01:00:06 <StabbyMc> #startmeeting
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01:00:09 <StabbyMc> #topic Fedora NA Ambassadors - Announcements
01:00:25 <StabbyMc> Announce 'em if you got 'em
01:01:16 <lcafiero> In a bloodless coup, I'm taking over chairing the meeting from StabbyMc :-)
01:01:25 <lcafiero> starting with the Nov. 2 meeting
01:01:32 <StabbyMc> Indeed.
01:01:37 <herlo> well, there ya go
01:01:38 <lcafiero> you have all been warned
01:01:55 <Ender2070> :)
01:02:07 <StabbyMc> Other announcements?
01:02:19 * StabbyMc looks at the agenda and it looks like it may be a short meeting.
01:02:22 <herlo> the world is still here
01:02:27 <herlo> that is all
01:02:37 <StabbyMc> 3
01:02:42 <NiveusLuna> Sorry I'm late.
01:02:44 <StabbyMc> 2
01:02:44 <lcafiero> Wait.
01:03:07 <VileGent> lcafiero,  you will be on time???
01:03:12 <lcafiero> MarkDude isn't here, but he's having a big to do for F14 next month in the East SF Bay that's turning out to be a big event.
01:03:23 <lcafiero> VileGent: yes, the farmers market is over after next Tuesday.
01:04:02 <herlo> ooh, so for 6 months or so lcafiero ??
01:04:21 <lcafiero> 6 months!?! hey, wait . . .
01:04:24 <rbergeron> lol
01:04:24 * lcafiero kids
01:04:35 <NiveusLuna> have I missed anything?
01:04:40 <lcafiero> or longer, if you can put up with me.
01:04:46 <VileGent> not really
01:04:46 <inode0> let's start over
01:05:09 <StabbyMc> #topic Fedora NA Ambassadors - Events
01:05:18 <StabbyMc> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents
01:05:52 <StabbyMc> Anyone doing an event that needs things that doesn't have things?
01:06:04 <VileGent> i will ahve after tomorrow
01:06:08 <VileGent> have
01:06:10 <NiveusLuna> Mine should be on the way.
01:06:27 * inode0 does but asked FAmSCo to pay for it :)
01:06:31 * rbergeron notes that Linux Plumbers Conference is in like 2 weeks; nobody is going?
01:06:44 <herlo> ooh, I always want to go
01:06:49 <rbergeron> lol
01:06:53 <herlo> rbergeron: I think a few RHers are probably going...
01:06:55 <lcafiero> Um, not that I'm aware of.
01:06:59 <lcafiero> Who's in the area?
01:07:01 <rbergeron> yeah, my sig0 is going
01:07:05 <rbergeron> well, it's in boston
01:07:12 <lcafiero> It's not in portland?
01:07:16 <herlo> rbergeron: if only I was here in two weeks
01:07:19 <rbergeron> which is why I was kind of wondering if any fedora / rh folks are going
01:07:24 <rbergeron> lcafiero: no, it's in boston ;)
01:07:42 * herlo will be in SLC in two weeks
01:07:46 <VileGent> ! VTLUUG installfest we saw about 50 people, answered some questions and they did about 10 installs
01:08:03 <herlo> VileGent: nice
01:08:16 * herlo wants to talk about media for 2 clicks of a second
01:08:21 <herlo> whenever we're ready for me
01:08:36 <mock> VileGent: 10 installs?  good show.
01:08:40 <StabbyMc> herlo: hold that until the next topic please.
01:08:40 <lcafiero> indeed
01:08:57 <lcafiero> MarkDude's event is not up yet on the wiki, so I won't bring it up.
01:09:12 <VileGent> Rising star  is this weekend and i will see if i can drum up so more foss support
01:09:20 * lcafiero prepares a good scolding for his manatee
01:09:31 <herlo> StabbyMc: can do
01:09:34 <lcafiero> Rising Star?
01:09:57 <VileGent> on the event list
01:10:05 <VileGent> rising-star.org
01:10:32 <lcafiero> found it. didn't see it because I was looking at the wrong quarter
01:12:55 <StabbyMc> Any other events stuff?
01:13:15 <VileGent> next topic
01:13:22 <StabbyMc> #topic Fedora NA Ambassadors - Budget
01:13:43 <StabbyMc> I don't think there's much in the Budget item per se.
01:13:48 <StabbyMc> So how about we start a sub-topic.
01:13:56 <StabbyMc> #topic Fedora NA Ambassadors - Media/SWAG/Stuff Inventor
01:14:13 * herlo guesses that it's meant for him...?
