01:01:07 <lcafiero> #startmeeting Fedora NA Ambassadors Meeting 2011-03-15
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01:01:37 <lcafiero> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:Ambassadors_2011-03-15
01:01:46 <lcafiero> The agenda is there^^^
01:01:50 <mock> bacon
01:01:57 <mock> oh, wrong channel
01:02:08 <VileGent> nope its still good
01:02:10 <lcafiero> Oh, no. Bacon is fine as long as you bring enough for everyone
01:02:17 <mock> heh
01:02:42 <herlo> .fas herlo
01:02:43 <zodbot> herlo: herlo 'Clint Savage' <herlo1@gmail.com>
01:02:56 <lcafiero> #topic Announcements
01:03:01 <lcafiero> Announcements?
01:03:48 <nb> VileGent, will not be able to attend ILF
01:03:49 <mock> ...i has a pycon report
01:03:50 <nb> VileGent, will ship the event box somewhere
01:03:52 <nb> (but i guess i could discuss this at the proper time in the meeting)
01:04:57 <lcafiero> Pycon report -- that might be good here.
01:05:10 <mock> http://mocktech.com/blog/2011/03/fedora-swag-at-pycon/
01:05:12 <lcafiero> Let's take ILF in evnets
01:05:19 <lcafiero> evnets=events
01:05:56 <mock> summary: ended up giving away almost all the media
01:05:56 <lcafiero> #link  http://mocktech.com/blog/2011/03/fedora-swag-at-pycon/
01:06:24 <mock> they seemed to eat it up.  also, pens, balloons, some pins, some stickers
01:06:39 <lcafiero> like locusts, huh? :-)
01:06:45 <mock> VileGent: i have some leftover pens, balloons, pins, and stickers
01:06:51 <mock> pretty much
01:06:56 <lcafiero> how many people?
01:07:04 <mock> what i put out was gone when i checked back
01:07:05 <lcafiero> attendance, that is.
01:07:11 <mock> pycon totalled about 1,500
01:07:17 <VileGent> mock bring to SELF with you
01:07:19 <lcafiero> Nice.
01:07:23 <mock> VileGent: will do
01:07:49 <mock> toshio, luke, dmalcolm, and neville were all there wearing fedora t-shirts too
01:08:16 <mock> and if you jump to blip.tv and look up pycon 2011, you can find dmalcolm's talks
01:08:44 <mock> those are the highlights
01:09:09 <mock> link above has more detail for those interested
01:09:31 <lcafiero> OK, great, mock
01:10:21 <lcafiero> Any other announcements?
01:10:28 * herlo is happy
01:10:34 <herlo> that's my announcement :)
01:10:35 <lcafiero> +1 for that
01:10:43 <lcafiero> :-)
01:10:46 <herlo> oh, I know one more
01:10:53 <lcafiero> shoot, herlo
01:11:03 * nb is happy also
01:11:08 <herlo> everyone should join the beefymiracle fb page and get their frankenfurter on!
01:11:16 <herlo> fb == facebook
01:11:20 * herlo is done
01:11:25 <lcafiero> (notice how punctuation saved herlo's life there)
01:11:43 <herlo> lcafiero: indeed
01:11:46 * herlo moves on
01:11:48 * lcafiero goes to join
01:11:50 <lcafiero> OK then
01:12:18 <lcafiero> #topic Events
01:12:46 <lcafiero> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents
01:12:57 <lcafiero> We have two events on the agenda, but we can add ILF too
01:13:03 <herlo> lcafiero: would SxSW fit in here? or would it be better served at the end?  It's going on now.
01:13:07 <lcafiero> I'll pass on LFNW for the moment
01:13:14 <lcafiero> We can add SxSW here as well
01:13:34 <lcafiero> Is TXLF in the house?
01:13:51 * nb wonders who that is?
01:13:53 <herlo> lcafiero: well, it's about other events, too
01:13:54 <lcafiero> I think that was maxamillion's item
01:13:55 <nb> maxamillion i think?
01:14:15 <lcafiero> right. OK, I'll go quickly on LFNW since jeff sandys isn't here.
01:15:11 <lcafiero> We're getting rolling on Linux Fest Northwest, April 30-May 2 in bellingham, wash. Not much else to report. We plan to sponsor at last year's level. Kevin Higgins is unable to own the event, so Jeff and I will be handling it.
01:15:29 <lcafiero> I have a Fedora 15 presentation, and my New user presentation
01:15:37 <lcafiero> that is all for LFNW for now.
01:15:54 <lcafiero> So who wants to go next -- ILF or SxSW?
01:16:35 * lcafiero looks at nb and herlo
01:17:03 <herlo> lcafiero: I think I want to talk at open floor
01:17:10 <lcafiero> OK then
01:17:18 <herlo> also, what's the agenda link again?
