00:59:46 <lcafiero> #startmeeting
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00:59:56 <SushiDude> hi
01:00:06 <lcafiero> All righty then.
01:00:20 <lcafiero> we're about 14 seconds early
01:00:36 <rrix> gadzooks
01:00:39 <nb> :)
01:00:48 <SushiDude> hehe
01:01:04 <lcafiero> agenda: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:Ambassadors_2010-11-3#Agenda
01:01:23 <lcafiero> #topic Announcements
01:01:51 <lcafiero> Announcements, anyone?
01:02:01 * rrix announces that lcafiero is awesum
01:02:08 <rbergeron> hey, i hear F14 is out :)
01:02:09 * nb announces thatFedora 14 was released today
01:02:09 <Ender2070> +1
01:02:14 <dmaxel> +1
01:02:19 <dmaxel> and +1
01:02:20 <dmaxel> :P
01:02:29 * SushiDude I am installing 14 in a VM!
01:02:32 <SushiDude> is*
01:02:47 * SushiDude is installing 14 in a VM
01:03:10 <rrix> Hmm, that means my f12 server is about to be EOL'd :(
01:03:15 <lcafiero> Everyone have F14 or a reasonable facsimilie?
01:03:43 * rrix will update this weekend, will talk about why when we hit events on the agenda
01:03:45 <SushiDude> rrix: update it
01:03:58 <rrix> SushiDude: It works right now, it's too fragile to update atm
01:04:08 <lcafiero> MarkDude: You have an event coming up?
01:05:06 <MarkDude> Yes I do
01:05:13 <MarkDude> on the 13th
01:05:17 <geek_cl> when i installed F14 on a new Logical Volume (5G), the default partitioner , left some space to / fs
01:05:35 <lcafiero> OK.
01:05:45 * dmaxel has yet to update
01:05:49 <MarkDude> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Release_Party_F14_Bay_Area
01:05:51 <geek_cl> on a VM
01:06:03 <lcafiero> Any other announcements before we go to events?
01:06:09 <rrix> rbergeron: Do we want to organize a party?
01:06:22 <rrix> (probably asked better oob)
01:06:28 <rbergeron> rrix: consult me tomorrow :)
01:06:35 <lcafiero> Heh.
01:06:37 <MarkDude> rrix, yes you do :D
01:06:42 <lcafiero> Going once . . . .
01:06:50 <lcafiero> twice . . .
01:07:04 <rrix> fifty quid!
01:07:16 <rbergeron> :)
01:07:25 <lcafiero> Sold. Any other announcements can come at open floor
01:07:30 <lcafiero> Next:
01:07:31 <rrix> woo!
01:07:40 <lcafiero> #topic: events
01:07:40 <SushiDude> SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BIDER!!
01:07:54 <lcafiero> Events?
01:08:01 * rrix has one
01:08:06 <VileGent> #meeting-name  FAmNA
01:08:15 <Arsenick> we'll have a releasy party on nov. 25 here in quebec city
01:08:15 <lcafiero> Ah, rookie mistake
01:08:25 * dmaxel is sadly too busy to get one going at my school
01:08:44 <SushiDude> I am to busy with school also
01:08:53 <rrix> this weekend ASULUG is having an installfest; i'll be speaking at it, probably a few times
01:09:00 <lcafiero> events wiki: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents
01:09:04 <rrix> VileGent: what's the status of that stuffs you sent me?
01:09:15 <VileGent> should be there tomorrow
01:09:21 <nb> rrix, check the tracking number :)
01:09:37 <rrix> nb: I never got'd it? unless it's on the trac
01:09:39 <Arsenick> lcafiero, we have an event here in quebec where richard stallman will attend, I've talked with few peoples and maybe we'll be able to have a booth there
01:09:44 <VileGent> i will get you the tracking # tomorrow
01:09:45 <rrix> VileGent: thx
01:09:50 <lcafiero> Arsenick: +1
01:09:56 <Arsenick> but I would like to know how it work if we ned banner and things like that..
