20:01:55 <cwickert> #startmeeting EMEA ambassadors meeting
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20:02:01 <fedora_richie> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FWN/Beats/Ambassadors
20:02:09 <fedora_richie> Friends, Ambassadors weekly beat is released
20:02:14 <cwickert> #topic roll call
20:02:15 <ardian> .fas ardian
20:02:15 <zodbot> ardian: dwreski 'Dave Wreski' <dwreski@guardiandigital.com> - ardian 'Ardian Haxha' <ardian.haxha@gmail.com> - dansguardian 'Dansguardian' <dansguardian@linuxmail.org>
20:02:20 <MooDoo> .fas paulmellors
20:02:21 <zodbot> MooDoo: paulmellors 'Paul Mellors' <prjmellors@gmail.com>
20:02:22 <cmpahar> .fas cmpahar
20:02:25 <cwickert> .fas cwickert
20:02:25 <zodbot> cmpahar: cmpahar 'Christos Bacharakis' <cmpahar@gmail.com>
20:02:25 <Prometheas> .fas misaakidis
20:02:28 <zodbot> cwickert: cwickert 'Christoph Wickert' <christoph.wickert@googlemail.com>
20:02:31 <t2hot> .fas t2hot
20:02:33 <zodbot> Prometheas: misaakidis '' <misaakidis@yahoo.gr>
20:02:36 <zodbot> t2hot: twohot 'Onyeibo Oku' <twohotis@gmail.com>
20:02:40 <fedora_richie> .fas richardvj11
20:02:40 <zodbot> fedora_richie: richardvj11 'Richard Vijay' <richard.vijay@gmail.com>
20:02:53 <jsmith> .fasinfo jsmith
20:02:54 <zodbot> jsmith: User: jsmith, Name: Jared Smith, email: jsmith.fedora@gmail.com, Creation: 2007-05-15, IRC Nick: jsmith, Timezone: US/Eastern, Locale: en, Extension: 5101642, GPG key ID: 8B670B7A, Status: active
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20:02:59 <vinzv> .fas vinzv
20:03:02 <zodbot> vinzv: vinz 'Vinzenz Vietzke' <vinz@v1nz.de>
20:03:03 * tatica only looking
20:03:10 <cwickert> ok, thanks everybody for coming
20:03:35 <cwickert> just a short note: please follow the meeting protocol
20:03:37 <cwickert> see https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Communicate/IRCHowTo#Protocol
20:03:52 <cwickert> the agenda for today's meeting can be found at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:EMEA_Ambassadors_2011-07-13
20:04:16 <cwickert> thanks to Iranzo for that
20:04:37 <cwickert> .fasinfo Iranzo
20:04:38 <zodbot> cwickert: User "Iranzo" doesn't exist
20:04:43 <cwickert> .fas  Iranzo
20:04:44 <zodbot> cwickert: iranzo 'Pablo Iranzo Gomez' <Pablo.Iranzo@redhat.com>
20:04:47 <cwickert> ahhh
20:04:55 <cwickert> thanks a lot Pablo
20:05:15 <cwickert> #topic Announcements
20:05:31 <cwickert> as you might have heard the media arrived
20:05:42 <cwickert> 5000 media are now with kital
20:06:03 <cwickert> contact him if you need some but please don't order small batches directly from him
20:06:20 <cwickert> instead use the ambassadors in your community who act as distributors
20:06:50 <cwickert> the process for distribution is outlined here: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Media_production#EMEA_2
20:07:03 <cwickert> if you need some, file a ticket at https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/
20:07:47 <cwickert> and more details about the status of the distribution can be found in kital's blog at http://kitall.blogspot.com/2011/07/150-kg-fedora-15-for-emea.html
20:08:22 <cwickert> and now for the minutes...
20:08:32 <cwickert> #info the EMEA media have arrived arrived at kital contact him if you need some
20:09:01 <cwickert> #info for small batches contact the ambassadors that act as distributors near you
20:09:08 <cwickert> ok, more announcements?