01:17:26 <VileGent> we could go to open floor to do ILF
01:17:37 <lcafiero> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:Ambassadors_2011-03-15
01:17:41 <lcafiero> fair enough
01:17:45 <herlo> thx
01:17:48 <lcafiero> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:Ambassadors_2011-03-15
01:17:50 <lcafiero> sorry
01:18:05 <VileGent> lcafiero,  it picks up the links automaticly
01:18:15 <lcafiero> OK then. We'll take TXLF in Open Floor if maxamillion shows up
01:18:20 <nb> oh sorry
01:18:25 * nb is here
01:18:38 <nb> IDK much about ILF, unfortunately I will not be able to go
01:18:43 <nb> I will ship the event box
01:18:50 <nb> VileGent, who/where should i ship to?
01:18:59 <nb> central event box is getting more-or-less set up
01:19:10 <VileGent> i will work with nb and lcafiero  to get stuff shipped for ILF
01:19:18 <nb> ok
01:19:20 <lcafiero> OK good.
01:19:33 <inode0> pascal is driving so he should work ...
01:19:36 <VileGent> that is an action item
01:20:05 <VileGent> inode0,  ship it to the hotel
01:20:12 <lcafiero> #action VileGent will work with nb and lcafiero to get stuff shipped for ILF
01:21:24 <lcafiero> So who's going to ILF after all? Pascal, MarkDude . . . and . . . .?
01:21:49 <VileGent> lcafiero,  at the moment its looking like me ,pascal,markdude, dgilmore
01:21:50 <nb> VileGent,
01:22:26 <lcafiero> And VileGent
01:22:43 <lcafiero> Got it. OK, good team.
01:23:03 <lcafiero> So we'll  move TXLF and SxSW to Open Floor.
01:23:21 <lcafiero> #topic Budget
01:23:32 <lcafiero> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAmSCo_budget
01:23:47 <lcafiero> This is the FAmSCo budget page which, as you can see, has nothing on it
01:23:53 <lcafiero> Where it links to is this
01:24:18 <lcafiero> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Community_Architecture_expenses
01:25:19 <nb> How are all the other regional shipping people doing on swag?
01:25:23 <lcafiero> I haven't been able to ascertain whether we're doing everything from CommArch now, financially, or whether we're going to set up an other FAmSCo page related to Ambassador-only spending
01:25:37 <nb> i'm pretty good, but am going to be shipping a lot soon
01:25:57 <lcafiero> Hang on a sec, nb
01:26:01 <lcafiero> If you could.
01:26:31 <lcafiero> I just wanted to mention the finance sig which meets biweekly -- the next one is this friday at 11 a.m. eastern right here.
01:26:32 <nb> ok
01:26:36 <lcafiero> OK, now swag.
01:27:27 <lcafiero> I have media, buttons, balloons and pens. Low on stickers. Out of shirts.
01:27:36 <lcafiero> We should probably think about ordering more shirts.
01:27:38 <herlo> well, this will go to my discussion later, but I'd like to request an exploratory budget for the event boxen to have a webcam and some sort of stand-up
01:27:55 <herlo> lcafiero: turns out, I had shirts, just forgot that I had them.  I could send you some...
01:28:06 <VileGent> i am out of shirts
01:28:18 <herlo> well, we should order shirts :)
01:28:41 <nb> There was some discussion previously about getting newer netbooks
01:28:42 <lcafiero> herlo, since that's related to budget, do you want to discuss that here?
01:28:50 <VileGent> i have pens, stickers
01:29:09 * inode0 can make a comment about newer netbooks
01:29:10 <herlo> lcafiero: well, it's a longer discussion, but I can put together the budget and propose it next meeting based upon the discussion in open floor
01:29:17 <VileGent> there was some discussion about getting some from redhat
01:29:18 <lcafiero> OK
01:29:29 <lcafiero> VileGent: so what do you need?
01:29:30 <herlo> inode0: I'd like to hear that
01:30:08 <VileGent> buttons, tshirts
01:30:15 <inode0> spevack was going to check on availability of some thinkpads from Red Hat to use at events - status of that unknown
01:30:44 <nb> Oh, I have a note about shipping.  If you have to ship internationally, a good way to do it is ask spevack or mchua to print you a label from usps.com
01:30:51 <lcafiero> #action ping spevack on availability of some thinkpads from Red Hattouse at events
01:30:53 <nb> priority mail international is not bad
01:31:14 <nb> is expensive but no moreso than ups (plus our account is not for international afaik)
01:31:39 <mock> regarding stickers, i assume that means reg f stickers and not case badges, correct?
