01:14:02 <VileGent> #startmeeting
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01:14:17 <VileGent> chairs inode0
01:14:38 <VileGent> #meeting name FAmNA
01:14:39 <grantbow_> zodbot said VileGent is chair.
01:14:49 <VileGent> #chair inode0
01:14:49 <zodbot> Current chairs: VileGent inode0
01:14:49 * mock slaps inode0 on the back in congradulations
01:15:11 <VileGent> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:NA_Ambassadors_2011-04-05
01:15:17 <VileGent> Agenda https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:NA_Ambassadors_2011-04-05
01:15:34 <VileGent> #topic Agenda https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:NA_Ambassadors_2011-04-05
01:15:54 <VileGent> first up Announcements
01:16:34 <VileGent> the only Announcement i know of is go Vote for the f16 Name
01:16:37 <dramsey> Hmmh....
01:16:38 <dramsey> Now I feel the Monty Python moment in "Life of Brian" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIaORknS1Dk
01:16:39 <dramsey> Concurs 100% with mock and VileGent
01:17:09 <VileGent> #topic Events
01:17:43 <VileGent> My report for Indiana LinuxFest are linked off of the ILF wiki Page
01:18:27 <VileGent> any questions?
01:19:04 <mock> what about the lfnw?
01:19:14 <VileGent> #topic Open Floor
01:20:53 <VileGent> mock,  since the person on the agenda for the event isnt here i think it was best for go to Open floor
01:21:14 <mock> ah, ok
01:21:39 <VileGent> ok Open floor why has everyone shutup
01:22:27 <dramsey> Sounds good F16 Name Voting - https://admin.fedoraproject.org/voting/about/relnamef16
01:22:27 <dramsey> :)
01:22:35 <VileGent> Anyone have anything to bring up
01:22:44 <dramsey> My best to you all for your success.  ;)
01:22:56 <VileGent> just in time
01:23:09 <pcalarco> sorry I'm late folks
01:23:10 <VileGent> #Budget
01:23:21 <VileGent> #topic Budget
01:23:32 <VileGent> pcalarco,  right on cue
01:24:11 <VileGent> do you have the budget report for ILF
01:26:25 * mock lights up a cigar
01:26:30 <VileGent> pcalarco,  do you have the budget report from ILF
01:27:46 <VileGent> pcalarco,  ping
01:27:54 * hicham puts a grenade in mock's cigar
01:28:46 <VileGent> pcalarco_, ping??
01:28:57 <pcalarco_> disconnected, sorry
01:29:07 <VileGent> pcalarco,  do you have the budget report from ILF
01:29:17 <pcalarco_> so i posted the summary of the spend at ILF, does anyone have any questions
01:29:22 <pcalarco_> its linked in the agenda
01:30:45 <VileGent> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents/ILF_2011#Budget_Actuals|
01:31:15 <pcalarco2> does anyone have any questions about this?
01:31:19 <lcafiero> I'm assuming someone's chairing in my until-recent absence
01:31:30 <herlo> lol
01:31:36 <herlo> hi lcafiero @!!
01:31:47 <lcafiero> Hey, herlo
01:31:47 <pcalarco2> next step is to fill out tickets for reimbursement for mspevack
01:31:55 <pcalarco2> Hi lcafiero
01:32:01 <dramsey> hi lcafiero!
01:32:22 <lcafiero> hi all
01:32:37 <VileGent> do i here any objections to ILF coming in under budget or any of the budget items
01:33:12 <lcafiero> I would find it hard to believe that anyone would object to coming in under budget --- great work, guys
01:33:21 <herlo> +1 pcalarco2
01:33:29 <lcafiero> +1
01:33:29 <herlo> +1 pcalarco
01:33:33 <VileGent> pcalarco2,  according to the community arch budget 425 was my fare
01:33:47 <pcalarco2> it was a good first event for ILF; I was glad to have Southern_Gent there, he is awesome
01:33:58 <VileGent> #chair lcafiero
01:33:58 <zodbot> Current chairs: VileGent inode0 lcafiero
01:34:03 <pcalarco2> VileGent: okay
01:34:11 <lcafiero> +1 on VileGent's awesomeness
01:34:23 <dramsey> +1
01:34:33 <VileGent> #Events
01:34:38 <pcalarco2> and the Event Box was fab
01:35:03 <herlo> u
01:35:04 <herlo> lous
01:35:17 <VileGent> #topic Events
01:35:26 <VileGent> lcafiero, **tag**
01:35:34 <lcafiero> ouch
01:35:40 * herlo thinks some BNF wrestling may be going on here
01:35:44 <lcafiero> Is it time for Linux Fest Northwest?