20:09:23 <cwickert> ah, one more on media
20:09:34 <cwickert> this is perhaps interesting for the German ambassadors
20:09:52 <cwickert> I also have a German F15 respin, 100 multiboot images
20:10:11 <cwickert> not sure if we are allowed to distribute them as ambassadors though
20:10:33 <cwickert> because these media were done by me and Linux New Media rather than the ambassadors
20:10:53 <cwickert> jsmith: your take on this? any news on the trademark?
20:11:30 <cwickert> jsmith: you might want to tell us about the board's new trademark approval process for the spins while you are at it
20:12:14 <jsmith> cwickert: I haven't heard anything back from Linux New Media
20:12:30 <jsmith> cwickert: In general, though, I think we can work things out so that they can be distributed
20:12:34 <cwickert> are you really sure they have no agreement?
20:12:46 <jsmith> cwickert: According to everyone I've checked with, they don't.
20:12:56 <cwickert> anyway...
20:13:11 <cwickert> #info: the board has apprived a new trademark approval process for spins, see https://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/advisory-board/2011-April/010634.html
20:13:20 <cwickert> ok, anything more on announcements?
20:13:57 * cwickert waits a little
20:14:18 <cwickert> #topic Ambassadors Schedule
20:14:31 <cwickert> you can find the ambassadors schedule at http://rbergero.fedorapeople.org/schedules/f-16/f-16-ambassadors-tasks.html
20:14:52 <cwickert> not much has happened
20:15:03 <cwickert> oh, yesterday was feature freeze
20:15:10 <rbergeron> no...
20:15:13 <cwickert> ?
20:15:19 <rbergeron> feature submission deadline - feature freeze is the 26th ;)
20:15:24 <cwickert> ok, sorry
20:15:29 <rbergeron> (subtle details, but don't want people to panic)
20:15:29 <cwickert> I meant feature
20:15:34 <cwickert> submission deadline
20:15:49 * rbergeron nods
20:16:09 <cwickert> so within the next two weeks all features will be approved or rejected
20:16:23 <cwickert> and we can prepare what to tell people once F16 is out
20:16:28 <cwickert> but this still taks a while
20:16:30 <cwickert> :)
20:16:42 <cwickert> #topci Events
20:16:43 * rbergeron notes that already accepted features are listed on fp.o/wiki/FeatureList
20:16:50 * rbergeron stops butting in ;)
20:16:54 <cwickert> #topic events
20:17:18 <cwickert> have a look at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Events#FY12_Q2_.28June_2011_-_August_2011.29_3 for the current events
20:17:27 * cwickert looks, too
20:17:51 <cwickert> oh, there was a FAD in Nairobi
20:17:57 <cwickert> not sure t took place though
20:18:05 <cwickert> because they were still waiting for swag
20:18:23 <cwickert> then there is FrOSCon in August
20:18:42 <cwickert> we will hold a FAD there, join us if you like
20:18:44 <cwickert> the wiki page is at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FrOSCon_2011
20:19:00 <cwickert> more on events?
20:19:20 <cwickert> ardian: would you like to tell us something about your release event?
20:19:58 <cwickert> doesn't look like it
20:20:13 <cwickert> ahh
20:20:15 <cwickert> ardian: would you like to tell us something about your release event?
20:20:28 <ardian_> Yes
20:20:52 <ardian_> We made about 25 CDs
20:21:00 <ardian_> with differents spins
20:21:25 <ardian_> It took place at Unicef Innovations Lab, we didn't have many people coming for some reason
20:21:45 <ardian_> maybe it was just to hot, but also Free Software is very new in Kosovo
20:22:09 <ardian_> We will write the report asap
20:22:24 <cwickert> cool, thanks a lot ardian_
20:22:26 * t2hot ... did some one say 'too hot'?
20:22:31 <cwickert> :)
20:22:43 <cwickert> #info if you hold an event, please post event reports to the list and blog about it. read http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Event_reports for more info
20:23:17 <cwickert> ok, next topic would be media production
20:23:22 <cwickert> but we already covered that
20:23:42 <cwickert> #topic Action items from previous meetings
20:23:42 * cwickert looks...
