10:05:06 <bckurera> #startmeeting
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10:05:41 <bckurera> #chair harish azneita suresht
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10:05:51 <FranciscoD> maybe fasinfo would be better for roll call
10:05:57 <FranciscoD> fasinfo <fas name>
10:05:58 <aks> .fas Aks
10:06:00 <Kalpurush> .fas kalpurush
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10:06:26 <bckurera> #chair Kalpurush
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10:06:42 <bckurera> #chair FranciscoD
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10:06:49 <bckurera> all set to chair
10:06:53 <bckurera> can we start then
10:06:56 <FranciscoD> please begin :)
10:06:59 <azneita> thanks bckurera
10:07:05 <KageSenshi> .fas izhar
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10:07:08 <suresht> lets move
10:07:14 <harish> KageSenshi, welcome
10:07:17 <bckurera> #topic News from FAmSCo
10:07:23 <KageSenshi> \o/
10:07:27 <bckurera> News from FAmSCo
10:07:43 <bckurera> #chair KageSenshi
10:07:43 <zodbot> Current chairs: FranciscoD KageSenshi Kalpurush azneita bckurera harish suresht
10:07:49 <suresht> are there anyone!
10:07:55 <bckurera> Hope you all aware of Larrys departure
10:08:06 <bckurera> we will really miss him
10:08:09 <harish> yes
10:08:13 <harish> good guy.
10:08:17 <bckurera> +!
10:08:18 <suresht> we missed him
10:08:23 <azneita> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:APAC_Ambassadors_2011-05-18#Agenda
10:08:23 <suresht> +1
10:08:27 <harish> had the privilege of meeting him at the FUDcon Tempe
10:08:41 <suresht> but he is around with us as a fedora user
10:08:43 <azneita> swell of a guy, nice write-ups too
10:08:47 <bckurera> Then we had Board and FSCo elections ahead
10:09:23 <bckurera> Then you all have to sign the new agreement in FAS
10:09:33 <suresht> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Legal:Fedora_Project_Contributor_Agreement
10:09:35 <bckurera> just reminding all important things
10:09:36 <FranciscoD> already done
10:09:38 <suresht> for the info
10:09:39 <bckurera> thanks suresht
10:09:48 <Kalpurush> Already done
10:10:13 <bckurera> Finally we have a good news - F15 is GOLD and ready t release on 24th May
10:10:24 <suresht> +1 bckurera
10:10:30 <arifiauo> \o/
10:10:30 <harish> yes, dent'ed that this morning.
10:10:36 <FranciscoD> means i have one more week to send out all me free media dvds :o
10:10:43 <bckurera> #chair arifiaou
10:10:43 <zodbot> Current chairs: FranciscoD KageSenshi Kalpurush arifiaou azneita bckurera harish suresht
10:10:55 <bckurera> yes we have one week
10:10:59 <FranciscoD> thats around 80 media! damn damn damn!
10:11:01 <bckurera> less than one week I should say
10:11:22 <bckurera> Is there anything I missed
10:11:22 <azneita> that's still a lot FranciscoD
10:11:24 <suresht> bckurera, pls add chair for aks
10:11:24 <arifiauo> FranciscoD, we can do it
10:11:34 <suresht> he is come fron nepal
10:11:38 <FranciscoD> arifiauo: yes! we will do it :)
10:11:45 <harish> i will be making a F15 live DVD custom-built - to include virt, xournal and some other stuff that I personally want in it.
10:12:05 <FranciscoD> aha! nice!
10:12:20 <aks> .fas aks
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10:12:23 <FranciscoD> I'm already on F15 though :P
10:12:23 <Kalpurush> Thts good , harish
10:12:30 <azneita> what will you call the remix harish?
10:12:32 <harish> it will be 64-bit though.
10:12:35 <bckurera> #chair ask
10:12:35 <zodbot> Current chairs: FranciscoD KageSenshi Kalpurush arifiaou ask azneita bckurera harish suresht
10:12:40 <bckurera> sorry
10:12:43 <bckurera> #undo
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10:12:49 <suresht> harish, good we all waiting for that
10:12:55 <harish> not a remix per se, it is essentially the DVD done into a live DVD.
10:12:55 <bckurera> #chair aks
10:12:55 <zodbot> Current chairs: FranciscoD KageSenshi Kalpurush aks arifiaou ask azneita bckurera harish suresht
10:13:13 <azneita> fasinfo aks
10:13:45 <bckurera> Hello aks good to see you
10:13:49 <suresht> azneita, .
10:13:50 <harish> i'll share the ks file once I am happy with it.
10:13:53 <aks> bckurera: :)
10:14:00 <suresht> .fasinfo aks
10:14:01 <bckurera> Seems my email worked atleast for a one FAm :)
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10:14:05 <zodbot> suresht: Unapproved Groups: gitlekhonee
10:14:06 <KageSenshi> +1
10:14:09 <bckurera> welcome you aks
10:14:09 <zodbot> suresht: Approved Groups: cla_fpca cla_fedora cla_done ambassadors freemedia
10:14:16 <aks> bckurera: indeed
10:14:23 <aks> .fas aks
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10:14:25 <FranciscoD> we should get down to the agenda
10:14:32 <FranciscoD> the rest can go in the open floor :D
10:14:36 <suresht> aks ok
10:14:42 <arifiauo> +1
10:14:51 <bckurera> can we proceed
10:15:03 <FranciscoD> bckurera: please begin with agenda item #1
10:15:04 <bckurera> seems it is better moving
10:15:06 <Kalpurush> +1
10:15:10 <arifiauo> yes please
10:15:18 <bckurera> we are at the news item
10:15:18 <suresht> lets move
10:15:22 <harish> .fasinfo harishpillay (for the record)
10:15:23 <zodbot> harish: User "harishpillay (for the record)" doesn't exist
10:15:24 <bckurera> now we can go for the palnning
10:15:27 <harish> .fasinfo harishpillay
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10:15:32 <zodbot> harish: Approved Groups: gitcommarch-web ambassadors cla_done cla_redhat
10:15:56 <bckurera> #topic APAC FAD and FUDcon planning
10:15:58 <harish> go ahead. apologies for the interruption
10:16:05 <suresht> harish, gitcommarch-web ohh well!
10:16:07 <bckurera> Here harish floor over to you
10:16:13 <harish> ok thank bckurera
10:16:15 <suresht> git really i like it
10:16:24 <bckurera> we all love git :)
10:16:30 <harish> FUDcon - we need to submit the bid for it.
10:16:35 <bckurera> So FAD and FUDcon planing
10:16:52 <FranciscoD> #topic FAD and FUDCon planning
10:17:20 <harish> there should be an announcement that goes out for the FUDcon bid
10:17:22 <bckurera> we are in that topic
10:17:31 <azneita> harish, isn't there supposed to be a call first?
10:17:40 <harish> so KageSenshi if you want to bid for FUDcon Malaysia put the bid out.
