14:15:41 <igorps> #startmeeting famsco
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14:16:15 <kaio> hi
14:16:23 <gbraad> .fas gbraad
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14:16:35 <kaio> .fas kaio
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14:16:54 <gbraad> .fas yn1v
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14:16:59 <mether> .fas mether
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14:17:03 <gbraad> #chair yn1v
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14:17:07 <igorps> No yn1v is here
14:17:12 <igorps> now*
14:17:15 <yn1v> hy !
14:17:31 <gbraad> a small rectification about last weeks meeting:
14:17:32 <igorps> hello yn1v we are starting the meeting now
14:18:07 <gbraad> in the meeting we had assumed kaio voted for the Chinese bid for FUDCon. we rectify this should have been India
14:18:27 <gbraad> we also congratulate India with winning the bid to host FUDCon APAC 2011
14:18:30 <kaio> gbraad, thx
14:19:05 <igorps> gbraad, thanks for clarifying it once again
14:19:36 <igorps> do you guys want to go to our regular agenda first or to the questions from the public?
14:19:56 <igorps> remember that this is a public meeting
14:20:01 <gbraad> It depends if we have anything to add to the regular schedule. I do not
14:20:16 <igorps> gbraad, me neither
14:20:32 <igorps> maybe yn1v want to add something about the survey
14:20:41 <gbraad> maybe a topic/announcement for the Open Floor relating to the lose of the FUDCon China bid
14:21:15 <igorps> yn1v, anything about the survey?
14:21:18 <yn1v> about the survey I ran out time during the week, I posted by email
14:21:40 <igorps> yn1v, ok
14:21:49 <yn1v> that to end the survey the best thing it set to expire. I have set to expire last night
14:21:59 <yn1v> I will be ready by monday
14:22:12 <igorps> #topic FAmSCo survey
14:22:26 <igorps> #info survey will be ready by Monday
14:22:28 <gbraad> yn1v; ok. so this can be discussed on our next meeting
14:22:31 <yn1v> sorry... the survey "It" will be ready
14:22:46 <igorps> yn1v, I got it :)
14:23:20 <gbraad> so shall we also aim to publish the survey results after our next meeting?
14:23:23 <igorps> let's follow gbraad suggestion and move to the open floor
14:23:38 <igorps> gbraad: I think so
14:24:19 <igorps> but probably it will be ready before the meeting
14:24:19 <gbraad> ok, moving on?
14:24:36 <igorps> #topic Open Floor
14:24:43 <gbraad> I believe the ambassadors take center stage, so I'll kep it short
14:25:13 <igorps> We are willing to take question from the public now
14:25:32 <igorps> if anyone wants to ask something to FAmSCo it's the time
14:25:56 <igorps> last meeting we discussed about the bids for FUDCon APAC
14:26:10 <igorps> being the Pune bid the winner
14:26:42 <igorps> and we are looking forward to see a FAD in China this year
14:27:02 <igorps> gbraad, mether anything you guys would like to add?
14:27:06 <gbraad> together with the Chinese community we are working on this FAD alongside Open Source Week
14:27:29 <gbraad> not sure yet if this is the best option, but this should be answered in the coming week
14:27:46 <yn1v> there is also the invitation for new FUDCon bids for next year
14:27:54 <kaio> and we are looking at the possibility to have FAD next to OSW for attracting more crowd to FAD
14:28:02 <igorps> gbraad, do you guys have a possible date for it already?
14:28:09 <gbraad> several ambassadors have shown interest in this
14:28:14 <mether> FUDCon India info is at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:India_2011 and I welcome everyone here to participate
14:28:24 <gbraad> we have a wiki page up. hold on
14:28:57 <gbraad> 15 oct 2011: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD_China_2011
14:29:56 <igorps> For the FAD It's pretty useful if you could be the costs on the wiki
14:30:07 <igorps> or at least in a public spreadsheet
14:30:44 <igorps> when you figure the costs out please do it, so the CommArch team can see how much is needed
14:31:15 <igorps> gbraad, also add it here:
14:31:21 <igorps> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Premier_Fedora_Events
14:31:37 <gbraad> we are not at that stage yet as discussions only started last thursday after the public accouncement of the winning bid
14:32:06 <igorps> gbraad: no problem :)
14:32:24 <gbraad> ok, mether. anything you want to add?
