05:01:32 <tagoh> #startmeeting i18n
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05:01:40 <tagoh> #meetingname i18n
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05:01:47 <tagoh> #topic agenda and roll call
05:02:05 <tagoh> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/I18N/Meetings/2011-04-14
05:02:51 <tagoh> hi, this is fedora-i18n meeting. who else here today?
05:03:57 <tagoh> if there are any additional topics other than the above, please add it there
05:04:10 <dychen> hi
05:04:17 <dueno> hi
05:04:24 <epico_laptop> hi
05:04:25 <juhp> hi
05:04:30 * brutal_chaos is present
05:04:46 <dychen> hi
05:06:54 <paragan> hi
05:06:58 <tagoh> ok, let's get started?
05:07:53 <tagoh> #topic F15
05:08:00 <pravins> hi
05:08:41 <tagoh> beta seems get approved to go. it will be available next Tuesday.
05:10:13 <tagoh> we have 30 bugs open for f15 and 1 blocker (not yet reviewed and I own ;)
05:10:49 <tagoh> any concerns you want to share or any updates on f15 for your activity?
05:12:42 * tagoh ponders to have a dep to get new package installed on upgrading
05:12:54 <pravins> i think i can now close bugs reported against lohit for rendering, so it will bit more down :)
05:13:36 <juhp> .bug 696379
05:13:38 <zodbot> juhp: Bug 696379 Cannot enable Korean Input Method. - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=696379
05:14:00 <juhp> pravins: nice
05:14:02 <tagoh> pravins: aha. how many bugs are you supposed to close?
05:14:27 <pravins> 9 bugs
05:14:41 <tagoh> great
05:14:43 <pravins> those are now ON_QA setup
05:14:43 <juhp> tagoh: would conditional comps help?
05:14:54 <pravins> s/setup/step
05:15:13 <tagoh> juhp: no. anaconda seems not taking care of comps on upgrading.
05:15:33 <juhp> hm
05:15:48 <tagoh> it was an answer from anaconda maintainer I got on bug
05:16:04 <juhp> tagoh: so which package do you think should pull it in?
05:18:06 <tagoh> not sure. imsettings itself maybe? though that may simply means making subpackage is meaningless then.
05:19:35 <juhp> yeah
05:20:10 <tagoh> dunno if there are an similar case for other packages
05:22:26 <tagoh> is #696379 reproducible?
05:23:30 <tagoh> fijiwarat: ^
05:23:42 <juhp> tagoh: no imsettings-gnome in f14?
05:23:49 <tagoh> juhp: yes
05:23:49 <brutal_chaos> which bug of your tagoh, is the blocker?
05:24:48 <juhp> .bug 693809
05:24:50 <zodbot> juhp: Bug 693809 no imsettings-gnome installed on upgrading - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=693809
05:24:54 <brutal_chaos> s/your/yours
05:24:56 <tagoh> .bug 693809
05:24:58 <zodbot> tagoh: Bug 693809 no imsettings-gnome installed on upgrading - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=693809
05:26:09 <tagoh> hmm, my machine is too heavy now..
05:26:14 <juhp> how about if ibus-gtk3 pulls it in?
05:26:31 <tagoh> if no deps from others, we'll miss it on upgrading then
05:26:59 <tagoh> ah, ibus-gtk3 has deps to it?
05:28:08 <juhp> probably not yet?
05:28:28 <fujiwarat> Any change is needed in ibus side?
05:28:49 <juhp> I can't reproduce 696379 here
05:29:04 <juhp> (Korean)
05:30:08 <fujiwarat> No, I cannot too.
05:31:26 <tagoh> hm, that may be an idea though
05:33:31 <tagoh> fujiwarat: how does it sound?
05:34:51 <fujiwarat> tagoh: Do you mean ibus-gtk3 depends on imsettings-gnome?
05:34:57 <tagoh> right
05:35:25 <fujiwarat> Ah, it's no problem with me if you prefer it.
05:35:54 <tagoh> cool
05:37:12 <tagoh> btw does any packages depend on ibus-gtk3? not yet checked but just wonder if it's really pulled in?
05:37:21 <tagoh> will check it later though
05:38:41 <tagoh> anything else on f15 so far?
05:40:11 <tagoh> if not, shall we move on?
05:41:15 <tagoh> fujiwarat: I'll file or clone bugs later for the above
05:41:27 <tagoh> #topic Package Updates
05:41:43 <fujiwarat> ok
05:41:46 <juhp> tagoh: hm true that it may not help...
05:41:58 <juhp> s/that//
05:42:16 <juhp> nothing pulls in ibus-gtk3 i guess
05:42:27 <juhp> maybe we need a hack in anaconda for it...
05:42:45 <tagoh> so IM may not works on upgraded f15 then?
05:43:03 <juhp> right :-/  well need to test but sounds likely :(
05:43:15 <fujiwarat> ibus depends ibus-gtk2 and ibus-gtk3.
