04:05:01 <tuanta> #startmeeting
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04:05:11 <tuanta> #meetingname APAC
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04:05:19 <tuanta> .fas tuanta
04:05:21 <zodbot> tuanta: tuanta '' <tuanta@iwayvietnam.com>
04:05:26 <bckurera> .fas bckurera
04:05:27 <zodbot> bckurera: bckurera 'Buddhika Kurera' <bckurera@gmail.com>
04:05:49 <bckurera> bckurera from Kandy, Sri Lanka
04:05:52 <tuanta> #topic Ambassador Pinging
04:05:54 <udinnet> Udinnet Uditha Bandata Wijerathna from kurunegala sri lanka
04:06:15 <tuanta> wow, your name is so long, udinnet :)
04:06:21 <tuanta> good morning, everyone
04:06:29 <tuanta> I'm Tuan from Vietnam
04:06:33 <bckurera> meeting agenda
04:06:35 <bckurera> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:APAC_Ambassadors_2011-10-29
04:06:55 <udinnet> Tuanta: good morning
04:07:14 <tuanta> #chair udinnet harish bckurera kulll
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04:07:24 <tuanta> #undo
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04:07:37 <udinnet> Bckurera: i saw the details about kandy event
04:07:39 <tuanta> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:APAC_Ambassadors_2011-10-29#Agenda
04:07:52 <udinnet> And we need some photos
04:07:52 <tuanta> it's today agenda
04:07:57 <harish> good afternoon/morning all.
04:08:10 <tuanta> please review today agenda and change as required
04:08:37 <tuanta> #chair harish
04:08:37 <zodbot> Current chairs: bckurera harish kulll tuanta udinnet
04:08:52 <bckurera> ok shall we move to news then?
04:08:56 <tuanta> #topic News from FAmSCo
04:09:07 <tuanta> any news?
04:09:10 <bckurera> We have some news
04:09:21 <tuanta> +1 bckurera
04:09:24 <udinnet> So go on
04:09:32 <bckurera> there is less than 1 week to FUDCon to happen
04:09:44 <bckurera> So this is the most awaited moment in APAC yet
04:09:54 <bckurera> sadly I missed :)
04:09:59 <bckurera> And the second is
04:10:05 <tuanta> I see you can not attend
04:10:14 <bckurera> FPL announced the Fedora elections
04:10:19 <bckurera> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Elections
04:10:32 <tuanta> yes, I see your nomination
04:10:39 <tuanta> +1 bckurera
04:10:42 <bckurera> I hope there are more nominations from APAC for FAmSCo
04:11:17 <bckurera> further changing FAD password thing need some attention
04:11:20 <tuanta> I am considering to nominate for FAmSCo
04:11:26 <bckurera> That is all I have
04:11:34 <bckurera> harish any info?
04:11:43 <tuanta> but first, I am thinking what I can do, how I will do, etc.
04:11:44 <harish> bckurera, info about?
04:11:55 <bckurera> news I mean harish?
04:12:06 <harish> sure
04:12:20 <harish> i have a request from RH APAC marketing about creating media.
04:12:34 <tuanta> cool
04:12:51 <harish> they are keen to support us to make the dissemination of media to areas that are not currently covered by ambassadors.
04:13:23 <bckurera> We are going to make them ourselves, F16 DVD
04:13:27 <harish> we did have a request from an indonesian school about fedora and we (RH APAC marketing and I) shipped a bunch of F15 cds to them.
04:13:39 <udinnet> +r bckurera
04:13:51 <udinnet> +1 bckurera
04:13:58 <kulll> i gtg :(
04:14:03 <harish> so the question is how else can we push more aggressively into as wide a region as possible with media.
04:14:05 <tuanta> harish, I will be in KL about Nov 17-20. Can I bring some back to Vietnam from KL?
04:14:18 <bckurera> harish we have one FAm in Indonesia as I can remember
04:14:21 <harish> i don't think f16 media will be ready by then.
04:14:39 <tuanta> I need F16 media :)
04:14:46 <harish> btw, all f16 media I make will be 64-bit only.