10:17:49 <arifiauo> +1
10:17:51 <bckurera> I already had a call
10:17:53 <harish> folks are already bidding in different regions
10:17:57 <bckurera> but no ideas came up :(
10:17:58 <KageSenshi> harish, any links ?
10:17:59 <KageSenshi> erk
10:18:11 <bckurera> I hear milano one
10:18:12 <harish> let me see
10:18:18 <FranciscoD> KageSenshi: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon_organization_process
10:18:28 <FranciscoD> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon
10:18:37 <azneita> if i remember correctly the last call was for fudcon emea
10:18:38 <FranciscoD> the organization process link is important
10:18:57 <harish> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon_bid_process
10:19:23 <azneita> none for apac yet, right?
10:19:30 <FranciscoD> not yet
10:19:34 <arifiauo> yes
10:19:35 <FranciscoD> okay, bidding would be step 1
10:19:36 <suresht> if we call bid now the we can have in next year is it?
10:19:36 <bckurera> Malaysian one is also waiting
10:19:38 <KageSenshi> harish, bid submit to fudcon-planning ?
10:19:51 <bckurera> #info Step1: bidding for FUDcon
10:20:00 <FranciscoD> suresht: see the links, they have a timeline cut out
10:20:05 <FranciscoD> (iirc)
10:20:20 <FranciscoD> suresht: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon_organization_process#FUDcon_Team_General_Planning_Schedule
10:20:47 <suresht> FranciscoD, nice resource
10:21:02 <bckurera> +1
10:21:08 <harish> let me ask Robyn. She prompted me on this.
10:21:11 <FranciscoD> so it is a 12 month procedure :P
10:21:19 <azneita> so for apac, we're creating the bid before the RFP
10:21:25 <harish> but that notwithstanding, let's go ahead and plan anwway.
10:21:32 <harish> s/anwway/anyway/
10:21:35 <azneita> cool :)
10:21:42 <KageSenshi> harish, "there should be an announcement that goes out for the FUDcon bid" .. /me goes look around all the MLs
10:21:52 <harish> KageSenshi, thanks.
10:22:08 <KageSenshi> harish, i didnt see one on fudcon-planning though
10:22:11 <azneita> let's just prod jsmith, he may issue one for us :)
10:22:11 <harish> let's see if we can come up with a series of FADs and FUDcons
10:22:35 <FranciscoD> a series of FADs + *one* fudcon for APAC, you mean?
10:22:47 <harish> again, going back to what I suggested two weeks ago, the more FADs we run, the better we are prepared to run a FUDcon
10:22:50 <bckurera> atleast one FUDcon in 2012
10:22:56 <FranciscoD> +1
10:22:56 <aks> 1
10:22:59 <aks> +1
10:23:06 <Kalpurush> +1
10:23:09 <harish> ideally 1 FUDcon for 2012
10:23:24 <harish> but nothing stopping us from planning for 2013
10:23:42 <bckurera> we have an suggession in Malaysia for 2012
10:23:46 <KageSenshi> +1
10:23:51 <FranciscoD> theres plenty of time. We can easily have one FUDCon in 12, and then another in 13
10:23:53 <harish> forward planning is good for it offers us time to plan and change course if needed.
10:24:11 <harish> bckurera, ok. KageSenshi any comments.
10:24:37 <bckurera> we need to start planing before 12 months
10:24:41 <harish> KageSenshi, you might want to consider a FAD at MOSC in Penang
10:24:44 <bckurera> as the process demand it too
10:24:54 <FranciscoD> lets break it down
10:24:59 <bckurera> Therefore we can have a FUDcon end of next year
10:25:07 <FranciscoD> lets first talk FADs, since they have less requirements
10:25:15 <FranciscoD> then, we can move on to a FUDCon
10:25:16 <KageSenshi> harish, i am thinking something around after eidulfitri
10:25:18 <Kalpurush> Bckurera, its good
10:25:19 <bckurera> we talked about FAD last time
10:25:22 <KageSenshi> for FAD
10:25:28 <suresht> harish, we are planning to do our FAD_lk in between june-july
10:25:37 <suresht> ok lets focus FAD
10:25:42 <harish> KageSenshi, when will that be?
10:25:44 <FranciscoD> bckurera: can you sort of revise what we decided last time please?
10:25:51 <FranciscoD> about the FADs?
10:25:54 <KageSenshi> harish, sept/october
10:25:55 <harish> suresht, ok. proposal?
10:25:58 <bckurera> The first FAD in SL
10:26:20 <harish> bckurera, good. proposal please.
10:26:21 <FranciscoD> has a wiki page been setup?
10:26:26 <KageSenshi> harish, i already secured a venue for FAD
10:26:27 <FranciscoD> An event page"
10:26:29 <FranciscoD> "
10:26:29 <FranciscoD> ?
10:26:34 <harish> KageSenshi, where at?
10:26:43 <KageSenshi> harish, where else, APIIT/UCTI :)
10:26:50 <KageSenshi> thats the easiest place to get ..
10:26:55 <harish> :-). common workhorse!
10:26:57 <suresht> harish, i have finished almost 90% proposal and look forwarding to submit to our local software companies
10:27:13 <KageSenshi> with plenty of breakaway rooms
10:27:20 <harish> suresht, it is on a wiki somewhere?
10:27:25 <FranciscoD> suresht: set up a wiki page please, it's step one
10:27:34 <FranciscoD> and dump all info there, even the proposals
10:27:39 <harish> KageSenshi, yes, APIIT is a good place. only challenge is to get out of that place.
10:27:40 <suresht> then everything fine here
10:27:42 <suresht> wait
10:28:05 <harish> remember, we should be living the TOSW principles. release early, release often.
10:28:09 <bckurera> we had a wiki
10:28:14 <KageSenshi> harish, /me nods
10:28:14 <bckurera> wait i ll find the URL
10:28:33 <suresht> harish, it is prework tasks https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD_lk_prework#Day_April_15_-_May_15_2011
10:28:38 <KageSenshi> harish, for FUDCon i'm eyeing towards JB though
10:28:51 <bckurera> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD_Sri_Lanka_2011
10:29:12 <harish> KageSenshi, works for me :-)
10:29:12 <suresht> this is orignal one then we have add here
10:29:17 <bckurera> but we are still planing, we dragged this till F15 release
10:29:25 <bckurera> yes suresht
10:29:43 <FranciscoD> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Sankarshan/Questions
10:29:55 <FranciscoD> it's India specific, but still worth a read
10:30:01 <KageSenshi> harish, gurdip have contacts in jb which might help in securing venue :)
10:30:16 <bckurera> suresht is location fixed?
10:30:27 <suresht> harish, i am planning to produce fedora pens/balloons/strikers/fedora note books
10:30:54 <Kalpurush> Suresht, it's great :(
10:31:09 <Kalpurush> :)
10:31:12 <harish> suresht, ok. balloons :-)?