05:43:19 <juhp> ah
05:43:22 <tagoh> oh
05:43:29 <fujiwarat> s/depends/depends on/
05:43:46 <tagoh> ok, good then
05:44:05 <juhp> "repoquery -q --whatrequires ibus-gtk" didn't show up anything for me
05:44:12 <fujiwarat> % rpm -q --requires ibus
05:44:21 <juhp> ah sorry ibus yes in f15
05:44:31 <juhp> okay
05:44:37 <juhp> cool
05:44:52 <tagoh> any package updates for testing?
05:45:27 <pravins> i got the stable karma for lohit fonts, thanks to paragan and Aman
05:45:38 <pravins> hope so those will go Zero day update
05:45:38 <tagoh> cool
05:46:42 <tagoh> anything else?
05:47:41 <tagoh> guess better move on then.
05:47:42 <epico_laptop> scim for F15 got the stable karma, thanks to paragan.
05:47:57 <juhp> ok cool
05:48:01 <tagoh> ok
05:48:06 <juhp> have all the broken deps been fixed then?
05:48:23 <epico_laptop> not yet been pushed to stable, maybe later today or tomorrow.
05:49:40 <juhp> only blockers can be tagged for stable?
05:49:53 <paragan> yes
05:49:56 * juhp is still a bit unclear on this point
05:49:57 <juhp> ok
05:50:00 <juhp> hm
05:50:24 <juhp> fujiwarat: does ibus need to be moved to stable?
05:50:42 <paragan> I see that F15 beta is declared Gold now
05:50:54 <juhp> right
05:51:13 <fujiwarat> ? I think no tested version of ibus at present.
05:51:32 <paragan> maybe we can see scim as 0-day errata
05:51:40 <tagoh> yep
05:52:13 <tagoh> #topic Input Methods
05:52:49 <tagoh> any updates on ibus, ibus engines etc?
05:52:51 <dingyichen> Just adding zanata support for ibus-chewing.
05:53:28 <dingyichen> i.e. the translation of ibus-chewing is now on a zanata server. ;-)
05:54:07 <dingyichen> Yet, we don't really have a public zanata hosting for general fedora projects.
05:54:09 <tagoh> aha
05:55:02 <tagoh> dingyichen: have you triaged abrt bugs on ibus-chewing yet?
05:55:06 <dingyichen> Currently I am using translate.jboss.org, but you need to have an account on www.jboss.org in order to login.
05:55:37 <tagoh> just wonder if it's reproducible on f15 though
05:55:50 <dingyichen> tagoh, actually they seems like libchewing bug.
05:56:13 <dingyichen> tagoh, unfortunately, I cannot reproduce them.
05:56:17 <tagoh> aha
05:57:07 <fujiwarat> Currently I'm working on reducing ibus xkb layouts for ibus-setup and will integrate today or next week for post beta.
05:57:08 <dingyichen> Perhaps that's because I usually use RHEL for testing. ^,^b
05:57:21 <tagoh> heh
05:57:39 <tagoh> fujiwarat: cool
05:58:24 <tagoh> dingyichen: good to test it on live say..
05:59:01 <dingyichen> tagoh, will do
06:00:37 <tagoh> well, updating a bit on imsettings now to work as the old-style instead of pop up the message when no backend modules are loaded... it may be somewhat better than not working
06:00:53 <paragan> fujiwarat, can we see all the xkb layouts available from symbols file for any country in ibus-setup?
06:02:07 <fujiwarat> paragan: ibus-setup parses /usr/share/X11/xkb/rules/evdev.xml and get the layouts.
06:03:11 <fujiwarat> If all layouts need to be shown, ibus-setup provides [Advance] -> [Add or remove layouts..].
06:03:51 <paragan> ok
06:04:06 <tagoh> ok, anything else?
06:04:21 <fujiwarat> Maybe I think you could update the evdev.xml.
06:04:40 <paragan> fujiwarat, I see for Tamil language evdev.xml shows 5 maps
06:04:57 <fujiwarat> paragan: great
06:05:09 <paragan> but I can't add/enable them in ibus
06:05:49 <tagoh> guess better file a bug for that then?
06:07:31 <tagoh> anyway, let's move on.
06:07:36 <tagoh> #topic Fonts and Rendering
06:09:18 <tagoh> any updates?
06:10:55 <pravins> tagoh: nothing much, but i think we should check for other affected fonts by freetype BCI
06:11:06 <tagoh> sure. sounds good idea
06:11:06 <pravins> and add autohint rules in fontconf
06:12:11 <tagoh> it may be hard to see unless native speaker checks it though, do you have any idea for that?
06:12:42 <pravins> yeah, agree
06:13:01 <pravins> second option is too check inside fonts about hinting rules
06:13:12 <juhp> yeah - some automated testing for rendering would be nice again
06:13:43 <tagoh> taking a screenshot on both env and compare might somewhat works
06:13:48 <juhp> (though likely bci change would break any tests anyway?)
06:13:49 <juhp> yeah
06:14:06 <juhp> that would be a good start i guess
06:14:16 <tagoh> ok
06:14:34 <tagoh> let me try
06:15:54 <tagoh> anything else before closing?
06:18:14 <tagoh> ok, thanks everyone for a bit long meeting.
06:18:27 <tagoh> #endmeeting