20:15:52 <cmpahar> #startmeeting Ambassadors EMEA meeting 2010-11-10
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20:16:20 <cmpahar> hello gentlemen and welcome in our usual meeting :)
20:16:23 <cmpahar> #topic Roll Call
20:16:31 <cmpahar> .fas cmpahar
20:16:32 <zodbot> cmpahar: cmpahar 'Christos Bacharakis' <cmpahar@gmail.com>
20:16:33 <samuelig> .fas samuelig
20:16:35 <cmpahar> Its on the topic :)
20:16:37 <zodbot> samuelig: samuelig 'Samuel Iglesias Gonsálvez' <samuel_ig@yahoo.es>
20:16:47 <t2hot> .fas t2hot
20:16:47 <zodbot> t2hot: twohot 'Onyeibo Oku' <twohotis@fastmail.fm>
20:16:55 <zoltanh7211> .fas zoltanh721
20:16:55 <zodbot> zoltanh7211: zoltanh721 'Hoppár Zoltán' <hopparz@gmail.com>
20:17:30 <cmpahar> so tonight's meeting agenda could be found here
20:17:31 <cmpahar> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:EMEA_Ambassadors_2010-11-10#Agenda
20:18:14 <cmpahar> unfortunately Pierros (liknus) couldnt make it because he had a really exhausting flight and its 3am there
20:18:32 <cmpahar> #topic Announcements
20:18:52 <zoltanh7211> !
20:19:12 <cmpahar> as you probably saw in the mailing list we have two New regional Ambassador Mentors
20:19:17 <cmpahar> #link http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/ambassadors/2010-November/015962.html
20:19:51 <cmpahar> congratulations Bert and Pierros :)
20:19:53 <zoltanh7211> congrats - and best wishes to them
20:20:39 <cmpahar> additionally the nomination period about the FAmSCo elections is over from the 7 of the November
20:20:54 <cmpahar> you can see the nominations here
20:20:58 <cmpahar> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAmSCo_election_2010_nominations
20:21:09 <cmpahar> i want to wish good luck to all of you guys
20:21:16 <cmpahar> good luck zoltanh7211 :)
20:21:34 <cmpahar> the Schedule of the elections can be found here
20:21:34 <zoltanh7211> thx - I hope I could do more for this region, and all of us
20:21:38 <cmpahar> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Elections
20:21:53 <cmpahar> as you can see
20:22:12 <cmpahar> we are in the stage were Candidates Respond to Questionnaires and
20:22:15 <cmpahar> as i know
20:22:29 <cmpahar> the responses will be published soon
20:22:45 <samuelig> cool :)
20:22:57 <cmpahar> so, good luck again to all these guys
20:23:06 <cmpahar> zoltanh7211,
20:23:14 <zoltanh7211> yes
20:23:33 <acaleechurn> .fas acaleechurn
20:23:37 <zodbot> acaleechurn: acaleechurn 'Amit Caleechurn' <acaleechurn@gmail.com>
20:23:41 <cmpahar> hey acaleechurn
20:23:49 <acaleechurn> sorry i m late
20:23:51 <cmpahar> zoltanh7211, you wanted to say something before
20:24:07 <zoltanh7211> I wanted to announce that we had sadly lost the ability to create an release event
20:24:18 <cmpahar> no problem we just announced the FAmSCo elections and the 2 new regional mentors
20:24:35 <cmpahar> why is that?
20:24:41 <zoltanh7211> but i have try to bind more contacts inside the community
20:25:51 <zoltanh7211> we had lost the ability because of lot of people has cancelled - and re had decided to go in FAD december at BUD
20:25:55 * cwickert is back
20:26:30 <cmpahar> .fas cwickert
20:26:31 <zodbot> cmpahar: cwickert 'Christoph Wickert' <christoph.wickert@googlemail.com>
20:26:58 <cmpahar> zoltanh7211, oh i see. you can arrange it in the future :)
20:27:08 <zoltanh7211> As strengthen the community in eastern region, I have begun to pick up meetings, and events, and some support possibility by the local JBOSS distributor
20:27:43 <zoltanh7211> I have already good contacts with Poland, and Ukraine
20:27:44 <cmpahar> thats great news my friend!!!