10:31:18 <suresht> local price for one pen 0.25 $ and one notebook 0.25 $,
10:31:32 <suresht> fedora balloons 0.1 $
10:31:53 <Kalpurush> Everything in touch of fedora :)
10:32:07 <FranciscoD> suresht: please keep the wiki page updated with these details :)
10:32:19 <FranciscoD> for participants, the wiki page is the one time stop
10:32:28 <arifiauo> +1
10:32:29 <suresht> once i create proposal pdf i will forward it to all
10:32:36 <KageSenshi> erm .. couldnt find the bid announcement .. is it really already open ?
10:32:39 <bckurera> still we are planing so nothing fixed yet
10:32:41 <FranciscoD> everything they need about the event is should be on the wiki
10:32:42 <Kalpurush> Suresht, add fedora t-shirt
10:32:51 <harish> KageSenshi, ping jsmith please.
10:32:53 <suresht> FranciscoD, still we are in way
10:32:58 <KageSenshi> harish, ok
10:33:07 <FranciscoD> suresht: nevermind, still keep the wiki page up :)
10:33:14 <suresht> so after speak to harish and you all i am planning to add to wiki
10:33:22 <harish> suresht, ok
10:33:23 <bckurera> +1
10:33:26 <FranciscoD> suresht: if you wait till everythings ready, you'll miss a lot of participants
10:33:46 <FranciscoD> let people know whats going on, it'll keep them interested
10:34:00 <suresht> FranciscoD, really you are correct
10:34:02 <harish> the key thing here is to show that there is planning underway with some degree of certainty of the events actually happening - like location, signups etc.
10:34:10 <FranciscoD> harish: +1
10:34:15 <harish> it shows commitment and drive and helps me to get funds etc.
10:34:22 <aks> +1
10:34:25 <suresht> we have planned to do ths april but still we are on air
10:34:28 <FranciscoD> harish: you put my thoughts into words :D
10:34:50 <Kalpurush> +1 , harish
10:34:51 <harish> one of the things I'd like to see happen is a net increase of activities for APAC this year. it shows a growth of interest and participation
10:35:05 <harish> so, all activities
10:35:17 <bckurera> yes we keep increasing the volume
10:35:18 <FranciscoD> harish: how about we discuss that in the open floor? I have some suggestions too
10:35:20 <suresht> harish, so i hope i can get fund as much i can from local software companies but we need some money before kick off
10:35:27 <Kalpurush> Yes we hv to running
10:35:29 <harish> whether it is in a school or a LUG or a JUG or whatever it should all be in the wiki so taht we can capture and measure it.
10:35:41 <harish> FranciscoD, OK
10:35:52 <harish> keep on topic.
10:35:59 <bckurera> we are 30 minutes here
10:36:04 <bckurera> :)
10:36:06 <FranciscoD> so we've two FADs line up
10:36:14 <FranciscoD> at present
10:36:14 <harish> ok
10:36:15 <bckurera> where is the other?
10:36:20 <KageSenshi> cool
10:36:22 <bckurera> Sri Lanka and next?
10:36:30 <FranciscoD> KageSenshi has one , right?
10:36:32 <bckurera> we ll be having the SL FAD on July end
10:36:33 <harish> mether, are you able to answer this?
10:36:35 <bckurera> for sure
10:36:42 <suresht> harish, because i have spoken to someones they said after finish event only the sponsors give money to us
10:37:02 <FranciscoD> suresht: yes, you get reimbursed when you send in the reciepts
10:37:08 <bckurera> suresht you will not get money till you produce bills
10:37:08 <FranciscoD> *receipts
10:37:13 <KageSenshi> FranciscoD, to do :) .. possibly on mid september .. i will be meeting the local guys next weekend
10:37:19 <KageSenshi> to discuss more with them
10:37:20 <harish> suresht, reimbursement is after the fact as far as possible.
10:37:22 <FranciscoD> suresht: which is why, everything needs to be documented on the wiki :)
10:37:31 <KageSenshi> then i'll put up a wiki
10:37:32 <FranciscoD> KageSenshi: aha, great :)
10:37:52 <bckurera> gear thoughts
10:37:57 <suresht> ok i will do in wiki and pdf proposal as well
10:38:00 <KageSenshi> FranciscoD, venue already secured , but not manpower yet :)
10:38:01 <FranciscoD> #info All reimbursements are after the event
10:38:03 <harish> i think we need to keep repeating that unless it is on the wiki, it is not happening.
10:38:07 <harish> :-)
10:38:38 <FranciscoD> #info all FADs need to be placed on the wiki: irrespective of their status
10:38:58 <KageSenshi> ok~
10:39:19 <mether> harish, network is being troublesome here.  I potentially missed the context but if the question is about FUDCon,  I am planning for one in India
10:39:21 <FranciscoD> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD
10:39:32 <FranciscoD> mether: you are??
10:39:44 * FranciscoD dances :D
10:39:53 <bckurera> wow great to hear mether
10:40:00 <bckurera> \o/
10:40:04 <mether> FranciscoD, yep.  I will post the details soon
10:40:09 <KageSenshi> hoho
10:40:11 <aks> mether: great :)
10:40:13 <KageSenshi> :D
10:40:14 <FranciscoD> mether: alright! Great!
10:40:15 <harish> mether, about India running a FAD or two and a FUDcon in 2011.
10:40:26 <Kalpurush> Mether, great:D
10:40:36 <bckurera> FUDcon in 2011??
10:40:39 <FranciscoD> additional info on FADs : http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD#What_is_a_FAD_like.3F
10:41:37 <bckurera> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD
10:41:52 <mether> bckurera, If I understand the process correctly, then it would one for 2012 instead.  fads can be organized in a much shorter time
10:42:21 <bckurera> great So i m waiting
10:42:30 <bckurera> is there any FAD organizing in India??
10:42:34 <bckurera> in 2011??
10:42:56 <mether> we organized one last year around this time.  https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD_Pune_2010
10:43:04 <mether> could so something similar this year as well
10:43:08 <FranciscoD> bckurera: not yet
10:43:17 <bckurera> yup I already refer that mether
10:43:30 <FranciscoD> but we could, maybe around July-August
10:43:40 <mether> yeah
10:43:45 <bckurera> nice to hear that and love to visit too
10:43:48 <mether> takes about a couple of months to do it well
10:44:03 <mether> bckurera, alright.  lets discuss that after the meeting
10:44:05 <bckurera> ping gbraad
10:44:14 <Kalpurush> Hi, Gbraad
10:44:28 <bckurera> great KIT mether, bckurera@gmail.com we can have a GTalk :)
10:44:47 <suresht> mether, :)
10:44:57 <bckurera> 45 minutes passed on the meeting
10:45:21 <Kalpurush> Mether keep it on irc, so we also can join
10:45:32 <mether> Kalpurush, sure
10:45:35 <bckurera> yup sound great
10:45:40 <bckurera> will do so
10:45:46 <FranciscoD> okay, are we done with FADs?
10:45:53 <FranciscoD> move on to the next topic?
