21:00:33 <rbergeron> #startmeeting Fedora 15 Go or No go Meeting
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21:00:47 <rbergeron> #meetingname Fedora 15 Go or No Go meeting
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21:00:54 <rbergeron> #topic Who's here?
21:01:22 <adamw> yo
21:01:24 <rbergeron> adamw, dgilmore, jlaska, nirik or spot or someone engineering-ish
21:01:28 <rbergeron> hi adamw :)
21:01:38 * brunowolff is here
21:01:42 * spot is only here for a few minutes
21:01:58 <rbergeron> cool.
21:02:02 <Viking-Ice_> *here
21:02:05 <rbergeron> well, hopefully this lasts only a few minutes.
21:02:11 <rbergeron> #topic Why are we here?
21:02:30 <rbergeron> #info The purpose of this meeting is to decide whether the final release criteria have been met
21:02:38 * brunowolff I am supposed to go out to dinner with my wife tonight for our anniversary, so short is good for me too.
21:02:50 <rbergeron> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_15_Final_Release_Criteria
21:03:18 <rbergeron> Questions or concerns about why we're here, you have a few seconds to pipe up.
21:03:21 * rbergeron looks around.
21:03:39 <rbergeron> hey nirik.
21:03:43 * nirik99 waves from phone
21:03:51 <rbergeron> #topic To Go, or Not to Go? That is the question.
21:04:04 <rbergeron> Let's take a look at blockers, and make sure that's looking good, still.
21:04:16 <rbergeron> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Current_Release_Blockers
21:04:52 * stickster lurks
21:04:57 <rbergeron> We have one blocker on the list, but fwiu, it's not *technically* a release blocker.
21:05:02 <rbergeron> adamw: can you perhaps elaborate on that one
21:05:08 <rbergeron> or dgilmore, since I know that's something assigned to you
21:05:17 <adamw> the approved blocker is technically a blocker, but it's fixed in rc3.
21:05:18 <brunowolff> We voted that the proposed blockers weren't yesterday in the QA meeting. (Unless something changed.)
21:05:32 <rbergeron> brunowolff: it's accepted, not proposed.
21:05:38 <adamw> it's still listed as assigned just because the fix didn't go out in a package yet, aiui.
21:05:53 <dgilmore> hola
21:05:57 <adamw> but practically speaking, it's fixed: rc3 is set as a stable release, so you don't get the betanags.
21:06:09 <adamw> am I on the money there, dgilmore?
21:06:12 <dgilmore> adamw: i commited an upstream patch
21:06:13 <brunowolff> I was referring to the four upgrade ones. I started typing before I saw your comment on the first one.
21:06:22 <dgilmore> adamw: correct
21:06:31 <rbergeron> brunowolff: correct
21:07:04 <rbergeron> #info the four proposed blockers are not blockers, per yesterday's QA meeting.
21:07:28 <adamw> well
21:07:44 <adamw> we asked peter for more details, he hasn't been able to provide them yet
21:07:48 <adamw> he's actually still looking at it
21:07:48 <rbergeron> yes.
21:07:59 <spot> iirc, they don't seem like blockers to me
21:08:02 <adamw> so, the situation with these is that as described, they are not blockers; we don't require yum upgrades to work
21:08:24 <rbergeron> And nobody else has been able to reproduce, aiui
21:08:28 <adamw> the reason we wanted to keep an eye on them is they're rather odd, so we'd like to know exactly what's going on to be confident; but we have no clear indications that there's any blocker issue here.
21:09:00 <rbergeron> Okay.
21:09:15 <adamw> the reason they're odd is that the conflicts are between f15 packages and old f14 packages for which there are updates in f15, so it's not clear why yum isn't just pulling in the updated packages from f15.
21:09:25 <adamw> but yeah, we really have no good evidence to take these as blockers.
21:09:27 <rbergeron> So we are all in agreement that we are essentially blocker-free.
21:09:34 <Viking-Ice_> yup
21:09:37 <adamw> yep, we're pretty happy with calling these rejectedblocker.
21:09:49 <dgilmore> im ok with that
21:09:57 <rbergeron> #agreed We are technically blocker free.
21:10:08 <rbergeron> Okay, moving on:
21:10:13 <rbergeron> #topic Test Matrices
21:10:21 <adamw> i'll mark those as rejectedblocker then
21:10:28 <rbergeron> adamw: thanks!
21:10:40 * jlaska arrives late
21:10:48 <rbergeron> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Results:Fedora_15_Final_RC3_Desktop
21:11:10 <rbergeron> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Results:Fedora_15_Final_RC3_Install
21:11:43 <adamw> the matrices are also looking good.
21:11:45 <rbergeron> It looks like we are fairly well covered here, with the exception of sugar.
21:12:04 <dgilmore> sugar is known to be broken
21:12:10 <rbergeron> Yup.
21:12:12 <adamw> we have more info on sugar than you'd think, thanks to satellit; there are some problems with it, which pbrobinson is aware of
21:12:29 <adamw> so we have a plan there, which is to compose a sugar live image late with some sugar-specific fixes pulled in.