01:14:18 <StabbyMc> herlo, have at it.
01:14:20 <herlo> and I'm off
01:14:44 <herlo> Just a quick heads up.  I'll be starting the process of ordering media this week and next
01:15:06 <herlo> need to get with design team on sleeve design and then it should be just a matter of ordering what we got last time.  Seemed to work well
01:15:31 <herlo> if you have an event for Q4 or Q1 (iirc), get it on the docket so I can order properly
01:16:20 <herlo> I will be askign about dual-sided DVDs, but I suspect the time involved may have me defer to F15 unless someone else wants to pursue that task and get pricing from ams or other media vendors
01:16:23 <lcafiero> +1
01:16:25 <herlo> that is me....
01:16:30 <herlo> I'm done
01:16:33 <herlo> cooked
01:16:34 <herlo> baked
01:16:43 <lcafiero> stick a fork in him?
01:16:46 <herlo> finished and hopefully not too edible
01:16:50 <herlo> :)
01:16:51 <lcafiero> heh
01:16:55 <VileGent> herlo,  myself i dont want to do dual dvd
01:17:00 <herlo> VileGent: I know
01:17:17 <herlo> but enough people have asked that I figure it is worth asking about...
01:17:22 <herlo> could be nothing more atm
01:17:34 <lcafiero> i'd like to see how the europeans fare with it first
01:17:59 <lcafiero> isn't EMEA doing the dual-sided DVD for F14?
01:18:07 * nb likes the idea of dual-sided dvds but doesn't know it'd be worth it because a lot of people won't need both arches
01:18:07 <inode0> I don't see any reason not to but don't think we can plan to until F15 at the earliest
01:18:12 <nb> but it'd be worth getting prices
01:18:31 <inode0> they are dual layer, not dual sided
01:18:54 <lcafiero> oh.
01:18:55 <VileGent> lcafiero,  i think the livecd isos on dvd would be better IMHO
01:19:07 <inode0> that is what this is
01:19:10 <NiveusLuna> I like VileGent's idea.
01:19:22 <mock> can't all of them fit?  live and installs?
01:19:29 <VileGent> no
01:19:33 <inode0> no, it is just live cds
01:20:13 <mock> were the install versions going to be 32- and 64-bit on the same?
01:20:14 <VileGent> easy to put the desktop and kde both arches on a dvd
01:20:42 <inode0> desktop/kde/lxde/xfce/moblin both arches on one dual layer dvd
01:20:51 <inode0> for live media
01:21:01 <NiveusLuna> if I may ask, why aren't there official media of XFCE and LXDE? Not enough of a userbase?
01:21:03 <herlo> when you come to a conclusion, let me know
01:21:10 * herlo actually has no preference
01:21:19 <inode0> herlo: what they are making now in EMEA is live media
01:21:26 <lcafiero> what do you mean by "official media"?
01:21:35 <inode0> but I don't see how it can get into the mix for F14
01:21:36 <NiveusLuna> "not spins"
01:21:48 <inode0> spins are official
01:22:05 <NiveusLuna> okay, one that you don't have to go to spins.fedoraproject.org to obtain.
01:22:21 <mock> didn't mean to get bogged down in details.  i was just curious.  is this been the content of the email floating around for the past couple of weeks?
01:22:28 <inode0> well, that is where the official spins live
01:22:49 <NiveusLuna> KDE spin is available on the main site, though.
01:23:08 <inode0> politics
01:23:15 <NiveusLuna> ah.
01:23:17 <inode0> outside our realm
01:23:19 <NiveusLuna> good enough for me.
01:24:01 * nb likes the idea of what emea is doing but wishes the board would let them call desktop "gnome"
01:24:03 <nb> since that's what it is
01:24:18 <inode0> ditto
01:24:52 <NiveusLuna> likewise.
01:24:58 <herlo> inode0: understood
01:25:07 <herlo> but I don't know that we ahve to follow suit per se
01:25:41 <inode0> nope, but when it is official media I think we should seriously consider pressing it - that is all
01:26:12 <lcafiero> +1
01:26:15 <herlo> inode0: no, I was responding to the EMEA is doing live thing
01:26:22 <herlo> but I'm easy going
01:26:43 <inode0> yeah, this is serious media for giving different things a test drive
01:26:56 <inode0> without making a mess
01:27:54 <lcafiero> would this be a good time to bring up inventory?
