05:21:37 <tagoh> #startmeeting i18n
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05:21:52 <tagoh> #topic agenda and roll call
05:22:20 <tagoh> sorry for late start, let's have i18n meeting quickly
05:22:28 <juhp> hello
05:22:39 <tagoh> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/I18N/Meetings/2011-08-18
05:23:05 <epico_laptop> hi
05:23:17 <dueno> hi
05:24:18 <tagoh> hi, let's get started.
05:24:54 <tagoh> #topic F16
05:25:41 <tagoh> as you know, alpha is slipped by one week and will be out next Tuesday.
05:26:44 <tagoh> that should be affected to the test day schedule though no changes on the test day schedule yet. need to confirm that though
05:27:49 <tagoh> any updates for Features/GnomeInputIntegration?
05:28:07 <juhp> not sure if affects test days actually
05:28:40 <juhp> I just tweaked https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/GnomeInputIntegration#How_To_Test slightly to reflect unified indicator
05:28:51 <juhp> fujiwarat, maybe you could check it looks ok?
05:29:10 <tagoh> cool
05:29:21 <juhp> fujiwarat, is there any test package btw we could try? :)
05:30:23 <fujiwarat> Probably I have no specific updates for Features/GnomeInputIntegration.
05:30:34 <juhp> fujiwarat, perhaps it is better to put the feature in your name? :)  I just put my email there since I wrote the initial page - I don't mind too much either way though :)
05:30:52 <fujiwarat> Ah, yeah.
05:31:25 <tagoh> btw did anyone have a look at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2011-09-22_I18n_Desktop ?
05:31:45 <fujiwarat> I think the basic test cases are prepared.
05:33:03 <fujiwarat> Currently bodhi updates shows the new test cases.
05:33:20 <fujiwarat> s/shows/show/
05:35:02 <juhp> fujiwarat, I see - just hoping the behaviour in #How_To_Test is correct - is it better to replace it then?
05:35:13 <tagoh> anything else candidates for doc beats, except IM?
05:36:39 <fujiwarat> > Adding/removing keyboard layouts in control-center changes layouts listed in ibus, and vice-versa
05:37:13 <fujiwarat> I think the keyboard is configured by control-center only.
05:37:21 <tagoh> juhp: we could just have references from test days' test case perhaps?
05:37:25 <juhp> tagoh: about the testday cases - I think one is needed to start ibus?
05:37:39 <fujiwarat> Currently ibus-gnome3 shows the menu item of g-c-c.
05:37:44 <juhp> tagoh: it doesn't look specific enough to me
05:38:28 <juhp> fujiwarat, is ibus-gnome3 working now in F16?
05:38:39 <tagoh> sure. those needs to be reviewed and improve/polish as needed
05:39:00 <fujiwarat> Yes, current rpm can works with f16.
05:39:03 <juhp> tagoh: :) I mean the testdays are more general than the feature :)
05:39:11 <juhp> testday's cases
05:39:43 <juhp> fujiwarat, ah good
05:40:19 <tagoh> juhp: a slot being assigned at 9/22 (originally) is for new feature. not a general testcase.
05:40:36 <juhp> ah sorry
05:40:50 <juhp> I was confused - was assuming that was 08/26
05:41:12 <juhp> hmm then yeah the tests looks too general perhaps - might be better for 26th?
05:41:17 <fujiwarat> juhp: Currently ibus-setup has an option to switch the legacy trigger and the new bridge trigger.
05:41:22 <juhp> what testcases do we have lined up for 26th?
05:41:34 <juhp> fujiwarat, aha
05:42:04 <fujiwarat> I'd like to remove the last two test cases in #How_To_Test.
05:42:42 <tagoh> juhp: that page contains 3 new testcases from fujiwarat.
05:42:53 <juhp> fujiwarat, you mean:
05:42:55 <juhp> Adding/removing keyboard layouts in control-center changes layouts listed in ibus, and vice-versa
05:42:55 <juhp> Turning off ibus from im-chooser hides input selector if only and only if one keyboard layout configured.
05:42:57 <juhp> ?
05:43:09 <juhp> aha
05:43:26 <fujiwarat> yes
05:43:50 <juhp> fujiwarat, first one is not possible?
05:44:10 <juhp> second because we always show indicator?
05:45:13 <juhp> tagoh: I feel better to fix the second testday after 26th anyway, but sure we can link to the testdays on the feature page
05:45:52 <tagoh> juhp: okay, sounds good.
05:46:35 <fujiwarat> Currently ibus-gnome3 shows the menu item of g-c-c and ibus doesn't have the plan to modify the settings in g-c-c.
05:47:27 <juhp> fujiwarat, okay I guess I need to test :)
05:48:37 <fujiwarat> Yes, I think the second.
05:50:29 <juhp> done
05:50:39 <tagoh> okay, so how about doc beats updates?
05:51:24 <juhp> ah yes... not much change there ;)
05:51:34 <juhp> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Documentation_I18n_Beat
05:52:24 <tagoh> thought there should be some idea in the previous meeting though
05:53:37 <juhp> also to expand the current text...
05:53:40 <tagoh> dueno: how about ibus-gucharmap?