10:45:56 <mether> yes
10:46:02 <bckurera> lets move t FUDcons
10:46:04 <suresht> if we are going to FAD we have to work hard me & bckurera know the pain
10:46:17 <bckurera> +1
10:46:32 <KageSenshi> +1
10:46:42 <harish> +1
10:46:48 <Kalpurush> +1
10:46:52 <suresht> hope we have to do our best here
10:47:05 <FranciscoD> +1
10:47:07 <FranciscoD> moving on
10:47:16 <mether> suresht, once you do it a couple of times, it isn't as hard :-)
10:47:45 <suresht> mether, yes this our first time that's why
10:47:51 <bckurera> I m happy as there is a nice fedorians with them it ll be easy
10:47:55 <FranciscoD> is there a wiki page for the intended FUDCon yet?
10:48:02 <KageSenshi> wait
10:48:13 <KageSenshi> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/MalaysianTeam/FUDConAPACDraft
10:48:21 <bckurera> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/MalaysianTeam/FUDConAPACDraft
10:48:24 <FranciscoD> aersk
10:48:29 <FranciscoD> *awesome
10:49:08 <suresht> bckurera, lets move to next topic
10:49:26 <harish> ok
10:49:32 <bckurera> today meeting is mainly for FAD and FUDcon
10:49:46 <bckurera> so as harish is here we should have lot of sharings
10:49:46 <FranciscoD> KageSenshi: could you update the page with "event owner" please?
10:49:53 <KageSenshi> ok
10:50:01 <suresht> then sahll we talk about media f15
10:50:08 <FranciscoD> KageSenshi: that way, people will know who to contact
10:50:13 <harish> bckurera, i am happy to share :-)
10:50:14 <KageSenshi> roger
10:50:16 <suresht> i mean we have to get on time
10:50:18 <Kalpurush> +1 suresht
10:50:31 <bckurera> can we move??
10:50:34 <harish> yes
10:50:38 <aks> bckurera: yes
10:50:49 <FranciscoD> KageSenshi: we also need to pin point the time for the fudcon
10:51:06 <bckurera> #topic Report current Status of upcoming events
10:51:10 <FranciscoD> folks will have to clear their schedules etc
10:51:21 <KageSenshi> FranciscoD, got it
10:51:30 <FranciscoD> the venue seems taken care of
10:51:36 <suresht> harish, how about manila visit? did you meet ambassadors?
10:51:40 <FranciscoD> what other variable is still mising?
10:51:54 <FranciscoD> suresht: lets stay on topic, we can use the open floor for other discussions?
10:51:55 * suresht i like cloud computing
10:52:06 <suresht> FranciscoD, so sorry
10:52:07 <azneita> suresht, schedule conflicts
10:52:11 <harish> suresht, not this trip, but th eprevious one.
10:52:12 <bckurera> better align to the topic
10:52:28 <Kalpurush> Topic pls
10:52:28 <FranciscoD> suresht: nothing to be sorr about :)
10:52:34 <suresht> err/visit/IBM talk
10:52:43 <bckurera> asmartgoat ping
10:52:49 <FranciscoD> can everyone please look at the link KageSenshi put up
10:52:55 <azneita> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Release_Party_F15_Quezon_City
10:53:04 <azneita> just finished writing a draft
10:53:07 <FranciscoD> and think of what else needs to be fixed up/planned?
10:53:25 <azneita> we'll update it as we go along
10:53:33 <FranciscoD> KageSenshi: harish: would it help to give the FUDCon a theme?
10:53:37 <KageSenshi> 1) confirm venue
10:53:44 <bckurera> Kagesenshi, seems we can go for a bid?
10:53:48 <aks> FranciscoD: +1
10:53:58 <harish> FranciscoD, good question. why not?
10:54:13 <FranciscoD> bckurera: for the bid, you need to have a good idea of the required budget etc
10:54:15 <harish> each geo would have some area of interest and that could be the focus and theme. not that
10:54:20 <harish> it will preclude other topics.
10:54:46 <bckurera> We can start hinking of a theme :D
10:55:08 <FranciscoD> harish: i meant, like the GNOME Asia summit had a theme: it was to do with releasing gnome3
10:55:31 <FranciscoD> similiarly, a common theme helps get more work done, even in a barcamp style conference
10:55:37 <harish> FranciscoD, sure. if it helps to promote and focus the event, why not?
10:55:52 <bckurera> yes and we can use it for marketing as well
10:56:03 <FranciscoD> #task KageSenshi theme for fudcon
10:56:16 <bckurera> let us make it action
10:56:21 <KageSenshi> +1
10:56:23 <FranciscoD> I've just assigned it to KageSenshi since he's the event owner. Everyone needs to think about this
10:56:37 <Kalpurush> +1
10:56:46 <bckurera> #action Kagesenshi Theme for FUDcon
10:56:57 <FranciscoD> so, we'll discuss the ideas for the theme in the next meeting
10:56:58 <KageSenshi> :D
10:57:06 <FranciscoD> folks, please give it some thought
10:57:24 <bckurera> #info FUDcon theme discussion in the next meeting
10:57:36 <FranciscoD> #action bckurera add "Discuss theme for FUDCon" to next meeting agenda
10:57:37 <FranciscoD> ;)
10:57:43 <suresht> +1
10:57:45 <harish> with themes, being bold is good.
10:57:54 <bckurera> FranciscoD +1
10:58:08 <bckurera> we can think of themes
10:58:14 <Kalpurush> Bckurera, wht abt the APAC megazine naming
10:58:15 <FranciscoD> KageSenshi: will you have something new on the FUDCon by the next meeting?
10:58:19 <bckurera> and place them on the wwiki
10:58:29 <KageSenshi> FranciscoD, that will be wednesday next week right?
10:58:30 <bckurera> event page then we can select one as we all like
10:58:35 <FranciscoD> KageSenshi: probably
10:58:45 <KageSenshi> FranciscoD, i'm meeting up with the guys on 29th, so probably not much input on next wednesday
10:58:46 <bckurera> Will go with topics :)
10:59:02 <bckurera> shall we go for APAC planing?
10:59:06 <FranciscoD> KageSenshi: so, how about we skip discussing the FUDCon next meeting?
10:59:21 <FranciscoD> it'll give you more time to work on, and we can have a much more constructive meeting?
10:59:21 <Kalpurush> +1
10:59:21 <KageSenshi> sounds ok to me
10:59:30 <FranciscoD> harish: what say you?
10:59:35 <bckurera> we are here for 60 minutes
10:59:51 <bckurera> we can act on what we gathered today
10:59:54 <harish> FranciscoD, ok
11:00:07 <bckurera> and then lets see what else we need to do on the next meeting
11:00:14 <suresht> ok
11:00:21 <bckurera> lets move then
11:00:25 <bckurera> kaio ping
11:00:26 <kaio> .fas kaio
11:00:27 <zodbot> kaio: kaio 'Caius Chance (かいお)' <me@kaio.net>
11:00:30 <FranciscoD> bckurera: since you're already editing the agenda, can you add "do not discuss the FUDCon this meeting" to it please?
