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19:01:04 <rbergeron> #meetingname Cloud SIG
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19:01:15 <rbergeron> Now with a new improved time!
19:01:20 <rbergeron> #topic Roll call :)
19:01:27 * jgreguske waves
19:01:29 <mgoldmann> /me is here
19:01:30 <brianlamere> my todo: doc will be done in half sec, will post link here
19:01:32 <brianlamere> here
19:01:32 <mgoldmann> uhm
19:01:44 <ksk1> here
19:02:05 * mmorsi says hi
19:02:06 * clalance here
19:02:19 <rbergeron> hey guys. :)
19:02:25 * rbergeron grins at brianlamere
19:03:47 * rbergeron looks for gholms, no sign
19:03:54 <rbergeron> how about a jforbes?
19:03:58 <rbergeron> :D
19:04:25 * ke4qqq pretends to be here
19:04:33 <rbergeron> hello mr. darcy
19:04:39 * rbergeron pretends to not see ke4qqq
19:04:40 * obino is here
19:04:44 <jdarcy> Howdy.
19:05:04 <rbergeron> :)
19:05:09 <rbergeron> Shall we begin?
19:05:31 * rbergeron shall start with .... aeolus first, since jforbes isn't here yet
19:05:35 <rbergeron> #topic Aeolus!
19:05:50 <rbergeron> mmorsi, clalance: how goes things? get any help with packages needing love?
19:06:08 <clalance> rbergeron: I poked some people internally the last couple of days.
19:06:19 <clalance> We've made some progress in getting more of our dependencies close to inclusion.
19:06:49 <rbergeron> woohoo!
19:07:01 <ke4qqq> is there a list of pkgs that needs review - I have some time this weekend
19:07:05 <clalance> We still have some things that are not submitted.
19:07:08 <clalance> ke4qqq: Yes, one second...
19:07:40 <clalance> http://aeolusproject.org/page/Packages_Missing_From_Fedora
19:07:54 <mmorsi> also sent some of them out to the cloud-sig list the other week http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/cloud/2011-March/000563.html
19:08:15 * clalance realizes there is one missing there
19:08:57 <clalance> mmorsi: Any other news you want to share about the conductor proper?
19:09:00 <rbergeron> clalance, mmorsi: there used to be a similar list on the deltacloud wiki - is this a separate list from that list, or does this list replace that list?
19:09:09 <clalance> rbergeron: This one replaces the old one.
19:09:20 <clalance> rbergeron: deltacloud-core has been submitted for review.
19:09:25 <clalance> And has a reviewer, and is proceeding.
19:09:28 <mmorsi> nothing other than we just closed out another dev sprint (updated rpms coming to our yum repo soon), mostly bugfixes and wrapping up previous features, but we've simplified the application a bit (less independent / moving services) and tightened up the integration between bits
19:09:36 <clalance> So deltacloud proper (just the API bit) is more-or-less good to go.
19:09:49 <rbergeron> clalance: cool. :)
19:10:19 <clalance> Once we get the current round of dependencies in, I'll do another sweep to check for anything missing.
19:10:25 <rbergeron> though hard to test drive without the other bits, right?
19:10:55 <clalance> rbergeron: Well, all of the rest of the bits are available in our private repo: http://repos.fedorapeople.org/repos/aeolus
19:11:03 <clalance> rbergeron: Just not all of them have been submitted to fedora.
19:11:09 <rbergeron> ahhh. okay.
19:11:22 <clalance> (and some of them, like updated condor, just have to wait)
19:11:34 <rbergeron> right.
19:12:25 <rbergeron> (sorry, was cooking taquitos) ;)
19:12:32 <rbergeron> Anything else exciting? :)
19:13:03 <rbergeron> #info packages are still available for reviewing love, see link above or email from mmorsi to cloud@lists.fp.o last week
19:13:03 <clalance> rbergeron: There was the release of oz 0.2.0, but I sent that to the list.
19:13:15 <rbergeron> clalance: yup. :) very nice.
19:13:24 <rbergeron> we appreciate the updates and mailing list love. :)
19:13:35 <clalance> I think that is about it for now.
19:13:40 <mmorsi> ya nothing else on my end
19:14:02 <rbergeron> Awesome. Moving on!