01:32:06 <lcafiero> the f stickers -- we all should be good on case badges
01:32:17 * lcafiero is fighting with his space bar
01:32:19 <lcafiero> and losing
01:32:39 <VileGent> mock yep
01:32:56 <lcafiero> (or, as we called them at scale, the "facebook stickers" :-) )
01:32:57 <inode0> we might want to check with spot at some point to see if he will need more supplies (stickers/case badges)
01:33:13 <lcafiero> OK
01:33:14 <mock> i would concur on the abundance of case badges
01:33:16 <nb> inode0, i'll take care of that?
01:33:39 * nb thinks pcalarco has his resupply of casebadges, i'll send him a ups label to retrieve the ones not needed for ILF
01:33:53 <lcafiero> #action nb to check with spot at some point to see if he will need more supplies
01:34:04 <VileGent> nb  they will be sent back in the box from ilf
01:34:14 <nb> VileGent, oh ok, that works
01:34:30 <lcafiero> OK then.
01:34:43 <lcafiero> Can we move on to unfinished business/open floor?
01:34:43 <VileGent> as far media i have aobut 50 live f14 cds  and 10 install media
01:35:02 <nb> MarkDude, is here!
01:35:15 <MarkDude> Yes
01:35:25 <lcafiero> So you need media, too, VileGent?
01:35:49 <VileGent> i am waiting for f15 media at this point
01:36:05 <VileGent> i only have a installfest this weekend
01:36:16 <lcafiero> OK
01:36:18 <VileGent> after that i have no events untill june
01:36:25 <lcafiero> I see.
01:36:36 <VileGent> then i have no idea about SELF
01:36:39 <lcafiero> Anything else about media/swag?
01:37:01 <herlo> oh
01:37:02 <herlo> yes
01:37:08 <nb> herlo, what kind of standup were you meaning?
01:37:16 <herlo> I was talking with jsmith about media the other day
01:37:21 <herlo> nb: we'll get to it in a minute
01:37:24 <lcafiero> hang on herlo
01:37:31 <herlo> okay
01:37:32 * herlo waits
01:37:34 <lcafiero> go ahead about the swag
01:37:37 <herlo> okay
01:37:41 * herlo goes ahead
01:37:43 <lcafiero> the stand up can come later
01:37:45 <lcafiero> thanks
01:37:46 <herlo> yes
01:37:53 <herlo> so the media, as I was saying :)
01:38:26 <herlo> he told me, or was it mizmo, that they got a *much* better price for media through a company out near them.  I might see if we can work with them for F15 media
01:38:45 <herlo> something like $.08-$.10/each cheaper
01:38:52 <lcafiero> wow
01:38:52 <nb> nice
01:38:54 <dgilmore> herlo: did you ever get the new case done?
01:38:57 <herlo> and since I'm moving
01:39:24 <herlo> in a few months, it's probably a good time to hand it off and get someone else involved in the fiasco that is the Red Hat PO system
01:39:33 <herlo> dgilmore: no, don't want to talk about it :(
01:40:46 <herlo> so, who wants to help me?
01:41:04 <lcafiero> What needs to be done?
01:41:17 * nb wonders if there is a vendor that would take the purchase order and not make us wait for a check?
01:41:34 <nb> (or is the wait to actually get a po?)
01:41:51 <herlo> nb: that happens now
01:42:01 <herlo> yeah, it's the po that's the issue
01:42:11 <nb> oh
01:42:13 <herlo> it's not horrilble, we just have to have the approval months before
01:43:05 <nb> herlo, so what is involved in this? coordinating between spevack/redhat and the vendor?
01:43:11 <nb> and possibly investigating new vendor/
01:43:11 <nb> ?
01:43:26 <herlo> sorry, baby is grumpy, had to put him down for a namp
01:43:27 <herlo> nap
01:43:48 <herlo> nb: yeah, pretty much, just coordinating art, media company and delivery with RH/Max and a PO
01:44:01 <herlo> it's easy, though a time sink sometimes
01:44:01 <nb> herlo, i can do it (with your help)
01:44:08 <herlo> nb: cool, you are hired :)
01:44:21 <lcafiero> I'd do a background check if I were you, herlo :-)
01:44:22 * herlo will coordinate with nb offline
01:44:25 <lcafiero> Anyway, good.
01:44:32 <herlo> lcafiero: k, I'll take that into consideration :)
01:44:37 <lcafiero> OK then
01:45:00 <lcafiero> We're through here and can go on to unfinished business/ open floor?
01:45:12 * lcafiero looks around for approval
01:45:13 <VileGent> +1
01:45:21 <herlo> +1
01:45:28 <lcafiero> #topic unfinished business/open floor
01:45:30 <VileGent> approval? you are the one running this show
01:46:03 * lcafiero is a benevolent dictator who wants everyone to have their say
01:46:06 <MarkDude> Like my estimates for ILF?
01:46:14 <MarkDude> or should I wait
01:46:18 <lcafiero> So we had two things carried over from Events
01:46:22 <lcafiero> You should wait.