11:00:31 <kaio> ih
11:00:38 <suresht> kaio, hi
11:00:41 <kaio> suresht, hi
11:00:46 <Kalpurush> Kaio, hi
11:00:47 <FranciscoD> bckurera: next meetings agenda I meant
11:00:52 <bckurera> I ll FranciscoD
11:00:55 <FranciscoD> kaio: hello !
11:01:00 <bckurera> will inform to dramsey as well
11:01:07 <bckurera> hello kaio
11:01:10 <suresht> kaio we are in "Report current Status of upcoming events"
11:01:11 <bckurera> #chair kaio
11:01:11 <zodbot> Current chairs: FranciscoD KageSenshi Kalpurush aks arifiaou ask azneita bckurera harish kaio suresht
11:01:21 <kaio> suresht, thx
11:01:21 <FranciscoD> #topic "news from FAMSCO"
11:01:25 <FranciscoD> anything here?
11:01:33 <suresht> ha...
11:01:33 * FranciscoD looks around
11:01:45 <suresht> kaio place
11:01:52 <FranciscoD> if nothing, we can move to the next agenda :)
11:01:59 <bckurera> we went back as kaio is here
11:02:02 <kaio> breaking ice into china community now
11:02:20 <bckurera> its great to hear kaio
11:02:30 <FranciscoD> :)
11:02:31 <kaio> Fedora 15 release will be the first step
11:02:38 <suresht> i have seen tatica also helping to Howeva
11:02:58 <FranciscoD> #topic APAC plans
11:03:02 <FranciscoD> fits in better
11:03:04 <FranciscoD> :P
11:03:10 <bckurera> lets move
11:03:13 <FranciscoD> please proceed :)
11:03:23 <bckurera> #topic Fedora 15 Release Events
11:03:33 <bckurera> That is the place
11:03:41 <bckurera> what about release parties
11:03:44 <FranciscoD> people planning release events please raise their hands :)
11:03:46 <FranciscoD> !
11:03:49 <kaio> for Taiwan we have ambassadors linked with Fedora.tw forum and working on some exposure for the annual largest OSS event in Taiwan COSCUP in August.
11:03:50 <bckurera> F15 will be out with in 7 days
11:03:53 <bckurera> 24th
11:04:03 <KageSenshi> +1
11:04:28 <bckurera> kaio +1
11:04:40 <azneita> FranciscoD, i just slipped our party earlier :)
11:04:44 <bckurera> we have one TW FAm as I could remember
11:04:45 <Kalpurush> FranciscoD, +1
11:04:52 <azneita> cool kaio
11:04:56 <FranciscoD> KageSenshi: is there a wiki page for COSCUP yet?
11:05:03 <FranciscoD> to track the process?
11:05:04 <kaio> I want to ship the remaining Fedora 14 media to China and SL as there are still demand for that classic version
11:05:09 <KageSenshi> coscup ?
11:05:16 <suresht> kaio, +1
11:05:24 <suresht> harish, is here kaio
11:05:24 <azneita> FranciscoD probably meant kaio
11:05:26 <kaio> but I need reimbursement for previous expenses from harish
11:05:42 <FranciscoD> KageSenshi: sorry, i meant kaio
11:05:42 <bckurera> #info for Taiwan we have ambassadors linked with Fedora.tw forum and working on some exposure for the annual largest OSS event in Taiwan COSCUP in August.
11:05:44 <kaio> KageSenshi, yes coscup
11:05:50 <harish> kaio, yes, like i mentioned, the reimbursements will be done by this Friday.
11:05:50 <FranciscoD> kaio: is there a wiki page for COSCUP yet?
11:06:11 <suresht> kaio, before send them please find UPS shipping company not even DHL or FEDEX
11:06:18 <kaio> harish, thx, because that fund is needed to get media shipped
11:06:20 <FranciscoD> kaio: i'm going to request folks to join the free media effort in the open floor
11:06:36 <bckurera> its good
11:06:36 <FranciscoD> you could send the left over media to free media volunteers?
11:06:41 <mether> I intend to organize a Fedora 15 release event in Pune.  We just need to get some goodies in place first
11:06:50 <kaio> suresht, which courier you you want me to send via?
11:06:55 * FranciscoD intends to have one in Bangalore
11:07:01 <FranciscoD> +1 need goodies
11:07:12 <suresht> kaio, do you have UPS in aus?
11:07:23 <bckurera> shall we move
11:07:26 <bckurera> to the next topic
11:07:32 <bckurera> #topic Media, Swag and other needs.
11:07:33 <suresht> because we can pay less charge tax
11:07:34 <kaio> suresht, I think so
11:07:44 <bckurera> kaio should have
11:07:54 <bckurera> we need goddies for release parties
11:08:00 <mether> FranciscoD, lets coordinate then, after the meeting
11:08:01 <Kalpurush> +1
11:08:03 <bckurera> how about the status of them?
11:08:09 <FranciscoD> is there a central point of contact for media/swag/other needs for the APAC?
11:08:12 <bckurera> mether what you need?
11:08:13 <FranciscoD> mether: yeah, sure
11:08:27 <FranciscoD> iirc, EMEA has a central point of contact
11:08:34 <mether> bckurera, fedora 15 media.  I think we have the rest in place already
11:08:41 <bckurera> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/APAC
11:08:45 <FranciscoD> but again, EMEA isn't as large/spread out as APAC
11:09:02 <Kalpurush> +1
11:09:18 <mether> FranciscoD, I think its useful to be more spread out.  otherwise courier charges are going to be not economical
11:09:20 <suresht> if not please write down the box "free of charge to distributed to university students a like this" a like NGO
11:09:27 <bckurera> Francisco we are working for that
11:09:41 <bckurera> sooner we have a central point till then will manage this wiki
11:09:43 <bckurera> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/APAC
11:09:46 <suresht> kaio, when i get it i can argue with them
11:10:11 <Kalpurush> +1 , suresht
11:10:12 <maktrix> hello all
11:10:14 <aks> suresht, mether: the delivery order (DO) should include that it's a free of cost material, else passing through the custom taxes can be a problem
11:10:15 <bckurera> suresht - dont try to get them free tax
11:10:19 <bckurera> it wont happen
11:10:20 <azneita> FranciscoD, we're using this one https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-apac/ but i think india also has their own
11:10:34 <FranciscoD> azneita: yeah, we do
11:10:44 <FranciscoD> azneita: who *services* the ticketS?
11:10:47 <kaio> if I send in many small packs I will broke
11:10:51 <azneita> harish :)
11:10:56 <mether> akiase, yes.  we do that even within India.
11:11:06 <harish> yes, it's me.
11:11:20 <mether> FranciscoD, for fedora-india, that would be me
11:11:25 <suresht> bckurera, when the UPS free of charge
11:11:38 <suresht> aks thanks
11:11:45 <mether> just fyi,  our tracker is at https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-india/
11:11:49 <bckurera> harish sending media over the post is not a good idea
11:11:49 <bckurera> we cannot pay the tax
11:11:49 <bckurera> that is why we suggest for locally produced media
11:11:49 <bckurera> kaio and harish what you think?
