04:07:27 <dramsey1> #startmeeting APAC meeting 2011-07-30
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04:07:33 <dramsey1> #meetingname APAC
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04:07:40 <dramsey1> #topic Ambassador Pinging
04:08:02 <bckurera> .fasinfo bckurera
04:08:03 <zodbot> bckurera: User: bckurera, Name: Buddhika Kurera, email: bckurera@gmail.com, Creation: 2010-05-03, IRC Nick: bckurera, Timezone: UTC, Locale: en, GPG key ID: , Status: active
04:08:04 <dramsey1> .fas dramsey
04:08:06 <zodbot> bckurera: Unapproved Groups: magazine marketing web
04:08:10 <zodbot> bckurera: Approved Groups: cla_fpca cla_fedora cla_done freemedia ambassadors
04:08:15 <zodbot> dramsey1: dramsey 'David Ramsey' <diamond_ramsey@hotmail.com>
04:08:16 <dramsey1> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:APAC_Ambassadors_2011-07-30#Agenda
04:08:30 <suresht> .fas suresht
04:08:30 <zodbot> suresht: suresht 'Sureshkumar Packiyarajah' <sureshp8@gmail.com>
04:09:29 <dramsey1> #chair bckurera suresht tuanta
04:09:29 <zodbot> Current chairs: bckurera dramsey1 suresht tuanta
04:09:30 <dramsey1> #topic News from FAmSCo
04:09:40 <dramsey1> Any updates?
04:09:45 <bckurera> seems no
04:09:48 <suresht> kaio??
04:09:53 <dramsey1> Welcome Everyone!
04:10:18 <bckurera> we dont not have FAmSCo here so will proceed.
04:10:21 <dramsey1> Next and return?
04:10:29 <dramsey1> #topic Report current Status of upcoming events - Fedora Events
04:10:43 <dramsey1> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents#FY12_Q2_.28June_2011_-_August_2011.29_4
04:11:03 <bckurera> FAD SL
04:11:06 <bckurera> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD_Sri_Lanka_2011
04:11:14 <bckurera> as stated we are doing great now
04:11:14 <tuanta> .fas tuanta
04:11:15 <zodbot> tuanta: tuanta 'Truong Anh Tuan' <tuanta@iwayvietnam.com>
04:11:26 <bckurera> looking forward to have a half day event
04:11:31 <dramsey1> +1
04:11:52 <bckurera> the main objective is to develop the community base in Sri Lanka
04:12:24 <bckurera> I see a good potential in SL, fedora is getting popular
04:12:30 <bckurera> later it was ubuntu
04:13:10 <bckurera> as ubuntu is not 100% free people tend to move out
04:13:31 <bckurera> so about the event
04:13:42 <bckurera> we are discussing with SLIIT
04:14:00 <bckurera> date can be changed slightly
04:14:20 <bckurera> but not much as september is busy with SFD events
04:15:03 <bckurera> we are planning to bring past contributors
04:15:21 <bckurera> so that newies get a good motivation plus undertanding about the contribution
04:15:29 <bckurera> schedule is fixed
04:16:29 <bckurera> I am trying to maintain a tight budget
04:16:32 <dramsey1> Understood
04:16:37 <bckurera> and make sure no penny go waste
04:17:25 <bckurera> you all see the 11 am to 11:20 session
04:17:30 <bckurera> Fedora in Sri Lanka
04:17:42 <bckurera> this will be an initiative targeting uni students
04:17:46 <bckurera> will start it here
04:18:00 <bckurera> the aim is to get their invlovement for fedora
04:19:19 <bckurera> I am planning to cover all the uni in Sri Lanka, so that we can get a good contributor base
04:19:39 <bckurera> i mean no in the FAD, later one by one will cover the all unis in SL
04:19:48 <tuanta> +1 bckurera (i am back :)
04:19:49 <bckurera> thats the plan upto now
04:20:00 <bckurera> any questions FAms?
04:20:20 * suresht back *over phone S*
04:20:25 <dramsey1> Is there a trac ticket number in the works for your needs?
04:20:40 <bckurera> Further anyone is aware of campus ambassador program?
04:20:59 <bckurera> no tickets yet, we try to get sponsorships to cover the expenses
04:21:10 <bckurera> if that is not possible I ll open up a ticket
04:22:19 <bckurera> guys can we move?
04:23:28 <tuanta> I have just finished the meeting in SFD Hanoi organizers
04:23:46 <dramsey1> +1 bckurera and tuanta
04:23:50 <bckurera> great tuanta
04:24:11 <tuanta> also decided to present Fedora in SFD
04:24:23 <tuanta> but not FAD
04:24:31 <bckurera> it is good idea
04:24:34 <dramsey1> That is cool !
