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19:00:31 <gholms|work> #chair jforbes_ rbergeron
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19:00:37 <gholms|work> #topic Init process
19:00:44 <gholms|work> Who's here today?
19:01:19 <mgoldmann> me, me
19:01:29 <msavy> me too :)
19:02:16 * gholms|work looks for more people
19:02:50 * mgoldmann sees obino hiding behind the chair
19:03:21 <gholms|work> Alrighty
19:03:25 <gholms|work> #topic EC2
19:03:41 <gholms|work> I'll be doing this all from memory, so if I forget something feel free to let me know.  ;)
19:03:47 <gholms|work> Anything new on the EC2 front?
19:03:52 <obino> hehe I guess I'm not hiding very well
19:04:15 <mgoldmann> gholms|work: yes, huge outages on their site :)
19:04:24 <gholms|work> Heh
19:04:30 <gholms|work> Anything new on *Fedora's* EC2 front?  :P
19:05:24 <gholms|work> Hm, I guess not.
19:05:52 <gholms|work> #topic CloudFS
19:06:40 <gholms|work> jdarcy and kkeithley don't seem to be around.  :(
19:07:12 <gholms|work> #topic Aeolus
19:07:50 <gholms|work> This is turning out to be a short meeting.
19:08:02 <msavy> 'tis rather
19:08:07 * gholms|work looks for mmorsi and clalance
19:08:33 <gholms|work> Alrighty
19:08:37 <gholms|work> #topic BoxGrinder
19:08:42 <mgoldmann> yay!
19:08:48 <gholms|work> We have someone here for that!
19:08:53 <mgoldmann> so, let's begin :)
19:09:09 <mgoldmann> recently I added new clouds support for BoxGrinder
19:09:28 <mgoldmann> and this is: elastichosts, serverlove, open hosting and skali cloud
19:09:39 <mgoldmann> more to read about it: http://boxgrinder.org/blog/2011/04/19/support-for-new-clouds-is-coming/
19:10:08 <mgoldmann> I'm working on cloudsigma support now
19:10:19 <mgoldmann> it should be checked in before 0.9.1
19:10:29 <gholms|work> #info Next BoxGrinder release to support more clouds
19:10:48 <mgoldmann> and yes, we're working on releasing 0.9.1 after finally rubygem-kwalify was added to Fedora
19:10:55 <mgoldmann> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=692466
19:11:14 <msavy> much nicer error parsing, validation and messages et
19:11:15 <mgoldmann> this our new parser for yaml files which tells you exactly where something is wrong in your definition
19:11:17 <gholms|work> What a strange name for a YAML parser.
19:11:30 <msavy> everything from that company has a "k" at the start of the name
19:11:37 <mgoldmann> yep
19:11:54 <gholms|work> I'd have still expected it to have "yaml" in there somewhere.
19:11:56 * gholms|work shrugs
19:11:57 <mgoldmann> we're now preparing the release tbh
19:12:04 <msavy> it does JSON too!
19:12:14 <gholms|work> Valid JSON *is* valid YAML.
19:12:18 <mgoldmann> so, expect new release in the next week
19:12:20 <msavy> true
19:12:30 <mgoldmann> yes somewhere in the middle of holidays
19:12:52 <msavy> and shortly our test day will all be ready
19:13:10 <mgoldmann> so, yes, there is also test day
19:13:19 <mgoldmann> gholms|work: do we want to have a new topic?
19:13:31 <gholms|work> #topic Cloud test day
19:13:46 <mgoldmann> alrighty
19:13:49 <gholms|work> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2011-04-28_Cloud_SIG
19:13:51 <mgoldmann> so, there is a page for that
19:13:56 <mgoldmann> this one
19:14:06 <mgoldmann> it's basically the template, so feel free to adjust it
19:14:10 <gholms|work> #info Cloud test day is this Thursday
19:14:12 <mgoldmann> msavy: go ahead
19:14:47 <msavy> https://fedoraproject.org/w/index.php?title=Test_Day:2011-04-28_BoxGrinder_Build
19:14:57 <msavy> we're going to relocate it shortly however (we'll add a redirect)
19:15:19 <gholms|work> #help Cloud SIG Test Day wiki page needs lots of work
19:15:34 <mgoldmann> final destination will be: https://fedoraproject.org/w/index.php?title=Test_Day:2011-04-28_Cloud_SIG_BoxGrinder_Build
19:15:39 <gholms|work> Heeey, real test cases!  Nice!
