05:03:01 <tagoh> #startmeeting i18n
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05:03:10 <tagoh> #meetingname i18n
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05:03:26 <tagoh> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/I18N/Meetings/2010-10-28
05:04:00 <tagoh> ok, who else here?
05:04:02 <pravins> hi
05:04:10 <epico_laptop> hi
05:04:17 <dueno> hi
05:04:35 <tagoh> hi guys
05:05:48 <tagoh> not too much topics today too. let's get started then.
05:06:48 <tagoh> #topic Package Updates
05:07:40 <tagoh> according to this week's bug status, no new bugs filed against i18n. so maybe a good idea to have this topic first to see what kind of updates you have made
05:08:20 <tagoh> anything from anyone on this topic?
05:08:45 <paragn> hi
05:08:52 <tagoh> paragn: hi
05:08:56 <epico_laptop> Issue 1105: Sort the "Select an input method" menu when adding new input method engine" on ibus is closed.
05:09:46 <tagoh> epico_laptop: is that fix available in Fedora?
05:10:02 <epico_laptop> it is merged into ibus upstream.
05:10:05 <epico_laptop> not yet.
05:10:20 <tagoh> ok
05:12:44 <tagoh> some my updated packages is gonna into stable passed 7 days in testing. though it would be always good to have more feedbacks for testing.
05:14:08 <juhp_> hi
05:14:16 <tagoh> juhp_: hi
05:15:22 <juhp_> I don't think I have any f14 updates not requested
05:15:58 <tagoh> juhp_: from the last meeting log, do you want to talk a bit about testing infrastructure if you have certain plans?
05:16:47 <tagoh> juhp_: dychen introduced that though
05:17:22 <juhp_> tagoh: no plans as yet - actually I missed that - what does the testing infrastructure offer?
05:18:06 <juhp_> sounds like a good topic anyway
05:18:25 <tagoh> juhp_: not really. just imagined that it's a kind of automate-testing for updated pakcages?
05:19:23 <juhp_> ah
05:19:26 <juhp_> right
05:19:31 <tagoh> anyone else has anything on your packages updates?
05:20:10 <pravins> i have pushed https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/lohit-oriya-fonts-2.4.3-6.fc13
05:20:13 <pravins> but no testing it
05:20:29 <pravins> will ping oriya lm today
05:20:42 <tagoh> aha. ok
05:23:21 <tagoh> hm, ok, better move on.
05:23:43 <tagoh> #topic f15
05:25:12 <tagoh> guess you've been hard work to have some features in f15. that would be nice if you have something and thinking worth bringing them up to the feature list.
05:25:56 <tagoh> also would be a good idea to discuss how we can improve i18n support in f15 if you have any idea or suggestions
05:26:06 <juhp_> wanted to ask nkumar about LANGUAGE fallback
05:26:55 <tagoh> aha
05:26:56 <juhp_> I reassigned @input-methods bug back to anaconda and it promptly got closed :-(
05:27:29 <tagoh> what was it about?
05:27:34 <juhp_> anyway guess people can disable input-methods from customization inside anaconda
05:28:30 <juhp_> well it was someone complaining that they got unwanted input-methods and fonts installed by default
05:29:17 <pravins> i think we should take one small meeting on fedora 15 features may be
05:29:27 <pravins> i am thinking to add 6.0 support in f15
05:29:34 <juhp_> cool
05:29:39 <pravins> nkumar is not here
05:29:45 <tagoh> juhp_: aha. so requesting to disable @input-methods by default? or something else?
05:30:17 <pravins> but i think he started work on Anumaan, so dunno he can say better, might be it will available for f15
05:31:12 <juhp_> tagoh: yeah something like that - Hans de Goede had offered to work on improving locale based handling but is no longer working on anaconda
05:31:32 <juhp_> pravins: hmm
05:32:22 <tagoh> pravins: ok, well, I'm not sure the details though, if it affects a lot, would be good to have a feature page and feedbacks before finished works. dunno
05:33:21 <pravins> yes
05:34:03 <tagoh> juhp_: do you have a bug number for that?
05:34:32 <juhp_> let me see if I can find it - I am disconnected from email right now
05:34:40 <tagoh> ok
05:37:01 <tagoh> well, yeah, it may be little time to discuss features here. maybe good idea to have another meeting for that perhaps.
05:37:34 <tagoh> you could have more time later to think about it for what you can do.
05:38:56 <tagoh> I'd encourage you to focus on it more to have great idea for improving i18n support on Fedora further more.
05:39:22 <tagoh> #topic others
05:39:52 <tagoh> anything else you want to share with us or talk about something in this meeting?
05:40:36 <juhp_> .bug 518395
05:40:38 <zodbot> juhp_: Bug 518395 RFE: don't install unneeded @input-methods and locales by default - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=518395
05:40:44 <juhp_> finally found it
05:40:55 <tagoh> juhp_: thanks
05:42:33 <tagoh> hm, aha
05:45:25 <tagoh> let's close the meeting shortly if not
05:47:50 <tagoh> ok, thanks everyone for the meeting
05:48:40 <tagoh> #endmeeting