05:01:14 <tagoh> #startmeeting i18n
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05:01:18 <tagoh> #meetingname i18n
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05:01:28 <tagoh> #topic agenda and roll call
05:01:43 <tagoh> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/I18N/Meetings/2011-09-08
05:01:50 <juhp> hi
05:01:55 <anish_> hello
05:02:17 <tagoh> hi, time to have i18n meeting!
05:02:26 <paragan> hi
05:02:29 <tagoh> who else here today?
05:03:08 <fujiwarat> hi
05:04:08 <epico_laptop> hi
05:04:25 <dingyichen> hi
05:04:31 <tagoh> okay, let's get started then.
05:04:39 <tagoh> #topic F16
05:06:31 <tagoh> thanks to everyone who participated to the i18n/l10n test day. we still have one day for ibus testing for new features. we may want to update current testcase according to current status and result of the past test day
05:08:03 <tagoh> as sometimes told here, we are planning to have one at 22th September
05:08:56 <tagoh> would be nice to review the test day page again and update it as needed
05:09:04 <tagoh> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2011-09-22_I18n_Desktop
05:09:10 <juhp> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2011-09-01_I18n_Desktop
05:11:03 <juhp> tagoh: oh I wonder why libreoffice-langpack-ja is not pulled
05:11:16 <juhp> hmm that seems to break my theory
05:11:25 <juhp> pulled in
05:11:31 <tagoh> also thanks for updating docbeats too. the wiki freeze for beta has already been passed away, we have a little time to polish it for GA. or if it's ready to go, we could change the flag to indicate that
05:11:55 <tagoh> juhp: aha.
05:12:09 <tagoh> not sure how it works..
05:12:16 <juhp> yeah unfortunately I didn't finish editting the page but yeah guess there is still time for GA at least
05:12:48 <juhp> tagoh: ok let me try too - I thought ja was working for me bicwbw
05:13:07 <tagoh> juhp: not only for ja I suppose
05:13:48 <juhp> tagoh: well zh was because of zh-Hans/Hant
05:14:04 <juhp> and pt_BR because of pt-BR
05:14:32 <tagoh> no explicit day is on the schedule to freeze docbeats for GA so far but seems planning to remind it at 26th September.
05:14:36 <juhp> but expected ja would work
05:14:58 <juhp> tagoh: okay thanks - I need to review the text particularly for ibus
05:15:29 <tagoh> juhp: aha
05:15:37 <tagoh> juhp: cool. thanks
05:16:16 <tagoh> coming event on the schedule would be, beta change deadline and feature 100% complete at 13th September.
05:17:25 <tagoh> fujiwarat: any chance to update the feature page? if all of tasks done for that, update the percentage of completion to 100%. otherwise good to share the current progress on it.
05:18:38 <tagoh> anything else for f16?
05:19:58 <fujiwarat> tagoh: I think the feature is done while I don't update the performance.
05:20:50 <juhp> fujiwarat, ok perhaps we could review together this week then
05:20:53 <pravin_s> hi
05:21:06 <fujiwarat> nice
05:21:25 <tagoh> okay, that would be a good idea.
05:21:30 <juhp> yes
05:21:38 <fujiwarat> Probably we still have a window if the new control+space is the default.
05:22:24 <juhp> fujiwarat, currently it is off by default?
05:22:43 <fujiwarat> no, it's on by default.
05:22:47 <juhp> ok
05:22:53 <tagoh> please be aware of the deadline is coming soon. so better finish by this week anyway.
05:22:57 <juhp> so let's see how the beta goes
05:23:11 <juhp> tagoh: ok right
05:23:22 <fujiwarat> I mean the performance is relative with the new control+space.
05:24:35 <juhp> are there any bugs open that need fixing for beta?
05:25:01 <fujiwarat> not sure. Actually I may not understand your problem exactly.
05:25:36 <fujiwarat> Ah, I don't have any bugs for beta.
05:25:43 <juhp> okay
05:26:15 <tagoh> no blocker bugs nor nth bugs for beta for ibus.
05:26:47 <juhp> fujiwarat, when you say performance are you referring to the speed of ibus-gnome3, or something else?
05:27:06 <fujiwarat> Yes, I closed some bugs if ibus-gnome3 can fix them.
05:27:53 <juhp> tagoh: fwiw "LANG=ja_JP.UTF-8 yum install libreoffice-writer" pulls in libreoffice-langpack-ja for me here
05:27:57 <fujiwarat> juhp: I mean the performance of control+space and my understanding is it does not depend on gnome-shell.
05:28:15 <juhp> tagoh: so if you can still reproduce - could you file a bug for that?
05:28:22 <juhp> fujiwarat, okay thanks
05:28:29 <tagoh> juhp: how about groupinstall? the testcase was not to install one-by-one.
05:28:36 <juhp> ah
05:29:17 <juhp> tagoh: yes samw
05:29:19 <juhp> same
05:29:41 <tagoh> okay, let me test again
05:29:56 <juhp> okay thanks
05:30:00 <tagoh> anything else?
05:30:31 <juhp> also I asked notting in bugzilla if we should remove all langpacks from comps lang groups
05:30:39 <tagoh> yep
05:30:45 <juhp> maybe it is safer for f17 though at this stage - not sure
05:31:16 <tagoh> dunno, does anaconda use yum-langpacks as well?