20:28:06 <cmpahar> you are doing an excellent job, keep it up :D
20:29:02 <cmpahar> zoltanh7211, eof?
20:29:29 <zoltanh7211> Also I'm contact with my Nokia boss, who gives me aid to build contact inside Nolia
20:29:42 <zoltanh7211> Nolia/Nokia
20:29:46 <zoltanh7211> sorry
20:29:51 <zoltanh7211> eof
20:30:20 <cmpahar> ohh GREAT! thanks zoltanh7211
20:30:34 <cmpahar> anyone wants to announce anything
20:30:35 <cmpahar> !?
20:30:57 <cwickert> !
20:31:15 <cmpahar> cwickert, if it is about the media its our next topic :)
20:31:18 <cmpahar> yes cwickert
20:32:07 <cwickert> In case you haven't noticed I'm running for FESCo and I'd like to request your support as I think it is very important to have people  from the community in FESCo and not only Red hat employees
20:32:10 <cwickert> eof
20:33:05 <cmpahar> thank you cwickert. I want to tell you that you will have my total support
20:33:22 <cmpahar> after all i ow you a couple o beers!
20:33:23 * cwickert will get at least one vote then ;)
20:33:46 * t2hot needs to know when this is happening
20:33:47 <cmpahar> good luck my friend :)
20:34:11 <cwickert> t2hot, together with the FAMSCo elections I think
20:34:12 <zoltanh7211> +111 to see you cwickert inside FESCo
20:34:27 <cmpahar> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Elections
20:34:49 <cmpahar> and the nominations are here
20:34:52 <cmpahar> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Development/SteeringCommittee/Nominations
20:35:12 <cmpahar> so, moving on?!
20:35:35 <cmpahar> #topic F14 Media production
20:35:46 <cwickert> !
20:36:07 <cmpahar> one meeting please cwickert to make a small introduction :)
20:36:27 <cmpahar> #link http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/ambassadors/2010-November/016053.html
20:36:35 <cmpahar> here you can find the call from pierros
20:36:47 <cmpahar> for setting up some base distribution points
20:36:53 <cmpahar> in europe
20:37:59 <cmpahar> if you read the replies you can see that the guys have been found and the only thing that must be done is
20:38:33 <cmpahar> that Pierros have to send the names and the address to cwickert who is going to mail them the media
20:38:51 <cmpahar> so the hole process is in cwickert 's hands
20:38:56 <cmpahar> cwickert, :)
20:39:03 <cwickert> ok, thanks
20:39:18 <cwickert> unfortunately there is more that needs to be done
20:39:27 <cwickert> we need to heve the media produced
20:39:45 <cwickert> as you know Sascha stepped down
20:40:01 <cwickert> not only as ambassador but also as media wrangler
20:40:14 <cwickert> I think it's a pitty and a very bad timing
20:40:19 <zoltanh7211> yeah
20:40:25 <cwickert> as we need things to happen *now*
20:40:30 * kital is lurking - sorry very busy
20:40:37 <cwickert> meanwhile I have become the new media wrangler
20:41:03 <cwickert> today I received the letter from Red Hat that I'm allowed to place orders
20:41:22 <cwickert> I signed it and when it is in the wiki, I can start doing it
20:41:33 <cmpahar> +1
20:41:39 <cmpahar> great :)
20:41:40 <cwickert> We still need to work on the multi dvd thing
20:41:54 <zoltanh7211> !
20:41:56 <cwickert> I hoped to have Saschas help here, but it is not use trying to convince him
20:42:21 <cwickert> this slowed down everything but I hope to finish it this week
20:42:22 <cwickert> eof
20:42:56 <cmpahar> cwickert, what is the problem that you are facing?