11:12:16 <kaio> bckurera, ++
11:12:16 <Kalpurush> +1 bckurera
11:12:20 <harish> local media is a good idea. i can ship media from Singapore but need to ensure that it can be delivered to the various cities
11:12:23 <maktrix> bckurera: +1 for local media production
11:12:27 <harish> without additional charges.
11:12:27 <bckurera> Local media production will save many bucks
11:12:29 <kaio> if SE asia can produce themselves that will be good
11:12:30 <FranciscoD> locally produce, get the reimbursements
11:12:32 <FranciscoD> hows that?
11:12:35 <bckurera> hello maktrix
11:12:51 <aks> FranciscoD: that would be a good way to go
11:12:57 <harish> FranciscoD, yes, reimburse.
11:13:02 <FranciscoD> I mean, instead of international couriers
11:13:09 <bckurera> can we add it as an idea action??
11:13:09 <FranciscoD> within a country, we can send stuff around
11:13:10 <maktrix> I've had produced Media locally and reimbursed later
11:13:11 <suresht> FranciscoD, +1
11:13:25 <suresht> but we have to make sure the quality
11:13:32 <suresht> and the cover desigh
11:13:35 <bckurera> we have 75 minutes in the meeting
11:13:45 <FranciscoD> suresht: produde how much you need. The design team makes the dvd covers
11:13:53 <FranciscoD> s/produde/produce/
11:13:55 <kaio> except australia - produce locally is more expensive than import
11:14:08 <maktrix> suresht: I did these locally http://maktrix.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/fedora14media.jpg
11:14:08 <mether> FranciscoD, I think he is talking about the local producers not mucking it up which does happen
11:14:28 <suresht> here we can take printout for cd/dvd cover 0.35 $
11:14:33 <bckurera> kaio what you meant?
11:14:40 <FranciscoD> mether: in mass pressing also?
11:14:53 <suresht> last week i asked for shops who have doing this
11:14:55 <FranciscoD> they waste media, or they make changes to the covers etc too?
11:15:03 <mether> FranciscoD, yep.  they get the colors wrong for instance.
11:15:04 <harish> kaio, i can ship it from singapore
11:15:08 <FranciscoD> yikes
11:15:14 <kaio> Australia needs media from SE asian countries
11:15:23 <bckurera> harish shipping will cost taxes
11:15:29 <suresht> we have already cover design in wiki
11:15:33 <kaio> harish, ok yes pls for f15
11:15:44 <bckurera> love to hear about the design team
11:15:49 <bckurera> I m working with it now :D
11:15:57 <suresht> cool bckurera
11:16:03 <KageSenshi> :D
11:16:05 <azneita> harish, i'll send the details through email. got a new shipping address
11:16:06 <harish> kaio, yes, for AU I will ship it. for others, they have to tell me if there are local taxes which would not make it worthwhile.
11:16:06 <bckurera> ok then kaio harish can we settle this media thing soon?
11:16:06 <FranciscoD> #action kaio harish to work out media for australia
11:16:13 <harish> ok
11:16:16 <KageSenshi> no tax here
11:16:33 <bckurera> we have tax :(
11:16:36 <kaio> #info no tax for MY
11:16:37 <bckurera> can we move
11:16:40 <FranciscoD> whats next on the agenda?
11:16:44 <suresht> tanks maktrix for your design i got to see
11:16:49 <aks> bckurera: we have taxes too :(
11:16:50 <Kalpurush> We hv tax
11:17:06 <suresht> my cool country KageSenshi
11:17:12 <kaio> pls put like #info no tax for MY
11:17:15 <suresht> not like lk
11:17:17 <FranciscoD> #idea calculate total costs of local production and send harish, so he can decide if sending media is worth it
11:17:18 <bckurera> paying tax and getting them is a waste of fedora funds I see
11:17:27 <bckurera> good idea
11:17:33 <maktrix> #info Tax in BD
11:17:34 <harish> ok, i know it is shown on the wiki somewhere, can all of you please update it please and post the link?
11:17:47 <aks> #info Tax in Nepal
11:17:55 <kaio> we should update the APAC production wiki page
11:17:57 <suresht> + 1 idea calculate total costs of local production and send harish, so he can decide if sending media is worth it
11:17:58 <FranciscoD> #idea if you want media, file a ticket at the trac instance
11:18:08 <suresht> rally cool FranciscoD
11:18:11 <Kalpurush> #Info tax in BD
11:18:18 <FranciscoD> #idea everything you want *has* to be on the track instace
11:18:24 <harish> #info tax VN
11:18:26 <bckurera> #topic Talk about the media distribution
11:18:30 <FranciscoD> that way its much more organized
11:18:37 <suresht> err/rally/really
11:18:48 <azneita> FranciscoD, actually you have to create a wiki then file a ticket :)
11:19:04 <FranciscoD> azneita: wiki page for event
11:19:07 <FranciscoD> right?
11:19:14 <bckurera> ok then lets creat bills and post to harish
11:19:19 <bckurera> then he decide what to do
11:19:26 <bckurera> please include the tax rate
11:19:33 <harish> PDF and email it.
11:19:34 <aks> bckurera, FranciscoD, mether, harish: time for me to move out, will see you at next meeting
11:19:36 <bckurera> in Sri Lanka it is around 13-16%
11:19:47 <bckurera> thank for being there aks
11:19:48 <FranciscoD> aks: have a good day :)
11:19:51 <mether> aks, alright.  see ya
11:19:52 <bckurera> will KIT with you
11:20:01 <kaio> #info tax should be zero if under AUD$1000
11:20:02 <aks> bckurera: ok
11:20:09 <suresht> aks
11:20:11 <FranciscoD> bckurera: next topic please : RH exams?
11:20:14 <suresht> ask see u
11:20:26 <azneita> FranciscoD, most of swag production is tied up with an event
11:20:32 <bckurera> #topic Reimbursements Blank Media as well as Fedora13/14/15 Release Party dinners
11:20:37 <azneita> so those two ties up neatly
11:20:37 <bckurera> skipp no dramsey
11:20:47 <FranciscoD> azneita: i had requested mether to give me media for free media too :)
11:20:48 <bckurera> #topic Red Hat Exams for Ambassadors
11:20:56 * harish i've got to step away. please close the meeting without me.
11:21:05 <bckurera> we miss dramsey
11:21:06 <azneita> thanks harish
11:21:09 <KageSenshi> gtg .. got a work-related meeting soon
11:21:15 <FranciscoD> bckurera: next topic please
11:21:18 <bckurera> see you harish
11:21:20 <suresht> harish, thanks
11:21:30 <bckurera> #topic Ambassador Wear
11:21:36 <bckurera> here it is mine
11:21:44 <bckurera> So now I m processing shipping
11:21:48 <Kalpurush> :)
11:22:02 <bckurera> ther are some orders after the deadline
11:22:06 <suresht> cool bckurera
11:22:15 <bckurera> I ll deliver them if there is any remains
11:22:24 <bckurera> anyway I got a order from Russia as well
11:22:26 <bckurera> around 8
11:22:36 <suresht> ohh is it?