01:28:05 <NiveusLuna> I'd really love to distribute that. Wouldn't have to say "I use this one, but give all these others a shot".
01:28:20 <inode0> if the thing we can't call the GNOME spin is larger than a CD for F15 I see no reason not to go hog wild with options :)
01:28:43 <lcafiero> maybe not
01:36:54 * inode0 seconds moving on to inventory
01:36:54 <inode0> that is important
01:36:54 <lcafiero> so to nb, VileGent, herlo -- is there anyone else who distributes media/swag? StabbyMc?
01:36:54 <lcafiero> ke4qqq?
01:36:54 <inode0> brian does
01:36:54 <lcafiero> oh right, brian's in the northeast
01:36:54 <inode0> figure he is short on everything :)
01:36:54 <lcafiero> right, I agendized the inventory just to get a sense of who has what and who needs what.
01:36:54 <lcafiero> I've got shirts, pens, balloons, statics, but no stickers and no media
01:36:54 <inode0> from now on stickers means 3" logo stickers, right?
01:36:54 <lcafiero> right, the f stickers
01:36:54 <lcafiero> oh, and no buttons
01:36:54 * inode0 would request resupplies of laptop stickers and case badges with some excess for a side project so some are on hand
01:36:54 <lcafiero> actually, that would be a good idea.
01:36:55 <lcafiero> didn't brian order those originally?
01:36:55 <inode0> rrix: has the buttons ready to order I believe, we just need to badger him until he pulls the trigger
01:36:55 * lcafiero will make him pull the trigger if he wants to see his stuff for his event. bwahahahaha
01:37:07 <lcafiero> oops
01:37:13 * nb wonders if it got quiet or if it's just him
01:37:26 <lcafiero> looks like a split
01:37:32 <nb> oh
01:37:35 <inode0> StabbyMc did the laptop stickers, I think spevack knows how to reorder case badges
01:37:36 <StabbyMc_> indeed.
01:37:44 <lcafiero> Ah, OK.
01:37:49 <StabbyMc_> I did the laptop stickers and pens.
01:37:56 * nb has shirts, pens, balloons, statics
01:38:00 <nb> almost no laptop stickers
01:38:24 * nb has some case badges, but not a really large quantity
01:38:27 <herlo> I think the GNOmE/DESKTOP discussion could be taken offline, no?
01:38:27 * herlo is only talking about what is happening for F14 media
01:38:27 <herlo> in NA
01:38:27 <herlo> bueller?
01:38:27 <herlo> bueller?
01:38:27 <herlo> bueller?
01:38:27 <herlo> seriously, is anyone here??
01:38:27 <herlo> StabbyMc: ??
01:38:27 * herlo feels lonely
01:38:27 <Ender2070> im here
01:38:28 <herlo> oh good
01:38:28 <mock> having a collection of all the lives on a single disc would be great.  i think having at least the 32- and 64-bit installs on a disc too would be good.  separate discs.
01:38:28 <nb> maybe 100 or 2?
01:38:36 <NiveusLuna> Would we still need a separate DVD for the 32-bit lives and 64-bit lives?
01:39:00 <mock> i would think you could stick all five lives for both bits on a single dual-layer dvd.
01:39:01 <rbergero> fail
01:39:01 * rbergero kicks the lagbot
01:39:02 <nb_> ok my computer is having issues
01:39:02 <nb_> did i miss anything?
01:39:02 <NiveusLuna> last you saw?
01:39:03 <Guest66280> about the media
01:39:03 <Guest66280> <inode0> [21:28:17] if the thing we can't call the GNOME spin is larger than a CD for F15 I see no reason not to go hog wild with options :)
01:39:03 <Guest66280> <lcafiero> [21:28:41] maybe not
01:39:05 <NiveusLuna> PM
01:39:05 <StabbyMc_> Is everyone back from the split?
01:39:26 <lcafiero> i'm here - seems like I never left
01:39:27 <NiveusLuna> the crap?
01:39:27 <rbergero> wow, lag comin on back
01:39:30 <herlo> fun!
01:39:31 <lcafiero> or I've been talking to myself
01:39:32 <NiveusLuna> i think freenode broke for a bit
01:39:35 <rbergeron> wow
01:39:39 <rbergeron> i'm here.
01:39:42 <rbergeron> if you can see me that is ;)
01:39:42 <NiveusLuna> wow lag
01:39:46 <herlo> me and Ender2070 had a friendly 'bueller' convo
01:39:49 <NiveusLuna> we can see you, rbergeron
01:39:52 <mock> i'm here
01:39:52 <mock> hmm
01:39:52 <mock> whoa
01:39:52 <nb_> ok now nb is semi-back, strange
01:40:03 * mock scrolls back...