01:36:00 <jsandys> sure
01:36:01 <VileGent> pass time actually
01:36:06 <lcafiero> do you want to keep going, VileGent, or shall I take the reins?
01:36:14 <VileGent> its yours
01:36:16 * lcafiero assumes VileGent is chairing
01:36:19 <lcafiero> OK
01:36:20 <lcafiero> Events
01:36:40 <lcafiero> Did you cover everything you needed to re ILF?
01:36:43 <VileGent> we covered ILF
01:36:58 <lcafiero> Excellent
01:37:04 * MarkDude brought FAIL - and apologizes for that on ILF
01:37:05 <lcafiero> OK on to the great northwest
01:37:14 <lcafiero> No worries, MarkDude
01:37:24 <lcafiero> jsandys: do you want to start, or shall I?
01:37:33 <jsandys> go ahead
01:37:38 * lcafiero springs it on jsandys
01:37:46 <lcafiero> OK, jump in where you see fit, jsandys
01:38:01 <lcafiero> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/LinuxFest_Northwest_%28LFNW%29_2011
01:38:18 <lcafiero> Thanks to jsandys for setting up this page and maintaining it.
01:39:07 <lcafiero> LFNW is at the end of the month. So far there are only two booth denizens -- jsandys and me -- and I'm giving two presentations. spot is giving one, and I think Jesse Keating is giving another.
01:39:25 <jsandys> I see you put in housing and travel, has the sponsorship been sent?
01:39:44 <lcafiero> The budget so far is $1,443, and that includes travel (only mine), because I don't know if jsandys needs to travel.
01:40:07 <lcafiero> I did, jsandys, and the lodging is for two rooms at the discounted rates for two nights.
01:40:32 <lcafiero> As for sponsorship, I have told LFNW that we would sponsor at last year's level, which is $500.
01:40:45 <VileGent> i only ask that you total the budget on the webpage
01:40:54 <jsandys> I'll pass on the travel, my daughter attends college in b'ham.
01:40:58 <lcafiero> As it's their 12th year and they're growing, I wanted to get a sense of the group to see if we'd go up a level to $1,000 in sponsorship
01:41:19 <lcafiero> making the budget $1,943
01:41:46 <lcafiero> jsandys: do you have any expenses you need to include?
01:41:52 <lcafiero> travel and the like?
01:42:17 <jsandys> none
01:42:22 <lcafiero> OK, good.
01:42:42 <lcafiero> Also, I'm going to try to corral spot and jesse to do booth duty.
01:43:05 <lcafiero> Any objection to sponsoring at the $1,000 level for LFNW?
01:43:11 <VileGent> spot is good about pulling booth duty between sessions
01:43:19 <lcafiero> That he is
01:43:31 <lcafiero> As Fedora's self-proclaimed "booth babe"
01:43:51 <VileGent> only if the  penguin suit comes
01:43:53 <VileGent> lol
01:44:10 <jsandys> If attendance is greater on Sunday and there was more booth help a higher sponsorship would be appropriate
01:44:16 <MarkDude> What about the cut rate penguin suit I have?
01:44:18 <lcafiero> OK
01:44:30 <lcafiero> I can go either way on the sponsorship.
01:44:36 * MarkDude promises to take no weird ADD medicine
01:44:38 <lcafiero> I just thought it would be a nice gesture on our part.
01:44:50 <lcafiero> MarkDude: if you want to go, let's talk later.
01:44:52 <jsandys> agreed
01:45:29 <MarkDude> np
01:46:17 <lcafiero> OK, that's all I have on LFNW, except to ask for an approval of the provisional budget.
01:46:24 <lcafiero> at $1,443.
01:46:39 <jsandys> I am not familiar with the total fedora budget and how this fits in, I'll leave it to the more experienced.
01:46:39 <lcafiero> can I get an amen or a plus-1?