20:24:12 * cwickert cannot find the meeting minutes...
20:24:19 <MooDoo> !
20:24:37 <MooDoo> I've got them cwickert
20:25:24 <MooDoo> cwickert to send a reminder for FrOSCon and the FAD to ambassadors list
20:25:32 <cwickert> there we go: http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2011-06-29/fedora-meeting.2011-06-29-20.01.html
20:25:56 <cwickert> right, I think I sent out that reminder.
20:26:06 <cwickert> but I am not sure, I am just too busy atm
20:26:07 <MooDoo> sesivany to add LinuxALt to the events page in the wiki :)
20:26:18 <cwickert> right
20:26:21 <MooDoo> sesivany to send a mail about LinuxCon Europe, Linux Kernel Summit, Embedded Linux Conference, GStreamer Conference, and Real Time Linux Workshop to ambassadors list. we then decide if one of these events is interesting for us :)
20:26:22 <cwickert> I think he did it
20:26:29 <cwickert> this definitely happened
20:26:41 <cwickert> and there were a lot of responses on the list
20:26:58 <cwickert> ok, looks good then from my side
20:27:15 <cwickert> #topic Open Floor
20:27:25 <cwickert> anything we did not yet discuss?
20:27:34 <cwickert> please forgive me for being in a hurry today
20:27:42 <fedora_richie> !
20:27:51 <cwickert> we can still hang out on #fedora-ambassadors after this meeting
20:27:57 <cwickert> fedora_richie: yes please
20:27:59 <MooDoo> !
20:28:00 <fedora_richie> cwickert and jsmith, Good work and work on Stickers, media to be Appreciated
20:28:10 <cwickert> thanks
20:28:11 * jsmith had nothing to do with it
20:28:23 * cwickert not much either ;)
20:28:41 <fedora_richie> :) jsmith - thanks for distribution
20:28:48 <fedora_richie> eof
20:28:57 <cwickert> MooDoo: your turn
20:29:01 <MooDoo> on a personal front......i want to have a go at chairing a meeting! :)
20:29:06 <MooDoo> eof :)
20:29:08 * t2hot doesn't see any rush in the meeting.
20:29:26 <MooDoo> not to step on your toes cwickert :)
20:29:31 <cwickert> MooDoo: don't worry, you still can run many meeting ;)
20:29:38 <cwickert> +s
20:29:39 * t2hot thinks cwickert did his job early and well
20:29:47 <cwickert> thanks
20:29:52 <MooDoo> okey :)
20:30:06 <cwickert> so anything more except all you you telling me how awesome I am? ;)
20:30:20 <cwickert> why don't you tell us what is not awesome in Fedora?
20:30:20 <tatica> !
20:30:28 <cwickert> tatica: yes please
20:30:29 <jsmith> !
20:30:30 <tatica> cwickert, I want a fedora pink t-shirt EOF
20:30:41 <cwickert> tatica: let me see what I can do
20:30:44 <tatica> lol
20:30:44 * t2hot LOOOOLZ!
20:31:04 <MooDoo> tatica, same colour as your hair?
20:31:07 <cwickert> speaking of awesome people: tatica is awesome, thanks for the hackagotchi
20:31:18 <MooDoo> +1
20:31:23 <fedora_richie> +1
20:31:31 <cwickert> jsmith: ok, your turn
20:31:51 <fedora_richie> for me mentor jsmith +1
20:32:01 <jsmith> cwickert: I could go on and on about what's *not* awesome in Fedora, but in general, the Ambassadors in EMEA do an awesome job :-)
20:32:18 <t2hot> +1
20:32:20 <jsmith> EOF
20:32:28 <MooDoo> UK could be well bette.... :(
20:33:06 <cwickert> MooDoo: yes, but I am looking forward to fedora_richie joing us at FrOSCon and when he gets back, he will the event ninja
20:33:12 <gentt> .nick
20:33:13 <zodbot> gentt: Error: You don't have the admin capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.