05:54:24 <fujiwarat> Oh, it seems .tar.xz files are available in fedora.
05:54:42 <dueno> tagoh: ah, will add some text there in this week
05:54:59 <tagoh> dueno: thanks
05:55:06 <juhp> fujiwarat, if you could too it would be appreciated and better than my fiction ;o)
05:56:01 <fujiwarat> thx
05:56:58 <fujiwarat> I think it may be ok after the beta freeze.
05:59:24 <juhp> fujiwarat, yeah not so urgent but there should be some text in place certainly before beta
05:59:48 <juhp> not sure if there are any other items to add to the relnotes?
06:00:04 <tagoh> well, wiki will be frozen prior to the beta release. so starting to write up on wiki after beta maybe too late.
06:00:11 <juhp> right
06:00:30 <fujiwarat> OK, I see.
06:01:04 <juhp> it doesn't have to be set in stone so often now is easiest :) and we can update as we go
06:01:22 <tagoh> last freeze is 9/19 btw.
06:01:26 <juhp> aha
06:01:34 <tagoh> for GA
06:01:59 <fujiwarat> OK, I see.
06:03:03 <tagoh> erm, it's a reminder. so we could have a few days later. but good to update earlier.
06:03:49 <tagoh> anyway
06:04:15 <tagoh> any concerns on f16 or you want to share?
06:04:56 <tagoh> otherwise better move on
06:05:04 <juhp> tagoh: you mean the beta freeze i guess
06:05:15 <tagoh> #topic Input Methods
06:06:00 <tagoh> juhp: wiki freeze for beta is 9/6 it seems though
06:06:18 <juhp> ah wiki freeze - ok
06:06:28 <juhp> pretty soon then
06:06:30 <tagoh> guess +1 week after slip
06:06:42 <juhp> so yeah let's get the relnotes in shape asap
06:07:40 <tagoh> we have some margins in a time to be translated. so no wonder it's frozen earlier.
06:08:03 <tagoh> anyway, any updates for IM?
06:10:18 <tagoh> apparently no progress on multilib bug in upstream since the patch is renewed.
06:11:36 <tagoh> anything else?
06:12:13 <juhp> hm
06:13:18 <tagoh> nope?
06:14:11 <tagoh> okay, move on then...
06:14:15 <tagoh> #topic Fonts and Rendering
06:14:36 <tagoh> any updates to share?
06:16:33 <juhp> any fonts issues for f16 btw?
06:16:46 <juhp> or rendering even
06:18:19 <tagoh> not too much. most bugs we currently have in bz should be common issues in even f15 and f14
06:19:25 <tagoh> I don't see too much growth after moving f16 development.
06:20:07 <aalam> during test day we can expect some bugs for indic (rendering)
06:20:40 <juhp> ok
06:22:13 <tagoh> also planning to have a look at bugs earlier this time. good to take some actions before getting EOL announcement..
06:22:29 <aalam> also move f14/15 bugs to f16
06:22:45 <tagoh> yeah
06:22:48 <aalam> yes, f13 or earlier need to
06:24:53 <tagoh> okay, anything else?
06:25:19 <juhp> cool
06:25:25 <tagoh> or for what we may possibly be missing in the agenda?
06:26:25 * epico_laptop updated the UI of fonttools on fedorapeople.org.
06:26:41 <juhp> oh
06:26:53 <tagoh> epico_laptop: cool. is there any screenshots available?
06:26:53 <juhp> epico_laptop, url?
06:27:26 <epico_laptop> http://pwu.fedorapeople.org/fonttools/fonttools.glade
06:27:35 <epico_laptop> just glade file, currently.
06:27:48 <epico_laptop> http://pwu.fedorapeople.org/fonttools/
06:28:02 <tagoh> right. so asking :)
06:28:40 <epico_laptop> np.:)
06:28:46 <tagoh> would be nice to have one. so can have a comment quickly :)
06:29:20 <epico_laptop> okay. CC jni.
06:30:04 <tagoh> okay, if no topics to discuss here, let's close the meeting shortly
06:31:29 <juhp> epico_laptop, so we could load it in glade3?
06:31:44 <epico_laptop> yes, on F-15 it is ok.
06:31:51 <epico_laptop> can't load in F-14.
06:32:20 <tagoh> aha
06:33:52 <juhp> epico_laptop, interesting - looks a little complicated but thanks for starting it
06:34:10 <epico_laptop> juhp, thanks.
06:34:36 <epico_laptop> also .fonts.conf example, http://pwu.fedorapeople.org/fonttools/fonts.conf.example
06:34:49 <juhp> epico_laptop, do we have a list of requirements?
06:35:59 <epico_laptop> 3 items. 1. customs desktop fonts, 2. custom pango language, 3. configs for wqy-zenhei-fonts.
06:36:11 <tagoh> epico_laptop: btw where is the source code managed at?
06:36:34 <epico_laptop> tagoh: sorry, jni begins to look at it this week.
06:36:42 <tagoh> okay
06:37:27 <tagoh> stop the meeting here today.
06:37:39 <tagoh> anyway, thanks everyone for the meeting!
06:37:52 <tagoh> #endmeeting