19:14:06 <rbergeron> #topic EC2
19:14:10 <rbergeron> jforbes: you about yet?
19:14:35 * mgoldmann notices that EC2 is still working
19:14:37 <rbergeron> Well: I took one of my action items and made an EC2 "unspin" page.
19:14:46 <rbergeron> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/EC2_unspin
19:15:00 <rbergeron> So that we can at least start nailing down some of the things we need so that we can have a process of some sort.
19:15:15 <rbergeron> If we decide it does need to be a spin, then so be it, but for now, it's an unspin, which is the fabulous term i just invented.
19:15:26 <clalance> Love it.
19:15:27 <jgreguske> rbergeron: is there supposed to be content there?
19:15:28 <rbergeron> #info EC2 unspin page needs a lot of love. Please help!
19:15:40 <rbergeron> jgreguske: yes there is.  It's just not there yet. :)
19:15:41 * thomasj lurks
19:15:52 <brianlamere> *bookmarks discussion tab
19:16:18 <rbergeron> hey thomasj.
19:16:26 <thomasj> o/
19:16:49 <rbergeron> jgreguske: seriously, I'm the last person on earth with the brainpower to fill out some of the technical details there, so if you (or anyone else) has any thoughts or ideas, you know what they say.
19:16:56 <rbergeron> It's a wiki, be bold ;)
19:17:17 <rbergeron> s/has/have ... good god, bad grammar day
19:17:30 <rbergeron> brianlamere: i saw you alluding to some document you were writing? :)
19:17:33 <brianlamere> I am happy to put somewhere the reasons why it is important, and how people might use it
19:17:54 <brianlamere> yeah, emailed it to the list.  I seemed to recall there being a todo for me to say what the actual testing plan was
19:18:14 <jforbes> Oh, right, forgot about the time
19:18:27 <brianlamere> it's not an overly detailed document, but can adjust if desired ;)
19:18:31 <rbergeron> hey jforbes.
19:18:39 <jforbes> heya
19:18:43 <rbergeron> it's friday! you know what that means.
19:18:43 * jforbes updates his calendar
19:18:46 <brianlamere> jforbes:  remind me, did xsave get in to fedora?
19:19:00 <jforbes> brianlamere: umm, not sure
19:19:22 <brianlamere> jforbes: I remember talking about it, but not whether it actually did
19:19:49 <jforbes> brianlamere: dont think so actually
19:20:16 <brianlamere> I also note that you own "fix_xen_guest_on_old_EC2.patch" for fedora - or did, at least
19:20:26 <jforbes> brianlamere: correct
19:22:03 <rbergeron> ooooookay then
19:22:07 <jforbes> brianlamere: the problem is, EC2 has boxes which will not support it in the hypervisor
19:22:26 <rbergeron> jforbes: i did a ... umm... extremely basic ec2 unspin wiki page (link above), just as an FYI
19:22:27 <jforbes> brianlamere: so if it is enabled, the kernel just will not boot on more than 50% of EC2 hosts
19:22:41 <jforbes> rbergeron: cool, will take a look at it and fill in some details
19:22:56 <brianlamere> jforbes: hmm - so how are we getting around that problem for those?
19:23:08 <brianlamere> for the ones that need it, that is
19:23:14 <jforbes> brianlamere: fix_xen_guest_on_old_EC2.patch
19:23:22 <rbergeron> jforbes: and feel free to rearrange / do whatever - if it doesn't make sense, feel free to trim / delete.
19:23:23 <jforbes> brianlamere: we disable it for everything
19:24:45 <jforbes> rbergeron: will do
19:25:00 <brianlamere> ah yeah, ok - so the question then is that what caused the problem for Raphael as discussed on the list this morning?  Since the pxeboot kernel image probably doesn't have it disabled?