20:33:31 <fedora_richie> thanks will do my best :) looking forward to it
20:33:34 <MooDoo> fedora_richie, :) awesome job :)
20:33:35 <cwickert> hi gentt, ardian_ already told us about your event
20:33:47 <gentt> .nick
20:33:47 <zodbot> gentt: Error: You don't have the admin capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.
20:33:57 <cwickert> .fas gentt
20:33:58 <zodbot> cwickert: gent 'Gent Tha├ži' <gentthaqi@gmail.com>
20:34:00 <MooDoo> fedora_richie, where are you in UK?
20:34:03 <nb> gentt, what are you trying to do?
20:34:04 <nb> gentt, .nick is the command to change the bot's nick
20:34:13 <gentt> nb, i am really sorry
20:34:17 <gentt> i messed up the command
20:34:19 <nb> gentt, it's ok, was just trying to help
20:34:29 <cwickert> ok, anything that is uncool in Fedora, anything that sucks?
20:34:35 <fedora_richie> west midlands, Coventry
20:34:38 <cwickert> the delay with the media sucks for example
20:34:47 <MooDoo> fedora_richie, Nottingham :)
20:34:48 <cwickert> but this was because the company had problems
20:35:00 <cwickert> we did the dual layer media for the first time
20:35:02 <ixs> cwickert: wanna go through the suck list? how long do you have?
20:35:13 <cwickert> it took a little longer but the result is awesome
20:35:25 <cwickert> ixs: awol maintainer suck ;)
20:35:44 <ixs> cwickert: I agree. And incorrectly started awol procedures suck even more so.
20:35:59 <cwickert> ok, point taken
20:36:11 <cwickert> swag distribution sucks, too
20:36:23 <cwickert> but we will have lots of stickers soon
20:36:24 <nb> FYI the DL media seems to be working well in NA
20:36:33 * MooDoo hopes to get media for UK
20:36:33 <cwickert> good to know nb
20:36:46 <cwickert> MooDoo: ok, spread Fedora
20:36:51 <t2hot> ?
20:36:51 * cwickert also needs to get some
20:36:56 * gentt hopes our media will arrive one day
20:36:56 <cwickert> t2hot: yes please
20:36:59 <MooDoo> want to be a distribution hub for the uk
20:37:10 <t2hot> the floor wants suck list?
20:37:20 <cwickert> yes t2hot
20:37:41 <t2hot> 1. Boot times here are appalling
20:38:12 <cwickert> you mean because of hardware?
20:38:20 <t2hot> 2. Video with nvidia Cards is a disaster (for 6600, 7200 series)
20:38:41 <t2hot> and that's with nouveau
20:38:55 <t2hot> very slow animations on Gnome3 DE
20:39:15 <cwickert> confirmed, but way better than one year ago
20:39:25 <t2hot> sure
20:39:55 <gentt> ?
20:40:01 <cwickert> t2hot: ok, and anything in particular for the ambassadors?
20:40:03 <t2hot> but an ambassador doesn't need the embarrassment of explaining to newbies
20:40:37 <cwickert> t2hot: just tell them that the nvidia drivers suck even more and break more often
20:40:37 <t2hot> well, for ambassadors (to be specific) ... its mostly awesome news.
20:40:57 <cwickert> glad to hear that
20:41:06 <cwickert> however we can improve the swag shipping
20:41:20 <cwickert> especially some locations are really hard to reach
20:41:32 <gentt> ?
20:41:40 <cwickert> think of people in Africa or even in Europe like gentt and ardian_
20:41:43 <t2hot> one more thing cwickert?
20:41:54 <cwickert> sure, and then gentt please
20:42:10 <zoltanh7211> hi guys
20:42:16 <t2hot> we mentioned making the join pages more graphical
20:42:18 <zoltanh7211> sorry for late arrive
20:42:27 <t2hot> is this still a welcome suggestion
20:42:49 <cwickert> t2hot: you are member of the design-team, right?