11:22:38 <bckurera> if they send me money we can go for a repint
11:22:50 <azneita> how many in total now?
11:23:03 <bckurera> I have to save for shipping as well.
11:23:12 <bckurera> it will cost more than I thought
11:23:21 <Kalpurush> Bckurera how many
11:23:25 <bckurera> because a Tshirt will cost for 300grams
11:23:34 * suresht wait from bckurera
11:23:45 <bckurera> so this is the situation
11:23:54 <bckurera> it is good if I send them all once
11:24:09 <bckurera> I mean all the orders for Malaysia in one box
11:24:15 <azneita> i thought funds were sent from SG to cover the initial costs
11:24:17 <suresht> bckurera, understood
11:24:36 <Kalpurush> That will be good bckurera
11:24:36 <bckurera> yes only the initial cost azneita
11:24:52 <bckurera> first the priority given to APAC FAms
11:24:53 <azneita> how much is the difference?
11:25:04 <bckurera> still not calculated
11:25:14 <bckurera> as postage will differ from country to country
11:25:51 <bckurera> thats the situation
11:25:52 <azneita> just an estimate, so we can ask harish or somebody else to cover them
11:26:09 <bckurera> I need around $100
11:26:16 <bckurera> for shipping may be more
11:26:28 <azneita> the $100 dollars covers what?
11:26:42 <bckurera> shipping azneita
11:26:47 <azneita> ah
11:27:01 <bckurera> otherwise we can ask FAm to bear that
11:27:01 <FranciscoD> send it to one contact point per country, and have him/her send it out within the country
11:27:07 <bckurera> either way we can work out
11:27:14 <azneita> true
11:27:23 <FranciscoD> you can get funds for sending to each country (again, open a ticket on the trac)
11:27:28 <bckurera> yes one person from one country
11:27:36 <azneita> is the wiki updated with the orders?
11:27:38 <FranciscoD> and ambassadors can divide the costs within the country themselves
11:27:44 <bckurera> thats my last wish
11:27:58 <bckurera> will see
11:28:09 <FranciscoD> bckurera: is the wiki updated?
11:28:11 <bckurera> and what will do for FAm who asked 2 shirts?
11:28:25 <bckurera> not yet as there is no decision taken
11:28:37 <bckurera> will finalize soon
11:28:39 <FranciscoD> bckurera: he'll pay whatever it costs to get the shirts from $pointofcontact to him?
11:28:52 <azneita> depends on the number produced
11:28:55 <bckurera> it seems nice, ets do so
11:29:01 <FranciscoD> just to be clear, ambassadors are paying for their shirts, right?
11:29:13 <FranciscoD> It's not paid for by comm arch, is it?
11:29:28 <bckurera> yes they paid for the Tshirts
11:29:36 <bckurera> only we have to bear the shipping
11:29:57 <FranciscoD> you couldve asked them to pay for shipping too :)
11:30:13 <bckurera> will ask them and see :)
11:30:15 <FranciscoD> Im sure they wouldnt have had a problem paying a few dollars extra :)
11:30:27 <bckurera> to the better ment of FAm
11:30:33 <FranciscoD> bckurera: please do update the wiki page, and open
11:30:37 <FranciscoD> relevant tickets
11:30:42 <bckurera> ok lets move then
11:30:43 <FranciscoD> required tickets rather
11:30:48 <FranciscoD> bckurera: yes, next please?
11:31:01 <bckurera> #topic Fedora APAC Magazine
11:31:02 <Kalpurush> +1
11:31:12 <bckurera> there is three names
11:31:21 <bckurera> so we can select one for the magazine
11:31:24 <Kalpurush> Yes, name voting
11:31:39 <bckurera> Fedora APAC Magazine Tutorial Fedora Voice of APAC
11:31:43 <bckurera> refer the link
11:31:50 <bckurera> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_APAC_Magazine
11:31:52 <suresht> past wiki url pls
11:32:04 <suresht> ok got it
11:32:10 <bckurera> Fedora APAC Magazine
11:32:32 <bckurera> Tutorial Fedora
11:32:38 <bckurera> Voice of APAC
11:32:47 <bckurera> shall we go for a voting
11:32:52 <bckurera> or next meeting??
11:32:54 <FranciscoD> bckurera: how do you intend to collect votes?
11:32:55 <Kalpurush> So which one is taken?
11:33:04 <FranciscoD> range voting?
11:33:05 <bckurera> in IRC
11:33:19 <bckurera> just simple voting :)
11:33:22 <FranciscoD> bckurera: everyone should be involved IMHO
11:33:25 <Kalpurush> Or doodle
11:33:27 <bckurera> i donno just thinking
11:33:32 <FranciscoD> not just folks attending the meetings
11:33:42 <FranciscoD> is it possible to use the fedora voting infra?
11:33:43 <bckurera> better we move to the ML
11:33:52 <FranciscoD> bckurera: polling on the ML is not allowed iirc
11:33:53 <bckurera> will have to ask them
11:34:05 <FranciscoD> bckurera: would you ask them?
11:34:10 <bckurera> This is a simple thing
11:34:15 <mether> so can I ask, why it is APAC specific?
11:34:17 <bckurera> anyway will ask them it is good
11:34:28 <FranciscoD> mether: +1
11:34:31 <bckurera> LATMA have their own
11:34:42 <bckurera> so we think of comming up with our own
11:34:47 <bckurera> we are not limited
11:34:53 <bckurera> but we focus APAC mainly
11:35:01 <mether> yes they do but I think they share a common language
11:35:14 <bckurera> spanish most of the time
11:35:15 <mether> APAC is anyway going to a English magazine.  Isn't that right?
11:35:23 <bckurera> yes we are English
11:35:34 <bckurera> it is the common language
11:35:35 <mether> so have a non regional name
11:35:41 <Kalpurush> +1 bckurera
11:35:46 <bckurera> #action bckurera arrange name selection for the APAC magazine
11:35:48 <mether> would be helpful to make it a global effort
11:35:57 <bckurera> yes will cover other as well
11:36:03 <bckurera> but mainly focus on APAC
11:36:14 <Kalpurush> Mainly focus for APAC
11:36:19 <suresht> mether, yes you are correct we have to think both side
11:36:19 <mether> also if the name includes "Fedora" we will need permission from the fedora board for use of the trademark
11:36:40 <FranciscoD> also, is it an emagazine? or will we have prints?
11:36:41 <bckurera> yes first we should approve it from the ground level
11:36:45 <bckurera> APAC FAm
11:36:52 <bckurera> e magazine
11:37:03 <mether> sure.  just keep in consideration that while selecting the name
11:37:10 <bckurera> great
11:37:18 <bckurera> shall we move?
11:37:32 <mether> My recommendation if I may is to coordinate with the fedora insight project
11:37:34 <Kalpurush> We hv do something to ping all ambassador of APAC
11:37:38 <FranciscoD> bckurera: again, you need to update the wiki page with all this info :)
11:37:42 <mether> http://insight.fedoraproject.org
11:37:49 <bckurera> updated
11:38:00 <Kalpurush> There are lot of ambassador in APAC
11:38:13 <Kalpurush> Bt how much active?