04:14:54 <tuanta> so, we can have other chances
04:15:14 <harish> so the question for all here is how to
04:15:26 <harish> reach out to countries/cities that have no ambassadors.
04:15:34 <bckurera> harish I think of having some 32 bits DVDs as well here they need it :)
04:15:52 <bckurera> harish I think of this problem
04:15:55 <tuanta> however, for media discussion, we have another separated topic next
04:16:06 <tuanta> should we jump to?
04:16:07 <harish> ok defer till then.
04:16:08 <bckurera> basically expanding the territories with in APAC
04:16:25 <bckurera> will discuss there
04:16:27 <harish> APAC is defined already.
04:16:42 <harish> need to get more involvement within areas not currently showing up.
04:16:58 <bckurera> harish I mean countries in APAC where there are no FAms
04:17:00 <harish> like thailand, taiwan, pakistan
04:17:15 <bckurera> Pakisthan we have FAms harish
04:17:29 <harish> how about tw and th? and id?
04:17:37 <bckurera> taiwan is supported by kaio
04:17:41 <udinnet> There were some pakistani FAms
04:17:43 <tuanta> should we next one by one to the next topics now?
04:17:52 <harish> ok
04:18:05 <bckurera> I have contact with Pakisthan FAms I ll try and let you know about that harish
04:18:33 <harish> ok
04:18:38 <bckurera> next pls>>
04:18:43 <tuanta> #topic Review *ACTION* items from the last meeting
04:19:01 <bckurera> #link http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2011-10-15/apac_bi_weekly.2011-10-15-04.00.html
04:19:04 <tuanta> #link http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2011-10-15/apac_bi_weekly.2011-10-15-04.00.html
04:19:17 <tuanta> thanks, bckurera :)
04:19:18 <tuanta> #undo
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04:19:27 <bckurera> tuanta no worries :)
04:19:35 <tuanta> ask Harish for F16 media for PH on mailing list, azneita
04:19:43 <tuanta> "ask Harish for F16 media for PH on mailing list, azneita"
04:19:50 <tuanta> the first action: "ask Harish for F16 media for PH on mailing list, azneita"
04:20:18 <tuanta> harish, have you received the request from azneita?
04:20:24 <harish> not yet
04:20:27 <udinnet> We miss aznetia today
04:20:48 <bckurera> you should miss him, uddinnet :)
04:21:05 <tuanta> so that action has not been done; I will notice azneita via email
04:21:09 <bckurera> ok then will add this action item to this meeting also tuanta?
04:21:26 * harish i have to step away from keyboard in about 3 minutes.
04:21:38 <tuanta> +1 bckurera
04:21:46 <harish> i will be in pune for fudcon btw
04:21:56 <tuanta> then, the next one: "need to discuss media production deeply in another meeting, bckurera"
04:22:08 <tuanta> please mark it, bckurera
04:22:28 <tuanta> then, "udinnet: decide a tentative date for the FAD before 29th September"
04:22:36 <tuanta> cool, harish
04:22:42 <tuanta> a lot of people there, I see
04:22:54 <harish> September?
04:23:20 <bckurera> no here
04:23:27 <bckurera> the date fixing before Sep 29th
04:23:36 <bckurera> udinnet needs more days It seems
04:23:50 <bckurera> anyway he noted that we are having that on Dec 6 to 8
04:23:58 <udinnet> Yes its between 6-8 dec
04:24:11 <bckurera> tuanta my AI is not finished yet
04:24:15 <tuanta> and the last two action items are: "put all F16 release events onto wiki" and "all ambassadors in all countries/regions: update your needs of media, swag onto wiki https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/APAC/F16"
04:24:33 * harish offtopic - useful note about UEFI from LinuxFoundation - https://www.linuxfoundation.org/publications/making-uefi-secure-boot-work-with-open-platforms
04:24:35 <udinnet> I'm having some reception problem with my mobile. Sorry guys
04:24:48 <tuanta> uncompleted actions should be marked as a new action, I think so
04:25:09 <tuanta> new action in this current meeting
04:25:13 <bckurera> that is good tuanta
04:25:29 <udinnet> +1 bckurera
04:25:33 <tuanta> #action ask Harish for F16 media for PH on mailing list, azneita
04:26:00 <tuanta> udinnet, have you decided the FAD date?
