my password
20:09:25 <robynna> and i locked myself out
20:09:30 <robynna> is about the bottom line
20:09:30 <mgoldmann> :D
20:09:31 <robynna> :)
20:09:41 <robynna> i'm one of those users, today
20:09:45 <robynna> anyway
20:10:01 <russellb> self-ownage
20:10:03 <robynna> #topic Open Floor
20:10:32 <robynna> HELLO. Does anyone else have topics they would like to discuss??
20:10:44 <robynna> mgoldmann: are you comign to fudcon?
20:10:54 <mgoldmann> robynna: that's a damn good question!
20:10:56 <mgoldmann> :)
20:11:03 <mgoldmann> maybe
20:11:07 <sdake> mgoldmann no ubuntu plugin for boxgrinder?
20:11:15 <mgoldmann> sdake: there is one :)
20:11:22 <sdake> oh - webpage must be out of date
20:11:35 <mgoldmann> nope, it's written by someone from the community
20:11:41 <mgoldmann> lemme find the link
20:11:51 <sdake> http://boxgrinder.org/tutorials/boxgrinder-build-plugins/
20:11:55 <sdake> debain/ubuntu not listed
20:11:56 <mgoldmann> robynna: if I get my budget approved - I'll be there
20:12:09 <mgoldmann> sdake: that's true - it's not part of BG
20:12:26 <mgoldmann> sdake: https://github.com/rubiojr/boxgrinder-ubuntu-plugin
20:12:44 <ke4qqq> mgoldmann: why not?
20:13:02 <robynna> mgoldmann: i saw that bob is coming ;)
20:13:02 <sdake> should get some fedora packaging on that
20:13:03 <johnmark> ke4qqq: exactly what I was wondering
20:13:10 <mgoldmann> ke4qqq: because I need to sort out one important thing :)
20:13:24 <mgoldmann> currently you cannot build ubuntu on fedora
20:13:28 <mgoldmann> and vice versa
20:13:50 <sdake> odd - oz builds ubuntu on fedora
20:13:51 <mgoldmann> so, submitting BG to ubuntu would make sense with ubuntu plugin only, for example
20:13:57 <sdake> is there some technical limitation?
20:14:06 <mgoldmann> sdake: sure, but it uses completely different method
20:14:37 <mgoldmann> sdake: oz uses KVM - I don't want to use KVM because it's dead slow on VM's => image in 7 hours?
20:14:54 <sdake> ya it is a bit slow about 5 mins on my laptop to generate a jeos
20:14:58 <sdake> i'll give bg a try
20:15:05 <mgoldmann> sdake: on bare metal :)
20:15:13 <mgoldmann> BG deployments are mostly on vms
20:15:14 <sdake> bg will never be able to generate ubuntu images on fedora then?
20:15:20 <mgoldmann> correct
20:15:38 <mgoldmann> unless we find a nice way to work around the limitations
20:15:48 <mgoldmann> but there is no plan for it now
20:15:48 <gholms> Well, fedora could grow apt/deb support... :P
20:16:00 <mgoldmann> something like this ^ :)
20:16:06 <ke4qqq> there are apt/deb tools that were at least up for review at one point
20:16:09 <sdake> and an asteroid could fall to earth in my lifeitme ;)
20:16:16 <gholms> Yeah, and that stalled out.
20:16:24 <mgoldmann> 2012 is close
20:16:26 <robynna> hey, those guys on meterorite men make a crapton of money off asteroids falling to earth
20:16:27 <ke4qqq> yeah - I was disappointed
20:16:32 <robynna> or i gues those are meteorites
20:16:34 <robynna> never mind
20:16:44 * gholms wanted to be able to run pbuilder on fedora
20:16:45 <sdake> meteorwrong!
20:16:49 * robynna scowls at sdake laughing at her
20:17:38 <kkeithley> well, meteorites are just small asteroids
20:17:52 <mgoldmann> btw, there is no reason why we couldn't add support for oz in BG :)
20:17:55 <kkeithley> or big ones
20:18:29 <robynna> mgoldmann: i don't follow
20:18:53 <mgoldmann> oz is just a builder, BG is a whole suite with conversion and delivery
20:18:58 <mgoldmann> OZ can be BG back-end
20:19:08 <mgoldmann> like appliance-creator is now
20:19:09 <ke4qqq> kkeithley: yeah - meteorites are a subset of meteors which are a subset of asteroids.
20:19:15 <johnmark> mgoldmann: interesting
20:19:35 <mgoldmann> we just need to convert .appl into file eatable by OZ and run it
20:19:42 <johnmark> sdake: who works on Oz?
20:19:52 <sdake> chris lalancette
20:19:53 <robynna> clalance ;)
20:19:55 <mgoldmann> clalance and imcled
20:20:04 <kkeithley> clalance is gone
20:20:07 <sdake> ian mcloud
20:20:07 <robynna> yeah
20:20:12 <mgoldmann> but still alive!
20:20:14 <johnmark> pl
20:20:17 <johnmark> gah... ok
20:20:18 <robynna> i don't think it's spelled that way (re: ian)
20:20:22 <robynna> mcleod
20:20:24 <sdake> gone from rht but still with the community :)
20:20:37 <johnmark> sdake: got it. cool
20:20:53 * ke4qqq apologizes, but needs to depart
20:21:03 <robynna> have fun at LISA
20:21:12 * gholms notes we are way overtime
20:21:15 <robynna> gholms: indeed
20:21:21 <johnmark> robynna: OH WE WILL
20:21:21 <robynna> i blame sdake
20:21:28 <robynna> it turned into the cloud sig0 meeting today
20:21:29 <mgoldmann> robynna: ftfy: "have fun with LISA"
20:21:53 <gholms> mgoldmann: ........
20:22:03 <johnmark> see ya
20:22:11 <robynna> mgoldmann: it was directed at ke4qqq
20:22:18 <gholms> robynna: http://instantrimshot.com/
20:22:24 <robynna> gholms: thanks
20:22:26 <robynna> LOL
20:22:44 * gholms needs to leave now
20:23:01 * robynna is going to end meeting
20:23:06 <gholms> Thanks for the discussion, everyone.  Hopefully there will be good news in euca-land next week.
20:23:08 <robynna> thanks for playing today, kids :)
20:23:15 <robynna> gholms: keep an eye on gregdek's brain
20:23:19 <robynna> #endmeeting