04:24:37 <bckurera> I have discuss that in ML too
04:24:41 <tuanta> FAD will be organized separately
04:24:43 <dramsey1> Definitely good information.
04:24:49 <bckurera> we can go orgnize SFD and promote fedora
04:24:58 <tuanta> next after SFD about 2-3 weeks
04:25:29 <tuanta> I will use SFD to promote FAD
04:25:54 <suresht> tuanta, sep 17 is it?
04:26:03 <bckurera> yes its sep 17th
04:26:08 <tuanta> I will make Fedora present at SFD Hanoi 2011 with 1-3 sessions/workshops
04:26:13 <suresht> +1 bckurera
04:26:14 <bckurera> anyway we do not need to stick to the date
04:26:23 <tuanta> yes, SFD is at Sept 17th
04:26:35 <bckurera> you can organize such event in day on september
04:26:37 <tuanta> FAD will be followed after 2-3 weeks
04:27:51 <tuanta> I will certainly open tickets to ask for sponsors for both SFD and FAD
04:27:58 <dramsey1> +1
04:28:21 <bckurera> so any info?
04:29:00 <tuanta> I think it is very important for Fedora to present up at such a important event like SFD
04:29:25 <bckurera> yup SFD is a goof oppertunity for us to reach to the local communities
04:29:29 <tuanta> #idea tuanta get Fedora present at SFD Hanoi 2011
04:29:40 <dramsey1> +1 said bckurera and tuanta
04:29:40 <suresht> +1 tuanta
04:29:51 <bckurera> tuanta Hanoi means north philipines right?
04:30:08 <tuanta> #idea FAD would be followed SFD about 2-3 weeks (promoted at SFD too)
04:31:36 <dramsey1> ;)  Just my Akiba Fedora 15 tomorrow that is all from me.  ;)
04:31:39 <tuanta> my ideas now for SFD:
04:31:39 <tuanta> for Fedora, of course :)
04:31:39 <dramsey1> Cool guys to hear
04:31:48 <dramsey1> +1 tuanta
04:32:21 <tuanta> Exhibition area, Installfest, Fedora community presentation (15 minutes), Fedora packaging (45 munites or more)
04:34:00 <bckurera> good
04:34:04 <dramsey1> Good stuff, anything else or next topic?
04:36:17 <bckurera> next topic
04:36:19 <dramsey1> #topic APAC plans
04:36:58 <dramsey1> Any media needs?  Any information on those Fedora Stickers?  Thoughts?
04:38:18 <bckurera> Who is the supplier? Harish?
04:38:44 <dramsey1> for stickers, some U.S. supplier is being proposed.
04:39:14 <dramsey1> Are you thinking suppliier for media?
04:40:09 <bckurera> I thnk I need some
04:40:13 <bckurera> for FAD + SFD
04:40:28 <bckurera> this is a period where we need to keep some media
04:40:38 <dramsey1> bckurera does that sound like a #info ?
04:40:44 <bckurera> the interest for Free Software will be increasing
04:40:53 <bckurera> action is prefer
04:41:23 <bckurera> need some nicely printed meadia for FAD and SFD
04:42:43 <dramsey1> #info bckurera needs some nicely printed meadia for FAD and SFD
04:43:33 <dramsey1> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F15_release_events
04:43:45 <dramsey1> May need to have ideas for stickers so Kaio may get ideas from us.
04:44:27 <suresht> dramsey1, may be we have ping with Kaio
04:44:51 <bckurera> lets see what is available
04:44:51 <dramsey1> suresht good idea.
04:45:07 <dramsey1> If we write something in the logs and mailing list, then I am sures Kaio is support us.
04:45:16 <suresht> dramsey1, you mean regarding Indoo1 Suggestion :)
04:45:20 <tuanta> +1 dramsey1
04:45:34 <suresht> dramsey1, yes!
04:45:59 <dramsey1> Do you have any Release Events Parties?
04:46:22 <dramsey1> If you were to get Fedora Stickers, how many do you need?
04:46:43 <suresht> later Sep
04:46:55 <suresht> dramsey1, i need around 200
04:48:10 <dramsey1> Tuan tuanta and bckurera how about you ?
04:49:00 <tuanta> it's good
04:49:18 <tuanta> but I think printing it locally is better
04:49:47 <dramsey1> +1 Tuan understood.
04:50:21 <tuanta> I am sick on importing process :)
04:50:26 <suresht> tuanta, custom issues is it?