21:12:49 <rbergeron> #info We will be composing a sugar live image late with some sugar-specific fixes pulled in.
21:12:52 <adamw> but in any case, we've previously agreed that only desktop and kde can block the release.
21:13:03 <rbergeron> #info Only desktop and KDE can block the release.
21:13:09 <Viking-Ice_> I think we need to clarifie where all the other spins stand during F16
21:13:15 <rbergeron> agreed that test matrices are acceptable?
21:13:19 <adamw> Viking-Ice: off-topic
21:13:23 <adamw> yup
21:13:28 <rbergeron> viking-ice: yes, and we'll do that ... not now :)
21:13:38 <Viking-Ice_> yup I know
21:13:45 <rbergeron> #agreed Test matrices are acceptable for a go.
21:13:47 <adamw> xfce is a bit thin, but we have data from previous composes that it's fine, and i'm running through the tests here and not seeing any showstoppers.
21:14:00 <rbergeron> any other comments before i plow forth?
21:14:06 <dgilmore> none
21:14:11 <rbergeron> #topic Rel-eng
21:14:13 <jsmith> rbergeron: Please, plow on!
21:14:18 <rbergeron> dennis: everything good on your end?
21:14:47 <dgilmore> rbergeron: si, everything is ok from our perspective
21:15:04 <rbergeron> okay.
21:15:14 <rbergeron> #topic FESCo/Devel
21:15:35 <rbergeron> nirik99, spot, anyone else wanting to pipe in: feeling kosher, any issues?
21:15:44 * spot is go
21:16:18 <nirik99> go from me
21:16:22 * cwickert is fine with going gold
21:16:27 <rbergeron> awesome.
21:16:30 <adamw> shipit!
21:16:31 <rbergeron> #topic GOLD?
21:16:59 * rbergeron thinks it's a good idea.
21:17:04 <adamw> qa says ship it
21:17:18 <stickster> \o/
21:17:22 * jsmith is cautiously optimistic
21:17:41 <fenrus02> adamw, sorry for not having the bz id handy, but does the latest still store the root pw as md5 instead of sha?
21:17:46 <dgilmore> +1 to go
21:17:50 <cwickert> what about the wallpaper? jsmith indicated we could respin for the wallpaper
21:17:55 <adamw> fenrus02: first i've heard of that.
21:18:07 <adamw> cwickert: WE DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT
21:18:09 <rbergeron> #agreed Fedora 15 is declared gold. shipit!
21:18:13 <jsmith> cwickert: It was discussed, but it would cause more problems than it's worth
21:18:17 <fenrus02> adamw, ok, n/m.
21:18:24 <cwickert> adamw: I cannot hear you ;)
21:18:24 * jlaska cheers!
21:18:25 <adamw> there is no wallpaper issue. we have always been at war with eurasia.
21:18:26 <jsmith> cwickert: It was just an idea being bantered around
21:18:28 <Viking-Ice_> +1 to go
21:18:48 <rbergeron> #topic open floor
21:18:49 * cwickert wants to go and I know that many people actually lile the wallpaper
21:18:54 <stickster> Cake for everyone!
21:18:55 <Viking-Ice_> and points out that adamw has not been elected by the community to cast any votes on qa behalf
21:19:02 <brunowolff> Be sure to give special thanks to the systemd and gnome/desktop guys as both groups did a lot of work to get those large features working well.
21:19:13 <cwickert> beer!
21:19:23 <nirik99> +1 gold here
21:19:30 <rbergeron> #info Thanks to the systemd and gnome/desktop guys as both groups did a lot of work to get those large features working well.
21:19:30 <cwickert> brunowolff: not to forget Xfce 4.8
21:19:36 <rbergeron> #info and Thanks! to everyone else as well!
21:19:46 <adamw> Viking-Ice: there's no discretion involved: simply that all QA requirements are satisfied, as anyone can see from the wiki pages. they're all documented.
21:19:58 <rbergeron> #action rbergeron to send out GOLD email to the lists
21:20:21 <rbergeron> #info Please note there is a readiness meeting on Thursday, email has been sent to logistics list as well as attendees needed to be present.
21:20:47 <athmane> Viking-Ice_: Xfce use some gnome app (gdm) so desktop test apply to xfce
21:20:49 <red_alert> yay, gold :D congratulations to everyone who made this (upcoming) release possible - it's been a tough job :)
21:20:58 <rbergeron> if there is nothing else, I'll close out in just a minute.
21:21:01 <adamw> Viking-Ice: if there are no unmodified accepted blockers and the test matrices are clear for supported tests, QA vote is 'yes', no matter who casts it.
21:21:15 <rbergeron> praise may be given for the next 60 seconds. :)
21:21:24 * therefore cheers for gold
21:21:27 <adamw> we could just not show up and send the meeting a link, really. ;)
21:22:32 <rbergeron> Thanks for coming folks.
21:22:46 <rbergeron> #endmeeting