11:38:16 <bckurera> around 150
11:38:18 <mether> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Insight
11:38:30 <bckurera> ok lets move
11:38:32 <bckurera> #topic APAC Committee - Plan 2011/12
11:38:48 <bckurera> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Bckurera/APAC-plan
11:38:58 <bckurera> some FAm joined with the page
11:39:25 <bckurera> This effor will make eaiser to be KEEP IN TOUCH
11:39:31 <bckurera> nothing serous
11:39:49 <bckurera> any comments or move?
11:40:21 <bckurera> can we move?
11:40:25 <azneita> move please
11:40:35 <bckurera> #topic FUDcon APAC Committee
11:40:35 <Kalpurush> Bckurera i think we need to ping all a,bassador of APAC
11:40:41 <bckurera> we discussed about this
11:40:54 <suresht> lets move
11:41:00 <bckurera> #topic Online event for Fedora 15 in China. Need help for Media Distribution and Fedora swag
11:41:03 <Kalpurush> Wanna se whos are active/response
11:41:16 <bckurera> we miss Haowei.Lee
11:41:22 <suresht> he is not here
11:41:26 <FranciscoD> Kalpurush: been done lots of times. It's not worth it
11:41:32 <bckurera> #topic LCA 2012
11:41:40 <bckurera> we miss asmartgoat
11:41:42 <Kalpurush> Need solution abt this
11:41:55 <bckurera> Kalpurush open floor
11:42:09 <FranciscoD> Kalpurush: no, just keep working. Active ambassadors will pitch in. Do not waste effort on inactive ones
11:42:11 <Kalpurush> Yes bckurera
11:42:11 <bckurera> #topic APAC Library
11:42:21 <suresht> wait till june 17 for the new CLA done
11:42:26 <bckurera> we miss asmartgoat
11:42:33 <FranciscoD> bckurera: next
11:42:34 <suresht> if not they will remove anuto
11:42:46 <bckurera> #topic Classrooms for APAC
11:42:47 <Kalpurush> Think it is good FranciscoD
11:43:01 <bckurera> FranciscoD
11:43:06 <FranciscoD> from the class rooms point of view, we already have class rooms in place
11:43:08 <bckurera> this is your time
11:43:14 <FranciscoD> we just need more people finding time to teach etc
11:43:28 <mether> everyone remember to sign the fpca
11:43:35 <bckurera> sound like an info?
11:43:39 <FranciscoD> class rooms for apac means class rooms in our time zones, so more folks can attend
11:43:44 <Kalpurush> Already done mether
11:43:47 <FranciscoD> bckurera: its already been discussed earlier
11:43:49 <suresht> +1 mether
11:43:50 <mether> good
11:44:01 <FranciscoD> its old news, whever one of us finds time, we will go ahead and take a class
11:44:01 <bckurera> then we can move
11:44:13 <FranciscoD> bckurera: please do remove this from next weeks agenda as well :)
11:44:18 <bckurera> add it as a action
11:44:31 <FranciscoD> #action bckurera remove APAC classrooms from agenda
11:44:40 <FranciscoD> #topic Open floor
11:44:41 <bckurera> #topic Open Floor
11:44:49 <FranciscoD> !
11:44:50 <bckurera> here we are
11:44:56 <bckurera> now FAm please go on
11:45:02 <azneita> two hour meetings are tiring
11:45:04 <bckurera> Kalpurush
11:45:08 <FranciscoD> I'd like to know how many people in here are part of the fedora free media project?
11:45:13 <bckurera> lets finish soon
11:45:18 <suresht> bckurera, i have taken this already
11:45:19 <FranciscoD> azneita: yeah, agree
11:45:20 <bckurera> I am
11:45:25 <azneita> i pitch in from time to time FranciscoD
11:45:30 <FranciscoD> O
11:45:34 <FranciscoD> :D
11:45:39 <suresht> lets end meeting bckurera
11:45:45 <azneita> please
11:45:50 <FranciscoD> I'd like each one here to please sign up and send *two* media a month
11:45:56 <bckurera> FranciscoD anything else?
11:45:57 <FranciscoD> only *two*
11:45:58 <azneita> and let's prune the agenda a little bit
11:45:59 <FranciscoD> thats all
11:45:59 <kaio> gtg my life is still in chaos
11:46:13 <FranciscoD> that's all,
11:46:14 <azneita> lol kaio
11:46:23 <bckurera> wish good well soon
11:46:25 <Kalpurush> Kaio:)
11:46:30 <FranciscoD> #idea please join fedora free media and send *two* media a month
11:46:32 <bckurera> I have a thing to add
11:46:47 <bckurera> for APAC Fam I mailed to ML for their contribution
11:46:51 <kaio> azneita, more than when during the period we met in LCA
11:46:52 <bckurera> but here are no replys
11:47:00 <bckurera> then I send them indivigual Emals
11:47:10 <bckurera> ppl I didnt see on meetings
11:47:12 <suresht> +1 bckurera
11:47:20 <FranciscoD> bckurera: keep the wiki up to date
11:47:25 <bckurera> I am not saying they are inactive but it is good if we can get their dieas as wll
11:47:25 <suresht> +1 for free media
11:47:37 <FranciscoD> keep mailing the list about the progress of the event/its planning
11:47:41 <bckurera> As a result I am able to get ask
11:47:42 <Kalpurush> +1 bckurera
11:47:44 <FranciscoD> and more people will pitch in
11:47:45 <bckurera> from nepal
11:48:02 <bckurera> so if we make some effort we can get it done
11:48:09 <FranciscoD> you need to show them that the event is well planned etc, that gets people interested
11:48:32 <bckurera> ok then with all info can we end this meeting
11:48:46 <bckurera> thanks for being in the meeting
11:48:47 <Kalpurush> +1
11:48:51 <bckurera> it is 2 hours now
11:49:02 <bckurera> dramsey will plan the next meeting soon
11:49:06 <Kalpurush> Bckurera we will meet in fb:(
11:49:10 <FranciscoD> #action FranciscoD prune meeting agenda
11:49:11 <bckurera> we missed dramsey anyway
11:49:22 <bckurera> sure FB is a lovely place to be KIT with all
11:49:35 <bckurera> shall we clean up then
11:49:42 <suresht> thanks you all,specially mether
11:49:45 <bckurera> 10
11:49:47 <suresht> see you
11:49:48 <bckurera> 9
11:49:48 <bckurera> 8
11:49:50 <bckurera> 7
11:49:52 <bckurera> 6
11:49:53 <bckurera> 5
11:49:55 <bckurera> 4
11:49:57 <bckurera> 3
11:49:59 <Kalpurush> 3
11:50:11 <bckurera> Thanks for your participation
11:50:13 <bckurera> 2
11:50:13 <bckurera> 1
11:50:15 <bckurera> 0.5
11:50:19 <bckurera> #endmeeting