01:10:00 <Arsenick> *need
01:10:13 <nb> Arsenick, you file a request at fedorahosted.org/famnarequests
01:10:32 <lcafiero> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents
01:10:41 <Arsenick> ok thanks!
01:11:39 * rrix plans on dumping ~70 liveimages around campus with invites to the installfest
01:11:45 <rrix> The rest of the 13 stuff I have
01:12:10 <dmaxel> eh, but 13 is old now :P
01:12:15 <lcafiero> rrix: you have stuff coming from me too.
01:12:22 <rrix> lcafiero: do I? suweet
01:12:26 <dmaxel> lcafiero: can i get pens? :)
01:12:31 <lcafiero> shirts, pens, balloons
01:12:32 <rrix> dmaxel: it's what I've got :P
01:12:35 <rrix> lcafiero: woot!
01:12:47 <rrix> Also, is it cool if I use some stuff from the Event Box sitting under my desk?
01:12:53 <dmaxel> rrix: same here....meh. I feel bad for giving people old stuff. that's just me.
01:12:55 <lcafiero> dmaxel: yes. make a ticket and I'll see you get them
01:13:26 <dmaxel> lcafiero: awesome. since i'm still in school, using pens would probably be one of the best ways for me to fill my role lol. pens = life
01:13:38 <nb> yeah, i have lots of f13 left
01:14:02 <lcafiero> rrix: yes. Use whatever you want from the event box
01:14:07 <rrix> lcafiero: awesum
01:14:11 * inode0 has a comment about leftover media
01:14:21 <nb> inode0, yeah?
01:14:24 <lcafiero> Um, can we stick with events?
01:14:34 <nb> oh yeah, we can talk about that in open floor
01:14:35 <VileGent> rrix i 2 day it on my dime on monday
01:14:36 <lcafiero> And we'll come back to leftover media
01:14:36 * dmaxel is sorry :P
01:14:53 <inode0> probably too late this time, but it is more than fine to use leftover media to fill freemedia tickets at the end of a release
01:14:58 <rrix> VileGent: You rock, my friend
01:15:01 <lcafiero> Right
01:15:06 <lcafiero> inode0^^^
01:15:06 <nb> inode0, oh
01:15:25 * rrix makes a note to himself that he has an openfloor item
01:15:29 <lcafiero> We can revisit this in open floor, as well as restocking swag
01:15:36 <rrix> Yes
01:15:37 <lcafiero> Any other events?
01:15:41 <inode0> yes
01:16:02 <lcafiero> OK
01:16:20 <inode0> FAmSCo has provided some funding for two contributors to venture into the world of Comic-Con next year
01:16:34 <lcafiero> Ah, great!
01:16:41 <rrix> woot
01:16:45 <lcafiero> Which is where, inode0?
01:16:46 <inode0> The event isn't wikified yet, doesn't happen until next July but
01:16:52 <inode0> San Diego
01:17:16 <lcafiero> Ah, right. I knew that.
01:17:29 <inode0> I know we have two ambassadors itching to help at the booth and other places and I'd like to request some support from FAmNA for them
01:17:37 <lcafiero> Is this something at which we can have a table?
01:17:47 <lcafiero> or a booth?
01:17:52 <inode0> Possibly - we hope to have a table
01:17:58 <lcafiero> +1
01:18:06 <inode0> But until we actually have tickets we can't plan the rest
01:18:24 <inode0> Tickets went on sale yesterday and the demand crashed the servers
01:18:32 <lcafiero> Heh.
01:18:37 <inode0> They will go on sale again next Monday
01:19:21 <inode0> So I'll be requesting more formally funds for admission/booth/rooms later but tonight I'd like to get one thing ok'ed
01:19:46 <inode0> Admission for the event for VileGent and rbergeron @ $105 each
01:20:17 <rrix> Will they be able to roleplay?
01:20:20 <rrix> as fedoras?
01:20:22 <lcafiero> Any objection?