14:32:44 <mether> nope.
14:32:58 <gbraad> please, ambassadors...
14:33:06 <mether> I would be happy to answer any questions
14:33:40 * inode0 just wants to say the organization and progress of planning for the Pune event in such a short time is really impressive
14:34:05 <igorps> I see that the FUDCon India page has a lot of talks and hackfests already
14:34:14 <igorps> really nice, indeed
14:35:16 <igorps> mether, are you guys willing to do a booklet for the attendees?
14:35:33 <mether> igorps, yes.  we have to start working on that
14:36:11 <igorps> This was a good idea from the FUDCon Tempe organizers
14:36:13 <mether> If anyone wants can point me to the content of a previous FUDCon booklet
14:36:27 <mether> that would be helpful
14:37:34 <igorps> The organizers of FUDCon NA might be working on it now
14:38:00 <mether> ok.  will ask
14:38:22 <mether> inode0, any idea?
14:38:23 <igorps> I'll look into it. We also had a booklet for FUDCon Panama
14:38:30 <str8edge> At RH Summit the Fedora booth had 4 brochures on Fedora for Artists, Musicians, Video work, etc.
14:38:34 <mether> Was that in English?
14:38:43 <igorps> I'll ping the organizers to get the files
14:39:03 <mether> str8edge, I think the content for FUDCon is different from those
14:39:35 <igorps> str8edge, yes, it's more useful information for the attendees
14:39:47 <inode0> Yeah, those brochures were leftovers from SXSW - an event dominated by artists
14:40:07 <igorps> str8edge, for instance a map, places to eat, useful phone numbers and etc
14:40:24 * str8edge is new here. SXSW brochures would make sense.
14:40:37 <inode0> mether: I don't know anything about a booklet but I'm sure we can find online artifacts somewhere
14:40:50 <mether> ok
14:41:02 <nirik> http://ianweller.fedorapeople.org/fudcon-tempe-booklet/
14:41:12 <nirik> thats the one from fudcon tempe in NA.
14:41:23 <igorps> thanks, nirik
14:41:35 <makfinsky> Wow. Very nice.
14:41:38 <mether> nirik, thanks
14:42:01 <nirik> yeah, it looked good. Perhaps it can be adapted...
14:42:17 <mether> I have one more request.  If anyone has contacts that would co-sponsor the event,  that would be great.  better budget is always useful
14:42:42 <igorps> we adapted the one for FUDCon Panama from those files
14:42:55 <igorps> and printed in a different size
14:44:23 <igorps> As yn1v pointed out, the call for bids for FUDCon LATAM and APAC 2012 is open
14:44:33 <igorps> #link http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/fudcon-planning/2011-July/002461.html
14:44:34 <mether> igorps, is that only handed out to speakers or everyone?
14:44:57 <inode0> everyone in Tempe received it
14:45:14 <igorps> same thing in Panama
14:45:20 <mether> FWIW,  I don't think India will be participating in that bid.  We will probably be running a FAD instead
14:45:49 <gbraad> not sure of China either. Would like so, but some people had objections
14:45:52 <mether> doesn't make sense to do another FUDCon in such a short interval and there are other places
14:46:34 <igorps> gbraad, would be nice if China could work on the bid and the FAD
14:46:43 <igorps> but I know it's a lot of work
14:47:15 <gbraad> tell me :-s
14:48:09 <yn1v> I know that are people looking to put together a bid for Perú, there other teams for latam ?
14:48:35 <igorps> Probably Malaysia will submit a bid for FUDCon APAC 2012 as well
14:48:48 <mether> yeah
14:48:49 <gbraad> igorps: from what I read they will
14:49:09 <kaio> glad to see more bids
14:49:24 <igorps> yn1v, I'm not sure. I would like to see a bid from Argentina
14:49:31 <gbraad> kaio, what about Brisbane? ;-)
14:50:20 <kaio> gbraad, I need to blow 20 clones of myself to make a bid for Brisbane. XD
14:50:50 <yn1v> igorps, should we lure Maceira and Basel into organizing a fudcon  ? :D
14:51:14 <igorps> kaio, nobody from the local community to help you?
