05:01:50 <tagoh> #startmeeting i18n
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05:01:58 <tagoh> #meetingname i18n
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05:02:02 <juhp> hi
05:02:20 <fujiwarat> hi
05:02:24 <tagoh> #topic agenda and roll call
05:02:35 <tagoh> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/I18N/Meetings/2011-10-06
05:02:52 <tagoh> hi guys, let's have i18n meeting
05:03:12 <dueno> hi
05:06:13 <tagoh> okay, let's get started.
05:06:18 <tagoh> #topic F16
05:07:34 <tagoh> as you know beta is out. coming schedule is Final Change Deadline at October 24th.
05:08:16 <tagoh> we have 2 nth bugs so far, which is translation bugs.
05:08:33 <tagoh> .bug 706756
05:08:35 <zodbot> tagoh: Bug 706756 No translation on Login-Page of the reboot-menu - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=706756
05:08:37 <tagoh> .bug 676488
05:08:42 <zodbot> tagoh: Bug 676488 update showing Error message ??? instead of actual error message - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=676488
05:09:19 <tagoh> 31 bugs open for f16 btw
05:10:39 <tagoh> anything you may want to bring up here for f16?
05:11:44 <tagoh> .bug 727806
05:11:46 <zodbot> tagoh: Bug 727806 Net/ThemeName is required for some gtk+ applications - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=727806
05:12:31 <tagoh> as you can see some updates, just had a talk to Kevin yesterday. I don't have additional comment to follow that up here though.
05:13:45 <juhp> hmm
05:18:41 <tagoh> well updated anyway
05:21:08 <tagoh> fwiw there are no IM nor langpacks in KDE Live due to the disk space issue and anaconda doesn't want to have the language selection for Live, there are no way to install KDE Live with non-en_US locale.
05:23:29 <tagoh> anything else?
05:23:35 <juhp> aha
05:24:17 <juhp> not sure how many people can find language selection in gnome live either ;)
05:25:41 <tagoh> the bigest problem is KDE doesn't give a selection for language if the appropriate kde-l10n-* isn't installed. but not the case for GNOME.
05:27:45 <tagoh> okay, shall we move on?
05:27:53 <dingyichen> hi
05:27:57 <tagoh> #topic Input Methods
05:28:15 <tagoh> any updates or news for IM to share?
05:28:59 <tagoh> 49 bugs open for IM now
05:32:20 <tagoh> .bug 727019
05:32:23 <tagoh> .bug 727018
05:32:23 <zodbot> tagoh: Bug 727019 ibus compose file needs a symbol tag for gnome-shell - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=727019
05:32:27 <zodbot> tagoh: Bug 727018 ibus compose file needs a symbol tag for gnome-shell - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=727018
05:32:39 <tagoh> how is it going on?
05:36:03 <juhp> dingyichen, ?
05:36:25 <juhp> I guess it is holiday today in India
05:36:43 <juhp> as those the only IMEs missing the symbols now?
05:37:19 <tagoh> I think so. some engines is still ON_QA though
05:37:48 <juhp> ok cool
05:37:56 <juhp> s/as/are/
05:38:45 <tagoh> .bug 717831
05:38:47 <zodbot> tagoh: Bug 717831 use old icon for desktops other than gnome - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=717831
05:39:15 <tagoh> fujiwarat: any updates for that?
05:39:48 <fujiwarat> Ah, I still don't have a good idea.
05:40:06 <fujiwarat> Personally I think the new icon is good for KDE desktop.
05:43:12 <tagoh> does LXDE and XFCE use the same theme to GNOME?
05:43:53 <tagoh> adding new ibus icon into the theme may be reasonable
05:45:43 <tagoh> hm, anything else?
05:47:00 <juhp> fujiwarat, hm I think the old icon was better for non-gnome desktops
05:47:39 <juhp> the new icon is good for a black panel, but other desktops still have grey plans
05:47:48 <juhp> panels
05:48:31 <juhp> but maybe we could revert it once the gnome-shell indicator is default
05:51:04 <tagoh> okay, anything else?
05:52:47 <fujiwarat> juhp: thx. I forgot to talk about the icon with you.
05:53:33 <juhp> fujiwarat, ok - or sooner if it is easy to do? :)
05:56:58 <tagoh> okay, guess better move on
05:57:12 <tagoh> #topic Fonts and Rendering
05:58:15 <tagoh> guess no updates for them?
05:58:34 <tagoh> 34 fonts bugs and 31 rendering bugs open btw.
05:59:07 <tagoh> okay, anything else we may be missing in the agenda?
06:02:06 <tagoh> hm, okay, let's close the meeting then. thanks everyone for the meeting!
06:02:14 <tagoh> #endmeeting