01:20:24 <rbergeron> i already do
01:20:25 <rbergeron> :)
01:20:27 <nb> +1
01:20:31 <lcafiero> +1
01:20:32 * inode0 is Captain Old Fart
01:20:38 <rrix> rbergeron: You walk around in a giant Finity? :P
01:20:47 * lcafiero thinks inode0 should go as just that character :-)
01:21:07 <VileGent> i will be happy to be at the booth
01:21:25 <inode0> ok, the four of us will try our best to get tickets, then plan the rest of the event
01:21:26 <VileGent> and be able to promote fedora and watch the views
01:21:30 <rrix> So, this is ... 10 months away?
01:21:51 <rrix> inode0: and who all is going? you rbergeron, VileGent and..?
01:21:56 <inode0> tickets last year sold out in less than one month, so we need to do this part *now*
01:22:08 <lcafiero> So hearing no objection, the expenditure gets an OK from this group
01:22:14 <rrix> +1
01:22:21 * VileGent will not vote
01:22:22 <inode0> they sell around 125,000 tickets - so there will be a lot of people there
01:22:33 <inode0> smooge is the other person going
01:22:37 <rrix> Ah, righto
01:22:47 <inode0> as Sgt. Fsck
01:22:49 <rrix> as Dr. Infrastructure?
01:22:52 <rrix> ahhh :)
01:22:56 <lcafiero> Col. Panic
01:23:10 <smooge> oooh Dr Infrastructure with a metal mask and green cape would be good
01:23:15 <rrix> lcafiero: I had that nick regestered on freenode for a while.
01:23:19 <lcafiero> Heh.
01:23:25 <rrix> My friend still uses GeneralError
01:23:25 <lcafiero> OK any other events?
01:23:26 <inode0> ok, thank you and well report back something next meeting
01:23:31 <inode0> we'll
01:23:35 <lcafiero> Great, inode0
01:23:38 <rrix> wewt
01:23:59 <nb> dcr226 is GeneralAccident :)
01:24:08 <lcafiero> #topic Budget Review
01:24:34 <lcafiero> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAmSCo_budget
01:25:03 <lcafiero> Budget, anyone?
01:25:09 <VileGent> $249 spent for more balloons
01:25:25 <StabbyMc> Pens are ordered.
01:25:32 <StabbyMc> Just got the invoice today for stickers.
01:25:35 <rrix> I have about 540~$ on buttons, but I'm not sure if that is on ... whichever budget I put it on originally
01:25:39 <rrix> I really need to figure that out
01:26:04 <inode0> around $1400 spend on lanyards/badge holders iirc
01:26:11 <lcafiero> for fudcon?
01:26:18 <inode0> and other things
01:26:26 <inode0> will debut there
01:26:40 <VileGent> rrix,  let spevack worry about that
01:26:42 <inode0> we'll have some for ambassadors to judiciously award to people too
01:26:50 <StabbyMc> VileGent: looks like the stickers may be .6" for the keytoppers instead of .5" as originally designed.
01:27:29 <lcafiero> judiciously :-)
01:27:57 <rrix> VileGent: ;)
01:28:18 <SushiDude> does red hat give use the $100000?
01:28:26 <rrix> keytoppers?
01:28:38 <inode0> SushiDude: entrusts us with ... yes
01:28:44 <lcafiero> Yes, SushiDude.
01:28:48 <lcafiero> What inode0 said
01:29:17 * inode0 has something else on FUDCon
01:29:47 <inode0> I'd like FAmNA to support FUDCon this year like it does most other events without as much emphasis on media
01:30:17 <rrix> In what ways?
01:30:18 <inode0> Giving swag to active contributors is a worthwhile thing for us to do and we haven't done much of that in the past
01:30:24 <StabbyMc> #link http://fedorapeople.org/groups/designteam/Fedora%20Collateral/Keycap%20Stickers/keycap-stickers_fedora.pdf
01:30:38 <lcafiero> +1
01:31:02 <inode0> I'd also like to encourage FAmNA to consider hosting a dinner for all the ambassadors from around the world who will be attending FUDCon Tempe
01:31:08 <rrix> +1
01:31:27 <inode0> We will have ambassadors present from every region at this event
01:31:35 <lcafiero> That's true.
01:31:55 <nb> +1
01:32:35 <lcafiero> Could we agendize that for the next meeting?