20:43:00 <zoltanh7211> cwickert - is it allowed to create this multiboot dvd?
20:43:16 <cmpahar> zoltanh7211, please follow the meeting protocol :)
20:43:22 <zoltanh7211> sorry
20:43:51 <cwickert> the problem is not that we are not allowed, the problem is that only sascha knew the process and he only set me a briev description
20:44:16 <cmpahar> oh i see
20:44:18 <cwickert> but that did not deal with the different arches 32 bit vs. 64but
20:44:19 <cwickert> bit
20:44:45 <cwickert> and if we want rel-eng to prodoce the media for us, we need to give them a step-by-step howto
20:45:00 <cwickert> I started one at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Cwickert/MultiDesktopDVD_HowTo
20:45:18 <cwickert> if someone wants to look over it and help me, he is more than welcome
20:45:42 <cmpahar> maybe you should send a mail in a couple of mailing lists
20:45:43 <cwickert> the last part is the one where I don't have a clue what sascha has been doing
20:45:51 <cwickert> eof
20:46:05 * jsmith will look at it later today
20:46:20 <kital> cwickert: maybe contacting alessandra rh munich - she handled it all before
20:46:25 <cmpahar> i see thanks cwickert
20:46:30 <cmpahar> hey kital
20:47:00 <cwickert> kital, I doubt she can help us with the technical problems
20:47:14 <kital> cwickert: ok
20:47:16 <zoltanh7211> hi kital :)
20:47:17 <cmpahar> i agree with cwickert
20:47:29 <cmpahar> so zoltanh7211 ,
20:48:01 <zoltanh7211> I have helped to Sascha to test out the ISO
20:48:23 <zoltanh7211> and the key is the eltorito file what allows the multiboot
20:49:12 <zoltanh7211> after this you need only edit the grub, and fill up the disc until you have storage
20:49:31 <cwickert> zoltanh7211, then please look over the howto, test it and fix it. i don't have the time and bandwith atm
20:49:33 <cwickert> eof
20:50:05 <zoltanh7211> cwickert, I'll try, - I have here the first sample DVD in ISO here
20:50:50 <zoltanh7211> else, we need for that separate artwork?
20:51:22 <cmpahar> zoltanh7211, else on what?
20:51:24 <zoltanh7211> Single sided DL discs are still the target?
20:51:58 <cmpahar> DL=?
20:52:09 <zoltanh7211> DL = Dual Layer
20:52:15 <cwickert> zoltanh7211, yes
20:52:27 <cwickert> no need to worry about the artwork, design team will do it
20:52:34 <cwickert> or I can do it
20:52:48 <cmpahar> hey constanton you are i little bit late :)
20:52:51 <cmpahar> .fas constanton
20:52:51 <zodbot> cmpahar: constanton 'Konstantinos Antonakoglou' <anton.cost@gmail.com>
20:52:54 <cwickert> all I need is someone to fix me that howto an make sure it works with 32 and 64 bit
20:53:05 <zoltanh7211> ok,  iwill run tests
20:53:17 <constanton> sorry guys
20:53:29 <cwickert> zoltanh7211, is it not so much about testing but about documenting it
20:53:39 <cwickert> anyway, I think zoltanh7211 and me can work this our
20:53:40 <cwickert> out
20:53:45 <cwickert> lets move on
20:53:56 <Southern_Gentlem> cwickert,  what isos would you like to see on this
20:53:57 <cmpahar> great
20:54:12 <cmpahar> thanks Christoph
20:54:39 <cwickert> Southern_Gentlem, all desktops, but we are not using isos
20:55:05 <biertie> sorry for hopping in this late
20:55:05 <cmpahar> #action Document and test Sacha's MultiDesktop DVD How To
20:55:17 <cmpahar> hey biertie no problem
20:55:24 <cmpahar> so guys we have to move on :PO
20:55:25 <cmpahar> :)
20:55:26 <biertie> but isn't there a way to just integrate multiple kickstart files on the dvd release?