01:46:48 <VileGent> lcafiero,  which isit  1443 or 1942
01:46:55 <VileGent> lcafiero,  which isit  1443 or 1943
01:46:58 <lcafiero> It's $1443
01:47:06 <VileGent> ok
01:47:31 <jsandys> +1
01:47:33 <lcafiero> no increase in sponsorship
01:47:37 <VileGent> +1
01:47:40 <grantbow_> +1
01:47:41 <herlo> +1
01:47:51 <lcafiero> hearing no objection, I will consider that an OK.
01:48:12 <nb> +1
01:48:20 <lcafiero> ah, finally :-)
01:49:13 <lcafiero> Moving on then
01:49:31 <lcafiero> VileGent: did you guys cover the ILF budget item already?
01:49:40 <VileGent> lcafiero,  yep
01:49:52 <lcafiero> ILF budget actuals?
01:49:58 <VileGent> lcafiero,  you even posted about it
01:50:10 <lcafiero> #topic Budget
01:50:31 <VileGent> <VileGent> do i here any objections to ILF coming in under budget or any of the budget items
01:50:32 <VileGent> <lcafiero> I would find it hard to believe that anyone would object to coming in under budget --- great work, guys
01:51:13 <lcafiero> ILF budget actuals were discussed already?
01:51:17 <VileGent> yes
01:51:41 <VileGent> was doing it when you posted the above
01:51:54 <lcafiero> hello?
01:52:04 <herlo> my name
01:52:13 <herlo> is inigo montoya
01:52:15 <herlo> :)
01:52:22 <VileGent> lcafiero,  what do you not understand
01:52:22 <nb> it was discussed that it was underbudget
01:52:51 <lcafiero> Ah, OK, thanks, nb
01:53:06 <lcafiero> Are we OK here? I seem to be lagging pretty furiously
01:53:12 <lcafiero> and on line, too :-)
01:53:13 <nb> not sure anyone said exactly how much
01:53:19 * nb thinks that people are just quiet
01:53:29 <lcafiero> OK, tough crowd.
01:53:38 <lcafiero> Anyway, any other budget items to discuss?
01:53:48 <lcafiero> Swag OK for the swagmeisters?
01:53:52 <VileGent> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents/ILF_2011#Budget_Actuals|
01:54:08 <VileGent> lcafiero,  never enough
01:54:09 * nb is pretty good on swag
01:54:13 <nb> anyone need livecds?
01:54:16 <nb> i have a whole box
01:54:28 * lcafiero is good on swag and plans to give it out at LFNW.
01:54:38 <lcafiero> I'm good on live CDs/install DVDs as well.
01:54:38 <nb> actually i think i have less than a box now
01:54:43 <nb> but still quite a bit
01:54:46 <lcafiero> LFNW is right before the next release.
01:54:47 <nb> i'm fairly low on install, but will be ok
01:55:01 <nb> WTF?
01:55:15 <VileGent> nb  ??
01:55:16 <jsandys> So it is a great time to give away all the remaining f14 disks
01:55:16 <lcafiero> Indeed.
01:55:16 <nb> i think something was lagged and just got fixed
01:55:31 <lcafiero> OK, thenk I'm not an idiot.
01:55:31 <grantbow_> freenode might be having more DOS attacks
01:55:39 <lcafiero> Or maybe I am, but not because of the IRC channel
01:55:43 <nb> i got like half a page of text all at once
01:55:48 <lcafiero> ditto
01:55:54 <VileGent> ok  i didnt
01:56:09 <lcafiero> OK, any more budget items?
01:56:12 * nb thinks about we should set up our own irc network again, then realizes that is not that great
01:56:18 <nb> although moving to oftc wouldn't be a bad idea
01:56:35 <lcafiero> scale uses it -- it's pretty good.
01:56:55 <lcafiero> Anyway, hearing no more budget madness, er, items, let's move on
01:57:01 <VileGent> well i think i may need some for SELF
01:57:19 <lcafiero> SELF is in June?
01:57:25 <lcafiero> May?
01:57:28 <VileGent> 2 weeks after release
01:57:32 <lcafiero> Ah.
01:57:58 <lcafiero> Ah, one more thing about swag . . .
01:58:07 <lcafiero> nah, I'll post it on the mailing list and discuss it there.
01:58:13 <nb> i am thinking i will stick with our current media supplier for F15 unless given a reason to change (since i think it's about time to request a PO)
01:58:25 <lcafiero> Right, good point, nb
01:58:27 <nb> will look at the cheaper provider someone found for F16 (unless there's objections)
01:58:48 <nb> what kind of events will people be wanting media for during F15 release?