14:51:44 <igorps> yn1v, I actually suggested it to Basel at Panama
14:52:08 <igorps> Since both are from Cordoba they could put a bid together
14:52:20 <yn1v> exactly
14:52:22 <gbraad> anyone from FAmSCo going to attend Pune?
14:53:05 <yn1v> I will love to, but I feel I am too far away and will be too expensive.
14:53:11 <kaio> igorps, thats only me as Fedora people. and total ambassadors in Australia is about 5. consider the size of australia is simialar to US
14:53:12 <igorps> gbraad, I would like so. It turns out it's way too distant. :)
14:53:40 <gbraad> probably can't attend either. bad timing and budget
14:54:10 <igorps> gbraad, as I suggested, would be nice to have someone from China there
14:54:20 <yn1v> +1
14:54:25 <gbraad> +1
14:54:54 <kaio> if these is a bid coming up from Brisbane, it will less pretty than the China bid this 2011 (dont misunderstand and I ack the hard work of Chinese community for the bid)
14:55:27 <gbraad> :-s
14:55:59 <kaio> I want to know if China win the bid for 2012. If so, I will go to China one but not Pune this year.
14:56:11 <yn1v> More comments from general public? We are in open floor!
14:56:35 <igorps> Public is shy today :)
14:57:30 * str8edge thinks he's the only one here from the public..
14:57:34 <mether> Only tangentially related but neverthless since there aren't questions,  I would like to announce that I along with help from many others have been working on https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Askbot
14:57:50 <gbraad> inode0 is also here
14:57:53 <mether> If anyone wants to help out,  that would be great
14:59:14 <igorps> kaio, keep in mind that the bid submission close at August, 11th
14:59:46 * inode0 has no idea what famsco wants him to ask - so asks famsco to clarify :)
15:00:06 * inode0 isn't shy
15:00:21 <kaio> igorps, I know that and start pushing in the Fedora Chinese meeting last night.
15:00:23 <gbraad> inode0: str8edge thought he was the only 'public' here
15:00:36 * makfinsky is here too... lurking more than anything.
15:00:53 * str8edge is in the same boat, too new to know better!
15:01:02 <yn1v> we have three budget tickets related to dinners. 199, 200 and 201 ... 199 has been already executed. 200 and 201 are waiting for approval.
15:01:19 <kaio> but real work are up on back of everyone in community
15:01:25 <gbraad> kaio I wait until the community made a decision to make a bid. until then I will wait. hope you understand
15:01:48 <igorps> kaio, +1
15:01:53 <yn1v> gbraad, I can understand that
15:02:15 <kaio> gbraad, ok. we need to work on OSW+FAD in parallel also
15:02:51 <gbraad> I am just worried about the efforts we had. some felt bad since I had to tell them 'no decision was made yet'
15:02:57 <gbraad> twice...
15:02:59 <gbraad> :-s
15:03:31 <gbraad> telling 'maybe' is the worst you can do in China. it is like saying 'no'.
15:04:10 <igorps> gbraad, that is understandable
15:04:27 <igorps> can we move to the tickets?
15:04:33 * nirik is also lurking, but has no immediate questions. ;)
15:05:16 <kaio> when we used "maybe" people will turn their heads and pay no attention
15:05:41 <gbraad> kaio, exactly... you understand
15:06:10 <yn1v> I think we should look a t the tickets, so other people hesitating about submitting their release team party can feel confident
15:06:21 <gbraad> please do
15:06:40 <igorps> #topic FAmSCo Tickets
15:06:42 <yn1v> specially as it is a thanks to them.
15:06:49 <gbraad> I would also like to ask FAmSCo to look at
15:06:55 <gbraad> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD_Sri_Lanka_2011
15:07:04 <gbraad> and suggest anything if needed
15:07:41 * igorps is looking into it
15:07:48 <kaio> There is a ticket for FAD @ Canton which long for fund release.