01:46:34 <MarkDude> np
01:46:35 <lcafiero> maxamillion here?
01:46:50 <lcafiero> Hrm. OK.
01:46:51 <douglax> Hello good friends lcafiero and MarkDude
01:47:04 <lcafiero> hey, douglax -- bienvenidos!
01:47:26 <lcafiero> herlo: did you want to take SxSW?
01:47:42 <lcafiero> Or is there someone here who is there or has been there?
01:47:42 <douglax> gracias, hi everyone
01:47:50 <herlo> sure
01:47:58 <lcafiero> Go ahead, herlo
01:48:11 <herlo> lcafiero: so, my whole discussion here is about the booth at SxSW and what they have done to attract people
01:48:22 <herlo> it's pretty cool, if you haven't seen the traffic about it, here's a few links
01:48:33 <herlo> http://fedorapeople.org/groups/photobooth/
01:48:42 <herlo> http://fedorapeople.org/groups/photobooth/sxsw-86ada905-3085-4f4c-8bc9-6d04f29e8f13.jpg.html
01:48:47 <herlo> there are tons more in the first dir
01:48:51 <lcafiero> the guy kawasaki w/ tux picture is classic
01:48:55 <herlo> find the ones that end in .html and click one
01:49:00 <herlo> lcafiero: yeah!
01:49:02 <herlo> so
01:49:37 <herlo> Max brought this up on the ml today, that he'd like to see some retrospective on the concept that these guys did and I'd like to throw out some ideas to start the discussion
01:49:49 * douglax wasn't aware meeting has already started, daylight has got him a little confused :S
01:49:52 <herlo> essentially, this is a new concept for us, but I think it could be a huge draw
01:50:12 <herlo> so at SxSW, they had a photo booth with Tux, the penguin
01:50:34 <herlo> and while I like the idea of the penguin at something like SxSW, many of my friends commented about how he looked like a black and white duck
01:50:40 <herlo> I thought that was funny
01:50:49 <herlo> so another thought that came to my mind was a stand-up
01:51:04 <herlo> something where people could stand next to it, or behind it with holes for heads
01:51:26 <inode0> how many heads?
01:51:31 <herlo> or it could be a famous person (like Linus, Richard Stallman, etc)
01:51:32 <lcafiero> heh.
01:51:38 <herlo> inode0: unknown, just giving ideas
01:51:55 <herlo> but it'd need to be light enough to fit in an event box somehow, or easily be moved
01:52:01 <herlo> so that's where the challenge begins
01:52:14 <herlo> thinking about this, there are two basic components we'll need
01:52:21 <herlo> besides a dedicated computer
01:52:31 <herlo> a webcam and the software that Luke Macken wrote
01:52:41 <herlo> and somewhere to take the photos
01:52:57 <herlo> er something to take the photos of besides the people
01:53:26 <herlo> so there's my take on the booth and at least one thing I'd personally like to do with the new fedora booth
01:53:39 <MarkDude> hello douglax
01:53:41 <herlo> all the things that are there now, wouldn't change much, imo
01:53:43 <lcafiero> is space going to be a consideration, too
01:53:45 <lcafiero> ?
01:53:58 <herlo> of course, that's one of those things we'd have to evaluate
01:54:06 <lcafiero> right. I think it's a great idea
01:54:20 <herlo> some of the booths I've seen will turn their table sideways and stand, with room for video screen or something
01:54:44 <lcafiero> That's true. We can probably work out the geography
01:55:03 <lcafiero> should we continue discussion on list?
01:55:05 <VileGent> http://fedorapeople.org/groups/photobooth/ is what they were doing at SXSW
01:55:07 <herlo> anyway, I plan to take this discussion to the mailing list, but I was really impressed with what those guys did at SxSW
01:55:12 <herlo> VileGent: yes
01:55:42 <lcafiero> OK.
01:55:59 <herlo> clearly, we could add to it, like simple fb posts, or identi.ca, etc.  But that's a discussion for the ml methinks
01:56:13 <lcafiero> agreed.
01:56:30 <lcafiero> inode0: did you have something about the laptops?
01:56:49 <inode0> nothing more than I said earlier
01:57:01 <lcafiero> OK
01:57:38 <lcafiero> So much for MarkDude weighing in on ILF
01:57:57 <lcafiero> OK, since maxamillion isn't here and we're reaching the one-hour point, I'm going to wrap this up.
01:58:06 <herlo> +1
01:58:17 <lcafiero> OK, in 5
01:58:19 <lcafiero> 4
01:58:20 <lcafiero> 3
01:58:24 <lcafiero> (anyone else?)
01:58:25 <lcafiero> 2
01:58:27 <herlo> +1
01:58:32 <lcafiero> 1 (heh)
01:58:38 <herlo> lol
01:58:39 <lcafiero> #endmeeting