04:50:58 <tuanta> I can do everything locally then open a ticket to get reimbursement
04:51:12 <tuanta> yes, custom issues, a lot
04:51:28 <dramsey1> +1 Tuan, I need to learn to do this trac ticket thing!  Remembers about the battery...
04:51:32 <tuanta> issues could be different each times from others :)
04:51:51 <tuanta> yes, I got battery now
04:52:02 <dramsey1> :p
04:52:07 <tuanta> I will be show on SFD, FAD in Hanoi and all other events
04:52:28 <tuanta> it's a *complete* XO, I meant :)
04:52:30 <suresht> dramsey1, may be we can put it( stickers) as info then they will see it
04:52:41 <dramsey1> +1 suresht, all helps
04:52:51 <dramsey1> +1 Tuan - Power!
04:53:01 <dramsey1> Other thoughts ?
04:53:10 <tuanta> now, I have more power :)
04:53:36 <suresht> #info  May need to have ideas for stickers so Kaio may get ideas from us
04:53:50 <dramsey1> +1
04:53:54 <dramsey1> Next topic then?
04:53:59 <suresht> ye dramsey1
04:54:11 <dramsey1> #link http://kitall.blogspot.com/2011/07/update-on-emea-f15-shipping.html
04:54:18 <dramsey1> Nice graphic at EMEA on F15 Shipping
04:54:24 <dramsey1> #link Fedora Thank You Letter
04:54:35 <suresht> dramsey1, how about APAC?
04:54:36 <dramsey1> undo
04:54:44 <dramsey1> #topic  Fedora Thank You Letter
04:54:52 <dramsey1> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Thank_You
04:55:14 <dramsey1> Whoops, sorry suresht please continue
04:55:46 <dramsey1> The graphic from EMEA was done and I thought a nice example for APAC.
04:55:51 <dramsey1> Good question
04:56:01 <suresht> dramsey1, yes
04:56:24 <dramsey1> All but two people got the Fedora Thank You letter
04:56:27 <dramsey1> next topic?
04:56:44 <tuanta> yes, next
04:56:46 <dramsey1> #topic Red Hat information training for Ambassadors
04:56:50 <suresht> dramsey1, why we can use like this ticket system?
04:56:52 <dramsey1> I updated the agenda with very useful informaiton on this.
04:57:02 <dramsey1> suresht, good system
04:57:11 <bckurera> sorry FAms
04:57:15 <bckurera> went out
04:57:27 <bckurera> i m reading what happened :)
04:57:33 <dramsey1> suresht, you mean APAC to do like EMEA?
04:57:58 <suresht> dramsey1, yes
04:58:11 <suresht> dramsey1, is it possible?
04:58:26 <bckurera> suresht its a nce idea
04:58:28 <dramsey1> Sounds like a #idea ?
04:58:33 <dramsey1> yes, very good idea!!!
04:58:35 <suresht> yes dramsey1
04:58:43 <bckurera> but as EMEA, APAC capacity is not high
04:58:47 <dramsey1> +1 suresht, you have the power!  #idea that
04:58:50 <tuanta> +1 all
04:58:52 <bckurera> only few ppl engage in distributing media
04:59:18 <bckurera> at the moment we got many request for media only from India
04:59:24 <bckurera> they manage it so far
04:59:31 <bckurera> from other countries its less
04:59:37 <bckurera> even FAms
04:59:53 <bckurera> however we can organize such a clean way to handle requests
04:59:59 <suresht> # idea APAC need ticketing system for media distribution like EMEA
05:00:15 <bckurera> anyway good idea
05:00:30 <tuanta> sorry men, I have to go now (the meeting area here will be closed soon
05:00:32 <dramsey1> Good idea, next topioc?
05:00:41 <dramsey1> Thank you Tuan - tuanta we appreciate you!
05:00:46 <suresht> #link http://kitall.blogspot.com/2011/07/update-on-emea-f15-shipping.html like this
05:00:51 <tuanta> I will back to my home
05:00:54 <tuanta> and connect back
05:00:57 <bckurera> thanks for being tuanta see you soon
05:01:00 <tuanta> about 20 minutes
05:01:08 <tuanta> if you are still available :)
05:01:10 <tuanta> bye for now
05:01:11 <bckurera> will proceed to next topic
05:01:16 <dramsey1> Okay, Tuan - bye for now.  ;)
05:01:17 <suresht> see u tuanta
05:01:34 <dramsey1> Remember to review the system administrators' links for this topic :)
05:01:35 <dramsey1> #topic Fedora APAC Magazine
05:01:51 <bckurera> still no improvement in this topic
05:02:02 <bckurera> I could nt manage it as per the situation
05:02:03 <dramsey1> That is okay, noted.  Next topic then?