19:25:27 <jforbes> brianlamere: all kernel images have it disabled
19:25:37 <jforbes> brianlamere: and have since an f12 update
19:25:52 <brianlamere> it isn't an installed image - fedora/linux/releases/test/15-Alpha/Fedora/i386/os/images/pxeboot/vmlinuz
19:26:17 <brianlamere> it's for the kickstart stuff Raphael was trying to do.  just curious if that particular image might have gotten overlooked for that patch
19:26:20 <jforbes> brianlamere: there is no fedora kernel in existance currently supported which will use XSAVE when running as a xen guest
19:27:18 <brianlamere> ok, fair enough.  just wasn't aware how those particular images get updated
19:27:41 <jforbes> we haven't built a kernel which allowed XSAVE for xen guests since F12
19:28:38 * rbergeron looks around for more comments
19:29:48 <rbergeron> okay then.
19:30:01 <rbergeron> Any other ec2 q's, comments, flames, etc?
19:30:13 <rbergeron> #action rbergeron to mail list with link to unspin page
19:30:20 <brianlamere> lol - Justin seems pretty certain, I'll go with what he's saying ;)
19:30:26 * rbergeron grins
19:30:35 * jforbes just checked, the patch has not been disabled
19:31:53 <rbergeron> okay, then, moving onwards!
19:31:59 <rbergeron> #topic CloudFS
19:32:01 <brianlamere> I guess my uncertainty is I'm just not aware of what process actually creates the images in that directory on the CD/source, and thus whether the standard kernels have the patch wasn't something that necessarily followed through to that image having it as well.  But I can accept that it does :)
19:32:04 <rbergeron> #undo
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19:32:05 <rbergeron> oops
19:32:08 <brianlamere> ah - sorry
19:32:12 <rbergeron> no worries :)
19:32:50 <jdarcy> I guess I need to bug Kaleb some more, though he might just have not seen the new meeting time.
19:32:59 <rbergeron> #topic CloudFS
19:33:05 <ksk1> I'm here
19:33:10 <jforbes> brianlamere: anaconda builds it, but it uses existing packages, they are not building a new kernel from scratch to do so
19:33:14 <jdarcy> Ahh, there you are.
19:33:26 <rbergeron> ah! hi ksk1 :)
19:33:31 * rbergeron didn't know that was you :)
19:33:35 <jdarcy> So, Kaleb's chugging along on spiffy new config/management stuff, should have something to demo Real Soon Now.
19:33:39 <rbergeron> welcome to the fun that is the cloud SIG meeting :)
19:33:56 <ksk1> I can show something on Monday
19:34:05 <jdarcy> I wrote a new at-rest encryption module, we'll see how that goes but it looks promising.
19:34:14 <rbergeron> woo! demos.
19:34:45 <jdarcy> And that's pretty much it, really.  In another window I'm working on the magazine article about CloudFS.
19:35:15 <rbergeron> which magazine?
19:35:19 <jdarcy> Oh, and the team might grow a bit more in the next quarter or so.
19:35:37 <jdarcy> I'm not sure if I'm supposed to say.  One you'll recognize.
19:36:00 <rbergeron> lol
19:36:10 * rbergeron wonders if it's one where she knows people, or not, but okay ;)
19:37:08 <rbergeron> alrighty. ksk1, glad to see you here, always good to have a few more folks. :)
19:37:20 <rbergeron> #topic Open Floor
19:37:46 <brianlamere> fedora repos!
19:37:49 <mgoldmann> We need to update Cloud SIG wiki page, it's outdated
19:37:52 <ksk1> glad to be here. I changed my nic so the next time I'm on I won't be in stealth mode
19:38:09 * rbergeron grins
19:38:15 <rbergeron> mgoldmann: I think that's a good point.
19:38:25 <rbergeron> #info WIKI NEEDS LOVE
19:38:32 <rbergeron> Anyone interested in giving it a bit of love?
19:38:39 * rbergeron will be happy to update some stuff on there, at least meeting times :)
19:38:59 <mgoldmann> we shold move meeting minutes to another page I think
19:39:04 <mgoldmann> it's getting long
19:39:12 * rbergeron nods
19:39:27 <rbergeron> #action rbergeron to update meeting times, move cloud SIG meeting logs to an alternate page.
19:39:56 <rbergeron> Any other suggestions? :)
19:39:59 <mgoldmann> we need to update the things we're working now and create maybe a done list too
19:40:25 <rbergeron> #idea update things we're working on now, perhaps create a done list too.
19:40:27 <mgoldmann> to sumarize our effort in one place
19:42:05 <rbergeron> brianlamere: fedora repos!... ??