01:59:07 <pcalarco2> OLF
01:59:21 <VileGent> nb,  looking at last years events will give you a good guess
01:59:31 <lcafiero> OSCON
01:59:41 <nb> true, i can also look at the numbers herlo sent me
01:59:59 <lcafiero> OK, open floor/unfinished business, anyone?
02:00:12 <VileGent> been there done that
02:00:22 <jsandys> Larry, do you mind if I update the ambassadors meeting wiki with links to our minutes? https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Meetings
02:00:24 <VileGent> motion to adjoin
02:00:26 <nb> Thank you for the goodies that the central event box inherited :)
02:00:33 <nb> we now have a power strip and scissors
02:00:35 <lcafiero> #topic Open Floor/Unfinished Business
02:00:41 <nb> we still need to get a router and ethernet cables
02:00:54 <lcafiero> jsandys: Yes. I was going to say how behind I was on that, but go ahead if you would please.
02:00:54 <VileGent> nb,  $29 at wally world
02:00:55 <pcalarco2> FrienFinder care of KMart :)
02:01:01 <nb> VileGent, yeah
02:01:02 * lcafiero thanks jsandys profusely
02:01:04 <nb> are the cheap ones pretty good?
02:01:21 <nb> VileGent, i had thought about a wrt54gl and putting dd-wrt or something on it
02:01:31 <nb> so we could use F/OSS on it
02:01:44 <lcafiero> nb: I may have one to send you. It's collecting dust in my office.
02:01:49 <nb> lcafiero, oh ok
02:01:49 <grantbow_> openwrt is more free
02:01:57 <nb> grantbow_, or we coujld put that on it
02:01:59 <VileGent> so far the belkin i have works fine , the one i bought today works great
02:02:11 <lcafiero> nb, badger me about it if I don't get back to you in a day or two.
02:02:18 <lcafiero> That goes for anyone :-)
02:02:40 <nb> ok
02:02:44 <VileGent> nb the problem is i have yet to really need it at a event yet
02:02:50 <nb> VileGent, did you notice anything else central needs yet?
02:02:55 <nb> VileGent, true, most have wifi don't they?L
02:03:19 <nb> I started to get worried.  I didn't see the XO in the box
02:03:26 <nb> (It was in the HP box along with the HP
02:03:31 <nb> which is a good idea to save space
02:03:34 <lcafiero> Assuming all the RESPONSIBLE ambassadors got here on time :-) and the meeting started on time with VileGent and inode0 taking the reins, we're now a little over an hour.
02:03:41 <pcalarco2> space optimization :)
02:03:43 <jsandys> Sorry I was late on but 0200UTC is 7:00PM PDT.
02:03:44 <lcafiero> If that matters to anyone
02:03:50 <nb> pcalarco2, yeah, very good idea
02:04:06 <lcafiero> Oh wait -- is that right, jsandys?
02:04:12 <VileGent> nb  Tape, markers, and ink pens
02:04:28 <nb> VileGent, i had ink pens in there i thought? i'll make sure to pick up tape and markers
02:04:29 <lcafiero> If so, that's my bad -- I should have made the meeting an hour earlier UTC
02:04:33 <lcafiero> Or later.
02:04:39 * lcafiero hates Daylight Savings Time
02:04:47 <nb> VileGent, scotch tape? masking tape? (although i guess i could take this discussion to the regular channel)
02:04:50 <jsandys> second
02:04:50 <lcafiero> with a heat of a nova
02:05:03 * nb moves to adjourn if no one else has any business
02:05:14 <herlo> +1
02:05:18 * grantbow_ seconds
02:05:19 <lcafiero> motion to adjourn and seconded
02:05:20 <jsandys> +1
02:05:20 <VileGent> nb blue masking tape
02:05:37 <lcafiero> OK, folks, thanks again and sorry for being late -- I had connection issues
02:05:40 <pcalarco2> +1
02:05:53 <lcafiero> Wrapping up in 5
02:05:53 <jsandys> or early
02:05:54 <lcafiero> 4
02:05:56 <lcafiero> 3
02:06:03 <lcafiero> or early :-)
02:06:05 <lcafiero> 2
02:06:07 <lcafiero> one
02:06:12 <lcafiero> #endmeeting