04:26:16 <bckurera> will fix it next meeting tuanta
04:26:25 <tuanta> #agreed uncompleted actions should be marked as a new action
04:26:40 <tuanta> so, it should be an upcoming action
04:26:51 <tuanta> please mark it, udinnet
04:26:53 <udinnet> Yes that is right
04:27:16 <bckurera> #action udinnet: decide a tentative date for the FAD before Nov 5th
04:27:19 <udinnet> I myself update that in next meeting
04:27:31 <bckurera> thanks udinnet
04:27:59 <udinnet> Welcome bckurera
04:28:09 <tuanta> next topic now?
04:28:20 <bckurera> yes pls
04:28:22 <tuanta> #topic Report current Status of upcoming events - Fedora Events
04:28:39 <tuanta> hi KageSenshi
04:28:40 <bckurera> we are still planning next FAD no more info
04:28:43 <tuanta> #chair KageSenshi
04:28:43 <zodbot> Current chairs: KageSenshi bckurera harish kulll tuanta udinnet
04:28:48 <bckurera> KageSenshi hi
04:29:01 <bckurera> saw your tickets at airasia :)
04:29:06 <bckurera> enjoy the FUDcon
04:29:22 <tuanta> you are in time, KageSenshi :)
04:29:29 <tuanta> the right topic, I see
04:29:44 <bckurera> Hanio FAD any info?
04:29:59 <KageSenshi> XD
04:30:27 <tuanta> I will present about Fedara and the relationshop between Fedora and Mozilla community in Vietnam at Mozilla AsiaCamp next month
04:30:30 <tuanta> #link https://wiki.mozilla.org/AsiaCamp2011
04:30:45 <tuanta> s/Fedara/Fedora
04:30:49 <bckurera> tuanta what about FOSS ASIA
04:30:58 <bckurera> is it in Vietnam this year?
04:31:03 <tuanta> I will not attend
04:31:19 <tuanta> it's not so good as its name, I know
04:31:22 <tuanta> :(
04:31:40 <bckurera> oh I see tuanta
04:31:48 <bckurera> ok if no updates shall we move
04:31:54 <tuanta> KageSenshi, hope to see you and Fedorians in KL next month
04:31:56 <bckurera> almost 30 minutes has gone
04:32:19 <tuanta> #topic APAC plans for F16-verne
04:32:30 <bckurera> ok here in Sri Lanka
04:32:33 <KageSenshi> tuanta, yeah :)
04:32:39 <bckurera> we are planning for some release parties
04:32:49 <udinnet> Yeah
04:32:51 <bckurera> indeed we will be having more than 5 this time
04:33:16 <bckurera> myself is arranging a release party for corporate as well
04:33:26 <bckurera> for business ppl
04:33:40 <bckurera> I was keep scaring them about using pirated copies :)
04:33:50 <tuanta> +1 bckurera
04:33:55 <udinnet> lol
04:34:00 <bckurera> so they are very interested about this free thing
04:34:05 <udinnet> Cool
04:34:08 <tuanta> they should change all to FLOSS
04:34:18 <bckurera> and they agree to use it if we give their employees FREE training
04:34:23 <KageSenshi> tuanta, when are you arriving in malaysia for mozasia ?
04:34:43 <tuanta> about Nov 17th. I am not sure
04:34:52 <bckurera> so as a start will agree to hold a release party
04:34:56 <tuanta> I will send you all details when I have
04:34:58 <KageSenshi> tuanta, ok .. just send me an email and i'll find you :P ..
04:35:00 <udinnet> Bckurera what about moratuwa release party
04:35:04 <bckurera> so that is the interesting part from nest rel parties
04:35:07 <udinnet> ?
04:35:22 <udinnet> They confirmed it?
