01:06:08 <SGS> #startmeeting
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01:06:40 <SGS> #meetingname FAmNA
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01:06:50 <SGS> #chair VileGent
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01:06:52 <SGS> #chair inode0
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01:06:57 <SGS> #topic Announcements
01:07:13 <SGS> Anyone have any announcements?
01:07:51 <lcafiero> Um, do we no longer link the meeting agenda?
01:08:09 <SGS> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:NA_Ambassadors_2011-08-02
01:08:13 <lcafiero> Thank you
01:08:22 <SGS> Now. Anyone have any announcements?
01:08:23 * lcafiero sits down in the back of the room
01:08:30 <SGS> lcafiero?
01:08:56 <lcafiero> Yes?
01:09:06 <SGS> Any announcements?
01:09:23 <lcafiero> No, just a question which has been answered. Thank you very much.
01:09:30 <SGS> Well okay. Anyone else?
01:09:44 <inode0> maybe, could be
01:09:53 * SGS calls on inode0
01:10:01 <inode0> could be something other than an announcement too
01:10:13 <inode0> I'll just get it out of the way now
01:10:31 <inode0> The order for 300 t-shirts has gone through and they are being shipped to us now
01:10:42 <SGS> Woohoo!
01:10:50 <axelilly> nice
01:10:56 <inode0> I need to know who the list of distributors is now since I've lost track of that detail
01:11:00 <rbergeron> hooray
01:11:04 <SGS> #info 300 t-shirts order has gone through and they are being shipped now.
01:11:09 * SGS celebrates with confetti.
01:11:35 <inode0> Can anyone tell me the list of regional drop points?
01:12:13 * VileGent ,nb, rrix, vwbusguy, demonjester
01:12:19 <inode0> If you don't tell me you don't get any :)
01:13:10 * nb is central region
01:13:19 <inode0> ok, I guess it will help me do this if each of you would send me your current address for shipping these
01:13:44 <VileGent> .fasinfo inode0
01:13:45 <zodbot> VileGent: User: inode0, Name: John T. Rose, email: inode0@gmail.com, Creation: 2007-10-26, IRC Nick: inode0, Timezone: US/Central, Locale: en, GPG key ID: 5408AD44, Status: active
01:13:46 <inode0> except for demonjester, he knows where he lives :)
01:13:48 <zodbot> VileGent: Approved Groups: cla_fpca cla_fedora cla_done ambassadors fedorabugs freemedia
01:14:02 <axelilly> do the shirts go to reginal leaders?  or specific distributors?
01:14:17 <inode0> they go to our shipping drop points
01:14:24 <VileGent> distrubutors
01:14:32 <nb> inode0, will do
01:14:40 <axelilly> Are they documented on a wiki page?
01:14:51 <inode0> probably not
01:15:57 <inode0> We also decided in the past to pinch 30 of these off the top to use to give to Fedora contributors to say thanks to them
01:16:45 <inode0> I'm going to try to work out the details of that ASAP so we can give the "winners" the correct sizes before we run low on stock
01:17:13 <inode0> and thanks in advance to the shippers who will help make this happen
01:17:51 <inode0> EOF
01:17:54 * VileGent welcomes axelilly one of my manatees on training
01:17:58 <VileGent> in
01:18:14 <SGS> hiii axelilly! Glad you could join us :D
01:19:33 <axelilly> Hi everyone, thanks for the welcome.
01:20:05 <SGS> Anything else for announcements?
01:20:20 <nb> not i
01:21:53 <SGS> Well then we go on!
01:21:55 <SGS> #topic Events
01:22:08 <SGS> Anyone got any?
01:22:31 <VileGent> #topic OLF
01:23:03 <VileGent> I have gotten the paperwork for OLF which i will get filed tomorrow
01:23:37 <VileGent> at this point i am doing the normal project registration
01:24:09 <axelilly> I added the OLF event to the Events page.  Should there also be a link to the FAD page?
01:24:42 <VileGent> I would like to see us sponsor more if possible that the $75 table
01:24:47 <VileGent> than
01:25:29 <VileGent> like a $500 sponsorship
01:26:06 * inode0 is only concerned that FAmNA is quite a bit over its budget now
01:26:28 <lcafiero> I would agree with VileGent and see if you can get funding from commarch or another source.