15:08:11 <gbraad> igorps: reaction can be after meeting
15:08:16 <gbraad> tickets please
15:08:50 <igorps> gbraad, ok. It looks well planned to me
15:09:09 <igorps> yn1v, I closed ticket 161 already
15:09:26 <igorps> the one about FISL airfare
15:09:31 <kaio> https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/ticket/191
15:10:15 <yn1v> igor, what about refund for Wolnei? that it is still pending isn't it ?
15:10:45 <igorps> yn1v, no, he was reimbursed by jsmith on-site
15:11:01 <igorps> yn1v, I closed that ticket too
15:11:41 <igorps> yn1v, media ticket still needs love
15:11:54 <igorps> kaio, I can't read the attachment. :)
15:12:16 <kaio> igorps, the receipt?
15:12:29 <yn1v> igorps, good to know that wolnei reimbursement has been take care of
15:13:06 <kaio> igorps, hehe, thats why it has to be me or gbraad confirm that receipt
15:13:34 <igorps> kaio, yes, just kidding! You guys should ping Harish about this one
15:13:41 <yn1v> for those that can not access ticket 191, is a bout one event that needs reimbursement but it has been hard to find a way to transfer the money
15:14:48 <gbraad> kaio; I will look into it. but also provide a rough translation would be helpful for the other members
15:15:03 <igorps> yn1v, Max also updated ticket #178
15:15:06 <igorps> #link https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/ticket/178
15:15:26 <gbraad> kaio: can you send me a reminder of this ticket?
15:15:27 <kaio> gbraad, hmm can use GIMP to add English translations next to the phases
15:15:30 <kaio> phrases
15:15:46 <kaio> gbraad, to harish?
15:16:25 <yn1v> igorps, I was busy, can we work this out after meeting?
15:16:37 <igorps> yn1v, sure, no problem
15:17:07 <gbraad> kaio: to me and harish. explain also I would provide my opinion and a rough translation
15:17:42 <yn1v> for those who can not access ticket #178 is about a large quantity of media for brazil
15:18:02 <igorps> gbraad, thanks, that would be helpful
15:18:52 <igorps> 178 also got stuck while we figure out the best way to do the payment
15:19:47 <igorps> yn1v, what about this one:
15:19:48 <igorps> https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/ticket/201
15:19:51 <gbraad> how about the projector ticket from kital? I was unable to provide suggestions due to a busy schedule
15:20:58 <kaio> gbraad, reminder is done
15:21:17 <igorps> gbraad, I'm not finding that one
15:21:23 <gbraad> kaio: thx
15:21:28 <yn1v> I remember that we said that kital can get the best around 500 euros
15:21:34 <igorps> here it is:
15:21:37 <igorps> #link https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/ticket/195
15:21:40 * gbraad 's connection already dropped once :-s
15:23:03 <kaio> can we box the time for this open floor?
15:23:29 <igorps> yn1v, it looks like Robert found one around for 700 Euros
15:23:29 <gbraad> kaio, if you have other business to attend to, you can leave
15:23:55 <kaio> I need to revive from zombie state by sleep.
15:24:17 <igorps> kaio, if you have some thing else to add you can do it now
15:24:25 <gbraad> I am sure if a topic needs your opinion we can now make the proper assumption of your vote ;-)
15:24:26 <igorps> so you can leave
15:24:48 * gbraad meant in other words; 'discuss on the list'
15:25:14 <kaio> I have long days, long weeks, long months, long years, but hope a long life. :)
15:25:39 <igorps> kaio, feel free to take a rest :)
15:25:52 <kaio> assumption on me is "assume nothing" :P
15:26:08 <igorps> The meeting shouldn't take long anymore
15:26:15 <gbraad> _1
15:26:17 <gbraad> +1
15:26:25 <kaio> night and keep in touch on list
15:26:48 <igorps> kaio, good night
15:26:57 <igorps> Any more tickets, guys?
15:27:07 <igorps> nothing else from me
15:28:32 <yn1v> nothing more from me
15:28:48 <igorps> I'll end the meeting in one minute if nobody has anything else to add
15:29:44 <igorps> Thank you all for attending!
15:29:51 <igorps> #endmeeting