04:35:29 <bckurera> Moratuwa rel party also will take place in first week of Dec udinnet
04:35:37 <bckurera> still the date is not fixed
04:35:42 <tuanta> so cool, bckurera
04:35:47 <tuanta> your idea, I meant
04:35:47 <bckurera> anyway we can arrange it with in 2 weeks minimum
04:35:51 <udinnet> You may have a busy december
04:36:02 <udinnet> ;)
04:36:18 <bckurera> Further I am involving spreading Fedora in Kandy
04:36:32 <tuanta> we support you, bckurera
04:36:41 <bckurera> Kandy SLIIT ppl also asked about a rel party with install fest
04:36:46 <udinnet> I note about that too. Very cool
04:36:49 <bckurera> if possible will have it on Dec or Jan
04:36:51 <bckurera> will see
04:37:17 <bckurera> apart from that I have one in my home town Negombo
04:37:25 <bckurera> more to come so I think we have more than 5
04:37:30 <bckurera> thats all update
04:37:43 <bckurera> udinnet is supporting me locally well
04:37:53 <bckurera> thanks for that udinnet
04:38:43 <udinnet> its an honor bckurera
04:38:49 <bckurera> all info can be found
04:38:54 <bckurera> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Release_Party_F16_Sri_Lanka
04:39:10 <tuanta> at my side, I only have one fixed date F16 release party in Hanoi
04:39:10 <bckurera> please note all dates and time are tentative and can be changed
04:39:20 <bckurera> great tuanta
04:39:36 <tuanta> two others in HCMC and Hue in planning
04:39:50 <tuanta> all should be update onti wki
04:39:51 <KageSenshi> how much is the release party dinner budget per community again ?
04:39:55 <tuanta> s/wki/wiki
04:40:26 <tuanta> as I remember, the max budget should be 60 EUR
04:40:33 <bckurera> KageSenshi I dont hear that from FAmSCo this time
04:40:44 <KageSenshi> oh we dont have that this time? .. ok
04:40:49 <bckurera> they were telling so in last release
04:40:55 <tuanta> I think, the *new* FAmSCo will decide this later
04:41:12 <bckurera> KageSenshi this time there will be a new FAmSCo to decided :)
04:41:23 <bckurera> I hope there will be more APAC FAms
04:41:39 <tuanta> btw, every1, we should have more APAC to nominate for FAmSCo
04:42:04 <bckurera> +1 tuanta
04:42:12 <tuanta> and more important, new FAmSCo should be much more active
04:42:13 <bckurera> I miss dramsey a lot
04:42:20 <KageSenshi> i'm thinking of just doing a small gathering at restaurant among usual faces for the release party .. because we're planning to have another FAD around January anyway .. which hopefully will have DVDs arrived ..
04:42:32 <tuanta> I like mspevack ideas
04:42:52 <bckurera> me too tuanta FAm matrix 3 by 3 :)
04:42:57 <tuanta> +1 KageSenshi, DVD should be good
04:43:38 <tuanta> any more about media, sticker, swag and other?
04:43:54 <tuanta> or next topic?
04:43:57 <KageSenshi> hope to grab extra swags from fudcon :P
04:44:00 <bckurera> producing locallt is the good idea
04:44:06 <bckurera> it saves lot of $$
04:44:07 <tuanta> +1 KageSenshi
04:44:21 <tuanta> keep me some of them :)
04:44:34 <bckurera> ok next pls then>>
04:44:37 <tuanta> I am in KL :)
04:44:51 <tuanta> #topic Fedora Thank You Letter
04:45:07 <bckurera> i m empty at this topic
04:45:10 <tuanta> any updates about this?
04:45:23 <KageSenshi> tuanta, :D
04:45:57 <tuanta> I think this topic should be removed in the next meeting agenda
04:46:25 <tuanta> #action remove the topic "Fedora Thank You Letter" in the next meetings, tuanta
04:46:26 <bckurera> yes tuanta i agree
04:46:40 <tuanta> #topic Red Hat information training for Ambassadors
04:46:57 <bckurera> dramsey ping
04:47:13 <tuanta> I miss him!
04:47:29 <tuanta> next?