01:26:57 <inode0> we would get it from the budget of other regions, which may be ok
01:27:25 <lcafiero> you=we
01:27:38 <mockmobile> i thought we were way under budget before the stickers.  was that the tipping point?
01:27:39 <inode0> ?
01:27:56 <inode0> let me get the commarch page
01:28:36 * inode0 can't find it
01:29:14 <inode0> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Community_Architecture_expenses
01:29:54 <inode0> NA -- $23,505 not including the $2300 or so for shirts and the whatever it came to for the stickers
01:30:16 <lcafiero> ?
01:30:38 <inode0> given we aren't near the end of the fiscal year we are already above our $20k base share of the budget
01:31:43 <VileGent> so for now i will go for the $75 sponsorship and see if closer to the event if some other money comes available
01:32:05 <inode0> we should maybe invite the new guy to a meeting :)
01:33:09 <VileGent> well what should i do?
01:33:11 <lcafiero> Well, if I may make a point on the commarch side of things, it appears that regional support still has $30,000 or so left, and I think wresting $500 from that might be possible
01:33:56 <VileGent> lcafiero:  and we are at 6months into the new year ?
01:34:00 <inode0> that is left for through next Feb isn't it? and likely will include helping two upcoming fudcons
01:34:14 <lcafiero> Is it February?
01:34:20 <VileGent> inode0:  fudcon is different money
01:34:28 <lcafiero> What VileGent said
01:34:28 <inode0> VileGent: yes and no
01:34:42 <lcafiero> But mostly yes
01:34:50 <inode0> we helped pay for our fudcon from our budget and I would hope APAC does too since they never spend any of theirs
01:35:07 <inode0> or not very much
01:36:13 * inode0 just encourages maybe talking with harish and seeing how he sees the rest of the year unfolding
01:36:31 <lcafiero> +1
01:36:34 * inode0 shuts up now
01:36:42 <VileGent> so what be the will of this committee on what we should do as far as OLF
01:37:58 <inode0> given that with additional unrecorded spend I think we have closer to $20k left worldwide I'm just very nervous about things that are discretionary
01:38:41 * VileGent motion we go for the $75 sponsorship for now
01:38:44 <inode0> although there is some other free money so I know we aren't in a crisis too, and $500 isn't that much as lcafiero said
01:39:02 <inode0> +1
01:39:17 <lcafiero> +1
01:39:45 <mockmobile> +1
01:40:25 <axelilly> +1
01:41:00 <VileGent> #agreed we sponsor OLF with a $75 sponsorship
01:42:23 <SGS> Aaaanything else?
01:42:48 <VileGent> #Topic Swag
01:42:54 <VileGent> nb ping
01:43:00 <harish> inode0, hi
01:43:09 <nb> pong!
01:43:09 <harish> just saw your comment above
01:43:33 <VileGent> nb media for northof the border?
01:43:42 * harish gotta get off the intertubes now.
01:43:55 <nb> VileGent, has been shipped via USPS
01:44:00 <nb> should arrive sometime soon
01:44:25 <SGS> #info Canadian media has, indeed, been shipped.
01:46:11 <inode0> oh hi!
01:46:18 <inode0> oh, he left
01:48:31 <SGS> Yeahhh.
01:48:34 <SGS> Anything else for Swag?
01:48:42 <inode0> I think the stickers are ordered too
01:49:03 <inode0> rbergeron should know more about that, like how much they set us back
01:49:24 <inode0> we did buy stickers for the entire planet though
01:50:09 <mockmobile> yay for earth!
01:50:25 <lcafiero> They don't call it a big BLUE marble for nothing
01:50:36 * mockmobile is losing to the effects of the benadryl...
01:52:54 <SGS> #topic Open Floor/Unfinished Business
01:55:13 <SGS> Anyone got anything?
01:56:35 <SGS> Anyone at all?
01:56:42 <axelilly> not I
01:57:13 <SGS> Thanks to everyone for coming out tonight!
01:57:16 * inode0 has unfinished business regarding the shirts - will try to deal with that post meeting
01:57:16 <SGS> #endmeeting