05:02:12 <bckurera> yes dramsey1
05:02:15 <dramsey1> #topic FUDcon APAC Committee
05:02:31 <dramsey1> Next topic?
05:02:40 <bckurera> I thin kthis topid should have to removed
05:02:46 <dramsey1> Okay.
05:02:47 <bckurera> now APAC thing is going smooth
05:02:53 <dramsey1> #topic Fedora 16 Ambassadors Team Tasks
05:02:53 <bckurera> with FUDcon Pune :)
05:03:01 <dramsey1> #link http://rbergero.fedorapeople.org/schedules/f-16/f-16-ambassadors-tasks.html
05:03:09 <dramsey1> True bckurera
05:03:17 <bckurera> yes
05:03:24 <bckurera> here we need to come up with a plan
05:03:29 <dramsey1> Link review and plan your Fedora 16 needs, for example media, swag and anything else.
05:03:38 <bckurera> then it is easy to predit how many media is needed?
05:04:19 <dramsey1> +1 bckurera sounds like a #idea / #info / #action what do you think?
05:04:21 <bckurera> #info refer the release plan and organize Fedora events
05:04:36 <dramsey1> Next topic then?
05:04:36 <suresht> +1 bckurera
05:04:43 <bckurera> lets move
05:04:45 <dramsey1> #topic Online event for Fedora 15 in China. Need help for Media Distribution and Fedora swag
05:04:53 <dramsey1> I think this topic is to be closed, too
05:04:56 <dramsey1> Next topic?
05:05:00 <suresht> yes
05:05:05 <dramsey1> #topic LCA 2012
05:05:22 <dramsey1> This topic and next topic keep moving forward?
05:05:33 <bckurera> no event owners or representators right?
05:05:38 <bckurera> will keep moving
05:05:43 <bckurera> its 1 hour now :)
05:05:47 <dramsey1> #topic APAC Library
05:05:58 <dramsey1> #topic Open Floor
05:06:09 <bckurera> ok here i need to point one thing
05:06:17 <dramsey1> Go for it bckurera
05:06:24 <bckurera> Recently I have noted a mentor request from Bangladesh
05:06:35 <bckurera> he is asking for mentorship for APAC region
05:06:35 <suresht> yes
05:06:44 <bckurera> what you guys think of this?
05:07:07 <bckurera> as it relates to APAC we should assist and track his request
05:07:14 <dramsey1> +1 bckurera is there some join URL and/or process?
05:07:34 <bckurera> yes there is a process
05:07:48 <suresht> rights from FAmSco.
05:07:49 <bckurera> finding the link :)
05:08:39 <bckurera> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors_Join_choose_a_mentor#Regional_Ambassador_Mentors
05:09:05 <bckurera> yes it is a part of FAmSCo activities
05:09:05 <dramsey1> +1 bckurera
05:09:15 <bckurera> but as regional FAms we can help him
05:09:24 <bckurera> i mean like building the trust
05:10:01 <bckurera> if we do not take such things into account may be they can dissapointed
05:10:26 <bckurera> irejaul, the FAm
05:10:32 <bckurera> talked to me about this
05:10:49 <bckurera> it is good to respond to him
05:10:54 <bckurera> whether it is possible or not
05:11:06 <bckurera> or the correct way of handling the process or request
05:11:19 <bckurera> I think the section is handled by geraard
05:11:28 <bckurera> sorry gbraad
05:11:50 <bckurera> so we can help irejaul to get the right person
05:11:56 <bckurera> ideas?
05:12:10 <bckurera> or is this out of our area?
05:12:14 <bckurera> i need your ideas?
05:12:20 <dramsey1> bckurera you have great idea
05:12:57 <bckurera> just I mean is handling such request smoothly will save their contribution
05:13:01 <bckurera> so we should lookinto that
05:13:14 <bckurera> so as APAC FAms
05:13:30 <bckurera> shall we direct this request to the relavant person on FAmSCo
05:13:45 <suresht> bckurera, i am not sure how about the processing they are following to select mentors.
05:13:48 <bckurera> then he can contac irejaul and give him neccessary info
05:14:01 <bckurera> that is what i mean suresht
05:14:10 <bckurera> we can direct this request to the relavant person
05:14:18 <bckurera> then he will say yes or not
05:14:29 <suresht> anyway we have to help him as a ambassadors
05:14:30 <bckurera> ignoring a request is not the way of handling it
05:14:53 <bckurera> I thnk we have a responsiblity of assisting him as he is from our region
05:15:09 <suresht> +1 we can direct this request to the relavant person
05:15:25 <bckurera> shall I look forward
05:15:32 <bckurera> contact FAmSCo regarding this?