19:42:29 <brianlamere> ha  - yeah, the little testing bit for s3cmd?
19:43:07 <brianlamere> a todo for the last couple months =D
19:43:29 <rbergeron> are we talking about the part with the testing and how much it costs and permissions and whatnot
19:44:25 <brianlamere> aye - the basic costs were listed previously, can re-include them there
19:45:17 <rbergeron> ohh, that's the mail you just sent.
19:45:19 <rbergeron> yes?
19:45:30 <brianlamere> issue was that I haven't had my own need for doing that large of a set yet, so really testing to see if it can handle it would be something I'd have to pay for my own
19:45:31 <brianlamere> yes
19:46:01 <brianlamere> if only there would be a large set of data I needed to do that same sort of info on anyway, I'd just do that to test.  but that simply hasn't happened
19:46:14 <rbergeron> okay. can you maybe follow that up with a "why do we need to do this" so that I can make sure that max doesn't wonder why the bill went up?
19:46:18 <rbergeron> it doesn't need to be complicated
19:46:24 <rbergeron> unless that was in the previous mail you sent me
19:46:25 * rbergeron looks
19:46:47 <rbergeron> yeah, i have the costs, but not the why
19:47:20 <rbergeron> and then we can coordinate the whole permissions thing - either getting you permissions, or finding someone to do that stuff
19:47:29 <rbergeron> (a how-often will we do this would be nice too)
19:48:01 <rbergeron> sorry to be all bureaucratic :)
19:48:07 <brianlamere> the doc has a brief note on the purpose (first section) but I can shift the language to putting the high-level purpose first, then the test purpose section
19:48:11 <rbergeron> ohhh
19:48:25 <brianlamere> er...test purpose second
19:48:35 * rbergeron hasn't popped open the doc and looked at it all yet
19:50:16 <rbergeron> i'll wait a few days and see if anyone has comments, and then just check with max on the money angle. or whoever i'm supposed to check with.
19:50:54 <rbergeron> it definitely falls under the "little enough cost that we don't need to ask permission" but I just want to make it known that we're doing it, so it doesn't surprise anyone's monthly credit card bill.
19:51:05 <rbergeron> jforbes: you have the ec2 stuff off your card now and on spevack's, right?
19:51:14 <jforbes> rbergeron: nope
19:51:25 <rbergeron> ugh
19:51:37 <rbergeron> so that means we have two separate accounts still?
19:51:46 <jforbes> rbergeron: that wasn't going to happen, there is a seperate account that we use which has everything but the free for official images
19:52:20 <jforbes> Umm, we will always have 2 accounts, but this one has to have my card removed from it at some point.  he said he had a link for that, but hasnt sent it, I will follow up
19:52:49 <rbergeron> #action jforbes to follow up with spevack on amazon account stuffz
19:53:15 <jforbes> heh, I even have financial incentive, supposed to be reimbursed for what I have paid already :)
19:53:31 <rbergeron> lol
19:53:49 <rbergeron> just have to get that expense report cranked out. SO FUN!
19:54:05 <jforbes> not even that, since that would go against my cost center...
19:54:10 <rbergeron> brianlamere: we'll get this fixed :)
19:54:12 <jforbes> just gotta forward him receipts :)
19:54:24 <brianlamere> no worries
19:54:32 <rbergeron> ah, yeah. unless it's over a certain amount and then you can have it moved to his cost center. :)
19:54:40 <rbergeron> but anyway :)
19:54:49 <rbergeron> Anyone else have anything to discuss?
19:54:54 <rbergeron> thanks mgoldmann for the wiki reminder :)
19:55:55 <ksk1> will these meetings be in Zimbra going forward?
19:56:28 <rbergeron> ksk1: I can create a zimbra invite, but I usually don't for community meetings since a lot of the folks here aren't in zimbra.
19:56:34 * rbergeron just adds it on her own to her own zimbra
19:56:48 <ksk1> rbergeron: okay
19:57:47 <rbergeron> Anything else?
19:58:04 <rbergeron> Alrighty then.
19:58:07 <rbergeron> thanks for coming, everyone!
19:58:20 <rbergeron> #endmeeting