01:32:37 <mock> +1
01:32:51 <lcafiero> I think that would be a good item to get rolling.
01:32:58 <inode0> well, or later - we can come up with a number when they close registration I think
01:33:42 <lcafiero> Any other budget items?
01:33:48 * inode0 knows they don't really close registration but you know what he means
01:33:55 * lcafiero does
01:34:28 <lcafiero> No more budget items?
01:34:37 <lcafiero> Speak now or wait for two weeks . . . .
01:35:11 <lcafiero> #topic Unfinished Business/Open floor
01:35:12 <Arsenick> hmm maybe
01:35:23 <lcafiero> Oh, sorry Arsenick
01:35:42 <lcafiero> Shall we go back to budget?
01:35:49 <Arsenick> for now, we're talking with the organiser to get a free booth
01:36:01 <lcafiero> For your 11/28 event?
01:36:19 <Arsenick> http://s2lq.com/
01:36:33 <Arsenick> the one I've tlaked where rms will come
01:37:20 <Arsenick> anyway I don't have too many information now.. so I think I'll wait for the next meeting if we need anything
01:37:28 <lcafiero> OK, good
01:37:32 <Arsenick> sry :/
01:37:42 <lcafiero> Not a problem. Let's talk after the meeting.
01:37:46 <Arsenick> ok
01:38:02 <lcafiero> We pushed leftover media back to Open Floor
01:38:04 <lcafiero> inode?
01:38:09 <lcafiero> inode0>
01:38:14 <lcafiero> inode0?
01:38:20 <inode0> ok, I have one suggestion to toss on the floor
01:38:22 * lcafiero will type correctly sooner or later.
01:38:38 <inode0> bear with me ...
01:39:23 * rrix bears
01:39:37 <Arsenick> haha
01:39:41 <inode0> well, let me just say I'd like to going forward make an effort to include one newly mentored ambassador at any event where we are funding several people
01:39:57 <inode0> I'm concerned about two things that will help address
01:40:31 <inode0> one is not developing an "event class" or small group that appears to get the action
01:41:08 <inode0> the other is not dropping newly mentored ambassadors into the woods without a chance to get some experience at a real event working and watching experienced ambassadors in action
01:41:53 * rrix thinks it's a good idea
01:42:21 <inode0> I don't have any process or anything in mind, I'd just like to have mentors keep new ambassadors in mind when events are coming up that make sense to help them get to
01:42:44 <lcafiero> Good idea.
01:43:05 <lcafiero> We should think about how to formulate that into a kind of program for new ambassadors.
01:43:47 <inode0> it may be some just get lucky because of timing and availability - but some getting lucky is better than all sitting at home IMO
01:43:48 * lcafiero is intrigued by the idea, himself
01:44:42 <lcafiero> OK, we're at :50 after the hour.
01:44:53 <inode0> I'm not asking tonight for any sort of decision, just please give some thought to it and maybe we can try to work some new people into the mix next year
01:45:08 <inode0> eof
01:45:12 <lcafiero> I think we should all think about this and maybe discuss on-channel and on-list
01:45:41 <lcafiero> correction :46 after the hour.
01:46:08 * inode0 has one announcement I think was missed
01:46:16 <lcafiero> shoot
01:46:48 <inode0> there are Fedora elections in progress - if you are interested in any leadership role on the board, fesco, or especially famsco please consider running
01:47:07 <VileGent> inode0,  i have been working my mentorees into events they could attend like OLF
01:47:17 <SushiDude> I am think about becoming an ambassador.
01:47:28 <SushiDude> VileGent: I can make olf
01:48:09 <inode0> VileGent: you set a good example for us all
01:48:14 <rrix> as always :)
01:48:16 <VileGent> this mocks attendance at OLF
01:48:28 <lcafiero> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Elections
01:48:37 <lcafiero> for election information^^^
01:49:02 * mock remembers olf with fond memories
01:50:27 <lcafiero> Arsenick: I can't read the site for your event -- I can only speak enough French to get my face slapped.