01:40:07 <NiveusLuna> freenode is having issues.
01:40:21 <rbergeron> clearly :)
01:40:25 <lcafiero> we can discuss inventory on list if need be
01:40:27 <inode0> ok, let's go, everything is normal :)
01:40:38 <nb> plus i think /me is getting more shirts, i think inode0 said he got some he was going to send me that got sent to him instead
01:40:39 <lcafiero> move along, nothing to see here.
01:40:43 <StabbyMc_> Ok, so we were talking about Swat and inventories.
01:40:51 <StabbyMc_> swag even.
01:40:52 <lcafiero> right
01:40:56 <SG_Logger> my inventory is very low
01:41:12 <StabbyMc_> SG_Logger: you're not a regional shipping ambassador, right?
01:41:15 <lcafiero> we're talking about those who distribute the swag, SG_Logger
01:41:15 * inode0 wonders who is SG_Logger
01:41:20 <SG_Logger> yes i am
01:41:20 * NiveusLuna has no inventory yet. What he requested should be on its way, though.
01:41:27 <NiveusLuna> oh.
01:41:35 <inode0> haha
01:41:38 <lcafiero> heh
01:41:39 <StabbyMc_> Ah.
01:41:44 <NiveusLuna> nvm then.
01:41:53 <lcafiero> oh for the love of . . .
01:42:08 <nb> ok, i think we are all back now
01:42:10 * inode0 suggests we figure out what it will cost to buy everything
01:42:18 <StabbyMc_> Ok, so what items are we talking about needing replenishment
01:42:20 <StabbyMc_> ?
01:42:23 <nb> laptop stickers
01:42:25 <lcafiero> stickers
01:42:26 <StabbyMc_> and if you say all of them, someone will die.
01:42:32 <lcafiero> heh
01:42:45 <lcafiero> buttons
01:42:53 <inode0> we don't need tattoos
01:42:58 <inode0> everything else
01:43:01 <lcafiero> Oh, I'm OK with tattoos
01:43:03 <VileGent> no more tattoos
01:43:06 * nb has lots of tattoos
01:43:11 <herlo> me too
01:43:11 <StabbyMc> pens?
01:43:18 * herlo needs some soon
01:43:21 <lcafiero> I'm good with pens. anyone else?
01:43:34 * lcafiero is afraid we may have wiped herlo out at UTOSC
01:43:37 <rbergeron> I think if there are any big ticket ites we want for next year in the budget, now is a good time to start thinking about it.
01:43:44 <herlo> no rush...I'll be okay for a few weeks
01:43:57 <StabbyMc> herlo: on pens?
01:44:01 <VileGent> i have 100 pens, 100 voice stickers, and about 30 case badges, and 50 balloons
01:44:04 <lcafiero> right. We should start discussing that on list
01:44:12 * rbergeron nods
01:44:12 <rbergeron> yup.
01:44:15 <herlo> StabbyMc: yup
01:44:23 <rrix> inode0: click, boom, pulling the trigger now
01:44:25 <StabbyMc> What about case badges?
01:44:47 * herlo is not sure on case badges
01:44:47 <VileGent> thats 30 case badges not 20 strips
01:44:49 <nb> inode0, you have shirts for me, right? I think?
01:44:51 <lcafiero> I don't know how everyone else is, but I'm running short
01:44:58 <inode0> nb: yes
01:45:10 <lcafiero> have enough -- I'm very frugal with them -- but would like some more for the event box
01:45:13 <VileGent> and about 100 statics
01:45:18 <inode0> we just bought shirts and can't need more of them now
01:45:18 * nb has maybe 20 strips of case badges
01:45:27 <lcafiero> shirts are good.
01:45:35 <lcafiero> I have a full box
01:45:57 <StabbyMc> Ok, to recap.
01:46:00 <nb> yeah, i have a good amount of them still, plus ones coming from inode0
01:46:15 <StabbyMc> Needs: Stickers, pens, case badges, buttons
01:46:26 <lcafiero> yes
01:46:29 <VileGent> more balloons or not?
01:46:34 <inode0> buttons are taken care of if I understood rrix
01:46:37 <VileGent> and mini stickers
01:46:38 <StabbyMc> OK on : Tees, tats, statics, balloons
01:46:40 * herlo likes balloons
01:46:48 <lcafiero> yes.