20:42:59 <t2hot> eh ... yes
20:43:14 <cwickert> vinzv: hey, you think you and t2hot could help us?
20:43:47 <vinzv> cwickert: sure
20:43:53 <t2hot> eof
20:44:21 <MooDoo> apologies all i have to leave, pregnant wife calling.....:)
20:44:22 <cwickert> #action vinzv and t2hot to ask the design-team how to improve the "join Fedora" pages in the wiki
20:44:29 <cwickert> gentt: your turn
20:44:40 <gentt> on swag and media shipment
20:44:44 <cwickert> MooDoo: no problem, have fun
20:45:00 <gentt> have you ever (fedora) thought about paying experienced swag companies
20:45:22 <cwickert> what do you mean exactly?
20:45:38 <gentt> for example at Mozilla we have Merchandise Mani which send the swag personally to the community members
20:45:47 <gentt> *Merchandise Mania
20:46:01 <gentt> they care about shipment addresses etc
20:46:11 <gentt> you just give the address and amount
20:46:27 <gentt> I know that it would be super expensive but just sayin
20:46:36 <cwickert> and does the stuff actually arrive in Kosovo?
20:46:44 <Prometheas> i think there were some f14 live cds printed in asia, cheaper and printed on the other side
20:46:46 <gentt> cwickert, yep
20:46:58 <cwickert> to me it looks as if the post and the customs are the biggest problem
20:46:59 <gentt> cwickert, all of them within the week
20:47:14 <cwickert> what service? UPS?
20:47:19 <gentt> cwickert, ups
20:47:25 <gentt> cheapest ups
20:47:35 <gentt> not extra fast ones
20:47:55 <cwickert> gentt: even the cheepest UPS would be like 160 EUR for the media for example
20:47:57 <gentt> in simple squared card boxes tapped
20:48:10 <gentt> cwickert, 110 DVD's
20:48:15 <gentt> can be
20:48:24 <cwickert> but if there is no other options we need to consider it
20:48:26 <gentt> but for smaller amount I don't think
20:48:42 <cwickert> because I realy have to see you waiting if you have an event
20:48:50 <cwickert> I sent your shirts nearly 2 weeks ago
20:48:52 <gentt> cwickert, I will ask Mozilla Community Manager if it's possible from them to tell the expenses they have
20:49:01 <cwickert> gentt: good idea
20:49:21 <gentt> but I am sure that they yearly fixed contract
20:49:29 <gentt> *they do...
20:49:42 <cwickert> #atcion gent to get in touch with the Mozilla guys on how to improve swag shipping
20:49:49 <cwickert> please report back once you have info
20:49:56 <gentt> cwickert, sure
20:50:15 <cwickert> another thing that comes to my mind because Prometheas just mentioned media produced in asia
20:50:16 <gentt> for example you have 10000 5x5 Stickers for Jan-Dec
20:50:24 <cwickert> we should do more stuff locally
20:50:36 <gentt> I agree
20:50:48 <cwickert> for example some africal ambassadors asked me about banners
20:50:55 <gentt> for example we printed 210 4x4 cm stickers for only 9 eur
20:51:08 <cwickert> and the shipping was more expansive than the banners themselves
20:51:08 <gentt> in very good quality
20:51:20 <cwickert> so they now will do them in Africa
20:51:38 <cwickert> it is cheaper, faster and we also do something for their local communties
20:51:54 <cwickert> this being said I think that EMEA media should be produced in EMEA
20:52:11 <cwickert> but we really need to have more local production within the EMEA region
20:52:24 <gentt> cwickert, if for example we want to print a banner for fedora kosovo which we could use it for our events in future, can we just a file a ticket for that?
20:52:29 <cwickert> so if you want something like gentt wants the stickers, ask for budget
20:52:43 * t2hot wonders where the current media was done
20:53:06 <gentt> t2hot, you have everything online at cwickert fedorapeople
20:53:13 <cwickert> #info if you want to produce swag, ask famsco for budget. get a quote and file a ticket at https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/
20:53:28 <cwickert> t2hot: in Munich, Germany
20:53:47 <gentt> t2hot, http://cwickert.fedorapeople.org/media/quote-f15.pdf
20:53:50 <cwickert> but we could also consider something else
20:54:00 <zoltanh7211> !