20:55:55 <Southern_Gentlem> cwickert, http://noname.math.vt.edu/Fedoraunity/Screenshot-2Dx8L.png
20:56:09 <cwickert> biertie, can we please not talk about technical things now that have nothing to do with our problem?
20:56:37 <biertie> :)
20:56:38 <biertie> k
20:56:49 <Southern_Gentlem> why not use the isos
20:56:50 <cwickert> Southern_Gentlem, great, then  I suggest you help us with the howto
20:56:55 <cmpahar> cwickert, biertie and Southern_Gentlem we can all continue this discussion after the meeting :)
20:56:59 <cwickert> +1
20:57:03 <Southern_Gentlem> yes sorry
20:57:19 <cmpahar> #topic Events
20:57:28 <cmpahar> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Events#EMEA-FY11Q3
20:57:43 <cmpahar> here you can find this months events
20:58:05 <cmpahar> unfortunately i see only a few release events :(
20:58:44 <cmpahar> and that brings me in my mind a same situation i think one year ago
20:58:55 <cmpahar> where we had only 2-4 release events
20:59:28 <biertie> one of the problems I think is, at least for me, is getting money, to make a nice one
20:59:29 <cmpahar> maybe we have to write a small detailed mail
20:59:40 <biertie> but I have a corporate sponsor now <3
20:59:44 <cmpahar> about how easy it is to organize and set up a release event in your area
21:00:13 <cmpahar> hm, maybe i will take that action item
21:00:22 <cmpahar> biertie, tell us more about your event!
21:00:35 <biertie> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Release_Party_F14_Antwerp
21:00:46 <biertie> the corporate sponsor is actually a school, so not that corporate ;)
21:01:09 <biertie> but they switched everything to fedora a few years ago, and they want to contribute back to us by hosting us, and providing drinks and food
21:01:14 <biertie> which is totally awesome
21:01:25 <cmpahar> #action cmpahar write a small but detailed (wake up) mail about how easy it is to organize a release event in your area
21:01:41 <cmpahar> wow thats AWESOME!
21:01:47 <biertie> but since I noted that more enterprise users (rhel, centos) are coming to our events, I combined it with a rhel6 release for community members
21:02:10 <biertie> we have a RH speaker, and I'll talk a bit
21:02:19 <biertie> but I guess more details will come up after the event ;-)
21:02:19 <cmpahar> oh great!!!
21:02:29 <cmpahar> and more photos and blogposts i guess ;)
21:02:35 <biertie> exactly
21:02:46 <cmpahar> thank you bertie
21:02:52 <cmpahar> biertie*
21:02:52 <biertie> np :)
21:03:02 <cmpahar> from the other events i can see the Fedora Activity Day EMEA 2010
21:03:09 <cmpahar> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD_EMEA_2010
21:03:35 <cmpahar> where unfortunately i cant join :(
21:03:46 <cmpahar> and 2 release events
21:03:55 <cmpahar> from a two new contributors
21:04:06 <cmpahar> one in Kosovo
21:04:07 <cmpahar> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_14_Release_Party_-_Prishtina,_Kosovo
21:04:18 <cmpahar> and one in Cyprus
21:04:25 * biertie is actually helping the guys in kosovo
21:04:36 <cmpahar> in both cases its the first time that a release event in talking place
21:04:44 <cmpahar> nice biertie ! thank you!
21:04:53 <cmpahar> s/in/is
21:05:11 <cmpahar> so i think its a good start for those two contributors
21:05:15 <biertie> hehe, I'm mentoring a guy from kosovo, and I told him he has to do a release party!
21:05:25 <cmpahar> aahah
21:05:28 <cmpahar> perfect! ;)
21:05:47 <cmpahar> so, is anyone hosting a release event or a fedora event this month?
21:06:23 <cmpahar> if not we can go in open floor "mode"
21:06:30 <cwickert> !