19:15:42 <msavy> so i've finished most of the test cases
19:15:47 <msavy> :D
19:16:06 <msavy> then i'm going to use BG to make some virtual images (appliances) for testers
19:16:17 <msavy> as we hope to have some bare-metal testers and some virtual ones too
19:16:21 <mgoldmann> we'll provide also F15 appliances ready to test (with BG installed and so on) if we have time
19:16:40 <msavy> ^___ thats what I mean
19:16:45 <mgoldmann> yep
19:17:19 <msavy> I think it is dog fooding to use BG to make images to test BG :D
19:17:36 <msavy> what needs doing for the rest of the Cloud SIG page?
19:17:38 <gholms|work> Pretty much
19:18:05 <mgoldmann> Basically it would be good to create a subpage for EC2 tests
19:18:14 <mgoldmann> and just link BG and EC2 from main page
19:19:04 <gholms|work> The top-level page basically needs rewriting because it's morely template text.
19:19:06 <gholms|work> *mostly
19:19:17 <gholms|work> Referring to live images, etc.
19:19:25 <mgoldmann> yep, I think we could remove 80% of this text NOW
19:19:50 <msavy> agreed, this can just be a linking page.
19:20:32 <gholms|work> So, time for the big question:
19:20:45 <gholms|work> Who's going to update the top-level wiki page?
19:21:11 <mgoldmann> I can do it, not a big deal
19:21:22 <msavy> well i know plenty about BG but not much about the other projects
19:21:27 <msavy> in that case i'll  just edit it
19:21:40 <mgoldmann> hm?
19:22:07 <gholms|work> #action mgoldmann to work on the top-level Cloud SIG Test Day wiki page
19:22:13 <msavy> As in copy-editing mgoldmann
19:22:16 <gholms|work> Thanks
19:22:35 <msavy> If you want ofc
19:23:10 <gholms|work> Anyone here know enough about the EC2 stuff to do a EC2 test image page?
19:23:28 <mgoldmann> I think only jforbes_
19:23:50 <mgoldmann> nobody besides him is involved in this I think
19:24:11 <gholms|work> :(
19:25:04 <gholms|work> Well, not much we can do about that.
19:25:44 <gholms|work> Who all is going to help with the test day?  :)
19:26:11 <mgoldmann> I'll be there
19:26:28 <msavy> i'll be there to help mgoldmann and so on
19:26:34 <mgoldmann> There will be also rwjones from libguestfs project if there are some libguestfs issues
19:28:19 <gholms|work> Alrighty.  Anything else test day-related?
19:28:46 <msavy> One small thing: There is a nice template for Bugzilla tickets in the wiki {{bz|1234}} or using inter-wiki links [[rhbug:123123]].  However there is no such equivalent for JIRA that I'm aware of, and I don't believe I have permissions to create one.  Would be a nice convenience for testers/volunteers if there was.
19:28:59 <mgoldmann> removed the unecessary text: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2011-04-28_Cloud_SIG
19:29:20 <mgoldmann> msavy: bugs should be reported to bugzilla
19:29:39 <msavy> ah really, i thought we were going to pipe them through JIRA
19:29:43 <msavy> my mistake, i'll change that
19:29:44 <mgoldmann> (or directly upstream)
19:29:56 <gholms|work> Directly upstream *is* jira, isn't it?
19:30:01 <mgoldmann> this doesn;t matter really, but for fedora folks bugzilla is ok
19:30:04 <msavy> I meant BGBUILD bugs?
19:30:06 <mgoldmann> gholms|work: yes
19:30:13 <mgoldmann> hm
19:30:20 <msavy> on our test page, specifically
19:30:22 <gholms|work> If you report it directly upstream I would just use an external link.
19:30:31 <mgoldmann> yep
19:30:45 <gholms|work> If it's anything that could possibly block the release (e.g. on the EC2 image) it should go in bz, though.
19:31:05 <mgoldmann> yep
19:31:20 <msavy> yep, i was referring to BG specific issues that we assign jira tickets to
19:31:33 <msavy> cheers
19:32:15 <gholms|work> #topic Open floor
19:32:24 <gholms|work> Any more questions?  Comments?  Tacos?
19:33:34 <msavy> not from me, thanks
19:34:02 * gholms|work will close in 30 seconds
19:34:31 <gholms|work> Thanks for coming, everyone!
19:34:34 <gholms|work> #endmeeting