01:50:28 * inode0 will take this opportunity to thank spevack, ke4qqq, and the rest of the outgoing FAmSCo members for their years on that body helping make the ambassador program strong
01:50:35 <lcafiero> +1
01:51:00 <rrix> +1
01:51:17 <Arsenick> lcafiero, yeah I know there's no english version of this website..
01:51:35 * lcafiero tips his fedora to spevack, ke4qqq and everyone else on FAmSCo
01:52:27 <lcafiero> Any other Unfinished Business / Open Floor?
01:52:50 * rrix sits on his hands
01:53:05 <nb> swag items have been ordered?
01:53:15 * rrix ordered buttons
01:53:22 <lcafiero> good question
01:53:24 <rrix> (finally :( )
01:53:26 * StabbyMc ordered pens and is working on stickers.
01:53:29 <lcafiero> Heh.
01:54:08 <SushiDude> I printed my own brochures.
01:54:21 * SushiDude well brb
01:54:29 * SushiDude will brb
01:55:25 <lcafiero> :55 after the hour -- any other Unfinished Business / Open Floor?
01:55:59 <lcafiero> Wait, I have something: I am speaking at Felton LUG in December and Humboldt LUG in January -- F14.
01:56:12 <nb> anyone heard when media is expected to be here?
01:56:18 <lcafiero> Oh, and vote for Sturgis as the F15 code name
01:56:25 <inode0> too late
01:56:32 <rrix> Oh; I'm going to start pushing for nicer sleeves for F15 starting, like, now
01:56:36 <lcafiero> Scratch that
01:56:44 <SushiDude> where is the voting
01:56:45 * inode0 is going to call it Sturgis no matter what
01:57:03 <lcafiero> I haven't nb - that's a herlo question.
01:57:05 <rrix> I'd like to have a big discussion surrounding what media we produce for F15
01:57:22 <lcafiero> is that an ambassador issue?
01:57:29 <rrix> we == ambassadors
01:57:31 <rrix> So, yes :)
01:57:34 <inode0> yes
01:57:37 <lcafiero> Um, OK
01:57:42 <SushiDude> yes
01:57:51 <rrix> (what physical media, not what spins iso, etc, we're producing)
01:58:11 <inode0> we have that big discussion every few years
01:58:21 <inode0> it is time for it again
01:58:22 <nb> assuming it goes over well in EMEA, I like the idea of the dvd that has lots of spins on it
01:58:28 <Arsenick> lol
01:58:35 <lcafiero> I'd like to see how that goes.
01:58:35 <rrix> Ender2070 was also talking about it recently, and I think we're at the point to consider switching to DVDs
01:58:42 <lcafiero> :59 after the hour
01:58:45 <rrix> right, depending on how EMEA fairs
01:58:58 <rrix> I'll probably bring it up in channel or on IRC soon enough
01:59:02 <SushiDude> cds with that normal desktop on it and cds with server on it
01:59:03 <rrix> er, on mailing or IRC
01:59:12 <rrix> SushiDude: there isn't "server"
01:59:13 <VileGent> rrix,   i am for the lives ona single dvd
01:59:17 <lcafiero> Anything else, or can we take this to the bar . . . I mean, to the irc channel?
01:59:22 <rrix> VileGent: Me too, we just have to... do it
01:59:27 <rrix> I'm done
01:59:27 <SushiDude> ricky: I mean like no gui ones
01:59:33 <VileGent> rrix,  i am working on it
01:59:35 <lcafiero> Anyone else?
01:59:43 <rrix> SushiDude: Right, we don't have those. We have install DVDs, but no "live server" media or anything like that.
01:59:50 <rrix> the install DVDs contain full desktops
01:59:51 <lcafiero> five
01:59:56 * rrix proposes #endmeeting
02:00:00 <lcafiero> four
02:00:03 <lcafiero> three
02:00:07 <lcafiero> two
02:00:09 * lcafiero waits
02:00:11 <juliovp01> hello lcafiero
02:00:15 <SushiDude> 1.5
02:00:19 <lcafiero> one
02:00:23 <SushiDude> .5
02:00:25 <lcafiero> #endmeeting