20:54:05 <cwickert> ok, I think you got the drift...
20:54:08 <cwickert> zoltanh7211: yes please
20:54:38 <zoltanh7211> I have here cheatcubes - and I think I could ask them to produce stickers
20:54:45 <zoltanh7211> here at HU
20:54:58 <zoltanh7211> they could print on anything
20:55:10 <zoltanh7211> and accepting paypal either
20:55:28 <cwickert> zoltanh7211: btw: you also have German flyers. can you send them to me?
20:55:34 <zoltanh7211> yes
20:56:04 <zoltanh7211> sure, but that one has been produced by Oxygen Media, here at Gyor
20:56:08 <zoltanh7211> locally
20:56:31 <zoltanh7211> and they have huge Heidelberg machines either for mass producing
20:56:32 <cwickert> I don't care; I even take hungarian flyers ;)
20:56:43 <zoltanh7211> btw
20:56:57 <zoltanh7211> there is a small problem with flyers and printed stuff
20:57:14 <zoltanh7211> most of them not optimalised for A!
20:57:18 <zoltanh7211> A4
20:57:28 <cwickert> but what?
20:57:35 <cwickert> letter I guess
20:57:37 <zoltanh7211> else it's wrapped for USA forms
20:57:40 <zoltanh7211> yes
20:57:50 <cwickert> vinzv: this is another one for you ;)
20:58:15 <cwickert> #action vinzv to tell the design team to no only make flyers for letter but also A4 format
20:58:29 <zoltanh7211> also we need some rollup templates too if possible
20:58:32 <gentt> cwickert, correct my action above for the swag, you didn't write it correctly
20:58:43 <cwickert> gentt: too late
20:58:50 <gentt> cwickert, np
20:58:51 * cwickert can only undo once
20:59:06 * cwickert likes giving people action items instead of doing stuff :)
20:59:20 <cwickert> zoltanh7211: whatever you want, ask vinzv
20:59:24 <zoltanh7211> ok
20:59:36 <cwickert> this is an easy answer, isn't it? ;)
20:59:55 <zoltanh7211> btw - how fast you would like to have the flyers? ;)
20:59:56 * t2hot :)
20:59:56 * gentt wanted to say that you writed "#-action" incorrectly
21:00:00 <cwickert> ok, anything more for open floor?
21:00:31 <zoltanh7211> eof
21:00:38 <cwickert> gentt: ah, then I don't need to undo it, it won't show up in the minutes
21:00:43 <cwickert> #action gent to get in touch with the Mozilla guys on how to improve swag shipping
21:00:47 <vinzv> cwickert: noted it, thanks for hinting
21:00:48 <cwickert> better
21:00:56 * gentt :D
21:01:19 <cwickert> vinzv: thanks for your work, also thanks to t2hot and everybody else from the design team
21:01:35 <cwickert> 3 more minutes and then we close the meeting if nothing comes up
21:02:22 <cwickert> one thought from my side: I really liked this meeting. we should try to do the regular stuff quickly and then spend more time on open floor because a lot of good ideas come up
21:02:41 <zoltanh7211> +1
21:02:46 <fedora_richie> +1
21:03:11 <zoltanh7211> please shedule such round table
21:03:14 <cwickert> MooDoo: next time you make a meeting, make it quick ;)
21:03:34 <cwickert> zoltanh7211: good idea
21:03:43 <cwickert> 10
21:03:44 <cwickert> 9
21:03:46 <cwickert> 8
21:03:47 <cwickert> 7
21:03:48 <cwickert> 6
21:03:49 <cwickert> 5
21:03:51 <cwickert> 4
21:03:51 <cwickert> 3
21:03:53 <cwickert> 2
21:03:54 <cwickert> 1
21:03:59 <cwickert> #endmeeting