05:31:34 <juhp> ah that's a very good question!
05:32:01 <juhp> I have a feeling that might be why we left them for now
05:32:11 <juhp> notting probably knows....
05:32:17 <tagoh> nod
05:32:19 <juhp> I am not sure
05:33:04 <tagoh> okay, shall we move on
05:33:15 <tagoh> #topic Input Methods
05:33:33 <tagoh> any updates to share for IM?
05:35:10 <fujiwarat> ibus- will be stable soon. I also will update the ibus build again today.
05:35:26 <tagoh> finally wrote a patch for xsettings-kde to apply Gtk/IMModule on KDE. we could get rid of settings GTK_IM_MODULE envvar on kde afterward.
05:36:17 <tagoh> fujiwarat: aha. what kind of bugs does it fix?
05:37:58 <fujiwarat> tagoh: -3 is for the latest ibus-gnome3 and -4 will fixes 735879 and preedit color on gnome-shell widget.
05:38:03 <juhp> tagoh: nice
05:38:18 <fujiwarat> s/fixes/fix/
05:38:21 <juhp> aha
05:38:38 <tagoh> aha
05:39:38 <tagoh> would be good to have a reference of bugs on bodhi :)
05:39:54 <fujiwarat> However unfortunately the following bug is a regression for f16:
05:39:55 <fujiwarat> https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=658325
05:40:45 <fujiwarat> Yes, the bugs will be shown on bodhi.
05:42:20 <dueno> btw I guess ibus-m17n will need rebuild against ibus-, since there is an API change - so help testing the update would be appreciated
05:43:46 <fujiwarat> I didn't notice the API change.
05:44:08 <tagoh> fujiwarat: that affects the testers to give a karma anyway
05:44:55 <dueno> fujiwarat: an extra arg is added to ibus_engine_get_surrounding_text
05:45:19 <fujiwarat> dueno: Ah, I remembered it now. thx.
05:45:43 <juhp> maybe better to push them together then?
05:45:59 <fujiwarat> OK, probalby I think it effects ibus-m17n only.
05:45:59 <tagoh> juhp: right
05:47:20 <tagoh> fujiwarat: can you check all of engines to make sure?
05:48:46 <fujiwarat> Probably I think the surrounding API is used by dueno only in fedora :).
05:49:17 <dueno> yes I think so :)
05:50:02 <tagoh> fujiwarat: want to make sure "definitely not" but not "probably not" :)
05:51:04 <tagoh> juhp: guess no progress on multilib?
05:51:35 <juhp> tagoh: no news I think
05:51:44 <tagoh> hm, okay
05:52:32 <tagoh> anything else for IM?
05:53:08 * juhp bookmarks the rfe bug
05:53:33 <tagoh> if not, let's move on
05:54:25 <tagoh> #topic Fonts and Rendering
05:54:36 <tagoh> any news on fonts and rendering?
05:55:24 <pravin_s> tagoh: no, nothing from me
05:55:52 <epico_laptop> nothing from me.
05:57:15 <tagoh> guess it may be unlikely to see for f16 but maybe for f17, upstream might be going to prepare the new release of fontconfig. just asked to have a review for patches not yet committed a few days ago.
05:58:22 <juhp> in connection with yum-langpacks I had some discussion with Caolan about BCP47
05:58:35 <tagoh> aha
05:58:43 <juhp> he also suggested it could be useful for fontconfig
05:59:04 <juhp> which might currently ignore locale variants?
05:59:14 <tagoh> I suppose it is filed in bz already
06:00:05 <tagoh> guess need a discussion to think about it though
06:03:42 <juhp> yes
06:03:49 <tagoh> fwiw since we are focusing a lot into f16 development so far, it may be hard to look at other bugs though, keeping 80% of bugs to NEW looks not good to me. no one is checking if it only happens on f15. would be appreciated to test it on f16 or ask for reporters at least.
06:04:01 <juhp> anyway just thought I would mention it hear
06:04:10 <tagoh> for f15 bugs anyway
06:04:12 <juhp> pravin_s, I think it could also help Indic
06:04:32 <juhp> yes
06:05:21 <juhp> if we have too many older bugs we could also start a bug corner but better if people proactively triage of course by themselves
06:06:17 <tagoh> yep
06:07:31 <tagoh> anything else?
06:07:36 <juhp> reminds me I should bump epoch on stardict, or orphan ;o)
06:07:56 <pravin_s> juhp: aha, that nice
06:08:05 <tagoh> epoch? why?
06:08:20 <juhp> tagoh: to revert the version :-(
06:08:29 <tagoh> oh
06:08:48 <juhp> the newer one from googlecode seems totally broken :-(
06:08:54 <juhp> I should complain anyway
06:09:14 <juhp> I thought I tested before pushing to f15-updates but seems not :-/
06:09:15 <tagoh> no fix in even devel branch?
06:09:24 <juhp> I will check...
06:09:44 <juhp> or maybe goldendict is better
06:10:11 <tagoh> aha
06:10:48 <tagoh> anything else prior to close the meeting?
06:12:54 <tagoh> okay, let's stop here then. thanks everyone for the meeting!
06:13:21 <tagoh> #endmeeting