01:47:03 * lcafiero will confer with rrix about buttons
01:47:06 <rrix> inode0: they will be momentarily, yes
01:47:18 <inode0> close enough
01:47:20 <lcafiero> dang, I'm good
01:48:15 <lcafiero> mini-stickers - are you talking about the keyboard sticker?
01:48:17 <StabbyMc> Ok, for those items marked as "need", would we prefer to swap for something else instead of doing replenishment?
01:48:31 <StabbyMc> lcafiero: yes, that is what is meant by mini-sticker.
01:48:36 <lcafiero> ah
01:48:45 <inode0> we likely will need laptop stickers and case badges
01:48:46 <lcafiero> like lanyards, maybe?
01:49:00 <inode0> oh, lanyards for FUDCon are here
01:49:06 <herlo> lanyards for FUDCON!! w00t!
01:49:11 * rrix notes that the lanywards are waesum
01:49:11 <rrix> awesum
01:49:13 <inode0> everyone will get some
01:49:16 <StabbyMc> lanyards are likely a budget buster compared to the other items.
01:49:23 <inode0> well, for some definition of everyone
01:49:26 <lcafiero> on lanyards -- jsmith wore one at UTOSC and about 50 people came to the booth asking where they could get one.
01:49:42 <nb> inode0, so some are going to be sent to the regional shipping people?
01:49:45 <NiveusLuna> I'd like one, myself.
01:49:46 <nb> or all are giving out at fudcon?
01:49:54 <inode0> these aren't gonna be booth swag I don't think
01:49:59 <lcafiero> pity
01:50:34 <lcafiero> OK then
01:50:43 <inode0> you can do what you want with yours but I'd like to see everyone behind the booth with one rather than people on the other side of it
01:50:53 <nb> yeah
01:50:55 <lcafiero> i wear my ISU lanyard
01:51:26 <inode0> nb: yes, everyone above meant regional distributors
01:51:36 <StabbyMc> We're veering off topic.
01:51:48 <nb> so they are intended for sending out to people that own events for them to wear at the events
01:51:49 <nb> right?
01:51:58 <inode0> we can perhaps get cheaper ones for booth swag in the future
01:52:19 <lcafiero> well, at the moment, the lanyards are for those attending FUDCon, if I'm not mistaken
01:52:21 <StabbyMc> cats: I am hearding you.
01:52:29 <lcafiero> OK
01:52:58 <StabbyMc> Is there something we'd like to work on in place of one of the items on the "needs" list in lieu of getting replenishment on it?
01:52:59 <lcafiero> I guess my work is done here
01:54:33 <herlo> indeed
01:54:50 <StabbyMc> allright.
01:55:07 <StabbyMc> Then I'll have to talk with speevak about budget to make sure we can accomodate all the replenishment + media.
01:55:08 <lcafiero> So we can continue on list and in #fedora-ambassadors
01:55:59 <lcafiero> continue this discussion, that is.
01:56:04 <lcafiero> what's next?
01:56:11 <StabbyMc> #topic Fedoar NA Ambassadors - Unfinished Business/Open Floor
01:57:07 <StabbyMc> Any other items for discussion?
01:57:26 <VileGent> balloons cost us $250 for 1000
01:57:54 <inode0> get more balloons, those are cheap and make people happy
01:58:26 <inode0> take advantage of, I'm not usually this loose with money :)
01:58:37 <VileGent> another 1000 or more
01:58:55 <rbergeron> can we get blue ones with white printing?
01:59:04 <rbergeron> or just white with blue
01:59:35 <VileGent> if you want to go thru getting the graphics redone
02:00:24 <rbergeron> ah
02:00:29 * rbergeron checks her copious spare time
02:00:32 <rbergeron> never mind ;)
02:00:35 <lcafiero> heh
02:00:47 <VileGent> https://fedorahosted.org/famnarequests/ticket/122
02:01:01 <StabbyMc> Ok, it's time to call the meeting.
02:01:14 <lcafiero> The balloons are nice. I admit to being skeptical at first, but I like them now.
02:01:18 <lcafiero> yay
02:01:21 <StabbyMc> Any last minute stuff?
02:01:24 <rbergeron> i'm apparently not awesome enough to view tickets :(
02:01:35 <lcafiero> or too awesome
02:01:42 <StabbyMc> 3
02:01:47 <StabbyMc> 2
02:01:52 <StabbyMc> 1
02:01:54 <StabbyMc> #endmeeting