05:02:26 <tagoh> #startmeeting i18n
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05:02:31 <tagoh> #meetingname i18n
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05:02:41 <tagoh> #topic agenda and roll call
05:02:49 <tagoh> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/I18N/Meetings/2011-06-02
05:03:25 <tagoh> hi, let's have an i18n meeting.
05:03:30 <tagoh> who else here today?
05:03:31 <juhp> hi
05:03:34 <dueno> hi
05:03:57 <epico_laptop> hi
05:04:47 <fujiwarat> hi
05:05:34 <paragan> hi
05:06:05 <tagoh> juhp: you'd be interested in http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/devel/2011-June/151971.html ?
05:06:13 <tagoh> anyway, let's get started.
05:06:25 <tagoh> #topic F16
05:07:12 <juhp> tagoh: aha thanks
05:07:14 <tagoh> well, it's still early stage. we've a bit talked about features in the last meeting though.
05:08:08 <tagoh> also guess we've played with f15 and you may see any issues or possibly improvements we can do in f16.
05:08:58 <tagoh> any idea for what we can do in f16 so far?
05:10:04 <dychen> hi
05:10:32 <juhp> well I think it would be good to have a feature page for gnome3 input integration
05:10:44 <juhp> even if we don't land it all in f16 in time
05:11:04 <tagoh> sure. sounds good
05:11:45 <fujiwarat> ok
05:13:33 <juhp> fujiwarat, do you want to start it, or I could maybe draft something?
05:14:20 <fujiwarat> juhp: Great, could you work on the draft?
05:14:25 <juhp> ok
05:14:31 <fujiwarat> thx
05:14:55 <juhp> hopefully we could have something ready by next week
05:15:05 <tagoh> cool
05:15:47 <juhp> wonder if yum-langpacks kde in f15?
05:15:53 <juhp> need to test...
05:16:10 <tagoh> dunno if we want to have ITB page again for 2nd season?
05:16:47 <juhp> any fonts/rendering improvements needed?
05:16:59 <tagoh> juhp: maybe for other desktops too? dunno
05:17:10 <juhp> aha
05:17:54 <juhp> tagoh: anything particular?
05:18:00 <pravins> hi
05:18:23 <tagoh> juhp: it's totally outside our hands though, hopefully would be nice to have new fontconfig this time
05:18:30 <juhp> ok
05:18:55 <tagoh> will ping behdad again though
05:19:06 <juhp> cool
05:20:44 <tagoh> anything else we want to discuss?
05:20:51 <tagoh> in this topic
05:21:58 <tagoh> okay, shall we move on then?
05:22:19 <tagoh> #topic Bugzilla house keeping
05:22:19 <pravins> ITB will get some more languages and as well improvements in Fedora 16
05:22:32 <tagoh> pravins: right
05:22:56 <tagoh> not sure if it's worth bringing it up as feature again
05:23:44 <tagoh> well, thanks for taking a time for bugs clean up.
05:24:09 <tagoh> 15 bugs still keeps open for f13 now
05:24:56 <tagoh> looks like abrt bugs may be hard one to figure out.
05:25:41 <juhp> aha
05:27:24 <tagoh> .bug 452938
05:27:26 <zodbot> tagoh: Bug 452938 gtk should handle missing multilib immodules more gracefully - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=452938
05:27:45 <tagoh> should we move this to f14 or later?
05:28:31 <tagoh> no progress on this and even upstream though, apparently they want to see a fix in multilib handling rather than a hack?
05:29:29 <juhp> hmm
05:30:18 <tagoh> .bug 527740
05:30:20 <zodbot> tagoh: Bug 527740 [ml_IN] Applying Backspace to a chillu conjunct followed by punctuation/SPACE results in deletion of the chillu also - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=527740
05:30:55 <tagoh> need to test on f15 say if it still persists
05:31:42 <juhp> pravins, ^ ?
05:31:42 <tagoh> .bug 596664
05:31:44 <zodbot> tagoh: Bug 596664 locale.alias should include nb_NO.utf8 and nn_NO.utf8 - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=596664
05:31:57 <juhp> tagoh: I moved it to f14
05:32:32 <pravins> juhp: its pango bug :)
05:32:34 <tagoh> need to confirm about comment#21. otherwise it should be easy-fix since already fixed in f15 and patch is there.
05:32:50 <juhp> pravins, so can you please move it or something :)
05:33:11 <juhp> tagoh: yeah
05:33:36 <tagoh> .bug 624296
05:33:39 <zodbot> tagoh: Bug 624296 Incorrect first day of week in RU_UA locale - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=624296
05:34:48 <juhp> tagoh: I don't understand comment 21 - sounds irrelevant
05:34:51 <tagoh> hm, yes, may be good to file a bug upstream with patch
05:34:54 <pravins> problem is still there so let it be open, when in future harfbuzz will get added in pango
05:34:56 <juhp> I moved it to f15
05:34:58 <pravins> will check and try to fix
05:35:01 <pravins> thanks
05:35:10 <juhp> pravins, no
05:35:15 <juhp> pravins, please move it
05:35:21 <tagoh> juhp: aha
05:35:23 <pravins> move to?
05:35:33 <juhp> to latest release with the problem...
05:35:40 <pravins> yes, sure
05:35:43 <juhp> thanks
05:36:27 <pravins> done
05:36:29 <tagoh> pravins: no way to fix it without harfbuzz? dunno when it will be spotlighted.
05:36:42 <juhp> 650205
05:36:46 <tagoh> wonder if we should add a FutureFeature tag then?