21:06:35 <cmpahar> yes cwickert
21:06:54 <cwickert> one more on the media thing. I think we have already figured it out
21:07:08 <cwickert> people who are interested, join #fedora-unit-devel
21:07:10 <cwickert> eof
21:07:14 <cmpahar> oh thats great!
21:07:37 <cmpahar> cwickert, its empty :P
21:07:48 <cwickert> sorry
21:07:49 <zoltanh7211> Should we create an workgroup to this?
21:07:50 <cwickert> typo
21:07:58 <cwickert> #fedora-unity-devel
21:08:05 <cmpahar> great
21:08:11 <cmpahar> thank you very much cwickert
21:08:51 <cmpahar> for more technical detailed about the Multi Desktop DVD and if you want to help, join  #fedora-unity-devel
21:08:51 <cmpahar> :)
21:09:00 <cmpahar> so
21:09:11 <cmpahar> constanton,
21:09:12 <cmpahar> ?!
21:09:51 <cmpahar> constanton, ?
21:09:54 <constanton> here
21:10:00 <constanton> about our release party
21:10:08 <constanton> in athens
21:10:14 <constanton> it will happen this month
21:10:30 <constanton> and we actually proposed
21:10:42 <constanton> to have a video conference with Japan
21:10:46 <cmpahar> #action constanton create a wiki page about the F14 release event in Athens
21:11:13 <constanton> it was an idea of Pierros and everyone agreed, I hope it will happen
21:11:14 <constanton> eof
21:11:56 <cmpahar> awesome constanton
21:11:57 <cmpahar> thanks :)
21:12:05 <cmpahar> #topic Open Floor
21:12:57 <cmpahar> so guys
21:13:13 <cmpahar> is there any further topic(s) to be discussed?
21:13:47 <zoltanh7211> swag will be attached to the media distribution points?
21:14:06 <cmpahar> i dont think so
21:14:18 <cmpahar> as pierros replied you
21:14:25 <cmpahar> swag is a totally different tinhg
21:14:27 <cmpahar> thing
21:14:46 <cmpahar> and its been produced different dates than the media
21:15:06 <cmpahar> in NO standard dates or times
21:15:32 <zoltanh7211> it was only an idea, to be produced alltogether - but yeah - saw the answer
21:16:02 <cmpahar> it will be a good option
21:16:33 <cmpahar> but not possible for this release, for sure
21:17:00 <biertie> zodbot: no, probably not
21:17:01 <biertie> but
21:17:05 <biertie> I'm working on a plan
21:17:11 <cmpahar> zoltanh7211, you can bring it on the list
21:17:14 <biertie> and we'll see then, I'll present my plan during fudcon NA
21:17:15 <cmpahar> as a different thread
21:17:35 <cmpahar> biertie, are you going to attend FUDCon in NA?
21:17:39 <zoltanh7211> biertie - ok, write me if you have any idea
21:17:40 <biertie> yeah
21:18:00 <biertie> zoltanh7211: I will :)
21:18:02 <cmpahar> oh biertie I HATE YOU!
21:18:15 <biertie> I love you too cmpahar ;-)
21:18:17 <zoltanh7211> :)
21:18:23 <cmpahar> so guys , anything else?
21:18:35 <cmpahar> our time is out :(
21:18:37 <zoltanh7211> just asking for reminder if poss
21:19:13 <cmpahar> in this release, not :(
21:19:31 <cmpahar> you are more than welcome to bring it on the list!
21:19:40 <zoltanh7211> ok
21:20:27 <cmpahar> if there is nothing more, we should end this meeting in a couple of minutes
21:21:09 <biertie> ok!
21:21:19 <cmpahar> so, 2'
21:22:36 <cmpahar> 30"
21:22:55 <cmpahar> i want to thank you all for attending!! See you in the next meeting, in two weeks ;)
21:23:03 <cmpahar> have a nice night!
21:23:08 <cmpahar> #endmeeting