05:15:35 <suresht> then they will decide
05:15:38 <suresht> yes
05:15:53 <bckurera> good suresht
05:15:56 <bckurera> dramsey?
05:16:03 <dramsey1> +1 bckurera
05:16:18 <bckurera> ok then lets help him
05:16:21 <bckurera> thanks guys
05:16:24 <bckurera> its all from me
05:16:41 <bckurera> may be we can ger more feedbacks from those who read logs later
05:16:56 <dramsey1> +1
05:16:59 <suresht> +1
05:17:09 <dramsey1> Remember Release 15 Dinner Reimbursements
05:17:24 <bckurera> #action assist to irejaul to direct his mentorship request to the FAmSCo
05:18:17 <bckurera> here its again tuanta, welcome
05:18:17 <bckurera> :)
05:18:39 <dramsey1> #info Remember Release 15 Dinner Reimbursements
05:18:48 <bckurera> ok then I thnk we are on the end of the meeting
05:19:02 <bckurera> shall we discuss few about FAD meetings as well
05:19:03 <dramsey1> Any other closing thoughts and/or ideas?
05:19:07 <bckurera> dramsey1 and tuanta
05:19:13 <bckurera> suresht
05:19:18 <suresht> dramsey1, closing
05:19:23 <bckurera> APAC FAD meetings
05:19:34 <tuanta> great to see you again
05:19:46 <suresht> see you all
05:19:55 <dramsey1> Thanks again for your time
05:20:02 <bckurera> ok then lets wind up
05:20:04 <tuanta> I also have got two open ticket to ask for Fedora Dinner reimbursement
05:20:22 <bckurera> thanks for all to make the meeting fruiteful
05:20:25 <dramsey1> Sounds like #info or #action or something like that.
05:20:29 <dramsey1> +1 Everyone
05:20:34 <dramsey1> Tuan do you have numbers?
05:20:47 <dramsey1> That is it from me.
05:20:50 <tuanta> yes, I will chekc now
05:21:14 <dramsey1> #info Tuan has two open tickets for Fedora Dinner reimbursements
05:21:25 <bckurera> tickets numbers?
05:21:45 <tuanta> #199 and #203
05:21:50 <bckurera> I got one release party on Kandy, wanna open up a ticket soon
05:21:58 <bckurera> but still nto able to finish up the report
05:21:59 <dramsey1> #info #199 and #203 for Tuan
05:22:07 <dramsey1> Understood bckurera
05:22:12 <tuanta> +1 dramsey1, thanks
05:22:19 <dramsey1> ping kaio
05:22:20 <tuanta> hi kaio :)
05:22:31 <kaio> Hi
05:22:32 <bckurera> is there any deadline for that?
05:22:37 <bckurera> hello kaio
05:22:42 <bckurera> it is great to see you
05:22:42 <suresht> hi kaio
05:22:53 <dramsey1> kaio, do you know of a deadline for Release Party Dinner is bckurera's question.
05:22:55 <kaio> At super for groc.
05:22:57 <dramsey1> Kaio, is alive!
05:23:21 <kaio> Thx so am i.
05:23:21 <suresht> wit K40
05:23:26 <bckurera> dramsey is it an info? ;)
05:23:29 <dramsey1> may be a question to ask at your next meeting to help support bckurera
05:23:52 <dramsey1> #info To support us, when is eadline for Release Party Dinner
05:23:57 <bckurera> may be that will be good info to all FAms who had release parties
05:23:58 <dramsey1> undo
05:24:05 <dramsey1> #info To support us, when is deadline for Release Party Dinner
05:24:12 <dramsey1> +1 bckurera
05:24:17 <dramsey1> #chair kaio
05:24:17 <zodbot> Current chairs: bckurera dramsey1 kaio suresht tuanta
05:24:22 <dramsey1> Other thoughts?
05:24:33 <bckurera> any input kaio?
05:25:21 <bckurera> seems no
05:25:30 <bckurera> shall we finish now then?
05:25:32 <dramsey1> Is a close now?
05:25:36 <dramsey1> Let us do...
05:25:37 <dramsey1> 5
05:25:38 <dramsey1> 4
05:25:41 <dramsey1> 3
05:25:42 <dramsey1> 2
05:25:42 <dramsey1> 1
05:25:44 <dramsey1> 0.5
05:25:45 <bckurera> thanks for all and see you soon
05:25:51 <dramsey1> Thank you all for coming!!!  :)
05:25:52 <tuanta> bye
05:25:54 <dramsey1> #endmeeting