05:36:49 <juhp> oops
05:36:50 <pravins> tagoh: harfbuzz 0.6 got released few day back
05:37:08 <juhp> .bug 650205
05:37:12 <zodbot> juhp: Bug 650205 [abrt] WritRecogn-0.1.9-1.fc11: raise: Process /usr/bin/WritRecogn was killed by signal 6 (SIGABRT) - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=650205
05:37:26 <tagoh> pravins: any improvements with it, particularly for indic?
05:37:35 <tagoh> and any chance to see that in pango too :)
05:38:04 <juhp> dychen, how about later releases?
05:38:36 <tagoh> juhp: it should be somewhat reproducible more than segfault bugs
05:39:05 <pravins> no, not yet. Behdad was saying he will add existing pango indic module to it.
05:39:12 <pravins> but i dont think any work done on it yet
05:39:40 <tagoh> pravins: okay. so still need more time to see that in pango
05:41:01 <tagoh> .bug 627127
05:41:03 <zodbot> tagoh: Bug 627127 [Indic] Rendering of Text broken when Copy from Evince and Paste to Text editor (gedit) - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=627127
05:42:51 <tagoh> sounds hard to fix it perhaps. that may be similar reason why we embed a font on paps for text printing.
05:44:08 <pravins> tagoh: yeah, problem is still there :(
05:44:44 <tagoh> anyway, good to keep testing those f13 bugs on the latest.
05:45:00 <pravins> problem happen mostly for conjunct and where reordering is happening
05:45:11 <tagoh> looking forward to see some activities on bugzilla.
05:45:11 <pravins> let me move it then
05:45:22 <tagoh> pravins: ok
05:45:32 <tagoh> #topic Package Updates
05:45:50 <tagoh> any packages needs for testing?
05:46:50 <tagoh> https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/imsettings-1.2.3-1.fc15
05:47:19 <tagoh> fixing some bugs
05:48:22 <juhp> aha
05:48:27 <juhp> is it urgent?
05:48:41 <juhp> will try to test anyway
05:49:40 <tagoh> well, not so critical though, some features just not working in some cases.
05:50:20 <tagoh> anything else?
05:50:33 <juhp> ok
05:51:19 <tagoh> okay, let's move on otherwise
05:51:30 <tagoh> #topic Input Methods
05:51:45 <tagoh> any updates on IM?
05:52:14 <tagoh> or any concerns we want to discuss
05:52:31 <juhp> going back to:
05:52:33 <juhp> .bug 452938
05:52:35 <zodbot> juhp: Bug 452938 gtk should handle missing multilib immodules more gracefully - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=452938
05:52:40 <tagoh> sure
05:52:41 <juhp> should we move it to rawhide?
05:52:56 <juhp> I guess no change - probably same for gtk3?
05:53:03 <tagoh> maybe
05:53:18 <tagoh> should we bring this up to yum once perhaps?
05:53:39 <tagoh> or have we ever tried that?
05:54:00 <tagoh> I don't remember clearly
05:55:07 <juhp> aha
05:55:16 <juhp> that might be better hmm
05:55:19 <fujiwarat> I would think it might break the back compatibility.
05:56:03 <juhp> fujiwarat, how?
05:56:45 <fujiwarat> Applications don't think it includes the multiple names.
05:58:59 <juhp> ah you mean the fallback suggestion
05:59:12 <fujiwarat> Yes, I meant it.
05:59:34 <juhp> yes well - not sure we can get that anyway - just need solution :)
05:59:51 <fujiwarat> Last week I tried clutter based lookup window for gnome-shell but I encountered one problem. Now I leave gtk lookup window for gnome-shell.
06:00:47 <fujiwarat> Today I updated the g-s plugin for ibus and updated the gnome bugzilla report. I'll start the discussion on upstream.
06:01:07 <tagoh> aha
06:03:07 <tagoh> juhp: dunno if we should open another bug for yum or just reassign it
06:03:30 <juhp> hm
06:04:03 <juhp> yeah not sure how yum should handle it - might be something for yum-langpacks even?
06:04:55 <tagoh> is it feasible to include arch in deps?
06:05:57 <tagoh> or it shouldn't be a sub-package perhaps. dunno
06:06:29 <juhp> not sure - I don't think rpm/yum resolves arch deps so well
06:07:07 <juhp> which is probably why we suggested falling back to XIM since that is pretty safe
06:07:30 <tagoh> what was the reason we have had a separate package for xim immodule?
06:07:42 <juhp> ah
06:08:00 <juhp> good question - maybe because it is executable
06:08:33 <tagoh> hmm
06:08:49 <juhp> (yum-langpacks seems to work fine for kde in f15 btw)
06:09:03 <tagoh> great
06:09:58 <tagoh> ok, spend too much time here. good to discuss in next meeting if needed.
06:10:15 <tagoh> #topic Fonts and Rendering
06:10:18 <tagoh> anything?
06:12:11 <tagoh> for quick updates and a kinda homework for next meeting?
06:12:31 <pravins> tagoh: one new interesting bug
06:12:37 <pravins> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=705348
06:12:49 <pravins> i did enabled autohint in lohit few week back
06:12:52 <tagoh> aha
06:13:13 <pravins> but dunno how it affecting in QT for enabling BCI hinter
06:14:25 <tagoh> okay. good to test..
06:14:41 <tagoh> anyway, thanks for bring this up.
06:14:48 <pravins> dunno i checked fontconfig template it looks fine
06:15:04 <tagoh> hm, yeah, we should have a time to test BCI on f15 and f16 anyway..
06:15:29 <pravins> tagoh: your input there will be very helpful
06:15:40 <tagoh> okay
06:16:08 <tagoh> anyting else before closing this meeting?
06:16:33 <tagoh> otherwise let's close it shortly
06:18:15 <tagoh> okay, thanks everyone for the meeting!
06:18:20 <tagoh> #endmeeting