04:47:40 <bckurera> pls do
04:47:42 <tuanta> #topic APAC Library
04:47:59 <tuanta> I miss asmartgoat too :)
04:48:05 <bckurera> topic owner missing :)
04:48:13 <bckurera> agredd with tuanta ;)
04:48:17 <tuanta> #topic Classroom
04:48:24 <tuanta> your turn, bckurera
04:48:25 <bckurera> here it is
04:48:35 <bckurera> so still we didnt have one
04:48:46 <bckurera> what can we do
04:48:53 <bckurera> to have more Classrooms
04:48:59 <bckurera> ideas?
04:49:12 <bckurera> i mean not only FAm side in other teams as well
04:49:25 <tuanta> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Bckurera/The_FAms_Way
04:49:44 <tuanta> +1 bckurera, Fedora classroom should be for all
04:50:04 <bckurera> I am thinking of discussing this with team leaders
04:50:09 <tuanta> have you got any topic for others?
04:50:17 <bckurera> and arrange a classrooms
04:50:22 <tuanta> e.g. marketing team
04:50:51 <bckurera> like with design team, how to join and contribute effectively with design team
04:51:01 <tuanta> great!
04:51:09 <tuanta> +1 bckurera
04:51:16 <bckurera> when there is such a classroom we can ask newbies to read it when they send us hello email :)
04:51:22 <tuanta> I'd love to join into that classroom
04:51:24 <bckurera> so that is the objective
04:51:30 <bckurera> I ll start this soon
04:51:40 <udinnet> Yes that is right
04:52:06 <bckurera> #action bckurera, discuss with f.po team leaders and see the possibility of arranging fedora classrooms
04:52:16 <bckurera> we can move if no ideas
04:52:28 <tuanta> +1 bckurera, with your action!
04:52:43 <tuanta> the last topic
04:52:46 <tuanta> #topic Open Floor
04:52:53 <bckurera> I have a news here
04:52:56 <tuanta> we can discuss freely, everything
04:53:01 <bckurera> actually I missed it :)
04:53:04 <tuanta> yes, please
04:53:17 <bckurera> mether asked to update FAms blogs with FUDcon button
04:53:26 <bckurera> so if you are not attending please use this
04:53:30 <bckurera> #link https://fedoraproject.org/w/uploads/a/a4/Button3-not-going.png
04:53:40 <bckurera> #link bckurera.wordpress.com
04:53:44 <bckurera> i have put it :)
04:54:36 <bckurera> Next thing
04:54:45 <bckurera> the next meeting is on next Saturday
04:54:52 <bckurera> so we can have it at FUDcon venue
04:55:04 <bckurera> I asked mether and he is ok and I asked harish and he is ok too
04:55:13 <bckurera> as KageSenshi will be there to
04:55:27 <tuanta> already have in my blog
04:55:38 <bckurera> so you all can decide and have it there with the support of other APAC FAms as well
04:55:46 <bckurera> we will join with you all via IRC
04:56:04 <bckurera> that would be a new experience for all of us
04:56:09 <udinnet> That is great!
04:56:21 <tuanta> cool
04:56:40 <bckurera> any other ideas?
04:57:00 <bckurera> because as APAC we can be proud of
04:57:16 <bckurera> we had a nice history with meeting and performances
04:57:27 <tuanta> +1 bckurera
04:57:44 <bckurera> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Meetings#Meeting_Minutes
04:58:12 <tuanta> +1 bckurera
04:58:34 <tuanta> but, I prefer more APAC ambassadors join with us
04:58:35 <bckurera> further one thing
04:58:53 <bckurera> I am working with FWN these days :)
04:59:07 <bckurera> so if you guys have any update or news pls send it to me
04:59:44 <bckurera> #info any news for FWN please send it to me if you dont have time to write, bckurera will put it on the FWN
04:59:54 <tuanta> sure, bckurera
05:00:04 <bckurera> then thanks for the room
05:00:21 <bckurera> I m empty now :)
05:00:22 <tuanta> that's almost 1 hour now
05:00:36 <tuanta> it's enough today :)
05:00:42 <tuanta> close now?
05:00:53 <bckurera> great meeting, every time at the end of the meeting we know what is happening around, that is the coolest part
05:00:58 <bckurera> yes tuanta
05:01:05 <tuanta> #endmeeting